May Book of the Month Winners

Book of the Month Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the Book of the Month Awards for May.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

May 2022 Winners




If I Don’t Ask

by E. J. Noyes

Rebecca Keane has it all figured out. With a successful career as an Army surgeon and a fresh promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, she loves her life leading a surgical team. Even if that life means she’s spent years hiding her sexuality and ignoring her desires under the Army’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Then Captain Sabine Fleischer’s arrival sets off an attraction that cracks Rebecca’s carefully cultivated armor and brings about fresh complications.

As Sabine’s direct commanding officer, Rebecca knows she cannot act on her attraction, but that knowledge does nothing to squash her desires. Unable to keep her thoughts about the alluring other woman under control, Rebecca resigns herself to years of censoring her thoughts and feelings until Sabine’s time in the Army is done. She’s spent decades suppressing parts of herself for her job, so what’s a few more years?

But as Rebecca and Sabine work closely together on Army bases in Afghanistan and the States, the undeniable sparks between them begin to ignite. And despite Rebecca’s constant self-censure, her denials and her knowledge of every obstacle standing between them, her resolve crumbles with each passing day. But when the consequences of your love run deeper than just breaking one of the unbreakable rules of the military, you risk losing more than just your heart.




Volleyball Vixens

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Alena Araya and Casey Chen are professional beach volleyball players, rising through the ranks of their bikini-clad brethren.

When they win their first tournament, their super-sexy Brazilian rivals challenge them to a unique match: one where their clothes and naughty assets are on the line!

Will Alena and Casey be able to ignore the gorgeous bodies across the net and win? Or will they wind up the sex toys of two beautiful Brazilians?

Find out if our bikini warriors can survive the ultimate volleyball sex battle!




Darkness San Francisco

The Darkness Series: Book 5

by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In Darkness San Francisco, two main characters from the Darkness series, US Army Major Grace Hamilton and her partner, Ship Captain Meg O’Grady, set sail from Astoria to track down the pirate king and bring him to justice. They will chase the outlaw on their ship, Wind Dancer, to his lair in San Francisco, if necessary, to capture him.




Mail Order Bride

by Molly J. Bragg

Ten years ago, aliens from a Galaxy spanning government called the Hegemony arrived in the Solar system and ever since Earth has been on a long, slow journey to becoming a banana republic. Samantha ‘Sam’ Murray has spent her entire high school career doing everything her mom could think of to earn a chance at an off-world education that would keep her from living a life of poverty. But with just a few weeks left before graduation there’s no scholarship in sight and Sam has her heart set on getting an apartment with her best friend and crush, Jenny, and maybe finding out if they can be more than just friends. All of her plans come crashing down when she finds out her mom has signed her up for an arranged marriage on another planet as a way to get her the off-world education she’s sure Sam needs.

Sam arrives on Talamh, a planet ravaged by disaster, expecting to find herself promised to some rich alien prince. Instead, she finds herself among a species that has no concept of gender, promised to a beautiful alien that makes Sam’s little gay heart skip a beat every time she looks at them. There’s just one problem. Orla, the person Sam is promised to, is already in love with their best friend Sorcha. As Orla and Sam’s betrothal moves forward, they find themselves falling in love, but Sam can’t help but worry that Sorcha will come between them. At least, until she and Sorcha start to develop feelings for each other.

Will desire and jealousy destroy all their futures, or will Sam, Orla, and Sorcha find a way to be happy together?

Trigger Warnings: Sex with An Alien, Dysfunctional Family, Panic Attacks, Minor Drug Use




The Sarah Sawyer Series

Books 1-3

by S.W. Andersen

Follow the journey of gunslinger Sarah Sawyer through the old West as she battles past demons and vengeance-seeking relatives, finding love and a life she never knew she could have along the way.

This box set includes revised editions of books 1 & 2 plus bonus features and a prologue. Stories in set: Somewhere Between Love and Justice, The Price of Payback, and A Call To Justice.




Take Your Shot

by Riley Scott

Sometimes, the girl who has it all—really doesn’t.

At first glance, high-school basketball superstar Logan Watts is living the American dream—perfect grades, perfect appearance, perfect boyfriend, and a college athletic scholarship already lined up. But if people looked deeper, they’d see Logan is plagued by the loss of her older brother and unending internal questions about what’s missing from her life. Logan’s world is turned upside down when she catches Carter Shaw—the witty and stylish head of the school newspaper, and the only out lesbian in school—staring at her in class.

A high-school romance is not on Carter’s radar. She just wants to survive the year so she can move on and enjoy the freedoms of college. But when a chance encounter puts her alone with Logan for hours, Carter discovers just how much they have in common.

And Logan realizes Carter could be that thing she’s felt was missing all along…



A London Love Story

Season One

by Miranda MacLeod & TB Markinson

narrated by Lori Prince & Marisa Calin

Four young American women form an unlikely bond as they search for sapphic love and the meaning of life in London.

Taylor Elliott, an aspiring writer with few practical life skills, is on her last chance when she moves to London to work for the father she barely knows. Her world is turned topsy-turvy by a woman who’s so wrong for her she might actually be right.

Emma Garfield is a talented but stubborn chef from the American South who dreams of running her own Michelin-starred restaurant, but her temper gets her into hot water. She gives relationships a hard pass, but could her latest fling be different?

Jasmine Singh is a perpetual graduate student who was born and raised in Ohio. She has every step of her life planned to perfection, including marrying her very nice boyfriend, Dave, until a curious spark throws it all off course.

Lexi Channing is the biracial adopted daughter of a prominent Wall Street family in New York City. When she isn’t dealing with the world’s most demanding client, she’s pining for her straight best friend.

If you enjoy shows like The L Word and Sex and the City, don’t miss the latest collaboration of Miranda MacLeod and TB Markinson.

Becca won the $15 Amazon gift card giveaway.


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