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Hello and happy Friday!

We’ve changed things up a bit this Friday because we’re in a celebratory mood (click here to find out why), but we didn’t want to leave authors in the lurch this week, so we’re doing a truncated version of Friday Feels, including the top three clicked books of the week and a photo of TB’s cat.


Perks of Office

by Liz Rain

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After high-powered politician Bridget O’Keefe sweeps into the uninspiring life of Australian electorate officer Emma Ives, nothing is the same again.

Hapless, hopeless Emma is smacked with an instant crush on the polished woman who’s her new boss… her hot, untouchable, straight boss. Yes, she knows she’s an idiot because unrequited lust at work is a terrible idea. Even so, she can dream.

One long night changes everything. A political scandal leads to a fall from grace and Emma suddenly finds herself the one Bridget turns to for comfort. There’s a lot for Emma to wrap her mind around, even as her body loves wrapping itself around Bridget’s curves.

Is it just a meaningless night of passion, nothing more? Because there’s absolutely no way ambitious, beautiful Bridget wants anything more from Emma. Is there?


Searching for the Spark

by Kaya LaSalle

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Even the toughest armor can be shattered with the right leverage…

When Ayla Jacobs accepted a position as a K-9 handler working private security for a mysterious client, she had no idea she was about to be roped into the criminal underworld. Now she’s working for the most beautiful–and deadly–woman she’s ever seen in her life. She should be running away as fast as she can, but instead, she finds herself falling for her new employer.

Lina Beaufort has spent the last eight years building up her empire. As one of the most influential criminals on the West Coast, she has a business to run and a reputation to maintain. The new K-9 handler she hired was supposed to be just another member of her security team, but there’s something about Ayla that keeps her coming back for more.

Sparks fly between the two women, but Lina’s past is catching up with her. Can the unlikely pair find their happy ending? Or will they lose more than just their newfound relationship as they fight to stay alive?

Rainbow Roses

by Melinda Sequeira

Lenora owned a bar and had a great family and friends. But two things were missing.

One she was working on and the other just walked into her bedroom.

Jess was new in town and just started at the South Bend Indiana Police station in homicide. Her partner Sam had to make a quick stop one morning and she followed her in not knowing this one innocent move could very well change their lives forever.

If you are looking for an honest look at what really goes on in a relationship with a good laugh or two, not to mention hot sex that curls your toes be ready to enjoy,

Rainbow Roses.


Meet Grey

Grey, a rescue cat, came into TB’s life during the pandemic and it’s safe to say, Grey saved TB’s sanity and keeps her smiling, despite Grey being the bossiest feline on the planet.

That’s all today for Friday Feels, but if you want to know why we’re in a celebratory mood, click here to find out and to enter a $50 Amazon gift card.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miranda, Em, Faith, & TB


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