99-Cent Blowout (Page One)


Dec 26 through Dec 30

Welcome to the end of the year 99-cent blowout!

There are many subgenres involved in this sale, so much so, we had to list all the books on two pages.

This page is dedicated to romance and Page Two (please note: paranormal romance, historical romance, and so on is on Page Two) has everything else.

Before we get to all the wonderful authors and their books, we should get the basics out of the way.

First, this sale runs December 26th through December 30th.

Second, before you click any buy buttons, please ensure the sale price matches. (Please note some international prices may vary some.)

Third, to purchase a book, simply click on the Amazon buy button. This is a universal link and will take you to your Amazon store.

Now here are all the romance books:





by Terri Cutshall

$0.99 $8.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Damaged brainiac Alex falls for Madison, the sweetest woman on earth, in this medical drama. Tons of romance and a touch of intrigue!



by Miranda MacLeod

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A year ago, their lives fell apart. Can a bit of Christmas magic help them build a new life together? A charming and funny romance that will fill your heart with holiday cheer!



by Harper Bliss

$0.99 $6.99 

Leigh and Jodie share a passionate connection, but their differing visions of the future force them apart. After more than a decade passes, they realize they may be soulmates — can they ever find their way back to one another?



by Monica McCallan

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Taylor Tate has one last chance to turn things around. As the owner of Charm City Events, she needs her upcoming week of Valentine’s Day events to go off without a hitch. She’s painstakingly planned every detail down to the last red heart decoration, but what Taylor doesn’t plan on is the less than enthusiastic bar manager she’s paired with stumbling into her life at the worst possible time, making things more difficult every step of the way. It’s only a week, but time passes differently when there’s love in the air and too much on the line.



by Jae


For Rachel Lewis, a security guard at the mall, the Christmas holiday season is one big headache. She wants nothing to do with the celebration of love, peace, and family harmony. Her disenchantment with the holiday slowly begins to change when she meets seven-year-old Tyler and his mother.



by Clare Lydon

$0.99 $7.99 

Once bitten, twice shy? Harriet has never forgotten her first love, Sally. When fate brings them together again after years, Harriet realizes that she’ll do anything to win back Sally’s trust — and her love.



by Cheyenne Blue


Three years ago, lawyer Sue Brent proposed to doctor Moni Kratzmann in the corridor of the Royal Flying Doctor Base. Now, their wedding is on. As friends and family from near and far gather at Jayboro Outstation in outback Queensland, Australia, Moni and Sue strive to keep their wedding plans—and their lives—on track. It’s a simple outback wedding—what could possibly go wrong?



by Hildred Billings

$0.99 $4.99

Tess and Sidney have both committed the greatest online dating faux pas possible: uploading old pictures. When the two tough butches meet at a small town bar, they think they’re getting the femmes of their dreams. So begins the awkward – yet sordid – acquaintance of the only two lesbians in town. Local rancher Tess doesn’t have time for women who aren’t her type, and new-girl-in-town Sidney isn’t interested in someone who only sees her as a piece of fresh meat. Yet they keep bumping into each other… is it fate, or just small town karma?



by Kaya LaSalle

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A steamy hookup at a club spirals into something far more in this rock star romance. Featuring a grumpy rock star fed up with the double standards the industry puts on women, an up-and-coming PR strategist trying to save the rock star’s career, and explosive chemistry galore!



by Nico J. Genes

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Have you ever had a dream which was so intense that you felt it had to be real? Lana keeps waking up in two different lives, with alternate lovers. She must decide between Claire, her lesbian lover, and her husband, Greg. Is Claire only a fling or the love of her life?



by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When Holly and Ivy meet, sparks fly, but it’s hardly smooth sailing. After their one-night stand ends in disaster, both decide they’d rather spend the cold months ahead sleeping alone. However, it soon becomes undeniable that each woman possesses something the other needs.



by Cara Malone

$0.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Nat Butler is a rock goddess with a long-running career and fans around the globe… and nothing real to hold onto. When an ugly breakup drags her into the tabloids, Nat retreats to her hometown to hide out. Instead, she comes face to face with her first love – who’s none too happy to see the woman who broke her heart fifteen years ago.



by Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

All Cara Parker wants is to be swept off her feet, but the way her life is going, that’s not happening anytime soon. All that changes with the arrival of Ellery Chandler, a silver-haired corporate superstar and “most eligible lesbian in the business world.” Will giving into her feelings set her free, or will it destroy everything she’s worked for? Because getting closer to Ellery Chandler comes with risks of its own.



by Jax Meyer

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When Phoenix and Ash meet at the South Pole, sparks fly, and not the good kind. But a year in isolation means finding common ground. As friendship grows to love, they discover an intimacy neither expected from each other.



by Bryce Oakley

$0.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Fifteen years ago, Willa and Sage roamed the same halls of Edgelake High School. When their paths cross again, they decide to team up to solve both their problems — a stable, albeit fake, relationship to snag the endorsement deal and a hot soccer star to make the couples getaway sting a little less… But when the lines between real and fake start to blur, will they be able to keep the growing heat between them just a game or will they start playing to win?



by Lucy Bexley

$0.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Reese Walker doesn’t like people, what she likes is silence and being left alone. When an unavoidable bill going to collections puts her sister’s treatment at risk, she has no choice but to take a recording job that pushes her out of her comfort zone. Can Reese find a way to work with demanding author Arden Abbott on her audiobook? Must Love Silence is an enemies-to-lovers slow-burn romance featuring a lovable misanthrope and a heroine in recovery. 



by Harper Bliss and TB Markinson

$0.99 $7.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Can a Christmas romance mend a life that’s broken to pieces? When Eileen meets Naomi Weaver, a small-town girl who dedicates her free time to helping those in need, Eileen is entranced by Naomi’s zest for life. Can Eileen overcome her inner demons and troubled family relationships to let Naomi in?



by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When I accepted one of the most highly coveted internships in America, I never expected to fall in love with my boss by the end of the first month. I never expected that my boss, Eric Mann, used to go by another name a long, long time ago. And the woman the world forgot is screaming to come out and speak of the atrocities once wrought upon her life. Do I follow my heart and help her expose her family’s deepest, darkest secrets to the world? Or do I follow my head and get as far as possible from this debacle?



by Marian Snowe

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Tabby Gilbert won’t let love get in the way of becoming a star. On the set of a popular TV series, she clashes with her co-star Moira Knox: a critically acclaimed actress who sizzles in her roles but is cold and snobbish off-camera. When Tabby gets cast as Moira’s love interest, the rival actresses are forced to act out a passionate romance on-screen…one that soon bleeds into real life. Torn between her career and her feelings for Moira, is Tabby poised for greatness or a disastrous fall?



by Jax Meyer and Elle Armstrong

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A chance encounter in a bookstore cafe brings a career US Marine and a British ex-pat together where they discover an off the charts attraction. As they battle their feelings to maintain their ‘friends with benefits’ agreement, another war looms in the Middle East, threatening everything they’ve built.



by Ellie Spark

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Elementary school teacher Kristin Clark and chef Taylor O’Connell share an instant connection — but one can no longer keep her sexuality hidden, while the other is reluctant to come out… Can they find a way to build a future together?



by MJ Duncan

$0.99 $6.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Emma Beauchamp and Campbell Jordan’s rivalry on the ice was legendary. Retirement should have closed that chapter of their lives, but when Campbell joins the faculty at Stonebridge it takes on a brand new life. There’s plenty lingering animosity, but as circumstances force them to find a way to not only coexist, but work together, Emma and Campbell find that being on the same team isn’t as awful as they’d feared. Will their years spent battling it out be too much to overcome, or will they finally acknowledge the truth behind the electric connection they share?



by L.M. Bennett

$0.99 $2.99 

All Lane wants is the company of a beautiful woman to ease the sting of turning 40. Gray hair, unrequited love and the woman’s ex really mess with her plans, but in the best way. Best friend, Pax, saves the night, but she might not be ready for Lane to move on. Before Lane can enjoy the second half of her life, she must confront old wounds she thought had healed.



by Melissa Foster

$0.99 $4.99 

The intense passion between Delilah and her best friend is too strong to deny, but coming out isn’t as easy as she imagined, and moving past her parents’ death and the feelings of guilt she is left with is even harder. Discovering Delilah is an evocative, romantic story of friendship, family, and the courage to love.



by Alexa Woods

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Successful photographer Laney Sterling needs a date for her brother’s Christmas wedding. Morgun Hewat would never help the bitch who stole her dream job, but Laney can help her get a foot in the door of the industry. It’s only a practical deal, strictly business, zero emotions involved – until sparks fly. What happens when a fake Christmas date turns into the real deal?



by Leigh Landry

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Animal rescuer Molly Hebert is set to catch her cheating boyfriend mid-date and kick him to the curb, but she can’t peel her eyes from his gorgeous date. Country singer Josephine Broussard would do anything for her bandmates, even hide her true identity to appease their fans. But she can’t hide her feelings for Molly or resist the woman’s vengeful crusade. She’ll need to tame her unyielding sense of responsibility while Molly battles destructive insecurities to create their own love song for the ages.



by Adan Ramie

$0.99 $3.99 

Director Bee Taylor’s glitzy life shudders to a halt with a phone call from the best friend she left behind. A beloved family member’s illness brings her back to the place where she learned who she was, fell in love, and had her heart broken for the first time. When her new life follows, she’s forced to make the difficult choice between fame and family.



by Zoey Lennox

$0.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Everyone knows personal trainer Blayke Bell and her family love Christmas. The tree goes up in November and the festivities continue well into the New Year. When Blayke discovers one of her clients, beauty therapist Zanthie Brown, has never had the chance to properly celebrate the season, she makes it her mission to give her the best Christmas ever. Between baking cookies, open-air ice-skating and Christmas tree decorating, love starts to blossom, but everyone knows you shouldn’t get involved with your best friend’s ex and Zanthie just happens to be Blayke’s close friend Lana’s ex-girlfriend.



by Stephanie Shea

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Mia Stone isn’t looking for romance, but when she collides with Lauryn—a beautiful, notorious popstar—on New Year’s Eve, fireworks go off. The good, bad and the ugly. When Lauryn turns out to be Mia’s newest client, can they put aside their differences long enough to acknowledge the undercurrent of romance between them? Or will an unspoken grudge forever keep them at odds.



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

$0.99 $9.99 

Nancy is single, pregnant, and has a dead-end job when she meets Tai, a local food truck owner. Tai is suave and compassionate and can offer her the chance of a lifetime. Will their personalities clash or sparks fly?



by Barbara Winkes

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

After her life takes a downward turn, Dana Clover decides to visit her vacation home in the small town of Chestnut Hill. When she discovers that the property is in worse shape than she expected, she must rely on helpful townspeople to improve it for potential future owners… One of them is Dr. Holly McEwen who has been working hard to cope with a tragic loss. Friends and neighbors try to convince the well-loved town doctor that she deserves a second chance at love—but is she ready to open her heart?



by Jamey Moody

$0.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Beloved actress Krista Kyle has created the ideal safe place for closeted Hollywood lesbians to bring their partners and girlfriends and be themselves. When sleazy journalist Brooke Bell, known for outing people, finds out about Krista’s paradise, secrets are exposed. Will it be the end of Lovers Landing or lead to love?



by Rachel Lacey

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When Sophie and Jules meet at a Broadway audition, there’s an immediate connection between them, but there’s just one problem: they’re auditioning for the same role. As their rivalry heats up, Jules and Sophie fight an attraction that blazes hotter than the spotlight. When the curtain rises on opening night, love might take center stage.



by Angelic Rodgers

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Sylvia Townsend, a control freak of a literature professor, has wallowed in misery for two years since finding her girlfriend in bed with an ex. When a colleague seduces her at the faculty Halloween party, followed by her dream job opening up, she thinks all of her planning will finally pay off with the perfect life she’s tried to construct. When reality gets in the way, Sylvia has to learn to let go.



by Suze Snow

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Faith Preston, a 19-year-old college freshman seems to have everything going for her except a love life. Brooklyn is a beautiful confident butch with tattoos, sparkling vivid green eyes full of life, and a smile that captures Faith’s attention. Everything changes in that moment. She falls for her, but is she ready to possibly lose friends and family over dating a girl as well as jeopardize her mother’s political career? This is a sweet coming out story of lesbian romance and love.



by Amy Storm

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Olivia Porter is a 40-year-old single woman destined to leave a path of destruction and broken promises to anyone who comes in contact with her. An unforgivable and life-changing tragedy in her past changed her future and any plans she had. It shaped her into a successful, but ruthless woman who lacks the capacity to love or be loved. Can one woman change Olivia’s course and show her how to love herself and allow someone to be a part of her life, or will Olivia’s past and secrets condemn her to a life of loneliness and self-pity?



by Lorna Grace

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Mindy runs a successful dog kennel and grooming business, but she’s lonely. Sam is everything Mindy thinks she isn’t. Smooth, fit, beautiful, and confident. As if meeting her potential girlfriend while filling up at a gas station isn’t strange enough, she begins hearing the thoughts of her clients’ dogs after bumping her head one day. If you’re looking for a happy and carefree story, come along and join Mindy on this unusual lesbian romance filled with comedy, drama, sex, and most of all love.



by Alyssa Linn Palmer

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Broke and desperate after her girlfriend leaves her for a man, Colette finds a job as an artist’s model and meets artist Lise. Colette is immediately infatuated, but shehas no idea if Lise would return her affections, and when she finally gets up the courage to ask her out, their connection is more than she’d ever hoped for. However, a few days later, Lise introduces her to Marcel, her former fiancé. They seem intimately involved, and Colette is devastated. Will her dreams of Lise be unrequited?



by Katherine McIntyre

$0.99 $3.99 

Sky’s crush on her best friend has always been unrequited… until they’re stuck in quarantine together and sparks fly. However, when faced with a real chance at romance, Sky’s self-protective instincts to run might ruin it all.



by Maria Jackson

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Stuck in a cabin alone for three months, Claudia and Miriam compete to win a cash prize. The reality show only has one rule: they can’t fall in love. Claudia can barely stand the arrogant supermodel, and Miriam only wants to seduce the annoying bookworm. Will these bachelorettes hate each other by the end of the filming? Or will they end up breaking all the rules?



by Scarlett Knight

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Bass player Jackie Hernandez has landed a permanent gig with the respected all-female rock band The Neon Fishnets. There’s only one problem: Ivy Finch. Amid recording a hot new album, spending late nights out at wild parties, and navigating the media, things get really complicated when their attraction to one another takes an unexpected, sexy turn.



by Rae McDaniel

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

As Sarah continues to heal both physically and mentally from the horrific attack of last year, she struggles with unexpected feelings of jealousy regarding Jo as well as her Mama’s new love interest. Jo’s professional life takes an unexpected turn, pushing her to work more closely with Davina, someone that she cannot stand. The couple continues to contemplate having children in the midst of the ever increasing busyness of life and maintaining their marriage. Follow the two as they attempt to find their way through, seeking healing, growth and the tranquil restfulness of being in each others arms.



by Milena McKay

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When junior cupid Abby Angellini, fresh from Cupid Academy, heads to Sin City, she runs smack into her idol. Sabine Goddard is the one cupid who has a faultless record when it comes to slinging arrows and bringing people together. The stats for her own love life, however, aren’t nearly as great.Sparks fly as Cinnamon Roll meets the Queen of the Perfect Match and the word quiver takes on an entirely new meaning.



by Elle Armstrong

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Gabriella De Luca’s day falls apart when her service car badly injures a young woman. Feeling a strange pull Gabriella visits her in hospital, and an unexpected friendship begins. Bailey Williams was seriously injured and needing rehabilitation is surprised when Gabriella offers her home for recuperation. As the two grow closer will a problem at Gabriella’s dance studio threaten their burgeoning relationship or will a new enemy bring it crashing down?



by Aster Glenn Gray

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Fanfic writer Megan is falling in love with fellow writing club member Sarah… until she realizes that Sarah is her fandom nemesis on Tumblr! But when they get handcuffed together for a writing club exercise, they have no choice but to try and work out their differences. Which will win: Megan and Sarah’s sizzling sexual attraction, or their compulsion to correct each other’s atrocious fandom opinions?



by S. R. Silcox

$0.99 $3.99 

The only thing standing in the way of Mac’s merry Christmas is, unfortunately, herself. When good intentions become misunderstood, Mac finds herself alone and scrambling for answers. What stands between Mac and her girlfriend, Callie, is more than just the distance that divides them. If Mac hopes to make it home for Christmas, she’ll need to cast doubt to the wind and make excellent time.



by Mariah R. Embry

$0.99 $6.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Silence fills the space around us. Nothing is heard except for the tub jets and whistling from the wind. Sitting beside my best friend, who I feel more for than I should, scrambles all of my senses. Maybe going hot-tubbing wasn’t the best idea.



by Laura Ambrose

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Emma and Sage are friends with benefits turned co-workers who must navigate an awkward forbidden romance set in a science fiction and fantasy publishing house. With the marketing campaign for the biggest debut of the year heating up, there are far too many late nights or trips away that could upset their perfect balance. Is it worth it?



by Andrea Johnson

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Kirsten Hansen is a femme, twenty-something writer living in San Francisco with her partner, Soraya, a therapist who barely escaped war-torn Afghanistan. Soraya announces she would like to have a baby just as Kirsten realizes she may not want to stay in their relationship. Punctuated by arguments in razor-sharp dialogue, flashbacks to Kirsten’s first love in Iowa, and Kirsten’s own internal narrative of temptation, betrayal, guilt, and often humor, the plot unfolds as Kirsten goes about haphazardly dismantling her relationship with Soraya while not-so-secretly plunging into an on-line search for love.



by A.J. Marchant

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Lucy, a corporate finance lawyer, is finally visiting home after ten years. But her arrival is marred by the corporate world intruding on her small coastal village. Ange, a generational ocean fisher and Lucy’s ex, challenges Lucy’s way of life, giving them a second chance at becoming something, and reminding Lucy why she wanted to be a lawyer.



by Caren J. Werlinger

$0.99 $6.99 

On the surface, Beryl Gray is all staid contentment. She works as a university librarian and is in a long-term relationship, but nothing is what it seems. When she finds a book with an inscription dated 1945, she does not realize it will change her life. She sets out on an odyssey to find the women of the inscription, but little does she know that what she will truly discover is herself.



by Sage Donnell

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When Greta can’t leave the house without her new rescue puppy, Chloe, freaking out, she reaches out to a casual friend, Livy for help. She also meets the intriguing Ril at the dog park. Between the two, Greta finds both a friend and something more.



by Lisa Elliot

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Yoga teacher Angela Forbes has fulfilled her dream of opening her very own studio. She doesn’t have time for love, and isn’t attachment the root of all suffering anyway? Life isn’t going the way Emily Mackenzie had planned: she’s lost her high-powered corporate job and isn’t coping well. When Emily joins Heart Yoga she finds a lot more than just a good stretch. As Emily gets back on her feet, is it wise to risk getting involved with someone who’s not looking for love?



by Sofi Keren

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Daniela Restrepo, formerly half of Indianapolis’s culinary power couple, is opening the city’s first fine dining vegan restaurant all on her own. Jules Cahill spent decades on tour with no real roots, until a broken heart sent her searching for home, stability, and a new path. When Daniela offers Jules a job, they connect immediately. Will each find their own way to start over or will their pasts stop them from finding a way together?



by Cailee Francis

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Emily Williams has always felt driven to follow her dreams. Her art studies took her across the country, but she can’t forget the girl she left behind. When she learns that Danica has been in a devastating car accident, she’s glad to be returning home for Christmas. She has to see Danica again.



by Dorothy Rice Bennett

$0.99 $7.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Sequel to LIVES INTERTWINED: Love on Sequim Bay. Vet tech Brit has gone off to Oregon vet school, and partner Ginger lives on the Sequim prairie in an old farmhouse, redecorating and taking care of their dogs. Can they keep their relationship going during four-years of separation? Or will time and distance tear them apart?



by B.W. Hope

$0.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Sara “Coop” Cooper is doing her best to navigate the pitfalls of running her own restaurant as owner and head-chef.  In an effort to get her life back on track after a nasty break-up, she has sworn off dating so she can put all of her time and energy into making her business a success… that is until she meets a local food blogger who can make or break her career.



by A. L. Lester

$0.99 $1.99

Melinda is staying on Lindisfarne for a Christmas break with her old friend when an unexpected argument leaves her alone for the holiday. It’s the first Christmas since her mother died and the island’s peace and wild tranquility bring balm to her wounded heart. Two chance meetings, first with a pair of wary otters and then with cafe-owner Rowan, bring her genuine joy. Will her tentative relationship with Rowan survive the end of her holiday and the turning of the year?



by Becky Bohan

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A retired lesbian widow and a country club divorcée use their wits and wisdom on a road trip through the American West as they deal with a confrontational daughter and a run-in with the law. A love story embracing mature love and personal integrity, A Light on Altered Land has readers cheering for this winsome couple.



by Lora Rye

$0.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Tiegan, a world renown blogger, has known love. Now, everything has changed and she can’t imagine herself ever being happy again. Only, there is a bucket list; one that she promised her late wife she’ll complete. The Christmas Bucket List is an emotional and joyous celebration of woman loving woman, a lesfic romance that will delight readers.



edited by Chace Verity

$0.99 $3.99 

Second chances–are they always deserved? This collection of contemporary romance stories explores the different ways women can be messy and still find a happy ending.



by Jacqueline Ramsden

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Perry is undercover as a journalist covering the thirty-seven-million-dollar theft she’s responsible for. Norah’s the PI on the case. She has no idea the journalist she’s falling for is the one behind the heist.



by Teresa Purkis

$0.99 $3.49 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Alison needs a holiday from her lonely, loveless life. Maddie is still grieving over the death of her wife. After two incredible weeks cruising in the Canaries, will the new found friendship of these two older women become something more?



by Angela McKenna

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Lesbian Professor Helen Miller arrives in England from San Francisco for a three-week working break, and ends up lodging with her friend Sophie’s reserved and anxious mother, Ingrid. At the mercy of her unique ability to get into trouble, Helen teeters on the verge of being cast out, but she’s desperate to stay because, despite Ingrid’s angry reaction to her presence, Helen likes her a lot and she’s wondering if, underneath all that cold fury, Ingrid likes her too. But time is short. Has Helen found the love she’s always craved or is it too late?



by McGee Mathews

$0.99 $4.95 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When interim police chief Molly Gorman pulls Amy over, more than the antics on the motorcycle catch her eye. After several run-ins with a certain drunken mechanic, Molly wonders if Amy is really worth the trouble. When Amy disappears, she has to put her mixed emotions aside to work the case. The first book in the Ladies of Diamond Lake series.



by B.K. Wiggins

$0.99 $2.99 

Natalie Pope had just inherited her grandmother’s historical home in Charleston. She had spent her childhood summers there with her spirited Mimi. But after the funeral, Natalie and her family discovered that someone else had laid claim to the home. With the help of Mim’s very attractive lawyer and a CPD officer, Natalie is willing to fight for what is rightfully hers.



by Lyn Denison

$0.99 $4.99 

Mel is horrified when her mother arranges for her to help out on the farm owned by her mother’s long-time friend, Crys. It’s not just because Mel has never been on a farm in her life but there was that embarrassing incident years ago when the older, sensuous Crys had been the object of Mel’s teenage crush.



by Johana Gavez

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Daniela Martinez is a world-renowned tennis star longing for love. When she meets law student Ari Nunez online, the connection is undeniable, but they’ll have to balance their long-distance romance with their careers and personal insecurities. Match to Love is a feel-good and light-hearted lesbian sports romance.



by Ellie Green

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Ari loves her life on an isolated outback station. The only downside? When the nearest neighbour is hundreds of kilometres away, it’s hard to date. New arrival, Grace, is about to change that.



by Ellen Jane


Talia has a bad habit of falling for the wrong people. Flirty firefighter Ruby is definitely the wrong person, and no amount of time spent snowed-in together is going to change that. No matter how much Talia wants it to…



by TB Markinson

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

The holiday season can be a crazy time for a normal family—and Lizzie’s family is anything but normal. Lizzie does everything in her power to save the holiday, but the harder she tries to control the unruly guests, the more things unravel. Will Lizzie survive the holidays with all the Petries under her roof?



by Max Ellendale

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Renowned doctor, Lauren Lewis, purchases an old Victorian home after the loss of her former residence and channels her energy into restoring the new property. When a wandering antique restorer shows up to take on the job, together, they uncover the secrets the house harbored for a century. With the turn of the seasons, their souls awaken like blooming lilacs in the spring, guiding them toward an adventure of their own.


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