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by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

Holiday Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Holly and Ivy meet, sparks fly, but it’s hardly smooth sailing. After their one-night stand ends in disaster, both decide they’d rather spend the cold months ahead sleeping alone. However, it soon becomes undeniable that each woman possesses something the other needs. Working together, they just might get what they want and find the love of a lifetime along the way, but only if their own insecurities and secrets don’t destroy them first.



by Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

All Cara Parker wants is to be swept off her feet, but the way her life is going, that’s not happening anytime soon. All that changes with the arrival of Ellery Chandler, a silver-haired corporate superstar and “most eligible lesbian in the business world.” Will giving into her feelings set her free, or will it destroy everything she’s worked for? Because getting closer to Ellery Chandler comes with risks of its own.



by Cameron North

New Adult Romance

Clare is ready for another crazy year at college, but not for a serial killer targeting fellow students. On top of it all, she’s pulled over by Trooper Leigh Carver, who is tall, gorgeous, and totally gay. One traffic stop is all it takes to stir Claire’s true feelings. As an officer, Leigh is dedicated to her badge including hiding from love, until Clare’s sudden disappearance changes everything. Leigh is willing to do anything to find the love of her life… before Clare vanishes forever.



M.N. Tinker


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Adventurous Russian femme Lydia Petrovna has a special something in store for her Chinese butch lover, Zhu Ting. Something that would prove to Zhu just how much Lydia trusts her – trusts her to see Lydia without the armor of femininity, and love her still. Her darling butch is a hot-shot lawyer, flouting her clout all day long in the office… so surely she’d enjoy a nice, stripperiffic surprise where she can lean back and let Lydia do the work?



by A. L. Brooks

Sports Romance

Talented golfer Morgan has never won a major but she’s so close—no thanks to her famous, sexist, golfing dad. Career-focused TV producer Adrienne is making a documentary on rising-star Morgan. The only problem is that the irritatingly attractive golfer treats Adrienne’s plan like an invasion of privacy. A lesbian sport romance on fierce desires and risking careers to win the ultimate prize.



by Tammy Bird


When a decomposing body pushes through the surface of a dune, the lives of an entire beach community is changed forever.





by Geonn Cannon

Action & Adventure

Claire Lance is on the run. For the past year, she has kept on the move, keeping her head down, keeping out of trouble. Until she reaches a tiny town in Texas and trouble finally corners her. Forced to take action to save another woman’s life, she suddenly finds herself over her head.




by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Action & Adventure

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Blake Young is one of the best bull riders that Melville has seen in years. When she ends up falling off a bull during one of the biggest competitions of her career, she is placed in the hands of an in-home doctor, Dr. Jane Steibold and one of her worst fears, not being able to take care of herself. Blake and Jane clash at first, but as Blake gets used to the restrictions of her new lifestyle, she begins to realize that having Jane in her life might be just what she needed all along.



by Pascal Scott


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rereleased with additional material and a new ending…When Lucy Lyon, aka Mistress Sinestra, a high-profile lesbian lifestyle dominant, goes missing one night after visiting a private BDSM club in Atlanta, Hemphill County Sheriff Wynonna Fletcher takes up the case for personal reasons. Working with Atlanta Police Detective Tanika Washington, Wynonna investigates the role of her ex-lover Brett Wolfe, novelist and leather dom, whom she suspects of abducting Mistress Sinestra in retaliation for the wrongful death of a sex slave. Complications arise as the lives of the victims, suspects, and perpetrators intersect in this edgy, erotic thriller about power, punishment, revenge, and justice. From the dungeon to the district attorney’s office, the question on everyone’s lips is: What happened to Mistress Sinestra?



Spirit of Grace: Book 1

by Adrian J. Smith

Police Procedural

Parables and riddles can’t undo the confusion Deputy Grace Halling experiences after her close call with death. Each morning she wakes up, puts on a uniform that feels far more like a target, and goes out to enforce the laws and protect the innocent. While her comrades in blue are murdered one by one with each passing month, Grace pushes for a call to action from her Captain.



by Anna Ferrara

Fairytale Retelling

Before there was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there was another story some preferred not to tell.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?”

“You, my Queen, are fairest of all,” the Princess once said, unravelling a nightmare of obsession and forbidden desire.

This intimate lesbian retelling of the popular Grimms’ fairy tale will change your understanding of the wicked Queen’s infamous jealousy forever.



by Niamh Murphy


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Magic and Romance is a cross-genre anthology of Sapphic tales.

If you like reading stories with historical romance, vampires, werewolves, ballroom dancing, contemporary rom-com, or even epic fantasy, all with a twist of lesbian romance and a dash of adventure then you will love this exciting, funny, and free collection of Niamh Murphy’s lesbian short stories.


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