IHL Announcements

I’m often asked about what events I have planned on IHL, so I’ve put together this page to keep everyone in the loop.

Next Mega Sale:

I’ve decided the next mega sale won’t be until February of 2021. I haven’t fixed the dates for the sale yet, but it will be around Valentine’s Day and will include all subgenres of lesbian fiction, not solely romance.

This means the mega sale right after Christmas won’t take place. I’ve done this sale for the past three years, and this year, I want to be able to enjoy the holidays with my loved ones.

I’m leaning toward only hosting one mega sale on IHL per calendar year due to the amount of work involved.

More details about the February 2021 Mega sale will be provided closer to the date.

IHL New Release Newsletter:

I’m still doing the weekly IHL new release newsletter. I’m asking authors to help me out by sending me details about their new releases. Here’s a page on IHL outlining what I need to include your books in the newsletter. If you don’t let me know about a new release, I can’t guarantee it’ll be included.

Project Laughter:

Also, I’m restarting Project Laughter. If you’d like to take part in the event, please visit the page for details.

I’d like to have at least 2 per week, but it’ll depend on how many authors want to take part.

I’ve heard from many readers that they’re enjoying the posts and getting to know authors a bit more.

If you’ve already participated but are like me with a reservoir of many embarrassing and funny moments, give me a shout. My goal is to help put a smile on people’s faces.

That’s if for now.

Stay safe and well.