How to submit a Friday Feels free book


If you’re an author who’d like to submit a free book for consideration, please use the form below to submit your offering.

Keep in mind:

  • It must be free on Amazon. (This does not include simply being enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. The dollar amount must be $0.00. Permafree books are allowed.)
  • This cannot be a freebie in exchange for an email.
  • It can be free on other platforms, but to make our lives easier, the only link we’ll include is a universal Amazon button.
  • You must submit a short blurb of two sentences or less.
  • A book can only be included once during a 90-day period.
  • We’ll schedule slots as we receive books.
  • You can request a month that works best in the additional comments section. While we’ll do our best to accommodate, we cannot guarantee certain dates.
  • If we select your book, we’ll reach out via email to let you know the scheduled date.

After filling out all required boxes, hover mouse over dark grey button at the bottom of the form and the submit box will appear. When you click it, the form will disappear and it’ll say your book has been submitted.