Last Chance by Lily Seabrooke

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Jennifer has an assignment she can’t refuse: write a smear article on her ex-girlfriend’s restaurant and drive her from the city forever.

If she accepts? The senior position that food writer Jennifer Allen has dreamed of all her life, pushing so hard for it that her relationship with her girlfriend is near breaking. But if she refuses? Merciless head content writer Genevieve Durant will end her career.

Athena Walker left Port Andrea six years back ago on the back of a scandal that cost her dream. With a lifetime ban from the city’s restauranteurs’ association and a heart-crushing breakup, she gave up her lifelong dream of running a restaurant in Port Andrea—until now.

Returning to Port Andrea to run a culinary gauntlet through November is Athena’s one last chance at getting into the restauranteurs’ association and fulfill her dream. But when the woman who caused her scandal six years back, hard-edged Genevieve Durant, pledges to crush her again, and the writer covering her restaurant is the woman who broke her heart six years back, Jennifer Allen, Athena finds herself in the continuation of a story she thought long over.

For Jennifer, the choice should be easy. Breaking journalistic norms to get rid of her ex-girlfriend and to get seniority at the same time is a win-win situation.

But thirty days in Athena’s restaurant stirs up feelings she thought long-gone.

Last Chance is an 85,000-word second-chance romance in the Taste of Port Andrea collection, an unordered collection of culinary romances set in the fictional city of Port Andrea. Features a workaholic food writer who’s Serious about Everything, a carefree butch restauranteur who’s Not Serious about Anything, LOTS of sarcastic dialogue, and Parker being shifty about what she does for a living. Content warnings for open-door sex scenes, and as usual in Port Andrea, enough descriptions of food I got hungry writing it.