June Book of the Month Winners

Book of the Month Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the Book of the Month Awards for June.

Without further ado, here are the winners:




Pride Festival

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Ruby Simon wanted something, she usually got it and didn’t mind working hard for it. Her small town had never done anything for Pride month, and she was determined to change that. Starting with a parade would be a little much, so Ruby started planning a festival.

Chance Curtis was used to always being pulled into her best friend’s orbit. She was an ally to the community, believing that love was love and that she’d find her person one day, but she never had anyone in her life like that, so it didn’t matter anyway.

Jo Hemsworth never fit in. When Jo’s single mother decided to move to a small town toward the end of Jo’s junior year, Jo planned not to talk to anyone and just hoped to go to college one day. Never feeling like fitting in, and only in part because of being gay, Jo had no idea Chance was helping to plan a festival and would change Jo’s life.

Jaden Hugo had been the girl with two gay dads ever since they adopted her, and she’d been questioning things about herself for a while. When her dads volunteer themselves and her to work at a Pride festival in another town, Jaden is completely taken aback because there was Ruby Simon, the girl who had made it all happen.

On the cusp of their high school graduation, Ruby and Chance were about to leave this place they’d called home and wanted to leave it better than they found it. In planning this first Pride event for their community, their lives also end up changing for the better.





by Nikki Markham

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bailey is 28 years old. She’s single, she’s bisexual, and after stumbling into the wrong club on the right Friday night, she thinks she might be kinky too. Immediately entranced by the sights around her—including the gorgeous and commanding Domme, Isabelle—Bailey wonders if there’s a side of life she’s been missing.

Isabelle is still reeling from a traumatic break up with her old submissive that’s left her questioning the things that used to mean the most to her. She’s relegated herself to casual companionship with no chance of feelings, all in the hopes of repairing her heart. When she meets Bailey—eager, new, and beautiful, Bailey—Isabelle realizes she doesn’t stand a chance.

It doesn’t take long for Isabelle to learn that Bailey’s bright eyed curiosity might be exactly what she needs to heal from her past, and it doesn’t take Bailey long to learn that her new favorite place might be on her knees. But are great chemistry and hot scenes enough to leave a lasting impact on both women or are their days numbered from the start?





Crossing Lines: Book 2

by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited


I can’t let go.

I wish I could say all my actions were justified when I tried to prevent an all-out war between two crime families.

Falling for Kendall Mancini was never part of the plan – but that’s the bed I made for myself, and now I have to lie in it.

I owe her.


My family thinks I’m a traitor. Given what I know now, I can’t be too surprised or disappointed.

It’s ironic that the only person I can trust is the woman who set out to lock me up, but that’s life.

Trust is everything.

The danger is not past, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect both of us.





A Mystic Meteor Tale: Book 2

by Elle Hyden

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In Book Two of this Mystic Meteor Tale, the meddling spirit Lily is back in matchmaking mode, working with a few new cohorts to help two women find their Evermore.

Raven, a reclusive but wealthy video game developer, needs more than just a paid caretaker; she needs true healing to melt the cold core of her deeply wounded heart. She’s lived her entire life without love and trusts no one. Only once did Raven allow anyone close, but it wasn’t to be, and she vowed Nevermore!

Lynn, a gifted empath, seeks a safe haven not only for herself but for a little girl that she’s sworn to protect. Like Raven, she experienced an early childhood rejection. Although she didn’t close herself off to others, Lynn has never shared herself entirely with another. It has kept her moving on from one relationship to another.

The advent of a spectral raven starts these women down a path that can potentially redress these old hurts if only they can open their hearts to each other. Join these two women in their quest to discover if the spirits and fate will bring them together or tear them apart.




The Golden People

by J. A. Yates

Bored, discontent, and broken, wealthy Lillian is at a crossroads: she doesn’t fit in anywhere, her self-esteem is lacking, and she is losing her only friend. An accidental encounter leads her to Ivy, an intriguing girl possessing what Lillian has been seeking, including enthralling, sensual encounters. Beguiled, Lillian vows to do anything to keep Ivy. Ivy leads Lillian into a group calling itself The Golden People. The Golden People offers a place to belong, love, and acceptance. But is their meeting fate or Ivy’s careful plan? As a devout member of The Golden People and a follower of its charismatic yet dangerous leader, Lillian’s idyllic destiny turns into deadly horror and chaos.

Trigger warnings: abuse including rape, child abuse, cult activity, and domestic violence.




No Strings

by Lucy Bexley

narrated by Abby Craden

Fun is the one thing Elsie Webb takes seriously. Though she’d be having a lot more of it if Haelstrom Media paid her enough to actually get out of debt. She’s determined to hold out on contract negotiations for her kids’ television show Fangley Heights until she gets what she deserves. There’s only one problem, the head of the network just died and left her future more uncertain than ever.

Forty-eight hours and one funeral—that’s all Jones Haelstrom has to get through before she can return to her life in LA that’s as ordered and sparse as an IKEA showroom. When she steps in as CEO of her father’s media company, Elsie Webb is her first problem to deal with. Elsie ends up challenging Jones in ways she never could have predicted, starting with an attraction neither can avoid.

As their attraction teeters on the edge of something more both agree to keep it casual. A no-strings agreement and disclosure to HR should be enough to keep things between Jones and Elsie from getting tangled, right?

Trigger Warning: this story includes the death of an estranged parent off-page and prior to the story beginning


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