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March 15 through March 19

Are you looking for your next great read? I Heart Lesfic wants to help. More than 100 authors have joined forces to deeply discount more than 200 books so you don’t have to break the bank to get your reading fix. There are over 25 subgenres of lesbian fiction, ranging from romance to sci-fi to fantasy to mystery and so much more.

Below you’ll find some of the goodies on offer. Since there are so many books, there are five sales pages loaded with discounts. Click on the links below for the other sale pages. 

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Before I get to all the wonderful authors and their books, I should get the basics out of the way.

First, this sale runs March 15th through March 19th.

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by C. L. Cattano

FREE $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Book TWO of the Salvaggio’s Light romantic suspense serial. Emotions run on high as secrets and intrigue cause relationships and friendships to be tested. Love and a near tragic event draw Rafe toward rekindling her relationship with Eden. Those thoughts are corrupted by an unexpected conversation.  Abby is on her own mission to keep Rafe from going back to her ’wildling’ ways, but Julia has other ideas.



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

FREE $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When Parker Avery asks Iris Falloney to assist on a murder case in Kansas, she is ecstatic, but upon meeting Cam Harris, a local police detective working on the same case, personalities clash. Will sparks fly as they resolve their subtle differences to get through the case?



San Francisco Mystery: Book 6

by Alexi Venice

FREE $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Amanda Hawthorne has no one to blame but herself when a hookup selfie with Roxy, a former lover, hits the media, jeopardizing Amanda’s political career and engagement to Dr. Jen Dawson. Heartbroken, Jen goes on vacation and accepts a dinner invite from another woman. Amanda confronts her go-to vices at the beach while Jen considers a fling.



A Monica Spade Novel

by Alexi Venice

FREE $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Monica Spade isn’t a trial lawyer and doesn’t represent dangerous criminals. Despite her protests, Judge O’Brien orders Monica to serve as “standby counsel” for a mysterious woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend. While Monica fights in the courtroom, her girlfriend, Shelby, engages in strange behavior to cover up her past. Cursed with intrepid curiosity, Monica digs into the pasts of both women. Can she save her relationship with Shelby?



by Fiona Zedde

$0.99 $2.99 

Assassin Wynne St. Just has a knack for finding trouble, usually in the form of a beautiful woman. After fulfilling a haunting contract on her sister’s childhood friend and former employee, she takes off for the Caribbean and business as usual; but danger waits for her in the most unexpected places.



by Cara Malone

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A rookie forensic investigator, a seasoned patrol officer, and a crime scene that might just be the death of them both. These two take on-the-job training… and on-the-job romance… to a new level in book one of a brand-new forensics series by Cara Malone.



by A.J. Marchant

$0.99 $4.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Lori is a university lecturer. Addy is a student. In her head, Lori knows better. But the pull between her and Addy isn’t something she finds easy to resist—despite her friend’s warning about Addy’s questionable past behaviour. After a fun night out that ends in a major lapse in judgement, Lori wakes up in Addy’s dorm room. And her whole life unravels.



by Chanel Ivy

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

We meet Tara Godard, a bright young woman who is living what she thinks is a typical life playing the field and not really looking for love. She’s mostly only after a good time with other women until things unexpectedly get serious with her boss.

Secrets abound, and people aren’t who they say they are in this intriguing billionaire CEO lesbian romance tale of love, lust, and greed. Find out if Her Final Wish can come true or are their dreams of happily ever after are destined to become nightmares.



by Chanel Ivy

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Georgia Hunt, a successful CEO, struggles with the desire to be free from her failing marriage to an emotionally abusive man, all while trying to find out who she truly is. Kat Smith, a mysteriously unknown accountant, who is supposed to be filling in for someone on maternity leave, walks into Georgia’s life, and surprises her in so many ways.

Secrets and lies abound in this whirlwind romance that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even fall in love.

Her Secret Love is a high-steam lesbian romance drama with plenty of twists and turns… in and out of the bedroom. Find out if Her Secret Love can indeed last, or if the old adage is true that only three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.



by Prudence MacLeod

$0.99 $4.99

Melanie had been teenager when she’d been driven to flee Harker’s Island and the madness that surrounded her family there.  She hoped to find some peace and closure, but it is not meant to be. Small towns have long memories. Melanie has not been forgotten, nor forgiven.  When trouble erupts, will she rise up and become the hero needed to save the town, or will she walk away and leave them all to their fate?



by Prudence MacLeod

$0.99 $4.99 

Defiant young Annie Laurie Balfour is sent to a distant land in hopes of avoiding a devastating public scandal.  There she acquires a dark and dangerous ally, a guardian angel of great and terrible power.  Together they return to Scotland to extract vengeance and gain justice for Annie.  Will they succeed or die in the attempt?  Only time will tell.



by Crystianna Crawford and Prudence MacLeod

$0.99 $4.99 

A modern day princess thrown to the wolves, Carrie’s only hope is the rancher who had spent the better part of a decade in self imposed, near total, isolation. Frankie’s history of losing those she tries to save haunts her, but this madman threatens her home, her livestock, her sanctuary. She knows she can’t do it alone, has she still got enough support from her oldest friends?



Book 1

by Nico J. Genes

$1.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

She is beautiful, young, and torn between two loves  a perfect husband who adores her and a mysterious young and attractive woman in her dreams. Should Lana follow her heart into a passionate relationship in an unknown and unknowable dream world?



Book 2

by Nico J. Genes

$1.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

True love is nothing other than a burning desire to have someone in your life forever. A person’s gender is quite immaterial if that person is the right one for you. The tensions arising from the story carry the reader along a roller-coaster read until the book’s suspenseful conclusion.



by Alison R. Solomon

$1.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Kat Ayalon will fight tooth and nail to find the driver who smashed into her friend Wynn then fled. She’ll also do whatever it takes to protect the new love of her life, Gordy, whose immigration status may be at risk. But when the worlds of her friend and her lover collide, Kat is faced with the toughest choice of all: How can she help both Wynn and Gordy if supporting one means selling out the other?



by Chanel Ivy

$2.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Emma always gets what she wants… and what she wants is me.

Being the sole focus of desire for a beautiful, highly successful CEO is a heady experience, one I’m not sure I’m prepared for.

Trying to become a new and improved version of myself, I decide to plunge into Emma’s world of sensual, carnal delights. But when I push for more, secrets from Emma’s past threaten to endanger our future as well as my son’s. Will falling for Emma be the biggest mistake of my life, or will the risk pay off?



Second Edition

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

$2.99 $9.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

After a disastrous situation causes Parker Avery to lose her position at the Orlando Police Department, she opens up a private investigation firm. However, business isn’t what she thought it would be, and after spending several weeks without a case, she reconsiders her decision. Just as her discouragement is getting the best of her, Kent Walker arrives at her office with a fresh case. The older man, occupied by his granddaughter, asks for help finding a map that was stolen from his boat. As Parker looks deeper into Kent’s story, she finds an adventure filled with mysterious undoings and a treasure that is hidden on a faraway island.



by Alison R. Solomon

$2.99 $7.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

When Ella Jay disappears, her passionate, strong-willed fiancée, Breezy Carmichael, is convinced something sinister has happened to her. When the detective assigned to the case makes a shocking discovery about Ella, Breezy must decide whether to listen to her head, which tells her to walk away, or to her mostly unreliable gut which tells her to keep searching. The decision she makes could be the difference between life and death.



by Renn Loraine

$2.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Meg doesn’t believe in ghosts, and yet…

One night in a foggy St. Augustine cemetery, Meghan Thomas is startled by a beautiful woman who seems to have stepped out of Florida’s Spanish past.  Stunned, but thinking the woman needs help, Meg follows her – only to discover she has disappeared.

And then one day – among the graceful palm trees and historic buildings of the oldest city in the U.S. – Meg seems to be the only one who sees the sensual woman in the black mantilla and long red skirt moving through the ancient coquina streets.  Meg follows, not knowing the way leads to a mystery – and the woman who will change her life forever.





by Mariah R. Embry

FREE $6.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Audra was the glue that kept these women together. Audra was a New York Times Bestselling author. Critics had referred to her work as being “carefree,” “original,” and “more than what meets the eye,” everything that described Audra. The novelist was by far the most genuine person to walk the face of the planet.



by Adan Ramie

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Riley has made it her life’s goal to spread her story so no one else has to live through what she survived. So when a true crime novelist invites her to be a part of his Final Girls convention, she can’t say no. But when a storm pins all the Final Girls in a hotel together, the bodies start piling up, and Riley doesn’t know who to trust. Will she survive or will the killer, intent on finishing the job, get to her before the storm lets up?





Carpenter/Harding 1

by Barbara Winkes

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Ellie returns to the job after a vicious attack, determined not to make any more compromises. She wants to become a detective as soon as possible, and she wants Jordan, the star investigator in the Homicide unit.

Jordan’s life isn’t as perfect as it might look to a casual observer. In a dysfunctional relationship, she is struggling with her attraction to a younger colleague and what’s shaping up to be a nightmare case: A killer who abducts and tortures women he considers immoral. Another woman is missing, and now he has set his sights on one of their own.



by Barbara Winkes

$0.99 $3.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Disillusioned with the direction her life is going, Marsha Taylor wants to get away, to find out what’s left of her dreams. Picking up a hitchhiker along the way wasn’t her intention, but Jessie, a woman with troubles of her own, is hard to resist. A mishap on the road forces them to make a stop in a small town called Diamond Lake. Residents are on edge since a brutal murder happened in the area not long ago. Everyone has their secrets…some of them are deadly.





by Nicole Pyland

$2.99 $7.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Twenty years ago, Ripley Fox’s entire family was killed in a fire. Now, a hard-nosed reporter, Kenna Crawford is interested in taking Ripley back to that tragedy for a news story. As the two women attempt to navigate their unanticipated growing attraction, they’re forced to deal with the realities of what happened to Ripley and how Kenna’s career doesn’t make it easy for Ripley to let go of what she’s tried to forget for the past twenty years.



by Nicole Pyland

$2.99 $7.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Ten years ago, Ada Cramer’s brother Noah went missing. Her life changed the day the police officer assigned to the case made Ada a promise that she’d find Noah Cramer. Dylan Easton had only had one case as a detective that she could never let go. Ten years after Noah’s disappearance, the two women are reunited when a true crime series wants to highlight the anniversary of the missing boy. A new lead in the case has these two women attempting to balance their new, unexpected, and confusing attraction to one another along with the possibility of finding Noah Cramer.



by Jennis Slaughter

$2.99 $8.99

When Delaney Delacroix is called to locate a missing girl, she never plans on getting caught up with a human trafficking investigation or with the local witch. Meeting with Raelin Montrose changes her life in so many ways that Delaney isn’t sure that this isn’t destiny.

Raelin Montrose is a practicing Wiccan, and when the ley lines that run under her home tell her that someone is coming, she can’t imagine that she was going to solve a mystery and find the love of her life at the same time.



by Jennis Slaughter

$2.99 $7.99 

When Navy SEAL Sydney Martin feels her twin sister die, she knows that she has her work cut out for her in finding who murdered her. When she gets a delayed text, asking her to protect something, she vows to do just that.





Full Circle Collection Boxed Set

by Anne Hagan

FREE $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

A boxed set of the first four mysteries featuring Sheriff Mel Crane and Agent Dana Rossi. You get: Book 1: Relic – Cases collide for two star crossed ladies of law enforcement!, Book 2: Busy Bees – Romance and Murder Mix in a Story Featuring Sheriff Mel Crane and Special Agent Dana Rossi!, and Books 3 and 4, Dana’s Dilemma and Hitched and Tied.



by A.J. Marchant

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Just like her father, Detective Micah York has spent her career bringing criminals to justice; except one.

Morelli has slipped from their grasp time and again. Despite his known trading in an underground black market, he’s untouchable. That is, until a cold case, the murder of a young man in cartel territory, turns up a connection that may lead straight back to him.

Each turn of events takes her further along a dangerous path, one she may regret ever going down.



by Pascal Scott

$0.99 $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

As the daughter of Mary Carroll Bell, the acclaimed Massachusetts State Poet Laureate, and the wife of Eleanor Sarah Bradlee, University of Massachusetts professor and heir to the Bradlee fortune, Lydia Anne Bell looks as if she has it all. But when Lydia discovers that Eleanor is having an affair with a colleague and contemplating divorce, her increasingly tenuous hold on sanity threatens to break as the illusions of her privileged life are shattered. How far will she go to save her marriage? Or, is it already too late?



by Maria Siopis

$1.99 $6.99 

An elusive and dangerous serial killer is terrorizing New York. The murderer’s method of operation is baffling and grotesque. There seems to be a specific purpose for the killings, but no one can quite grasp it.



by Alison R. Solomon

$1.99 $5.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

WHOSE MEMORY DO YOU RELY ON IF YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR OWN? Wynn Larimer has a terrible memory but doesn’t believe she could have abducted two teenagers even though the police say they have irrefutable evidence that she did. Her partner Barker, is desperate to help Wynn, but is caught in the middle, since the missing girls are her foster care clients. As Wynn and Barker struggle to uncover the truth, the two women discover life-changing secrets about each other that throw their lives into turmoil.



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