Nancy Ann Healy & JA Armstrong


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Until There Was You

by Nancy Ann Healy

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Macie Colon spent the last twenty-nine years building a thriving business and raising her daughter, Emma. She made herself one promise. When Emma flew from the nest, Macie would take the adventures she put on hold. It would be her chance to make time for whatever piqued her curiosity. She might take up sailing, travel the world, or get her pilot’s license. Macie never considered falling in love with a woman three years older than her daughter.

For five years, Ryan Lynch planned extravagant weddings and corporate events. No one expected her to leave a lucrative business to become a high school English teacher. But that’s exactly what she did. Ryan is reluctant to agree when her cousin Brendan asks her to help plan his wedding. Until she glimpses the bride’s mother. Something about Macie Colon captivates Ryan. A spirited conversation with Macie convinces Ryan to accept her cousin’s offer. Macie is about to become her constant companion.

Macie and Ryan’s friendship blossoms as they traverse New England to find the perfect romantic wedding venue. Something else is building between the pair that Macie is determined to resist. Attraction. The leaves are not the only thing to about to change. Can Ryan convince Macie some risks are worth taking? Maybe it isn’t Emma and Brendan’s Happily Ever After they’ve been looking to create. To find their way together, Macie must admit the truth to Ryan. Life was going according to plan. “Until there was you.”



Independence Day

By Design: Book 15

by JA Armstrong

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After the death of her vice president, President Candace Reid thinks nothing can surprise her. But does anyone learn to expect the unexpected? Emerging threats from abroad have narrowed Candace’s circle of trust. At the suggestion of her National Security Advisor Joshua Tate, Candace reluctantly moves to bring her longtime friend and ally Alex Toles into her administration. As if growing concerns about violence overseas, a looming midterm election, and stalemates in the legislature aren’t enough for the president to handle, news of a family illness sends shock waves through the Fletcher-Reid family.

Home and family have always been Candace’s strength. For the first time since Candace’s inauguration, the entire Fletcher-Reid clan will gather at the White House for the annual Fourth of July Barbecue. It will mark the beginning of changes for the entire First Family and their closest friends. Marianne and Scott move to Connecticut. Jonah looks to connect with his father. Dana announces she’s divorcing Steve. Shell accepts the role of White House Communications Director. Jameson embarks on a solo trip to Europe. Candace hits the campaign trail. And Pearl and Cooper travel to Connecticut to spend a few weeks at Marianne’s. Learning to maintain their relationships while being independent might be the hardest task for them all.

INDEPENDENCE DAY is the 15th installment in the best-selling BY DESIGN series written by Nancy Ann Healy as JA Armstrong.

Releases on September 18th. Preorder it today!