IHS New Release Newsletter: September 13 Edition

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases.

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Cover of Crossing the PondCrossing the Pond

Transatlantic WLW Romance

by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

How clumsy do you need to be to fall in love?

When broke American Piper Garland inherits a house in the English countryside, she doesn’t expect to find love with an Italian builder. Much less love, ducks, ER nurses, nosy neighbors, a great dane called Billy and a whole new life…

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Animals; Age Gap; Coming Out; Girl Next Door; Toaster Oven


Cover of SerendipitySerendipity

by Kris Bryant

Is love enough when people are on different paths?

Superstar Bristol Baines is secretly on her way out of the music industry. Annie Foster is an up-and-coming musician who signs up to finish the tour with Bristol. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for her career but it is also the chance at forever for her heart?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Celebrity; Musician; Forced Proximity


Cover of Light My FireLight My Fire

Catskill Crew Romance: Book 4

by Anna Cove

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when the woman of your biggest, most impossible dreams becomes your reality?

Tara McClintock’s life is turned upside down when the woman of her dreams, Cory Fernandez, finally looks her way. But it’s one thing to catch the eye of your beloved and another to keep it. A sexy and romantic story of becoming one’s best self through love.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Animals; Age Gap


Cover of A Perfect FifthA Perfect Fifth

by Jaycie Morrison

Two divides perfectly into four, not five.

A streetwise American musician is befriended by four British friends, but only one of them thinks she is their perfect fifth. Zara Keller and Lady Jillian Stansfield have just begun to acknowledge their attraction when tragedy strikes. What happens when two people realize the goals they’ve been pursuing are not the dreams of their hearts?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Celebrity; Coming Out; Rich Girl / Poor Girl; Toaster Oven


Her Fantasy

Lix Club: Book 6

by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When the most high profile Lesbian Domme in the world invites you to join her and her partner, would you?

Join Chelsea as a mysterious job offer at an exclusive kink party leads her deep into an entanglement with a high profile lesbian Dominant/Submissive power couple. This is a polyamorous three-way BDSM Sapphic Romance with plenty of steam and a Happy Ever After.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; BDSM; One Night to Forever; Rich Girl / Poor Girl


Cover of The Rules of ForeverThe Rules of Forever

by Nan Campbell

She bumps into her unrequited crush at her ten year reunion.

Cara and Lauren reconnect at their ten year high school reunion. Sparks start flying immediately, but neither is interested in anything serious. Who would have thought a friends-with-benefits relationship could get so complicated?

2022 Reading Challenge Category: Rich Girl / Poor Girl




Cover of All Your Storms and Ships Called SheAll Your Storms and Ships Called She

by Geonn Cannon

Welcome aboard the pirate ship Banshee…

An all-female pirate crew follows a summons to a mysterious island.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Historical Fiction; Historical Romance; Enemies to Lovers; Loss / Grieving; Love after 50; Hot & Steamy




Cover of Skimming around MurderSkimming around Murder

Lessons in Murder: Book 2

by Edale Lane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Killers can leave scars no one else sees.

Even a tough cop can become overwhelmed. While slammed by trying cases, does Jenna’s budding romance with Randi stand a fighting chance?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Animals; Girl Next Door; Loss / Grieving; Slow Burn; Sweet Romance


Cover of Strange AttractorsStrange Attractors

by Ana K. Wrenn

Chaos is a ruthless teacher.

Chaos Theory expert, Professor Sonja J. Storey thought she knew her subject. Then her life starts teaching her new lessons she doesn’t want to learn. But she must–or she stands to lose everything, including her chance at love.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Thriller; Age Gap; Ice Queen; POC Characters




Cover of AlphasAlphas

The Jade Stone Chronicles: Book 3

by Huckleberry Rahr

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When captured with a former rival, will Jade find a way to save them both?

After spending half of gym class on her butt, Jade joins track to help round out her college application. While touring colleges she ends up in the clutches of a group of rogue wolves with a rival she never thought to see again. Can she get them both out safely?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: YA / NA; Friends to Lovers; POC Characters: Fantasy




Cover of Vision of VirtueVision of Virtue

A Memory’s Muses Novel Book 2

by Brey Willows

Will love be enough to help them find a shared vision?

When you’ve lost your purpose, how do find it again? When you’ve become so focused on the negative, what let’s the light in? The answer is always love.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Fantasy; Fantasy Romance; Enemies to Lover; Forced Proximity; Slow Burn; Celebrity



Cover of An Enemy by AutumnAn Enemy by Autumn

Winter’s Consort: Book 3

by Brigid Collins

A Faerie queen. A decoy bride. A Realm on the brink of war.

Chelsea Hewitt would love to focus on the lovely understanding she and Queen Rimewing have developed. But a summons from the Autumn Court insists that she ride with this year’s Wild Hunt.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Fantasy; Fantasy Romance; Enemies to Lovers




Cover of Mistress of ChaosMistress of Chaos

Eve of Destruction: Book 3

by Benjamin Medrano

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Evelyn will protect her lovers and friends from anyone. Even dragons.

Dragons, starships, elves, and magic. Evelyn is a peerless warrior, but even she has her equals. If she must face down draconic warlords to keep her people safe, then she will do so. No matter the cost.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Speculative Fiction; Science Fiction




Cover of Catching FeelingsCatching Feelings

The Alder Series: Book 2

by Ana Hartnett Reichardt

Andrea Foster expects to catch a lot of flak from the Lions’ diva pitcher, Maya Gonzalez, but she doesn’t expect to catch feelings.

Andre Foster is shocked to be named team captain of the Alder Lions. Will she and Maya, the fiery pitcher, be able to put aside their differences and lead their team to the World Series? Or will the animosity and growing attraction between them be too much to tame?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Enemies to Lovers; Forced Proximity; Sports; Grumpy / Sunshine; Ice Queen; YA/NA




Melt My Heart

Catskill Crew Romance: Book 1

by Anna Cove

narrated by Gwendolyn Druyor

She never expected to find true love with a Hollywood actress.

Dylan Wilson, 9-1-1 operator and widow, never dreamed she’d fall for a Hollywood actress. Or that a famous actress would fall for ordinary old her. But that’s what happens when Dylan answers Laura Munro’s emergency call. Could this woman be the one who melts her heart again?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Celebrity; Loss / Grief; Single Parent

Have a wonderful day!

TB, Em, Faith, & Miranda


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