Guest Post: Harper Bliss’s Inspiration for One of her Characters

Today’s guest post is by TB Markinson. Pssst, I’m the run who runs I Heart Lesfic.

You may be wondering why I’m guest posting on my own website. Simply put, it’s to share stories about The Village Romance series. I was fortunate to take part in this trilogy with Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss, and I wanted to give readers glimpses behind the scenes.

Also, I’m giving away one ebook of A Shot at Love. To enter the contest, please leave a comment below. It’s that easy. At the end of the month, one winner will be selected.

Now, here’s the guest post.

Harper Bliss’s Inspiration for One of her Characters

Monday, I shared about Clare Lydon’s bridge declaration for her novel A Taste of Love during the Cotswolds lesbian road trip to research our Village Romance series.

After that, Harper, Clare, Caroline, and I made our way past the old mill in Lower Slaughter.

Next to it was a quaint gift shop.

Being dedicated researchers, we popped inside.

Inside was the usual offerings found in tourist traps (I mean shops): fridge magnets, artwork, handmade soap, fancy chocolates, postcards, and such. Quick question: what’s the obsession with buying tea towels?

Anyhoo, we all zeroed in on a book display of a cozy mystery set in the very village we were exploring. Being the book nerd that I am, I purchased the novel: Slaughter in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope. I also got a fridge magnet, one of my weaknesses.

In the car on the way back to London, Harper asked to look at the cozy mystery. Then she started to wonder if the Oxford professor in her story should write cozies, but she keeps that part of her life a secret.

This proves you never know when an idea will strike.

Side note, on the flight home, I read Slaughter in the Cotswolds.

Harper’s charming romance A Lesson in Love will be released in August. To learn about all the books in the series, click here.

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 16th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

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by Rachel Spangler

Simone and Loreto don’t have to like each other. They only need to work together, but the heat and the history around them and between them conspires to demand so much more.

When Simone Price lands in southern Spain, she has one job upon which the future of her entire career rests: She must convince a small, Spanish publishing house to sell their business to her much larger American corporation. The job should be easy, but many others have failed. Refusing to repeat their mistakes, she hires a guide, translator, and purveyor of Andalucían culture for the week leading up to her big meeting. The plan seems simple enough until she meets Loreto Molina, and it quickly becomes apparent that Loreto knows more than her casual demeanor might suggest. The complications only escalate as the two set out on a scorching path through a region that shatters all expectations. As their time together stretches on, both women must confront not only their assumptions about each other, but also their own world views amidst a steamy landscape of temptation, power, purpose and raw attraction. Spain acts as both catalyst and conduit for unearthing desires long buried and threatening carefully planned futures. As the stakes and emotions rise like the hot, unrelenting sun, Simone and Loreto fight to hold onto the ideals they hold dear, but what if the only way for either of them to truly win is to surrender?


A Year in Paradise: Book 7

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nobody loves Paradise Valley more than Mayor Karen Rath, a woman who works tirelessly to keep the town’s cogs turning and the people content. This doesn’t leave much time for love and dating, but the single mom of two grown kids has better things to do.

Until a stranger comes to town.

Dahlia Granger of Hibiscus Films is on a mission. Ever since Paradise Valley hit the national news, Dahlia is compelled to create a documentary exploring the history and culture of a town founded by lesbians.

She may have an agenda.

Just a tiny one.

Karen and Dahlia represent two very different sides of this film, but their attraction is undeniable. Can Dahlia peel back Karen’s veneer and reveal her true self? Or will Karen have to kick Dahlia out of her town first?

Assuming the townsfolk don’t get to Dahlia first, anyway…



by Kim Hartfield
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Talia is a terrible person, and it’s clear to everyone she meets. Even as she hunts for her biological mother, someone in the way of her search accuses her of being a con artist. She and Andi butt heads until Andi determines Talia isn’t trying to scam anyone. Their hostility turns to a wary friendship – one underlaid with inexplicable attraction. But Talia’s mission isn’t as selfless as it seems. Can Andi help her with her quest – and maybe find some good in her, too? Or is Talia too set on fooling everyone?



by KA Moll

Can you imagine falling for a girl so hard that through the years, with no hope of being reunited, that love remains as strong as ever?

At 40, Dr. Keegan Wade is the Chief of Trauma Surgery, a rising star at NYC General. She’s immersed 24-7 in work that she once loved. No one waits for her at home and she has nothing to offer. Anxiety has her in a choke hold and she’d give anything to sleep more than two consecutive hours. At the urging of a friend, she takes a long overdue vacation, a cross country trip on a restored steam train, in hopes that time away from the pressures of her job will solve her problems.

At 39, Willow Lord is a recent college graduate, a social worker in desperate need of a job. Divorced nine years, she’s lived in poverty, saving coins to buy cat food. Next month, the first payments on her student loans are due. She has no time for a vacation, but when her friend, a friend who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer insists, she sends out resumes, and boards The Frisco Express—New York City to California.

As young teens, on a steam train, these two women fell in love. And on a steam train, twenty-six years later, they’re given a second chance. But the years have taken them to drastically different places. Can they straddle their worlds and seize it?



by M.N. Tinker
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when you fall for your roommate? Olive Connor was an aspiring art school student, carefree and careless, while Tina Smith was a law school student, immaculate and precise, every move deliberate. Olive had fallen for Tina hard and fast, marveling at everything that made the other girl the way she was, but couldn’t piece together if Tina felt the same way. The problem is, Tina did feel the exact same way, but what she also felt was massive amounts of anxiety in any situation in which she wasn’t in control. And starting your first relationship with your roommate was definitely a brand new situation.






by Melissa Brayden

Who says you can’t go home again?

Philadelphia real estate broker Devyn Winters is at the peak of her career, closing multimillion-dollar deals and relishing it. She’s pretty much blocked out her formative years in Dreamer’s Bay, where the most exciting thing to happen was the twice a year bake sale. Unfortunately, a distress call hauls her back home and away from the life she’s constructed. Now the question is just how long until she can leave again? And when did boring Elizabeth Draper get so beautiful?

Elizabeth Draper loves people, free time, and a good cup of coffee in the warm sunlight. In the quaint town of Dreamer’s Bay, she’s the only employee of On the Spot, an odd jobs company. She remembers Devyn Winters as shallow in high school, but now everything about Devyn makes her lose focus. Though her brain knows Devyn is only home temporarily, her heart didn’t seem to get the memo.



by Gun Brooke

World famous violinist Gail Owen is devastated after a car accident leaves her unable to play her beloved instrument. She withdraws from her privileged life to an old farmhouse in Rhode Island.

Romi Shepherd is homeless in New York City and barely survives by singing for pennies in the subway. After being wrongfully arrested, she hitchhikes back to Rhode Island and, out of money and options, hides in a secret room in the house she grew up in, unaware that the new owner is about to move in permanently.

When Gail discovers Romi has been living in her house, she is curiously drawn to the young woman. Romi is torn between feeling guilty for lying to Gail and enamored of her, and she fears the truth will set them on a path toward heartbreak.


A Lesbian Vegas Romance Box Set

by Harley Slate
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The complete box set of Harley Slate’s super-steamy contemporary lesbian romances. Because nothing’s hotter than nights in Vegas.




by Dena Blake

After a startling discovery, Chloe Jensen embarks on a new life without her wife, Shay. When Shay realizes she’s leaving, tragedy strikes. A car accident leaves Shay confused and vulnerable, and with no friends or family to care for her, Chloe feels obligated to stay until she recovers.

Shay Buchanan can remember her whole life except for the past year. Everything seems to fit into place, but Chloe is distant, and Shay can’t figure out why. Something is missing.

As Chloe helps Shay recover, they become close again, working together to rebuild her memories. Except Shay doesn’t remember what she did to break their marriage, and Chloe can’t seem to forget.

When their happiness is threatened, will they be able to forgive each other and give love a second chance?





by Lynn Ames

Secrets Well Kept, by multi-award-winning author Lynn Ames, is the prequel to her runaway bestseller, Chain Reactions. World War II rages across the globe. 25-year-old physicist Nora Lindstrom receives a cryptic letter that offers her the job opportunity of a lifetime. 18-year-old Mary Trask just wants to escape the life her mother has mapped out for her. Nora and Mary’s lives intersect at a time when the fate of the world hangs in the balance and in a place where secrecy is paramount. Can their burgeoning love survive the fallout? 




Black Flag: Book 2

by Rachel Ford
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sometimes still waters are the most dangerous.

Murder turns a quiet month of shore leave into a nightmare for Chief Engineer Kay Ellis and Captain Magdalene Landon of the Black Flag. When a member of their crew is implicated in the killing of a young woman, the privateers find themselves pawns in an interplanetary diplomatic struggle that predates any of them.

With little evidence to support their claims of innocence, an alien government eager to make examples of the human visitors, and the eyes of two superpowers watching their every move, every passing day brings them closer to ruin.

If they don’t find the real killer soon, they’ll swing for a crime they didn’t commit. And the Union will be hung out to dry with them.





by Michelle Larkin

Boston beat cop Aspen Wolfe gets the surprise of her life when she learns she’s a shapeshifter. Her abilities awaken as a ruthless regime unleashes its troops to eradicate the shapeshifter population.

Forced to run or be hunted, Aspen meets Dr. Tora Madigan—a beautiful and resourceful shapeshifter who oversees an underground sanctuary. Her attraction to Tora is a welcome distraction, but the fierce lioness plays hard to get. Together they discover that Aspen is a powerful shapeshifter thought to be extinct. Her existence gives shapeshifters everywhere a fighting chance. But there’s one small problem: she doesn’t even know how to shift. With no one else up for the job, Tora agrees to train her.

Aspen soon finds herself leading a group of extraordinary shapeshifters who are willing to risk everything to save their species. When the sanctuary is targeted for annihilation, she must come up with a game plan. Fast.




A Luce Hansen Thriller: Book 3

by Meredith Doench

Special Agent Luce Hansen’s Thanksgiving vacation with her new lover, forensic pathologist Harper Bennett, is cut short when she’s tasked with recapturing Deadeye, a vicious serial predator who has escaped custody. The timing couldn’t be worse, especially when Bennett seems to be struggling with the realities of Hansen’s work and questioning whether she’s willing to risk building a life with a woman who puts work first, even when the job puts her in the line of fire.

Hansen can’t put aside the chase even with her relationship on shaky ground. On the anniversary of Deadeye’s first kill, two brothers are shot while jogging along a quiet country road. Before Deadeye can claim another victim, Hansen and her team must track a killer who has proven to be an expert at hiding in plain sight. The stakes, both professional and personal, get even higher when Hansen is cut off from her team in rural Ohio and must fight for her very survival. As Bennett frantically searches for clues to Hansen’s disappearance, Deadeye’s hunt draws ever closer to home.





by VK Powell

For Frankie Strong, results mean more than sticking to the rules, until she runs heart-first into Evan Spears.

US Marshal Evan Spears commands a federal task force of seasoned agents who track and capture dangerous fugitives around the world. When Evan is forced to take on DEA Agent Frankie Strong, a free spirit with unorthodox methods, she sees nothing but trouble for the team, the mission, and her future.

Frankie just wants to locate the murder suspect and prove her worth, but Evan seems determined to block her. To catch the killer they must learn to work together, but their attraction blurs the lines between professional and personal.



by MJ Williamz

Cullen Matthew is strong, steady, and dependable. She has the perfect life and a perfect woman to share it with. Her dreams come tumbling down when Cullen is blindsided by her girlfriend Sara’s arrest and she learns their whole relationship may have been a lie. Still, she loves Sara and believes she’s innocent. Cullen isn’t going to leave her when she’s down.

Julia Stansworth is the detective assigned to Sara’s case. She knows Sara is not only a cocaine dealer but a murderer as well and is determined get justice for Sara’s victim. Cullen can hardly believe how much Julia has changed. The girl she had a crush on in high school is investigating Sara for murder. Caught between the girlfriend she thought she loved and can no longer trust and the gorgeous detective who will stop at nothing to bring Sara down, Cullen learns that love doesn’t always follow the letter of the law.





Irresistibly Bound: Book 3

by Anna Stone
narrated by Lexy Rebe

Lindsey had big plans for her post-art school life – a successful art career, excitement, adventure, meeting the man of her dreams. She never expected she’d end up joining a sugar baby website to pay off her crippling debt. And she definitely didn’t expect that her first client would be a charming, vivacious woman named Camilla.

The older woman has an unusual proposal for Lindsey – move into her mansion for three months as her girlfriend and submissive, and all of Lindsey’s financial woes will disappear. It’s the perfect solution to Lindsey’s problems, and she can’t say no to three months of pleasure and luxury beyond her wildest dreams. Camilla has made it clear that she’s comfortable with the arrangement. A difficult life has left the solitary woman hesitant to let anyone get too close. And Lindsey isn’t attracted to women, anyway. It’s all just a charade.

Until it isn’t. When Lindsey can no longer deny her feelings toward her Mistress, she runs the risk of losing everything. It was all supposed to be pretend. One big lie.

What happens when the lie becomes the truth?


The Compass Series: Book 3

by Lise Gold
narrated by Addison Barnes

Eastern Nights is part of the Compass Series but can also be listened to as a stand-alone.

Felicia Perez, a carefree, hopeless flirt from Miami, is working a second job as a fitting model in Bangkok while saving up to expand her own clothing line. She loves women and her freedom and never shies away from going after what she wants.

Kate Simmons is a passionate interior designer who is married to her job. Her love for beauty is universal; she can’t imagine tying herself down to anything that might limit her enjoyment of it, and that includes the shackles of a relationship.

When they meet in a hotel bar in Bangkok, they are instantly drawn to each other, but with both being used to having the upper hand, the situation is confusing to say the least. When two hunters cross paths, will one end up being the prey?

Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery in the beautiful surroundings of exotic and mystical Thailand. Is the irresistible attraction between them merely the excitement of finally meeting their match or is the universe trying to steer them in the right direction?



by Marian Snowe
narrated by Nicole Evans Haumesser

Ash Harker is skilled at her job as a professional bodyguard. She’s former military, but she also has a secret romantic streak a mile wide. She’s just always known that true love is for other people – people with fewer scars than she has.

Serena Davenport has clawed her way to the top of the business world, and with a successful company to run, she has no time for love. But when Serena finds herself the target of a stalker and needs someone to keep her safe, the bodyguard who shows up at her door looks startlingly familiar….

One terrible date a few weeks ago was something both Ash and Serena swore to put behind them. But now, unexpectedly, they’re forced back into each other’s lives. The date may have been a disaster, but the scorching hot attraction between them is undeniable.

With a murderous criminal on their trail, they can’t afford any distractions – and what’s more distracting than love?


Ask, Tell Series: Book 2

by E.J. Noyes
narrated by Abby Craden

What do you do when the source of all your problems is the one thing you don’t know how to fix?

With Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell nothing more than an unpleasant memory, US Army surgeon Sabine Fleischer is ready to move on with her life – if she can just figure out how to move past her PTSD. Fresh from her first deployment since surviving a vehicle attack in Afghanistan, Sabine is finding the things she’s tried so hard to push aside aren’t as easy to ignore as she’d hoped.

Sabine’s girlfriend and ex-commanding officer Rebecca Keane is happily settled into her new job running a trauma department in a civilian hospital. Life with Sabine is everything Rebecca ever wanted. But when Sabine’s PTSD reappears worse than before, she’s left struggling with her own guilt.

There’s no doubt that both Sabine and Rebecca want the same thing. But how do you help the most important person in your life when they don’t want to need your help?





LWW-20: Let’s Talk About Editing

In episode 20 of Lesbians Who Write, Clare and TB dig into the world of editing. And, there’s a first in Lesbians Who Write history! TB likes Clare’s ice cream flavor of the week.

Click here to listen.

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!


Episode 37: Harper Likes a Good Currywurst

This week’s podcast goes out on Caroline’s birthday, which she’s spending doing various lesbian things. We look forward to our upcoming weekend at Cologne Pride where we’ll celebrate the release of the first Harper Bliss book in German.

We, again, spend too much time talking about the Women’s World Cup and the match we went to see (it was hot hot hot), and Harper has some exciting news: she started writing again! 

Click here to listen.

Get in touch with Harper Bliss and Her Mrs with your questions, comments or suggested topics at






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Guest Post: Clare Lydon Lays Down the Kissing Law!

Today’s guest post is by TB Markinson. Pssst, I’m the run who runs I Heart Lesfic.

You may be wondering why I’m guest posting on my own website. Simply put, it’s to share stories about The Village Romance series. I was fortunate to take part in this trilogy with Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss, and I wanted to give readers glimpses behind the scenes.

Also, I’m giving away one ebook of A Shot at Love. To enter the contest, please leave a comment below. It’s that easy. At the end of the month, one winner will be selected.

Now, here’s the guest post.

Clare Lydon Lays Down the Kissing Law!

To research our Village Romance series, Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and I traveled to a few villages in the Cotswolds. The wonderful and patient Mrs. Bliss drove the minivan.

It allowed us to wander through quaint village squares and side streets. We sampled beers and gin and tonics in a handful of charming pubs. I have to admit this was the best kind of research trip I’ve been on.


Each of us had an idea about our novels in the trilogy, but the individual story arcs were still forming since none of us had started writing yet.

In Lower Slaughter (actual village name), as we ambled along a river, taking in the rolling green countryside and cute bridges, Clare announced that her characters would share a kiss on one of the bridges. Then she spun around (it’s possible she added a finger waggle) and declared that neither Harper nor I could have our couples share a kiss on a bridge. She’d called it. If memory serves, she said, “Back off, bitches.”

I have to admit I found her passionate declaration funny.

It also spurred an idea in my mind.

Her characters could kiss on the bridge, but I was going to make one of the bridges in my story paramount to the plot. It’s possible that I can be a little bit (read: a lot) contrarian. For those of you who listen to Lesbians Who Write, the podcast Clare and I cohost, you may have noticed while we’re great friends, we don’t agree on many things. But we encourage each other with a healthy amount of good-natured teasing.

I will admit, Clare’s declaration helped me shape a pivotal aspect of my novel for which I’m truly grateful. Even when she doesn’t realize it, she has my back.

Her bridge scenes in A Taste of Love are phenomenal. One of them had me laughing out loud. Actually, there are many scenes in her book that gave me much-needed chuckles.

A Taste of Love will be released on July 24th. Click here to learn more about all three books.

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GCLS Day 4

Sad news. Yesterday was the last full day of the conference. I managed to get photos with some more authors, which is exciting. Even better news, brunch is starting in about 40 minutes. I heart brunch. Scroll over the photos for names.

Hopefully I’ll get some final photos before heading back home.

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GCLS Day 3

Day three and I’m still alive. The air conditioning in the conference rooms is set at hypothermia levels. The best part of the day is meeting so many authors I admire. Scroll over the photos for the names.

Fingers crossed I meet even more authors tonight at the awards ceremony. Stay tuned.

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GCLS Day 2

I should admit I didn’t arrive in time for GCLS Day 1 due to an unexpected storm on the way to Pittsburgh. But I’m glad I made it for Day 2. It’s such a fab experience and I’ve been fortunate enough to get my photo with so many incredible authors. Scroll over the photos for author names. I’m the one in pink.

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow!

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Guest Post: She’s My Heroine by Renée Dahlia

Happy Friday!

Please welcome Renée Dahlia. She’s giving away one ebook copy of Liability, her latest. More details are below. Now for her fab guest post.

She’s My Heroine

Writing fiction has been a surprising and cathartic journey for me. I wrote my first novel (To Charm a Bluestocking) in 2016 at a point when my career had suffered a pile of setbacks, and I felt I was lost. Naturally I wrote a romance because that’s what I loved reading, and after years of writing magazine articles and data-based statistical explanations for various clients, the switch to fiction was a good learning curve for me. As a bisexual cis-woman, all my books are heroine focused, regardless of the romantic pairing type. My writing process always begins with the heroine – who is she, what does she want, what is preventing her getting it? Writing two heroines makes this process just about perfect for the way my brain works in setting up characters. In terms of writing style, I’m a vague plotter. I start with a blurb for each character that contains too much backstory (yah for edits), and a template document with romance beats. I throw a one or two line plot point against the beats, then just start writing.

My latest release, Liability, is my sixth book, and the second in my self-published series set around the Farrellton Foster family. It’s my first published lesbian romance, although I did write a short story a couple of years ago that was the beginning of my realisation that I’m bisexual. But that one isn’t going to be seen in public because it’s dorky and clunky and full of me working out myself. Sometimes writing fiction is solely about self-awareness and self-determination and that process is private. Other times writing fiction is a public exploration of ideas and tropes. I’m still learning about myself and how to feel valid and how to shut up the voices of society that continually tell me being bisexual is well… insert clichés – there are a bunch of them.

There isn’t a lot of personal exploration in the writing of Liability. I really enjoyed writing the two heroines and their journey together. It is simply a book where two women get to have great sex, fall in love, and live the life they want to have. Liability is a fun, high heat, romance between an ex-porn star, Neve, and one of her fans, Jessica. Some of the inspiration came from Lorde’s song, Liability – especially the part about a lonely woman dancing by herself in her house because she’s too much for anyone (Jessica). Some of the inspiration came from a real porn show. This is a book written for the joy of writing, for the thrill of romance, and because I adore these characters. The Farrellton Foster series explores what family means, and how found families are important to people, especially queer people.

What’s next for me? I have an Australian rural romance series with Escape (Harlequin Australia’s digital imprint) and the second book in that series, Making Her Mark, is out 4 Aug, featuring a bisexual heroine and straight hero. I’m currently writing a lesbian historical romance set in 1919 in Wales which will be the first in a series of three books. I have some ideas for gay (mm) romances, but they keep getting ignored in favour of writing lesbian and mf books with heroine emphasis. Once I can figure out how to get more women into an mm book, then I might branch out and do that, but until then, I’d rather write heroine focused books where women get what they want and are happy. I have more than enough book ideas to keep me writing for the next few decades, and I hope to spend the next portion of my life surrounded by glorious fictional women!


Farrellton Foster Family: Book 2

by Renée Dahlia

NEVE LEE, mechanic and ex-porn star, has saved up enough to grow her garage business in the direction of her dreams—restoring old cars. She used the job as Maiden Heaven to save up enough money to start her own mechanic’s shop, and now she’s branched out to buy an ancient Mini to restore. Crashing the car into someone’s garden wall might just end her dream until she can pay for the damage. She doesn’t expect the owner of the wall to be a fan of hers, and when Jessica proposes to invest in her restoration business, Neve can’t resist. The money gets her closer to her goals, and Jessica… Well, she’s hot and doesn’t judge her for her past. A foster kid who was shuttled through many homes before she ended up with Mrs Farrellton, Neve has put the issues with her birth parents behind her. Or so she thinks. A letter will change everything she believed about herself…

JESSICA BEAUMONT is a self-made tech billionaire who lives alone in a mansion on the leafy north shore of Sydney. She is introverted and single, and very particular about how her life is set up. With wealthy white parents who think her queerness is ‘just a phase’, she’s focused on her tech business. She tells herself she’s happy, but in reality, she’s hiding a guilty secret and feels like she’d be a liability to a partner. When Neve crashes, literally, into her house, Jessica wants to give something back to the porn star who helped her survive a tough time in her life. Her enthusiastic investment in Neve’s business is an excuse to be closer to Maiden Heaven. But will Jessica’s money and her guilt both prove to be the liability that Jessica always worried about. Can she learn to forgive herself, and will Neve forgive her when Jessica’s fan fetish screws up everything between them?

Please be aware that this book contains descriptions of death during an accident and subsequent injury to one of the main characters, drug addiction, foster kid meeting a biological parent.



Win an ebook copy of Liability. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of Liability. Hint: It’s Renée Dahlia. One winner will be selected on June 28th.


Renée Dahlia is an unabashed romance reader who loves feisty women and strong, clever men. Her books reflect this, with a side-note of dark humour. Renée has a science degree in physics. When not distracted by the characters fighting for attention in her brain, she works in the horse racing industry doing data analysis, and writing magazine articles. When she isn’t reading or writing, Renée wrangles a partner, four children, and volunteers on the local cricket club committee as well as for Romance Writers Australia.



Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / / Amazon Author Page


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: July 2 Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Hannah West
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Imagine a world where soulmates are real and every love story is guaranteed a happy ending. But not all dreams come true.

When homicide detective Noelle Richards arrives at a crime scene to discover the victim shares the identical mark on her wrist that identifies her as Noelle’s one true love, she knows society will expect her to resign herself to being alone forever. But then she meets Sara McClaire, a widowed doctor who is charming, sexy, and obviously interested in her. Noelle is willing to break the rules for a second shot at love, but Sara is keeping secrets — and those secrets could threaten both Noelle’s life and their newfound chance at a happy ending together.


Off Screen: Book 9

by JA Armstrong
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life is about to take a dramatic turn for Emma Bronson and Addison Blake.

While Addison is overseeing the production of another hit TV show, On Screen, Emma has been keeping residence at her parents’ home in Kansas. Emma is overseeing the progress on a new home the couple is building in her hometown. Emma is expecting their third child, and the separation has given both women the time to think about the future and what each is hoping it might hold. Addison has some unique ideas about the future; ideas Emma desperately wants to embrace but fears Addison might regret. The pair must wade through their fears, their dreams, and their insecurities to find the way forward.

Scene Change is the ninth installment of the Off Screen Series. It follows the lives of a popular television actress and her writer wife as they traverse the sometimes amusing, many times challenging landscape of Hollywood notoriety and family.



by Marian Snowe & Ruby Grandin
Available in Kindle Unlimited

All Lynn Evans wants is to repair her crumbling relationship by taking her girlfriend on romantic getaway. All Dana Crane wants is for her inn on the Maine coast to survive the coming nor’easter. But when Lynn’s girlfriend bails and Dana’s inn floods, the two women find solace in each other. The bond they form is immediate and intense, but with Dana’s troubled past and Lynn’s uncertain future, can they ever find their way to each other?



by Kiki Archer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Do you know how to keep a secret? 23-year-old piano teacher, Sophie does and it’s kept her hidden for the past five years, but now she’s gone and broken her golden rule: Never let anyone ‘see’ you.

Jazz, a wild and carefree comedian, does more than ‘see’ Sophie but that’s because your soulmate’s the stranger you recognise, right?

With the woman she used to be threatening to surface, will Sophie succumb to the pull of passion and risk everything for Jazz, or will she hide from happiness to avoid further intertwining their lives, which might ultimately cause the unravelling of everything?

Say You’ll Love Me Again is an exciting, flirty book by the best-selling, award-winning author, Kiki Archer, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and intrigue that will keep you guessing until the very end.


Books 1-5

by Jessa Stone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Enjoy Five heartwarming books in one captivating read!

Book 1: Forever Yours

Love, marriage and a family of her own seems to be out of the question since no guy has ever shown any interest…but what about a woman?

Book 2: Coming Home

Ending up homeless and living on the streets was never part of her life plan. Now that it’s her reality, there seems to be no way out of this nightmare.

Book 3: Freedom

Disappearing was her only option to survive but surviving is not the same as living.

Book 4: Finding Me

Choosing between two lovers is hard but trusting yourself to make the right decision is even harder.

Book 5: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

What’s a little petty theft if it guarantees you will meet the person you stole from again?



by Anna Stone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Twenty-eight-year-old Zoe is heartbroken. Her career as a principal dancer in a prestigious London ballet company has just been brought to a screeching halt by an injury. Needing to re-evaluate her future and make sense of life away from center stage, she returns home to the States, where she runs into her former ballet teacher—and once forbidden love—Natasha.

Ten years older, and the ice to Zoe’s fire, Natasha captured Zoe’s heart a decade earlier. Undeniable sparks danced between them, yet they were never able to give in to temptation. When Zoe moved to London, both were left shattered. Neither woman has been able to move on since.

Now, they find the same heat smoldering between them, with no reason to resist it. However, the specter of how they last parted still casts a dark shadow on them—one neither woman can seem to let go of.

Secrets from the past, desires of the present, and the uncertainty of the future might keep Zoe and Natasha from having their chance at true love. Or perhaps they’ll realize fate brought them back together to dance the ultimate pas de deux.



Oaktown Girls: Book 3

by Suzanne Falter

Garage owner Lizzy is finally about to move in with her love Kate, an Irish expat, until ICE shows up and threatens to deport her.

Soon Kate is living in a Sanctuary church and Lizzy is trying to get her out.

But the church maintenance person, Monroe, soon gets dangerously obsessed with Kate, as well.

Meanwhile, SFPD undercover cop Frankie has fallen hard for Sally, a psychic, even though she can’t wrap her head around Sally’s work.

Which is okay until Sally needs Frankie’s professional help with a psychic vision she’s seen that could be catastrophic for Oakland.

Where does Frankie draw the line – or should she at all?

And should Lizzy propose marriage to Kate … even though they almost broke up the last time she mentioned it?

Destined captures the romantic ups and downs of this tightly knit group of Oakland lesbians.

It’s fun, fast-moving standalone that will make you think about your own destiny, as well.



by Denise Warner
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Dina finally has the strength to come out later in life. Leaving her with a past wreaking of heterosexuality and an ex-husband she remains close with, she found herself making up for lost time with a tattered string of meaningless one night stands in her Upstate NY lesbian community. Until she meets the older Liz and forms her first real relationship.

Accepting the relationship opens Dina up to a wealth of commitment fears to overcome as Liz finds a place in her life. It also creates chaos in her work life. Liz connections and desire to support Dina creates an exciting opportunity to bring Dina dreams to reality through garnering interest from a high profile successful producer. The chaos is complicated as it comes attached to a hot, bright young assistant keen to make her mark both in the world of theater as well as Dina’s heart.

Will she choose safe and steady? Or make the leap into the hot unknown?



by Jessica Yeh

Avery Bennett is a bit of a player. But not without cause. After falling in love and ending up with a broken heart, she vowed never to get attached again. Hardened, Avery is determined to protect herself, not bending and absolutely refusing to break for anyone.

Until now.

When Avery’s best friend drags her to yoga class, she unwillingly finds herself developing feelings for the instructor, who doesn’t fall for her usual pick-up lines. In fact, despite how smooth Avery thought she was, Kadence Cooper is undeniably smoother. But Kadence carries secrets and sorrows of her own. Will they be able to heal and find love again? Or will inflexibility tear them apart?





by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Heart surgeon Dr Bree Parker has never had a care in the world until Gaston Roget sets his sights on her. Looking for a safe haven from her stalker, she finds herself hiding out in the morgue where she finds a sympathetic shoulder to cry on in Dr Morgan Jennings.

They became fast friends and the line between friendship and the opportunity for something more is often blurred, and always ignored. That is until Bree announces she’s pregnant, and getting married. Devastated, Morgan finally acknowledges her feelings for her friend. Unable to stand by and watch her marry Tony, she sends Bree a letter explaining that she’s leaving town, but if Bree feels the same way, then she should stop her from leaving.

Bree doesn’t turn up.

Morgan finds herself on the shore of the lake, looking out onto the mountains. In the arms of Maggie, she has the chance to love again, but leaving Bree is more difficult than she thought. Especially when circumstance keeps bringing her home to LA.

Back to Bree.

Will there be a chance for them to reconcile? Or will Morgan return to the mountains?



by Les Mood
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Treece is a trainer for a major corporation. Dani is a partner in a successful investment company. They meet and become friends while walking on treadmills in a hotel fitness center. After a night of passion they start a long-distance love affair. Treece doesn’t feel worthy enough to be with a rich businesswoman. Dani wonders if Treece is worth risking her business. Then there is Treece’s homophobic mother and fundamentalist boss. Plus Dani’s jealous business partner. And five-hundred miles separating them. But they can’t keep from falling in love.





by Erik Schubach

As Artemis looks on, the Olympians, under the threat of attack of two incoming Titan vessels, must flee their home and abandon their Citadel on Olympus. Kara, the Wild One, First Valkyrie of Asgard heads out into space to draw a line to dare the Titans to cross.

A plan is devised that may allow for the rapid charging of the Citadel’s Jump Drive. But for the plan to succeed, they need to forge a pact with the only planet with people not of the United Races.

Artemis, the Three Embers, and a peace envoy must travel to Alfheim to treat with the Queen of the Light Elves to allow the Olympians to seek sanctuary on their planet.

(The Tales From Olympus are the continuation of the Valkyrie Chronicles)




Underdogs: Book 8

Geonn Cannon

The wolf has returned.

Ari is reluctant when she’s summoned to Seattle’s Millionaire’s Row by Vivian Burroughs, given their history with rich clients, but the money is too good to refuse. Vivian reveals that she’s dying, and fears one of her four children might attempt to steal a valuable tapestry hanging in her house. She plans to lock the room where it hangs and leave the key with Ari until the will is read. The job seems simple enough until the day arrives and the room is unlocked to reveal the tapestry has vanished. Now Ari has to stay on the case to figure out not only which of the heirs is responsible for taking the artwork, but how they managed to get it out of a locked room.

With time running out before all her suspects leave town, Ari has to figure out who took the priceless tapestry and how they did it, while also facing an outside force which may do the unthinkable and come between her and Dale.





by Sebastian Nothwell

Heatherhurst Hall
Cumberland, England

American heiress Kit Morgan is heartbroken at the wedding of her dearest school-friend. At her lowest moment, she is rescued from her agonies by the mysterious and alluring Alexandra Cranbrook, sister of a visiting English baronet. Alexandra is beautiful, charming, and effortlessly beguiling. Kit cannot help but fall in love with her.

When Sir Vivian Cranbrook proposes marriage, it seems natural for Kit to accept—if only to live with the woman she desperately loves.

But the Cranbrook’s ancestral home of Heatherhurst Hall is not all it seems. The attic is forbidden. Strange scratching noises echo from within the walls. Wraiths stalk the corridors by night. And worst of all, Alexandra’s love has turned to scorn.

Still, Kit is determined to earn her happily-ever-after and save the Cranbrooks from the horrors of Heatherhurst Hall.

If only she could know Alexandra loved her in return.

Trigger warnings: Suicide (not of main characters), murder (also not of main characters), graphic violence.





by Olivia Waite

As Lucy Muchelney watches her ex-lover’s sham of a wedding, she wishes herself anywhere else. It isn’t until she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth, looking for someone to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text, that she knows where to go. Showing up at the Countess’ London home, she hoped to find a challenge, not a woman who takes her breath away.

Catherine St Day looks forward to a quiet widowhood once her late husband’s scientific legacy is fulfilled. She expected to hand off the translation and wash her hands of the project—instead, she is intrigued by the young woman who turns up at her door, begging to be allowed to do the work, and she agrees to let Lucy stay. But as Catherine finds herself longing for Lucy, everything she believes about herself and her life is tested.

While Lucy spends her days interpreting the complicated French text, she spends her nights falling in love with the alluring Catherine. But sabotage and old wounds threaten to sever the threads that bind them. Can Lucy and Catherine find the strength to stay together or are they doomed to be star-crossed lovers?



by Jane Alden

Jobyna’s Blues is a multi-generational love story, set in post-WWI American South and flashing forward to the mid-1960’s in New York City and London.

In 1924, Jobyna, the Empress of the Blues, and Lily, a dancer in her chorus line, fall in love as they travel in a custom train car and play to adoring crowds in theaters from Nashville to New Orleans to Mobile. Life is both exciting and dangerous in the young country, only sixty years past the Civil War.

Looking forward to the mid-1960’s, Jobie Greene, a folk singer in Greenwich Village, meets the charismatic English pop star, Deedee. They struggle to manage their long-distance relationship and their careers against a backdrop of social change.
The connections between the love stories and the women’s challenges and triumphs, as they echo through time, keep us surprised and challenged and rooting for their happy endings.





by Miranda MacLeod

$2.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

An American musician with a broken heart meets a local farmer with a hidden past on a holiday house swap in Yorkshire.

A year ago, their lives fell apart. Can a bit of Christmas magic help them build a new life together?

A charming romantic comedy that will fill your heart with holiday cheer.





by Emma Nichols
narrated by Jessica Jeffries

Madeleine isn’t like other grieving war widows.

Claudette isn’t like other young French women.

As their lives collide, Madeleine and Claude will discover a depth of connection and desire they never knew could exist. Can their love flourish in post-WW2 France or will their past derail their future?

If you like your novels with strong leading ladies, smouldering chemistry, and an epic love story that twists and turns, then you’ll love Emma Nichol’s latest lesbian romance.



by Caren J. Werlinger
narrated by Ann Etter

Nearly 25 years ago, Kathleen Halloran’s brother drowned during the last summer they ever spent with their grandmother on a remote island off Maine’s coast. Like a siren’s call she can’t resist, Kathleen is pulled back to Little Sister Island. She leaves her job and her girlfriend, packs up her few belongings, and moves into her grandmother’s cottage.

Molly Cooper loves life on Little Sister, where the islanders take care of their own. Kathleen Halloran doesn’t belong here, and her arrival stirs up unwelcome memories for the islanders – including Molly’s brother. Molly is certain Kathleen will pack up at the first big blow. When she doesn’t, Molly begins to see maybe there’s more to Kathleen than she thought. Sometimes, before you can move forward, you have to look back.



by Erica Lee
narrated by Jessica Renfro

Kinsley Scott is a lesbian romance author who doesn’t actually believe in love. While her alter ego, Laurel Lake, loves happy endings and epic love stories, Kinsley has a more cynical view of the world.

Grace Harper is a hopeless romantic hanging on every word of the lesbian romance novels she reads. She believes her happy ending is right around the corner if she can just move on from the ex who cheated on her. When Grace’s childhood best friend, Leah, suggests that she comes to Philly to get space from her ex, it seems like the perfect opportunity to start over, especially since Leah’s roommate is none other than Laurel Lake – Grace’s favorite romance author.

Grace quickly learns that people aren’t always how they appear online and is disappointed to find that Kinsley Scott is nothing like Laurel Lake. She’s rude and vulgar and, unfortunately, irresistibly sexy. There is also much more to her than meets the eye, and as the two grow closer, her tough exterior is quickly stripped away, revealing much more than Grace ever bargained for.




LWW-18: What’s Your Daily Routine?

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They’re back! In this episode they discuss their holiday, during which they visited Gentleman Jack’s house and listened to our new favourite podcast To L and Back. They came back home to even more lesbianism, in the form of the Women’s Football World Cup, which they’ve been watching way too much of.

In work-related news, French Kissing: Season Five is out!

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Interview with Alexi Venice

Happy Friday!

Please welcome Alexi Venice. Alexi is giving away one ebook copy of Conscious Bias to one lucky winner. More details are below. 

Tell us about your last book in one sentence.

Conscious Bias, A Monica Spade Novel, is the first in a series about a fledgling lawyer who has to break through several layers of bias for justice and love.

Did you do a lot of research for this legal thriller featuring f/f romance?

I like to write what I know, so no, I didn’t have to do any research for this book. A variety of events in the book—both legal and romance—are based on a day-in-the-life of my legal work and life at the CrossFit Box. I’m an attorney—under a different name—at an international healthcare system. I specialize in preparing physicians and nurses for testimony in criminal trials regarding their treatment of the defendant or victim, or both. I work side-by-side with the prosecution to present the medical testimony to the jury. My 30 years of practicing law definitely informs my fiction. That’s why my leading ladies are usually lawyers, physicians and nurses.

What’s the last book you read that blew you away?

Killing Eve by Luke Jennings. I’m addicted. Apparently, I really love psychopathic humor! I find myself laughing out loud while being scared out of my pants. This entire storyline really gets under my skin and in my head. In the T.V. series on BBC, Jodi Comer’s facial expressions make me laugh one second and believe she’s a killing machine the next. Love her.

Do you happen to have any celebrity crushes at the moment? 😉

Of course. I’ve had a longstanding crush on Jennifer Beal. Those abs! That curly, long hair. Those sultry eyes that can flash—without warning—to murderous anger. Her on-screen chemistry with Laurel Holloman was hot, hot, hot.

What are you most proud of as a writer?

Connecting with readers. Daydreaming a story is energizing. Translating it to the page is grueling but satisfying. Entertaining a reader is THE BOMB. I love to hear from readers about what they liked (and hated). My core readers for The San Francisco Mystery Series are very opinionated and VOCAL about where they want the relationship triangle of Tommy, Jen and Amanda to go. I will abide their wishes but not without some suspense and angst.

Do you have any favorite songs at the moment?

Billie Eilish singing Wish You Were Gay. I love working out to this song. I crank up the base as far as it will go. Would love to see her in concert.


A Monica Spade Novel

by Alexi Venice

A legal thriller with a dangerous romance– When fledgling lawyer Monica Spade becomes involved in a murder trial, she uncovers racial and ethnic bias against the victim as well as ugly truths about the men at her law firm. Risking her life and career, Monica pursues justice and the love of a woman.



Win an ebook copy of Conscious Bias. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of Conscious Bias. Hint: It’s Alexi Venice. One winner will be selected on June 28th.


Alexi Venice is the bestselling author of The San Francisco Mystery Series. Her novels are equal parts legal thriller and steamy romance.

She lives in Wisconsin, where she works out, practices yoga, water skis, and bikes when not engaging in other things that are said to be bad for her health.



Facebook / Website / Amazon Author Page

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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