April Book of the Month Winners

Before we get to the April winners, we have some announcements.

IHS Pride Collection

Celebrate love with this collection of delightfully lighthearted romances from some of the most popular authors of sapphic fiction today!

These eight standalone Pride-themed novels have been carefully selected by I Heart SapphFic to give readers a taste of the very best modern sapphic fiction has to offer. Each women loving women story promises to bring all the feels. June is the perfect time to remember that love is love, and everyone deserves a happily ever after!

Vote For Favorite Toaster Oven

We asked readers on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram to nominate their all-time favorite Toaster Oven romance. Find out who made the cut and cast your vote. Voting is open until June 25 and then we’ll announce the top three on June 29.

Sapphic Audiobook Giveaway

June is not only Pride Month; it’s also Audiobook Appreciation Month, so 23 authors of sapphic fiction put together an audiobook giveaway for you!

You can win one of 65 sapphic audiobooks. ImportantTo enter, fill out this very short form!

Jae put this giveaway together.

Book of the Month Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the Book of the Month Awards for April.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

April 2022 Winners


A Whisper Of Solace

by Milena McKay

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What makes an Ice Queen?

Neve Blackthorne, head of one of the most successful Studios in Hollywood, is the one to rule them all. Powerful, beautiful, and aloof, she’s ruthless, yet irresistible. Above all, she has an unquenchable survival instinct.

Surely a fleeting entanglement with one Audrey Avens, a bright, young, rising star in her company, won’t bring down the Wicked Queen of Tinseltown. Or will it?

Neve’s public persona has no chink in the untouchable armor, but when the lights go out and the cameras stop rolling, what becomes of an Ice Queen whose heart is ruled by love and fear?



Cowboys and Kisses

by Karin Kallmaker

Shunned by her family, a girl is sent west on a one-way stage ticket. Penniless, she takes up the only profession open to her. Years later she encounters the cowboy she can love, and her first taste of pleasure – and happiness.

Cowboys, however, are born to wander, and their kisses are as brief as the lives of young women without family or means. Accepting that her days will be numbered too few, Darlin’ clings to her scribblings for escape. Until she recognizes her own truth and a chance for love in the longing gaze of a townswoman.

Two determined women in a hostile world save themselves — and each other — in a lyric, sensual love story as only Karin Kallmaker can tell.



Tell Me What You Want

Talk to Me: Book 1

by Johana Gavez

A failed blind date turns into the start of an unexpected connection.

Since her divorce four years before, love hasn’t been in the cards for Olivia Fernández. She focuses on work, her children, and the occasional fleeting encounter that never becomes more. The last thing she wants for Valentine’s Day is to be set up on yet another date that will end with her bed warm but her heart as lonely as ever.

Canceling the date arranged by her nosy friends should be simple and the end of any interaction with Isabela Santamaría, CEO of Santamaría Media. Except, life insists on putting Isabela on Olivia’s path and she can’t deny her attraction and the easy connection they share.

Not falling for the woman she initially rejected becomes harder than expected the more time they spend together and explore their chemistry in bed. Will passion turn into love for Olivia and Isabela?

Tell Me What You Want is a steamy standalone novella in the Talk to Me series.

Trigger Warning: This book contains explicit scenes that include Air Play/Consensual Choking and Light BDSM.




Crossing Lines: Book 1

by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited


I swore to avenge my father’s death. I have to do it not only for my peace of mind, but to make sure everyone, from my family to the Biancos, knows that I am in charge now.

It’s lonely at the top. Jess is exactly who I need by my side, and I can’t let her go, even knowing about the danger that’s coming. Even after I learn of her true identity…


I began this undercover mission with good intentions and an infatuation for my target, Kendall Mancini, heir to a crime empire. My mission: to convince her to give up her vendetta and work with the authorities instead. For that, I had to get close to her.

I did get close to her. I couldn’t resist.

Now there’s no way back.

If we both want to survive this, we must do the impossible: Trust each other.



An Army of One

The Alpha God: Book 7

by Lexa Luthor

The Sworne have taken Kal! Unable to accept Kal’s fate, Charlie suits up and becomes an army of one in a daring attempt to save Kal from the Sworne. Meanwhile the battle at Clabonne has left more questions than answers about why the Sworne stole a large volume of darakar. However, Charlie, Kal, and the Zodiac Pack may find a spark of hope when they discover a mysterious scientist named Talyn has escaped his bonds from the Sworne. Can they learn what secrets Talyn holds about the Sworne, willingly or by force, before the Sworne return for war?

Trigger Warning: The book has a female lead character with a penis.



I am Stone

by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Ryder has been in foster care since she was an infant, and every minute, day, and year has been a trial of survival. Especially, after being placed under the care of Harley and Francis Carlton, a couple with no children of their own and who treat Dylan more like a servant and a punching bag than a child.

For over seven years, their abuses and threats forced Dylan to remain silent. But when Dylan ends up in the hospital, her new caseworker grows suspicious of the Carltons. Dylan wants to confide in Whitney and tell her everything. She wants to be set free. But the failures and negligence of her previous caseworkers make it hard to trust anyone.

But the Carltons aren’t the only threats in Dylan’s life. Forbidden to have friends, and a lack of nice clothes that fit, Dylan is the number-one “untouchable” at school, as deemed by the school’s bully. But one particular run-in with Tracy doesn’t sit well with one of the girls from her inner circle and things at school are about to change.

While Dylan goes through the motions, just trying to survive and keep her grades up in school, Whitney devises a plot to try to learn the truth and improve Dylan’s circumstances, something her previous caseworkers never tried to do. And that difference doesn’t go unnoticed by the Carltons, and Dylan will be the one to pay.

Dylan survives the Carltons, but only just.

But Dylan will heal. She’ll learn that it’s always worth fighting for the next day. She’ll gain a family and friends. And the future has never looked brighter.

Trigger Warning: This book deals with subjects that may be difficult for some people, including physical and verbal abuse of a minor, bullying, starvation, brief discussions on sexual assault of a minor, depression, and discussions on suicide.



The Delicate Things We Make

by Milena McKay

narrated by Abby Craden

Hitting rock bottom in the concrete jungle of Manhattan, investigative journalist Jamie Walker lands the assignment of a lifetime: Find the most elusive artist of a generation, who has enthralled the art and fashion world for more than a decade.

This assignment is supposed to finally be Jamie’s ticket to journalistic fame and fortune. The quest, however, proves to be difficult, as – so far – nobody has managed to discover who the legendary DeVor really is.

As Jamie delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic artist, trying to salvage her stagnant career, she risks getting in over her head and losing her heart in the process.

Trigger Warning: off page mentions of sexual assault.


Jamie won the $15 Amazon gift card giveaway.


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