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The following books are on sale May 23 through May 27



by Eva Reddy

FREE $6.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Elkie Kransky was just six years old when a man grabbed her older brother, Bryan, from a playground near their home in Perth, Western Australia. He’d yelled for her to run and not to look back and she’d done as he’d ordered; running straight home to tell her mother.

Bryan was never seen again and Elkie’s distraught mother was unable to cope with his loss. She sent Elkie to boarding school and told her “…it was for her own safety.” A six-year-old Elkie assumed this meant the man might come back for her, too.

Now a grown woman. Elkie has become a nationally respected investigative reporter, writing for newspapers across Australia and internationally. She investigates and exposes pedophiles and paves the way for the justice system to deal with them.

But the ‘law is an ass’ and in Elkie’s opinion so is Detective Sergeant Steven Jolly of the Major Crimes Squad. Legal trickery and police bungles provide a means for some of these men to slip through the legal system and receive minimal if any punishment.

A new investigation leads Elkie to mother of two, Leila White with whom she falls instantly and hopelessly in love. Unfortunately, the door is slammed shut on what might have become a beautiful friendship when Leila’s son dies from an overdose of veterinary tranquilizers. Elkie later discovers the overdose the young boy took had been traded for sex with a pedophile veterinarian. The vet insists the drugs had been stolen and it’s difficult to prove otherwise.

Incensed and frustrated by the injustice of it all, Elkie begins to plot how she might dispense justice on behalf of the victims. Unable to save her own brother, perhaps she can save someone else’s. She’s not afraid of bad men anymore – bad men are afraid of her. And so they should be.


Playing With Fire

by Scarlett Knight

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Bass player Jackie Hernandez has landed a permanent gig with the respected all-female rock band The Neon Fishnets. There’s only one problem: Ivy Finch. In the past, Jackie and The Fishnets’ keyboardist engaged in an ugly online feud. Jackie is ready to put the feud behind them, but fiery Ivy holds a grudge. Amid recording a hot new album, spending late nights out at wild parties, and navigating the media as they prepare to go on tour, Jackie and Ivy realize they have more in common than they originally thought. And things get really complicated when their attraction to one another heats up, taking an unexpected, sexy turn.


The Fate of Stars

by S D Simper

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A devout mermaid. A disgraced princess. A feud as ancient as the gods.

Worlds collide when Tallora is kidnapped from her ocean home and forced to be a pet to a tyrannical foreign empire. Her only hope for rescue lies with a sworn enemy—Princess Dauriel, infamous for her stone heart and conflicted past. But when Dauriel’s kingdom comes to the cusp of war, could their uneasy alliance be the key to defeating a common foe? Or will their growing feelings for each other lead them to ruin?

From the world of FALLEN GODS comes a tale of ancient magic and cutthroat politics—and finding redemption through love.


Moose Madness

by Mar Delaney

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

If the moose festival doesn’t blow up Maggie’s life, the hot motorcycle-riding cheerleader just might…

Big, shy, and clumsy, Maggie “Moose” McKenna has been dogged by her hated nickname ever since childhood. Worse, she lives in the small Alaska town of Moose Point, which never lets her forget it. From the annual Moose Madness Festival to the moose bumper stickers to the giant sign for the Moose Point Pub where she works, this town loves its moose.

Worst of all? Maggie really is a moose. A moose shifter, to be specific. It’s just that no one knows. No one can ever know.

Except one person …

Wolf shifter Fiona Barton was one of the mean girls in high school … and Maggie’s desperate crush. Years after shaking the dust of Moose Point off her heels, she’s back in town for a pack event and runs headlong into Maggie—and this time she recognizes what she didn’t before: the tall girl with the shy, beautiful smile is her fated mate.

Fiona is openly out; Maggie isn’t. But Fi has a lot to make up for, and Maggie has a lot of soul-searching to do before a wolf and a moose can ride off into the sunset together.


A Shot at Love

by TB Markinson

$0.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Can the sassy American win the shy Brit?

Josie Adams had a brilliant speechwriting career in American politics—until a scandal destroyed everything. Unsure what to do with the rest of her life, she moves home with her mother in the Cotswolds.

Journalist Harriet Powell ditched London after getting sacked and divorced within six months of each other. She hopes to find peace in the village, but after meeting Josie, Harry’s world will never be the same.

While the two don’t see eye to eye on the professional front, it’s hard to deny their connection, even if Josie’s mum is determined to set Josie up with anyone who isn’t Harry.

Can the two conquer their personal and professional struggles to let the other in?


Seeing Her

by Maria Jackson

$2.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Chloe is smart, witty, motivated… and too scared to let the world see any of those qualities. Interacting with her restaurant coworkers makes her want to melt into the floor. They’re all beautiful, outgoing, and confident – terrifying to a shy lesbian. When Chloe somehow catches the most intimidating girl’s eye, she wonders if their mutual attraction could develop into more.

Waitressing isn’t Jennie’s passion, but then neither is anything else. Adrift in life, the tattooed beauty only cares about weed and her motorcycle. At least this job’s paying the bills until she can move on to better things. Fooling around with coworkers isn’t in her plans – but once she notices the resident wallflower is drop-dead gorgeous, those plans change. Falling for Chloe, though? That’s another matter.

Will Jennie chew Chloe up and spit her out? Or could Jennie be the first person to see Chloe for who she really is?


The Disappeared

by Nicole Pyland

$2.99 $6.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Ten years ago, Ada Cramer’s brother went missing. Her brother had always been the favored child, and Ada had been the only witness to his disappearance. Her life changed the day the police officer assigned to the case made Ada a promise that she’d find Noah Cramer.

Dylan Easton had many cases over the course of her career as a detective, but only one she would describe as the one she’d never let go of. It had started the day she’d made a promise to a fourteen-year-old girl that she would find her brother.

Ten years after Noah’s disappearance, the two women are reunited when a true crime series wants to highlight the anniversary of the missing boy. Ada is now ten years older and still bitter about the way her life had taken a turn that day, and Dylan is now a detective, on her way to running her own team. When the two women meet up after all these years, there’s an unwanted spark between them that they attempt to deny.

A new lead in the case, mixed with some startling discoveries, has these two women attempting to balance their new and confusing attraction to one another along with the possibility of finding Noah Cramer.

Happy reading!

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