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by Ellen Hoil

Dr. Nydia Rogers was stripped of her future long before she had one, she now lives day to day. Her life focused on being a trauma doctor and saving others, not herself. Jo Powers, a cop doing her best to make a difference, is a survivor of domestic violence because of someone she thought was her protector. Chance brings them together, but will real life keep them apart?For the first time in her life, Jo will use every bit of charm and romance to gain the trust of Nydia to soothe both their wounds. Will it be enough to win the heart of the emotionally scarred doctor? Traumatic Love includes themes of surviving domestic violence, abuse, and bullying and is recommended for mature readers.


The Hellfire Quartet: Book 1

by Hildred Billings & Cynthia Dane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bree sees Hellfire as her permanent escape. A place where she can forget her old relationships and seek out new, temporary pleasures. Yet when she sees the woman of her dreams on the night of a big key party, Bree knows she must have her – even if for only tonight.

Yet Amelia isn’t a woman who gives her heart as easily as she gives her body. Fresh from a heartbreaking divorce, she’s in Hellfire to get back in the dating game, convinced that a night of senseless fun with a stranger will erase her sadness.

When Bree ends up in her dream girl’s room, Amelia is more than surprised. They both like women, but there is something about this encounter that is new to them both. For Amelia, it’s her first taste of a real romance with another woman. For Bree, it’s the first inkling that true love might be real after all.

It helps that Bree possesses the perfect key for Amelia’s closely-guarded handcuffs…



by Gail Newman

Sara Burton had dreams of being a writer. A fateful meeting with the glamourous Claire Elliot derailed those dreams and has sent Sara on an adventure into the world of movie making. Joining her on the way is her best friend and sidekick Chole. Sara’s content in her role as assistant to Claire. That is, until a series of unexplained events and secrets cause Sara to question whether she is involved in a movie plot of her own. What parts do Claire’s insufferable agent, Abby and the mysterious French actress Claudine Monet play? More importantly, for Sara, what role does she play in all of this.



by Annette Mori

Blair returns to her hometown after the death of her sister. She’s always been an activist, but this time she vows to use her voice to advocate for better gun control. At her lowest point, she meets Maribel, an irresistible, sexy woman who proves to be an enigma to Blair. Maribel can’t help approaching the weeping woman. When she learns the origin of her grief, Maribel thinks she is the last person who should form a friendship with Blair.

Ultimately, the allure is too much for Maribel, but how long can she keep her secret and continue to nurture their burgeoning feelings for one another.

A committed left-wing social activist could never fall for the poster child of the NRA. Unless taking that one shot at love matters more than anything else.



by Helena Harte

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ash Smith is determined to make something of herself, and she knows enough about love to know it’s not what she wants right now. That is, until she finds Java, a beautiful, abandoned dog who steals her heart.

Dr Evie Jackson is all about stability. She and her son live a calm, happy life, and passing dalliances are all she’ll allow so she keeps her heart, and her son, safe.

When Ash and Evie meet at the Hound Hotel where Evie volunteers, sparks fly. But will they answer love’s call, or will they let it pass them by?





by Georgia Beers

Teddi Baker used to believe in happily ever after. It’s why she became a wedding planner and worked so hard to make her business, Hopeless Romantic, successful. But after the catastrophe of her own marriage, Teddi loses her heart, her hope, and half of her assets. She is officially jaded, but she needs every job she can get to make ends meet. When bride-to-be Kelly Scott walks in, Teddi is ready. Until she comes face-to-face with Kelly’s sister: Leah Scott, her ex-wife’s divorce attorney. The one who helped ruin her life.

Leah Scott wears her heart on her sleeve, an odd characteristic for a divorce attorney. When her father left her stay-at-home mom with barely enough money to survive, she recognized her calling. But Leah still believes in happiness and no one deserves it more than her sister. If only Kelly didn’t insist on using a wedding planner who hates Leah’s guts…despite the unexpected and wholly unwanted chemistry between them.


Ruby’s Bar: Book 2

by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The bar is open and all your friends at Ruby’s are back.

Rey and Marty are the best of friends… but could they someday be more? And what will it take to finally bring them together? Maybe a place like Ruby’s.



by Ronica Black

High school science teacher Carla Sims is successful and happy with a network of close friends. But in affairs of the heart, she’s newly alone and happy to stay that way. After receiving a phone call from her aunt, she rushes across the country to be by her dying grandmother’s side.

Janice Carpenter is a recently divorced literature professor who can’t seem to get her best friend’s daughter, Carla, out of her mind. Ever since Carla came out, Janice has been inexplicably fascinated by her, and when she sees her again, her feelings are uncontainable. Before she knows it, she’s offering Carla a quiet place to stay to regain her balance during her visit.

Under the same roof, the fiery passion neither wants to end bursts free. But Carla was never planning to stay, and Janice struggles to come out. Will Carla and Janice realize that the road to home is closer than they think before love flees?



by Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Daria Fleming’s in a rut, and on a whim, she decides to visit a psychic. There has to be more to life than work, home, repeat ad nauseam. The cards tell her she’s right, and lo and behold, Daria meets Phaedra Jean-Julien, a vibrant street performer who represents everything Daria knows is missing in her life. Unfortunately, Daria has responsibilities which include taking care of her autistic kid sister, and Phaedra has sworn off relationships due to reasons she doesn’t want to go into. But fighting their attraction only drives the passion higher.

Can Daria find a way to bring love into her life without disturbing the careful routine she thinks her sister needs to thrive? Can Phaedra overcome her struggles before they destroy the promise of new love? Maybe the advice of the mysterious tarot card reader is what they need to guide them along their path to one another.



by PJ Trebelhorn

Riley Warren has spent her entire life in the same small town in Upstate New York. There aren’t many prospects for true love, but she keeps hoping she’ll find it somehow. She dreams of owning the small movie theater she manages, but that takes money, which is hard to get when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Victoria Thayer has fallen for a woman more interested in her money than her heart for the last time. When she runs into Riley, the first girl she ever had a crush on, at their high school reunion, she’s hoping there might just be a chance for the kind of relationship she’s always wanted. But Victoria can’t help wondering if Riley too is only after her money, and Riley can’t seem to forgive the fact that Victoria was part of a group of kids who used to bully her.

When hopes and dreams are on the line, will true love find a way?



by D. Jackson Leigh

Captain Britt Story lost more than her left arm in Afghanistan. She lost faith in honor and humanity when her command’s failure to act cost a young soldier’s life, turning Britt into a ticking political time bomb the U.S. Army and her father, an influential senator, are desperate to disarm.

Occupational therapist First Lieutenant Teddy Alexander was thrust into the national spotlight when she successfully petitioned to receive survivor’s benefits after her wife was killed in Afghanistan days before DOMA was repealed. Six years later, she remains safely cocooned in the past by her military family until her assignment to rehab Captain Story drags them both into a confusing battle between duty, consequences, and hot attraction.



by Jesse J. Thoma

We all have things in life we cannot change. Serenity is in the acceptance.

Kit Marsden is proud that she’s put her heroin use in the past. She’d really just prefer if no one made a big deal about it so she can move on with her life. After all, people hear the word “heroin,” smile politely, and run for the hills. Kit would have more success ignoring her past if her NA meetings weren’t at the library where she nearly died. Plus, she can’t stop thinking about the librarian, Thea Harris.

Thea’s desperate to protect her library and keep it a safe place for the community. She’s used to keeping her life orderly and predictable, working hard, and preparing for every possibility at work and at home. But nothing prepares her for Kit Marsden.




Stephanie’s Story: Book 1

by Monique S

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Maureen is a gorgeous highly intelligent Irish redhead studying medicine and psychology aiming for dual PHDs and becoming a researcher. She earns her keep and cost of her courses by working at the emergency reception of the hospital as an auxilliary nurse.

Her housemates are Bhavana, an equally beautiful Indian woman, studying design and already working as an interior designer. Her partner is Madelaine, an elegant and pretty petite French girl studying English.

Maureen is yet to find a partner for herself, this is the story of how that happens.




The Love and Courage Series: Book 3

by Jaycie Morrison

Sergeant Bett Smythe and Lieutenant Gale Rains are building a life together, despite the risks in the tightly closeted world of the Women’s Army Corps. When another couple, Captain Kathleen Hartley and Lieutenant Victoria Whitman, invite Bett and Rain to a dinner party, they’re introduced to the lesbian underground on the base.

Kat and Whit have had a turbulent relationship, and as a budding friendship deepens, Kat’s attraction to Rain threatens both couples’ futures. When Whit’s friend is accused of sexually assaulting a recruit, the ensuing investigation impacts them all, professionally and personally.

As the Battle of the Bulge rages overseas, the bounds of love and friendship are tested. Whit will do almost anything to preserve what she has with Kat, but who is the real threat? And can Bett protect her relationship from the very real dangers close to heart and home?

Trigger Warning: F/F Sexual harassment





by Mildred Gail Digby

Lark Greenpool became a Guardian at just the wrong time. A forbidden artifact known as a Bloodring has been awoken. It released a malevolent energy that threatens to destroy the barrier that protects Lark’s world from the Outside and it’s the Guardians’ job to put it right.

Help arrives in the form of an ambassador from the Ringsworn, the people who made the Bloodring. Violet Ironwrought is prickly, most likely very dangerous, dislikes everyone, and is completely fascinating to Lark. After a rocky start, friendship blossoms between the two women, and slowly grows into something much more than that.

When circumstances threaten to separate them, Lark has to decide where her loyalties lie, and what she is willing to risk to protect not only herself, but the woman who has become the most important part of her life.




The S.P.E.A.R. Mission Files: Book 2

by Ileandra Young

Danika Karson, recently promoted team leader within the Supernatural Prohibition, Extermination, and Arrest Regiment (SPEAR), is tasked with containing a new pack of werewolves who have entered Angbec and staked their claim with violence and brutality. Their ferocious rampage not only endangers humans but falsely implicates Wensleydale Gordan, dear friend and alpha of the smaller, more vulnerable Dire Wolf pack.

With such powerful adversaries, Danika must again enlist the help of Rayne: girlfriend, fellow agent, and powerful vampire. Unfortunately, Rayne has more personal matters on her mind. The full moon approaches, and with it, supernatural compulsions that threaten to consume Rayne and Danika in a wave of passion and blood.

Wolves fight for supremacy, Rayne struggles for control, and Danika wants nothing more than to save them all. But when the full moon rises, can she win against the moon fever?



by Michelle Larkin

Boston Homicide Detective Reid Sylver closes every case that comes her way. Her secret? She can talk to the dead.

Reid’s perfect record has earned her the freedom to work with the only partner she can tolerate: a scarred one-eyed mastiff called Mugshot. Then the new boss saddles her with rookie London Gold. How will she keep her gift a secret with this ambitious rookie underfoot?

London Gold has dreamed of being a homicide detective since long before she became a cop. Now she has a chance to learn from the woman she’s idolized for years. Breaking through the detective’s tough shell won’t be easy, but she’s determined to learn the secret behind Reid’s success.

Both women are surprised by their chemistry as they work feverishly to find a tech-savvy killer who stalks his victims from afar. Just one problem: the killer’s now stalking them.





by Skye Kilaen

The bodyguard is a traitor. The princess is her one true love. And the revolution is almost here.

Elsenna Hazen left spaceport security and ended up a royal bodyguard. She should have known better than to fall in love with a princess. It’s been two years since one ill-advised kiss in the garden pulled them apart. With uprisings in the streets, the nervous princess transfers Elsenna back into her service. Her Highness has no idea Elsenna is leaking data to the revolutionaries bent on overthrowing the princess’s oppressive father.

When rebel attacks escalate and the king plans retaliation, Elsenna discovers that the fights for her love and her life are one and the same.


Chronicles of Alsea: Book 9

by Fletcher DeLancey

The space elevator makes Alsea a new threat, one the Voloth are determined to neutralize. But Lancer Tal has been preparing for this with every weapon at hand, including her own bondmate. In orbit, Captain Ekatya Serrado is fighting her own battle with a hostile admiral who is suspicious of her divine tyree bond. Amidst the mobilization for war, romance blossoms, familiar faces return, and a warrior’s honor is restored. Life and love will endure, even in a gathering storm.




Knight Protector: Book 3

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kaladorn. Slave born.

Rohana knew her destiny. She’d been born to serve her king, to live and die at his command. She hadn’t questioned when he ordered his armies into the frozen North, to fight a queen who threatened the South.

Except, Queen Ilaria has never been a threat to their nation. On a frozen field of battle, Rohana learns the truth. And she has one moment to make a decision.

One moment, for a slave to rewrite the fate of two empires.





by St John Karp

Andre met his best friend Amy on a night like tonight. The way Amy tells it she had to stop him from climbing over the bar at Aunty Bob’s to punch the bartender, though if you ask Andre he’ll say, “What? That never happened. I don’t even know what you’re saying to me right now.”

Now Amy is worryingly missing in action, and Andre goes to Aunty Bob’s on a quest to find her. No sooner does he walk in with his depressingly heterosexual date than his best hat is spirited away by a lesbian in the throes of breaking up with her girlfriend. She in turn has it stolen from her when she starts a fight with two twinks at the bar. The hat makes its way around Aunty Bob’s from one head to another, giving glimpses into the dozens of stories playing out at the same time, unaware of each other but colliding in catastrophic ways. Can Andre find Amy before this party devolves into a nightmare of broken hearts, malevolent drag queens, and spontaneous human combustion? Or has it always happened this way, every night, at Aunty Bob’s Quake City Club?





by Melissa Brayden

narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Josephine Wilder’s torrid love affair is with Tangle Valley Vineyard, her family’s legacy. She’s grown up dreaming between the vines. She’s always had secret ideas about how to make the place shine, so when it passes to her, Joey vows to make Tangle Valley everything she knows it can be. Her biggest obstacle? That overly commercial hotel going up, and the uppity manager trying to kill the vineyard’s rustic charm.

Becca Crawford loves to unwind with a good glass of wine. An astute business woman who has climbed the hospitality ladder, she’s the perfect person to head up Elite Resorts’ newest property, The Jade Hotel, and give tourists all the luxury they desire. As a bonus, The Jade is not far from the cutest vineyard with the best pinot she’s ever tasted. If only the captivating owner would get on board with her plan and stop badmouthing the hotel to everyone in town.

Is it possible that a nice glass of red could help Becca and Joey see each other in a new and alluring light?


The Gulfport Mystery Series: Book 2

by Alison R. Solomon

narrated by Alison R. Solomon

A missing girlfriend. Abandoned spouses. A detective who doesn’t want to investigate.

Ella Jay has vanished without a trace. Her passionate, strong-willed fiancée, Breezy Carmichael, is terrified that something sinister has happened to her. The detective assigned to the case thinks Breezy should accept she’s been dumped. But Breezy senses something strange going on. For no apparent reason, in this small town of Gulfport, Florida, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, husbands and wives are deserting their spouses. Could Ella’s disappearance be part of the same mystery? When the detective makes a shocking discovery about Ella, Breezy must decide whether to listen to her head, which tells her to walk away, or to her mostly unreliable gut which tells her to keep searching. The decision she makes could be the difference between life and death.


Norfolk Coast Investigations: Book 2

by Andrea Bramhall

narrated by Henrietta Meire

December 5th, 2013 left its mark on the North Norfolk Coast in more ways than one. A tidal surge and storm swept millennia-old cliff faces into the sea and flooded homes and businesses up and down the coast. It also buried a secret in the WWII bunker hiding under the golf course at Brancaster. A secret kept for years, until it falls squarely into the lap of Detective Sergeant Kate Brannon and her fellow officers.

A skeleton, deep inside the bunker.

How did it get there? Who was he…or she? How did the stranger die – in a tragic accident or something more sinister? Well, that’s Kate’s job to find out.


Forest Vale Hospital: Book 1

by Emily Hayes

narrated by Debbie Miller Nelson

World class heart surgeon, Katherine Ross meets a young woman anonymously on a dating app. When each woman realizes who the other really is, can they find a way to turn their intense passion into love?

Dr Katherine Ross is a world class heart surgeon. She holds life and death in her hands on a daily basis. Her own heart is fiercely guarded.

She finds an intense forbidden passion with the mysterious Sophia.

Can she find a way to let Sophia in, to heal her own broken heart?







Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue provides chuckles with her MULLET MAYHEM guest post. Nicole is giving away 1 ecopy of Beyond the Lights

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

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Can You Spot Me a Fiver? by TB Markinson

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, TB Markinson (pssst: I run I Heart Lesfic) is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Clare Lydon and TB are giving away Amazon Gift Cards and a signed copy of One Golden Summer. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Can You Spot Me a Fiver?

Back in March of 2020, which seems like years and years ago, I traveled to London to stay with Clare Lydon and attend some book events (one of which ended up getting cancelled).

We also planned a few days in Whitstable to do some research for our cowrite: One Golden Summer.

Before we left London for the weekend stay, I asked Clare if I needed to grab some cash to have on hand. In my experience, some pubs in smaller towns either preferred or only accepted cash.

She waved me off, saying it wasn’t necessary.

For the most part, it was fine.

However, one night, we went to a pub, and when it was my turn to buy a round, I was relieved to see a credit card machine behind the bar. I not so confidently strode up to the bartender (ordering beer for Clare Lydon isn’t as easy as it sounds, but I’ll save that story for later), and before I requested the items we needed, I asked if I could pay with a card.

The answer was yes, but there was a 5-pound minimum.

Clare only wanted a half pint, and I already had a drink. So, I added two bags of crisps (potato chips for American readers) to get the total to the minimum.

The bartender filled the half pint and tossed the bags on the counter. I presented my card. He inserted it into the reader and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

As it turned out, the machine couldn’t get a connection.

I glanced over my shoulder at Clare, but she was staring at the wall. Not because she was drunk, but this particular pub had interesting artwork on the blood-red walls. If my memory serves, there was an end of the world vibe. Or demons. Is there a difference between the two?

Finally, I had to go ask Clare for cash.

Which she happily handed over, because she’s a good friend.

When I got back to the bartender, I was too embarrassed to say I didn’t want the crisps anymore because I’d only ordered them to meet the credit card purchase minimum. We’d both just had massive fish and chips, and I wasn’t hungry. Turned out, Clare wasn’t either.

The bags stayed in the Airbnb for the entire weekend, neither of us ripping one open. I ended up packing them in my backpack, and when I was on the plane home, about the second hour in, I became quite famished. While rummaging through my bag, since I was on an airline that doesn’t provide food, I found the crisps.

Given all the drama around getting back to the US during the pandemic, I don’t think I ever thanked Clare for the crisps. So, thanks, Clare. You kept me from starving on the six-hour flight.

And, even with all the extenuating circumstances, we actually got One Golden Summer written and published. There’s a scene in the story when my character doesn’t have cash and needs to ask Clare’s character for a fiver—not once but twice. At least my embarrassment paid off.


To celebrate the release of One Golden Summer, cowritten with Clare Lydon, we’ve put together a giveaway. The grand prize includes a signed copy of One Golden Summer and a $50 Amazon gift card. Two other winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Click here to enter. 

One Golden Summer:

Would you trade fame for love?

Saffron Oliver is the golden girl. Golden hair. Golden skin. Golden movie career.

Only one problem: she hates it.

She flees to her sister’s seaside town – where she meets the confident & charming Kirsty McBride.

Kirsty is everything Saffron wants to be. Perhaps also, everything she wants.

But Saffron can’t have it all. So now, she has to decide: does she crave Kirsty enough to blow up her golden life?

Best-selling lesbian romance authors Clare Lydon & TB Markinson have written a sizzling lesbian love story about not being afraid and going after what you really want.



T.B. Markinson is an American writer based in Massachusetts, who has been lucky enough to live in Britain for six years and in Ireland for a year and a half. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order.

She runs the website I Heart Lesfic and cohosts the Lesbians Who Write podcast.

Click here for a longer version.



Twitter / Website  / Lesbians Who Write

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MULLET MAYHEM by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Nicole is giving away 1 ecopy of Beyond the Lights. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Nicole.


I have always respected self-sufficient people, especially those that were able to do everything themselves. As a child, I read novels about people that were trapped in the woods and were able to build structures to house themselves and make their own fires. I also watched bits and pieces of westerns where the cowboys were able to travel anywhere and everywhere they wanted, still managing to capture their own food, find a place to relax, and create a spot to lay their heads down, so when I found myself in a city with limited resources around me, I decided to apply the skills that I had seen on television and read about in the novels to my own life.

At eighteen, I was ordered to work in New Mexico in a city that I had never been to before. I had no car, and though I did have food and a place to sleep, I did not know that many people. The position that I held required me to be properly groomed and looking my best, and without proper transportation that was difficult to do. Therefore, when I found myself in dire need of a haircut, I decided that the only resolve was to cut it myself.

Now, I had never cut hair in my life. I grew up with friends that were mostly male, and none of them had an interest in that kind of thing. However, inspired by the western movies that showed cowboys hanging mirrors on trees and grooming themselves, I figured that it could not be too hard. Cowboys never went to school to learn the skill. They just pulled out a razor or knife and trimmed themselves. Knowing this, I decided that I could do the same. I mean, how hard could it be to trim one’s hair? As long as I cut a little off at a time, I should be good right?

Wrong. First of all, I did not have scissors like most people that do home haircuts do, so instead, I decided to make a horrible mistake and use my dull pocketknife. I sat myself on the counter so that I could get a good view of my hair, and I started to hack away. Nevertheless, since the pocketknife was not that sharp, it took a lot more work to cut the dangling strands, resulting in crooked cuts that made my once straight hair look uneven. I continued to cut, trying to make everything uniform, but the more that I hacked away, the crazier it looked. I could not understand what I was doing wrong. It looked so easy in the movies, but after trying it myself, I realized that it was a lot more strenuous of a task than I had originally thought. I finally stopped and gave up on that learning lesson, realizing that I probably would have done a better job if I had put a bowl on my head and cut around that. The haircut that I had grown to love was now gone and replaced with a bangless mullet, and I knew that I would have to suffer the consequences of my actions the next day as I had to go to work.

Though I was embarrassed of my hair the next day, my coworkers were gracious in their response, and fortunately, I didn’t suffer as extreme consequences as I thought that I would, but now, every time that I see a western movie where a man is cutting his hair in the middle of nowhere, I remember that moment.




by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sawyer Johnson has spent her entire life in the same small town with the same people, and she has always imagined a life beyond the bright lights of the town. Autumn Thompson, her best friend is completely satisfied with their simple lifestyle and can’t imagine anything coming in between them. However, when Sawyer decides to go on a trip out of town in order to meet her celebrity crush, Autumn insists on going with her. Will Sawyer find happiness in a lifestyle framed around fame and fortune, or will Autumn finally convince her that the life that they had together was worth more than she thought?



Growing up in a small town, Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue spent a majority of her time reading and writing, so when she was granted the opportunity to write full-time, she did not have to think twice.

Since beginning her writing career, she has managed to pen several lesbian romances, while adding a little action and adventure to spice things up.

As a newly graduated MBA student, she plans to use her recently discovered free time to craft the art that she loves. For more information on Nicole’s new releases or to find out what she has been working on, sign-up for her newsletter at


Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / Bookbub / Website


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New Lesfic Goodies: July 28th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




Sins of Mercy: Book 3

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

No one is more productive at work than Mercy, who is blessed with lust and avarice – and both sins leave her with too much energy! For a week Mercy has not slept a wink, opting to instead put in overtime at work, clean her house every day, and probably train for a marathon, too. It’s gotten to the point where her coworkers are noticing her for all the wrong reasons.

That’s why the next sinner to visit her is Sloth, a lethargic beauty who invites Mercy into her “dream world.” What Mercy discovers on the other side of consciousness is a world where anything is possible. Anything except actual sleep!


Lix Club: Book 1

by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Quinn is the handsome, yet guarded owner of LA’s most exclusive women-only club, Lix- an incredible adult playground where fantasies do come true. Can Lauren find a way to seduce Quinn and explore the magical world of Lix?

A sizzling hot Butch/Femme Age Gap Lesbian Romance with light BDSM themes by Emily Hayes

Lauren is curious to explore the enigmatic nightclub, Lix, and also her own sexuality. When she meets the club owner, Kelly Quinn, she is blown away by Quinn’s charm and natural dominance. Quinn is fiercely guarded and Quinn is a player. Can Lauren find a way to change all of that?



by Dorothy Rice Bennett

Brittany Forrest, animal lover and vet tech, needs a better place to rent in Sequim, on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Noticing a for-rent sign, she calls the owner of the large house. Brit, guessing she isn’t the only woman needing a better/cheaper place to live, finds three other lesbians to rent with her. Needing one more, Aggie Hollister, the straight older woman who owns the big house, asks to remain as the fifth woman. How will this work out for the five women – a vet tech, a lawn-maintenance worker, a college student with a secret friend, a retired pianist, and a straight woman who has built a life caring for other people, all of different ages – sharing space and lives?


Conclusion to The RV Ranch

by Tey Holden

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jo and Kate embarked on their RV road trip to Alaska, it was not what they expected. The long road took them through unexpected turns and stops that would test their resolve and love.

Will they stay together and make it to Alaska, or will the trip put their relationship in danger?




A LadyLuck Startups Romance: Book 2

by Monica McCallan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

App designer Carter Montgomery has thrown herself into being a successful co-founder of LadyLuck for the last half decade. Until now, she’s been content to focus on work mixed with a little light fun. It takes a horrible date with an infuriating woman to make her realize that maybe she isn’t so satisfied with things and that it’s time she got serious about investing in her love life.




Sellswords & Spellweavers: Book 3

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A prank gone wrong. A murder that’s more than it seems.

Something’s wrong in the jarldom. A rash of inexplicable disappearances, mysterious sightings of strange creatures, and an accidental killing are just the beginning. When the jarl himself is transformed into a beast, people begin to look to the Mage’s University.

Together with the giant Njal, apprentice wizard Idun Wintermoon and investigator Lissette Forlatt are in a race against time to clear the university – and find the real culprit. But there’s more afoot than magical pranks.

The transmogrification games are just beginning.





by Linda North

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In 1901, Rose McLeod and her father are in Cairo to acquire ancient Egyptian relics for their antiquities business back home in Baltimore. A notorious slaver, known for procuring concubines for harems, attempts to abduct Rose. She is rescued only to find she is now captive of a beautiful woman claiming to be the pharaoh of a kingdom hidden deep in the Sahara.

Merytneit is autocratic, arrogant, and entitled. She believes Rose is a gift from Goddess Neit. Rose refuses to accept any of this. She’s a “freeborn American woman.” During her journey across the desert to the Valley of Wind and Dreams, Rose joins Meryt’s three companions as a reluctant member of Meryt’s family. Rose discovers the women are not just Meryt’s companions. “Harem. This is a harem.”

Cultures clash, danger intrudes, and passions flame. Travel with Meryt and Rose across the Sahara to the Valley of Wind and Dreams, where they discover their entwined destinies as decreed by the ancient Egyptian Gods.

2nd Edition rewritten with expanded and additional chapters. Contains mild violence.





by Lexa Luther

Omega Princess Kinsey will one day rule the House of Wymarc and Thornstone Castle—as long as she secures the next heir to the throne. Her father has given her four Alpha slaves to choose as the breeder. In exchange for her pregnancy, the slave will be granted freedom.

Aubrey, a She-Alpha, was sold into slavery as a young child. Life as a misunderstood Alpha has been difficult, and now she has the chance to regain her freedom. All she must do is best the other three Alphas, impregnate the princess, and leave without a trace. However, discovering she will be forbidden to ever see the child, Aubrey realizes the real cost of her freedom.

Trigger Warning:  The book has a female lead character with a penis.




Hannah Graves Series: Book 1

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Growing up in Doylestown, Pa I have had a pretty nice life for the first sixteen years. Great adoptive parents, loving girlfriend, and outstanding best friend. However, when a random dare turns deadly, I am forced to the harshest truth of my world. Life is never going to be the same, because I’m not even human.

Now I am struggling to figure out the truth months later, scrambling to put this terrifying evil back into its bottle!


Hellriders in Love: Book 3

by Parker Jaysen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The bad news: Your partner’s dead. The guild wants you on the mission anyway.

The worse news: The cargo is a live dragon. Going alone is unthinkable.

The WTF: Your boss is coming along.

Lucy and Jess were lined up for the next hellrun, but Jess is gone. Into the vacancy slides guild leader Thea: tall, blonde, rich — and why is she even here?

The marsh is more demonic than usual, the dragon is bigger than a station cat and growing, and even as a ley mage, Lucy is lost in a world without her old partner.

But two hearts in sync are another kind of map, pointing the way to love, if she has only the courage to follow.

Short reads, steamy romance, epic scope.




Two Hearts Trilogy: Book 1

by Harper Bliss

narrated by Melissa Moran & Tanya Eby

In the small town of Donovan Grove, Anna Gunn’s life is organized just the way she likes it: work from home, walks with her dog, Friday night drinks at the bar.

But Anna’s strict routine is challenged when the local bookstore is taken over by city slicker, Zoe Perez.

Will Anna let Zoe into her life, despite the major disruption she will have to tolerate?

And can Zoe look past Anna’s eccentricity and embrace her unconventional behavior?


Curtis and Reynolds: Book 2

by Carolyn Elizabeth

narrated by Lori Prince

Though still suffering side effects from the injuries she sustained in a serious fall, Corey Curtis is off restricted duty and back at work in the morgue. Within hours of cutting the cast off her arm with a bone saw, she’s asked by her former mentor to assist on a body recovery. Now she’s elbow deep in decomposing human remains and a suspicious death that hits far too close to home.

Just when her relationship with Dr. Thayer Reynolds has reached a new milestone, the new case tests Corey’s limits while Thayer struggles with a difficult situation at work. Corey’s impulsive nature has her hurtling down an all too familiar road with trouble around every corner.

The only thing keeping the wheels from totally coming off is Thayer’s unwavering love and support. But when the investigation comes full circle, everyone is caught off guard…threatening a most unhappy ending.



KD Williamson, author of Cops and Docs, Pink, and Big Girl Pill is holding an auction for autographed paperbacks from some of your favorite lesfic authors in order to raise money for her preventative mastectomy. Please join us on Facebook from July 25th-August 1st to bid, win and help an author in need.



Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Isabella provides cringeworthy chuckles with her You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! guest post. Isabella is giving away 1 ecopy of Blood Honor.

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up by Isabella

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Isabella is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Isabella is giving away 1 ecopy of Blood Honor. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Isabella.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

As a writers, we are natural observers of people’s behavior. Sometime stories come out of a simple trip to the bank. One such incident happened a few years back and has stayed with me all these years, especially since I have three sons of my own. One day as I was standing in line, with several other people, to make a deposit. A young mother was trying to hold on to her rambunctious son’s hand as she waited her turn in line. Not wanting to stand still, the boy jerked on his mother’s hand and demanded a sucker. The exchange went something like this:

“If you don’t stop acting up, I’m going to ground you and you’re never going to see daylight.”

The young man crossed his arms looked at his and without missing a beat he yelled, as most kids do wanting attention, “Well, if you do that, I’ll tell grandma I saw daddy’s pee pee in your mouth.”

Everyone in the bank froze. The silence was deafening as the poor young mother turned every shade of red imaginable. I looked at the man in front of me who suddenly had the biggest grin on his face, but at least had the decency to turn away as he smirked.

An older woman stepped out of line and walked over to the young man, took out two quarters and held them out to the boy and said, “If you can hold on to these without making another peep, you can keep them and I’m sure your mother will take you to the corner store and let you buy all the candy you can hold. Can you do that?”

The boy nodded, held out his hand. She placed them in each palm and closed them around the quarters. “Do you promise?”

He nodded.

“If you break your promise you have to give them back. Understand?”

He nodded, again.

“I’m so sorry,” the young mother said to the woman.

The older woman gently patted the young mother on the shoulder and said, “Honey, I had sons myself and if this is the most embarrassing thing he’ll ever say, consider yourself lucky.”

Stepping back in line she reminded the boy of his promise. As the line shortened it was finally the young mother’s turn at the window. The teller assured the mother that she too had children and knew the woman’s pain. As she concluded her business, the older woman passed the boy. He smiled held out his hands with the quarters.

“Well done,” she said walking out.

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.


American Yakuza: Book 4

by Isabella

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Three lives are intertwined yet moving in different directions. Can each survive long enough to get what they want, or are they all on a one-way path toward collective destruction? While the future looks bright for lovers, Luce Potter and Brooke Erickson, they are about to face the biggest fight of their lives to stay together.

  • 1 winner

Blood Honor Giveaway




Isabella is an award-winning author for Sapphire Books. She lives on the central coast of California with her wife. she teaches at a local college and has three wonderful sons. She rides motorcycles when she’s not writing or remodeling a cabin in the Sierra foothills.

Isabella has written fifteen novels. If you want to read her current work, check out her newest release, Blood Honor, fourth in the American Yakuza series.


Facebook / Instagram


Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 21st Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




Sports Series: Book 2

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Elodie Booker was a phenomenon. No one had ever taken the sport of archery by storm the way she had. Trophies and accolades piled up around her even in her first years in the sport. Then, something terrible happened. She lost the only father figure she had ever known after losing person after person in her life. It was the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back, and Elodie left the game, never looking back.

Madison Fletcher was the next big thing in the sport of archery, or at least, that was what she thought. She was about to turn twenty-three, just graduated from college, and needed a new archery coach. Madison knew there was only one person she could reach out to; one person to take her all the way to the Olympic games. The only problem was that Elodie Booker was now a thirty-three-year-old lawyer who wanted nothing to do with archery and hadn’t fired a single shot since she had lost her own former coach.

Madison had known loss, too. Her loss was a different one, but it was still something that could unite them in their pain and understanding. If she could convince Elodie to give her a chance at being the archery star Madison knew she could be, she might also be able to convince Elodie that they were meant to be much more than coach and athlete.


Sins of Mercy: Book 2

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Since her visit from the first of the Seven Sinners, Mercy Devereux has been living a life of sin. At first, she enjoyed the renewed desires, but now they’re starting to control her existence! How is Mercy supposed to live a life of insatiable sin without trading one addiction for another?

The answer comes in the form of Avarice, the greedy goddess Mercy catches ransacking her house one night. Together they can bring balance to Mercy’s sins while reintroducing her to the world of ambition and covetousness. Assuming Mercy can distract the deity from her own avaricious ways, that is.



by Quinn Ivins

Molly Cook is almost thirty, with dismal career prospects, and has given up on saving the world. It might be the nineties, and everything’s shoulder pads, Doc Martens, and The X-Files, but people won’t budge on gay rights. Molly decides to give a PhD a whirl but finds herself more interested in campus politics…and her strict and sexy statistics professor.

Professor Carmen Vaughn is stuck in small-town Maryland with smarmy blowhards for colleagues and ungrateful students who can’t handle her high standards. She has no intention of coming out, least of all to Molly, a troublemaking grad student who can’t stop picking fights with the conservative faculty.

But when Molly discovers evidence implicating a homophobic colleague in a scandal, Carmen can’t ignore it—even if the subject hits too close to home.



by Chloe Peterson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens if you fall for your boss’s daughter?

Hard-working Margo just bagged a job as the private chef for a wealthy family.

But her plans for a relaxed summer are shut down when she meets the Decaudin’s eldest daughter.

Elise is a gorgeous, frustrating mystery.

Most importantly, a relationship with her is forbidden.

As the two strike up a friendship, Margo must decide if an unproven summer romance is worth risking a job she desperately needs.



by Chanel Ivy

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amid the chaos of everyday life, secrets can bind people together or pull them apart in devastating ways.

Georgia Hunt, a successful CEO, struggles with the desire to be free from her failing marriage to an emotionally abusive man, all while trying to find out who she truly is. Kat Smith, a mysteriously unknown accountant who is just supposed to be filling in for someone on maternity leave, walks into her life, and surprises Georgia in so many ways. Kat opens Georgia’s eyes to the possibilities life can offer and the happiness they can have together if they can work past the secret of their love for one another.

Secrets and lies abound in this whirlwind love story that will give you all the feels.

Contains mild domestic violence.



by Catherine Maiorisi

Officer Quincy Adams is a hero. She pulled eleven people from burning cars and risked her own life to save the twelfth—a woman trapped in a car that could explode at any moment. But the event begins to trigger flashbacks to another time. Another tragedy. Trying to avoid the depression that she’s certain is just around the corner, Quincy heads to the local lesbian bar in search of light and life.

Lindy James is a loner. She’s only at the bar to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. But something about the bedraggled woman, whose image is breaking news on the TV, touches her heart and she agrees to drive the stranger home.

But Quincy doesn’t want to be alone and Lindy agrees to stay as long as Quincy doesn’t expect sex or ask personal questions. One night turns into three intimate but sexless nights. Then Monday morning Quincy asks Lindy for a date. And Lindy flees.

Thrown together by a devastating accident, but kept apart by fears from the past—will Quincy and Lindy take a chance on love?



by Jenn Matthews

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A beautiful lesbian romance about wants, love, family, and duty, asking when is the right time to live our own life and dreams.

English police constable Molly Blue is devastated when an assault forces her to endure weeks of therapy and disrupts her promising career. The cute physiotherapist getting her back on her feet is an intriguing distraction at least.

Physiotherapist Kudzi Mufaro is a bold, confident woman in every area of her life except one. She hasn’t told her Zimbabwean parents she’s gay. That probably explains the parade of men her family keeps trotting past her nose. Is it time to finally be honest?

But when Molly takes a visit home, it rocks her to the core. She is forced to decide whether to stay and look after her sister or not. It would mean giving up her career and any hope of something more with Kudzi.





by Luci Dreamer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What if you got a second chance at first love?

Hotshot firefighter captain Michelle ‘Mitch’ Mitchell loves her job, loves her dog, and loves her best friend Fish. She did love a girl once, but that girl left their small town, taking Mitch’s heart with her.

Lilly never meant to hurt Mitch. She just wanted some time to figure out who she was. Now ten years later, she’s back in her hometown dealing with an ailing aunt, a failing family bar, and a girlfriend she can’t seem to fall in love with.

When grief brings Mitch and Lilly together, secrets are revealed, old wounds are reopened and long-smoldering feelings reignited. Will they be able to forgive past mistakes and start over again?





by Amy Hoff

The year is 1888. Brilliant and beautiful, Lady Jane Crichton has fought the constraints of her Victorian Edinburgh upbringing to become one of the first women to attend university for medicine. Denied a degree because of her gender, she decides to marry a closeted gay man, providing him with political and social cover and herself with the time and money to pursue her scientific interests—one of which is a time machine. Jane’s machine works…but not exactly as she expected, and soon she has crash-landed in the 13th-century Scottish Highlands.

There she is rescued by a wild, red-haired warrior woman, Ainslie nic Dòmhnaill, next in line to the chiefship of the great Clan Donald, the rulers of the Sea Kingdom of the Isles. Despite the constant threat of attacks from enemy clans, harsh winters and a touch of homesickness, Jane finds herself bewitched by this land, this time and this magnificent woman. The rough and warlike Ainslie also feels the magic and revels in a passion and love neither she nor Jane had ever imagined.

But Jane is hiding a dangerous secret—one that threatens to tragically transform their Highland fairy tale.




Book 3

by Scott Kujawa

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For three weeks, May’s been with Catherine in the relationship the two agreed upon when May visited Crimson Rose.

Trusting Catherine to teach her what she wanted, May learned about herself, Catherine’s desires, and what she’s willing to do for Catherine. With the beginner class half over, May enjoyed more of the scenes she shared with Catherine. This time May learned how her teasing leads to being corrected by Catherine.

Catherine’s desire to be with May grew the longer the two spent time together. Without pushing May beyond her limits, Catherine showed her everything she desired. With this being the third week they’ve been together, Catherine added fresh experiences to their relationship. She was eager for the beginner class to end, which allowed the two of them to explore more of what Catherine was interested in sharing. Plus, she knew May desired the same things.

Together, the two continued to build the relationship they wanted.




The Redamancy Series: Book 2

by Lara Hayes

Elizabeth Dumas is under quarantine. As the newest Strigoi in Fane’s family, she must prove her loyalty and discretion before she can leave the freight tunnels they call home to hunt on the streets of Chicago. Publicly, she answers to Irina. The name Fane gave her. But how long can Elizabeth deceive the Moroi before he discovers her true allegiance lies with her Maker, Stela?

Stela is in debt. When she killed a human associate to protect Elizabeth, she terminated a lucrative business endeavor. Now her fledgling Elizabeth is yet another Strigoi Fane must feed, clothe, and protect. And he will have his recompense.

Together in blood, body and mind, Stela and Elizabeth must keep the truth of their bond and the depth of their love hidden from Fane and the rest of the family.

After all, one Strigoi cannot belong to another.

All Together Stranger is the riveting sequel to the ground-breaking Terrible Praise.




Little Green: Book 1

by Kimberly Hart

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Marsha’s broken teleporter sends her to Earth, her only priority is to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, she has no way to get off this primitive planet or even contact home. Since she’s stuck here indefinitely, she’ll have to make the best of it.

Sophie is surprisingly calm when the beautiful woman wandering the streets says she’s from outer space. Having often felt like an alien herself, she’s determined to help Marsha however possible – even if that means letting the complete stranger move in with her.

As Marsha tries to settle in on Earth, Sophie realizes she’s unique in the universe. It’s not just Marsha’s unearthly good looks; Sophie is drawn to her kind and curious nature. Meanwhile, Marsha realizes that even a backwards planet can be home to intelligent life – and that the life form called Sophie is also downright sexy.

Will Marsha find her way home? Or will her heart convince her to change her plans?




Knight Protector: Book 2

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

From the mountains, a witch will rise.

Knight Protector Brynja knows why the people of her village never wander too far. There’s a witch who lives deep in the heart of the mountain. Brynja saw her as a child; she still sees her, in her nightmares.

But when an army of dragon riders shows up at Brynja’s doorstep, the knight protector has to warn her queen. The only way to the capital is through the impenetrable wall of riders.

The only way, except through the mountain caves; the only way, unless she’s willing to revisit her nightmares.





by Jody Klaire

Hayefield Manor is not a welcoming place . . .

Medically retired ex-DCI Morgan Lloyd is persuaded by her good friend to take on a different type of case as a private investigator. However, Lady Sophie Haye is not exactly innocent and even with her smoldering charm, breathtaking beauty, the more Morgan investigates, the more guilty Lady Haye appears . . . yet the harder it becomes for Morgan to break free.

Her old colleagues begin to close the net around Lady Haye, and Morgan needs to make her decision: does she let the case go and walk away while she still can, or does she stick by a woman who has captivated her and just hope she’s not being lured in by a killer?





by Nicole Pyland

narrated by Heather Costa

Cali Banks lost her job and needs money fast.

When her best friend tries to sign Cali up to appear on a reality show where contestants complete ridiculous challenges for cash and prizes, Cali tells her she’s crazy. When she gets a call back for an audition, she thinks there’s no chance the show will be interested in her boring life. Little does she know; that’s just what they’re looking for. When Cali agrees to go, she’s thinking about keeping her head down and trying to win as much cash as possible.

Dayton Maine is a reality show mainstay.

She’s already done three and has been asked back for a fourth by the Berserk producers. Dayton understands she’s there to bring the drama. She has no problem doing that. She also has no problem hooking up with her fellow female contestants should the opportunity arise. She loves the challenges and the thrill of the chase. She’s there for the fun and the fame.

When the two meet, it isn’t exactly love or lust at first sight. While the cast members get kicked off one by one, though, the two women find common ground mixed in with a whole lot of differences.



by KD Williamson

narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan

Maya Davis is done hiding. It’s left her empty and out of touch with her family. Now she’s a young woman on a mission: getting rid of residual feelings for her former best friend from college. Her plan is to put herself through a wringer by being in Nina’s upcoming wedding and burning away whatever emotions are left, so she can start anew. Her plan, however, has big holes, and everything she’s been feeling rushes through and leaves her thinking that this was a bad idea.

Nina Sterling is a work in progress, torn between being two very different things-the person others expect her to be and who she wants to become. For the past couple of years, it’s been easier to give in to her demanding, steamroller of a mother and her pleasant but controlling fiance, but with Maya’s return for a lengthy stay in town, and encouragement from Nina’s hilarious cousin, seeds of rebellion are sown.

As Maya and Nina try to patch up the past and get closer, old sparks rekindle, and as they both grow into who they are meant to be, those sparks might just become a fire.



15 Short Stories

by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Desarae Holland

A series of short stories, some of which are no where else!



Five Moons Rising: Book 2

by Lise MacTague

narrated by Lori Prince

While investigating the deaths of multiple students at a boot-camp style institution, Malice and Ruri become trapped in the mysterious Kingdom of Flower and Bone – a netherworld filled with both magical and malignant beings. But which is which?

Even ancient forces aren’t immune to petty squabbles. Will the pair make it out alive?

Mary Alice Nolan, code-named “Malice”, is a Hunter: genetically modified and rigorously trained to track and kill supranormals (“supras”) such as werewolves, vampires, and demons. Seeking revenge after her sister is malevolently “turned” into a werewolf, the last thing the hot-tempered Malice expected was to develop deep desires for one of her sworn enemies.

Ruri Samson is a magnificent golden-eyed wolven without a pack. Smart, sensitive, and loyal, she considers Malice her mate. Ruri would sacrifice her own life to protect her – and this time she just may have to.



Help us promote AOC by spreading the word & adding new entries. Visibility matters!



KD Williamson, author of Cops and Docs, Pink, and Big Girl Pill is holding an auction for autographed paperbacks from some of your favorite lesfic authors in order to raise money for her preventative mastectomy. Please join us on Facebook from July 25th-August 1st to bid, win and help an author in need.







Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Ann Roberts provides chuckles with her Gardening 101 guest post. Ann is giving away 1 ecopy of Dying on the Vine. 

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 14th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Clare Dugmore

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rule number one: Don’t fall for one of the parents of a kid you coach.

Rule number two: Don’t fall for a straight woman.

Rhiannon O’Bryan finds herself breaking both those rules when she meets single-mom Sabrina Thompson on the first day of fourth-grade soccer practice.

Sabrina Thompson has enough complications in her life. Her ex is a nightmare and her boss is a pervert, the last thing she needs is her budding friendship with fellow single-mom Rhia throwing her entire life into confusion.

But as their ten-year-old daughters Teagan and Piper spend more and more time with each other, Rhia and Sabrina become close. Rhia thinks she’s deluding herself by lusting after a straight woman, and Sabrina has never considered herself to be anything but straight before.



by Frankie Duncan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Brogan knows what she wants, and that doesn’t include a relationship. As her old life threatens to destroy the new can she save herself when the illusion of control slips away?

Escaping London, to become principal at top college, in rural Scotland, Brogan befriends Libby, the local church minister. There is an unmistakable spark between them, but Libby believes in love while Brogan won’t.

As Brogan’s past risks everything she has, including her own sanity, will she ever find the certainty she so desperately needs?


The Ashforth Series: Book 1

by Melissa Tereze

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Dom Simmons is the talk of the town when it comes to football and women. But, in her mind, she can only commit to one—football.

Backing into another car was problematic, but the woman who stepped out was about to become her biggest concern.

Divorced, single mother, Blair Harrington.

Finally breaking free from a life she never wanted was supposed to be the start of something new for Blair. But of all the women she could have fallen for, she had to choose the one who wasn’t willing to give her heart away.

Though from entirely different places, Blair and Dom come to realise that their pasts are all too familiar.


A Marine’s Heart: Book 4

by Jax Meyer & Elle Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mags Newsome has already given over a decade of her life to the Marine Corps. She’s learned to compartmentalize her life to survive the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that keeps servicemembers from serving openly. But that’s also kept her from any meaningful relationships.

Elaine ‘Lane’ Chapman moved to the US from England with her girlfriend who soon left her. Remaining in sunny southern California, Elaine built a life for herself as a college math professor, content to experience love through romance novels rather than risk her heart again.

A chance encounter in a bookstore cafe brings the two women together where they discover an off the charts attraction. As they battle their feelings to maintain their ‘friends with benefits’ agreement, another war looms in the Middle East, threatening everything they’ve built.





by Melissa Brayden

Josephine Wilder’s torrid love affair is with Tangle Valley Vineyard, her family’s legacy. She’s grown up dreaming between the vines. She’s always had secret ideas about how to make the place shine, so when it passes to her, Joey vows to make Tangle Valley everything she knows it can be. Her biggest obstacle? That overly commercial hotel going up, and the uppity manager trying to kill the vineyard’s rustic charm.

Becca Crawford loves to unwind with a good glass of wine. An astute businesswoman who has climbed the hospitality ladder, she’s the perfect person to head up Elite Resorts’ newest property, The Jade Hotel, and give tourists all the luxury they desire. As a bonus, The Jade is not far from the cutest vineyard with the best pinot she’s ever tasted. If only the captivating owner would get on board with her plan and stop badmouthing the hotel to everyone in town.

Is it possible that a nice glass of red could help Becca and Joey see each other in a new and alluring light?



by Jen Jensen

Is it possible to love across the political divide?

Shelley Whitmore is a successful attorney, working on behalf of her Evangelical parents’ faith-based organization, championing conservative values of individual liberty and limited government. Everything’s totally fine, except that it really isn’t. Shelley manages depression and crippling anxiety because of the secret she can never reveal: she’s gay.

Rand Thomas is a psychotherapist, transgender rights activist, and political liberal. Widowed and struggling with her wife’s toxic parents, Rand isn’t going to allow herself to love again.

When Shelley and Rand meet in Manhattan, neither one expects to find that the other is exactly who they need.



by Jean Copeland

After Daphne accidentally “steals” a family heirloom from Nina’s front lawn thinking it’s junk left for trash pickup, she learns she’s wanted by the police for questioning. Once the dust settles, Daphne and Nina form a friendship inspired by their mutual love for antiquing and a desire for a fresh start in their lives.

As they grow closer, their attraction moves way beyond friends. But who will be brave enough to confess her feelings first? Daphne, the self-conscious procrastinator who’s working hard to get her new business off the ground, or Nina, the newly-out mom whose priority is creating a stable life for her son? Before they can take a chance on becoming lovers, they’ll have to decide if love is worth the risk.



Jenny Frame, Carsen Taite, and Ali Vali

Old flames die hard in these tales of a second chance at love with the ex you’re still not over. Stories by award winning authors Jenny Frame, Carsen Taite, and Ali Vali.

In My Forever Girl by Jenny Frame, when tragedy tore their family apart, Brayden and Faith’s marriage ended in divorce. Four years later, they’re thrown together on a cruise by their friends. Can the spark that refused to die reignite the fire of their love?

In Double Jeopardy by Carsen Taite, Katie James didn’t plan on being a runaway bride. Twice. But when the gorgeous, accomplished, former love of her life, Emma Reed, reappears in her life the week of her wedding, will Katie risk everything for another chance with the woman who might be her soul mate?

In On the Rocks by Ali Vali, whiskey distiller Preston Maxwell still has no idea why her college sweetheart, Hayley Wyatt, disappeared from her life right after collecting her diploma. But when Hayley shows up to work on the advertising campaign that will take her business to the next level, Preston isn’t letting her get away a second time.



by Dena Blake

Wynn Jamison is turning thirty. Her career has made her rich, but her love life is sorely lacking. She’s okay with that until she spends her birthday dinner with the woman who could’ve changed it all. There’s only one problem. She’s married to Wynn’s sister.

Carly Evans is tired of her wife ignoring her needs to put her career first. Family has always been important to her, and Jordan just doesn’t seem to care.

A freak thunderstorm rages during the night, and Wynn finds herself catapulted back in time to the day she made the worst decision of her life—stepping aside to let her sister romance Carly. Reliving the day over and over again, Wynn must decide what is most important: success, loyalty, or love. Given a second chance at happiness, will she take the opportunity and change her destiny?



by Emily Smith

Physician assistant Pierce Parker wants nothing more than to find true love, but after a series of heartbreaks and lackluster first dates, she’s beginning to question if such a thing even exists. That is, until she begins working with Dr. Cassidy Sullivan, a new emergency medicine resident. Their chemistry makes Pierce start to believe all her dreams will come true, but a secret from Cassidy’s past may end the fairy tale before it gets to happily ever after. For Pierce and Cassidy, the risk of heartbreak may be too high a price for the chance at love.





by Jane Fletcher

The Celts knew it as Annwyn, the Otherworld—certainly not a destination IT professional Lori Cooper anticipates when distracting herself with a magazine puzzle page in the dentist’s waiting room. Clues buried in the answers lead her to Tamsin, who claims to command a band of warriors for the queen of the fay. From this, Lori concludes that Tamsin is both insane and dangerous. She’s also quite worryingly attractive.

However, Lori’s own sanity becomes a bigger concern when she finds herself held captive in a strange world with yet more puzzles to solve. She must pick her way through layers of illusion and deceit. Nothing and nobody, including Tamsin, is quite as they seem. Who can Lori trust? She will need to uncover the full truth if she is to return home, mind and body intact.


The Tarbet Witch Series: Book 1

by Kitty McIntosh

Being the only witch in a small Scottish town is not easy. Especially when the love of your life is totally unaware of the fact.

How will Diane react to Gillian’s professions of love? And more importantly, will she run for the hills when she finds out she’s a witch?

As their town fights for survival against frequent and unusual storms, the women face personal battles of their own. Can their relationship survive the turmoil? Or will long-hidden secrets pull them apart?





by Genevieve McCluer

How does a centuries-old vampire suffering from severe PTSD take her parrot to the vet? With Olivia’s intense fear of humans, what sounds like the start of a joke is instead the start of therapy. Only when she has help can her parrot receive his.

Veterinarian Mia Sun knows all about being damaged, and she and Olivia slowly build a friendship that develops into something a lot more intriguing. When a figure from Olivia’s past surfaces, hell-bent on ruining any happiness she’s managing to find, Olivia must fight back if she wants to forge a new life with Mia. Will she be strong enough to face her own worst fears for love?



by Natalie Brunwick

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Born and raised as the next Alpha in line to lead her pack, it’s up to Elly to take her father’s place once he’s gone. But what if she doesn’t want to lead? What if she wants a life all her own?

Vic sees her, understands her, and now, after spending months inside a cage, someone finally wants her. But this isn’t the first time they’ve met, and sharing that truth could easily tear them apart.


Hellriders in Love: Book 2

by Parker Jaysen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

There are protocols for a novice partner, no sweat.
I dictate the checklists, she says how high. I make an ice rider out of her.

Dorie is “top gun” on the frozen lake, and being paired with a relative novice who needs to learn the ropes isn’t that big a deal – until Jane, with her rainbows and sparkle, waltzes on board and everything changes. Is she merely an ice tourist? Or is she after something more?

Dorie’s superpower is resisting distraction, but love, like the freeze itself, might have a mind of its own. And what’s that tapping coming from the cargo safe?





by G.R. Browda

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Gloria Morris is a respected private detective with an explosive sense of honor who kicks a lot of ass. She’s also a B-girl who has fallen in love. Though romance is in the air in San Francisco, so is debauchery. While investigating the theft of some opulent jewelry, she hears rumors about human trafficking in the area. Gloria ferrets out the truth, and with firmness in the right and knowing action is supreme, she sets in motion events that result in justice for the guilty and tenderness for the innocent.





by Jessica L. Webb

Constable Bridget “Marley” Marlowe is always doing the wrong thing for the right reason. This time she’s skating the line of police procedure by protecting a young girl caught up in her father’s designer street drug ring. But when Marley gets injured, she needs help from someone she can trust.

Dr. Devon Wolfe is a burned out psychologist on leave from her job in a busy hospital trauma unit. When Devon meets the injured Marley, she doesn’t know what to make of the bright and beautiful—and occasionally rogue—cop. Devon decides to help Marley and gets mixed up in the world of addictive street drugs, a young girl who knows something but won’t speak, and the uncertainty of knowing right from wrong. All Devon knows is she and Marley are in this together.





by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Desarae Holland

We were apart for too long and couldn’t wait. The New Jersey Turnpike is an interesting stretch of highway. On the parkway, we couldn’t wait after stopping at a road stop. Could I tempt her?



Book 5

by Erik Schubach

narrated by Hollie Jackson

Almost 3,000 years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory, in a new world where magic and technology collide.

After Avalon’s tanks and guns lose a massive confrontation against the Knights and magic of Sparo, they finally agree to peace talks.

Laney and the other Templars are chosen to lead the peace envoy that travels to the mysterious land of the north, which has so much of the technology from the Great Wizards of the Before.

The mission is put in peril when they learn who leads the Avalonian peace envoy.

Overtures of peace, amazing discoveries, and duplicitous actions make this the most dangerous mission that Laney, Celeste, and their allies have ever embarked upon. Their actions will mean either the end of hostilities, saving countless thousands of lives on both sides, or the re-ignition of the war between the two lands.



Help us promote AOC by spreading the word & adding new entries. Visibility matters!



KD Williamson, author of Cops and Docs, Pink, and Big Girl Pill is holding an auction for autographed paperbacks from some of your favorite lesfic authors in order to raise money for her preventative mastectomy. Please join us on Facebook from July 25th-August 1st to bid, win and help an author in need.







Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

K.B. Draper provides chuckles with her Embarrassing moments: Volume I – The Early Years guest post. K.B is giving away 3 ecopies of The U-Haul Diary

And, Mariah R. Embry is here to help us laugh with a funny story: A Ride of Terror

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

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Gardening 101 by Ann Roberts

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Ann Roberts is here to help us laugh. Also, Ann is giving away 1 ecopy of Dying on the Vine. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Ann.

Gardening 101

When we lived in AZ, we had one rule about living things that didn’t have ears or paws (i.e., plants, trees, flowers): I wasn’t allowed to touch, water, prune—even look at the innocents. Why? I killed them. Routinely.

See, I’m not good with living things that don’t give cues. I function appropriately with feedback like the dog scratching his ear when it was infected, the cat chomping on my finger when I tried to scratch her chin (I learned that time for sure), or my son bellowing, “Ow! Mom, the soup’s too hot!” But plants give no cues. How much water is enough? Are they getting enough sun? Do they need sunscreen? Do we really have to pick all the tangelos off the very tall tree for it to stay healthy? What’s that icky stuff on the mulberry tree’s bark? Is it sick?

As it turns out, our mulberry tree was very sick and required lots of expensive care, but did it let me know? Did one of its branches tap on a window pane with an, “Excuse me, excuse me! I’m hurting here!” No. Diagnosis: terminal. (But that didn’t matter because the millennials who bought our house killed it anyway. They thought the irrigation water that kept the tree alive was “icky.”)

Here in the PNW, Amy and I got to play a game this winter: Dead or Dormant? And I’ll be the first to say we suck at this game. We pulled up our peonies which looked deader than ever, only to watch a few that we’d missed start to sprout. They’d been cowering behind the Spanish Bluebells that grow everywhere in our yard.

“Oops,” Amy said. “Dormant. Not dead.” Sorry peonies.

So when the hydrangea also looked as if it had gone the way of our old mulberry tree, we left it alone. We didn’t call our new favorite gardening store, Down to Earth, and squawk at the customer service desk for selling us a loser hydrangea. We just left it alone. Guess what? It’s coming back! Of course, it’s been completely surrounded by the Spanish Bluebells like a Democrat at a Trump rally, but it’s trying.

I’ve come to realize that I needed a new perspective. While there are certainly plants in Arizona that celebrate seasons and bloom when appropriate, most plant and tree life in AZ is just… constant. In my mind, the cacti look the same year-round–as do the Palo Verde trees. We had rosebushes for years in front of our house (also destroyed by the millennials), and every winter for about two weeks, Amy could cut the blooming roses and I would appropriately ooh and ahh at them. Then they just sat there for the other ten months sucking up the water. Status quo.

Here, there is no status quo. There are seasons. And things seem to be hardier, able to withstand rainstorms and freezing temperatures. In Phoenix, if it ever dipped below thirty-five, we were out with our sheets covering just about anything that was worth oohing and aahing over. Here, we covered a couple of things once in a while, until the snow came and we couldn’t even find the white sheet. Gave new meaning to the term, “blanketed with snow.”

The entire gardening issue was decided for us by our new puppies, Chip and Hattie, both of whom have a propensity for any plant that is “woody.” All they see are sticks waiting to be ripped from the plant and paraded about the yard. Now our yard could be featured in a dystopian novel. It’s a new game: survival of the fittest. So far, dogs -1, hydrangea – 0.

C’mon, little plant!


An Ari Adams Mystery: Book 8

by Ann Roberts

When Ari Adams journeys to Oregon’s wine country with best pal Jane Frank, she envisions sipping pinot noir on a gorgeous deck and staring at the sunsets across the Willamette Valley.

But then they arrive at Sisters Cellars only to find that the sommelier, Dion Demopolous, has been murdered. Dion had been favored to win the Master Sommelier title at the world’s most prestigious wine competition, and now more than a few people are happy to see him gone.

Mina Sommer, Jane’s childhood friend and the owner of Sisters Cellars, asks Ari to investigate. Ari’s romantic assumptions are quickly shattered as she delves into the cutthroat world of winemaking—where suspicion is routine, reputation is coveted, and passion for the drink of goddesses and queens is just another motive for murder.



Ann Roberts is the award-winning author of twenty romance, mystery and general fiction novels, including the Ari Adams mystery series. She has been short-listed for a Lambda Literary Award three times, and she has the unusual distinction of being recognized in both the Mystery and Romance categories. In 2014, her mystery novel Point of Betrayal, was awarded a Goldie as Best Mystery by the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS). Ann is also the proud recipient of the Alice B. Medal for her body of work.

In 2017 Ann and her wife of 25 years relocated to Eugene, Oregon, trading in the brown of the desert for the green of pine trees. They enjoy hiking in the Cascades, walking along the ocean, and visiting wineries and vineyards, especially when friends and family visit from Arizona. Ann finds the new surroundings inspiring, and she envisions Oregon as the setting of several future novels and Sasquatch (who is believed to reside in Oregon) as a recurring character.


Facebook / Website


Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 7th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when you fall for Ms. Wrong?

Annie Harland is rich, successful, and very single. So when an invitation to her tenth high school reunion drops on her mat, she’s determined to skip it. Until a drunk evening with her best friend results in an appointment with an escort named Robin.

Robin is supposed to be bookish, well-muscled, and the owner of a golden retriever. Robin is actually tall, curvaceous, and very, very female.

Things should have ended at their very first meeting. But for some strange reason, Annie can’t stop seeing Ms. Wrong. And Robin is Ms. Wrong, if only because she’s a Ms. and not a Mr.

What should have been a story of high school revenge has turned into a romance, and Annie’s life is about to be turned upside down. But love knows no labels, or does it?



by Ali Spooner

Arriving home and discovering the betrayal by her best friend and lover, Eli Fortner leaves to run off her anger and hurt. A chance stop at a convenience store and the purchase of lottery tickets, sends Eli’s life into a whirlwind of change.

Able to now pursue her dreams, Eli heads off to see what else fate has in store for her.

Whit Brewster, Eli’s neighbor, is everything Eli never knew she needed and wanted. But can she let go of the betrayal long enough to let Whit in?

Thirteen black cats, a baby goat, and Cruz, her furry best friend, join Eli on her adventure, new life, and the possibility of real love.


Retro Lesbian Dream Girls: Book 1

by Amanda Clover

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Coming out of the closet doesn’t have to be unpleasant, even in 1983! Trust me. A little help from the right person, like my gorgeous writing teacher, Ms. Rossi, will go a long way.

My name is Elizabeth Turner, but only my dad calls me that. You can call me Beth. I’m young, struggling with some body issues, and extremely, absolutely, 110% gay. This isn’t one of those sweet stories where a girl realizes she doesn’t like boys. This is the story of a seething caldera of Sapphic desire ready to erupt at the slightest provocation. I have my sexuality figured out. I just haven’t told anyone about it. Yet.

My tempting writing teacher Ms. Rossi decides to coax me out of the closet right before I have to leave New York forever. Talk about timing! Before I depart with my father to live in California, Ms. Rossi is going to throw open the doors of my sexuality and teach me how to live and love as a lesbian. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I’m not sure she knows about it.


Sins of Mercy: Book 1

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

“Mercy Devereux stood on the edge of a bridge, looking into the abyss below.”

Life has not been kind to Mercy: her girlfriend is gone, she’s unappreciated in her corporate job, and depression has always haunted her. That’s how she came to stand on the bridge where she meets Acedia, the deity who oversees the Seven Sinners, bringers of peace and carnal healing.

Now Mercy must embark on a journey to reclaim the sinful delights in life, beginning with Lust, the crimson-colored deity who hopes to reawaken more than just a woman’s heart. But Mercy soon discovers that a spirit’s power is not meant for most mortal flesh – a dire thought, when there are seven ethereal women waiting for her, each with their own sinful agendas!

Sins of Mercy is a series of short stories about one woman’s reawakening to the world around her. It includes topics regarding depression and self-harm. The overall serial has a HEA.




State Changers: Book 3

by Chris Fenwick

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Surprisingly, being a shapeshifting wolf and magical Fae is no longer enough to save humanity.

Casidhe finds herself back where she started, alone. She can’t contact her pack or her mate, Dana, even to let them know she’s safe, for fear she’ll risk their lives.

Cian has won. The Fae portals are closed, the worlds are crumbling, and Saoirse can no longer help. Casidhe’s only hope lies in the mystical Book of State Changers, which she is unable to decipher.

Just when Casidhe’s sure there is no hope, a surprising ally enters her life, but she is unsure her new friends, the Druids, can be trusted.

Can Casidhe find a way to unlock the secrets of the Book? Will the Druids help her defeat Cian? How will Casidhe attain enough power to save the worlds, without Dana by her side?





by Erik Schubach

After the polar ice caps melt in the Thaw, the Corporations take control of the flooded zones and create virtual utopias over the great cities of the past that rest below the waves.

April Yale is accepted into college, in the stilted mega-city of Greater York, to study programming and robotics for the Frame, the massive worldwide information net which hosts countless Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality locations.

On her first day of class, her father vanishes and corporate agents and military come asking questions about him and his location, claiming he has stolen top secret experimental military technology.

April’s life changes forever as she and her college professor, Doctor Adya Konda, go in search of April’s dad, both on the Frame and across the mega-metropolis. Truths are uncovered that may be too much for April to handle.



by K. Aten

What happens when a woman loses her memory but gains a conscience?

Dr. Alexandra Turing is a roboticist whose intellect is unrivaled in the field of artificial intelligence. While science has always come easy, Alexandra struggles to understand emotional cues and responses. Driven by the legacy of her late great-uncle, she dedicates her life to the Synthetica project at her father’s company, Organic Advancement Solutions (OAS).​

Her life is rebooted when she wakes from a coma, six months after being struck by a car. Traumatic brain injury altered Alex’s senses, her memory, and her personality. Despite the changes, she feels reborn as she navigates her way back into her old life. Part of her new journey includes dating the alluring Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Emily St. John.

Emily is enamored with the hyper-intelligent scientist, but there are things about Alex and OAS that don’t add up. With Emily’s prompting, Alex undergoes testing that leaves her with more questions than answers. What she discovers changes more than her life, it will change the world around her.




Blackout: Book 2

by Kit Mallory

Available in Kindle Unlimited

It’s 2034 and the United Kingdom is no more. Now there is only North and South, and the vast concrete Wall that separates the two.

A furious teenage hacker, a former dancer turned assassin and a thief with OCD have started a fight with a totalitarian regime. Now they’ve got to finish it.

Please visit this page for trigger warnings.




Windfall: Book 1

by A.J. Marchant

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After the death of her estranged mother, Hennie returns to the Lloyd family property to find a rundown house and an orchard in decay. While Hennie works on fixing up the house, her partner Dot reads Faye’s journal to her, reliving sweet moments from Hennie’s childhood and the events that led to her leaving the small rural town as a young teen, uncovering a secret, and giving her something she thought she’d never have.




A Woman Down Under: Book 1

by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Rachel Quinn Haines

Alinta, raised in a simple land far from the white man, is suddenly thrust into their realm through no fault of her own. Suddenly, she must learn to survive amongst these strange, unfamiliar creatures.

But not all white men treat her the same: Some see her as the frightened girl she is, and some see her as the amazing woman she is about to become.

Follow along as this primitive aboriginal child/woman attempts to survive in a new and rapidly changing world.


Book 1

by Lise MacTague
narrated by Lori Prince

Unknown to regular citizens, nightmarish supranormals (“supras”) lurk in the dark underbelly of human civilization.

Code-named Malice, Hunter Mary Alice Nolan was genetically modified and rigorously trained to use her great strength, heightened senses, and killer instincts to track and eliminate supras who prey on the innocent. A loner by choice, her only real link to the human world is her close connection to her mother and sister – until the unthinkable happens…

Ruri Samson has been a werewolf for more than a century and is comfortably situated as the Beta of her peaceful pack. Until she is betrayed by the woman she loves and an evil outsider massacres her Alpha and his most loyal followers. Barely escaping with her life, Ruri is forced to tread the perilous path of a lone wolf while vowing vengeance against the usurper and his minions.

Although these two powerful women should rightfully despise each other, fate will soon compel them to join forces on a dangerous quest to avenge their loved ones – and will ignite a forbidden passion that neither of them ever imagined.


Curtis & Reynolds Series: Book 1

by Carolyn Elizabeth
narrated by Lori Prince

Corey Curtis is coasting. At 33, she’s in the best shape of her life and has a satisfying position at Jackson City Memorial Hospital. With a good paycheck, great friends, and occasional relationships with smart, beautiful women, she couldn’t be happier. She thinks.

Dr. Thayer Reynolds, whiling away some time before the start of her Emergency Department fellowship at JCMH and intrigued by the stories she’s heard, crashes the morgue to get a look at Corey – the woman her young colleagues are whispering about.

Totally spinning from her first interactions with Thayer, Corey throws herself into the post-mortem exam of a construction worker who fell to his death, which isn’t at all suspicious – until it is. With no support from her boss or the police, Corey investigates the death on her own. Making bad decisions with good intentions, she recklessly endangers her own life and Thayer’s.

Even worse – she potentially dooms any chance of a real relationship with Thayer before it even gets started.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

Kate Winters, author of the popular mystery series The Masters, finds herself in a bit of a predicament – she doesn’t seem to be able to write any longer. So when her old friend and wealthy widow Brenda invites Kate to spend the summer in Coyote, New Mexico, Kate decides that a summer in Coyote might be just what she needs to clear her writer’s block.

Leaving behind the Dallas heat – and her girlfriend, Robin – Kate retreats to the high mountain desert and soon finds herself surrounded by Brenda’s eccentric friends and artists. But it’s the local sheriff, Lee Foxx, who soon grabs her attention. It doesn’t take long for Kate to discover that Lee has a penchant for dating the young tourists that flock to the river canyon each summer – and that Lee has no intention of ever settling down.

Then an unexpected visit by Kate’s girlfriend sends everyone scrambling. Torn between safety and desire, Kate has no idea which way to turn. And as for Lee – she can’t quite believe that she’s actually fallen in love…for the very first time in her life.



Help us promote AOC by spreading the word & adding new entries. Visibility matters!





Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Serena J. Bishop provides chuckles with The Lawnmower Story guest post. Serena is giving away 1 ecopy of Dreams.

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

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