Help TB & Miranda Make Sapphic History

TB here and I’m just going to cut to the chase. Miranda and I need your help getting A London Love Story on the first page of the top-faved stories on the Kindle Vella platform.

A London Love Story is ranking really well on the platform. As of writing this, the story is ranked 26 on the Top Fave chart. I don’t mean 26 in lesbian fiction, but 26 out of all the Vella stories on the platform. This rarely happens to me, and I know, it’s a much smaller platform than all the ebooks for sale on Amazon. Even with that knowledge, it would mean a lot to us if we could get onto the first page for the top-faved stories. The first page lists 1 through 25. We’re so fricking close!

Not only that, none of the stories ranked 1 through 25 are listed as lesbian fiction. It would be an awesome win for sapphic fiction, and we need every reader who has access to the platform to help us out.

If you haven’t given A London Love Story a shot yet, and if you have access (as of now, it’s still only available in the US, but you can now read it in the US on android devices and Kindle Fires, not just iPhones and laptops), we would really appreciate you checking it out. I think they’re still giving out 200 free tokens for those who haven’t tried Kindle Vella. There are over 55 episodes, and believe it or not, Season 1 is wrapping up soon.

Every thumbs-up will make our story more visible. And if you’ve purchased tokens to unlock an episode (not the free tokens, sadly), once a week you will be given a crown that you get to award to your favorite Vella story. That’s how Top Fave status is achieved, and we’re so very close! The chart resets at the end of the month, so we have less than a week left to keep climbing the chart to lesfic history!

Readers who are subscribed to my author newsletter, know I’ve promised them to dress up as a princess and provide video proof. They also know I haven’t fulfilled on this promise yet.

Despite my best intentions, I still haven’t donned a crown, tutu, and scepter for everyone’s enjoyment. Why did I make this promise? Weeks ago, Miranda MacLeod and I made a plea to our newsletter subscribers for reviews for A London Love Story, our Kindle Vella serial, and they came to our rescue. To express my gratitude, I promised to dress up like a princess. Then Clare Lydon asked if my princess outfit would include a tutu. I said no, but when I mentioned it to Miranda, she said, “It will absolutely have a tutu.” So, that’s the story behind the tutu. I should note, I have never ever worn a tutu in my life.

The reason I haven’t taken my photo in the tutu is Miranda needs to make one for me, but we’re doing our best to meet a March 1 edit deadline, and it’s going to be a super close call. Once we recover, it’ll be tutu-making time.

Before I go, if you want to see me don a tutu and you aren’t signed up to my author newsletter yet, you can do so here. Not only will you get to witness me in a tutu, but you’ll also receive my very first ebook, A Woman Lost and the bonus chapters, plus Tropical Heat, a short story that lives up to its name.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Wishing you a tutu-fantastic day!