IHS New Release Newsletter: May 24th Edition

Before we get to today’s new releases, including gems by Adrian J. Smith, Rachel Ford, Jamey Moody, Radclyffe, and many others, we have some announcements.

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by Eva Reddy

FREE $6.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Elkie Kransky was just six years old when a man grabbed her older brother, Bryan, from a playground near their home in Perth, Western Australia. He’d yelled for her to run and not to look back and she’d done as he’d ordered; running straight home to tell her mother.

Now a grown woman, Elkie has become a nationally respected investigative reporter, writing for newspapers across Australia and internationally. She’s not afraid of bad men anymore – bad men are afraid of her. And so they should be.

Deal ends May 27th.



Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

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Miranda, Em, Faith, & TB




Who I Believe

by Jamey Moody

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when you find out everything you’ve been taught is wrong?

As a preacher’s daughter Rebekah Mathews had been drilled on right and wrong her entire life, but then she met Megan Neal. With one kiss Rebekah knew loving Megan couldn’t be wrong. But how could she have the life she wanted with another woman? She had so many questions on what was happening inside her heart. Unable to find the answers, Rebekah returned to college and then realized, together they could find a way. When she hurried back, Megan was gone.

Twelve years later, a widowed Rebekah is desperate to help her little girl, Anna, navigate the loss of her father. Her last option is to go home, back to where her questions began.

With one last shred of hope, Rebekah enrolls Anna in an art therapy program. When she walks into the counseling center, she finds Anna smiling and laughing with her counselor. Rebekah can’t wait to thank the woman and then she turns around.

Rebekah locked eyes with Megan Neal. Could she help her little girl find her way? Was Megan the answer she’d been seeking all along? Was this the second chance that haunted her dreams?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Second Chance; Age Gap


Love on Location

A Sapphic Travel Romance Anthology

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Airport layovers and far-flung islands, sunny shores and breathtaking mountains—step out of your comfort zone, leave the world you know behind, and join seven of today’s top sapphic romance authors on adventures across the world. Grab your copy of Love on Location for a collection of soft and sweet sapphic travel romances that will sweep you off your feet in more ways than one, and support international LGBTQIA+ rights at the same time, with 100% of proceeds going to charity.

Ready to get away from it all? Grab your copy now—Love on Location is only available through August 15th, and 100% of all proceeds go to an international LGBTQIA+ rights organization, supporting advancing civil rights for queer people in nations across the globe.

So pick up your copy, book your ticket, and get ready to fall in love—and again, and again, and again—in exciting new locations across the world. Fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for takeoff.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; Sweet; Grumpy / Sunshine; Second Chance; Celebrity


Perfect Rivalry

A PMC Hospital Romance: Book 6

by Radclyffe

Ren Dunbar is used to never fitting in—anywhere. Graduating high school at thirteen and med school at nineteen pretty much guaranteed she’d always have trouble proving she belonged, but she’s okay with that. She prefers the solitude of the lab over the raucous atmosphere in the OR, which would be fine except she’s a surgery resident. Winning the Benjamin Franklin Prize in surgery is just the proof she needs to show everyone she deserves to be part of their world.

Dani Chan knows she’s disappointed her family in choosing a mundane clinical career—in surgery no less—over the far more valuable world of medical research. When she wins the Franklin Prize and the national acclaim that comes with it, she’ll finally gain their approval, and maybe, at last, their affection.

Ren and Dani set out to win, no matter what it takes, but their unexpected attraction is an obstacle neither has counted on and love may be the final reward.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Medical Character; POC Character


The Bird in the Bush

Book 1

by Rachael McCormack

Available in Kindle Unlimited

It’s 2022, and Covid 19 restrictions are about to end in the UK. It’s time for the gang to reunite.

The first in a series about a group of thirty something friends, their lives loves and disasters.

A lesfic novel that is funny, quirky and definitely steamy!

Helen is so done with relationships. Until the new plumber arrives to carry out a repair. Enter the gorgeous Ali; tall blonde and sexy, she’s good with her hands in more ways than one.

Emily and Chrissie have a decision to make. There’s going to be the patter of tiny feet arriving, but will it be a baby or a dog?

The hapless Jules has her heart set on a relationship. Will she be able to express her simmering passion for a friend, without putting her foot in it, and will she ever be rid of her ex?

Charlie would love to marry her partner Jess. But Jess is sometimes secretive, and Charlie wonders just what it is she’s hiding.

Baz, quiet and shy, is a mystery to even her closest friends. But maybe she’s waiting for the right woman to bring her out of that shell.

And who on earth would name a public house ‘The Bird in the Bush?’

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Neurodiverse Character; POC Character; Toaster Oven; Hot & Steamy


Something to Talk About

by Ronica Black

Corey Durand doesn’t trust easily and the rumors surrounding the devastating end of her last relationship have only just died down. All she wants is peace and quiet to run her ranch. But in moves her feisty next-door neighbor, Brin, and everything gets thrown into chaos. Brin’s younger, vibrant, and full of sass. Her five-year-old autistic niece loves Corey and the ranch, and Corey hasn’t figured out how to befriend the little girl while avoiding her aunt.

One stormy night, everything changes. Brin’s fixer-upper house is damaged by lightning, and she doesn’t have the money to fix it. The town heartthrob has his gaze fixed on her and insists on helping. Trouble is, he pays more attention to Brin than the repairs. Corey has no choice but to step in and do the job right which sets off the town’s gossip mill—the very last thing she wants.

Corey and Brin will need to overcome wounds from the past, the heartthrob who can’t take a hint, and more than their share of salacious gossip to take a chance on love.

2022 Reading Challenge Category: Animals




The Sarah Sawyer Series

Books 1-3

by S.W. Andersen

Follow the journey of gunslinger Sarah Sawyer through the old West as she battles past demons and vengeance-seeking relatives, finding love and a life she never knew she could have along the way.

This box set includes revised editions of books 1 & 2 plus bonus features and a prologue. Stories in set: Somewhere Between Love and Justice, The Price of Payback, and A Call To Justice.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Historical Fiction; Historical Romance; Animal; One Night to Forever; Grumpy/Sunshine




Better Think Twice

by Sam Kestrel

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Erica went camping and met a beautiful, sexy and provocative lesbian. Too long since her last sexual encounter, she fell under the woman’s spell. Everything was wonderful until the woman became possessive and irrational. Realizing too late that she’d fallen for someone with a past far darker than she could have ever imagined, can Erica escape from this nightmare? What should she do when help comes in the form of a sexy private investigator?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Suspense; Single Parent; Thriller


Pledge Week

by Victoria Rush

When incoming college freshman Abby joins a sorority, her eyes are opened to a whole new world of sex and depravity. During her initiation week, she’s subjected to an increasing range of submissive and humiliating rituals.

In the first ritual, each of the newcomers are handed a sex toy and required to stimulate themselves in full view of their sisters. Those who are unable to resist climaxing are forced to bend over while the seniors take turns spanking their asses.

In the next ceremony, the girls are required to kneel down and give lip service to the elders while being judged on their talent. Those who don’t pass the grade must bend over and receive a new kind of punishment.

But it’s not until the final ritual, where the newcomers are required to pair up and demonstrate new ways of stimulating one another, that the underclassmen learn just what kind of an education they’re in store to receive…

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Hot & Steamy; BDSM




Champagne & Thongs Take Control

A Gloria Morris Murder Mystery

by G. R. Browda

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bright lights but a dark city! Gloria Morris is a scholarly, vehement, and hardboiled private detective, a force of nature who doesn’t suffer fools. She’s also a lover, and her inamorata understands her swagger and quest for justice.

Gloria must locate the runaway heiress to an industrial empire, a volatile young woman who is happy being on the lam in San Francisco, free of her family’s dark secrets and business responsibilities. She feels she can protect herself and perhaps she can, but people connected to her are dying and someone is pulling the strings.

Gloria navigates through The City, dealing with musicians, gutter punks, businesspeople, and the sexually audacious. Narcissistic lawyers, underground doctors, and hired killers enter the fray, and Gloria deals with them as only she can.

But the runaway has a soft spot she was flabbergasted to discover in herself. How will it change her life, and will Gloria back her up?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Suspense; Toaster Oven; Single Parent; Romantic Suspense; Hot & Steamy; Mystery; Musician; Coming Out; Thriller; Erotic Romance


Young and Old

Missing Persons: Book 3

by Adrian J. Smith

A kid with no name, an investigation into her unit, and her family in crisis.

This case is the oddest one Detective Grace Halling has ever had. The missing is found, yet four years into the case and no one has made any progress in solving it. With the head of Internal Affairs hot on her tail, Grace must dodge investigations while attempting to solve her own.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Sweet; Mystery; Ladies in Uniform




Inquisitor’s Bane

Knight Protector: Black Wyvern: Book 2

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Inquisitor is dead. But Black Port’s problems are only just beginning.

Knight Protector Portia Daysen returns to the South, she’s a new woman, with new secrets. She means to continue the work of Black Wyvern, the secret order intent on rescuing elves and dragons from captivity and death.

Meanwhile, Captain Valia Iceborn struggles with her growing feelings for Portia – and how they may be impacting her judgement. Should she stay in Black Port, and risk detection? Or should she go to ground now, before the king’s men – and a new inquisitor – show up?

When the pair learn of the kidnapping of a rare black wyvern hatchling, a hatchling who can communicate with mortals and immortals alike, they realize his rescue must be priority number one.

But if there’s one thing the nations of North and South can agree upon, it’s the danger to their own power that such a wyvern poses. To rescue the missing hatchling, the two women will need to contend with more than inquisitors.

They’ll need to outwit and outrun the forces of two nations, hellbent on stopping them by any means necessary.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Slow Burn; Fantasy Romance; Fantasy; Sci-Fi; Sci-Fi Romance; Speculative Fiction


Beauty and the Beast

by K’Anne Meinel

A tale for the ages. A love that transcends time.

Princess Gabrielle is required to marry a man to provide an heir for her family’s kingdom, but she is in love with her childhood best friend Rosie, who has secrets and obligations of her own.

A horrendous mistake changes their fate forever…

Charmaine, an innocent reborn into another time, can free them all from the curse that befell them if she can just discover the love that they once had.

This is not your normal happily ever after….

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Slow Burn; Fantasy Romance; Suspense; Fantasy; Rich Girl / Poor Girl; Loss / Grieving; Historical Fiction; Historical Romance; Paranormal Romance;  Mystery




Head Over Tail

by C. A. Hall

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Some secrets are meant to be kept, but when a life is on the line, those secrets become less important.

Living inside a bookshop might sound strange to most, but for Grace, a feline shifter, it’s the only life she knows. Cared for by a human, Grace spends her days lounging inside the warm attic with its deep windowsill while reading through the mountains of books at night. The biggest highlight of her day, however, is Marcy.

Marcy’s kind, sweet, and would open her heart to anyone else. She’s also human. She has no idea the cat she took in twenty years ago is a shifter in disguise. And Grace would like to keep it that way.

However, when Marcy gets sick, Grace might not have a choice.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Paranormal Romance; Age Gap; Forced Proximity; Sweet




Mail Order Bride

by Molly J. Bragg

Ten years ago, aliens from a Galaxy spanning government called the Hegemony arrived in the Solar system and ever since Earth has been on a long, slow journey to becoming a banana republic. Samantha ‘Sam’ Murray has spent her entire high school career doing everything her mom could think of to earn a chance at an off-world education that would keep her from living a life of poverty. But with just a few weeks left before graduation there’s no scholarship in sight and Sam has her heart set on getting an apartment with her best friend and crush, Jenny, and maybe finding out if they can be more than just friends. All of her plans come crashing down when she finds out her mom has signed her up for an arranged marriage on another planet as a way to get her the off-world education she’s sure Sam needs.

Sam arrives on Talamh, a planet ravaged by disaster, expecting to find herself promised to some rich alien prince. Instead, she finds herself among a species that has no concept of gender, promised to a beautiful alien that makes Sam’s little gay heart skip a beat every time she looks at them. There’s just one problem. Orla, the person Sam is promised to, is already in love with their best friend Sorcha. As Orla and Sam’s betrothal moves forward, they find themselves falling in love, but Sam can’t help but worry that Sorcha will come between them. At least, until she and Sorcha start to develop feelings for each other.

Will desire and jealousy destroy all their futures, or will Sam, Orla, and Sorcha find a way to be happy together?

Trigger Warnings: Sex with An Alien, Dysfunctional Family, Panic Attacks, Minor Drug Use

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Slow Burn; Cute Animal / Pet / Wild Animal; Enemies to Lovers; Friends to Lovers; Sci-Fi Romance; Hot & Steamy




A Long Way to Fall

by Elle Spencer

narrated by Lula Larkin

Bridget Berg grew up on the slopes of Elk Mountain, Utah. The daughter of a famous downhill skier, she was chasing her own Olympic dreams when her father’s unexpected death forced her to take over his ski lodge. It’s her home and she’ll protect it at all costs—especially from her insufferable neighbors.

Kennedy Fleming is only in Utah to put her dad’s vacation home on the market. She has no interest in living there. That is, until she meets her sexy redheaded neighbor. Sure, she’s rude and unwelcoming, but Kennedy isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.

When Kennedy makes a discovery that could cause Bridget to lose everything, she’s forced to choose between her family and her heart. There’s a mountain of history between their families, but as tempers rage and sparks fly, they’re about to discover that a love worth fighting for is right in front of them.

2022 Reading Challenge Category: Sports





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