Friday Feels Fun: June 10th Edition

We made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate.

Below you’ll find books, including two freebies, a new segment called 5 Random Things, and the pet of the week. We truly hope these tidbits help everyone slide into weekend mode.


It’s week 22 of IHL’s Sapphic Reading Challenge. Click here for reading suggestions for historical fiction. 6 of the books featured on the page are on sale, but today’s the last day to snatch these up at bargain prices.


Celebrate love with this collection of delightfully lighthearted romances from some of the most popular authors of sapphic fiction today!

These eight standalone Pride-themed novels have been carefully selected by I Heart SapphFic to give readers a taste of the very best modern sapphic fiction has to offer. Each women loving women story promises to bring all the feels. June is the perfect time to remember that love is love, and everyone deserves a happily ever after!


Recently we celebrated our five-year anniversary. When TB launched IHS on May 20, 2017, she had no idea what would happen. As it turned out, the site became quite popular. The book links have been clicked over 500,000 times in over 140 countries! Click here to read the celebratory post and to enter the giveaway.


We asked readers on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram to nominate their all-time favorite Fantasy book. Find out who made the cut and cast your vote. Voting is open until July 2 and then we’ll announce the top three on July 6.


Now for today’s edition of Friday Feels. If you’d like to contribute to the weekly feature, click here to find out how.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to see a beautiful cat! 

Here are the top 3 most clicked books of the week on I Heart SapphFic:


In the Shadow of the Past

by J.E. Leak

She fell for the wrong woman … now it’s going to cost her.

New York City, 1943. Reporter Jenny Ryan is plagued with guilt. Plunging into a world of danger after her father’s murder, her burning need for justice drives her to take on a ruthless tycoon. But her plan goes awry when she falls for the criminal’s alluring mistress.

OSS agent Kathryn Hammond seethes with frustration. Trapped stateside in a dead-end assignment, the undercover spy fears she’ll never pay her wartime debts. But when a feisty journalist enters the picture, her resentment blooms into undeniable desire.

When she discovers her revenge could destroy the woman she loves, Jenny is faced with an impossible decision. But as Kathryn falls deeper for Jenny, giving up their forbidden relationship could be her only chance at redemption.

Will their passion cost them their lives, or can the star-crossed lovers still create a happy ending?


Sour Grapes

by Eliza Lentzski

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After celebrating her fortieth birthday, June St. Clare never imagined she’d be starting all over again—a new job, a new city, a new love? Looking for a fresh start after tragedy, June finds herself the unexpected owner of Lark Estates—a micro winery in the heart of Napa Valley. There, June is determined to learn the business and do her best, even if she’s convinced that her assistant winemaker, the beautiful but elusive Lucia Santiago, wants to see her fail.

Lucia Santiago grew up on vineyards, almost like a grapevine herself, working her way up from cellar rat to assistant winemaker. When the property where she works is suddenly sold to a woman with no prior experience, she can’t help but feel resentful of the winery’s lovely but inexperienced new owner. It’s too bad June’s helplessness is almost endearing, stirring up emotions Lucia didn’t quite expect.


Still the One

by Lindsey Pennington

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When her estranged sister is injured in an accident, Cate Herrera’s well-crafted life is turned upside down as she rushes to her side. Despite knowing she wouldn’t want to see her if she wasn’t in a coma. Only then does Cate find out that not only does she have nieces and a nephew, but she is the only thing standing between them and foster care.

Everything happens so quickly Cate says yes to taking them in before she talks it over with her girlfriend. Telling herself that it was just for a week or so, and Hilary would understand, its family. Even if they had agreed years before that they didn’t want kids, but did this really break that agreement?

Hilary Mathews has no love for Cate’s sister and can’t understand why her girlfriend would agree to take in her kids, even for a minute. After all, it will only lead to heartache and pain when her sister wakes up just as homophobic as before the accident. Only this time she will take the kids Cate is rapidly falling in love with away from her.

Before Hilary can get her head around kids in the house, she is offered a job opportunity that she longs to take. Especially since it involves a move across the country that will bring them closer to her own family. But now with the kids around, Cate isn’t interested in leaving. Can Hilary give up an opportunity that might never happen again?


We’re introducing a new Friday Feels feature, called 5 Random Things. We want to help readers to get to know authors, all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about Anna Stone.

1. I recently adopted a cat named Pip. She’s the sweetest little cuddlebug and likes to keep me company in my office while I write. When she isn’t trying to sit on my keyboard, her favorite spot is the bookshelf next to the window.

2. I hold citizenships for three different countries on three different continents, including Australia where I live.

3. I have a mild obsession with the color purple. Although, everyone who knows me might disagree with me about the “mild” part!

4. I love houseplants and have accumulated a big collection over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a green thumb, so keeping them alive is a constant battle.

5. June marks 4 years since I released my first novel and became a full-time author!

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Goode Girls Steal

by J.J. Arias

Also Available in Kindle Unlimited

College softball rivals are forced to play together during their last season. Can their intense rivalry be transformed into something else – something even more passionate?

Deal ends June 14.


Mary, Everything

by Cassandra Yorke

Also Available in Kindle Unlimited

A young woman born in the wrong reality.

A destiny that will lead her into the past.

And a love so enduring it reaches across time – and existence itself – to bring her home.

A gripping tale of best friends and romance, sorcery and survival, at the dawn of the Roaring 20s.

Deal ends June 10.


Meet Leah

This is Leah my cat. She is my muse! Submitted by: Angela Greenman, author. Today is Angela’s birthday! All of us at IHS wish Angela a lovely day.

That’s all for this week.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Miranda, Em, Faith, & TB

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