IHS New Release Newsletter: September 20th Edition

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases.

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Cover of Lie to MeLie to Me

by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Blair and Mira will do anything to win – even that.

When ordinary woman Blair meets her neighbor Mira, she doesn’t expect a professional dominatrix with a plan to win millions of dollars. That plan? It includes Blair, who is about to get a crash course into the wild world of the billionaire BDSM life.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: BDSM; Fake Relationship; Ice Queen; Rich Girl / Poor Girl


Cover of Indigo: StormIndigo: Storm

Indigo B&B: Book 4

by Adrian J. Smith

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In the heart of a storm, Violet is struck by love.

With a passion for storm chasing, Violet is going to make this season count. Admitting to her long time chasing partner she’s in love with her isn’t easy, especially when her young student tags along for the season. With their futures hanging by a thread, Violet must find the eye of the tornado.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; Forced Proximity; Enemies to Lovers; Slow Burn


Cover of Of Light And LoveOf Light And Love

by E.V. Bancroft

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Would you choose your legacy or love?

A famous widowed artist can no longer paint. Her lodger is heartbroken. Through healing can they find a new love?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; Forced Proximity; Grumpy / Sunshine; Loss / Grief


Cover of Rub on HerRub on Her

Herding Love: Book 1

by Emily Alter

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Exploring kink had never been more alluring

When their paths crossed at an animal sanctuary, Natalia didn’t think anything would come of it. But as she starts getting to know the insecure volunteer and her gorgeous Domme…She can’t hide that there might be something worth exploring.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: BDSM; Friends to Lovers; One Night to Forever; Slow Burn




Cover of Purposefully AccidentalPurposefully Accidental

by G Benson

Every grudge has to be moved on from eventually, right?

When Celeb Wren Acker collides with doctor Madison Taylor, neither have any idea that it’s going to lead to them not only working on set together, but with half the world suddenly thinking they’re in a relationship. That’s awkward, since they can’t stand each other.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Celebrity; Medical Character; Enemies to Lovers; Neurodiverse; Slow Burn




Cover of PlayPlay

by Nikki Markham

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Harper is sure she’s ready to date a woman, but is she ready to be the dominant partner Bree needs?

Bree has recently broke up with her boyfriend AND her Domme, so when she meets Harper, she’s not looking for love. Even though Harper has never been with a woman, she wants to be with Bree. Harper and Bree decide to play, but will they win at love?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Erotic Romance; BDSM; Coming Out


Cover of Working From Home 4Working From Home 4

by Sam Kestrel

Available in Kindle Unlimited

She never dreamed she’d struggle with her dream job.

In Jo’s business, she helps women find their authentic selves through sex. But the business becomes more complicated than she ever imagined: a teenager, therapist and trauma victim test her abilities and boundaries. A new friend has Jo questioning her business and herself. What if she can’t continue seeing clients?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Erotic Romance; Coming Out; Hot & Steamy


Cover of Taboo TentaclesTaboo Tentacles

Tantalizing Tentacles Series: Book 4

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kione hunts for treasure with her tomb raiding bestie and her tentacle creature lover!

Kione is dating a sweet tentacle creature named Kez, who just found out he’s part of the Atlantean race. To find his people, Kione will need help from her nymphomaniac friend Amira. And help satisfying all of Kez’s wonderfully thick tentacles! Join the consentacle fun!

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Erotic Romance; BDSM; Hot & Steamy




Cover of Keep Her SafeKeep Her Safe

by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

She’ll do whatever it takes…

On the run for their lives, Laura and her daughter must rely on The Organisation. Cat Rogers, is a bodyguard who will do whatever it takes to Keep Her Safe.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Romantic Suspense; Age Gap; Forced Proximity




Cover of VillainsVillains

Kalazad: Book 2

by K. L. Mitchell

Someone is stealing the villains from stories, and it’s up to the girls to save them.

Revka & Iyarra just wanted to go to the Enchanted Forest for a nice vacation. Instead, they found themselves fighting a mysterious force that is stealing the villains form all the fairy tales. And if they don’t stop it, the whole world could be in for a not-so-happy ending.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Fantasy; POC Character


Cover of How To Get A Girlfriend When You're DeadHow To Get A Girlfriend When You’re Dead

by Angela McKenna

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A lesbian paranormal murder mystery with demons, witches, and a sprinkling of the undead!

Unless she breaks the curse in forty days, Ally will lose the love of her life.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Paranormal; Ghosts; Suspense; Mystery


Cover of Covenant of QueensCovenant of Queens

Book 3: Imperial Rand

by Silvia Shaw

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Danger, betrayal, secrets and new lovers are mixed into a melting pot of magic.

The sweeping saga of Rand continues to its gripping conclusion. As the battle for Rand escalates, it becomes a race against the clock to find the enemy’s time gateway. And while Savannah tries to unravel the past, she must face her greatest nemesis.

2022 Reading Challenge Category: Fantasy




Cover of Love and DutyLove and Duty

by Catherine Young

All Princess Roseli wants is to marry her three lovers but now she must wed a foreign princess for the sake of duty.

When Princess Roseli’s mother, the empress, informs her that she is to marry Princess Lucia, a Calliopean admiral, to secure a military treaty between their planets, her greatest concern is how this will change the delicate balance she has established with her lovers.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Sci-Fi; Sci-Fi Romance; Hot & Steamy




Cover of Cause & EffectCause & Effect

by Cyan LeBlanc

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A friendship torn apart. An obsession. Is recovery possible?

After a tragic accident, Luisa is force to spend a month in rehab where she finds her sexual identity as well as hot butch roommate. After her release, her heart must decide which direction it wants to go: to the new spicy love interest or the faith best friend who always had her heart.

Trigger warning: date rape

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: YA / NA; Coming Out; Friends to Lovers; Slow Burn




Cover of Choosing YellowstoneChoosing Yellowstone

by Carol Anne Douglas

Can her relationship survive making different choices?

Elaine chooses a gig teaching journaling in Yellowstone instead of going with her long-time lover to volunteer in a refugee camp. Will Elaine’s choice haunt her for the rest of her life?

2022 Reading Challenge Category: Loss / Grieving




Cover of Volleyball Vixens AudioVolleyball Vixens

by Riley Rose

narrated by Nikki Monroe

The ultimate beach volleyball sex battle!

Alena and Casey are professional beach volleyball players rising through the ranks of their bikini-clad brethren. When their Brazilian rivals challenge them to a strip volleyball match, will they be able to keep their clothes? Or will they wind up the sex toys of the beautiful Brazilians?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: BDSM; POC Character; Hot & Steamy



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