Authors: How to submit your book for monthly sales

I Heart Lesfic will be coordinating more sales. The readers love them.

I’ll still organize two mega sales: one after Christmas and one in May to kick off winter or summer reading, depending on whether readers are in the northern or southern hemisphere.

The change is IHL will be running one sale per month. These will be smaller events with 10 to 25 books in each sale. They’ll start on Mondays and will run for five days.

No book will be featured more than once in a 90-day period, not counting the mega sales. Authors can only have one book in a sale.

Unlike the mega sales, authors will determine the sale price, but the book must be at least 50% off the regular price. Unfortunately, IHL cannot include Kindle Countdown Deals. They are only valid in the US and UK, and from experience, readers outside the US and UK will feel left out, which could potentially result in negative comments, especially on social media. Negativity spreads quickly, and it may impact all the authors involved in the sale.

The sales will only include ebooks, and they must be available on Amazon, meaning freebies on your website, BookFunnel, Instafreebie, etc. will not be included.

The dates for the upcoming sales are:



If you’re interested in participating, please email with Monthly IHL Sale in the subject line.

Let me know:

  1. The date you’re interested in (If the month isn’t available, I’ll let you know what months are available.):
  2. Title of the book:
  3. Author name:
  4. Sale price:
  5. Regular price:
  6. Subgenre:
  7. Short blurb (4 sentences or fewer):
  8. Twitter handle (if available):
  9. If the book is in KU (It doesn’t have to be in KU to be included in the sale, but it does have to be discounted at least 50%.):
  10. If you’re willing to help promote the sale via your newsletter (This is not a requirement to be involved in the sale.):

Happy collaborating!