Interview with Samantha Boyette author of The Girl Who Wasn’t Dead

In case you didn’t know today is Friday the 13th. It’s the perfect day to welcome Bold Strokes Books author Samantha Boyette who recently published the novel The Girl Who Wasn’t Dead. One lucky winner will receive an e-book copy.

Please welcome Samantha.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thank you so much for having me. This is the first interview I’ve done like this.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Not in a real ‘oh I’m going to do that when I grow up’ kind of way. I was always writing as a child and teen, but it wasn’t until I was about eighteen that I realized I could actually be a writer. Before that it didn’t really cross my mind that people set out to be writers.

What’s your writing process like?

I usually dwell on a few ideas until one really takes hold. Then I spend a lot of time thinking about that idea and get some of the most important moments and characters into my head. Once I feel like the story is really blooming inside me I start writing.

Your latest release The Girl Who Wasn’t Dead (great title by the way) is a mystery. What inspired the story?

I attended a crazy holiday party at a hotel one year. I saw some of what went down that night, but not all of it. The next day I spoke to person after person and everyone had their own little bit of the story to add until finally I had the whole story. I liked the idea of writing a book where the story was revealed that way and you got everyone’s version of the same events along with what they meant to them.

Many are superstitious when it comes to Friday the 13th. Are you?

I’m not. Which is odd since I’m generally a very superstitious person. I can’t go into the basement alone without imagining something grabbing me.

Can you describe your perfect day? 

I have two kids under three. My perfect day is spent all alone with lots of time to write and read. It would end with a good bottle of red wine and a large pizza.

Is there one type of food you absolutely refuse to eat?

Cottage cheese. The texture and flavor are horrible.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Before you go, can you offer one piece of advice to anyone who wants to write but hasn’t yet?

Just start writing. It doesn’t matter if what you write isn’t any good, keep writing. Find people to help you edit and learn from what they tell you. You will either hate it and give up or you will love it and you will get better.


For a bit of fun Samantha has provided two truths and one lie? Which do you think is the lie. Let us know by leaving a comment.

1. I’m allergic to mangoes 

2. I lived in China 

3. I sew my own underwear 


E-book $7.99
Paperback $11.95
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Mystery / YA

Prom was supposed to be the biggest night of senior year, but for Jenny Lewis it was the night she almost died. The night someone drugged her, loaded her in a car, and dumped her body in the river.

The next morning, her soaked prom dress was found on the riverbank. Her body was never found. People whispered that she’d killed herself or gotten drunk and stupid. People moved on, went to college, and stopped thinking about her. Months later, her ex-girlfriend and three other classmates received a text from an unknown number accusing them of her murder and claiming to have proof.

The text? It came from Jenny, not dead and ready to figure out who tried to kill her. There’s going to be an impromptu reunion and no one is leaving until the would-be murderer steps forward.



Samantha was born in Upstate New York and lives there still today; however she has traveled extensively within the United States and the rest of the world. She lives with her wife and son in a small town near the water and writes when her busy life allows it. 

When not being a full-time mom, she likes keeping up with her favorite TV shows, doing puzzles, and enjoying a glass of her favorite wines. Of course she is also a big fan of reading, mostly young adult novels, but with a soft spot for Stephen King.

Twitter / Bold Strokes Author Page


Enter here for a chance to win a copy of 


Read more about it here.

Thanks so much Samantha for stopping by today.

Don’t forget to play the spot the lie game by leaving a comment.

Best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.


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Interview with Erin Wade author of Three Times As Deadly

Yippie! Erin Wade is here.

She recently published Three Times As Deadly and two lucky winners will receive an autographed copy of the book. There are more details below.

Please welcome Erin Wade.

I want to thank T. B. Markinson and I Heart Lesfic for inviting me to be the interview today. It is an honor to be associated with I Heart Lesfic and T. B.

It’s an honor to have you here today. Can you tell us about yourself?

I am thirty. I live with my wonderful wife Alex, my dog Tank and our cat Candy in Austin, Texas. Alex is a year older than I. We met while attending the University of Texas in Austin. We have been married nine incredible years.

Alex is an educator and I am a land developer. My day job doesn’t require much time so I often found myself with time on my hands. Alex suggested that I try my hand at writing fiction. My first books were murder mysteries written for mainstream readers. Last year (2016) I was writing a book called The Destiny Factor. I intended it to be a mainstream murder mystery but somewhere along the way it assumed a life of its own and morphed into a lesbian romance/thriller. I had never thought about writing lesfic, but discovered that I enjoyed writing about what I knew and had experienced. So, a lesfic author was born. In January 25, 2017 I released my first “intentional” lesfic novel, Too Strong to Die. It shot to number ten the same day it was released and reached number one on Feb. 1.  I had the bug. On my birthday, May 9, I released Death Was Too Easy which went to #1 in Hot New Releases. Currently, all three of my 2017 books are on Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers List for Action/Adventure/Romance and The Destiny Factor has stayed on the Top 100 Best Sellers list for the past fourteen months.

What inspired you to write professionally?

My wife convinced me to write fiction.

What is your new book Three Times as Deadly about?

Three Times as Deadly is about Sloan Cartwright, who awakens from a coma, in an African hospital. She has no memory of her past or the three women who claim to be married to her. The book is funny, exciting and filled with action and romance. It also touches on the plight of rhinos and elephants who are being hunted into extinction. I’ll save that soapbox for another day.

What is your advice about staying in the positive?

This is difficult for me to say. I am an extremely positive person to the point my friends and family tease me about it. Let’s skip this one. I don’t know anything about being negative.

Do you go out into nature to meditate or quiet your mind? Where have you been and how was it for you?

We built a home in 2015 that Alex designed. It is a sanctuary for us both. I have an office that overlooks our pool and waterfall. Tank’s toy chest is built in and doubles as his window seat. It is right beside my desk so he is close to me. Our home is very peaceful and inspiring for me. Alex has decorated it beautifully. There is truly no other place in the world I’d rather be.

Are you a dog whisperer? What was your dog, Tank like as a puppy?

I’m not a dog whisperer. I think Tank may be a human whisperer. Tank is a rescue dog and has always been precious. When he was tiny, he was just a little ball of fur. We used to call him our little dust bunny. I have had dogs all my life and I loved them, but Tank is truly the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had the privilege to belong to. At first, I thought he might be blind because no matter where I went he was right behind me with his nose touching my ankle, but his eyesight is fine. Now he is tall enough that his nose touches the bottom of the calf of my leg. He always stays that close to me. I think I am his security blanket.

Where is a good hang out place to kick back and socialize with friends?

We are homebodies. We have two other couples we share fun times with. We have been friends since college. We rotate to each other’s homes on Saturday nights where the hostesses serve dinner and we play high-stakes poker. The maximum bid is twenty-five cents with a two-bump maximum so the most one can lose on one hand is seventy-five cents. Pretty high stakes, huh?

We have my family over once a month and on holidays. My wife is a terrific cook and enjoys trying out new recipes on them. They love it.

Alex’s family lives in Alabama, so we don’t see them as often as we see my folks.

Where is the next place you’re going to visit? Share all you want about it.

We are taking my brother’s twins to Branson, MO. It is a fun city with a lot of live theater and entertainment. The best thing is the Duck Boats. Everyone should ride the Duck Boats at least once in their life.

What is the most daring theme you’ve written about?

I am an action/adventure/romance writer. I don’t delve into things I know nothing about. I would never write a 50 Shades of Gray type book. I did notice that one reviewer gave me four stars because I don’t go into details in my sex scenes, but I figure we all know where those end up and I like to let my readers us their imaginations. Also, sometimes my mother reads my books.

What types of live music do you like to listen to. Who was the last performance you saw? 

We love musicals, reviews, plays, etc. The last live musical we attended was last month in Fort Worth at Bass Hall to see The Carol King Musical, Beautiful. We do fly to New York several times a year to see musicals there.

What is a fun attraction to visit in Austin, TX? What would be a good restaurant you would recommend.

We love taking the twins to The Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels. It is about an hour from Austin. Great fun for the entire family.

The best restaurant in Austin is Truluck’s Seafood, Steaks and Crab House.   There are two of them, but we always go to the one downtown on Colorado St. They have live music with a female singer and a band. She is dynamite.

Do you have any advice for new writers?


If you read my reviews, you will find that I was lambasted by a few reviewers about grammatical errors In Too Strong to Die. I started searching for an editor. Even with an editor, I still received critical comments about errors in Death Was Too Easy.

I became a woman on a mission. I asked questions. I inquired about who was the best editor I could hire. When I read a very clean book, I checked to see who edited it. After two months of intense searching, I narrowed my search down to Susan Hughes. As busy as she is, I was able to get Susan to accept me as a client.

Susan is—I can’t say enough nice things about Susan—awesome. We worked through Hurricane Harvey to release my latest book Three Times as Deadly on Sept. 17. It jumped to number one on the first day of release and has continued to hold that position. Three Times as Deadly has received several positive reviews and no one has been critical of the writing.

If I could give a single piece of advice to new writers it would be, Get a good editor. If you think you can’t afford one, you’re wrong. You can’t afford to be without one. As authors we pour our heart and soul into our “masterpieces”. Believe me they become so much more with a great editor.

I know the burning question in the mind of any new author reading this is, “How much will a good editor cost me?”

A good editor will cost between $1,500 to $2,000, but you will make it up in sales. They will pay for themselves.

The other thing I would suggest to new writers is get a seasoned Beta Reader. They are worth their weight in gold. I am pleased that Julie Versoi has agreed to be my beta reader on future novels.

If you are lucky, an experienced writer will take an interest in you and become your mentor. I am fortunate that Kathy Broadland took an interest in my books and has given me guidance. Kathy is the one who told me to hire the best editor I could find.

I feel that I am fortunate to have assembled a small but exceptional team. With Susan, Julie and Kathy, I think 2018 will be the year of Erin Wade.

What is next for you?

I am currently working on a book titled Living Two Lives. It is about a fan, Jules Devine, who has a tremendous crush on a lisfic writer named Darcy Lake, even though the writer is happily married. Jules attends a national convention so she can have Lake autograph books for her. Secretly, she hopes to spend time with the author. A weekend with Darcy Lake is so much more than Jules dreamed and it changes her life forever. Jules is pulled into a world she never knew existed. A world of passion, deception, and death. It is a nail biter.  We are planning a release date in time for Christmas.




E-book $9.95
Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release Date: September 16, 2017
Action & Adventure

When Sloan Cartwright awakens in an African hospital with no memory, she is astounded to find three beautiful women claiming to be her wife. An attempt on her life makes her realize that her biggest problem is not which woman is her wife, but who wants to kill her and why. She discovers that she holds secrets that will topple governments and bring down illegal poachers in Africa. The only problem is that Sloan can’t remember where she hid the evidence. Sloan quickly realizes that she must trust one of the women to help her escape Africa. Which one will it be? Wife Number One: Amarosia (Amy) Cartwright, a beautiful Halle Berry look-a-like who tells Sloan that they have been married for five years and make their home in Africa. Wife Number Two: Leigh Redding Cartwright, blonde, wholesome, girl-next-door beauty who obviously adores Sloan and claims they have been married for seven years and live in New York. Wife Number Three: Alexandra Roland Cartwright, gorgeous international business mogul who has flown into Africa to take her wife home with her. Sloan isn’t sure it is her the women want or the evidence she has hidden. You will laugh and cheer for Sloan as she juggles the three beauties while trying to stay alive and escape from a country where everyone wants her dead.



With a degree in accounting, I set out to conquer my quiet little corner of the world.

My plan was to work for a major accounting firm and live a comfortable life.

One never knows where fate will lead. I soon discovered I liked taking chances and started acquiring small parcels of land to resale. Within a year, I found myself immersed in the fun of land brokering. My native state, Texas, is a wide-open community of wonderful people and vast amounts of land. Opportunities in Texas are limitless. Texas and the fact that I am a workaholic were the perfect recipe for success.

I have visited every state in the U.S. and lived in some, but Texas is always the one that calls me home. I thought I had the world by the tail; a nice little ranch that bordered a Texas lake, a horse and a few head of cattle. Life was good. Then I met a woman and life was no longer good, it was amazing.

Now my life is an adventure of love and laughter.

Facebook / Website


Enter here for a chance to win a copy of 


Two winners will receive an autographed copy.

Thanks so much Erin for stopping by today.

Best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.


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Guest Post: Reasons to be Cheerful By Cheyenne Blue

I’m thrilled to welcome Ylva author Cheyenne Blue today. Cheyenne’s a sweetheart and I’m happy to help her spread the word about her new release Party Wall. One lucky winner will receive an e-book copy. More details about the giveaway are below.

Please welcome the wonderful Cheyenne Blue.


I am naturally a cheerful person—annoyingly so, as a co-worker once said. Even when the world is bleak and black, there’s usually something small and delightful to make me smile: a favourite song on the radio, a flight of black cockatoos overhead, clean sheets on the bed. Most recently, it was a jar of Nutella forgotten at the back of a cupboard. Do you know how delicious it is spooned from the jar? Extremely so.

I’m a cheerful writer too. In any case, there’s normally so much going on that there’s no time to be down. Writing, editing, feedback on cover design, taglines, blog posts, social media, release day, marketing and so on. But equally, sometimes when you pause and take a breath and look around, there are many things that can drag a writer down. Writer’s block or characters who won’t do what you want them to. No time to write. Too much time to write but even more time to procrastinate. Missed deadlines. Oh, that’s a big one. Rewrites, additions and deletions on a story you thought, well, of course it wasn’t perfect, but you thought it was pretty damn okay. And it was, until your editor emailed and told you otherwise. And, of course, she was right. Editing. More editing. Content edits, copy edits, proofs, more proofs, proof corrections and even more damn proofs until you know the entire eighty-thousand word story upside down and backwards to Sunday.

But if you take your foot off the pedal in those crammed minutes you can find there’s plenty to be down about in a writer’s life. Rejections of course. Publication schedules gone awry, bad reviews—oh, how they can hurt. Poor sales figures—they hurt even more. Comparing yourself to other writers who have more sales, better reviews, or simply a surfeit of general love. Don’t even think of going there.

Even with the above writers’ woes, I still (mostly) manage to remain positive. After all, I’m doing what I love. If I let bad reviews or the realisation of exactly how much per hour I earn through my writing drag me down, I’d hang up my keyboard and finally have time to watch Game of Thrones. And read the books.

Over on Facebook, a couple of friends do a weekly Gratitude Post. It’s exactly as it sounds: a happy and positive affirmation of the good things in their life in that particular week.  Recently, I jumped on their happy bandwagon because, what’s not to love about sharing the joy. My posts are called Reasons to Be Cheerful rather than gratitude posts, but that’s more of a love of Ian Dury and the Blockheads than a dislike of gratitude.  Ian Dury’s song Reasons to be Cheerful celebrates the little things in life. He sings:

The juice of the carrot, the smile of the parrot

A little drop of claret – anything that rocks

Elvis and Scotty, days when I ain’t spotty,

Sitting on the potty – curing smallpox.

Party Wall is out from Ylva Publishing and available everywhere and that is my number one reason to be cheerful, not only this week, but possibly for the rest of the year.

If you want more reasons to be cheerful, I’d love for you to find me on Facebook or Instagram @CheyenneBlueAuthor.  If you want more Lily and Freya, then I’d love for you to check out Party Wall.


From the moment Freya looks in the window of the brash, new sex shop in Grasstree Flat she knows it will be nothing but trouble. For a start, it will clash with her own New Age store right next door. And she’s right. Outgoing newcomer, Lily, begins to intrude on Freya’s well-ordered life. Freya’s friends, lifestyle, and even her cat are all affected by Lily’s magic touch. Even Freya’s yoga classes rub shoulders with Lily’s sexual-expression workshops. Lily stands for everything Freya has lost in life: playfulness, spontaneity, and delight in the physical. And sex. But does Lily have more in common with Freya than the wall that divides them?

A lesbian romance about crossing the lines that hold us back.

Ylva / Amazon US / Amazon UK Amazon CA / Amazon AUS



Cheyenne Blue has been hanging around the lesbian erotica world since 1999 writing short lesbian erotica which has appeared in over 90 anthologies. Her stories got longer and longer and more and more romantic, so she went with the flow and switched to writing romance novels. You’ll find her books published by Ylva Publishing and Ladylit —the latest being Party Wall. She loves writing big hearted romance, often set in rural Australia because that’s where she lives. She has a small house on a hill with a big deck and bigger view—perfect for morning coffee, evening wine, and anytime writing. Check her out at on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Enter here for a chance to win a copy of 


Thanks so much Cheyenne for stopping by today.

Best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.


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New Lesfic Goodies: October 10th edition

Lots of exciting new reads.

PARTY WALL by Cheyenne Blue

E-book $9.99
Paperback $15.99
Release Date: October 4, 2017

From the moment Freya looks in the window of the brash, new sex shop in Grasstree Flat she knows it will be nothing but trouble. For a start, it will clash with her own new-age store next door. And she’s right. Outgoing newcomer Lily begins to intrude on Freya’s well-ordered life. Freya’s friends, lifestyle, and even her cat are all affected by Lily’s magic touch. Even Freya’s yoga classes rub shoulders with Lily’s sexual-expression workshops. Lily stands for everything Freya has lost in life—playfulness, spontaneity, delight in the physical, and sex. But does Lily have more in common with Freya than the wall that divides them?

Ylva / Amazon US / Amazon UK Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


E-book $9.99
Paperback $16.95
Release Date: October 5, 2017

Flagler Security agent Jamison Krews would never break a promise. So when Mel Carter, her long-time friend and training officer, asks her to protect her sister Shea, Jamison will honor that request. No matter the cost.

At twenty-six years old, Shea Carter is older than her teammates and has more important things to focus on than the supposed threat to her life. Leading the Tallahassee Tigers to the National Championship will take all of her energy and attention.

As quarterback of the team, Shea has drawn a lot of unwanted attention, and not everyone wants her and the Tigers to succeed. Will Jamison be able to convince Shea that she’s more than a babysitter and gain her trust―and her heart―before it’s too late?

Bella Books / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS

A TIME TO SPEAK by Riley Scott

E-book $9.99
Paperback $16.95
Release Date: October 5, 2017

When the brutal murder of the only known lesbian in town jolts the sleepy community of Knell, Texas, life is turned upside down for everyone.

Amidst the scandal, turmoil and heartache over the loss of her friend and part-time lover, Amelia Brandt struggles to find her identity and voice in a town torn by discrimination.

Meanwhile, Dominique Velez―the leader of Texans for Equality―is determined and poised to help mend hearts and change minds in a hurting town. Hitting the road and leaving the safety of Austin, Texas, Dominique takes a risk to help the community of Knell stand up for what is right―all while attempting to help Amelia come to terms with what has happened and move forward.

In the fight for equality and justice, can there be a sufficient resolution? And, while she’s drawn to Dominique’s boldness and charm, can Amelia conquer the fears that have kept her identity concealed and her heart closed off from love?

Bella Books / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


E-book $0.99
Release date: October 4, 2016
Romance / Short read

Requiem hadn’t meant to care. Hadn’t wanted to fall in love. She didn’t do love. But life without Alison had seemed so insubstantial. Bleak. Empty. So she went back for her.

It’s now been two years since Australia’s top cellist and secret underworld assassin Natalya “Requiem” Tsvetnenko stood in the rain, faced her biggest terror, and asked her “little mouse”, Alison Ryan, to move to Europe with her.

What has happened since? Does Requiem still burn to hunt? Has she been tamed by love? Was her prediction right that they could never work out; that they would implode before too long? How could two such different people ever last?

In a single, powerful day in Vienna, all their doubts are faced and the truth seeps into the light.

A short story sequel to lesbian crime noir Requiem for Immortals.

Ylva / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS

SWEARING OFF STARS by Danielle M. Wong

E-book $9.95
Paperback $16.95
Release date: October 3, 2017

Amelia Cole―Lia for short―is one of the first women studying abroad at Oxford University in the 1920s. Finally free from her overbearing Brooklyn parents, she finds a welcome sense of independence in British college life. Lia quickly falls for Scarlett Daniels, an aspiring actress and hardheaded protester. Scarlett introduces her to an exciting gender-equality movement with high stakes. But when their secret love clashes with political uprising, their relationship is one of the casualties.

Years later, Lia’s only memories of Scarlett are obscured by the glossy billboards she sees advertising the actress’s new films. But when a mysterious letter surfaces, she is immediately thrown back into their unsettled romance. Lia’s travels span oceans and continents in her search for Scarlett. Spread across time and place, their story is one of desire, adventure, and ultimately, devotion. Lia will stop at nothing to win Scarlett back, but she soon realizes that uncovering lost love might not be attainable after all.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS / Indie Bound

OFF PITCH (Pitch Prodigies Book 1) by Brianna Kienitz

E-book $6.99
Paperback $11.99
Release date: October 9, 2017
Romance / Sports

Soccer star Adeline Fahey has never taken an interest in the world outside of the pitch. The daughter of wealthy Irish immigrants, and a straight-A student, she sees nothing but the goal—finish her last two years of school and join a professional soccer team—no ifs, ands, or buts.

Then Gabriella Soto, a cello prodigy in her own right and the teaching assistant in Adeline’s dreaded Beginning Spanish class, walks onto her playing field.

After a drunken night in a T-rex costume boots their hearts onto a collision course, Adeline and Gabriella must tackle a field of school scandal, homophobic parents, and their own passionate career goals to have a shot at something more. In the face of so many obstacles, Adeline and Gabriella fear that their love may not be strong enough to score them the championship relationship they never knew they wanted.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


E-book $6.99
Release date: September 30, 2017

What would you do if you were in a fatal accident with a stranger and ended up in heaven with them? Only to find out it wasn’t an accident, it was murder.

Would you accept the easy way out and accept the peace of eternity? Or go back to find out who was responsible? For Violet Reed and Millicent Packer that is the decision they have to make.

Follow the ghostly adventures of these two acrimonious strangers, who help two women find love and find closure for their predicament.

Affinity / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS

ABSOLUTION by Raven J. Spencer

E-book $0.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: October 3, 2017
Romance / Short Read

This short story takes places after the events of The Gift and the Surrender trilogy:

Emily DeMarco is down on her luck. Her career has come to an abrupt halt, and the woman of her dreams, Lacey, the former “companion” is with another woman. Second chances are hard to come by, but someone might offer her absolution—if Emily is willing to make the right choices.

BEHOLDEN by Fox Brison

E-book $3.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: October 5, 2017

This isn’t a story about what happens when stars collide, but rather the tale of what happens when two cars collide.

How far would you go to secure your dream job?

Architect Adele Jackson doesn’t suffer fools gladly; in fact, hardened by the cards a cruel fate dealt her, she doesn’t suffer anyone gladly. Whilst at what she thinks is a lunch to celebrate her promotion, her boss deals a blow not only to her career aspirations, but also her pride. She has two choices – resign and see her nemesis promoted ahead of her, or stay and fight for what she believes is rightfully hers.

How far would you go to save someone you love?

Joanne Cassidy’s life is finally on the up; not only is her dream of a nursing career well on its way to becoming a reality, her mother, Mary, has just celebrated her twenty eighth day sober. However, Mary doesn’t make it to twenty nine, and Joanne is left to pick up the pieces – just like she has done every day since her father walked out on them when she was only five years old.

One fateful night Joanne and Adele’s worlds collide, and a deal is brokered, one that has the capacity to either make or break them – and their dreams.


E-book $0.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: September 30, 2017
Romance / Short read

(Book 1 of Lesbian Short Story Series – No Cliffhanger)

Erin Hunter is sick of her life being the same thing day in and day out. Her stress levels are rising and nothing seems to work. Jessie, her friend since high school, suggests Yoga, a notion that Erin dismisses as being hipster/hippie nonsense, but she’s desperate for a solution. She goes to a free trial lesson, with mat provided, and finds that there’s quite a few things to like about yoga, number one being her completely drop-dead gorgeous instructor, Greece-born Dione Makos, which leads to entirely different problems.

Erin has never had feelings for a woman before. She wanted a change, and now she’s got one.


E-book $0.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: October 7, 2017
Horror / Short read

In this horror short story, the world gets turned upside down on up and coming corporate executive, Marci Kendrick, when she visits an exclusive jeweler in Seattle for an engagement ring.

Her nightmare begins and she realizes that the simple freedoms we take for granted can be someone else hell.

A FUGITIVE’S KISS by Jaime Clevenger

E-book $9.99
Paperback $17.95
Release Date: October 5, 2017

Desperate and running for her life, Darin has left behind the world she’s known and hidden her gifts. With hunters on her trail, nowhere is safe but a night’s respite in an out-of-the-way barn seems worth the risk.

Suspicious of Northerners, Aysha is wary of the stranger she discovers in her barn. Their first meeting only confirms her distrust, but she’s drawn to the mysterious fugitive and fears give way to passion.

When Aysha is threatened by Darin’s pursuers, the two must escape to a new land. Hoping for a peaceful life, neither can outrun secrets of their past.



Click here to enter for a chance to win either a paperback or e-book copy of the novel.


Click here to enter for a chance to win all 3 books in the series.


Click here to enter to win an e-book copy.


Click here to enter to win an e-book copy.

Happy reading! 

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Interview with Sheri Lewis Wohl author of Walking Through Shadows

Another Monday, but that isn’t all bad because we have a fabulous guest today.

Bold Strokes Books author Sheri Lewis Wohl is here to share about life, writing, zombies, the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, and her latest WALKING THROUGH SHADOWS. One lucky winner will receive an e-book copy. Details can be found below.

Here’s Sheri.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s such a pleasure to be here.

You write about things that go bump in the night. Do you think growing up in northeast Washington, surrounded by nature, allowed your imagination to flourish?  

I really do believe it played a large part in my crazy imagination. For instance, I tell people all the time about how I see things perhaps a little differently than most. I got the idea for Burgundy Betrayal, a werewolf novel, after riding my bike back and forth to work through Riverside State Park. While others see the beautiful trail, gorgeous trees, and the clear, blue waters of the Spokane River, it seemed to me to be the perfect place for a werewolf to run amok! After a couple of rides through the park, the story came together.

During the day, you’re a federal employee. How do find the time and energy to write after dealing with bureaucratic red tape?

After working over two and half decades for the government, it’s pretty much second nature to me. I can deal with red tape in my sleep at this point. That said, writing is such an escape because it takes me far, far away from my everyday environment. The worlds I create in my writing are so far removed from my day-to-day life, that I find writing after work not only refreshing but energizing as well.

Also, you participate in triathlons and you help out with local K9 search and rescue teams. Admit it, you’re a superhero. Do you own a cape? In all seriousness, sorta, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give to survive a zombie attack?

Well, I’m certainly no superhero but I am a classic ADHD personality. Triathlons are just plain fun and working with my dog is an amazing thing. What’s cool is that both activities give me an edge in the event of a zombie attack. You see, you have to stay in good shape to do triathlons and must actually pass a fitness test to be involved with search and rescue, with or without a K9 partner. In the event of a zombie attack, the best strategy in my mind is to out run them! Considering the fitness test for search and rescue requires carrying a 30lb pack, I figure I can outrun the zombies and bring food and supplies with me.

I read you’re a member of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula. I’m almost afraid to ask, but can’t help myself. What is that really and was there an initiation process?

The Transylvanian Society of Dracula is actually more of an academic society that studies both the historic Dracula and the fictional Dracula. In graduate school I studied Bram Stoker’s work (along with other 19th Century Gothic writers) and so it seemed a natural thing to cultivate fellowship with others of a like mind. Some great people in the group.

Your latest Walking Through Shadows involves witches. What inspired the story?

Witches have always fascinated me, particularly given that they are so often viewed as evil rather than individuals who have a great respect for the world, both seen and unseen. I often drive between Spokane, WA and Portland, OR and the landscape along the Columbia River to me is so interesting. Again, looking through the lenses that are skewed just a touch, the story started with a “what if” scenario. What if an hereditary witch went through some kind of wormhole? What would happen? How would the fates align? From there it was a quick leap back in time and the creation of a story that hopefully captures the imagination of the readers. It has things I really like: history, the paranormal, danger, and romance.

How much research do you do before starting a new project?

I do a fair amount of research before I get into the heart of the project. What I find, however, is that I have to keep researching as I go along. The research doesn’t end when I start to write. The story takes a turn I wasn’t expecting and I have to figure out the how, why, when, and where of it. I love finding details and reading about different people, places, and events. It’s part of the fun of writing the stories – especially when I get to take some tiny little historical detail and twist it ever so slightly. That’s exactly how the main character in Crimson Vengeance came to be. I was researching something completely different and came upon a nugget of information about Henry VII that made me stop and go… “Hey, what if…”

With your fondness for scary, do you have any special traditions for Halloween?

I love Halloween. The whole idea of the veil between the worlds being the thinnest is infinitely fascinating to me.  Surprisingly, I have an extensive collection of skulls (and before anyone asks, no – none are actual human skulls). I have ceramic skulls in my office, skull rings, necklaces, and scarves. My office has come to expect to see me dressed in a suit with a lovely skull pin on Halloween. Who says you can’t dress professional and accessorize with skulls? If Halloween falls on a weekend, it’s my classic orange and black skull tunic. Everyone who knows me, knows what they’ll see on Halloween. In addition, all month long it is scary movie marathon and no one in the house argues…they know better! Like I said, I love Halloween.

What’s the last book you read that scared the crap out of you?

I just finished an older Stephen King book, Duma Key, and I loved it. It was scary and creepy and the characters quite simply spoke to me. I’m a little afraid to go stay in a beach house right now and anyone’s who has read the book knows why.

Finally, back to the zombie thing, what was it like being a zombie extra in a TV series?

Being a zombie was hands-down one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. It’s a hoot getting the special effects make-up put on and once they shout “action” it’s like being a kid again. You have no inhibitions and you simply go for it. During the shooting, they keep touching up your bloody teeth. I mean, seriously, how can that not be fun? Then when you’re cut loose for the day, you still have the make up on because you can’t really clean it up until you get home. Driving home in zombie make-up…priceless. If you ever get the chance to be a zombie – do it!


E-book $9.99
Paperback $18.95
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy / Romance

Molly Williams is a powerful hereditary witch who manages to keep her powers under control as she tries to be normal. Most of the time, it works.

An invitation from friends Winnie and Angus is just the diversion she needs right now, and she jumps at the offer to go backpacking along the Umatilla River in northeast Oregon.  When a freak storm forces them to take shelter in a secluded, crumbling cabin, their trip takes an unexpected turn. The moment Molly touches a leather-bound book discovered in the floorboards, they’re transported back in time.

Only with the help of the mysterious and beautiful Native American woman Aquene do they stay one step ahead of a band of witch hunters. Will Molly find the right magic to get them home before the hunters find her? Or will she risk it all to stay at Aquene’s side?



Sheri Lewis Wohl lives in Northeast Washington State and happily writes surrounded by unspoiled nature, trying to capture a bit of that beauty in her work. No matter how hard she tries to write normal though it doesn’t work – something of the preternatural variety always sneaks in. 


Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Instagram: Sheri Lewis Wohl / Website


Enter here for a chance to win a copy of 


Thanks so much Sheri for stopping by today.

Best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.


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Lesfic Link and News Roundup: Week of October 2


Interview with MJ Williamz author of Lessons in Desire

New Lesfic Goodies: October 3rd Edition


Interview with Jae author of Perfect Rhythm

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Interview with Dena Blake author of Unchained Memories










How Do I Write? by Clare Lydon



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Bold Strokes Books (Click on image for details)




Episodes this week: 

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Clare Lydon interviews Emma Nichols



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Kitty Kat’s Book Review Blog

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Click on the image for details.

CHANGE OF HEART  — Ends on October 9th

LESSONS IN DESIRE — Ends on October 9th

PERFECT RHYTHM — Ends on October 13th

KANYON & DAYLEN — Ends on October 11th

UNCHAINED MEMORIES — Ends on October 14th 







Stay tuned for more lesfic goodness next week!

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Interview with Dena Blake author of Unchained Memories

Happy Friday!

Bold Strokes Books author Dena Blake is here today to share about life, writing, and her latest Unchained Memories. One lucky winner will receive either a paperback or e-book copy of the book. Details can be found below.

How well do you know Dena? She’s challenged you to ferret out which of her statements in the spot the lie section is untrue.

Please welcome Dena Blake.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

It’s my pleasure! Thank you so much for having me, I’m completely flattered to have the opportunity.

On Monday, MJ Williamz, a fellow Californian was here. So, I’ll welcome you with our not-so-secret Californian greeting, “Hey Dude.” What part of California did you grow up in?

Dude! Following MJ is going to be difficult. She’s awesome! Throwing you a virtual high-five right now.

I grew up in the Northern California town of Novato, about 30 miles north of San Francisco where there was easy access to the beach, the city, and the ocean. I still have many good friends there whom I don’t see nearly enough. You can’t beat the California weather, I’ll take an earthquake any day over a tornado.

Currently you live in the southwest. Has living in different parts of the US impacted your writing?

Definitely. You can see a drastic difference in culture between the west coast and mid-America. The people in both places are wonderfully unique, which really helps with characterization. The southwest has a noticeably slower pace than the west coast, and that comes out in my writing. I’ve also visited many different states across the country, which allows me to create distinctive personalities for my characters.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? And, how long (roughly) did it take you to realize your dream?

I’ve loved creative writing since I was a child, but I didn’t think about writing seriously until about 10 years ago. Not long after I started writing, life threw some significant obstacles in my path and my creativity vanished while I dealt with them. Thankfully, I was able to move past those complications and my creativity came back. That was about two years ago and I haven’t stopped writing since.

Your latest release Unchained Memories is your second published book. How much did you learn about writing and publishing after releasing your first book earlier this year?

I’ve learned so much just in this past year that it’s hard to know where to start. I’m the first one to admit that I need an editor and mine is awesome. She’s taught me so much about sentence structure, and she makes me sound incredibly smooth. I’ve also been fortunate to have a couple of fellow authors reach out and coach me on the many things involved in making a book successful before and after it’s released

Can you tell us a bit about Unchained Memories?

Unchained Memories is a contemporary romance with a bit of intrigue. It’s set in Norman, Oklahoma, a town just south of Oklahoma City, and well within driving range for me to do research.

Essentially Jillian McIntyre was taken from her home and moved to New York after she witnessed a brutal crime. Years later, after her sister is killed in an accident, she must return to her hometown to find her niece’s father, neither of whom knows the other exists. Jillian conceals her identity to accomplish the task, and isn’t hesitant about her decision until her past drops a huge roadblock in her path. She isn’t expecting to run into her high school sweetheart, Amelia, and is thrown into emotional turmoil when she begins to fall in love with her all over again.

There are a few surprises and obstacles to overcome along the way, but they get through it and actually end up together. Sorry for the spoiler, but it is a romance, after all. 🙂

It’s been suggested to me that I should write a sequel that includes the two secondary characters, Julie and Darcy. I’m taking that under consideration and slipping it into the possibility file for now.

Your third book is already slated to be published in 2018. What’s your secret for staying productive?

I have to admit, the first draft of Where the Light Glows was already written when I submitted it to Bold Strokes Books, and Unchained Memories had a lot of structure by the time I received my first publishing contract from Bold Strokes Books. I did have a bit of a head start, but I do try to always have something working. Currently, I have A Country Girl’s Heart back from my editor for second round edits, Racing Hearts due for submission in November, another story outlined and partially written, as well as another idea mapped out. These women in my head want life!

Be honest, do you have a crush on any of your characters?

Whenever I’m in the middle of writing a book, I can’t help but fall in love with one of my characters. I’m currently crushing on Kat from my next book, A Country Girl’s Heart, but I can’t truly say that I’m completely over Amelia from Unchained Memories. I definitely have a thing for strong women with big hearts.

In your author bio, it states you’re a would-be chef. If you were cooking a romantic dinner what would be on the menu?  

I’d make a light vegetable pasta dish that I’ve been told is delicious. You’d catch me in the kitchen chopping Roma tomatoes, zucchini squash, and fresh basil that would simmer together while we enjoy a small antipasto tray and a glass of Coppola Claret. Next I’d toss cooked bowtie pasta into the vegetable mixture, and warm a nice loaf of sour dough bread. Before serving, I’d dust the pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Dessert would be optional. 🙂

And, finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to be a writer but hasn’t found the right push to take the plunge?

My advice is to sit down and write. Someone isn’t going to come knocking on your door asking to see something that doesn’t exist. Read as many books on the craft of writing as you can. Learn about point of view, about showing, not telling, about killer beginnings and romantic endings. Most of us don’t start writing effortlessly in the beginning, and we never write flawlessly. Writing is hard, but it can become much easier if you do your homework. Watch the people around you, the world is full of interesting characters just waiting to be given new life. Write something from beginning to end, a short story, a poem, a full-blown novel. It may be something you hide in a drawer forever, but you have to start somewhere. The next one can only get better. Lastly, read the genre in which you want to write, know your audience. Reading will make you a better writer.


For a bit of fun, Dena has provided two truths and one lie? Which do you think is the lie. Let us know by leaving a comment.

  1. I learned to snow ski on a black diamond run in Lake Tahoe.

2.   If I could afford it, I’d have as many pairs of shoes as Imelda Marcos.

3.   I love pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza.


E-book $9.99
Paperback $16.95
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Intrigue & Thriller / Romance

Jillian McIntyre is ripped from her home in Oklahoma after she witnesses a brutal crime, even though she cannot remember the details. Years later following her sister’s death, Jillian must return to her hometown to locate her niece’s father, neither of whom knows the other exists. A TV investigative journalist by trade, Jillian conceals her identity to complete the task.

Amelia Mathews is a family attorney who doesn’t have time for romance. After growing up in a volatile household, she’s devoted to advocating for abused and mistreated children. Amelia and her brother provide a voice to children who have no one else to speak for them. When a woman and her niece come to town in need of assistance, Amelia can’t seem to detach this time. As her attachment to them grows, Amelia’s world becomes more complicated than she ever imagined.

The last thing Jillian expects is to fall for the girl she left behind. Confronted with unreconciled feelings for Amelia, Jillian begins to fall in love with the woman she’s become. Will Jillian give up her high-powered career for a second chance at love?


Dena Blake grew up in a small town just north of San Francisco where she learned to play softball, ride motorcycles, and grow vegetables. She eventually moved with her family to the Southwest where she began creating vivid characters in her mind and bringing them to life on paper. She currently has two books published and two more due out in 2018 from Bold Strokes Books.

Dena lives in the Southwest with her partner, and is constantly amazed at what she learns from her two children. She’s a would-be chef, tech nerd, and occasional auto mechanic who has a weakness for dark chocolate and a good cup of coffee.

Facebook / Twitter / Website  / Instagram / Bold Strokes Author Page


Enter here for a chance to win a copy of 

Unchained Memories

One winner will be able to choose to receive either an e-book or paperback copy.


Thanks so much Dena for stopping by today.

Don’t forget to share which statement you think is a lie. It will be revealed on Monday.

And, best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.


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