It’s that time again. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Love it or hate it, it’s nearly impossible to avoid.

Before I get to the wonderful authors and their books, I should get the basics out of the way. First, this sale runs from February 10th to February 14th. Second, before you click any buy buttons, please ensure the sale price matches. Third, to purchase a book, simply click on the Amazon buy button. This is a universal link and will take you to your Amazon store.

Now for the authors and their fab books:






by Lise Gold

FREE $5.49 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Newly divorced and bought out of her company, Nathalie rents a holiday home in the South of France. After years of hard work and a failed marriage in Chicago, she’s looking for some peace and quiet, a place to clear her mind and figure out her future.

Lena loves women, her dog, and landscaping, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. When she meets her new tenant for the summer, it proves hard to stay professional as a caretaker, especially when that tenant turns out to be everything she ever wanted and more…



by Ellie Spark

FREE $2.99 (Also in Kindle Unlimited)

Elementary school teacher Kristin Clark and chef Taylor O’Connell share an instant connection — but one can no longer keep her sexuality hidden, while the other is reluctant to come out… Can they find a way to build a future together?



Prequel and Seasons 1 & 2

by TB Markinson

$0.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Tegan thought she knew what she wanted in life. Then she left home for college.

The Girl Love Happens boxed set contains the prequel and first two seasons of the lesbian romance series infused with 1990s’ nostalgia. If you like tumultuous love stories, simmering chemistry, and colorful casts of characters, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s smart, sexy series.



by Miranda MacLeod

$0.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

An American celebrity chef and an Italian chocolate maker cook up a magical recipe for true love.

When it comes to realizing the deepest desires of their hearts, it just might take an act of divine intervention for these two women to find their future together!



by Harper Bliss

$0.99 $6.99 

Broken from past trauma, Laura heads to small-town Texas, where she crosses paths with sharp-witted Tess. Laura isn’t ready to open up again—but her feelings for Tess are undeniable…



by Leigh Landry

$0.99 $2.99

A sunny dog trainer. A grieving New Orleans photographer. The unruly pup that brings the women together.

Collie Jolly is a fun, sweet, heartwarming f/f holiday romance filled with the magic of New Orleans at Christmastime.



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

$0.99 $9.99 

After Olive’s fallout with Jems and Jamz, she relocates to a small town and begins a new life. Upon taking a job at a cafe and forfeiting her fame, she meets River, the owner of Riverside Cafe and a local musician. Though the two don’t always see eye to eye, they find common ground in their music, and just as their relationship begins to grow, Olive is offered another chance to live a life of fame and luxury. Olive is left facing a hard decision. Should she follow her dreams of fame and fortune, or should she allow herself to love again? What should she do with her second chance?



by Bryce Oakley

$1.99 $3.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Zoey McCarren goes by many labels: keyboard player, fashion industry darling — but she is not a lesbian. Pia Marino has everything she’s ever wanted — she’s the host of a popular daytime talk show, she’s a household name, and people respect her. When Pia and Zoey find themselves alone together at midnight at a New Year’s Eve party, neither one expects anything more than a simple kiss to distract themselves from the loneliness they feel. And after, when they find that one kiss wasn’t enough…



by Jourdyn Kelly

$1.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

One woman is harboring a secret. Another is questioning herself. A chance meeting could change everything.



by Angelic Rodgers

$1.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

After hitting the big time with her most recent novel, Lucy Anderson’s ready for her next challenge. On the heels of her successful book tour, Lucy’s old high school friend Chelle Morrison calls her with a proposal: Lucy should buy the beautiful historic Crafton House and turn it into a writer’s retreat. Homecoming is a sweet romance that readers have called a “captivating” and “feel-good book from beginning to end.”



by Claerie Kavanaugh 

$1.99 $2.99

Ten years ago Catie and Addie were best friends- and maybe more. But a tragic loss and a rash decision sent them tumbling out of each other’s lives. Now struggling to keep a roof over her daughter’s head, Catie attends one last audition and wins the lead role, only to find out Addie is the show’s assistant director. Catie can’t afford to walk away, but what do you do when relaunching you’re career means opening your heart?



Books 1-3

by Clare Lydon

$2.99 $9.99 

Read the first three books of Tori & Holly: this sweet, funny & hot romance is guaranteed to put a huge grin on your face!

Nearly 500 pages to dive into and binge-read today, these warm & hilarious stories have over 100 five-star reviews on Amazon!



by Marian Snowe

$2.99 $7.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Event planner Mila Fanucci can organize every detail of a party down to the last silk napkin, but her own love life is another matter. Returning to her hometown brings up painful memories of her first love, but she soon finds someone who can change all that: Rickie, the sexy, rebellious master chef at the new modern cuisine restaurant. When a missing piece from Mila’s past blows into town, will her delicious romance with Rickie stand up to the test?



by Kim Hartfield

$2.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Being a single mom is far from easy, as both Samantha and Joy know. When Samantha’s daughter babysits Joy’s son, the women are instantly drawn to each other. Each has her own past, but together they have a chance to create something new. Could these two moms end up starting their own family?



by Maria Jackson

$2.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

When Topaz finds a stray dog cowering under her car, she knows she’ll need help. One phone call brings a beautiful, witty volunteer to her side. Heidi coaxes the dog out, but the service comes with a price: the awakening of persistent cravings Topaz has fought to subdue. Things only get more complicated when she realizes the dog is pregnant – and that Topaz won’t be able to foster her alone.



by Q. Kelly

$2.99 $6.99 

Welcome to another round of love, reality TV style! The producers of “Will You Marry Me?” need a new lead ASAP, and Bree Vaughn fits the bill. Never mind that she applied to be a contestant and may not truly be ready for love.



by Tey Holden

$3.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Addy and Karen take the love road with all its twists and turns. Read about their ride and find out where the road took them.





by Jae


Award-winning author Jae penned four romantic short stories about heroines who are writers. From a reporter being challenged to write a romance to an author on a blind date in a bookstore, these short stories are guaranteed to have a happy ending.



by Barbara Winkes

$0.99 $1.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

A chance encounter and instant attraction: For one night, it doesn’t matter that Lauren and Summer lead different lives, with different obligations and dreams. The morning after and the following weeks leave them with many questions.

Could there be a chance for something beyond the obvious connection and chemistry, and how much compromise is involved?



by Katie Mettner

$0.99 $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

My name is Willow Erwin, and I hate summer. I haven’t found one good thing about the season. Then, in the wink of one very beautiful blue eye, all of that changed. This is the story of Summer and how she taught me to love her.



by Harley Slate

$2.99 $9.99 

Nights are hotter in Vegas. This complete Harley Slate box set includes both of her full-length lesbian romance novels, as well as a steamy new novella.



by Claire Highton-Stevenson

$3.99 $7.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Two women escaping their own demons. One stuck in the past, the other a very real present.

Lucy Owens’ life was irrevocably changed in a matter of seconds. Life as she knew it was over in the blink of an eye.





by Suzie Carr

$0.99 $5.95 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Faith Miller finds herself traveling down to her sister’s house on the coast of Rhode Island with her seven-year old daughter. What she hoped might be a reflective time for her turns into a whirlwind adventure, thanks to her sister’s live in in-laws and the gorgeous pet and house-sitting neighbor, Candace. Candace is sexy and fun, and pulls on Faith’s heart. Will Faith decide her heart is better closed off from potential heartbreak or will she open it back up again to see what this new love has to offer?



by Cara Malone

$0.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

An eccentric adult shop owner. An agoraphobic game collector. A romantic comedy about finding love and self-acceptance in the strangest places. Opposites attract when Theo offers to help Libby with her shop, but will they be brave enough to play the game of love?



by K.B. Draper

$0.99 $3.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

What do you get if you add twelve ex-girlfriends, four overly involved friends, glow-in-the-dark body pain, a lesbian nemesis, a stripper pole, a casino surveillance tape, a three-legged cat, the restroom at the Astrodome, the restroom at the local lesbian bar, the restroom at the sheriff’s department, Jesus’s gay boyfriend, Bigfoot, and a near-death experience with an appropriately attached life-changing lesson? The U-Haul Diary – aka the story of my dating life.





by KC Luck

$0.99 $3.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

“As hot as is gets. Period.”

The Lesbian Billionaires Club is the first in the TLBC series and introduces the members of the club. You can read it on its own, but you’ll want to read the others once you get a taste of the lesbian billionaires.



by Raven J. Spencer

$0.99 $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

The sensual romance between an escort and her reluctant client…

It’s Chloe’s birthday. She’s successful and single. When her friends give her a relaxing spa weekend in a luxury hotel, Chloe doesn’t know that the weekend includes some time with Lacey, or that what she has to offer to her, would be so hard to resist.



by Emily L. Byrne

$1.99 $3.99 

Medusa Pilot TiCara X273 just signed on for more trouble than she ever bargained for. A beautiful corporate rep with a secret, her ailing boss, a covert mission to a hidden destination, an implacable foe with some unexpected allies and a sizzling attraction, seasoned with more than a touch of deceit and betrayal, make for a trip that some of them may not survive. Can TiCara learn to trust the woman she’s falling in love with before it’s too late?



by Fiona Zedde

$2.99 $4.99 

Desiree Nichols is a very good girl. Ask almost any woman in Miami with a taste for pink. She hasn’t left a single one unsatisfied in all the years she’s been prowling the city. But when a disastrous affair and her mother’s unexpected illness knock Dez off her game, it’ll take a very special woman to set things right in her world again.





by Madeleine Taylor

FREE $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

I’m a good girl. I work hard, look like your average girl, do everything in moderation, and I certainly don’t make a habit of going into strangers’ hotel rooms dressed in sexy lingerie and killer heels. That is, until I meet her. When a mysterious woman buys me a drink at a hotel bar in New York, I never expect her to impact my life the way she does. From the moment she lays eyes on me there’s little point fighting my desires because she seems to know them better than I do…





by Pascal Scott

$0.99 $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

When Lucy Lyon, aka Mistress Sinestra, a high-profile lesbian lifestyle dominant, goes missing one night after visiting a private BDSM club in Atlanta, Hemphill County Sheriff Wynonna Fletcher takes up the case for personal reasons. Working with Atlanta Police Detective Tanika Washington, Wynonna investigates the role of her ex-lover Brett Wolfe, novelist and leather dom, whom she suspects of abducting Mistress Sinestra in retaliation for the wrongful death of a sex slave. Complications arise as the lives of the victims, suspects, and perpetrators intersect in this edgy, erotic thriller about power, punishment, revenge, and justice. From the dungeon to the district attorney’s office, the question on everyone’s lips is: What happened to Mistress Sinestra?



by Alison R. Solomon

$2.99 $5.99 

Kat Ayalon will fight tooth and nail to find the driver who smashed into her friend Wynn then fled. She’ll also do whatever it takes to protect the new love of her life, Gordy, whose only goal is not to get on the wrong side of the law. But when the worlds of her friend and her lover collide, Kat is faced with the toughest choice of all: How can she help both Wynn and Gordy if supporting one means selling out the other?



MacGregor FBI Series: Book 1

by R.E. Gauthier

$2.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Senior Special Agent Kelsey MacGregor is having the career many FBI agents would be envious of, but one thing is missing. While on a case that could make or break her career, Kelsey meets Miranda Gauthier. While trying to solve the case, Kelsey loses herself, or does she finally find herself?



by Jennifer Giacalone

$2.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

A young detective pursues a gang of female vigilante bikers out for justice, unaware that her own sister is mixed up in their violent crimes. While there, she reopens her father’s closed murder case, unraveling decades of corruption in the city government. Will she be able to play the game and still find time for the budding romance between her and her partner?



by Erin Wade

$3.99 $9.95 

When a serial killer targeted members of the university’s athletic staff, Regan was swept into murder, intrigue, and danger where nothing was as it seemed. Still dealing with the horrific murder of the last man she dated, Regan is overwhelmed by the constant attention from one of her female students. Was Brandy courting her or stalking her?





Book 1

by Nico J. Genes

$0.99 $3.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Lana keeps waking up in two different countries, with two different lovers, not knowing which is a dream and which is real. She is in completely new territory, as she has never been with a woman before her “dreams” began. She continually struggles between being content and following societal expectations, as opposed to succumbing to the forbidden lust, craving and love affair with Claire.

Magnetic Reverie is the first book in the series, but can be read as a standalone.





by Alexi Venice

$0.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

5 Stars from the Lesbian Book Blog.

District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne has no one to blame but herself when a hookup selfie hits the media, jeopardizing her engagement to Dr. Jen Dawson. Heartbroken and furious, Jen accepts a dinner invitation from Victoria, who tempts Jen with some interesting toys. Will the straight-laced Jen engage in some pink kink?





by M. E. Tudor

$0.99 $1.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

After losing her father in a car accident, Patty McNeal went on a self-destructive wild streak. Now she’s pregnant and still has a year of high school left to get through. Theresa Garland has always loved working on her father’s construction job sites, so it was natural for her to follow in her father’s footsteps and go to work at his company after college. Patty and Theresa’s relationship starts as a friendship that grows into more while they are helping Patty’s mom, Sandy, build her dream of owning bed and breakfast.





by F. K. Sewell

$0.99 $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Stranded in Port Royal in the aftermath of the earthquake that took her family home, Vesta must deal with the loss of her parents and accept her brother Nicolas’s decision to set sail without her. Alone on land, she must adapt quickly and forge a new survival plan as events spiral beyond her control…

Meanwhile, Having been pitched head-first into life aboard a Navy vessel, Matthew is fighting to find his sea legs, whilst steadfastly ignoring his developing feelings for the carpenter. Determined to avoid trouble, he tries to fit in with the officers aboard, whether he can trust them is another matter…



by Lily Hammond

$2.99 $7.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Fran is a successful single woman with friends, a social life, and a bookshop – she’s content, even if she hasn’t found the right woman yet.That’s what she thinks, until she’s knocked unconscious and wakes up in a life in the past. Stranded in this old world, Fran must come to terms with being the same person in a different time, and build a life she can accept.

But it’s 1916, there’s Violet, and there’s one big question – could love be what life’s all about?





by Lyssa Chiavari

$0.99 $3.99 

Laura Clark thought she was normal—until she saw a cheerleader on a skateboard get into a superhuman brawl with a lightning-wielding stranger. Now she’s found herself in the midst of an alien invasion, and the only one who can help her is the beautiful but mysterious Shailene. If they don’t find the answers soon, they could be the next to disappear…



Volumes 1-5

by Lily Lancaster

$1.49 $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

In the year 2176, idols reign supreme as the premier form of entertainment. Devoted to being inspirational role models, idols can be virtually anything; models, actresses, singers, or all-rounders who combine these into one elegant package.

For best friends Isla and Anise, transferring from their home on Mars to planet Aida, entertainment capital of the stars, they’ll have to learn not only what type of idols they want to be, but how this strange new world works and their place in it.



by Rachel Ford

$2.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Kay Ellis is playing a dangerous game, and she knows it. She’s made herself Enemy Number One of the Conglomerate. She’s relying on privateers for her safety. It’s a fool’s game. But the worst part is, her fool’s heart is starting to warm to the enigmatic privateer, Captain Magdalene Landon; and that’s a risk for which she hadn’t planned.





by S.W. Andersen

$0.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Some people believe love transcends time and space. Dr. Contessa “Tess” Kenner isn’t one of them. Free spirited artist Elena Jake, on the other hand, wants to fall in love with the woman of her dreams—quite literally. When pasts and presents merge, Tess and Elena embark on an unimaginable journey that has them both questioning their sanities. This paranormal romance is a must read for every true romantic who believes true love knows no bounds.



by Naomi Clark


Lola Guntram is used to being an outcast. She’s the only blood witch in Fort Rosser, mistrusted by other witches and happier working solo. But when her dark practices make her the prime suspect in a brutal murder investigation, she’s forced to turn to others for help.



by Belinda Harrison

$1.99 $4.99 

Greece, 510BC. Warrior. Princess. Two women with nothing in common and no reason to meet until the Moirai see fit to intertwine their fates, setting in motion events that will have farther reaching consequences than merely breaking an old alliance between Trachis and the Molossians.



by Poppy Woods

$2.99 $3.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Alandra shouldn’t have been able to summon the moon on purpose, let alone by accident. Can she keep Luna safe until she returns to her own realm? Can she let her go?



by Donna Raider

$3.99 $9.95 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Bored in New York Leah Cross auditions for a television series and lands the starring role, shinning a spotlight on the two immortal lovers. You’ll laugh and cry as our lovers strive to hide their true identities and protect their children while staying one step ahead of an ancient serial killer.





by Anna Ferrara

$3.99 $7.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

What would you do if you were raised Christian and also head over heels in love with someone of the same sex? In this horror story laden with multiple endings, supernatural events and many surprises, the fate of our protagonists will depend on the choices you make on their behalf. How will you behave when life pushes you beyond the boundaries of what you and your religion know to be possible, or true? Would you put your trust in faith or love when that happens? Would you be able to survive?