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September 21 through September 23


Welcome to the Free Fall SapphFic Event!

Before we get to all the wonderful authors and their FREE books, we should get the basics out of the way.

    • This sale runs September 21 through September 23.
  • Before you click any buy buttons, please ensure the sale price is 0.00. (Please note in some Amazon international marketplaces the price may not 0.00 which is out of the author’s control.)
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Now for the books!


Cover of ACCIDENTAL HONEYMOONAccidental Honeymoon

by Miranda MacLeod

Would you marry a woman you hate for a life-changing inheritance?

When a handywoman turns up at a wedding blogger’s home with the unwelcome news that her house is being sold, it’s hate at first sight. But when the two women have a chance at a life-changing inheritance of an old New England vineyard if they tie the knot, could a marriage of convenience turn into true love?


The Proposal

by TB Markinson

Is a single day worth changing the course of your entire life?

Marley Royce has just two goals for her seventy-two-hour stay in London: land a career-making business deal and finally meet the woman of her dreams face to face.

Fate has something else in mind. A heartfelt and quirky novella about finding love when you least expect it.


Cover of Try Me AgainTry Me Again

by Clare Lydon


What if lockdown means your ex moving back in?

Dot is still bristling over Caitlin leaving when she turns up at her door, asking to stay. It’s just until Caitlin can get a flight to New York, to the glittering new life she dumped them for. But when the job falls through, Caitlin has to confront some home truths.


Cover of Dress-teaseDress-tease

by Jae

Sometimes, getting dressed can be damn sexy

Nothing could be more erotic than watching the woman you love taking off her clothes, right? That’s what Lauren thinks, until she witnesses Grace dressing up for a movie premiere. The reverse striptease gets Lauren’s pulse pounding, and she decides that they may be late to that red carpet call.



Cover of Watch Her BurnWatch Her Burn

by Em Stevens

Passion can burn bright, but it can also burn bridges.

A taboo and angst-filled romance between two life-long best friends.

When Meg’s husband leaves her for a mid-life crisis, she turns to who she always has, her best friend. Who happens to be her former husband’s twin sister.



Cover of French Kissing Season OneFrench Kissing: Season 1

by Harper Bliss

Paris… City of lights, city of love… city of drama!

French Kissing follows a group of Parisian women as they navigate the stormy waters of love and life.

Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love and possibly more feelings than you can process.



Cover of FAIRESTFairest

by Cara Malone

In this fairy tale retelling, Snow White is rescued by a lady lumberjack… until her evil stepmother comes to claim her.

Everyone says Luma has the world at her fingertips. Beautiful and rich, most people would kill for her life – especially her stepmother. When the bitter old woman exiles Luma to the forest, she’s taken in by a dashing lady lumberjack and her six protective brothers. But will they be enough to protect Luma when her stepmother comes to finish her off?


Cover of CursedCursed

by Edie Marr

How Far Would You Go To Get Revenge On Your Ex?

Cursed is a lesbian romance novel set in the seaside city of Brighton, UK with two compelling heroines, an age gap, a thawing ice queen, a heartwarming happy ending and a tiny dash of magic.




Cover of Into the FireInto the Fire

by Cynthia Dane

Their love is too hot to touch.

Marine Mitch has already lived through the most harrowing moments of her life. Which makes her the perfect candidate to become the temporary girlfriend of a kinky recluse.

Mitch never counts on falling in love with reclusive heiress Vanessa – to the point she’ll lay down her life for her mistress.



Being Hers

by Anna Stone

Surrender your heart…

While working at an exclusive club, law student Melanie attracts the attention of Vanessa, a seductive executive who sweeps her into a sensual no-strings-attached relationship. But as their connection grows more intense, Melanie learns that the hardest part of herself to surrender is her heart.



Cover of Castle WrathCastle Wrath

by Karin Kallmaker

Survive 30 nights in a remote castle and I collect the cash. Maybe.

Ingenue Brittany inherits a castle in Scotland. Maybe. The other heir is a super sexy local. What’s going bump in the night?

Gothic, Sexy, Modern Romance inspired by Jane Austen.



Cover of Open SpacesOpen Spaces

by Barbara Winkes

One night only – that was the idea.

Instant attraction. A move that’s out of character for both of them, but feels so right.

What happens the morning after?





by Raven J. Spencer

Will her secrets be exposed?

Sunny’s job is to write about public figures.

Interviewing billionaire Kate Doyle might exposes a lot more about the two of them than they ever imagined…




Cover of Surrender To MeSurrender To Me

by Raven J. Spencer

Who will surrender this time?

After saying I do, a new life begins for Penny.

Sharing her secrets doesn’t come easily for Carter, but she soon realizes it’s what both of them need…




Cover of THE LOVE DOCTORThe Love Doctor

by S.W. Andersen

A heartwarming story about the healing power of opening oneself up to love after loss.

Sofia’s personal desires burn like bonfires and professional boundaries are pushed, but that tantalizing burn also pierces like a stake through the heart. Can she finally shake the pain of her past and heal? Or will she spend the rest of her days cursing the powers that be?



Cover of In Her ArmsIn Her Arms

by Melissa Tereze

One night. Nothing held back. And maybe finding everything they need…

Impulsively hitting a lesbian bar in the city, Reagan meets a beautiful woman, indulges in a one-night stand, then flees back to the country alone. Then that woman, Frankie, shows up on her doorstep, determined to rent her country cottage—and kiss away the walls around her heart.



Cover of Sing the BluesSing the Blues

by Leigh Landry

Exes become neighbors in a New Orleans duplex.

Sage has found a home in New Orleans. Her ex-turned-neighbor, Brooke, is committed to the road.

They’re both looking for home… can they find it together?




Cover of PUPPY LOVEPuppy Love

by Sage Donnell

Can a puppy help Greta find true love?

When Greta needs a little help with her new puppy, her friend Livy steps up to the bat, taking their friendship to the next level. At the same time, Greta meets Ril at the dogpark.

Both friendship and love take a few detours.



Cover of Snow FallsSnow Falls

by Sage Donnell

Kade’s dog sure knows how to pick them!

Kade is going home for Christmas. The last thing she expects in her tiny hometown is to find love, but she keeps bumping into Aiesha.

Maybe it’s meant to be.



Cover of Pride's HumilityPride’s Humility

by TJ Dallas

A sexy and thrilling sapphic erotic romance.

The time has come for Lara and Zoe to leave the Cardinal, but Harry is far more than just Lara’s boss; she’s her best friend. While Harry deals with the loss of one loved one, another is brought back into her life in dramatic fashion!




Cover of Castleton Hearts Boxed SetCastleton Hearts Boxed Set

Books 1-3

by Chelsea M. Cameron

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Travel to Castleton, Maine for a sweet and sexy vacation…

Follow three sapphic friends as they navigate romance in their small Maine town while trying not to get their hearts broken in the process.



Cover of Kissing PracticeKissing Practice

by Jordan Meadows

Goofing off with friends causes Nicki to question her sexuality.

Nicki is enjoying her sixteenth birthday, play kissing her friends in a hot tub when one kiss turns to something more. Nicki realizes she’s a lesbian and she wants to do more than practice kissing with Connie.



Cover of MATCH TO LOVEMatch to Love

by Johana Gavez

In tennis, love means nothing. In life, love means everything

A superstar tennis player. A broke student. Their lives are worlds apart, but a chance online meeting will be the start of the road to love.

Match to Love is a heartwarming online friends to lovers lesbian sports romance.



Cover of The Wild OneThe Wild One

by Lyn Denison

Even if she had served her time, having these terrifying feelings for the Wild One was still inappropriate, wasn’t it?

When Quinn Farrelly, the Wild One, went to jail no one expected her to return home. Yet she had returned, and Rachel found her just as terrifyingly attractive as she had before she left. But now Rachel had so much more to lose.



Cover of North CoastNorth Coast

by Dorothy Rice Bennett

Given their age differences, Val certainly didn’t expect to fall for Gina!

Needing funds to support her painting career, Valerie takes in Gina as a roomer. Given their differences in every aspect of life, she fails to anticipate an attraction for the younger woman. Or that it would be returned. Can either of them deal with a loving relationship?



Cover of Natural ExposureNatural Exposure

by Koriana Brackson

Sparks fly when Kenzie & Ripley meet, and Ripley discovers there’s more to Kenzie than meets the eye.

A boudoir photographer, a shy beauty. Sparks fly when Kenzie & Ripley meet, but Kenzie is complicated: poly, kinky & married. New possibilities both intrigue & scare Ripley. Can Kenzie prove she’s worth it?



Cover of The Goode GovernorThe Goode Governor

by JJ Arias

Enemies turn to lovers as a fearless younger woman melts her boss’ icy exterior in this irresistible, and steamy, slow burn, lesbian romance.

A female governor. An ambitious exotic dancer. An unexpected love story about shattering icy barriers and pushing every boundary.



Cover of Butterflies in ParisButterflies in Paris

Shannon O’Connor

The more time Brooke spends with Willow, the more she starts to like Paris. Will a chance encounter change her forever?

After a drunk text, Willow saving her life and a few laughs, the two bond over coffee. The more time Brooke spends with Willow, the more she starts to like Paris. Will a chance encounter change her forever?



Cover of And The Truth IsAnd The Truth Is…

by Jamey Moody

When the love you’ve been searching for magically appears in the most unexpected person.

When Lauren’s longtime marriage comes to an end, Tara is right by her side; the true friend she needed. Is the magic of Lovers Landing casting a spell? Is this just another lake romance? Or is this the true love they both have been seeking? The truth is …



Cover of HowlHowl

by Lucy Bexley

This sapphic Coyote Ugly reimagining brings the funny and the feels.

Lou McCallister owns Howl, the only surviving queer bar in Boston. When an investment opportunity to save the floundering bar is inadvertently sabotaged by Clementine Darby, Howl’s newest employee, Lou is ready to give up. Now Clem will do anything she can to make it right and keep Howl alive, but will she be able to save the bar in time?



Cover of Second ChancesSecond Chances

by MJ Duncan

A sweet second chance romance.

All Charlie wanted when she left Manhattan for rural New Hampshire was to find a little peace. Instead, she runs into Mackayla Thomas, the woman she foolishly walked away from eight years ago. Is their serendipitous meeting the second chance that Charlie’s always wanted?



Cover of Operation Secret SantaOperation: Secret Santa

by MJ Duncan

A sweet holiday romance.

When Holly Burke saw who she’d drawn for Secret Santa, she knew she had to do something to make it special.

It was Christmas, after all, and if anyone deserved some extra Christmas cheer, it was Mo Davy.



Cover of The Show Must Go OnThe Show Must Go On

by Nicole Pyland

A shy writer hits it off with a TV star, only to find out that she’s about to be that TV star’s boss.

At a friend’s birthday party, two women hit it off instantly, and their romance begins quickly and intensely. Unfortunately for them, though, Baker gets offered the job of executive producer on Casey’s show, making her Casey’s new boss. Will they let the show get between them?



Cover of Awakening SoulsAwakening Souls

by Angie K. Love

Does true love grant second chances?

From award-winning author of Awakening Hearts: A Tale of Love Across Lifetimes, Angie K. Love, comes a heartwarming sequel showcasing how personal growth can lead to a second chance at love. “You’ll breathe a deep sigh of wonder and joy.” (Stellar Space) Can be read as a standalone.



Cover of Waiting For YouWaiting For You

by Anne Hagan

What if the server was more appealing to you than your lunch date?

The Starlite Diner seemed like the perfect place for a blind date. Broad daylight. Good food. Great service.

What could go wrong?



Cover of Crash DanceCrash Dance

by Elle Armstrong

What happens when the worst day of your life turns into the best?

Ex-dancer Gabriella’s bad day gets worse when she’s involved in a traffic accident on her way to the TV studio.

Bailey, seriously injured in the crash, somehow ends up at Gabriella’s home to recuperate forcing the two women together.

Love blossoms but soon outside forces could tear them apart.


Cover of Shay's GambleShay’s Gamble

by Amber Perez

Is finding true love a gamble she’s willing to make?

“Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice and see how they land!”

A chance encounter tosses a wild card at Shay and Allie. Can Shay embrace her deepest desires and hit the jackpot? Or will she find the deck’s stacked against her and in Sin City the house always wins?



Cover of THE ART OF GROWINGThe Art of Growing

by Jacqueline Ramsden

Maybe a weekend is just the right amount of time to fall in love.

After months of secretly pining, Sloane inadvertently ends up in a fake relationship with Polly. That would be bad enough in any situation but taking them home to her difficult family for the weekend is not Sloane’s idea of a great first date. Fake or not.



Cover of Last ChanceLast Chance

by Lily Seabrooke

Choosing between her dreams and her ex should have been easy.

Everything Jennifer’s dreamed of lies behind one thing: a smear job to drive her ex-girlfriend out of town. But when sparks fly between them, will she sacrifice her ethics for her career, or throw it all away for one last chance?



Cover of Count Me InCount Me In

by Renee Dahlia

A fallen rock star meets a scrapbooking queen

Rock star Sierra has been sober for 20 years. Suddenly homeless, she needs to find somewhere for her and her pet goat.

If only her new housemate wasn’t so welcoming…



Cover of Lavender Femme, Violet ButchLavender Femme, Violet Butch

by M. N. Tinker

She decided to treat her hardworking lover with a tender sexy surprise – and found it more emotional than anticipated.

Lydia bares it all for her lover – eager to take care of her hotshot butch for once. She’s cooked up an erotic striptease that turns startlingly romantic and tender. Short but sweet, this steamy short has equal parts sizzle and romance.



Cover of Enemies to LoversEnemies to Lovers

by Aster Glenn Gray

Megan never expected to find love with her fandom nemesis.

Fanfic writer Megan is falling in love with fellow writing club member Sarah… until she realizes that Sarah is her fandom nemesis on Tumblr! Which will win: Megan and Sarah’s sizzling sexual attraction, or their compulsion to correct each other’s atrocious fandom opinions?



Cover of THIRSTY THURSDAYSThirsty Thursdays

by Elena Graf

The pandemic has taken an economic toll on Hobbs, Maine. Liz is keeping Hobbs Family Practice going with her own money because people are afraid to go to the doctor. Donations to St. Margaret’s have plummeted, and Reverend Lucy Bartlett wonders how they’ll pay the parish salaries and maintain the church. An impulsive kiss shakes up friendships and relationships. Meanwhile, pretentious, overbearing Olivia is pursuing Sam and trying to find her way into the tight-knit group. Will the down-to-earth, independent women of Hobbs accept an outsider who’s so different?



Cover of Camping With a CoworkerCamping With a Coworker

by Sam Kestrel

Their camping trip turned into one hot adventure!

Cari didn’t know Alisha was a lesbian when she accepted her invitation to go camping.

She definitely did by the end of the trip.




Cover of Chrome Painted HeartChrome Painted Heart

by B.W. Hope

Life is too short to let love pass you by.

With the sudden loss of her father, Spencer feels alone for the first time in her life. When she meets Courtney, an artist doing her best to live a quite and isolated life, Spencer realizes that love can heal a broken heart. But will Courtney let her in so they can both heal?



Cover of Romancing The DishRomancing The Dish

by B.W. Hope

She never thought her love of food would lead her to the love of her life.

Coop is doing her best to navigate the pitfalls of running her own restaurant, that is until she meets a food blogger who can make or break her career. Alix is dealing with her own problems as she struggles everyday to recover from an accident that left her body broken and her mind battered. Can they let go of their painful pasts and find love?



Cover of The Heart of a HeistThe Heart of a Heist

by A.J. Marchant

Wilde is a thief, but it’s Grace who steals her heart.

A professional thief, Wilde works a cover job at a small museum. Unsure about the target, she’s considering leaving town… when in walks a woman and things turns interesting. Testing a theory, Wilde introduces herself. Little does she know, that moment causes a ripple that changes everything.



Cover of Home For ChristmasHome For Christmas

by A.J. Marchant

Lucy’s going home for Christmas; Will she stay for love?

After years of putting her work as a lawyer first, Lucy’s going home for Christmas, looking forward to sunshine, sand and time with old friends. But her first day back throws a few kinks in her plan, starting with an awkward run-in with an ex at the beach.




Cover of May I Call You Mistress?May I Call You Mistress?

by Ruby Scott

If the woman that filled your teenage sexual fantasies walks back into your life seventeen years later, more beautiful and bolder than you thought possible, would you be able to resist?

When the power of fantasy consumes reality, Abby has only one question, “May I Call You Mistress?” The most intoxicating moments in life are ones we earn. But how hard would you work for one of those moments?



Cover of Champagne ProblemsChampagne Problems

by Addison Clarke

What happened when the student falls for the professor?

Emily Crawford and Sophia Beauchamp weren’t looking for love.

But that’s exactly what they found.




Cover of A Place to Call HomeA Place to Call Home

by Jae

A new Oregon series short story that picks up right after Backwards to Oregon

Luke and Nora have survived the Oregon Trail in 1851. Winter is approaching, and they need to build a cabin and establish their new roles as life partners and parents.
“A Place to Call Home” is a lesbian historical romance short story that picks up after Backwards to Oregon.



Cover of Cowboys and KissesCowboys and Kisses

by Karin Kallmaker

One trapped in the bordello, one in the church.

Can two women find a way to each other in a frontier town?

Sexy, slow burn sapphic romance!




Cover of Somewhere Between Love & JusticeSomewhere Between Love and Justice

by S.W. Andersen

Choosing between love and justice was never part of her plan.

With her horse, her guns and a plan, she scours the old west for those who wronged her family. But an unexpected twist leaves her questioning whether to follow her thirst for vengeance or her heart.


Cover of Lies of Omission

In 1938, Margarethe von Stahle is desperately trying to practice ethical medicine despite the Nazi policy of “racial hygiene” that is forcing doctors to collaborate in the extermination of the handicapped and mentally ill. She has always avoided politics, but now she must decide whether to remain on the sidelines or to act on her convictions. The people she holds most dear are conspiring against her for their own ends. Perhaps the only solution is to face the truth…or tell more lies of omission.




Cover of THE CORONETThe Coronet

by F.K. Sewell

Three lost souls attempt to navigate the dangerous waters of piracy, and being true to themselves…

Vesta goes to sea armed with determination and dreams but piracy brings both adventure and unimagined dangers as she fights for survival and the glory, riches and adoration she knows she is destined for.



Cover of Shadows of FortuneShadows of Fortune

by F.K. Sewell

Shadows of Fortune is the second book in The Cavendish trilogy.

Vesta continues to battle her way through challenges on the high seas and on land, as challenges, dangers and a possible shot at love present themselves…




Cover of Just One MistakeJust One Mistake

Jade Winters

Can just one mistake change your life forever?

In the aftermath of a car accident which leaves Louise in hospital, she forms an unlikely bond with Kirsty – the sister of the other accident victim. Can the two overcome the odds and find love? Or will the shocking reality tear them apart?




Cover of Meeting over MurderMeeting over Murder

by Edale Lane

Two women, a dead teen, and a cruel killer at large…

When a tough as nails detective and a professor meet over the murder of a college student, have both found what they’ve been looking for, or will the unknown killer on the loose foil their chances for romance?




Cover of Exit StrategyExit Strategy

by Barbara Winkes

The past will find you.

Life is peaceful for Joanna and Rue – until Joanna’s ex-colleagues need her help, and she’s in no position to tell them no…





Cover of Hope's PathHope’s Path

by Carrie L. Carr

Who is trying to destroy the ranch, and Lex & Amanda’s relationship?

Vandalism quickly escalates to personal attacks at the ranch. Can Lex figure out what’s happening before it’s too late? Or will she and Amanda become casualties of what appears to be a personal vendetta?




Cover of ObscuredObscured

by Charlotte Mills

A gritty murder mystery that will keep you guessing….

From the author of the Payback series, this thrilling tie-in will keep you guessing. DS Lucy Fuller is determined to prove herself when a body is discovered on the outskirts of Kingsford. Forensic examination reveals that the body is that of a local boy that went missing thirty years ago….



Cover of Conscious BiasConscious Bias

by Alexi Venice

Monica falls deeper into love and mayhem.

When fledgling lawyer, Monica Spade, becomes involved in a murder trial, she uncovers racial and ethnic bias against the victim as well as ugly truths about her law firm. Risking her life and career, Monica pursues justice and the love of a woman.



Cover of Bourbon ChaseBourbon Chase

by Alexi Venice

Who could predict that Jen, Amanda and Tommy would become an indomitable, crime fighting trio?

Venice’s bestselling six-book series is a crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among Dr. Jen Dawson, an emergency room physician; Detective Tommy Vietti, an experienced detective who is loyal to the force; and District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, the most eligible lesbian in San Francisco.


Cover of RelicRelic

by Anne Hagan

Cases collide for two star-crossed ladies of law enforcement!

Customs Special Agent Dana Rossi spends life on the road, moving from one case to another until one day when she runs right into the path of Sheriff Mel Crane. Can they find a way to work together to resolve both their cases? Can Dana move beyond her jilted lover past and find true happiness with a small town Sheriff?



Cover of The Outlaw's EnigmaThe Outlaw’s Enigma

by C.A. Clemmings

She fled her corrupt family . . . and fell into the arms of a dangerous woman.

“Morally gray characters… atmospheric and dark” (Amazon reviewer). Isabelle Bartley has to break through barriers, internal and external ones, to truly come into her own. Along the way she finds love, adventure, and heartbreak.



Cover of Just My TypeJust My Type

by Lucy Bexley & Bryce Oakley

The stakes are heartfelt

Get ready for a different kind of high-stakes lesbian romance. This vampire romance is not for the faint of heart—but if you love your stories a little bit gorey, a little bit swoony, and laugh-out-loud funny, this is one you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into.



Cover of Without WordsWithout Words

by Cameron Darrow

On the hunt for the truth, a princess and an outcast find much more than they expected.

A princess and an outcast have little in common, but when they are forced to work together to save a dying elf tribe, they will have to uncover the truth that unites them or watch it vanish like a desert mirage. Or go up in the flames of war.



Cover of Queens of RuinQueens of Ruin

by Brenda Murphy

A steamy fantasy adventure.

Mara and her warrior consort, Reika, are on a quest to find Lilith and restore the empire of Mahon.After their mission is betrayed, a time-traveling sorcerer kidnaps Reika leaving Mara trapped in the tunnels beneath Lilith’s ruined castle. Unwilling to surrender her love or her life, Mara risks all to save her mate.



Cover of Unwilling KillerUnwilling Killer

by Brenda Murphy

She doesn’t want to but she will.

When Maria is called to Amish Country to investigate a series of grisly murders, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a vengeful gang of shifters bent on creating a new species. After her lover is captured, Maria finds out things are not what they seem. Danica is her bonded mate, and no one will survive Maria’s wrath. Rage has never been so beautiful.



Cover of Wolf HealerWolf Healer

by Huckleberry Rahr

A spring break trip unexpectedly transformed her. When she returns, will she still have a place in the family and pack that raised her?

Fifteen-year-old Jade Stone’s place in her werewolf pack as the next healer is all but assured–until a trip to Florida brings about changes that threaten her dreams. As she struggles to reassemble the crumbling pieces of her well-organized life, she finds strength in her friends.



Cover of Blood Bound

by Idella Breen

An ice child, her protector, and a century-old prophecy..

Snow Bennett just wanted to get away from her overprotective parents. Transferring to the high school in the next town was the obvious solution. Monster High, isn’t an ordinary high school and Cait Fallon, her new homeroom teacher, is no ordinary woman.




Cover of Sweet PaladinSweet Paladin

by Alex Washoe

A Love that Transcends Time — and Scones to Die For

An idealistic celebrity chef and a legendary 12th century knight, bound together by a love neither time nor history could erase.

But is their love enough to save both their cities from the enemies that surround them?



Cover of The Well of ShadowsThe Well of Shadows

by Sabrina Blaum

Chris didn’t expect a book to get her into trouble, but she’d also never met anyone like Aimee.

The Well of Shadows reveals secrets and challenges long-held beliefs as it hurtles its characters on a dangerous and magic-filled quest that sees them striving for a better future, only to come face to face with their biggest fears.



Cover of Safe PassageSafe Passage

by Rachel Ford

The heist is just the beginning…

A disgraced engineer and a privateer with an axe to grind are about to go up against the Conglomerate, space’s most dangerous criminal organization, for a chance at justice, revenge – and maybe, love.




Cover of Ever The HeroEver The Hero

by Darby Harn

Superheroes are big business. Imagine not being able to afford them.

Kit Baldwin discovers a powerful alien object she hopes to use to help her girlfriend, Valene, burdened by superpowers. Instead, Kit develops powers herself, making a hero to many and a threat to some.



Cover of In BetweenIn Between

by Darby Harn

Kit Baldwin fights for love and justice in a strange city.

Telepathic wolves. Zombie gangsters. Sentient houses.

Just another day for Kit Baldwin.





Cover of ThornfruitThornfruit

by Felicia Davin

There were two secrets in Varenx House, and Alizhan was one of them.

Riveting queer fantasy for fans of Tamora Pierce! Gifted with the ability to read minds, Alizhan operates as a thief of secrets. When she becomes the target of a deadly plot, she escapes the city, aided by quiet farm girl Ev — and the two draw closer as they uncover a sweeping conspiracy.


Taken By The Vampire FemmeTaken By The Vampire Femme

by M. N. Tinker

She expected a one night stand with a dazzling dominant femme – not a vampire eager to feast on her in every way possible.

A scintillating erotic read: When Sam makes her debut at the gay bar, she gets more than she bargained for with Kalisha. Kalisha’s supernatural secret doesn’t deter the butch. But will she truly go all the way with a creature of the night – and can they make a real connection?


Cover of Clover Highhill Comes HomeClover Highhill Comes Home

by Ennis Rook Bashe

The adventure is over- but they still have one last battle to fight.

After coming home wounded from their big adventure, a young hobbit must overcome suicidal ideation and supernatural evil to stay with the women they love.




Cover of QuarterlingQuarterling

by Natasja Hellenthal

The superhero book you need to read right now!

When Fay and Zemandu — two powerful women of a very different nature, yet both the last of their kind — cross paths, they’ll forever change the course of humanity, but at what cost?




Cover of Lesbian Romance Mythology SeriesLesbian Romance Mythology Series

by Natasja Hellenthal

The first three stand-alone books in the series for a reduced price! These three novella’s cover lesser-known myths from all around the world, retelling and reshaping them, and giving them lesbian twists. Collect them all!



Happy Reading!

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