Interview with Alexi Venice

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Tell us about your last book in one sentence.

Conscious Bias, A Monica Spade Novel, is the first in a series about a fledgling lawyer who has to break through several layers of bias for justice and love.

Did you do a lot of research for this legal thriller featuring f/f romance?

I like to write what I know, so no, I didn’t have to do any research for this book. A variety of events in the book—both legal and romance—are based on a day-in-the-life of my legal work and life at the CrossFit Box. I’m an attorney—under a different name—at an international healthcare system. I specialize in preparing physicians and nurses for testimony in criminal trials regarding their treatment of the defendant or victim, or both. I work side-by-side with the prosecution to present the medical testimony to the jury. My 30 years of practicing law definitely informs my fiction. That’s why my leading ladies are usually lawyers, physicians and nurses.

What’s the last book you read that blew you away?

Killing Eve by Luke Jennings. I’m addicted. Apparently, I really love psychopathic humor! I find myself laughing out loud while being scared out of my pants. This entire storyline really gets under my skin and in my head. In the T.V. series on BBC, Jodi Comer’s facial expressions make me laugh one second and believe she’s a killing machine the next. Love her.

Do you happen to have any celebrity crushes at the moment? 😉

Of course. I’ve had a longstanding crush on Jennifer Beal. Those abs! That curly, long hair. Those sultry eyes that can flash—without warning—to murderous anger. Her on-screen chemistry with Laurel Holloman was hot, hot, hot.

What are you most proud of as a writer?

Connecting with readers. Daydreaming a story is energizing. Translating it to the page is grueling but satisfying. Entertaining a reader is THE BOMB. I love to hear from readers about what they liked (and hated). My core readers for The San Francisco Mystery Series are very opinionated and VOCAL about where they want the relationship triangle of Tommy, Jen and Amanda to go. I will abide their wishes but not without some suspense and angst.

Do you have any favorite songs at the moment?

Billie Eilish singing Wish You Were Gay. I love working out to this song. I crank up the base as far as it will go. Would love to see her in concert.


A Monica Spade Novel

by Alexi Venice

A legal thriller with a dangerous romance– When fledgling lawyer Monica Spade becomes involved in a murder trial, she uncovers racial and ethnic bias against the victim as well as ugly truths about the men at her law firm. Risking her life and career, Monica pursues justice and the love of a woman.



Win an ebook copy of Conscious Bias. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of Conscious Bias. Hint: It’s Alexi Venice. One winner will be selected on June 28th.


Alexi Venice is the bestselling author of The San Francisco Mystery Series. Her novels are equal parts legal thriller and steamy romance.

She lives in Wisconsin, where she works out, practices yoga, water skis, and bikes when not engaging in other things that are said to be bad for her health.



Facebook / Website / Amazon Author Page

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New Lesfic Goodies: June 25th Edition

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Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

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Season Five

by Harper Bliss

With a year remaining on Dominique’s first presidential term, the Laroche camp is gearing up for her re-election campaign. Dominique herself, however, doesn’t seem so keen on going through it all again.

Aurore and Solange’s relationship has been on and off so many times, nobody can keep count. The prospect of being on opposing sides of an election campaign is proving too difficult to overcome. Unless one of them can find it in her heart to make a sacrifice.

Claire is showing signs of a midlife crisis. Rather than test her marriage to Margot, her behaviour puts in danger Barbier & Cyr, and her friendship with Juliette and Steph.

Partnerships will be questioned, loyalties will shift and priorities will be reassessed as favourite characters, and old foes, return for a new season of Parisian drama and intrigue.



by Sienna Waters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What if just when you’re trying to find yourself, you find someone else instead?

Avery Alden is thirty four, a virgin, and an heiress. If inheriting a run-down inn outside of Oakview can be considered a legacy. She’s shy, grieving for her mother, and terrified of her future.

But when Charlotte Barett, an English professor visiting from London, knocks on her door late one night, Avery thinks her luck might be about to change. Charlotte is attractive, confident, and, more importantly, interested. Or she might be. Maybe. Perhaps.

The mysterious Charlotte is walled off and definitely hiding something about her past. But Avery thinks she’s the one who might finally get through to the cold professor. And Charlotte seems more than willing to help renovate the inn in return for a bed to sleep in.

As feelings grow and sparks fly, Charlotte’s walls begin to crack. But when they finally come tumbling down, Avery isn’t sure she can deal with what lies behind them.

The future is a scary place when you’re facing it alone. But what if you don’t need to be alone at all?

Away from Home is the sixth novel in the Oakview series, and features a HEA ending. Oakview books can be read independently and in any order, just be prepared to see some familiar faces around town!



by Cheyenne Blue

A captivating opposites-attract lesbian romance about a city woman discovering her country heart.

Australian country girl Nina Pellegrini runs a program for city kids to experience a taste of rural life at Banksia Farm. But when a child is hurt and a lawsuit threatens, Nina is determined to find the best legal assistance to help her save the farm.

Enter high-flying lawyer Leigh Willoughby, whose city world is far from the farm’s chaotic mix of kids and animals. She certainly doesn’t have time for small cases that don’t pay or farm visits that wreck her cool—and her clothes.

Still, the warm-hearted Nina and her challenging, twelve-year-old daughter, Phoebe, are awfully hard to say no to. What on earth has she gotten herself into?


Party of Two Sequel

by Tey Holden
Available in Kindle Unlimited

With Blair nowhere to be found and her mother in the hospital, Alex’s world has fallen apart. When Blair finally returns, things are not the same, and Alex makes a decision that uproots her life and takes her to another city. Away from home, chaos erupts, and characters are tested. The road home seems far but promising. Old friends show up and add pieces to the puzzle. Will the family endure the turnings of Alex’s life? Will Addy recover? Will Blair and Alex stay together? Is this how it ends, or will there be a new beginning?



by Sydney Canyon

When a headstrong, country music superstar starts getting threatening letters while on tour, her manager has no other choice but to hire someone to investigate the threats, and keep her safe.

Haley Nielsen is as stubborn as it gets. She does things her way, and her way only. The last thing she needs or wants is a babysitter following her every move and controlling everything she does.

Shane Crowley isn’t your typical private investigator, or bodyguard, for that matter. She’s a former U.S. Deputy Marshal with a lot of experience, and an all or nothing attitude.

Tempers flare and the energy burns red hot between the two women as they spend weeks together cooped up on Haley’s tour bus, traveling the country. Will they stop resisting each other long enough to see eye to eye? Or will the letter writer make good on his threats?



by Charley Clarke

A lesbian romance about music, accepting the past, and embracing second chances to write a new future.

When golden girl pop star Bridget Callahan’s broken engagement comes out, she heads back to her hometown for the first time in five years to write songs for her next album. And maybe while she’s there, she’ll finally be able to face the woman she left behind who she never let go.

Bar owner Alex Marlow has spent the past five years mending her broken heart by pretending she doesn’t have one. But Bridget’s return disrupts her ordered life and brings all those chaotic, buried feelings back to the surface. Can they forgive each other and themselves for mistakes made when they were younger?



by Melissa Tereze
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Businesswoman, Sam Phillips, was quite content focusing on her single life. At thirty-seven, she didn’t have the time to explore. She was never supposed to be alone, not in this world. One devastating day would crush everything she had ever known, but deep down, she knew there was more to life than business.

Alexis Foster wasn’t looking for love. With work commitments only growing by the day, a life of ‘arrangements’ as a high-class escort appeared to be the way forward. After all, at twenty-five, Alexis had all the time in the world to settle down.

A simple decision would change their lives, but with a past ever-present for one of them, and a past lurking for the other, one of them must decide if she can give her all.

Is it too good to be true? Or can the heart be given away more than once?




Farrellton Foster Family: Book 2

by Renee Dahlia

NEVE LEE, mechanic and ex-porn star, has saved up enough to grow her garage business in the direction of her dreams—restoring old cars. She used the job as Maiden Heaven to save up enough money to start her own mechanic’s shop, and now she’s branched out to buy an ancient Mini to restore. Crashing the car into someone’s garden wall might just end her dream until she can pay for the damage. She doesn’t expect the owner of the wall to be a fan of hers, and when Jessica proposes to invest in her restoration business, Neve can’t resist. The money gets her closer to her goals, and Jessica… Well, she’s hot and doesn’t judge her for her past. A foster kid who was shuttled through many homes before she ended up with Mrs Farrellton, Neve has put the issues with her birth parents behind her. Or so she thinks. A letter will change everything she believed about herself…

JESSICA BEAUMONT is a self-made tech billionaire who lives alone in a mansion on the leafy north shore of Sydney. She is introverted and single, and very particular about how her life is set up. With wealthy white parents who think her queerness is ‘just a phase’, she’s focused on her tech business. She tells herself she’s happy, but in reality, she’s hiding a guilty secret and feels like she’d be a liability to a partner. When Neve crashes, literally, into her house, Jessica wants to give something back to the porn star who helped her survive a tough time in her life. Her enthusiastic investment in Neve’s business is an excuse to be closer to Maiden Heaven. But will Jessica’s money and her guilt both prove to be the liability that Jessica always worried about. Can she learn to forgive herself, and will Neve forgive her when Jessica’s fan fetish screws up everything between them?

Please be aware that this book contains descriptions of death during an accident and subsequent injury to one of the main characters, drug addiction, foster kid meeting a biological parent.





by Karen Badger

Makaya Kapule and Spencer Bennet are from vastly different backgrounds…Makaya from Hawaii and Spencer from Vermont. They met and fell in love as members of the National Fencing Team. On hiatus from their grueling training schedule, Makaya and Spencer fly to Hawaii to attend her sister’s traditional Hawai’ian wedding, at which, Spencer meets Makaya’s family for the first time. While there, Makaya’s brother takes them water skiing, and an over-confident Spencer finds herself in danger when she fails to anticipate the raging fury of ocean whitecaps. She wakes up some time later to find herself alone on a deserted beach and with her world about to be turned upside down.




Crosscannon Roller Derby: Book 1

by Jacquelyn Heat

Roller derby referee Kat Brooks is completely smitten with hot-tempered skater Dot Mauser. Problem is, the penalty-heavy Dot thinks Kat has something against her. The truth comes to light when the two bond over art and photography. But with playoffs coming up, tensions on the track—and deeper insecurities—threaten to derail everything.

Self-harm takes place in some scenes, though due to the nature of the action it may not be apparent that it is self-harm until the character reveals so in a later conversation.





by Robin Hale

Laurel Pearson is ready for adventure. The sort of adventure that means finding your people and discovering yourself and — well, it turns out that her adventure mostly looks like a studio apartment in a new city, a job at a quirky little bookshop, and humiliating herself in front of the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen.


But Laurel can’t shake the feeling that there’s more going on. The bookshop sells silver amulets and dried herbs alongside their truly impressive poetry section, and that gorgeous woman crackles with secrets. And the bookclub? It might be a coven.

There’s something coming. Something changing. And Laurel would swear that Rhea Barnes — the gruff, hot gardener with the intriguing scars — is the key to understanding all of it.

Can Laurel convince Rhea to take a chance on her and find out what’s pulling them together?




Don’t Call Me Hero: Book 4

by Eliza Lentzski
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Most stories have a beginning, middle, and end. But when you work in the Cold Case division, you come to the realization that not every story has a tidy conclusion and not every story starts at the beginning. One little question. Cold Case Detective Cassidy Miller is beginning to feel more comfortable in her new career path. She has a close-knit group of friends and a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend. Living together has been easier than either of them could have ever expected. But will one little question ruin everything she and Julia have built? One little secret. A young woman is found in an abandoned car with a bullet in her gut. Cassidy and the rest of the Cold Case division must team up with Homicide to bring the girl’s killer to justice. But nothing is ever that easy.


Shadow Series: Book 3

by Kat Smith
Available in Kindle Unlimited

ICC Director Payton Cardina was one of the creators of Olympic Games, otherwise known as Stuxnet, to bring down Iran’s enriched uranium facility in 2005. The ICC has now uncovered a plot by a terrorist group to reverse engineer and repurpose it to bring down major automated systems around the globe.Well aware of the potential catastrophic consequences if they don’t stop the attacks, Payton and her ace analyst, Alex Sheridan must identify the terrorists before they strike. Once located, will Lieutenant Colonel Mara Morrissey’s team be able to take them out before it’s too late.





by Cara Malone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A rookie forensic investigator, a seasoned patrol officer, and a crime scene that just might be the death of them both.

Kelsey Granger is meticulous and careful, determined to turn her OCD into an advantage in her new job at the coroner’s office. There’s just one problem – her boss doesn’t think she’s ready. When Kelsey arrives at her first death scene to find the responding officer contaminating the evidence, she starts to wonder if her boss was right.

Zara Hayes hates death scenes. She’s been on patrol five long years but her chief won’t promote her until she can overcome her fear. So here she is, just feet away from a dead body while a pretty young investigator reads her the riot act because she thinks Zara screwed up her scene.

With a killer on the loose, there’s no time to argue so Zara and Kelsey team up to solve the case. As they get closer to the truth – and to each other – they must confront the mind games we play… in life, in love, and even in death.



by LL Shelton
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sometimes. . . new beginnings only start after everything has Shattered.

Drugged and hungry, Sadie Jones remains captive at the hands of her husband. Growing weaker by the day, only one thing keeps her alive—her thoughts of Max. Are they enough or is the sand in the hourglass running out?

For months, Maxine Shields has desperately searched for Sadie, but all roads lead to the same dead-end. With hope slipping away, Max finds the clue that changes everything. With the help of her friends, can they find a way to bring Sadie home—to her?

The Pulse Pack is back, but can their friendship stay strong when all else crumbles? Is their future forever shattered, or is this a new beginning?

Note: Our Glass: Shattered can be read as a stand-alone. However, it relates closely to the previous book Our Glass: Falling Sand. This book contains content which may cause triggers to readers with sensitivities.





by Marolyn Krasner

After twenty-five years of extremist feminist activism, D is on probation for assaulting homophobes and she is becoming something she never wanted to be: respectable. D’s mom and girlfriend hope her life as leader of the feminist collective Pussy Power is over, but D feels like a failure. When she finds out her estranged father has jumped on the white power bandwagon and is sharing the personal details of marginalized people on his badly designed website, she reconnects with her toxic Pussy Power cofounder and triggers a chain of events that causes her new life to implode, which is very bad, but is also exactly what she wants.

There is mention of anorexia, rape, but no graphic descriptions. 





by Tamsen Parker

$1.99 $3.99

Blaze Bellamy is the bad girl of the short track speed skating world. Looking like a roller derby bruiser when she’s not in her Team USA uniform, she’s an unlikely American heroine. She’s got a punk attitude to match her provocative dress and her dyed hair, and she’s determined to get onto the front pages of the papers regardless of how she has to do it.

Maisy Harper is the workhorse of the Canadian women’s figure skating team. Serious, modest, and above all, polite, Maisy would prefer to win her victory on the ice rather than in the press, and is exasperated by Blaze’s antics. When she’s not lusting after her anyway. After they both failed to make the medal podium at the last Snow and Ice Games, they drowned themselves in gin—and each other.

Despite their hookup being drunken, they both harbor fond memories of their night together and are keen for a repeat. But they’ve got different ways of going about getting what they want, and Blaze’s willingness to go to any lengths for the spotlight could ruin any chance she has with Maisy.



by Raven J. Spencer

$2.99 $5.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

A billionaire romance with a suspense twist: Penny is a sociology student who works at the Café Vienna to pay the bills. This is where she crosses paths with Carter Forbes, and sparks fly. Carter is used to getting what she wants…always. Penny soon falls for her, but she won’t be owned – by anyone.





by Jae
narrated by Abigail Rakocy

Dr. Jordan Williams devotes her life to two things: saving patients in the operating room and pleasuring her latest conquest in the bedroom. Her idea of commitment is spending a few hours together in bed.

Single mom Emma Larson is Jordan’s polar opposite. Family and fidelity mean everything to her. After an ugly divorce from her wife, a plastic surgeon, she and her five-year-old daughter move in next door to Jordan. While she finds Jordan undeniably attractive, falling in love with another womanizing surgeon is the last things she needs.

When a bad fall leaves Jordan in need of assistance, Emma decides to help her while she recovers.

Could those six weeks turn out to be the beginning of a happily ever after, or will they both end up with a broken heart?



by Jax Meyer
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

On the verge of turning 40, former Marine Cameron “Cam” Warren didn’t expect to be walking onto a community college campus to spend a year playing music. Instead of enjoying her career, Cam is still mourning the tragic death of her partner and fellow Marine Sharon. Five years have now passed but she is no further forward in dealing with her grief. Cam knows she needs to change so she can heal. Will taking a sabbatical to play the drums allow her to live fully again, connecting her to emotions in ways her autism has always prevented?

Jazz pianist and teacher Laura Clark has had enough of city life on the east coast and yearns for the quiet beauty of Colorado. When a faculty position opens at a small community college in Ft. Collins, she jumps at the chance to start a new life. However, what she couldn’t predict was that one of her star students was about to walk back into her life, 20 years later.

When Cam is introduced to the new jazz ensemble director she is shocked to see her high school music teacher, a thousand miles away from the small town where Ms. Clark first introduced her to jazz. But Cam is no longer a kid, and as their chemistry grows stronger, Cam has to choose which path her life will take – will she choose love or will she choose fear?

Dal Segno is a lesbian romance that shows the power of revisiting the past to create a completely different result. Everything changes the second time around….



by Aurora Rey
narrated by Lori Prince

Attorney Elisa Gonzalez is happy working behind the scenes while still having time for a life. All that changes when her firm takes on a major case and Parker Jones, powerhouse litigator and her law school crush, is named lead counsel.          





LWW 17: Are You an Out and Proud Lesbian Fiction Author

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If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!



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Guest Post: Feeding the Soul by Jazzy Mitchell

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Please welcome Jazzy Mitchell. Jazzy is giving away one ebook copy of You Matter. More details are below.

Feeding the Soul

I grew up as a latch-key, neglected child in the inner city. Oftentimes, I went hungry, and I learned at an early age to make friends so I could eat at their houses. Countless times I curled up in my bed, listening to my stomach growl. During those dark nights, I imagined sitting at a feast, having the time and ability to eat, eat, eat. My insides ached, and I dreamed of the few times Mom cooked. Maple Leaf franks with B&M Boston baked beans; chicken fingers with duck sauce; and cheesesteaks with extra American cheese melted on them were some of my favorite meals. (Can you guess where I’m from?)

Mom boiled the hotdogs until they split down the middle, cutting them into small pieces and mixing them into a bowl of Boston baked beans. She always bought the Maple Leaf hotdogs directly from the butcher, not wanting any packaged brands. It was a good day if I got two hotdogs to myself. I also loved the days when my mom made chicken fingers, even when she substituted the chicken out for turkey since it was cheaper. She’d dip each strip in egg and dredge it through breadcrumbs before repeating the process and deep-frying them on the stovetop. And on special days, we’d get cheesesteaks from the local sub shop. These were no-frills sandwiches—thin, sliced beef grilled, covered with American cheese, and served on soft, long rolls.

As you may have surmised, food was a big focus in my life. If I got to eat, it was a good day. Like the morning my mom left a loaf of Wonder Bread for the three of us—me, my brother, and my sister. On top of each piece she spread margarine and sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top. You’d think we were three savage beasts, the way we all ran for that food. I was the runt, but I secured four pieces. They practically melted in my mouth, and I thought my mom was the best in the world.

As I grew older and earned money (I started working at the ripe old age of twelve), I used my wages to buy my friends. Well, not really. I used it to buy food for my friends—the ultimate proof of my affection. I doubt it will surprise you to learn I was attracted to those who cooked for me. It was a strong aphrodisiac. I didn’t have to worry about my next meal, and the person was providing incontrovertible proof that I was loved. It could be something as simple as a sandwich or as complex as a multistep recipe—the intent to feed me was all that mattered.

Like many writers, I create rich backgrounds for my characters. Much of that doesn’t make it to the page, but their pasts seep into the story and color their thoughts, reactions, and perspectives. When I can tap into my own experiences to bring authenticity to my characters, I do. A good example is the protagonist in my latest novel, You Matter. Chrissy Kramer scrabbles to build a life after her parents throw her out of her home when she’s seventeen. They reject her once they learn she’s pregnant, and Chrissy has no one to help her. She must find a way to afford housing, food, and necessities. You’ll read how many of Chrissy’s interactions with her son, Ben, and her love interest, Reggie, have something to do with food. (In fact, my editor strongly suggested I remove some of the food scenes, which I did.) Chrissy enjoys food, and she equates affection with it.

As Chrissy and Reggie become closer, Chrissy gets to eat Reggie’s cooking. Even more important, Reggie wants to cook for her, provide for her, and take care of her. With each meal, Chrissy falls more in love. That’s not to say Reggie isn’t attractive when the food component is removed. In the story, their connection strengthens as they spend more time together outside of the workplace. Yet, after years of fending for herself, Chrissy’s able to sink in to the feeling of being loved by Reggie, and to Chrissy one of the more demonstrative ways Reggie expresses her love is through her willingness to feed her. When Reggie brings Chrissy to a favorite restaurant or cooks a delicious meal for her, Chrissy translates it to mean she’s worthy, she’s loved, and she matters. In the end, Reggie doesn’t merely fill Chrissy’s stomach—she feeds her soul.



by Jazzy Mitchell

A disgruntled former client attempts to kill Reggie Esposito, a senior law partner at Hawk, Esposito & Associates—a leading Boston law firm, after she loses his lawsuit. Chrissy Kramer, her paralegal, prevents him from shooting Reggie, but she is hurt in the process. While Chrissy and her son, Ben, stay with Reggie to recuperate, their connection deepens, and they embark on a romantic relationship.



Win an ebook copy of You Matter. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of You Matter. Hint: It’s Jazzy Mitchell. One winner will be selected on June 28th.



Jazzy Mitchell loves telling stories, one word at a time. She knows words are powerful and loves to connect them in different ways. She’s the author of three contemporary lesbian romance novels: Lost TreasuresMusings of a Madwoman, and her latest, You Matter.



Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Website / Amazon Author Page


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New Lesfic Goodies: June 18th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Emma Nichols
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Grace has it all. At least she did until a moment of indiscretion threatens to destroy her career.

With everything in London at stake and her fate in the Board’s hands, she escapes to her Aunt’s house in the Lake District – the perfect place to hide from her secrets and to get some much-needed peace and quiet.

But Duckton-by-Dale is nothing like she remembered and she certainly didn’t expect to be attracted to her new neighbour, Harriet. But then she also didn’t expect her world to be turned upside down by the quirky ensemble of villagers who plot to give love a helping hand. What could possibly go wrong?

Laugh out loud as you immerse yourself in the antics of the Duckton-by-Dale villagers and watch Harriet & Grace’s romance blossom…


A Year in Paradise: Book 6

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Doctor Brandelyn “Brandy” Meyer has dreamed of the picture-perfect wedding since she was a little girl. Now that fiancee Sunny Croker is ready to tie the knot? All hell breaks loose as Dr. Bridezilla is unleashed!

Sunny is the embodiment of her name, with her blond hair and genial disposition. Yet even the owner of Paradise Valley’s biggest B&B can’t keep her cool when Brandy’s vision overwrites who Sunny really is. Their previously unbreakable bond goes up against the ultimate test!

Paradise Valley’s wedding of the year will be the only thing residents talk about for months. But will it be the impeccable flowers and sweet vows they discuss? Or how a certain someone was left at the altar?



by K.C. Littleton
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Scout Martinez, retired WNBA star, just moved back to Austin to put her life back together after her health, love life, and investments have all taken a beating, and she has no time for a curvy, lavender-haired bisexual with a big mouth and zero girl experience. Not. Going. To. Happen.

If it weren’t for bad luck, Evie Koenig would have no luck at all. Her ex-husband stole thousands of dollars from her college fund, she’s barely scraping by with three jobs, and now she’s buried her car under the back end of a huge moving truck. Which, by the way, just happens to be driven by one of her sports heroes and the architect of her bisexual awakening. #fml

It’s too bad, really, that they keep on running into one another.



by Megan E. Bean

Wonderfully bright Ashley Engles feels extremely nervous on the first day of her senior year at Cactus High. Having skipped a year, Ashley now has to face kids in class she’s never met before. She goes to her first class full of apprehension and meets someone who will turn her world upside down.

Keira Mitchell is captain of the golf team at Cactus High School, attractive, athletic, and popular — every boy in high school’s dream girl. Except she isn’t. Keira is openly gay and currently in a relationship. And she keeps a painful secret to herself.

Sparks fly when Keira ends up sitting next to Ashley in math class. But trouble looms. How will Ashley’s best friend since first grade react to the new development? Will Ashley be able to keep her oldest friendship and start a love relationship at the same time? When she discovers Keira’s secret, will Ashley and all her loved ones sail through stormy waters and reach the calm with all her relationships intact?

Is it really possible to have it all?





by Monica McCallan
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Emery Bates has exactly one problem she’s willing to admit, and it’s that she doesn’t have a girlfriend to take as her date to a wedding. Not because she needs a girlfriend, but because she needs an easier way to come out to college friends that she hasn’t seen in five years. When her next door neighbor ends up single a few weeks before the wedding, problem solver Emery realizes inviting Jordan along and faking romance for a week in Hawaii could be perfect for both of them.

Jordan Davis doesn’t worry about much, especially what will happen tomorrow. Life’s too short to plan every second, and it usually doesn’t work out anyway. When Emery invites her on an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii, it’s not a hard sell. She’ll get to enjoy a tropical vacation with one of her closest friends, and she’ll get to spend more time with Emery, away from Emery’s hectic work schedule back in Austin.

But, there’s more to the request than Emery’s letting on, and there’s more to Jordan’s willingness to help than she wants to admit. It’s only eight days, but time passes differently when there’s nowhere to be and nowhere to hide. When lines blur between reality and fiction, both women have to decide if falling in love is worth the jump.



by S. W. Andersen

Sofia Delacruz is her name and love is her game. Despite the tragic end to her own story, she hasn’t given up on happily ever after. At least, not when it comes to other people. When a new client hires them in hopes of kindling a relationship with her long-time crush, life takes an unexpected turn. Personal desires burn like bonfires and professional boundaries are pushed, putting the duo in uncharted territory. For Sofia, however, that tantalizing burn also pierces like a stake through the heart. Can she finally shake the pain of her past and heal?



by Georgia Beers

Since she was fourteen, singer Sophie James has been an international superstar. With her career (and life) directed by her manager, Ray, she hasn’t had to worry about a thing for more than a decade…not where she goes, not what she sings, not who she is. But when Ray has a heart attack, Sophie is left without the only real father figure she’s ever known and questioning everything she believes about what’s important to her.

Enter Dana Landon, the new manager sent by Sophie’s record company. Dana is gorgeous, sophisticated, and ready to do her job keeping Sophie’s career on track and making the record company money. Dana captures Sophie’s attention in ways Sophie never expected and isn’t ready for, but after so many years of being told what to do, Sophie’s ready to shake things up with some ideas of her own. Ones Dana hasn’t been planning on and isn’t at all sure she likes.



by Erin Zak

Romance novelist Jackie Mitchell has built a life that works: few responsibilities, friends that know she’s far from outgoing, and sex whenever she needs it. She has her past, but she doesn’t think about it. Ever.

All that changes when she finds the child she gave up for adoption standing on the doorstep. Now sixteen years old, Beth Weber is resourceful, a blossoming artist, and a spitting image of her birth mom. To say Jackie is stunned is the understatement of the year.

When Jackie meets Beth’s adoptive mom, Susan, they’re immediately attracted to each other, but there’s no way Jackie is getting involved with a married woman, especially Beth’s mom. But when Susan and Beth need a place to stay and end up back on Jackie’s doorstep, their lives change forever.

Will these three women who share a past and face an uncertain future be able to forge a life of love together?



by Lesley Davis

Takira Lathan’s life revolves around her restaurant. She owns it, cooks in it, and is one hundred percent dedicated to its success. Her life starts to veer off course when money goes missing and so does her restaurant manager, leaving her in the lurch. Most importantly, raising her young nephew was never anywhere in her plans.

Dante Groves could be the answer to Takira’s prayers. She’s an excellent manager and is totally at ease with children. She’s also mature, kind, and unashamedly butch. Takira can’t help being attracted, but Dante’s emotional baggage from her last relationship has left her way too wary of romance.

Betrayed by those they trusted, Takira and Dante must rely on each other to create a recipe for success, both in business and in love.



by Carsen Taite

Meet law school friends Campbell, Abby, and Grace, law partners at Austin’s premier boutique legal firm for young, hip entrepreneurs. Or, it will be as soon as they score a victory for their first big client.

Campbell Clark wins the big pitch and lands the client, or so she thinks, until the internet start-up insists her firm work with the legal counsel Campbell thought they’d be replacing. Wynne Garrity has never been second best, and she’s not going to let anyone screw up her chance of making partner, but to do so she needs to hang on to her client and prove to everyone her firm isn’t stuck in the Stone Age.

Reluctant team players, Campbell and Wynne would risk everything by giving in to the attraction that flares between them. In the boardroom and the courtroom, only one can win, but the price of victory could mean losing at love.

Legal Affairs: one law firm, three best friends, three chances to fall in love.



by Erin Dutton

Maggie Davidson lives in fear after being robbed on the street outside her office. But the trauma has only just begun, and now she must face her attacker in court. A chance encounter with a beautiful woman in the courthouse café is the only bright spot in her day, until she finds out just who the woman is.

Ally Becker has always been her brother’s hero, and she’s at the courthouse to support him as he faces up to his mistakes. When she discovers that the stranger she shared coffee with is actually Maggie, the victim of her brother’s crime, she is torn between family loyalty and an attraction she can’t seem to forget.

Maggie and Ally have absolutely no intention of falling in love, but what they find in each other just might heal them both.



by Ronica Black

Growing older has hit youth softball club owner Hannah Carter across the face like a jilted lover. So much so that she’s let her long-time partner, Sasha, slip right through her fingers. Hannah has convinced herself things are better this way for everyone involved, that is until Sasha calls her, near death and pleading for her to come quickly.

Sasha Bashton is trying like hell to move on with her life after the breakup, but dating someone new and throwing herself into her work doesn’t stop her from reliving Hannah’s warm smile and loving embrace no matter how much she wants to forget. When her chronic disease recurs, she’s rushed to the hospital fighting for her life. The only person she wants by her side is Hannah, but can she truly depend on her sticking around?

Hannah has one last chance to show Sasha how wrong she has been and start fresh for a love worth fighting for. All she has to do is convince Sasha she’s the right woman for her—the second time around.




The Odium Trilogy: Book 1

by Sam Ledel

Princess Aurelia’s dreams of a life full of love and adventure become even more alluring when she meets village outcast Jastyn. Aurelia refuses to deny her attraction even after an unexpected attack on her family catapults her into the center of the Kingdom of Venostes’s sinister intrigues.

Jastyn Cipher despises the royal family. After all, they are responsible for the exile of her mother and their life at the bottom of the social rung. She refuses to acknowledge her attraction to Princess Aurelia even when she is forced to seek help from the royal family when her sister falls gravely ill.

While the circumstances of birth might keep them apart, fate seems determined to bring them together. When Aurelia is kidnapped, she and Jastyn must face their enemies, fae and human, if they want to survive.




Witch Queen: Book 1

by Brea Alepou
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Melony thought her life was boring. Every day the same routine; going to class and hanging with her best friend, Denelle.

Then, suddenly, everything changed. While investigating a flash of light she was transported to another realm. The harder she tries to return to her world and forget about it, she’s dragged back into this foreign world. Zola’s world.

Zola is an esteemed unicorn general. One of the highest ranking warriors of the forest. She vowed to protect the forest and all its inhabitants. While fighting against a pack of wild ghouls, she meets a beautiful witch. It’s been drilled in her head from a young age that Witches and magical creatures don’t mix. Witches aren’t to be trusted, yet she can’t fight the attraction she has toward this stranger. This beautiful soul.

Itsumi is indebted to the queen and must follow her orders. One of her missions is to help capture a powerful witch. When she does, she can’t understand, nor can she fight the attraction to the sarcastic beauty.

One witch and two magical creatures, fireballs fly and screams will be heard. Everything could be ripped away in a flurry of blood and pain. The start of the Witch Queen has begun.

Trigger Warnings: death, violence, graphic language and scenes for 18+




Harrietta Lee: Book 2

by Stephanie Ahn

Harrietta Lee has a friend who can see the future, and she’s just gone missing.
She’s not the only one. There are too many disappearances to count, and Harry can’t be everywhere at once–which is why she’s enlisting the help of a fumbling, fedora-clad detective, a programmer who moonlights as a DJ, and your friendly neighborhood demon, Lilith.

Well, “help” is a relative term…

Trigger Warnings: graphic violence, death of adults and minors, explicit sex, and discussion of past abusive relationships.




Return of the Old-Bloods: Book 3

by Brett Hicks
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ingrid finds herself on a habitable moon filled with lost remnants of human civilization. She soon learns that she, like all human-like beings, is on the menu. Deadly Stakes are raised, and Ingrid might not be able to save herself, much less the helpless mortals enslaved on this deadly moon!






by Amy Bright
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Andi and Dawn collide (literally) on a beach in Mexico. This leads the women to indulge in a hot and steamy, but short-lived fling. After returning to their respective homes on the East Coast, they begin a long-distance affair. An affair that quickly turns from casual to serious.

Tess has been Dawn’s best friend since they were seven-years-old. She has also been in love with Dawn since discovering she liked girls in junior high school. In an attempt to win Dawn’s heart, she has successfully sabotaged every relationship Dawn has ever attempted to have, but still has not moved past the friend zone.

Will Andi and Dawn’s new-found love fall victim to Tess’s sabotage? And just how far is Tess willing to go to have Dawn for herself?





by Jessa Stone

FREE $2.99 (Available in Kindle Unlimited)


Having been left for the other woman more times than she’d like to remember, Darcy finds herself caught up in an unlikely attraction with a mysterious woman. What was supposed to be a one night stand, turns into a repeat affair. Can love be built on secrets? Or is this one connection that Darcy walks away from?



by Tamsen Parker

$1.99 $3.99 

Blaze Bellamy is the bad girl of the short track speed skating world. Looking like a roller derby bruiser when she’s not in her Team USA uniform, she’s an unlikely American heroine. She’s got a punk attitude to match her provocative dress and her dyed hair, and she’s determined to get onto the front pages of the papers regardless of how she has to do it.

Maisy Harper is the workhorse of the Canadian women’s figure skating team. Serious, modest, and above all, polite, Maisy would prefer to win her victory on the ice rather than in the press, and is exasperated by Blaze’s antics. When she’s not lusting after her anyway. After they both failed to make the medal podium at the last Snow and Ice Games, they drowned themselves in gin—and each other.

Despite their hookup being drunken, they both harbor fond memories of their night together and are keen for a repeat. But they’ve got different ways of going about getting what they want, and Blaze’s willingness to go to any lengths for the spotlight could ruin any chance she has with Maisy.





by Lily Craig
narrated by Emily Beresford

Falling for your best friend is hard. 

Georgiana – Georgie to everyone outside her family – figured out long ago that being in love with your straight best friend sucks. Turns out it’s even worse when that friend, Madelyn, tells you she’s not so straight after all. After it becomes clear to Georgie that she needs to get over Madelyn, Georgie moves cities and starts a new job.

To grad student Madelyn, though, the sudden rift between the friends prompts painful introspection. A year later, she realizes her feelings for Georgie are romantic after all. Madelyn plans to use their annual winter cabin getaway to confess her love.

But Canadian winters are unpredictable. When Madelyn and Georgie are snowed into their cabin in the woods, the two are forced into difficult conversations that confront deeply felt emotions about the past, present, and future. Can the friends find common ground after all they’ve been through?



by G. Benson
narrated by Cat Gould

A successful anaesthetist, Anna is focused on herself, her career, and her girlfriend. Everything changes abruptly when her brother’s and sister-in-law’s deaths devastate her and her family. Left responsible for her young niece and nephew, Anna finds herself dumped and alone in Melbourne, a city she doesn’t even like. She tries to navigate the shock of looking after two children battling with their grief while managing her own.

Filled with self-doubt, Anna feels as if she’s making a mess of the entire thing, especially when she collides with a long-legged stranger. Anna barely has time to brush her teeth in the morning, let alone to date a woman – least of all one who has no idea about the two kids under her care.

Just when Anna finally starts to feel as if she’s getting some control of the situation, the biggest fight begins and Anna really has to step up once and for all.




by E.J. Noyes
narrated by Abby Craden

Captain Sabine Fleischer is a skilled and dedicated US Army surgeon deployed to a combat hospital in Afghanistan. She is also one of the thousands of troops who are forced to serve in silence because of the military’s anti-gay policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)”.

Usually driven and focused, Sabine finds that battles raging both inside and outside the perimeter walls are making it more and more difficult for her to deal with her emotions. Dealing with loss and mortality, lack of privacy, sleep deprivation, loneliness, and the isolation forced on her by Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell are all taking their toll. Plus, her long-term relationship with a civilian back home is quickly becoming another casualty of war.

Colonel Rebecca Keane is an enigmatic career officer who runs the surgical unit like clockwork. Well-liked and respected by those who work with and under her, she walks a fine line to preserve the military’s chain of command while connecting with those under her care and supervision. Sabine knows the colonel is way off-limits but can’t help fantasizing about her. Especially when she starts picking up unspoken cues – a stolen glance, a secret smile, an “accidental” brush of hands. Or is it just wishful thinking? After all, Rebecca’s wedding ring shines almost as brightly as her deep blue eyes….



by Caren J. Werlinger
narrated by Eliza Foss

Can a house save the lives of the people who live in it? Can an inscription written in a book over 60 years ago change the fates of people not even born when it was written?

Beryl Gray is solid and dependable – her partner, Claire, thinks so, her family thinks so, her colleagues think so. She has a long-term relationship and a job she likes as a university librarian. Her life seems settled, content – except nothing is as it seems.

Aggie Bishop’s last girlfriend left her three years ago and she hasn’t had a date since. Her life now revolves around work and taking care of her great-aunt Cory who doesn’t want to be taken care of. Aunt Cory still lives in the run-down mansion that the rest of the family wants to sell if they can only get the old lady into a nursing home. Aggie is all that stands between them and her great-aunt.

When Beryl finds a book with a romantic inscription dated 1945, the events that follow will change the lives of all three women forever.

Spanning decades, this enchanting tale reminds us that some loves never fade and that sometimes, home truly is where the heart lies.



The June selection for Lesfic Book Club is The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter. They’ll be chatting on SATURDAY June 22nd at 8PM EST this month because it would be downright inhospitable to ask Lee to get up at 4am in Australia for the usual meeting time, so if you’re planning to attend, please note the change!


Click this link to enter.




LWW 16: Should You Go Indie, or Should You Find a Publisher

Listen to episode 16 of Lesbians Who Write to learn the big sticking points for why Clare Lydon decided to become an indie author.

Click here to listen. 

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!

Have a lovely week!


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Guest Post: Listen to the Children by Tammy Bird

Happy Friday!

Please welcome Tammy Bird. One lucky winner will receive an ecopy of Sandman. Details on how to enter are below.

Listen to the Children

“Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.” My son’s squeaky little boy voice echoed in the hallway as he searched for me. 

“In here, little bit.” I stuck my head out of his room where I was gathering pieces of his softball uniform to add to the wash. 

He stopped directly in front of me and wrapped his arms around my leg. I felt the hiccups of his cry before I saw the streaks on his cheeks.  

“Hey, buddy.” I pulled his arms lose and squatted in front of him. “Why the tears?” 

“What. What’s a fag?” He asked between gulps of air. “Brian said you’re a fag and he can’t come in my house anymore.” 

The year was 1986. I was 23, and my son was 4. I had been out as a lesbian for less than a year.  

As I write these words, I can still hear his voice, see his face, feel his confusion, as he struggled between his love for me and his love for his best friend. It was a defining moment for me, the moment I decided to be honest about who I am–always. I would not hide or lie, regardless of the cost. 

“Oh, buddy.” I tussled his hair. “I’m so sorry Brian’s folks feel that way. A fag is an ugly way some people define a gay man. A better term for mommy is lesbian.” 

“Why lesbian?” He wiped a tear with the back of his hand. His hiccups stopped. 

“That’s a word for a girl who loves another girl instead of a boy.” 

“That’s all?” 

“That’s all.” 

“Then Mark is a fag?” 

Mark was a family friend who made sure there was a positive male figure in my son’s life in those early days of questioning and struggles. “Well, remember that’s an ugly term, but yes. Mark is someone Brian’s folks would call a fag.” 

His tears were completely dried up. He smiled and wrapped his little arms around my neck, his lips puckered against my cheek.  

Just like that, his world was right again. He trotted out the way he came. I followed.  

I stood at the door that day and watched as my son gave his four-year old rendition of the conversation we just had. I watched as Brian shrugged and motioned toward their bikes. I watched as two little boys processed the ugliness of adults and decided it was inconsequential to their world. I watched as two little boys rode off into their future, a future that is today. 

Now my son is a man with children of his own. He and his siblings and their children and their children’s friends stand up every day as fierce and loyal allies of all people who identify on the lgbtq+ spectrum.  

When I write, I always keep this story in my mind as a reminder of the importance of our words to the world. I write characters who are living in spaces with people who are not always kind. Some of them are gay; some are questioning; some are bisexual or genderqueer; some are trans; some fall elsewhere on the spectrum entirely.  

All of them have a story that we need to better understand. All of them deserve to be heard. I write gritty stories with a purpose. They are not for everyone. But my dream is that they will get into the hands of those who need to hear. 

Sandman, published by Flashpoint Publishing in December 2018, is a psychological thriller that plops a badass lesbian protagonist into the middle of a small beach town where one or more long-time residents are not who they appear to be. The goal is not to highlight that she is a lesbian, but to show that labels can be quite deceptive. Of course, she is a lesbian, so there’s  that… 🙂 



by Tammy Bird

Katia Billings, EMT with the Emergency Medical Services of Buxton Beach, NC, is one of the first to respond after a hurricane rips through the small island community. As she helps search for survivors, she and her fellow responders discover a secret that will haunt Katia the rest of her life.

Lurking beneath the sand dunes is an evil that no one suspected.

A sandy grave not connected to the storm leads investigators to uncover the tomb of a serial killer, literally beneath their feet, hidden for years from the residents of the tight community.

For Katia, it’s personal because she knows one of the killer’s victims. She enlists help from K-9 search expert Paige, and Katia’s on-and-off lover, Zahra, in her determination to find the killer, dubbed Sandman, and stop him from killing again.

What small-town secrets will they unearth in their pursuit of the truth? Will the three women survive the physical, emotional, and psychological attack being waged against their small slice of sand? Or will they become the next victims of Sandman?



Win an ebook copy of Sandman. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of Sandman. Hint: It’s Tammy Bird. One winner will be selected on June 21st.



Tammy Bird is a suspense/thriller author living in Wendell, North Carolina with her wife and two cats. By day, she pours her heart into helping students fulfill their educational dreams. By night she creates characters and stories that she hopes will both teach and entertain. “Storytelling with a purpose,” she calls it. 

Tammy’s work is rarely defined as sweet or cozy, and she likes it that way. She is not here for sweet or cozy. She is here for the beautiful swirl of psychologically hard and gritty and fantastically real. She has short stories published in academic and fiction anthologies, and her first novel, Sandman, was published in 2018.  



Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Goodreads / Website / Amazon Author Page


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: June 11th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by A.E. Radley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A ruthless executive. A destitute woman. Both on the way up.

Selina Hale is on her way to the top. She’s been working towards a boardroom position on the thirteenth floor for her entire career. And no one is going to get in her way. Not her clueless boss, her soon to be ex-wife, and most certainly not the homeless person who has moved into the car park at work.

Kate Morgan fell through the cracks in a broken support system and found herself destitute. Determined and strong-willed, she’s not about to accept help from a mean business woman who can’t even remember the names of her own nephews.

As their lives continue to intertwine, they have no choice but to work together and follow each other on their journey up.



by Abby Crofton

Molly and Hannah get along great and seem like the perfect match. Except that they’ve never met in person. After months of flirting online, they agree to finally meet at the Washington, D.C. Pride Festival. With Molly nervously excited and Hannah deciding to play it cool, they prepare themselves for a day of fun, and maybe, romance.




by Jennifer Hebbard

Kane and Eden had the perfect family and the perfect life, until one afternoon changed everything. Can they pick up the pieces of their shattered lives? Can they learn to forgive each other, and themselves? Watch as both women learn to love and live again in a novel of loss and redemption.

Trigger warning: death of a child




by Annette Mori

Two life events, two paths colliding, two souls destined to meet.Mandie Carter lives an uninspired life. No passion, no romance, and just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, life throws her a curve ball. Desperate to shake things up, she stumbles on an ad for skydiving in the newspaper. Could diving out of a plane be what it takes to jumpstart her life?Gail Forrester is barely hanging on. Buried under mountains of debt, only her much in demand architectural designs keep her afloat. Working around the clock to satisfy her hungry clients, she can’t seem to catch up. That is, until she is brought to a painful halt by a bus. Now, they must find a way forward together through what life and destiny has in store for them. Only then can they hope to step into that window to love.




Cherished Voices: Book 4

by Tessa Vidal
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Veronica’s nemesis is back in Hollywood.

Clarissa once got away with a million-dollar gemstone by charming the pants off a baby bodyguard.

But Veronica is now a highly trained FBI agent. More than a match for the red-haired beauty.

Even if the beauty in question is now a famous movie star.



by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Boxset collection of the Cam Thomas Series.

Containing three full-length novels following Cam and Michelle.





Book 1

by Mildred Gail Digby

After a tragedy derailed her life, Dr. Megan Maier crawls back to the land of her birth to take a job in a private Jewish hospital. There, she meets Syler Terada, a pediatric surgeon with a brash attitude and a lack of respect for authority who incidentally rocks a tuxedo. She captivates Megan with one glance. Conservative culture and rules against fraternization can’t stop Megan. However the secrets she’s running from can.

Triggers: transphobia, mention of child abuse





by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Mitch applies to a job listed on the deep web, she knows what her new employer will want. Reclusive heiress Vanessa wants a girlfriend. A girlfriend she can keep as a pet do with as she pleases. 

What Mitch doesn’t count on is finding solace and healing in Vanessa’s brand of kinky love.  

Soon, they’re inseparable. And, soon, the ghosts haunting Vanessa’s house come to destroy everything they’ve built in such a short time. 

Will they escape the fire alive? 




The Dusk Queen Series: Book 2

by JJ Arias
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Love never quits, even in the face of impossible odds…

Vampire Queen Lucia has suffered many blows over her centuries long reign, but when a maniacal terrorist organization kidnaps Erin, a human woman and love of her life, she risks losing her heart and her power. Rescuing Erin will require Lucia to hunt down a threat she can’t see, and identify an enemy she doesn’t understand.

Meanwhile, after being taken prisoner and held captive by an unhinged cult leader hellbent on utterly destroying Lucia and everything she holds dear, Erin has to survive on her own in enemy territory. Will help come soon enough? Can Erin fight for her life while Lucia and her allies move heaven and earth to rescue her?

In this heart-pounding paranormal romance thriller, love grits her teeth and says not today.





by M.R. Gross
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can one truly turn from evil? Is love strong enough to change one’s heart? Or, is that wickedness part of one’s very soul? Brie has been running for years. Running from her past, and her sister, who is trying to kill her. At long last she believes she has found peace and solitude, until a freak accident brings a mysterious women in her life. She didn’t mean to fall in love, she didn’t even think she was capable.

Rated M for mature. Includes: swearing, violence and an almost rape scene, more woman on woman and woman on man kicking ass than man on woman.





Starlight: Book 1

by Yuna Celeste
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Meg Momozono moved to Kamogawa, Japan, to attend a university of the arts, her only real worries had been whether she’d get on okay, if she could speak the language without embarrassing mistakes, and if she could cook a basic meal without poisoning herself.

But when she has a chance run-in with a hulking, demonic-looking entity, her life takes a drastic turn. Receiving the help of a mysterious girl dressed in an outfit which Meg can’t help but associate with the magical girl shows she watched as a child, she must make the toughest decision of her life: to become a magical girl herself and reveal a world she never knew existed…

Or choose the safe option and go back to her life as a university student.





by J.S. Fields

One year after saving the Neek homeworld and redefining the people’s religion, the crew of the Scarlet Lucidity returns to the Charted Systems for a much-needed break. For Nicholas and Yorden, the Systems will always be home, but for Emn and Atalant, too many memories compound with Emn’s strange new illness to provide much relaxation.

TALES FROM ARDULUM continues the journey of Atalant, Emn, Yorden, Nicholas, and Salice as they try to define their place in a galaxy that no longer needs them while battling the artifacts of Ardulan colonization. Other stories include Yorden’s acquisition of the Mercy’s Pledge (and his grudge against the galaxy), Atalant’s exile from her homeworld, Ekimet and Savath’s romance, and many others.




Mystery of the Makers: Book 1

by K. Aten

Psiere is a world of intrigue where old ideology meets new. The Makers built massive pyramids on each continent and filled them with encrypted texts and advanced technology. The two suns, Archeos and Illeos shine down on a mostly undiscovered planet with a psionic race of people living on land, and violent sea people below the water. The Queen seeks to make the world a better place for all Psierians but her daughter, Royal Sovereign Connate Olivienne Dracore, seeks only to solve the Divine Mystery.

The connate makes her living as a historical adventurist and wants the answer to two important questions. Who were the Makers and where did they go? Because she is the heir, Olivienne travels with a security force and resents it every moment. Every one of her captains has either quit or been injured trying to keep up with the risk-taking woman. That’s where Commander Castellan Tosh comes in. Capable, confident, and oh-so-dashing, she is forced to switch career corps to take charge of Olivienne’s team. Sparks fly from the moment they meet and things only get hotter as they chase down the clues to the greatest mystery of all time.




A Monica Spade Novel

by Alexi Venice

A legal thriller with a dangerous romance– When fledgling lawyer Monica Spade becomes involved in a murder trial, she uncovers racial and ethnic bias against the victim as well as ugly truths about the men at her law firm. Risking her life and career, Monica pursues justice and the love of a woman.





by Barbara Winkes
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The most shocking case of her career:

When her niece Rosie is taken from the playground, Major Crimes detective Ann McCoy investigates alongside of Special Agent Cal Davis. Chrissie and Rachel, Rosie’s parents, are desperate for answers, but they aren’t the only family targeted. Ann and Cal uncover a criminal network driven by a hateful agenda. Can they hold them accountable—and bring Rosie home?

* While this book deals with the abduction of a lesbian couple’s daughter, the investigator is a straight woman (one of the women’s sister).





by C. E. Case

Shelby is a part-time assistant women’s soccer coach at Winston College, a small liberal arts school in North Carolina. Directionless at 25, she is unprepared for the upheaval in her life when one of her players is murdered.

Earlene is a rookie patrol cop working on her criminal justice degree. When a murder occurs at the soccer field, Earlene is asked to be a bridge between the police and the Winston community.

The students are rocked by the loss of a classmate, but mistrusting of police and outsiders. Earlene and Shelby must navigate campus politics, student secrets, and threats to their own lives.




L.A. Metro Series: Book 3

by RJ Nolan
narrated by Angela Dawe

Dr. Ashlee Logan’s world changed forever on a snowy December night in Boston. She has spent the last two years on the road, trying to escape the memory of that fateful night. With only her Great Dane, Drake, as her companion, she has worked her way across country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, working as an ER physician along the way.

While serving her country, former Navy doctor Dale Parker had her life shattered in a single moment on a hot, windswept desert roadside. Now, three years later, although her physical wounds have healed, Dale is forever changed by the experience. Struggling with her self-image, she has dedicated her second chance at life to helping other wounded veterans.

LA Metropolitan Hospital brings the two women together. Drawn together as kindred spirits, neither wants to face the stirring of emotions the other woman invokes.

Together can Dale and Logan move past the horrific events of their pasts, or are they forever destined to be . . . Wounded Souls?



by Caren J. Werlinger
narrated by Alana Kerr Collins

Nora McNeill has always dreamed of exploring her Irish roots. When she finally gets the opportunity to spend a summer in the village where her grandparents grew up, the experience promises to live up to her very high expectations. Except for the ghost that is haunting her rented cottage and is soon invading her dreams.

Briana Devlin has arranged her life the way she likes it: a good dog, good mates, and work with horses. There’s no room in her life for a relationship. Especially with an annoyingly clumsy – and attractive – American who is only going to be around for a few months.

The weeks fly by, and Nora’s ghost becomes more demanding, seeking her help in solving the mystery surrounding her death. Briana watches as Nora becomes more wrapped up in the past, seeming to fade away before her eyes.

Past and present are on a collision course, leaving Nora and Briana caught in a ghostly intrigue that could cost them not only their chance of a future together, but their very lives.


Girls of Summer: Book 4

by Kate Christie
narrated by Britney Gil

The first three books of the Girls of Summer series introduced Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell, two young athletes with bright soccer futures. Now, in The Road to Canada, a staffing change on the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) shortly before the 2015 World Cup has altered the playing field for both women.

For Jamie, a new coach means a renewed shot at making the World Cup roster for the top-ranked squad in the world. For Emma, the shift in priorities means that for the first time in her adult life, she isn’t sure she’ll be on the field – or even on the team – for a major championship.

Who will make the final cut for a chance to stand on top of the winner’s podium in Vancouver? To find out, join Jamie and Emma for the latest installment in the ongoing story of their lives, loves, and would-be world championships in The Road to Canada, book four of the bestselling series.



The June selection for Lesfic Book Club is The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter. They’ll be chatting on SATURDAY June 22nd at 8PM EST this month because it would be downright inhospitable to ask Lee to get up at 4am in Australia for the usual meeting time, so if you’re planning to attend, please note the change!


Click this link to enter. 




LWW-15: Let’s Talk About Lesbian Sex Scenes?

Clare and TB say there are two words to avoid when writing lesbian sex scenes. Listen to episode 15 of LWW to find out what they are.

Click here to listen.

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!


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New Lesfic Goodies: June 4th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Nicolette Dane
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mae Huxley runs a budding tech start-up in Detroit, with the mission of getting more girls into computer programming. But she’s hit a snag. In the midst of a new project that promises to spread her teachings worldwide, Mae and her business are running out of money.

Through a bit of serendipity, Mae is connected with one of her idols—wealthy technology goddess Audrey Addison. Audrey worked for the biggest tech giant out there, and now she owns her own angel investment firm. But she’s a serious and severe woman, a keen business mind, and she’s known to be an ice queen despite her fiery red hair.

As they grow the company together, Mae sees through Audrey’s stern reputation and discovers the real woman underneath. Can Mae melt Audrey’s heart and succeed both in business and in love?


By Design: Book 12

by JA Armstrong
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Reid Family has taken up residence in a new White House. Candace, Jameson, and their family are learning that life as The First Family is an adventure for which there is no adequate preparation.

While Jameson struggles to come to grips with her infertility and seeks to define her role as First Lady, Candace grapples with the reality of becoming the most powerful woman on earth. Upheaval abroad, the needs of a little boy, searching for time to be together, and trying to create any semblance of normalcy in the bubble of a presidency will challenge the entire family.

Jameson decides to align herself with a group in West Virginia with direct ties to Candace’s long-term nemesis, The Family Resource Network. Candace enlists the help of her allies at the FBI, Alex Toles and Claire Brackett to investigate possible leaks within her administration. She faces the possibility of Russian aggression in the Baltics and challenges to her international policy at home. Meanwhile, Cooper confronts a new life in Washington DC where his parents’ lives are often scheduled to the hour, and his freedom is limited.

Life for Candace, Jameson, and their family will never be the same again. A lot more than foreign threats require time in the Situation Room. Even in the most challenging times, one thing remains constant—the love and devotion Candace and Jameson have for each other and their family asylum of lovable lunatics.



by Kim Hartfield
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ella’s brother needs help. His crush is smart, witty, cultured – everything he isn’t. After miraculously getting her number, he asks Ella to text her as “him.” The two have so much in common, and he’s sure Ella will be able to get Judi to agree to a date. But as Ella chats with Judi, she realizes their connection could be so much deeper than her brother intended. Can Ella win Judi’s heart for herself? Or will Judi end up with the wrong sibling?



by Jourdyn Kelly
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eve Sumptor is back. This time she is facing her toughest opponent yet. Herself. Eve Sumptor and Lainey Stanton had difficult choices to make. One chose fear, the other gave in to guilt. As the consequences of those decisions begin to come to light, both women must find a new direction. Will their paths once again come together? Or have they missed their chance?

This book contains scenes that may be a trigger to some people. Includes flashbacks of rape and violence.



by J. Nichole
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lo made her feel like nobody had ever made her feel.

That smile made Skylar feel like she was wrapped in a warm hug, like she was secure.

She was inspired, motivated to move out of her comfort zone.

With just one look from Lo, Skylar felt like the sexiest woman alive.

Lo was proving to be the love Skylar hadn’t realized she deserved.

But there was only one thing Skylar didn’t expect —  Lo, was a girl like her.



by Jennifer Hebbard

“Everyone Deserves a Second Chance” When Parker loses her wife in a random act of violence she thought her life was over as well. Then she meets Dylan and her whole world changes. Will Parker take a second chance on love? Or will her fear of loss prevent her from ever really living again.




by Natalie Debrabandere
Available in Kindle Unlimited

British Rescue Leader Lucy Mitchell once travelled the world to save people… After a terrible accident put an end to her career, Lucy found new purpose in running the Starlight Ranch, an equine therapy centre located in the French Pyrenees. There, she helps First Responders and Army vets deal with the PTSD and depression that once almost destroyed her. Fifty-year-old Hollywood heavyweight Iris Sinclair is at the top of her own career, having just won two Academy Awards. The tiny village of Oleyrac would not normally be on her list of places to visit, but a dangerous stalker soon makes it her only option for refuge. As a chance encounter brings them together, both women discover that the true love they believed was out of reach might be possible after all… But will a dark, evil, and unavoidable force destroy their future?


WeHo: Book 14

by Sherryl D. Hancock
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sinclair Christensen’s life is a mess. While working as an undercover cop she met River and the two struck up a relationship, but River knows nothing about Sinclair’s real work or her failing marriage.

Parker Gaines’ marriage is on the outs, and to make matters worse an injury meant she was reassigned from her K9 unit, to become media liaison to actress Talon Valois. Slowly Talon begins to chip away at Parker’s tough exterior and they realise how much they enjoy spending time together. But Talon is fearful of breaking up Parker’s family and risks ruining everything as she tries to navigate the situation.

The two women’s lives collide in the most unexpected way but they could finally get the push they need to free themselves from the void Between Heaven and Hell.





by Jazzy Mitchell

A disgruntled former client attempts to kill Reggie Esposito, a senior law partner at Hawk, Esposito & Associates—a leading Boston law firm, after she loses his lawsuit. Chrissy Kramer, her paralegal, prevents him from shooting Reggie, but she is hurt in the process. While Chrissy and her son, Ben, stay with Reggie to recuperate, their connection deepens, and they embark on a romantic relationship.


Rose Lake Series: Book 3

by Chloe Peterson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kate Morrison has spent the last twenty-seven years playing it safe, but those days are long gone. She quit her crappy call center job and purchased a bakery with her best friend.

Everything is going perfectly, until Kate’s sister moves back home with a gorgeous blonde on her arm. Allison is everything Kate has always wanted—warm, smart, and brave. Kate does her best to fight her feelings, but her connection to the beautiful woman is undeniable.

Will Allison come to see Kate as more than her girlfriend’s little sister, and can a relationship formed in the shadows survive in the light?


Thorn & Thistle: Book 1

by Jennie Davids

Quiet does not equal weak…

Leaving a dependable job to apprentice as a tattoo artist was a drastic step after surviving breast cancer, but Cassie Whiteaker is nearly five years cancer-free. Nearly. She’s not ready to go out on her own until she clears that all-important hurdle. Also off-limits are relationships and sex—something Cassie is sure she’ll never want again.

Struggling tattoo shop owner MJ Flores doesn’t give a damn what people think, but losing Thorn & Thistle would mean losing everything. When her former mentor’s protégé arrives at her door, MJ hires her out of obligation…at first. Cross-stitching goody-goodies are not her type, but Cassie’s business background might just get the shop back on solid footing. They strike a bargain: Cassie will enact new marketing plans and MJ will teach her to find her inner bitch.

Only when clients request to see Cassie—having learned of the beautiful, compassionate tattoos she creates for survivors and their families—does MJ realize all Cassie has endured. And as Cassie’s fears fade, she finds it harder to keep her admiration for her bad-girl boss from reawakening all she’d feared was lost.





by Natasha West
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cleo Hicks is an expert matchmaker, the woman who can find love for just about anyone. Except herself. As amazing as Cleo is at arranging love for others, somehow, she never gets the girl. Enter Scarlett Smith. Her love life is one disaster after another, and Cleo’s help is exactly what she needs. Someone to guide her in the direction of her perfect match. The only problem is, the more time Scarlett spends with her matchmaker, the more she finds that the only direction her heart is taking her is right towards Cleo.

However, despite Cleo’s attraction to her gorgeous client, she makes it clear she can never cross the line with Scarlett. But why IS the chronically single Cleo so damn unavailable? Scarlett’s about to find out the crazy truth about her intriguing matchmaker…


Unleashed: Book 6

by Erik Schubach

Finnegan Temperance McLeary-May, dog walker extraordinaire has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

Finnegan’s penchant for stumbling into misadventures is hard at work embroiling her in a case involving purloined art, graffiti, and an adorable but goofy, one year old poodle.

Fin and Jane have to juggle the monumental task of preparing their apartment for a future child while jumping through the hoops of the adoption process with three viable candidates for their love. All while dealing with a victim and his attacker whose roles are questioned by our intrepid dog walker.

Fin finds herself and her border collie, Sir Calvin Cornelius Fluffytoes at odds with her NYPD detective wife, when she befriends the most unlikely of people on her quest for answers.





by Victoria Rush
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When lonely divorcée Jade decides to take a chartered sailing cruise of the South Pacific, she gets more than she bargained for. While hiking on a remote Polynesian island, she sees a beautiful native girl bathing in a waterfall and gets bitten by a poisonous snake.

The girl brings Jade back to her tribal village and nurses her back to health. After spending some time exploring the island together, they soon fall in love. But when the chief arranges for Teuila to be married to one of the tribesmen, the girls run away and begin building a new life on a secluded side of the island.

Just as they begin enjoying the quiet solitude of their private lagoon, an interclan rivalry breaks out and Teuila is forced to make an impossible decision between saving her family or her new lover.

Join Jade and Teuila in this steamy adventure to see if they can find a way to reconcile their clash of cultures and live happily ever after.




Five Points: Book 1

by CJ Murphy

High in the Appalachian Mountains, Sheriff Chance Fitzsimmons, frequently puts her specialized rescue training to use. The retired smoke jumper, turned law enforcement officer, is dedicated to the protection of all those who live in or visit Tucker County, West Virginia. With her K9 partner, Zeus, she maintains the peace even as it eludes her off-duty life. On her chest, she wears a badge that symbolizes her guiding principles. There are five points, each representing an inherent code of ethics. Honor, duty, courage, integrity, and empathy, represent her way of life in and out of uniform. The day her father stepped in front of a bullet, the consequences of defending those gold-plated edicts, were imprinted on her soul. Years later as a forest fire raged over her body, they were seared into her skin.Dr. Jax St. Claire, drove away from California wine country with two horses in tow and a broken spirit. After a failed marriage, Jax is determined to start again as she takes over her retired uncle’s veterinary practice in a small West Virginia county. Untamed wilderness, sliced open by deep canyons and wide rivers, draws outdoor enthusiasts all year long to Tucker County, West Virginia. At the conclusion of an intense rescue operation, the former lovers come face to face, thirty years later after they parted. Long dormant feelings rage to life like a hot spot in dry tinder. Three decades ago, Jax went off to college and took Chance’s heart with her. Now that she’s back, the formidable Sheriff is determined to grab her ‘gold star chance’. Forces beyond their control may cost them everything before the mistakes from the past can be rectified.




Books 1-3

by Cailee Francis
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rose is a modern-day succubus, kidnapped by vampires while trying to track down her missing mother, Ella. That life-changing experience sets her on a path to trouble, danger, heroics and helping others, while the Succubus Moon approaches.

This collection contains three novella-length books: Darkling Rose, Seeking Witches and Rising Moon.


Witch Twin Chronicles: Book 1

by Idella Breen

Blairatrix and Belledonna Rose are twins and yet in every way possible they are polar opposites. One controls the light while the other suffers in the dark yet they couldn’t be closer as sisters. Now, college students and finally away from their mother’s evil clutches, they are officially free from the chains of their childhood horrors. As with these sorts of things, one can only run for so long before their past demons catch up for good.

Ambient Black is a shadow aggressor, law enforcement for the occultist world, and somehow her path crosses that of Blairatrix and Belledonna, twins with a past filled with secrets that may hold the answers that Ambient needs to solve the case of a string of murders. The only problem is that Ambient has some secrets of her own that she would rather stay buried. Too bad the dead rarely ever stay that way and have a tendency to speak rather loudly.




Sequel to Rescue Her Heart

by KC Luck
Available in Kindle Unlimited

After six months of exile, Salishan Bransen wonders what the future holds for her until a sexy blonde walks into her life. Before she knows it, Sal is mixed up in a Space Ranger mission to rescue a hostage. Only nothing goes right and once again, Sal is on the run.

Working as a trainer at the Space Ranger academy, Captain Nat Reynolds is living a simple life with her love, Catherine Porter. When a mysterious distress call from Sal comes through, Nat must decide if she will risk everything and take on a new adventure to save her.

Note: This is a full-length novel, which can be read as a stand-alone book, however, it is closely tied to the previous story “Rescue Her Heart.” These books have a soft sci-fi theme but are significantly more focused on strong female characters in loving lesbian relationships.




Shadows Series: Book 2

by Kat Smith
Available in Kindle Unlimited

As Devan and Alex begin to put their lives back together, a surprising twist in the Russia Investigation throws Lieutenant Colonel Mara Morrissey’s world into turmoil when a ghost from nearly thirty years ago comes back to haunt her. Meanwhile, ICC Operations Director Payton Cardina finds that an old colleague with a grudge intends to ruin her career and will stop at nothing to succeed.





by Sally Xerri-Brooks
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The explosive follow-up to Her Shadow.

Just one year on from a violent attack that nearly killed her, MP Sara Lorenzo finds herself leader of the opposition. With the United Kingdom in the shadow of division, her promise is to bring people together. Within weeks of taking up the challenge, a major terrorist attack hits central London and she is forced to act, for the benefit of the nation and is thrust into the spotlight. Meanwhile, the impact of her previous trauma is taking its toll on her relationship with her girlfriend, Cameron. Press attention places them both under the microscope, leaving Sara with big decisions to make, and a question mark over their future as a couple. What she doesn’t know is that there are forces at play which may take that decision out of her hands, and not only damage the country, but tear them apart forever.





by Pascal Scott

Five days after the Loma Prieta earthquake strikes San Francisco, Emily Bryson, a young, everything-to-live-for lesbian SFSU student/part-time exotic dancer, is dead, her body washed up on a beach south of the Golden Gate Bridge. The medical examiner rules it a suicide, and the police close the missing person case filed by Emily’s lover, K. M. “Stone” McStone.

Through a series of fortunate circumstances, Stone is introduced to Zoe Martinelli, office manager of Coppola Investigations, amateur sleuth, and student psychic. Stone and Zoe team up to find out what really happened to Emily.

Was it suicide, as everyone assumes? Or murder? Or something else?




Portland Police Bureau Series: Book 2

by Jae
narrated by Abby Craden

Sex crimes Detective Aiden Carlisle is slowly getting used to being in a committed relationship with Dawn Kinsley – a relationship that isn’t always easy since Dawn is not only a psychologist but also a former victim in one of Aiden’s cases. Aiden’s private and professional lives collide when Dawn’s newest patient gets in trouble with the law. Will she be able to stay objective enough to solve the case without pushing Dawn away?

The same case also throws Deputy District Attorney Kade Matheson’s well-ordered life into chaos. In the last few years, Kade has taken case files and law books, not lovers, to bed. She has been focused on her career, but now the case forces her to finally face her attraction to women. She suddenly finds herself with two secret admirers, but which one is more dangerous – the threat to her life or to her heart?



by D. Jackson Leigh
narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Army veteran Catherine Daye long ago accepted her passable looks, mediocre talent, and average intelligence. In fact, she bought a rundown farm on 70 acres to retreat from the world and live out her simple, ordinary life. Atlanta marketing superstar Autumn Swan’s world is anything but simple. Constantly plugged in to what’s trending on social media, it’s her job to keep her clients ahead of the competition. When her favorite cousin dies suddenly, she finds herself the owner of a modest country home, guardian to a sullen, tomboyish 10-year-old, and neighbor to an intriguing woman who isn’t as ordinary as she appears.



by Magnolia Robbins
narrated by Alicia Foreman

World renowned sci-fi television star Reese Simmons looks like she has it all – fame, wealth, and a slew of beautiful women who follow her every move. Except Reese’s life is crumbling around her. She hates her job and is constantly accused of being a “reckless party animal.” Reese’s agent decides the one surefire way to get her image back on track. She has to date the worst person in the entire universe, her co-star Justine Turner.

Her solution: she needs a fake girlfriend. And fast.

Enter Lucy, the BFF. Game store manager, board game geek, the world’s most amazing cosplayer, and Reese’s best friend practically since birth. When Lucy finds out Reese’s predicament, there seems like only one solution: pose as fake girlfriends. And Lucy is more than willing to play the part. She’d do anything for Reese – even if it means entirely too romantic tales about their relationship, hearing she’s “incredibly beautiful”, and expert kisses in public.

The problem: Reese and Lucy have been in love with each other all their lives – and they’re both completely clueless.

This book features two best friends, roleplaying games, and countless “fake” kisses and begs the question: Who wants a real girlfriend when faking is so much fun?





by Miranda MacLeod

$2.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Opposites attract when analytical, reserved Eleanor and impulsive, outgoing Jeannie discover they’re the only two singles on what was supposed to be a lesbian singles cruise along the Danube.




LWW-14: Should You Be Doing Audiobooks?

TB & Clare kick off this episode by chatting about their latest village romance books: TB is on the final lap, while Clare has just completed draft one. Round of applause for both! TB and Clare have also been on writing retreats where they penned all the words (both), ate all the ice cream (TB), and drank all the wine (Clare). Clare also reveals she’s opened up a shop on her website so you can buy directly from her: find it here.

Then it’s down to the topic of the day: audiobooks and should you be doing them? The short answer is yes. But the dynamic duo back up that single word with a whole bunch of stats that show how audiobooks are the future. Although being a historian, TB mistrusts the future. She’s going to work on that.

They both share their experiences of finding narrators and creating audiobooks, how to distribute them, what they cost, and whether or not they make you any money as an author. Both agree it’s early days in the audiobook space, but the options for authors are opening up at a quick pace. The bottom line is, if you’re serious about this as a career, you can’t afford to ignore audio.

Click HERE to listen. 

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!




The June selection for Lesfic Book Club is The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter. They’ll be chatting on SATURDAY June 22nd at 8PM EST this month because it would be downright inhospitable to ask Lee to get up at 4am in Australia for the usual meeting time, so if you’re planning to attend, please note the change!



Have you checked out the freebies page on I Heart Lesfic?

Many authors, like Eliza Andrews, give away a freebie when you sign up for their newsletter. Click on the image to sign up for Eliza’s newsletter.

For all the offerings, click this page.

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Mega Lesfic Sale

Have you heard about the mega lesfic sale? Over 100 authors have joined forces to discount more than 200 books. There are over 40 subgenres of lesbian fiction, ranging from romance to sci-fi to fantasy to mystery and so much more.

The sale runs May 27th through May 31st.

The sale is so massive there are two pages packed with goodies.

Click here and here.

You don’t want to miss out on this sale!

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New Lesfic Goodies: May 21st Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, giveaway, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




San Franciso: Book 2

by Nicole Pyland
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Macon Greene is a reluctant, world-renowned violinist. She’d never had a problem playing for a crowd as long as she wasn’t giving a solo. Her friends never seemed to notice her reluctance. In fact, her friends seemed to only really notice one thing about Macon – she always had a different woman around her. Sometimes, she’d flirt. Sometimes, they would. Rarely would it go anywhere. Unfortunately for Macon, she had a bit of a reputation.

Joanna Mason had a new profession and a new group of friends. Things were looking up in her life, with the exception of love. She’d never been able to find the right guy for her. Of course, she was spending a lot of time with a group of lesbians these days through her friendship with Emma Colton. That might have something to do with it. While Emma had found her soulmate in Keira Worthy, Joanna was starting to wonder if she’d ever find the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

As Joanna and Macon’s friendship becomes the most important relationship for both women, Macon wonders if she’ll ever have the courage to tell Joanna how she feels or if she’ll just have to find a way to get over it. Joanna hadn’t ever thought of being with a woman until she started spending all her free time with the beautiful and remarkably talented Macon. Suddenly, both women have a lot to think about.



by Kat Smith
Available in Kindle Unlimited

After a grizzly attack kills her partner, and leaves her with horrendous physical and emotional scars, Morgan Walker struggles to find purpose in life. Her eclectic group of friends, a Producer, a Pop Star, and a Professional Dancer keep her from falling off the deep end. It is only when a new face, Jenna Graham, joins the group that Morgan’s world begins to right itself, and she learns there can be life and love after loss.


Oakview Lesbian Romance: Book 5

by Sienna Waters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Just because you don’t believe in love doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Lex Daniels is a self-proclaimed screw up. Twenty eight and deep in debt, she has plenty of demons and more than a little baggage. Her life is a collection of one night stands and running away, right up until she meets Abigail Keyes.

Widowed, intelligent, and beautiful, Abigail isn’t exactly Lex’s normal type. Suburban life makes Lex feel sick, and Abigail’s neat ranch house and steady career as a professor mean that the older woman embodies everything Lex has been trying to run from.

But when Lex’s demons come knocking on her door, Abigail is the one that steps up. And Lex finds that she’s changing more than she thought possible. Maybe more than she feels comfortable with. Running away is Lex’s default setting, but she might be willing to stick around for Abigail.

If you don’t believe in love, perhaps you just need the right teacher. But when Lex’s demons start haunting Abigail too, running away could be the only option…

Learn to Love is the fifth novel in the Oakview series, and features a HEA ending. Oakview books can be read independently and in any order, just be prepared to see some familiar faces around town!



by Maggie Brown

Studying the past hasn’t prepared Daisy Parker—anthropologist-turned-matchmaker—for her latest client. Finding Lindsey Jamieson-Ford a life partner isn’t exactly a simple exercise. Not only hasn’t Lindsey dated for years, the prickly reclusive scientist relates better with her robots than with people.

Lindsey has no idea what matchmaking involves when she hires Daisy. She’s never met anyone quite like the bubbly matchmaker and doesn’t know how she’s going to survive the infuriating woman. Now her life has lurched onto a roller coaster that just won’t damn well stop.

Guiding Lindsey through the courtship process is a challenge. Before the reticent scientist can move forward, Daisy has to teach her to leave the past behind. But another problem soon enters into the mix…How can Daisy stay detached when her body seems to be answering Lindsey’s mating call?



by Michelle Arnold
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Grace Walker doesn’t do relationships. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, she and her siblings looking after each other when their drug-addicted mother couldn’t. With such a dysfunctional family, Grace just doesn’t think she’s relationship material. She’d rather play the field and otherwise keep to herself.

But then she runs into someone from her childhood: Eva Carrington, an orphaned heiress who did a brief stint in a children’s home alongside Grace. The two felt a strong connection as children, and now that they’re adults, it’s even stronger. But Grace sticks to her guns: she doesn’t do relationships, and she’s certain kind, intelligent Eva deserves better than her anyway. But then someone else from the past hurts Eva badly to get revenge on Grace for some perceived slight, and Eva ends up pregnant. When she makes the difficult decision to have the baby, Grace promises to be there for mother and child no matter what. But with this makeshift family on her hands, can Grace keep pretending she doesn’t love Eva?



by Melissa Price

Age is just a number—right?

That’s not her first thought when four-time Oscar winning actress Katarina Verralta meets the younger Julia Dearling. Caught in a monsoon, the movie star exits the dark desolate interstate in search of someplace to eat and stay for the night.

Julia Dearling, owner of the Starlight Diner, is stranded in her desert parking lot with a bygone battery and the memory of her newly dead relationship. When Katarina pulls in, neither of them guess that their life is about to turn upside-down and inside-out.

In a town as big as a noodle, Desert Bluff has no motels. So Julia serves dinner to Katarina at the diner and then offers up her sculpting studio as a place for Katarina to stay.

Drawn together in the night, their intoxicating romance begins. But when age is front and center and fame is at stake, the closeted movie star must face her reckoning.

Smile Number Seven promises that second chance every true love deserves.



by Sofi Keren

Is the unexpected reunion of estranged friends just another still life capturing a moment in time? Or could it be the beginning brushstrokes of a romantic masterpiece?

Back in the day, Paige and Ria were the best of friends. As they grew, they grew closer, always there for each other, even as Paige concentrated on literature and art while Ria cut a swath through every soccer field—and most of the cheerleaders. But something shocking happened during their senior year of college that ended their friendship. Big time.

In the years that follow, Paige becomes a successful artist and Ria a star soccer player. A chance meeting with Ria after all this time has Paige wondering if it’s finally time to forgive and forget. As the two become cautiously reacquainted, the possibility of a true reconciliation is complicated by the arrival of glamorous gallery owner, Cara, who definitely wants Paige’s work…and maybe something more. Then there’s the return of Ria’s gorgeous ex, Elena, who has a mind-blowing surprise for Paige.





by Jazzy Mitchell

Chrissy Kramer became pregnant during her senior year of high school and was abandoned by her parents, her boyfriend, and her friends. She eventually works as a paralegal for a powerful senior law partner at a Boston law firm. When a disgruntled former client attempts to kill Reggie after she loses his lawsuit, Chrissy gets hurt. While Chrissy and her son, Ben, stay with Reggie to recuperate, their connection deepens and they embark on a romantic relationship.


Rose Lake Series: Book 2

by Chloe Peterson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nothing about Brooke Anderson’s life has been easy. Getting abandoned at her grandmother’s house by her alcoholic mother as a child, then teaching herself fashion design while working low wage jobs, forced her to grow up fast.

An out of the blue reconnection with her wealthy uncle led to the birth of Bliss Designs, but only three years in, and Brooke’s uncle is already having doubts—enough to send in hotshot business consultant Amy to make drastic changes.

Will Brooke find a way to see past the threat Amy presents to her business and open her mind to the possibility of romantic happiness?

Don’t miss the second book in this heart-warming new series. Every book in this series can be read as a stand-alone without having read the other installments.





by Les Mood
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amy and Alex meet when they both join a fitness center in Omaha to get in shape and make new friends. Alex moved to Omaha to get away from her fundamentalist family. Amy was recently dumped by her fiance. The two bond over horror movies and the beautiful exhibitionist Celeste. Alex struggles to overcome her fundamentalist upbringing.






by Geonn Cannon

A new short stories F/F anthology from Geonn Cannon!

The author of Riley Parra and Underdogs brings you over 15 short stories in this collection.






Cash Braddock: Book 3

by Ashley Bartlett

Cash Braddock is doing…okay. She sort of has a girlfriend, her business sucks less, and the cops are only picking her up for interrogations every other weekend. Mediocrity has underrated appeal. It’s fine.

The universities are back in session, which means drugs are in high demand. Cash is becoming more reluctant to sell, while Detective Laurel Kallen is on the trail of someone who’s been drugging and assaulting women at college parties. Cash’s and Laurel’s goals should be aligned, but neither is convinced of the ethics of her job anymore.

When Laurel’s younger sister is assaulted, okay stops being okay. If Cash wants to help the Kallen sisters, she must decide her own moral bounds.





by Suzie Carr
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

From the moment Lexie Tanner meets Taylor Henshaw in the dilapidated space that will one day become her aunt’s pet boutique, she knows she’s got her work cut out for her. Taylor self-identifies as a complicated woman, and there’s nothing Lexie enjoys more than a good fixer upper. But Taylor’s complications run deep, and way into her past.

Surrounded by an eccentric and spirited group of family and friends, including a spunky and lovable dog named Cashmere, the two women navigate a series of obstacles that have them questioning their choices. As their journey unfolds, neither women is prepared for what happens when they start to break down the old and discover the new.



by Kris Bryant
narrated by Brittni Pope

Shaylie Beck just wanted to go home.

She managed to snag the last seat on a late flight from New York to Denver. No one thought anything would go wrong. Nobody expected the unimaginable to happen. When the plane crashes, Shaylie fights for her life and is one of only eleven survivors.

Piper Cole wants answers.

Why did her fiance’s plane crash? She lost everything that night, and the investigation is taking too long. To help cope with losing the woman she loved, Piper attends a support group for survivors.

The friendship Piper and Shaylie develop help each to heal, but as their feelings turn to love, Shaylie’s torn. She can follow her heart to the woman she loves, or she can come clean about what really happened right before the plane crashed, and risk losing Piper forever.



by Claire Highton-Stevenson
narrated by Sarah Sampino

Two women escaping their own demons. One stuck in the past, the other a very real present.

Lucy Owens’ life was irrevocably changed in a matter of seconds. Life as she knew it was over in the blink of an eye. Moving away from all that she knew, Lucy now lives a solitary life in her cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Filled with guilt and pain, she keeps herself to herself, and for years she manages to avoid immersing back into society.

Nicole Granger has three small children to worry about. Always looking over her shoulder, they arrive at the lake with very little to call their own. Haunted by years of physical abuse, she longs to belong again, to bring normality to her girls’ lives for the first time.

Both women are pulled towards one another in an attraction that could bring both of them their freedom.



by Nancy Ann Healy
narrated by Jill Smith

Julia Riley thinks she’s happy. The executive director of Boston’s Fledger Foundation, she and her wife, Carrie, are raising three children, one from Julia’s first marriage…but being content is not the same as being happy.

Katie Brennan is the popular host of a network television morning show. She has two children and a husband who plays major-league baseball. Rumors of her husband’s infidelity are troubling, but she knows how often the media reports innuendo and half-truths instead of facts.

When the two women collaborate on a fundraising program for a new diversity center, they immediately strike up a friendship, one that only grows stronger when Katie discovers her husband has indeed been unfaithful.

As Katie’s marriage fails, she realizes she is intensely attracted to her friend. Surprised by her own feelings, Katie distances herself from Julia, straining their relationship.

For her part, Julia needs time to heal the wounds of her marriage. She’s not sure Katie will accept a romantic relationship, however. A doubt that gives her pause.

Before either woman can move on, they need to find and accept themselves. Love might feel like falling through shooting stars, but sometimes it takes time for the stars to fall.


A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery: Book 2

by Michelle Arnold
narrated by Lisa L. Wiley

Homicide detective Amy Sadler and her new wife, forensic pathologist Lira Ward, are enjoying marital bliss when they are hit with a gruesome new case: Someone is killing couples and families, with most of their rage directed at the wives.

While trying to solve the case, Amy begins receiving threats from someone within the police department who doesn’t seem happy about her marriage to Lira.

Amy finds herself desperately trying to uncover who is out to destroy her marriage – because she doesn’t want to find out how far they’re willing to go.




A giveaway for US and UK Audible listeners. The prize is a free audiobook of A FAMILY WOMAN.

Email TB at to enter the contest. In the subject line, please write A Family Woman Audiobook Giveaway. Be sure to tell TB if you’re a US or UK listener.

That’s all you have to do.

The deadline to enter is May 28th.

Best of luck to everyone who enters.




LWW-13: Lesbian Fiction Genres: Love Them or Loathe Them? 

Clare & TB are full of beans this week. TB has had no disasters (amazeballs!), and Clare is belatedly celebrating the Spurs’ historic progression to the Champions League final. Although, she still hasn’t won Hamilton tickets. It’s TB’s birthday (cue balloons!), and Clare chats about going on a writing retreat in a caravan and also hails the wonder that is Eurovision. TB is nonplussed.

The topic of the week is lesbian fiction genres: love them or loathe them? TB is on the fence once more. She needs to get down. She might hurt herself. She loves genres because they let readers find her. She loathes them because she doesn’t want to be put in a box. Clare pushes her in and shuts the lid.

Clare & TB run down the key genres in lesbian fiction but stress if you want to make a living, romance is the way to go. Luckily, they both love romance! They discuss how to choose a genre for your book, give their thoughts on not being too precious, and reveal how to get Amazon to give you extra categories. They’re KDP magicians!

Plus, listen for the Sarah Waters stories, and then let Clare and TB know yours!

Click here to listen. 

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!

Join them next week when they’re going to be discussing audiobooks.



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