Author Invite: Free Fall Event

We’re organizing a FREE Book Event on I Heart SapphFic. It will run for three days, from September 21 through September 23.

In order to include a book in our event, it must be FREE on Amazon. This isn’t a newsletter builder promotion.

You can submit up to 2 books per pen name for the Free Fall Event.

To enter a book(s) click on the button.

The deadline to enter the Free Fall event is September 14.

If your book is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and you have free days left in your 90 day commitment, it’s pretty easy to set up a free book. Please check you have three free days available and that your enrollment/renewal date will allow you to take part.

If your book is wide (not enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and available in other stores, such as Kobo, Apple, etc), it takes more effort to list a book for free on Amazon, but it can be done.

Here’s a link I found that outlines the steps to set up KU free days on KDP and how to get a book that’s wide listed for free on Amazon.


Miranda & TB