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by Miranda MacLeod

Contemporary Romance

When her dating app decides she’s a man, what’s a lonely lesbian to do?

What starts as a simple fib soon snowballs as Jamie fabricates increasingly ridiculous tales to keep her identity as Jay under wraps, until a comedy of errors threatens to topple the whole charade to the ground. Can true love prevail when it’s founded on a lie?



by TB Markinson

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Stella and Aurora unexpectedly come together, sparks fly. Neither is looking for a relationship, but what they discover in one another is so much more than a physical connection. Can two wounded women who believe love is the last thing they want overcome their fears to find healing?



by Tessa Vidal

Contemporary Romance

Does first love ever get a second chance?

Small-town sweethearts Caro and Shell were torn apart eleven years ago. When a fluffy dog brings them back together, the old sparks blaze again– even though they’re now complete opposites.




by Monica McCallan

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Emery Bates has exactly one problem she’s willing to admit, and it’s that she doesn’t have a girlfriend to take as her date to a wedding. Not because she needs a girlfriend, but because she needs an easier way to come out to college friends that she hasn’t seen in five years.

When Emery invites her neighbor, Jordan Davis, on an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii to pretend to be her girlfriend, it’s not a hard sell.

But, there’s more to the request than Emery’s letting on, and there’s more to Jordan’s willingness to help than she wants to admit.



by S.W. Andersen

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Widowed dating consultant Sofia Delacruz had given up on her own happily ever after, but with a new client comes an unexpected turn. Personal desires burn like wildfires and professional boundaries are pushed. However, that tantalizing burn also pierces like a stake through the heart. Can Sofia finally shake the pain of her past and heal?



by Bryce Oakley

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

On paper, Billie Rush and Vero De Luca are the definition of opposite. Billie prides herself on being responsible and reliable as the lead singer of an alt rock group on hiatus, but she can’t stop writing pop songs. Vero is always at the center of tabloid scandals, especially when she recently quit her all-female group to pursue a solo career. When their label matches them up to write a song together, they begrudgingly realize that they have much more in common than they thought.



by Jax Meyer

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Phoenix and Ash meet at the South Pole, sparks fly. But a year in isolation means finding common ground. As friendship grows to love, they discover an intimacy neither expected.



by Marian Snowe

Contemporary Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can love set your heart free? Celia Orne hopes that a new life of adventure in Florida will give her a fresh start and heal both recent heartbreak and tragedy from her past. Shameless flirt Gem Raglan seems like the perfect person to show Celia around the beaches and islands, and what’s so bad about having a little fun with her along the way? Soon “a little fun” turns into something a lot more serious, but Gem has a secret that could break both of their hearts for good.



by Amy DeMeritt


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nadia’s car breaks down in an unfamiliar town, and with a dead cellphone battery, she walks till she comes to the first place with lights on – The Iron Horse, a biker bar.

Gina is at the bar late and offers to fix Nadia’s car and get her back on the road. The women bond and find something within each other that feels like they could have finally found “the one.”

But will a complicated friendship with a single mother take Gina away from Nadia?



by AJ Marchant


Available in Kindle Unlimited

After six years away, new friendships and a broken family bond leads August to change a plan she never intended to have.




by Josette Murray


The first in the series of four fast friends united by love . Here, dealing with betrayal, addiction, criminal intent, and overdeveloped taste buds! Come join the fun!





by Katie Mettner


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Olga and Renay find themselves falling in love; one woman comfortable with her sexuality, the other uncomfortable in her own skin. A bottle of wine and a sweet, languid kiss told Olga the time had come to decide if Renay was worth fighting for, and if true love could conquer all.



Book 1

by Mildred Gail Digby

Medical Romance

Dr. Megan Maier is trying to piece her life back together after tragedy tore it apart. She falls for Syler Terada, a pediatric surgeon with a brash attitude. Conservative culture and rules against fraternization can’t stop Megan. However the secrets she’s running from can.



Book 1

by Belinda Harrison

Epic Fantasy Romance

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Greece 510BC. Warrior. Princess. Two women with nothing in common and no reason to meet until the Moirai see fit to intertwine their fates, setting in motion events that will have farther reaching consequences than merely breaking an old alliance between Trachis and the Molossioans.



by Caren J. Werlinger


In 1968, with her father MIA in Vietnam, Conn’s family moves to her mother’s home where Conn is chosen as the one who must unravel the mystery surrounding her ancestor who disappeared soon after the Civil War. Set during two turbulent periods of American history, this book takes the reader on a journey through time as Conn tries to end the curse her family has lived with for a century.



by Elena Graf


World War II has finally come to an end and Berlin is in ruins. Nearly everything Margarethe von Stahle has sworn to protect has been lost. After being brutally abused by occupying Russian soldiers, Margarethe must rely on the kindness of her friends to survive. Fortunately, the American Army has brought her former protégé, Dr. Sarah Weber, back to Berlin.


The Cavendish Trilogy: Book 1

by F.K. Sewell


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Vesta Calida Cavendish knows she is destined for a life at sea like her father, despite the opinions of others. However, when her mother begins to foist a future she can’t bear upon her in earnest and her brother Nicolas is given captaincy of the family ship, she takes the only escape open to her – she leaves Port Royal to prove herself, on the first crew that will take her. Leaving behind the only town she knows and the only family she has, she embarks on a new life as ‘Fernando.’



Those Strange Women: Book 2

by Anna Ferrara


In 1999, Hong Kong, Fleur repeatedly denies having feelings for Milla, daughter of a New York mob boss, because she has secrets—another identity and a job she can’t talk about. Trouble comes when Milla moves
on, starts dating other women, and leaves Fleur all by herself, amidst feelings of loss and wanting…


The Robyn Hood Adventures: Book 1

by Niamh Murphy

Action & Adventure

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Robyn Fitzwarren, daughter to the Baron of Loxley, only wants to support her mother while her father is off on Crusade. But when she enters an archery tournament in disguise, she incurs the wrath of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s arrogant nephew, Theo. Now, not only is her own life threatened but the lives of her family as well. Will she flee from danger? Or fulfil her destiny, stand up to injustice, and become the fabled outlaw of legend: Robyn Hood?


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