The Lesbian Talk Show

Love podcasts? Have you heard about The Lesbian Talk Show hosted by the fabulous Sheena Lemos Ebersohn? If you aren’t following these podcasts, you should. Sheena has been gracious enough to allow I Heart Lesfic to include the information on all the amazing for women by women podcasts available on The Lesbian Talk Show. Please click on the images to be linked to the individual podcast pages.

Sundays: Women And Words

Andi Marquette and Jove Belle chat about the amazing things happening on the Women And Words website. They have authors guest blogging for them, Andi does a Fan Girl Friday post about something she is being a fan girl about and there are often free books or competitions happening. If you want to know what is happening in the world of lesfic, this is the place to be.

Mondays: Les Talk About It

Sheena and Tamara chat about being lesbian and they look at some common myths.

Some of the more popular episodes have included Lesbian Bed Death (LBD), multiple orgasms and Are Gold Star Lesbians Really That Shiny?


Alternating Wednesdays: Lez Geek Out!

Lize MacTague and Andi Marquette chat about pop culture and queer rep. They recommend TV shows, comic books, movies and even events.

Occasionally they also do guest interviews with influencers in the pop culture segment.

Alternating Thursdays: Curves Welcome

Suzie Carr, motivational speaker, blogger and author discusses motivational topics.

Each podcast is a small bit of inspiration to help you live a better life.

Some of her listener favorites have included topics like Getting Back Up, Finding Your Purpose, How To Deal With Change.

Alternating Fridays: Les Do Books

Tara Scott does a monthly book club discussion with guests and chats to authors about their favorite lesbian fiction reads.

You can join the Facebook Book Club to also chat about the monthly book club novels.


Alternating Fridays: The Lesbian Review Podcast

Join Sheena as she chats lesbian movies, audiobooks and books. With top 10 lists, how to get started and great ideas on where to find the best of the best, this is a must listen for any discerning lesbian looking for entertainment.


Saturdays: The Lesbian Historic Motif Project

Heather Rose Jones discusses the stories she comes across of real life lesbians.

Often these are from famous cases or court transcripts. This show gives you some fascinating insights into lesbians throughout history.

During Available Slots: Book Clips

During Available Slots authors do readings from their novels.

The show notes include links to buy the books. These are all lesbian fiction novels.