Calling All Lesfic Authors!

As a way to engage readers, I’m asking authors if they would like to guest post, offer e-books or signed copies of novels, introduce themselves, or if you have a different idea, I’m all ears.

I don’t want the site to become simply a place for copy and paste promotion. (See this page where this type of promotion will be included on I Heart Lesfic.) No cover reveals or authors pleading with readers to buy a book. I want to appeal to readers by getting them invested in the books and allowing them to get to know the authors.

For guest posts, I would like something original that has character. Around 300-600 words.

If you want to write something introducing yourself to readers, again, I would like something original, perhaps funny, inspirational, or anything along those lines. Around 300-600 words.

For giveaways, it might be fun to have a bit of a competition. Maybe include two truths and one lie about the author or novels so entrants have to guess which is the lie.

Don’t have time right now? No worries. Keep me in mind, and reach out when you do.

If you would like to appear on I Heart Lesfic, please email me at with I Want to Appear on I Heart Lesfic in the subject line.