Guest Post: Even Brilliant People Can Be Stupid by TB Markinson

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Today’s guest post is penned by TB Markinson. Pssst, I run this website. I’m here to share a bit about my latest release: Reservations from the Heart. Keep reading because there’s a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Even Brilliant People Can Be Stupid

I am not known for being tech savvy. For well over a year, I thought my DVD player was broken, so I stopped using it. Then I dusted the DVD player (I’m not known for my dusting skills either) and noticed the cord from the device to the TV had come loose. Low and behold I was able to watch DVDs again. A miracle!

When I applied for a scheduling job at a university, I didn’t know part of the job would involve assigning AV staff and resources. I found out the hard way. I mean, when I started making reservations, I added resources like LCD, laser pointer, and other items. On one hand, I understood this part of my duties.

On the other hand, I didn’t fully comprehend what it truly meant for clients. It wasn’t until I received a panicked phone call from a professor who was in the middle of teaching a class that I realized it was assumed since I made the reservation, I was proficient with technology. (Picture me laughing hysterically just writing that sentence.) While on the phone with a professor screaming at me, I was paging a tech while simultaneously googling solutions as to why his laptop had failed. Luckily, the tech was nearby, and it ended well.

But that wasn’t an isolated incident. The phone calls kept coming. I kept googling. Sometimes they’d call because they couldn’t do something in Excel in preparation for a class. Before getting this job, I applied for a different position, and they had me take a computer test that asked me to do basic functions in Excel. I bombed it and didn’t get the job. Yet, professors would demand answers. Did you know there’s a help function in Excel, and it’s, well, helpful?

Also, I never heard the word dongle before this job, and when a professor was shouting into the phone, “I need a dongle!” I wasn’t sure if I should report the incident to HR or even research dongle on my work computer in fear of landing on porn sites.

While I enjoyed certain aspects of my university job, I grew tired of professors treating me poorly because I didn’t know much about technology. The shocking part: I knew way more than the biggest complainers, and I think this post proves I’m not all that adept.

Some of the scheduling problems in Reservations of the Heart are things that happened to me. I didn’t include a few of my real-world experiences in the novel because no one would believe that would actually happen at a university filled with super brainy people. Sometimes being brilliant doesn’t stop you from doing stupid stuff.



To celebrate the release of my latest novel, I’ve put together a giveaway, which will include a signed copy of Reservations of the Heart and a $50 Amazon gift card.

A bit about Reservations:

When Stella and Aurora unexpectedly come together, sparks fly. Neither is looking for a relationship, but what they discover in one another is so much more than a physical connection. Can two wounded women who believe love is the last thing they want overcome their fears to find healing?

Best-selling lesbian romance author T.B. Markinson brings lesfic readers a heartwarming age-gap story about facing one’s demons to live a fuller and loving life. Grab your copy of the standalone medical romance novel that will make your heart sing.



TB Markinson is an American who’s recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order.

Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance.

She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic, a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.



Twitter / Website / Lesbians Who Write Podcast 


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Guest Post: Romance Writer Grapples with the Very Unromantic Health Insurance Industry by Louisa Kelley

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Please welcome Louisa Kelley, a Dirt Roads Book author.

Romance Writer Grapples with the Very Unromantic Health Insurance Industry

There are few things in my life more surreal than what I do Monday through Friday. “How do you do it?” people often ask me. How do you work in a healthcare office, manage the entire billing department, run point on a thousand complex claims problems etc. etc., and then go home and transform into a romance writer? For gawd’s sakes Louisa! How on earth do you manage? 

The transition is awful sometimes, I do admit that. Especially after a long weekend spent immersed in the creative writer’s brain, only to push it into cold storage when the alarm goes off at 5am on Monday. On my way out the door, I aim a last, longing look at the computer. I know when I get home that night, after a full work day sitting in front of a screen, crunching numbers, and arguing with customer service reps on the phone, the sharpness of my creativity will be dulled and in need of resuscitation.

However, my reality is not quite ready for the day job to end, and one does what one must. Over the years, I’ve often thought about what I’ve learned regarding the state of health insurance, in Oregon in particular. People would be even more outraged if they knew half the things I do. You may think it’s bad, but baby, you have no idea how really bad it is. One of my games of pretend revenge against the machine is to imagine me being that person to tell you just how screwed up things are, like how often claims departments make mistakes. I’ve got a co-worker who thinks she and I should start a YouTube channel, just to inform and educate the public in Oregon. Tell Oregonians things no one else in the industry ever would. Who wants the down and dirty? What plans have the best customer service, or the worst? I can tell you about the unexpected negative hit chiropractors and acupuncturists took with the advent of the Affordable Care Act- something big Healthcare jumped all over to exploit as fast as they could. Even worse, some of the biggest healthcare companies in the country shop all of their customer service overseas. When you, the U.S. customer, call your local healthplan, you may be talking to India or the Philippines. American privacy rights as far as HIPAA goes, vanish as our private information is provided to countries outside of the US – just so the obscenely wealthy insurance executives can save a nickel on customer service. 

People, it goes on and on. So, what do I do to counteract my rage and my constant sense of injustice? How do I balance my two worlds? 

Romance is the balance. I write romance stories where there is always a happily-ever-after. Stories where the challenges can be overcome and the day can be won. Where evil is vanquished and love always prevails. I read romance… Because it reminds me of the healing power of love, and the possibility of happily-ever-after. There’s healing in loving connection and kindness and never giving up and winning in the end. And that’s what saves me, and my writer’s heart, over and over again.

The Shift Series: Book 1

by Louisa Kelley

Abbie is a compulsive jewel thief whose life hasn’t been making much sense. On a solo camping trip in the forests of western Oregon, she’s attacked by mysterious men and the event triggers a shift within her that she doesn’t understand and refuses to believe.

Fianna, Orla, and Guin are dragon shape-shifters living in secret in a magically hidden cabin in the mountains of Oregon. Fianna’s on a redemption quest to locate the rare human-dragon hybrid whose Draca DNA has been triggered and deliver the fledgling to the dragon community. Abbie is that magical being. With her two sisters’ help, Fianna must protect Abbie from nefarious forces that seek to exploit her, as well as from humans, who must remain oblivious to the existence of shape-shifters.

But Abbie’s a handful, as Fianna soon learns. Wrangling a strong-headed mischievous hybrid who has no idea of her own powers proves to be a frustrating mission. They have to move fast, before it’s too late and their secret existence, both on earth and in an alternate reality, is revealed by an unwitting baby dragon.

Abbie is hunted by a human who knows her secret, and something else that Abbie doesn’t even know about herself. Abbie has to come to terms with who and what she is, but who can she trust? When she encounters the three dragons, the events that follow rock the dragon world and threatens the safety of its inhabitants. The circumstances bring Abbie and Fianna into sizzling contact, and they both end up with more than they expected that day.

Throw in a conniving, thousand-year-old dragon with dementia determined to capture Abbie in Portland for his own purposes, and you’ve got…delicious, magical, dragonly fun. Everyone wants Abbie, especially Fianna, and it’s a race to see who gets to her first.

Listen to the audio excerpt here.



To celebrate, Dirt Road Books is giving away a bunch of stuff! Including:

  • $20 gift card
  • audiobook copy of Bitterroot Queen by Jove Belle
  • audiobook version of Little Dip by Gill McKnight
  • ebook copy of A Bittersweet Garden by Caren J Werlinger
  • ebook copy of the 4 book series Cops and Docs series by KD Williamson
  • ebook copy of Pleasure Workers by Annette Mori
  • ebook copy of A Shot at Love by T.B. Markinson
  • ebook copy of From the Boots Up and From the Hat Down by Andi Marquette
  • ebook copy of The Potion by R.G. Emanuelle




Louisa Kelley is the author of a series of well-regarded erotic paranormal books and urban fantasy stories, including the trilogy, Daughters of Draca. Her writing features fantastical stories of sensual romance, intrigue and magic, often with modern day characters based in Portland. ‘Fianna The Gold,’ book one in her newest fantasy series, has just been released by Dirt Road Books.

She resides in Portland, Oregon where, in a strangely perfect combination of rainy winters and urban skyline, her writing inspiration abounds. She’s also slightly obsessed with dragons.



Website / Facebook

Check out the schedule! You can follow along every stop.


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New Lesfic Goodies: September 17th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by TB Markinson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can two wounded souls find solace together?

41-year-old doctor Stella Gilbert used to have it all. Her career was on fire, and she had a picture-perfect family—until she was blindsided by her wife doing the unthinkable.

Reeling from the revelation of a long-held family secret, 29-year-old Aurora Shirley is just over it all.

When Stella and Aurora unexpectedly come together, sparks fly. Neither is looking for a relationship, but what they discover in one another is so much more than a physical connection. Can two wounded women who believe love is the last thing they want overcome their fears to find healing?

Best-selling lesbian romance author T.B. Markinson brings lesfic readers a heartwarming age-gap story about facing one’s demons to live a fuller and loving life. Grab your copy of the standalone medical romance novel that will make your heart sing.


A Year in Paradise: Book 9

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

On the first day of senior year in a new school, Alabaman transplant Carrie Sage meets the girl of her lesbian dreams.

Too bad the mayor’s daughter is a bit too straight to go for a troublemaking Southerner like Carrie.

Enter Leigh-Ann Hardy, the only girl in Clark High School who knows a thing or two about the girl Carrie crushes after like it’s Valentine’s Day. After all, Leigh-Ann and the mayor’s daughter used to be best friends!

While Carrie navigates life in a brand-new place that automatically labels her more trouble than she’s worth, Leigh-Ann faces a truth she’s been suppressing her whole life in Paradise Valley.

She might be a little bit gay. It only took the new girl to make her see that!



by Jaime Clevenger

Kate Owens has kept her attraction to her best friend Mo Calloway a carefully guarded secret for years. But some secrets you can’t hide forever and she’s worried that Mo is beginning to suspect her feelings.

It’s harder than ever to pretend there’s nothing going on when a reservation mistake on a trip to Mexico leads to Kate sharing Mo’s bed for five long nights.

One fateful vacation could change everything. But are Kate and Mo ready to risk their friendship for a chance at love?



by RL Burgess

A rising star in the corporate world of finance, Zoe Cavendish is nursing a secret flame for her boss. She knows it’s stupid and her friends keep telling her she should move on, but somehow she can’t quite extinguish the hope.

The last thing on Reyna Azoulay’s mind is love. Not only is she busy with her demanding role as CEO of a high-flying financial advisory firm, but she’s also just recently taken in her sister’s child.

When Zoe is selected to present alongside Reyna at a prestigious international conference, they are thrown together and reality comes knocking—as does the suave keynote speaker who seems determined to whisk Zoe away into the desert sunset.

Will Zoe and Reyna realize what’s right in front of them before it’s too late?



by Emily King

On the crowded sandy beaches of southern California, newly minted lifeguard Amy Bergen has her hands full keeping the beachgoers safe. She loves her job and knows she made the right decision to finally pursue her childhood dream. The problem is—she’s still the busy owner and manager of a luxury auto dealership. And with so many roles to juggle, finding time to date seems like one more complication…until she meets Sarah.

When Midwestern transplant and middle school teacher Sarah Wagner sees Amy on duty at the beach, she is immediately drawn to her. But so are a lot of other women. And after a rocky first encounter, Sarah isn’t sure Amy is truly the kind of woman she is looking to date. But with Amy, desire just might win out…


The Somerville Series: Book 1

by Carrie L Carr
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Budding realtor Amanda Cauble is sent on a fool’s errand on a stormy afternoon. When her car is washed into a rising creek, it could be the last thing she does.

Lexington (Lex) Walters has run the Rocking W Ranch for the last ten years, alone except for hired hands and her feisty housekeeper, Martha. She doesn’t have the time or inclination for dating, but when fate drops a beautiful woman into her path, how can she resist?

With the bridge out of service and the weather against them, Lex and Amanda work together to take care of the ranch. When they stumble across a group of rustlers also stranded by the weather, will the stress destroy their budding relationship?





by Serena J. Bishop

Aurora’s life is perfectly mundane. She has a job she hates, an ex that ran her out of her hometown, and the highlight of her week is Monday breakfast with her best friend. That changes when Aurora starts dreaming of a woman who can’t remember her own name. A woman who Aurora falls head over heels for. She knows the romance that develops between them isn’t real, but the dreams make life so much better that she hurries to bed every night…until she discovers that her dream woman isn’t imaginary. Her name is Leela and she is in a coma.

Aurora must risk everything—her job, apartment, friends, and her sanity—to save Leela, a woman she’s only ever met in her mind. But in order to help, Aurora must convince Leela’s neurologist and parents that she and Leela have a bond that transcends the physical plane.

Can Aurora fight through a progressively nightmarish landscape to wake Leela? And if Leela wakes, will she recognize Aurora as the one who saved her? As the one Leela said she loved? Their dream-relationship might not be real, but if there is any possibility of making her dreams come true, Aurora has to try.

Dreams is a sweet lesfic romance about a love that defies the laws of physics.





by Cameron North

Life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is laidback, except for Clare Danforth, who is in her junior year at college. She is busy between dual majors, a string of gruesome student deaths committed by the Wicomico Killer, and a drunk night of sex with another female student. Clare attempts to hide her one-time gay mistake until she meets Leigh Carver, who is a tall, gorgeous, and totally gay police officer.

But as a Maryland State Trooper, Leigh struggles with hiding her sexual orientation and carrying a badge in a male dominated field. When the serial killer escalates his kill rate, Clare and Leigh are faced with life changing choices. But will if they make them in time, before Wicomico Killer sets his sights on Clare?



by Belinda Roddie
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Who needs a road map for life when you can just improvise in a cozy cabin in the woods?

Belinda Roddie’s debut novel, [Insert Self-Discovery Here], tackles young love and the coming-of-age story in a fresh, humorous, and refreshingly honest way. A fun addition to the New Adult genre!

Jamie has never exactly been sure about what she wants to do in life, despite an initial plan to become a history teacher sans a passion for history. So when the motive for her education and work – her girlfriend Emily – breaks up with her after their college graduation, she’s left with the typical twenty-something depression and a complete lack of direction in her life.

Enter Devin, an old friend and “free spirit” who offers Jamie a chance to do something remotely fulfilling for the year; specifically, they will be taking care of and renting out Devin’s Uncle Aaron’s property in the small wooded town of Pensalado. Caught in the middle of the wilderness with no technology past the nineteen nineties, a hippie Devin, a fabulously gay Kyle, and a snarky yet wounded Rachel (who ultimately becomes an unprecedented target of affection. Big shocker) – Jamie has the chance to learn to cope, rebuild, and figure out a new goal. Even if that goal, as it may turn out, is simply to improvise.




A Woman Down Under: Book 2

by K’Anne Meinel
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Melissa Lawrence swims ashore in Australia. She has no idea what to expect after escaping her captors. Since becoming Mel Lawrence, she finds her interests are expanding beyond just the “woman of means” role she had been raised to accept. After finding someone to teach her about becoming a grazer, she herds a flock of sheep into the Australian outback. She never imagined she would find a mate, a land that challenges her, and a life she felt she was bred for.




Ascension: Book 1

by L. Fergus
Available in Kindle Unlimited

To claim her birthright Kita must win her harrowing Proving Ritual, but it proves to be more of a challenge than she can handle. She would rather die than lose. Is she willing to reveal her darkest secret to win?





The Shift Series: Book 1

by Louisa Kelley

Abbie is a compulsive jewel thief whose life hasn’t been making much sense. On a solo camping trip in the forests of western Oregon, she’s attacked by mysterious men and the event triggers a shift within her that she doesn’t understand and refuses to believe.

Fianna, Orla, and Guin are dragon shape-shifters living in secret in a magically hidden cabin in the mountains of Oregon. Fianna’s on a redemption quest to locate the rare human-dragon hybrid whose Draca DNA has been triggered and deliver the fledgling to the dragon community. Abbie is that magical being. With her two sisters’ help, Fianna must protect Abbie from nefarious forces that seek to exploit her, as well as from humans, who must remain oblivious to the existence of shape-shifters.

But Abbie’s a handful, as Fianna soon learns. Wrangling a strong-headed mischievous hybrid who has no idea of her own powers proves to be a frustrating mission. They have to move fast, before it’s too late and their secret existence, both on earth and in an alternate reality, is revealed by an unwitting baby dragon.

Abbie is hunted by a human who knows her secret, and something else that Abbie doesn’t even know about herself. Abbie has to come to terms with who and what she is, but who can she trust? When she encounters the three dragons, the events that follow rock the dragon world and threatens the safety of its inhabitants. The circumstances bring Abbie and Fianna into sizzling contact, and they both end up with more than they expected that day.

Throw in a conniving, thousand-year-old dragon with dementia determined to capture Abbie in Portland for his own purposes, and you’ve got…delicious, magical, dragonly fun. Everyone wants Abbie, especially Fianna, and it’s a race to see who gets to her first.




Urban Fairytales: Book 11

by Erik Schubach

Last Upon a time…

The Avatars have all gathered in Seattle to face the Elders in a bid to stop the reset of the mortal realm and the loss of trillions of souls spread across the many worlds of our realm.

The women of fairy tales, myth, & legend must split up to face the enemies, who are bordering on godhood, on many fronts. Fighting a losing battle, the Avatars give all that they have to save the world from Armageddon.

This final chapter in the Urban Fairytales saga all comes down to the woman who started it all, Maireni Damaschin, the Red Hood, as she attempts to outmaneuver these timeless titans who can destroy worlds with but a thought.




Carpenter/Harding: Book 9

by Barbara Winkes
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Did George Wilder die in prison serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit? A reporter asks Ellie on behalf of Wilder’s family to look into the decades old murder. When initial inquiries raise doubts about Wilder’s guilt, Ellie thinks that the real killer might have gone unpunished, but she doesn’t have much time to prove her theory.

Together, Jordan and Ellie work on the most important project of their lives…





by Pen Pearson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A poet in Edwardian London. A woman struggling to let her voice be heard.

In 1894, sisters Charlotte and Anne Mew take a solemn vow never to marry, and never to pass on the family curse: insanity. The spinster Mew sisters descend into genteel poverty, their mother on an invalid’s sofa, Anne, the painter, in a menial job.But Charlotte, the poet, will find immortality, and unexpected love.

Her path will require that she keep secrets and make sacrifices that may be too much even for Charlotte’s determined spirit.

In Bloomsbury’s Late Rose, Pen Pearson, herself an accomplished poet, has imagined a vivid and affecting story of a woman’s life in Edwardian London that will engage and move every reader.




Black Flag: Book 1

by Rachel Ford

$0.99 $4.99

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Go big or go home. For privateer Captain Magdalene Landon, it’s all about going big. For Kay Ellis, it’s about getting home. Together, they’re about to architect the most daring heist in the galaxy.

Kay knows too much. She knows it’s a matter of time before a Conglomerate hitman finds her. She’s desperate for safe passage back to Union space.
Then Magdalene shows up, promising a way home in exchange for that information. It’s a risky bet, but Kay is out of options. So she strikes a deal: the heist of the century for her freedom.

Kay is playing a dangerous game, and she knows it. She’s made herself Enemy Number One of the Conglomerate. She’s relying on privateers for her safety. It’s a fool’s game. But the worst part is, her fool’s heart is starting to warm to the enigmatic captain. And that’s a risk for which she hadn’t planned.





by Diane Marina
narrated by Daniela Acitelli

Jessica Thomas flees heartache to spend a summer in Rome, Italy. What begins as a summer to forget the past turns into one full of memories in “Italian Summer”.

In Savannah, Georgia, a young heir to the city’s largest candy manufacturer falls hard for the new employee. Will she lose her heart and her family’s business in “Sweet Girl”?

Cameron struggles with her inner demons and visits The Castle, a lesbian-only club where women can live out their fantasies with like-minded women. What she discovers leads her toward acceptance in “It’s Only Love”.

Miranda and Chelsea move to a stylish home in Pasadena The house has been the source of some unsettling occurrences. Miranda and Chelsea vow to get to the bottom of what is happening in “Blue Lamp”.

In a posh hotel in New York City in 1948, two young socialites are introduced. Will their love simply become part of the history of the Imperial Hotel?



by Bridget Essex
narrated by TJ Richards

Piper once believed she’d found her happily-ever-after in Estella.

Until Estella left.

Piper and Estella met when they were kids. Estella was rich and spoiled, Piper was poor and curious, and – in each other – the two girls found an unexpected friendship. Year after year went by as they grew up together, growing closer and closer as time passed, until Piper realized that she loved Estella more than anything in the universe.

The day Piper told Estella she loved her was the day Estella walked out the door, never to return again….

Or so Piper thought.

Years have passed, and they’re both grown women living opposite lives on opposite sides of the country. All they have between them are the memories of a young love that was so beautiful and profound that it changed their lives forever….

But a chance encounter pulls the two women together once more.

Does true love exist? Or are some scars too deep to ever heal?



LWW29: How Ambitious Are You? 

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Or email

Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know!

They’d love to hear from you!








NECRWA20 Workshop Submission

Do you have an amazing workshop? Pitch us your best!

We are looking for a wide variety of panels and instructional sessions that will appeal to authors of all sub-genres and levels of experience. We especially encourage Authors of Color, LGBTQ+ authors, and otherwise marginalized authors to send in workshops for consideration.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Tamsen Parker, our workshop chair, at




The Awards Administrators are pleased to announce that nominations for the 2020 Golden Crown Literary Awards is open.

Anyone, including members and non-members, are invited to submit nominations for the awards.

Please visit our website for more information regarding eligibility, judging guidelines, categories, how to nominate a book, and deadlines.



Have you checked out the freebies page on I Heart Lesfic?

Many authors, like Miranda MacLeod, give away a freebie when you sign up for their newsletter. Click on the image to sign up for Miranda MacLeod’s newsletter.

For all the offerings, click this page.


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New Lesfic Goodies: September 10th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Sienna Waters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The deepest love can be forged from the darkest hatred.

When photographer Kate Steinhauser is asked to shoot Nat Lee, it should be the chance of a lifetime. After all, Nat is a household name, the face of a dozen brands, and one of the most recognizable models on the planet. But she’s also a demon from Kate’s past.

Nat is a wild-child, her antics frequently headlining gossip sites. She’s also a bully, one whose actions still sting Kate twenty years down the line. But the opportunity is too great to give up. Besides, there’s no way Nat will recognize Kate. Not after so long.

Kate and Nat are inextricably linked by their past, and from the first click of the camera it’s clear that their futures are just as connected. But as feelings start to transform, and sparks start to fly, Kate can’t believe that time has changed Nat so much. And Nat’s relationship with hot-ticket actor Jake Allingham doesn’t help matters either.

Once in a lifetime you meet the person that completes you. But what if that person is your worst enemy? Everything should be keeping them apart, yet Nat and Kate just can’t function without each other. Or can they?

Fair of Face is the first in the Monday’s Child series of lesbian romance novels, and features a HEA ending. Monday’s Child books can be read independently and in any order.





by Erin Zak

Stevie Adams doesn’t believe in fate, not after losing her parents in a car crash. Now twenty-eight and a star in the Chicago improv scene, Stevie puts career first. No one’s going to get in the way of her New York City dreams. When her friends beg her to tag along to go see Constance Russo, a deaf psychic, Stevie begrudgingly agrees, as long as no one makes her get a reading.

American Sign Language interpreter Bernadette Thompson has two priorities: caring for her mother and working with her best friend, Constance Russo. But when the headstrong Stevie Adams accidentally stumbles into her life, Bernadette feels an instant connection that’s so intense it frightens her. They can’t seem to stop bumping into each other, or deny their attraction.

When Stevie’s goal of starring in New York becomes more than a pipe dream, will competing desires prove their love to be everlasting or a fleeting act?



by Noelle Winters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Hannah Freeman should be on top of the world. She’s got a new job. A new place. A new beginning after a bad breakup. Too bad it’s all a lie.

Charlie Dallas has been at the shelter longer than anyone, and it’s a record she’s stubbornly proud of. So what if she’s miserable?

But Charlie didn’t count on Hannah. She didn’t count on feelings. Then Charlie’s worst nightmare reappears and she has to choose between staying where she is or taking a chance and moving forward. Will Hannah and Charlie be able to meet in the middle? Or will their pasts ruin any chance at a happy ending?

The book deals with the aftereffects of domestic violence and human trafficking. There’s mention of suicidal ideation and childhood trauma.



by Monica McCallan
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Campbell St. Clair never expected her first novel to catapult her to success. She should be excited that she’ll be consulting on the movie adaptation, but she’s struggling. Her ability to write her newest novel has been practically non-existent, she’s all but given up on having a social life, and with the recent loss of her father, she’s trying to understand what she wants for her future.

Sloane Murphy’s career has been careening forward for the last decade, so it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t like being an actress. The movie is a great opportunity for her, and in spite of her ambivalence, the show must go on. She’s done this enough times that she just needs to follow the script and hit her lines. But she wasn’t expecting to see Campbell St. Clair, at least that’s what she goes by now, on set, and her presence sends Sloane’s already precarious life into a tailspin when their paths collide again.

Neither are the same people they were when they’d met in college, but do either of them know who they are now? In a world of playing pretend, it’s hard to know what’s real, even if it’s right in front of them.



by Magnolia Robbins
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Dogs always have a way of finding people.

When a tumultuous past causes Alice Gray, the only woman Lou Pearson has ever loved, to leave her for good, she shrinks away from the world, trying to make amends. Dedicating years of her life to training service dogs and saving rescues.

Little did she know, a rescued dog would save her, too.

Caspian shows up in Lou’s life and the dog guides her to a young girl who desperately needs him, and to the girl’s mother, Alice. Propelling Lou into a past she believed she’d never have to face again. To a woman who she assumed she’d lost forever.

As an old romance and deep emotions resurface themselves, Lou’s worst fears come crashing back and she can’t help but wonder… This time, if it all falls apart, will Alice stay?




Act of Love: Book 1

by Tamara Lynn
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Christmas in July. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for actress Daniela Dantangelo. After an intense couple of months filming in Croatia, Daniela is looking forward to unwinding with her family and celebrating the holiday. Stress due to a lack of preparation for an upcoming project is preventing her from relaxing and enjoying her time off.

Help comes in the form of her cousin’s new girlfriend, Kate O’Connell. Having only played minor supporting roles, Kate is a relative unknown in Hollywood. She has no idea that this trip will push her acting skills to new heights and make her question everything she knows.

The women form a close friendship and soon find themselves flirting with an attraction that could have costly consequences.
The line between acting and reality become blurred beyond what either of them can comprehend. Will Daniela finally be able to get in character? Can Kate get out of character?

This industry has a history of making lovers out of co-stars. But when it comes to Kate and Daniela, it’s not that easy. There are a lot of forces at play and things are not at all what they seem.





by A.L. Brooks

A slow-burning lesbian sport romance about taking a chance with your heart.

Talented golfer Morgan Spencer has never won a major but it’s so close she can taste it—no thanks to her sexist father, a golfing legend who won’t even give her the time of day.

Television producer Adrienne Wyatt has thrown herself into her career after her lover left her a year ago. She has a brilliant new plan: a documentary featuring Morgan’s rise and rise, capitalizing on the young woman’s star appeal.

The main problem is that the reserved golfer treats Adrienne’s plan like an invasion of privacy. The other issue is her growing feelings for the irritatingly attractive woman—an unprofessional lapse that would get her ridiculed by her peers if anyone found out.

When things come to a chaotic head, as fierce desires, risked careers, age differences, and dreams all come into play, what will win?





by Larkin Rose

Tessa Dalton’s mission: be crowned the new wedding planner for one of the most prestigious resorts in Colorado by winning an event contest. All she has to do is get seven events safely under wraps in eight weeks and the crown is hers. She’ll stop at nothing to win, even if planning weddings for frequent flyer bridezillas has put a bitter taste in her mouth where love and commitment are concerned.

Marci Jones is not a people person. The last thing she wants is to be the liaison for the contest crew leaders, but when her best friend needs a favor, she can’t say no. If not for Wendy, she’d be in jail…or worse. Maybe the disruption will help her get over her cheating ex and she’ll be able to put her life back together.

Marci can’t believe her luck at a one-night-stand with a beautiful woman who refuses to give her name. That is until the mystery goddess shows up as one of the contestants…





by Bridget Essex
Available in Kindle Unlimited

If she falls in love, there’ll be hell to pay…

Billie Cross isn’t afraid of anything. A quick witted, sarcastic trouble maker, she knows how to rock a good lipstick, a pair of heels…and a sharp dagger. Billie has one of the most dangerous—and secretive—jobs in the world, but someone’s got to hunt demons. And Billie is very, very good at it.

But a random run-in on the streets of Pittsburgh has Billie’s head out of the game. Because she can’t stop thinking about the mysterious, smoldering woman in the leather jacket with the wicked grin: Jet. Billie can’t get tangled up in a relationship; it’s too dangerous. But a one-night stand sure as hell sounds like a good time. Only thing is, one night turns into something much, much more. Billie swore she’d never let anyone close to her ever again: she was done with getting her heart broken, and yet now she’s fallen for Jet with her whole heart.

But if Billie finds out who—and what—Jet really is, there’ll be more than a broken heart on the line. There’ll be hell to pay.



by Charlotte Greene

When cousins Jo and Carter Lemke hike up to their family cabin after two years away, they’re not surprised to find the place a disaster. What they weren’t expecting, however, is a mysterious presence in the cabin that seems intent on getting rid of them.

With the help of some friends, Carter’s wife, and a gorgeous forest ranger Jo can’t take her eyes off, Jo and Carter set out to reclaim their home from the presence that haunts it. As danger mounts, they’ll have to decide if it’s worth risking their lives or if it might be better to leave it to the woods.




Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles: Book 3

by Elizabeth Andre

Call-in radio shows are fun until a ghost calls. Popular soul music deejay Joyce Barkley thinks someone is pulling a prank when the voice of her dead girlfriend speaks to her during a Saturday afternoon show. It is no prank. The woman, who has been dead since the mid-1960s, is back. Joyce has to figure out how to soothe the restless spirit or her career and any chance at love will be over.




New Horizons Series: Book 3

by CJ Birch

Surviving in an unknown galaxy hundreds of light-years from Earth is far from easy. Captain Jordan Kellow is missing, and Lieutenant Alison Ash must take charge of the Persephone and get the crew back to the Posterus in one piece if she has any hope of saving the woman she loves.

Lost in a dying escape pod, Jordan is rescued by a crew of war hungry aliens bent on revenge. She must find a way off the ship and back to Ash before she’s conscripted for the cause.

Jordan and Ash struggle with different views on the alien agenda and must find their way back to each other before they’re swallowed up by a centuries-old war.




Vegas Nights: Book 1

by Ali Vali

Hit woman and thief Reed Gable works for the highest bidder, no matter where the job takes her. An orphan of circumstance, Reed knows the streets of Las Vegas better than anyone. Growing up rough has gotten her to the top of her profession, and she plans to stay there.

Accountant Brinley Myers, a recent hire at the Moroccan Casino, discovers a money laundering operation orchestrated by the New York mob and suddenly her life and the people in it become collateral damage.

Reed has Brinley in her sights and is ready to close the contract when she sees Brinley’s son in the car with her. Even hard-hearted Reed can’t kill a mother in front of her child. Before Reed can come up with a plan to finish the job, she’s double-crossed. It’ll take all her street smarts to keep herself, and her surprisingly beautiful mark, alive.





by Cari Hunter

Jemima Pardon, a paramedic with a daft name and chronic asthma, has never had much in the way of good luck. The only things she attracts are traumatic jobs, and no one wants to work with her for long.

But when Jem bumps into devil-may-care police officer Rosie Jones, her fortunes seem to be changing. Rosie is bright and funny, and she doesn’t mind that Jem can’t go far without her inhaler.

Things are looking up, until a suspicious death draws Jem and Rosie into an investigation that spirals beyond their control. As torrential rain floods the city, they face a battle to survive if they’re ever going to have a chance at finding love.


A Woman Down Under: Book 1

by K’Anne Meinel
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Alinta, raised in a simple land far from the white man, is suddenly thrust into their realm through no fault of her own. Suddenly, she must learn to survive amongst these strange, unfamiliar creatures. But not all white men treat her the same: Some see her as the frightened girl she is, and some see her as the amazing woman she is about to become. Follow along as this primitive aboriginal child/woman attempts to survive in a new and rapidly changing world.





by Joy Argento

The instant Delaney Peyton and Jade Taylor meet, they sense a connection neither can explain. That is until Delaney starts having strange visions that feel more like memories. Scotland, 1465: two young women meet and fall in love, but that love is threatened by deception and hatred. Delany isn’t sure if her feelings for Jade are real or left over from five hundred years ago. The more she sees, the more she’s convinced the key to her future lies in their past.

Jade is fresh from a bad relationship, and the last thing she wants right now is another one. Her attraction to Delany is overshadowed by a fear she doesn’t understand, and she is convinced she needs to keep Delany at arm’s length.

Can Delany and Jade overcome the betrayal that spans the centuries to reignite a love that can’t be broken?





by Kathleen Knowles

In the summer of 1981, Maxine Cooper moves from the Midwest to San Francisco with her gay best friend, Chris, where she hopes to find love and community. But gay life in a big city is much more complicated than either of them ever expected. Life becomes a constant party, and Max slides deep into alcohol and drugs. She and Chris become estranged, and when he contracts AIDS, Max doesn’t know how to bridge the gap between them.

Shattered by Chris’s death, Max must decide how she is going to live her life. Can she forgive herself for abandoning him, or will her guilt lead her down a path that guarantees destruction?







by Jae
narrated by Abigail Rakocy

Dr. Hope Finlay learned early in life not to get attached to anyone because it never lasts.

Laleh Samadi, who comes from a big, boisterous family, is the exact opposite.

When Laleh ends up in the ER with heart trouble, Hope saves her life. Afterwards, strange things begin to occur until they can no longer deny the mysterious connection between them.

Are they losing their minds…or their hearts?




LWW28: Favorite Podcasts

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New Lesfic Goodies: September 3rd Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by A.E. Radley and Emma Sterner-Radley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cherry Hawkins has always loved ice cream. After scraping together enough money, and applying for the correct permit, she has set up her new ice cream trike in the affluent market town of Wilmsford.

Unfortunately, her permit-approved spot puts her right outside the Gelato Parlour. Owned by Juliana Martin-Sinclair, the meticulous woman who puts the ice into ice queen.

What will happen when these two very different ice cream aficionados collide?



by Nicolette Dane
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Constance Duke is a professional Texas Hold’em player. She’s sharp and stoic, with a steely poker face and a drive to win. The regulars at her local poker room fear her, and the casuals underestimate her at their own peril. Constance is happy making a good living playing poker on her terms. And then she meets Mina Frye.

Mina is a gifted pickpocket, cunning and conniving, and equally charming and beautiful. At first, Mina sees Constance as just another mark. But she quickly realizes that Constance has much greater potential, and as the two begin to fall for one another, Mina convinces her that Las Vegas and the Poker World Championship are calling Constance’s name.

As Constance competes with the world’s best poker players, moving her way up in the tournament, she must also navigate the secrets of Mina’s checkered past in Las Vegas. The magic they both feel is undeniably real, but is everything with Mina just a bluff to trick Constance into going all-in?



by Bryce Oakley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Billie Rush can’t stop writing pop songs. The kind of songs that her rock band, The Shrikes, would never play. After their successful first album, the pressure for a perfect follow-up is crushing her creativity. Billie’s new songs and sound need an outlet, but she’s not just going to give them away to anyone.

Vero De Luca is always in the limelight for making mistakes. The daughter of a famous musician, she’s trying to make smart decisions for the first time in her life as she sets off on a solo career after years in a popular all-female group. Though she knows she’s fully capable of writing her own songs, the label insists that her first single needs a major name behind it, not just her own.

Both women think that working together sounds like a match made in hell. Though they can hardly stand each other, sparks start to fly when they’re writing the new single, “Undone.”

Will they go up in flames or find a way to work together through the blaze?


Tahoe Series: Book 2

by Nicole Pyland
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kinsley James has a nice life in South Lake Tahoe. She has a great career in real estate and a great group of friends she’s known for a long time. She also has a crush. Things had been easy when the object of that crush lived on the other side of the lake. Kinsley had been able to push her attraction aside. She’d dated other women. She’d even mostly forgotten about that time in college when she’d shared a futon with a girl three years her junior that seemed so much more comfortable in her own skin than Kinsley had ever felt. Then, her crush moved home.

Riley Sanders decided to move back to South Lake Tahoe to settle down with her long-time and also long-distance girlfriend. Her plan was simple: find a real estate agent; find a house. Once she had that house, her girlfriend would move, and they’d be able to finally share a life together.

Riley’s plan doesn’t quite work out. But, sometimes, the plans people make take paths of their own, taking people exactly where they need to be after all. In Riley’s case, her plan took her to Kinsley, a woman she’d known for a while but had never considered herself close to. Things change, though, when she realizes Kinsley may be the woman she hasn’t even known she should be looking for.



by Evelyn Dar
Available in Kindle Unlimited

New York Times bestselling author Claire Roberts is being sued by the Amish.

Yep, those Amish.

Claire’s latest release, a tell-all memoir about growing up Amish, reveals startling truths and intimate details about a passionate, secret love affair between herself and another woman. Claire now stands accused of libel and finds herself locked in a legal battle against the very community she once called home.

Can Claire defend the truth of her words while still protecting the privacy of the woman she once loved? And perhaps still does?



by KJ
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What would happen if your regular, ordinary, safe, everyday existence suddenly became…not any of those things? When Samantha Markson, Ordinary Person, is thrust into the life of Abigail Taylor, Not At All Ordinary Person, it proves to be an experience like she’s never had before. World famous actress, Abigail Taylor, is in Melbourne filming her new movie, and is accompanied by her nine year old daughter, Grace, because Abigail wants her to experience an Australian education for three months. Sam Markson is a teacher at one of the best schools in Melbourne, and is perfectly happy doing that, thank you very much, when she’s suddenly redirected from the classroom into the job as Grace’s teacher; a move so fast that even blinking would feel like slow motion. Sam has never met anyone like Abigail Taylor, and she starts to realise that her ordinary life might actually be missing something extraordinary.



by Shannon M Harris

After the death of her husband, Dylan Lake’s ability to trust in others is shattered. Her life is thrust into turmoil between caring for Emma, her seven-year old handicapped child, and working hard to make ends meet. Dylan doesn’t have time to pursue a romantic relationship. Finding that one special person only happens in dreams. When fate keeps throwing Dylan and Kat together, Dylan finds her attraction to Kat something she can’t ignore. Will her trust issues stop her from letting Kat into her and Emma’s life?

Leaving her old job and moving halfway across the country were the scariest things Kat Anderson had ever done. Starting a new life and career takes priority over any foolish notion of a fairy-tale future of romance and love. Kat’s attraction to Dylan is time taken away from building a new business. Can Kat juggle love and duty to find her Happy Ever After?

Welcome back to Garriety, the town with an open heart, and home to some of the quirky and warm characters from Add Romance and Mix. Join Kat and Dylan on their quest for true romance with a little help from Kat’s sister Briley and her family, along with a host of new characters.




The Neon Fishnets: Book 1

by Scarlett Knight
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bass player Jackie Hernandez has landed a permanent gig with the respected all-female rock band The Neon Fishnets. There’s only one problem: Ivy Finch. In the past, Jackie and The Fishnets’ keyboardist engaged in an ugly online feud. Jackie is ready to put the feud behind them, but fiery Ivy holds a grudge. Amid recording a hot new album, spending late nights out at wild parties, and navigating the media as they prepare to go on tour, Jackie and Ivy realize they have more in common than they originally thought. And things get really complicated when their attraction to one another heats up, taking an unexpected, sexy turn.


The Trophy Wives Club Continuation

by Annette Mori

Alex Cortez is accomplished at two things, fixing broken equipment and pleasuring women. She is happily doing both at the Ranch in Nevada until she involves herself in a domestic dispute between one of her clients and her abusive husband. Now Alex finds herself on the run…again. Danna Nichols, newly widowed, feels lost and alone. When her good friend Lindy invites her to check out the newly established Trophy Wives Club, it awakens dormant feelings and desires. Danna challenges herself to find out who she really is and what she wants in life and love.The first time she sees Alex, there is an attraction she can’t define, wants to explore, and can’t resist. The two form a bond under unlikely circumstances. Will the challenges of their social status tear them apart before they can enjoy the pleasures of their new love?




Prequel to A Woman Down Under Series

by K’Anne Meinel
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Melissa Lawrence’s life had been planned out for her. As a wife in the upper echelon of New York society, she was expected to take her place among some of the wealthiest people in America. A society that judges you on your looks will ignore certain things because of the money your family possesses, which you will eventually inherit; however, certain peccadillos will never be acceptable, and as Melissa becomes Mel and begins to realize her potential, life sends her on a journey she never could have anticipated.



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Buck, the lead singer of Jems and Jamz loses her girlfriend, Olive and lead guitarist to a rival band, her life takes a drastic turn. Just when everything seems like it is too much to handle, her band manager hires a new woman, Ziggy, to take Olive’s place. Ziggy is charming and challenges Buck with her overall talent, creating tension between the two. Buck does her best to get along with the other woman, but when the Ziggy threatens her spot on vocals, tempers flare.




An Opening in Time: Book 3

by Karen Klyne
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Coming home is never easy, and when Kaitlin arrives back in Caysher, she finds a different place than the one they left. Illness has ravaged the community, and Berran is doing her best to keep things together. But when Tannus doesn’t come back, she focuses her rage and despair on Kaitlin. Tannus’ loss has created a gap between them. In the end, it will be destiny that will decide if their hearts will meet.





by Anna Stone

$0.99 $4.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Emma Cole has left behind her family and an ex-fiancé to move to Chicago and start over. When a mix-up lands her a job at a high-profile law firm, Emma is determined to meet this new challenge head-on. What she didn’t count on was working for a woman like Lillian White. It doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that she might be in over her head in more ways than one.

As beautiful as she is ruthless, Lillian has worked hard to build a reputation for herself that commands respect from everyone she meets. She’s sacrificed everything for her career, and she doesn’t have room in her life for romance. But there’s something about her sweet yet feisty new assistant that Lillian can’t resist, and Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of new desires that she never thought possible. Soon, the two women are embroiled in a scorching-hot forbidden affair that threatens to consume them both.

While both women grapple with their unexpected feelings toward each other, things at the office start to unravel. The future of Lillian’s firm is in turmoil, and something sinister lurks behind the scenes that forces both women to reexamine their lives and decide whether their relationship is worth fighting for.





by A.E. Radley
narrated by Kim Bretton

Bad childhood memories start to resurface when Hannah Hall’s daughter Rosie begins school. To make matters more complicated, Hannah has been steadfastly ignoring the obvious truth that Rosie is intellectually gifted and wise beyond her years.

In the crumbling old school, she meets Rosie’s new teacher, Alice Spencer, who has moved from the city to teach in the small coastal town of Fairlight.

Alice immediately sees Rosie’s potential and embarks on developing an educational curriculum to suit Rosie’s needs, to Hannah’s dismay.

Teacher and mother clash over what’s best for young Rosie.

Will they be able to compromise? Will Hannah finally open up to someone about her own damaged up bringing?

And will they be able to ignore the sparks that fly whenever they are in the same room?



by Cheyenne Blue
narrated by Claire Alain

A lesbian romance about breaking all the rules.

Viva Jones was great once. A top 10 tennis player with a grand slam trophy to her name, she had the world at her feet. Then an overzealous lineswoman’s bad call knocked her out of the US Open, and a persistent injury crushed her career. While battling to return to the game she loves, a chance meeting with the lineswoman, Gabriela, forces Viva to rethink the past…and the present.

Away from the court, Gabriela is sexy, athletic, and lives for her career as an umpire. She seems to be falling for Viva as hard and fast as Viva is for her. There’s just one problem: players and officials can’t date.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

Denver detective Jake McCoy is trying to recover – both physically and emotionally – from the shooting death of a young boy that also left her injured. She soon finds herself rehabbing at her cabin in the mountains, soaking in the remote natural springs – which is exactly where psychologist Nicole Westbrook vacations and soon stumbles across her….

When Nicole leaves the next day, the two women know little more about the other than her first name – yet they are now lovers instead of strangers.

When Jake returns to Denver, a serial murder investigation soon leads her to Nicole. As the investigation develops, their physical attraction threatens to compromise the case. Nicole finds herself struggling to remain in the professional closet that she’s been hiding in for so long – a place where an out cop like Jake McCoy simply does not belong.

Once the crimes are solved, will the women go their separate ways? Or will the physical attraction and the gentle tug of love prove that opposites do attract….




LWW27: Should You Go Kindle Unlimited or Not?

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ReadOut 2020 will take place Friday, January 31 – Sunday, February 2, in Gulfport, Florida.

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New Lesfic Goodies: August 27th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Jenn Matthews

A sweet, lesbian romance about growing something unexpected and wonderful from the roots up.

Yorkshire anatomy lecturer Ruby Clark considers her life low-maintenance. She teaches at the local university, has two well-behaved teenage daughters, and what she doesn’t know about human anatomy isn’t worth knowing. Unfortunately, that knowledge doesn’t stretch to plants, and she’s been asked to help out on a school garden project.

Being a paramedic doesn’t do Melissa Jackson’s back or knees any favours, so she’s looking into university courses to try a less strenuous line of her work. But the brash, proudly out, down-to-earth woman’s biggest challenge is keeping her dyslexia a secret. That, and living down the stigma that follows her when people find out.

A university open day throws the two women into each other’s orbits. When Mel, an expert green thumb, makes a few helpful suggestions on Ruby’s garden project, Ruby convinces her to team up to make it a success.

Personality-wise, they couldn’t be less compatible. Mel’s brazen attitude, cocky jokes, and affinity with earthworms immediately rub the hyper-professional, straight-laced Ruby the wrong way. Can they ever find common ground?



by Erica Lee
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Reagan Cooper has been an out and proud lesbian since high school, but can’t say no when her gay best friend, Jamie Miller, asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for his family reunion. Jamie has been there for her through everything. Plus, she’s interested in learning more about the family he never speaks of.

Living in California for eight years, Charlie Miller has been able to live authentically, but being back in her small Maryland hometown with her conservative family means going back into the closet. What she didn’t expect was to be so attracted to her brother’s girlfriend.



by Shaya Crabtree

A charming, second-chance lesbian romance about finding love in all the old places.

Four years ago, Lara Spellmeyer left her small-town life in Perry, Oklahoma, to pursue her dream of starting a cat sweater business. After being swept up in online fame and success, Lara is suddenly back home, dealing with her grandmother’s poor health and potentially career-ending negative press.

The only bright spots are Tight Knit, the knitting circle she starts with her friends, and Kerry, the charming young woman her best friend sets her up with.

When Chief Editor Paige Daley asks Lara to appear in her local paper’s Hometown Heroes series, it just might restore Lara’s image to its former glory. But working with Paige on the story is a battle between Lara’s loyalty to her community and a reminder of the suffocating small-town mentality she grew up with.

It doesn’t help that Paige is her ex, completely maddening, and can’t see eye to eye with Lara on anything. How could this possibly end well?



by BL Clark

Amber Knight grows up in an abusive home in Eagle Peak. Circumstances cause her to leave in the middle of the night and leave behind everyone she was close to, including her mother and friends. And most importantly, the love of her life, Nicole Brooks. Ten years later, Amber is offered a place in an art show. Unfortunately for Amber, two of the pictures chosen are from her time in Eagle Peak. Amber must return to get release forms signed to show the photos. While back in Eagle Peak, Amber must face her past and those she left behind. Will they accept her reasons for leaving? Will they still be friends? What will happen when the past meets the present?



by Dorothy Bennett
Available in Kindle Unlimited

After wandering aimlessly for years through the South Seas, tanned, athletic, and wealthy Kate Brighton returns home on a sailboat bound for Seattle. When The Lavender Loafer docks briefly in Sequim, Washington, Kate recalls that she has an old friend living there. Deciding to explore, she strides across the small Olympic Peninsula town, pausing for breakfast at a rustic coffee shop called The Little Red Barn. Angie, her curvaceous server, sports a long auburn braid and shining, dark brown eyes. Feeling a familiar tingle of desire, Kate considers checking out this stunning young barista, hoping she is a lesbian. First Kate must look up her friend, Marianne, a Cornell University grad student when undergrad Kate was swimming competitively. Soon Kate discovers that things have changed radically: while she has been wandering the globe having fun, Marianne has survived an auto-accident and is confined to a wheelchair. Her caring partner, Jake Summers, crafts furniture and art objects while watching out for Marianne. Impulsively, Kate decides to stay in Sequim for a while. She returns to the coffee bar; Angie seems very happy to see her. Kate shortly learns that the barista is a lesbian but has two young children. Having limited experience with kids, Kate wonders how to woo this charming woman. And despite their admittedly mutual attraction, the two are very different: Angie has dreams but can barely feed her family, and Kate, while having deep pockets, has avoided responsibilities and commitments.





by Robin Alexander

Instead of becoming a famous fashion designer as she’d dreamed, Brett Bishop ends up working for the twenty-four-year-old daughter of an A-list designer instead. Even though her career plans didn’t turn out as she expected, she still believes her expectations for her love life will be met. Brett is ready to meet Ms. Right Forever if she can get a break in the schedule her young boss dictates.

Evangeline Scott, known as Scotty, also dreamed of being a famous fashion designer. Years of fighting tooth and nail for a toehold in the fashion industry have taken their toll. Scotty has lowered her expectations and is the latest designer for I Am Alex, a clothing line for young adults. Her boss Alex and her congenial attitude is like a breath of fresh air, but Alex’s chief designer, Brett, is something akin to morning breath with a dash of garlic, yet oddly interesting.

Scotty and Brett are more alike than they realize when they first meet, but it takes a crash landing in the wilderness for them to truly realize just how perfect they are for each other. They just have to survive Alex and her sister Cass who can’t stand each other, their Uncle Mark who can’t stand up to his own dog, and whatever lurks in the Montana mountains.

Robin Alexander’s latest romantic comedy is loaded with laughs, love, and a tiny bit of wildlife.





by Les Mood
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Katherine tries to kick-start her social life by dressing up and going out for dinner. The only attention she attracts is from a tall blonde, also sitting alone. They strike up a conversation and end up drunk in bed, having slightly kinky sex.

Nan grew up with a physically abusive father. Now she volunteers at the women’s shelter Saturday nights. Friday nights are for enjoying herself, by herself. She sits alone and takes care of her own pleasure, with help from her Kitty-Kat. Meeting the real Kat changes everything for her.

Nan struggles to overcome her past and learn to trust people. Kat struggles to convince herself that she isn’t gay, she’s just happens to be dating a woman. And having slightly kinky sex with her.

Warning: Contains discussions of spousal abuse, but wothout explicit scenes of violence against women.




Book 2

by Scott Kujawa
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cleo and Petra, twin siblings, live in an orphanage in New York City. Their world changes during The Event when Petra is abducted from her bedroom. Before Petra finds her way home, she meets Anubis who asks her to destroy a mummy living in the pyramid Petra finds herself in when she arrives.

Upon finding the mummy, Petra learns Anubis and Wren have been in conflict for years. Now, Petra is involved in the battle between them. With Wren at her side, Petra returns to where Anubis waits for her, having agreed to journey with Wren. The two need to convince the deity of this. Will they manage? What more does Anubis have in store for Petra and Wren before the twin finds her sister?




Vale Valley Season 3: Book 12

by Brooklyn Roberts
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Liane dreads failing her parents, but the boss of Beyond the Vale is too hard to resist.

Choosing their expectations over her own desires, Liane begins the process of becoming a nun. Throughout her childhood, she attended Catholic school, hoping to become a teacher and role model for young children. Although she secretly wants to lose her virginity to a woman, Liane stays chaste. Wouldn’t want to bring shame on her strictly religious parents.

When it comes to relationships, Myra’s track record leaves a lot to be desired. Being the boss of a popular tattoo shop, she’s seen many people she found attractive. Myra hasn’t allowed the countless carousel of partners to bother her. With no desire for children, who needs a firm commitment?

While Myra attends church, she and Liane lock eyes from across the aisle. Despite not wanting anyone long term, Myra is determined to make the shy omega nun her partner for life.

Blind Faith is book twelve of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is an omegaverse lesbian romance with FPreg, knotting, and heat.




Book 1

by Erik Schubach

When the Earth is threatened by a slowly expanding sun, mankind embarks upon a mission to send a mammoth Worldship to settle a new planet across the stars. The preternatural races step out of hiding to work with the humans to save what they can from their dying world. With the aid of the Fae, shape shifters, Vampires, and other creatures of supernatural lore, the Worldship, Leviathan, is complete one thousand years later.

Lotteries are held and only twelve million souls are selected to make the ten thousand year journey to the new world aboard the multi-generational starship.

The Worldship Files follow the cases of Knith Shade, a human law enforcement officer of the Enforcers Brigade aboard the Leviathan, five thousand years into her journey.

Knith must investigate a series of grisly murders, where the victims organs are harvested in the back halls of the bulkhead decks of the massive habitation rings of the Leviathan. Where others have failed, she has discovered clues, which lead her to the unthinkable when all signs point to a Fae Lady, and not just any lady, but the daughter of Queen Mab herself.

Driven to solve the murders and bring the perpetrator to justice, even though she knows that merely even suggesting a Fae could have anything to do with the crimes would cause retaliation against Knith’s habitation ring, as the magic of the Fae is what is keeping everyone alive on the Worldship. It could be more than simply career suicide.

Enforcer Shade finds herself almost irresistibly drawn to her main suspect, the Winter Maiden, Princess Aurora herself. Secrets are revealed and treachery uncovered, while even more mysteries and questions are unearthed.





by TL Coulter
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Aiyana lives a peaceful existence on the planet of Messier 82, but she longs to travel to other galaxies, explore new worlds, and live without being under the constant supervision of Ataian – her over protective caretaker. Every night she gazes among the stars and can’t help but feel she’s missing a part of herself. She doesn’t know if it’s a place or a person calling to her from afar.

On Aiyana’s eighteenth birthday, she is told a secret that forces her to leave the world she’s always known. Hidden aboard a starship bound for another galaxy, Aiyana knows she must risk everything to complete this mission.

Along the way, Aiyana discovers the warrior within her and she’ll stop at nothing to finish her mission. However, she was unprepared for what awaited her on Zeconis.

Just who is this mysterious person that Aiyana is searching for? Will she find them in time, or will they forever be Lost Among the Stars?


Storm Fronts: Book 1

by Elle E. Ire

All cybernetic soldier Vick Corren wanted was to be human again. Now all she wants is Kelly. But machines can’t love. Can they?

With the computerized implants that replaced most of her brain, Vick views herself as more machine than human. She’s lost her memory, but worse, can no longer control her emotions, though with the help of empath Kelly LaSalle, she’s holding the threads of her fraying sanity together.

Vick is smarter, faster, impervious to pain… the best mercenary in the Fighting Storm, until odd flashbacks show Vick a life she can’t remember and a romantic relationship with Kelly that Vick never knew existed. But investigating that must wait until Vick and her team rescue the Storm’s kidnapped leader.

Someone from within the organization is working against them, threatening Kelly’s freedom. To save her, Vick will have to sacrifice what she values most: the last of her humanity. Before the mission is over, either Vick or Kelly will forfeit the life she once knew.





by JL Merrow

Apprentice tinkerer Harriet Hodgkins is skilled in the construction and maintenance of intricate clockwork contrivances. She’s also rather good at masquerading as a man … for of course, no self-respecting craftsman would hire a woman.

Repairing a salvaged automaton becomes a labour of love for Hodgkins, and the object of her affections, Miss Pandora Piper, comes to hold her rescuer in equal esteem. But Hodgkins has yet to confess her true gender, and moreover the clockwork coquette is destined for resale.

If Hodgkins can’t engineer a more auspicious ending, Miss Pandora’s restoration will signal their separation.






by KA Moll
narrated by Emily Beresford

Can you imagine falling for a girl so hard that through the years, with no hope of being reunited, that love remains as strong as ever?

At 40, Dr. Keegan Wade is the Chief of Trauma Surgery, a rising star at NYC General. She’s immersed 24/7 in work that she once loved. No one waits for her at home and she has nothing to offer. Anxiety has her in a choke hold and she’d give anything to sleep more than two consecutive hours. At the urging of a friend, she takes a long overdue vacation, a cross country trip on a restored steam train, in hopes that time away from the pressures of her job will solve her problems.

At 39, Willow Lord is a recent college graduate, a social worker in desperate need of a job. Divorced nine years, she’s lived in poverty, saving coins to buy cat food. Next month, the first payments on her student loans are due. She has no time for a vacation, but when her friend, a friend who won’t take “no” for an answer insists, she sends out resumes, and boards The Frisco Express – New York City to California.

As young teens, on a steam train, these two women fell in love. And on a steam train, 26 years later, they’re given a second chance. But the years have taken them to drastically different places. Can they straddle their worlds and seize it?


The Darkness Trilogy: Book 3

by KC Luck
narrated by Violet Dixon

If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

Twice now, Taylor, Jackie, Lexi, and Anna have faced the darkness brought on by a catastrophic solar storm. With the help of Sam, Laura, and a group of faithful friends, they have rebuilt their lives in a world without power. But when new threats arise, each must find a way to survive against the odds as well as continue to rely on each other.

If you like a story with romance and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s pause-resisting audiobook. Don’t miss this exciting conclusion to The Darkness Trilogy.

Note: This is a full-length novel, which can be listened to as a stand-alone audiobook, however, it is closely tied to the previous two stories Darkness Falls and Darkness Remains. These books have an end-of-the-world theme but are significantly more focused on strong female characters in loving lesbian relationships.




by Lee Winter
narrated by Anais Inara Chase

Professional cellist Natalya Tsvetnenko moves seamlessly among the elite where she fills the souls of symphony patrons with beauty even as she takes the lives of the corrupt of Australia’s ruthless underworld. The cold, exacting assassin is hired to kill a woman who seems so innocent that Natalya can’t understand why anyone would want her dead. As she gets to know her target, she can’t work out why she even cares. 



by Carsen Taite
narrated by Paige McKinney

Meet law school friends Campbell, Abby, and Grace, law partners at Austin’s premier boutique legal firm for young, hip entrepreneurs. Or, it will be as soon as they score a victory for their first big client.

Campbell Clark wins the big pitch, and lands the client, or so she thinks, until the internet start-up insists her firm work with the legal counsel Campbell thought they’d be replacing. Wynne Garrity has never been second best, and she’s not going to let anyone screw up her chance of making partner, but to do so she needs to hang onto her client and prove to everyone her firm isn’t stuck in the stone age.

Reluctant team players, Campbell and Wynne would risk everything by giving in to the attraction that flares between them. In the boardroom and the courtroom, only one can win, but the price of victory could mean losing at love.



LWW26: Reviews: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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New Lesfic Goodies: August 20th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Lise Gold
Available in Kindle Unlimited

During her morning exercise, yoga instructor Cam Saunders finds herself rescuing a young woman who has walked into the sea, seemingly intent on taking her own life. When the woman in question turns out to be a famous actress, Cam promises to keep her secret safe.

Six months later, America’s sweetheart Ella Temperley is working hard to get her life back on track, grieving the loss of her twin sister and fighting a deep depression. Despite her fame, she feels alone in the world and keeps thinking of the woman she owes her life to.

After Ella shows up in Cam’s life again, the two become closer than they ever imagined possible. But what happens when friendship turns into attraction? Living is a slow-burn coming-out romance about loss, love and life.



by Karin Kallmaker

Kesa Sapiro had to grow up fast. With her parents gone and a little sister to protect, Kesa has spent over a decade of her life trying to keep a roof over their heads. She’s learned the hard way that love is a luxury and that the price is way too high. When her sister Josie announces she wants to marry a boy she’s known for less than a month, Kesa immediately forbids it.

Shannon Dealan is floored when her son-by-choice says he wants to get married to a girl he’s just met. Shannon has real reason to scrutinize any strangers who come into Paz’s life. She’s not about to let him do anything stupid—and that includes believing in love at first sight. She knows too well there’s no such thing.

Hoping to soften the objections of their jaded, overbearing elders, Josie and Paz arrange for them to meet and discuss the future like civilized adults…but absolutely nothing goes as planned.



by Allie Keane
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Twenty-seven-year-old Erica is happy with her uncomplicated life: she works in her aunt’s floral shop, she bakes in her free time, and she cherishes her small group of friends. Sure, she’s single, but Erica’s fine with it. As far as she’s concerned, not everybody gets a great love.

Then one day she delivers flowers to her aunt’s newest client, Catherine, a forty-year-old bridal shop owner, and Erica finds herself drawn to her. While the attraction initially catches her off guard—she’s never desired a woman before—she soon realizes that her crush is the real deal.

And Erica isn’t the only one experiencing sparks. Catherine feels them, too. But between their age difference, the need to remain professional, and both of their past experiences with love, both women are hesitant to make a move. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that they need to stop holding back and let their love bloom.



by Virginia Hale

When Kate York accepted a temporary position as the music teacher at her former Catholic boarding school, St. Joan of Arc, she expected to deal with rowdy adolescents, strict nuns, and memories of her intense friendship with her old roommate, Tilly Wattle. The last thing Kate expected, however, was for Tilly to show up as the substitute teacher.

The last time the two had seen each other, Tilly had her heart set on joining the sisterhood of nuns that had raised her as an orphan. Tilly longed for a simple life devoting herself to God while Kate longed for a simple life devoting herself to Tilly. Now, twelve years since she forced herself to say goodbye, Kate realizes that she never really got over her sweet, beautiful friend—or the secret kisses they shared as girls.

In her heart of hearts Kate believes that Tilly can match her passion with equal intensity. When Tilly steadfastly refuses to talk about their past, what choice does Kate have but to try to control her own longings and concentrate on renewing their friendship?

But what if Kate isn’t the only one desperate to hide her true feelings…


San Francisco Series Finale

by Nicole Pyland

This is the San Francisco Series Finale: a collection of 3 short stories about each featured couple in the series. The events take place after each story’s respective Epilogue.

Following up on the success of “What Happened After: the Chicago Series,” here’s a glimpse into the lives of the ladies of the San Francisco Series. Find out what’s been going on with Emma & Keira, Macon & Joanna, and Hillary & Amara after their stories ended.

Epilogues are nice, but they’re a snapshot in time. Maybe it’s a year after the end of the book or even just six months. Maybe there’s a proposal or a wedding. Maybe a character announces she’s pregnant. Maybe a character just got their dream job. This group of short stories will give you a glimpse into the future of the characters.

If you plan to read these, please read all the books in the series first.





by Michelle Arnold
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Abi Okafor moves to New York to start a job as a makeup artist on a TV series, she is assigned to a highly introverted and quirky actress, Greta Lang. Abi and Greta quickly form an unshakable bond, but Abi, though usually bold, is afraid to act on her romantic feelings for Greta. Makeup artists don’t get involved with actresses, do they?Just when they are prepared to admit their feelings for each other, however, tragedy strikes: Greta’s plane crashes, leaving her life in the balance. Now Abi must be there for her in more ways than she ever imagined. She is determined that her love for Greta will pull them both through.But Abi is keeping a horrible secret: Greta is the only survivor of the plane crash. Will Greta be able to handle it when she finally finds out?





by Natasha West
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What could poor troublemaker Lola Morgan and clueless rich kid Abby Granger have in common? Not a lot. Beside both having the misfortune to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. But it’s only 200 hours of community service, right? What could possibly happen between two girls from such different worlds?

Accidentally falling in love, that’s what.

But can bad girl Lola and good girl Abby overcome the odds to be together? Or will their differences pull them apart? A fresh and hilarious romantic comedy from the internationally bestselling author of ‘Just Married?’ and ‘The Matchmaker.’



by Cara Malone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

An eccentric adult shop owner. An agoraphobic game collector. A romantic comedy about finding love and self-acceptance in the strangest places. Opposites attract when Theo offers to help Libby with her shop, but will they be brave enough to play the game of love?






by Judy M. Kerr

US Postal Inspector MC McCall has it all: a loving and supportive life partner, a nice home in St. Paul, and the job of her dreams. When she is assigned to a newsworthy joint task force headed by the FBI, she’s excited to investigate a Ponzi scheme. MC is dedicated, smart, tenacious, and all seems to be going well for her until their critically important whistleblower goes missing, and MC and her work partner are unable to locate him. Two deaths follow and MC’s professional world starts to tilt. When her personal life implodes, things topple altogether. Suddenly MC is drowning in the depths of darkness. Will she be able to keep her head above water in both her personal life and at work? Or will she be destroyed by corruption and dark deeds surrounding her?





by JB Marsden

Carrie and Emma, two pioneers on the prairie of 1820s Illinois, meet and connect with their healing herbs and midwife skills. But their hearts also connect in ways that surprise them each. They battle disease and the hardscrabble life of making the prairie their respective homes, when a local man threatens their lives.

Will their love be enough to tackle all that is thrown them on the prairie?

Trigger warning: An off-scene rape.


The Night Dusty Played

by Kitty McIntosh
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Small-town Scotland in the sixties is not the place for a woman to love another woman – especially one of a different religion.

It’s 1964 and Patty’s life revolves around Saturday nights and the big-name acts that come to play in her small Scottish town. Anything to keep her mind off her day job working in the local mill making fishing nets. She’s yet to find love, however hard she tries to find the local fellas attractive.  Meeting a woman at one of the concerts makes her realise she’s been looking in all the wrong places.

Frankie’s a bit of a tomboy. She works hard by day and follows her local football team at the weekends. Sometimes she finds time for the gigs in nearby Kilbirnie, especially when the chart-topping bands are due to play. Her mother assures her she’ll find ‘the one’ and settle down, but Frankie knows that won’t happen – and why – until one night she meets a woman who takes her breath away.

Will they be able to be together in a society where the rules are supposed to be obeyed, and loving another woman – a Protestant one at that – means breaking them all?



by Bette Hawkins

It’s the spring of 1958 and amateur guitarist/songwriter Alice Johnson feels like a stranger in her small Southern town. Everyone knows her business and is pushing her to settle down and marry like all the other young women in town. Only Alice’s love of music provides an escape from the stifling expectations of family and society.

One night, Alice hears the mesmerizing voice of up-and-coming country singer Dorothy Long and is immediately entranced. Dorothy becomes Alice’s muse, inspiring her to write songs for Dorothy—even though she never imagines that Dorothy will hear them.

But then she finally meets Dorothy and her life turns upside down. Soon Alice finds herself on the road, and not just sharing the stage—but sharing a hotel room—with her idol. Now what is Alice going to do with the unexpected desire that seems to consume her?




Fire & Ice: Book 1

by Idella Breen
narrated by Sophie Daniels

An ice child, her protector, and a century-old prophecy….

In a world where monsters and humans live in relative peace….

Snow Bennett just wanted to get away from her overprotective parents. So, she transferred to the high school in the next town. Monster High, isn’t an ordinary high school. It’s a monster high school, the perfect place for Snow who is human with a little extra. She can control ice. Snow has always wanted to spice up her boring life…then she met Cait Fallon, the spice to her everything nice.

Cait Fallon is a woman with secrets. Secrets, that have ruled her life preventing her from really living.

When Snow transfers to her class, Cait is reminded of a promise she made long ago to protect the girl.

Can Snow break down the walls Cait has spent centuries building? Or will they both fall victim to an age-old prophecy?



by Jourdyn Kelly
narrated by Tessa Stavers

Eve Sumptor is back. This time she is facing her toughest opponent yet. Herself.

After a passionate affair, Eve Sumptor and Lainey Stanton had difficult choices to make. One chose fear, the other gave in to guilt. As the consequences of those decisions begin to come to light, both women must find a new direction.

Will their paths once again come together?

Or have they missed their chance?

You met Eve and Lainey in Something About Eve. You watched them suffer in Flawed Perfection. You’ve followed Eve’s therapy sessions online. Now, see where every decision leads the two women. Were they meant to be together? Or will life keep tearing them apart?

Intended for 18+ audience due to mature content. This audiobook contains scenes that may be a trigger to some people.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

Sara Michaels is the daughter of a prominent senator who has just announced his candidacy for President of the United States – the same senator who has been receiving death threats against his family.

Sara Michaels is also the owner of a self-help clinic and is hell-bent – despite the FBI’s warnings – on leading a group of 10 women on a two-week sojourn through the Rocky Mountains.

In an effort to protect Sara, the FBI recruits homicide detective Jaime Hutchinson to infiltrate the group and secretly provide the protection they are so certain Sara will need. After some clever maneuvering, Jaime finds herself welcomed by the 10 conservative women – who soon begin playing matchmaker with Sara and Jaime.

But then Jaime is reminded of the reason that she has joined this group of women when she’s forced to lead them out of the mountains and away from a sniper’s bullets. Will Sara finally figure out who is behind the death threats? And will Jaime realize the truth – and be able to save Sara before it’s too late?



by E.J. Noyes
narrated by Abby Craden

Half a million dollars will be Celeste Thorne’s reward for spending four years of her life in total isolation. No faces. No voices. No way to leave.

Since Celeste has never really worried about being alone, the generous paycheck she’ll receive for her participation in the solitary psychological experiment seems like easy money.

When she finds an injured hiker in the woods bordering her living compound, her strictly governed world is thrown into disarray. But even as she struggles with the morality of breaking the rules of the experiment, Celeste can’t deny her growing attraction to the kind and enigmatic Olivia Soldano. Still, how much can you really trust a stranger? And how much can you trust yourself when you know all the faces you’ve seen and voices you’ve heard for the past three years have only been your imagination?

But what’s real? Celeste’s reality may lie somewhere between the absolute truth and a carefully constructed deception.




LWW-25: Dishing the Dirt on Collaboration

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New Lesfic Goodies: August 13th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Tomi Dean Lynch
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life was difficult for Max and her father after the sudden loss of her mother and younger brother in a fatal car crash. When her well-meaning Aunt suggested that she be sent to a summer camp program for teenagers dealing with grief, her father believed that having time apart to heal was exactly what they needed and quickly signed her up.

Jessie – a wild teenager with a past was the first person that Max met on the way to camp and, though it would take some time for her to understand why, she was instantly attracted to her signature style and penchant for danger.

Max went to camp to deal with loss but found something there that she would never have expected; passion and love in the arms of another girl.

Desire is the story of two girls who meet and fall for each other but ones tainted past and the others fear of coming out quickly pull them apart.

Was their time together a casual fling or can first love be the kind of love that stands the test of time?


A Year in Paradise: Book 8

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Firefighter Krys Madison is used to the single life. Although a womanizer, she’s been experiencing a dry spell for the past… year.

By choice. Kinda.

She doesn’t realize what’s missing until she discovers a litter of kittens after a barn fire. The only one who can help is rural veterinarian Siobhan O’Connor, a reclusive woman who prefers a life of solitude – and doesn’t need someone like Krys causing trouble in her life.

Too bad Krys is instantly smitten with the redheaded beauty. Too bad Siobhan doesn’t think she’s too bad, either!

But it will take a lot of healing for Siobhan to finally move on from the breakup that still haunts her heart. Someone like Krys? Her heat may start fires Siobhan never asks to have extinguished.



by K. Aten
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Anne is happy with her life. She is happy with her job, her friends, her game, and even her women. She has fun without being tied down, that’s all anyone could ever ask for, right? Everything changes when she meets her new neighbor and they become fast friends. Now Jen is breaking all the rules by asking for what Anne will not give, commitment.

Re-edited with new material added and an updated cover!



by Liz Carlton
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Erin Akers landed a job at a new age shop after moving to the coastal resort town of Santina. She wants to start her own business, but is having trouble getting things started. Kimmy Jenkins is trying to recover after a brush with the law, and to do that, she knows she needs to leave her hometown of Santina. She doesn’t want to end up as just another townie.Can Erin and Kimmy manage to grow together, even if they seem to be heading in opposite directions in life?





by Missouri Vaun

Taylor Finn aspires to be a stunt driver, but driving a limo is what pays the bills. When she finds herself chauffeuring a drunk guy harassing his date, she leaves him stranded and is sure she’s going to get fired. Maybe it’s finally time to pursue her dream.

Iris Fleming’s flight to Atlanta was a scene from a disaster movie, the scariest landing ever. She’d desperately wanted a part on a new sci-fi series, until the director made a pass at her. Now Iris doesn’t want the role and has no intention of getting back on a plane.

Making their escape from Atlanta, Iris and Finn end up at Hideaway Haven, in neighboring cabins. Iris isn’t sure what’s scarier, sexy Taylor Finn or woodland nighttime noises. But maybe they can help each other out. There are schools for stunt drivers in LA, and Iris needs a ride. Wrong turns and roadside hijinks ensue as Iris and Finn set off on a road trip, chasing the sunset and falling for each other along the way.



by Karis Walsh

City girl Alana Brendt accepts a one-year contract as an event coordinator in remote Yakima, Washington, to reboot her career. So what if she padded her résumé a little…doesn’t everyone? Then she discovers she has to lead trail rides and white-water adventures, not just coordinate them. Add a litter of puppies underneath her rickety farmhouse’s porch, and Alana is desperate enough to accept help from the local vet—the gorgeous, sexy, outdoorsy vet who is absolutely not Alana’s type. At all.

Veterinarian Tegan Evans avoids the tourist side of Yakima, venturing there only when an animal needs her. Tourists only break your heart. Still, she can’t resist helping Alana, who, despite being in over her head with rambunctious puppies and a job she is barely qualified to perform, seems determined to make a success of things.

Alana and Tegan both know they don’t belong together. Only problem is, they’re falling in love.




UNLEASHED: 4, 5, & 6 Bundle

by Erik Schubach
Available in Kindle Unlimited

This book bundle features books four, five, and six in the Unleashed series.

Case of the Great Danish, Case of the Yorkshire Pudding, and Case of the Poodle Doodle.






by Sandy Lowe

Three friends are in for a wild night at billionaire heiress Eleanor McGregor’s twenty-fifth birthday party. Love, lust, and doing the right thing, even when it hurts, turn the evening into one that will change their lives forever.

Sarah Donovan just wants to have fun. After a failed relationship and a string of bad first dates leave her moping into her cosmo, a hot and steamy one-night stand with a perfect stranger is just what she needs to feel desirable again.

Avery Anders can’t seem to forget the long-ago accidental kiss with the one woman she couldn’t have, her friend’s little sister. When they meet again, the flame is hotter than ever, and temptation may be too much to resist.

Kaitlyn Forrester was a hopeless romantic until the love of her life walked out on her. Can she learn to forgive when her high school sweetheart returns to town looking to mend her broken heart?



by Genta Sebastian
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What’s in a pen name? More than you think!






A Maji Rios Novel: Book 3

by MB Austin

After losing lives on a mission gone wrong, Maji Rios feels anything but ready for a covert operation to protect volatile Spanish pop star Erlea from the paparazzi and death threats.

Celeste, in-house physician for the hotel hosting Erlea’s show, has had enough of putting on a pretty face for the public to protect celebrities. That mistake cost her a thriving sports medicine practice and her trust in herself. When an unlikely friendship with Erlea turns deeper, she has a choice to make—run or double down on love.

Somewhere on her climb to fame, Erlea’s reputation as the wild child of Europe’s pop scene overtook her love for creating music. Can she reclaim her personal and artistic integrity with the help of the two women working to keep her life from imploding?





by Emily Noon
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A broken-winged angel trying to get home. Her escort a nocturnal huntress with a bloody past. It will be a dangerous journey – monsters are everywhere and the truly dangerous ones hide in plain sight.

Alone since her father’s brutal murder, Aurora has spent years hunting his killers. Battle-weary she’s ready to start over where no one knows who or what she is – she just has one last mission. Everything is going to plan until she discovers the beautiful winged girl caged underground. Her decision to rescue Evie and to help her get home safely, despite avians being infamous for selling out shapeshifters like Aurora to cutters and black-market flesh dealers, will put her on a perilous path.

As the women travel together their attraction grows but Aurora is guarding her lonely heart almost as much as her dangerous secrets and Evie is struggling to accept how important Aurora has become to her.

When their enemies conspire to kill them, they may be each other’s only hope. Aurora is powerful but she’s also emotionally scarred and it will be up to Evie to save her from herself and to fight for them – or innocent people will die along with the guilty ones and Aurora will disappear from Evie’s life forever.





by Jenny Frame

As the new Alpha of the Scottish Wulver pack, Kenrick Wulver has a bright future ahead. All she needs is her destined mate to share it with. Zaria Lupa isn’t looking for love. She’s been on the run from Leroux, Alpha of the American Lupa pack, ever since Leroux killed her sister.

When the Lupa wolves find Zaria, she runs to Wolfgang County for protection, where Kenrick is visiting her friend Dante. Kenrick takes Zaria under her wing, showing her the care and attention she’s never experienced. Zaria refuses to believe she is Kenrick’s destined mate. To her, mating is just an excuse for abuse and control, no matter how kind Kenrick may seem.

When Kenrick convinces Zaria to come to Scotland to visit the Wulver pack, she hopes for a fresh start. But the Lupa wolves aren’t finished with Zaria, and their revenge may destroy any chance at love.



by Sheri Lewis Wohl

All Vi Akiak wanted when she came to Spokane was to earn her medical degree, get a job in the medical examiner’s office, and keep her biggest secret safe. She didn’t plan her attraction to Kate Renard, the beautiful K9 search and rescue handler who lived next door, and she really didn’t plan on chasing a serial killer.

Kate is delighted when Vi moves in next door. She’s attractive, fascinating, and best of all, she likes dogs. When dead bodies start turning up in forested recreational areas around Spokane, Vi and Kate must work together to find the killer before they end up the next targets. In the race for survival, they discover that love may be the biggest risk of all.





by Renee Roman

When Sarah Peters hires a private investigator to find the twin brother she’s just discovered exists, she’s unprepared for the cocky, self-assured Camdyn Stark. Finding missing persons is Cam’s specialty and she knows she can get the job done, even if she’s not too keen to delve into the system she blames for her abusive childhood. There’s no denying her attraction to the quietly beautiful Sarah, but when she uncovers the truth, Cam’s torn between keeping Sarah safe and doing the job she was hired to do.

As Cam gets closer to solving the case and revealing the danger threatening them both, will her own dark secrets and the lies she’s buried jeopardize her future with Sarah?




The Janet Watson Chronicles

by Claire O’Dell

Dr. Janet Watson and covert agent Sara Holmes, introduced in the acclaimed A Study in Hour, continue their dangerous investigation into the new American Civil War with the help of fresh allies, advanced technology, and brilliant deduction in this superb reimagining of Sherlock Holmes.

It’s been two months since Dr. Janet Watson accepted an offer from Georgetown University Hospital. The training for her new high-tech arm is taking longer than expected, however, leaving her in limbo. Meanwhile, her brilliant friend and compatriot, Sara Holmes, has been placed on leave–punishment for going rogue during their previous adventure.

After an extremist faction called the Brotherhood of Redemption launched a failed assassination attempt on the president that caused mass destruction, Holmes, who is now operating in the shadows, takes on the task of investigating the Brotherhood. Holmes is making progress when she abruptly disappears.

When Watson receives a mysterious message from Holmes’s cousin Micha that indicates that Sara Holmes’ disappearance might be connected to the Brotherhood and to Adler Industries, Watson and Micha go on a high-stakes mission to reunite with Holmes once more.

Together, Watson, Holmes and Micha embark on a thrilling, action-packed journey through the deep South to clear Holmes’s name, thwart the Brotherhood’s next move, and most important, bring their nemesis to justice for the atrocities she’s committed in the New Civil War.





by Meredith Katz

Clara Gutierrez is an AI repair technician and a wanderer. Her childhood with her migrant worker family has left her uncomfortable with lingering for too long, so she moves from place to place across retro-futuristic America.

Sal is a fully autonomous robot. Older than the law declaring her kind illegal due to ethical concerns, she is at best out of place in society and at worst vilified. She continues to run the tea shop previously owned by her long-dead master, lost in memories of the past, struggling to fulfill her master’s dream for the shop while slowly breaking down.

They meet by chance, but as they begin to spend time together, they both start to wrestle with the concept of moving on…

A F/F retro-future sci-fi asexual romance. A story about artificial intelligence and real kindness, about love, and the feeling of watching steam rising softly from a teacup on a bright and quiet morning.

Please note this is a re-release. Originally published in 2016.





by Kitty McIntosh

Gillian lives alone by the river and harbours a secret. A secret that she has kept from everyone – even the woman she loves from afar.

This short story is the prequel to a forthcoming novella, set on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.






by A. E. Radley
narrated by P. J. Morgan

A crush on your boss is bad. A crush on her mortal enemy is worse.

Sophie Young is on cloud nine now that she works for her idol Kate Kennedy – owner of the best advertising agency in Europe. When a top client requests that Kate works on a lucrative project with the notoriously fastidious Georgina Masters, Sophie knows that things are about to get tough. What she doesn’t anticipate is Georgina setting her romantic sights on her.

Stuck between two fiery women and desperately trying to keep the peace, Sophie has to attempt to balance the fragile merger, keep her job, and appease both women.

Mergers and Acquisitions is a fun lesbian romance that’s impossible to put down. Find out who Sophie chooses today.



by Michelle Arnold
narrated by Jacq Ainsworth

Grace Walker doesn’t do relationships. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, she and her siblings looking after each other when their drug-addicted mother couldn’t. With such a dysfunctional family, Grace just doesn’t think she’s relationship material. She’d rather play the field and otherwise keep to herself. But then she runs into someone from her childhood: Eva Carrington, an orphaned heiress who did a brief stint in a children’s home alongside Grace. The two felt a strong connection as children, and now that they’re adults, it’s even stronger. But Grace sticks to her guns: she doesn’t do relationships, and she’s certain kind, intelligent Eva deserves better than her anyway. But then someone else from the past hurts Eva badly to get revenge on Grace for some perceived slight, and Eva ends up pregnant. When she makes the difficult decision to have the baby, Grace promises to be there for mother and child no matter what. But with this makeshift family on her hands, can Grace keep pretending she doesn’t love Eva?





by TB Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince

TB is giving away US and UK Audible codes. To enter the giveaway, email her at In the subject, please write Confessions Giveaway. In the body of the email, please let TB know if you’re in the US or UK.

The deadline to enter the giveaway is August 31st.



LWW-24: What Stories from Our Real Lives We Have Used in Our Fiction

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New Lesfic Goodies: August 6 Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




The Village Romance series: Book 3

by Harper Bliss
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can The Posh Student Win The Uptight Professor?

Helen Swift is almost fifty and tired of her day job as a professor at Oxford University. She prefers to write cozy mysteries under a well-hidden pen name in her Cotswolds cottage. She’s also far too busy to even consider romance.

Posh girl, Victoria ‘Rory’ Carlisle, is over the moon when she snags Helen as her DPhil supervisor, and not only because of Professor Swift’s academic prowess. Rory takes an instant shine to Helen, who is far from charmed by her advances.

Can Rory make a dent in the wall that Helen has built around herself? And does Helen even have the time for such an inappropriate dalliance?



by Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Georgia Snow likes to play it safe. She never takes chances. She prefers the safety of her snug, banal life. In her entire forty-two years, she has never done one risky thing. When her mother dies, Georgia is devastated. Then she finds out that her mother has left her a bucket list. To honor her mother’s memory, Georgia decides to fulfill her mother’s wish—traveling to Amsterdam, Canada, and Antarctica.

Along comes Eliza Cumming. Eliza is the opposite of Georgia. She is a free spirit and adventure is her middle name. She is also the woman Georgia’s mother had hired as a life coach and traveling companion for Georgia.

Georgia knows better than to fall in love with Eliza. Their relationship would never work. It’s too risky, too hard, too late, too…everything. But what Georgia doesn’t know is that love always finds a way.



by Bailey Peters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

As one of Raleigh’s hottest young entrepreneurs, Eva Perry spends her days planning lavish events and helping affluent brides-to-be plan their dream weddings. She keeps her margins, her reviews, and her designer stilettos high. Unfortunately, her success has come with sacrifice. When it’s time to close her office door for the day and head upstairs to her apartment, the only romance she has energy for is in the books she reads from the local public library.

When she pictures the person she’ll end up with, it’s always the same: a goateed book nerd in flannel and Converse sneakers, carrying around a beaten up copy of her favorite novel in his messenger bag. When Eva meets Taylor on the library’s web chat and gets invited to an off-site book club after they exchange witty banter, she quickly gets caught up in daydreams where she walks into the meeting to find the living embodiment of her dream guy.

Instead, she finds a gorgeous brunette that shares all of the more important qualities Eva hasn’t managed to find in anyone else. In the weeks that follow, Eva finds that it’s not Taylor’s gender, but her past, that proves to be the biggest surprise. Can Eva maintain her reputation among the southern elite while courting someone with a criminal record?



by K. Aten

Ash Hayes was failed by the system at the tender age of sixteen and suffered an addiction. As a result she lives her life weighed down by the guilt of her past. To atone for childhood misdeeds, Ash trained as a paramedic after high school and eventually became a firefighter with the Detroit fire department, along with her childhood best friend Derek. Friend, confidant, brother, he has been her light in an otherwise dark life. When tragedy strikes on the job, injury and forced leave from the department are the least of her concerns. Suffering from even more guilt and depression after the loss of her two closest friends Ash is set adrift in a sea of pain.​

When Mia Thomas buys the house next door, Ash finds friendship in the most unlikely of places. It’s Mia’s nature to help and to heal. Many would say she has a knack for finding the broken ones and leading them into the light. But Ash’s secret still lives deep inside her. Before the firefighter can even think of a future, she has to amend her past. Like the phoenix of legend, Ash has to burn her fears to the ground before she can be reborn.


Oakview Lesbian Romance: Book 7

by Sienna Waters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Frank Raines knows exactly what she wants from life: a wife, children, and a house with a lawn. And when her boss, Laura Bancroft, leaves her a half-share in not just the art gallery she works at but also a house, Frank thinks that everything’s going to plan. All she needs now is to find a wife.

Hannah Layton hates Oakview at first sight. The only reason she’s taken time out of her busy schedule in New York is to check out the legacy that her Aunt Laura has left her. And when she finds out that she’s going to have to share, she’s far from pleased.

They say opposites attract, but there has to be a limit. Foster child Frank can’t think of anything better than family. Disowned for her sexuality, Hannah can’t think of anything worse than family. But when big city woman and small town girl meet, sparks start to fly. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Cupid that potential partners should have at least one thing in common…

It just can’t work. Ever. But the more Frank and Hannah try to deny their attraction, the worse things get. Everyone wants perfection, but life just doesn’t work that way…

Oakview books can be read independently and in any order, just be prepared to see some familiar faces around town!



by Max Ellendale
Available in Kindle Unlimited

It’s not every day that Willa receives distress calls for sick horses owned by dead people. As one of two veterinarians in the rural area of Washington State, she responds to the summons for two reasons; she’s worried for the unknown animal, and sheer curiosity over the alleged revenant. While on this mission, Willa crosses paths with Dax, a rough around the edges U.S. Marshal tasked with caring for her fallen father’s farm. Dax is a woman of few words, but Willa can see beyond the silence into the rich soul that she aches to learn more about. Tangled with uncertainty, Willa’s desires urge her into Dax’s personal space, and what unfolds between the lavender fields brings both women something unexpected.





by Ali Spooner

An elite businesswoman decides it’s time to stack the deck in favor of the fairer sex, and once she sets her mind to something, it’s as good as done. She offers under-appreciated professional women an opportunity of a lifetime with the proposal to work at an exclusive fitness club.

On the outskirts of Atlanta, lives of these women working at the elite club change. Friendships take shape, romance blooms, and the members get the workout of their lives.




Journey of Exploration: Book 4

by J. A. Armstrong
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Real estate guru, Gina Thompson is no stranger to loss. Six years after the loss of her wife, Gina has adjusted to life on her own. She enjoys the company of her best friends, Drew and Sam, and weekend visits from her lively daughter, Chesley. At forty-six, she’s ready to try something new. Gina is on a mission to turn her hobby into a career. It’s the most significant risk she’s ever taken—until she meets Grace Evans.

A self-proclaimed free-spirit, Grace has sought adventure over commitment. Traversing the globe, experiencing all that life offers, and never staying in one place for too long defines Grace’s life. When Grace invites Gina to visit her studio, a friendship develops that will challenge both women to face their demons and their desires.




The Greengage Series: Book 3

by Emma Sterner-Radley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

All is not well on the cosy but quirky English island of Greengage.

The mysterious rummaging and stealing from an old lady’s bookshelf exposes secrets and suspicious behaviour. Then there’s a cryptic lovers’ quarrel between two pub owners and an eccentric uncle interfering in affairs of the heart.

No wonder Kit Sorel—librarian and now reluctant private detective—is busy.

To make things worse, she’s worried about her relationship with the hardworking businesswoman and lady of the manor, Laura Howard.

Add a stuffed badger, dog walking bets, a Barbie balloon and a conundrum regarding the name Susan and you’ll be left wondering if Kit can handle these tricky situations? Or will the eccentric, comical Greengagers get in her way as usual?

More importantly, will this all be sorted out before this year’s kitten race?




Book 2

by Mildred Gail Digby

Dr. Megan Maier is on her way to happiness and professional success when a hurdle to both appears in the form of Charles Brockman, the son of the hospital’s president who has decided that Megan is the perfect partner for him and proposes to her. Megan turns him down cold, certain nothing could make her even consider his offer. Nothing except for Megan’s secrets. Incriminating documents go missing and Megan has to face the truth that the cost of protecting herself, and the victims of her shattered past, is betrayal of the woman she loves.




Box Set

by Chloe Peterson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eva hates her clan of wolf shifters. After years of doing grunt work and playing the dutiful daughter, an attempted kidnapping by an evil group of wolf shifters finally pushes her to her breaking point. But just when things look bleak, she’s rescued by a gorgeous dragon shifter, who she soon discovers is her childhood friend.

Rowan is determined to help Eva, but things begin to spiral out of control when Eva’s kidnappers return for her with overwhelming reinforcements. Can the two women secure Eva’s freedom in the midst of a whirlwind romance?

If you like thrilling action, rich characters, and passionate love stories, then you’ll love this collection.





by TT Banks

Sassy, Humorous, and Dangerously Sexy!

Detective Alexandra Connolly was looking for Miss Right – she didn’t expect to meet her at one of her crime scenes…

Shootouts, fistfights, car chases, and sexual frustration…

Can Alex keep Kara safe long enough to solve this case without compromising her integrity?

Will they make it through without… Breaking Protocol?






Fair Oaks Series: Book 2

by Jae
narrated by Angela Dawe

Small-town florist Ashley loves creating wedding bouquets. Her own love life is far from blossoming since she’s stuck in the closet. Sasha isn’t faring much better. Her bakery keeps her too busy for romance anyway. When the town’s first lesbian wedding forces them to work together, Sasha is soon tempting more than just Ash’s sweet tooth.



by Nicole Pyland
narrated by Melissa Moran

Peyton Gloss is the world’s most famous and popular singer and songwriter, known for her chart-topping hits as well as her famous girl squad and July 4th events, inviting all of her famous friends to celebrate. This year, she did something even more extravagant than ever and invited her friends to join her for a week-long adult summer camp experience.

Mackenzie Smyth dared to audition for a TV show. Thinking she had no chance of getting the part, she went along with it. Five years later, she’s one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood. She’s also socially awkward and struggles with getting to know new people and spending time with her peers.

Lennox Owen is Hollywood royalty and has been famous since birth. She’s remained in the business because she didn’t know what else, if anything, she could do, and because it was what was expected of her.

When Lennox and Kenzie meet, there’s electricity between them. And the camp is the perfect opportunity for them to explore what might be. But after the magic of their week away from the world dissipates, can they still find that spark and make their relationship work?



by Natasha West
narrated by Emily Beresford & Rachael Beresford

When uptight British bookshop owner Emily Bartlett goes to Las Vegas to get over a humiliating breakup, she’s expecting to make a few mistakes. But when she meets Ruby Knight, a pessimistic American C-list TV actress with designs on a movie career, she makes a whopper. The pair get so incredibly drunk together that they end up getting accidentally married.

In the cold light of day, both women are shocked to find themselves wedded to a virtual stranger. But maybe it’s not such a big mistake? Could Ruby’s marriage to Emily help boost her profile and get her the biggest role of her life, earning Emily a big payday in the process? Only if they can make it seem like they’re really in love. And only if they can navigate the treacherous LA movie scene without tripping themselves up and giving the game away. Or worse, getting carried away with their fake relationship…

But what if they do let themselves feel something? Could they fall in love? Or are they just married?


Book 1

by Rachel Ford
narrated by Barbara Rich

Kay Ellis is playing a dangerous game, and she knows it. She’s made herself Enemy Number One of the Conglomerate. She’s relying on privateers for her safety. It’s a fool’s game. But the worst part is, her fool’s heart is starting to warm to the enigmatic privateer, Captain Magdalene Landon; and that’s a risk for which she hadn’t planned.




LWW-23: How We Come Up with Book Titles and Character Names

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 30th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




The Village Romance Series: Book 2

by Clare Lydon
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can The City Girl Win The Village Sweetheart?

Single since forever, Natalie Hill has all but given up on love. She’s convinced herself and everyone else she wants a quiet life. But if a tall, dark and gorgeous stranger turned up on her doorstep, her plans might change…

Enter Ellie Knap, who’s jump-starting her life in the Cotswolds after bailing on her relationship and her career. Her plan? To open an ice cream shop and melt into the village.

When the two meet it’s far from love at first sight, but then slowly, they become friends. Then one night, on a moonlit bridge, everything changes… But can Ellie pack up her old life in time to embrace the new? And can Natalie hold on tight when her quiet life suddenly gets deafeningly loud?



by Raven J. Spencer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sunny has exposed the secrets of many celebrities and public figures for Profile magazine. Now on the verge of a burnout, writing a piece on billionaire heiress Kate Doyle is the last thing she wants, but her boss leaves her no choice.

Uncovering Kate’s secrets forces Sunny to take a look at her own vulnerabilities. Attraction makes everything more complicated, when Sunny promised herself she’d never go down that road again…


Duckton-by-Dale Romance: Book 2

by Emma Nichols
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Faith Divine pulls up outside the Duckton-by-Dale café on a dazzling red Ducati motorbike she takes Drew Pettigrew’s breath away. Faith is cool, sexy and desirable, and there isn’t one villager who disagrees. Completely smitten, Drew has no choice but to come out. The fact that Drew is a lesbian doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know her. Except, that is, for her mother, Esther.

As Esther plots for Drew to meet the right guy, the villagers have other ideas. Relentless in her pursuit of what she thinks is right for Drew, Esther’s actions threaten to break friendships that have spanned decades, devastate her relationship with Drew, and divide the village.

How difficult can it be to come out to your mother?

Hilarious, light-hearted, fun yet poignant, Blind Faith is the sequel to the bestselling lesbian romance, Summer Fate.

It is recommended that Summer Fate be read before Blind Faith.



by Kat Smith
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mega developer, Jessica Lindstrom has spent half her life trying to forget her childhood and the disappearance of her mother. When her father dies, she is forced to return to her childhood home on Amelia Island, Florida. Jessica is determined to bury her past once and for all beneath the largest project of her career. However, her progress is hindered at every turn by a secret her father took to the grave.

Kate Callahan, owner of the local marina and an environmental advocate is holding onto a secret of her own. Seeing Jessica again after sixteen years brings painful memories to the surface. With her quiet life on the island in jeopardy, Kate gears up for the fight of her life, but soon finds that she alone holds the key to Jessica’s future.


Forged by Fire: Book 1

by Jax Meyer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Phoenix Murray has had enough of her life. So when her aunt offers her a job as a cook at the South Pole, she jumps at it. Astrophysicist Ashley Bennett can’t wait for her year at the South Pole. Avoiding the complications of dating in a society that doesn’t understand asexuality is a bonus.

When Phoenix and Ash meet, they can’t help but push each other’s buttons. But living at the bottom of the world means there’s nowhere to run, and as they find common ground, their differences aren’t nearly the hindrance they thought.





by Ceillie Simkiss
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Childhood sweethearts Pamela Thornton and Martha Appleby haven’t seen each other in fifty years when they each board the same airplane, only to find they’ve been booked for the same seat.

If they can get past the ghosts of their past and decide what path they want to chart for their futures, this chance meeting could give their long lost relationship its second wind.

Please note: Mention of spousal death in past, grieving, and discussion of epilepsy in secondary character.





by Erik Schubach

Finnegan Temperance McLeary-May, dog walker extraordinaire has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

It seems that Finnegan has taken her knack for getting into misadventures international as she flies to Ireland to work on the adoption process of Luce, an eleven year old orphan who’s quirks and eccentricities remind everyone of a young Fin.

Fin’s wife, Detective Jane McLeary-May, and the police commander of Belfast head out in search of Finnegan and Luce when disturbances that can only be her are reported at the station while Jane is there.

A tale that will tug on your heartstrings ensues as the chase is on to save a Irish Wolfhound winds up being tied to Luce’s tragic past. Fin finds herself and her border collie, Sir Calvin Cornelius Fluffytoes, Luce, and her best friend Bri on the adventure of a lifetime.





by Lark Maren
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Never in my life had I imagined I’d be anything other than a drifter, a cocktail waitress at the scummiest strip club in Atlantic City, living out of my car, living every day just trying to make enough money to see another one. Then Harley Handley came along. She was the undefeated MMA featherweight champion of the world, and for some reason, she wanted more than just a one night stand.

Could our love survive the public spotlight?

Undefeated is a full length high steam lovers to enemies to lovers MMA romance.

Please note: There is some violence.




The Robyn Hood Adventures: Book 1

by Niamh Murphy
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Pride. Ambition. Blood.

With a single shot, a legend is born.

Robyn Fitzwarren, daughter to the Baron of Loxley, only wants to support her mother while her father is off on Crusade.

But when she enters an archery tournament in disguise, she incurs the wrath of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s arrogant nephew, Theo. Now, not only is her own life threatened but the lives of her family as well.

Will she flee from danger?

Or fulfill her destiny, stand up to injustice, and become the fabled outlaw of legend: Robyn Hood?



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Flood Between Us

When a flood hits Grant’s Landing, Jack is one of the first to respond by bringing her construction company to the town to rebuild houses. The town is suffering from lack of supplies, lack of business, and lack of housing, so members of the town are required to call in further assistance. Jill, a member of Hope’s Integrity, decides to drive supplies to the small town, meeting the bruiting Jack who both challenges and excites her. The two women grow into each other’s worlds despite the great differences that they have, but when conflicts from their pasts come to light, will they be able to stick together, or will the floods of differences that they have sweep them apart?

The Heart of the Rodeo

Blake Young is one of the best bull riders that Melville has seen in years. When she ends up falling off a bull during one of the biggest competitions of her career, she is placed in the hands of an in-home doctor, Dr. Jane Steibold and one of her worst fears, not being able to take care of herself. Blake and Jane clash at first, but as Blake gets used to the restrictions of her new lifestyle, she begins to realize that having Jane in her life might be just what she needed all along.





by Samantha Hicks
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Billy Harris grew up abused by his father. He is determined to stop any other child being hurt like he was. Detective Sargent Cassie Blake works in missing persons. Her job is to find the lost souls who don’t want to be found or have been taken against their will. One day she is assigned a new case – Sophie Winters, an eleven-year-old who has been abducted. Cassie must work with Sophie’s mother to find her. With time running out, will Cassie find Sophie before tragedy strikes?





by Denise Warner
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Carrie’s unconventional upbringing with her wacky, Madonna-loving, criminal mastermind of a mother makes for an anxiety-ridden childhood amidst the MTV era of the 1980’s, but with her best friends; hulky, Latino Bobby, and the shy, artsy Michelle by her side, she just may end up with a good life when her mother leaves her with a pot of gold…if she can steal it.





by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Jenna Knight

Sayyida, variously known as a pirate queen, Queen of the Western Seas, or Queen of Tétouan, was a REAL and HISTORICAL figure, but not much is known of her. Sayyida married young, just 16, at the insistence of her father. Her first husband was 30 years older and a friend of her father’s. Al-Mandri sensed his bride’s intelligence and taught her about his business affairs and diplomacy. Together, the couple rebuilt Tétouan, which had been destroyed by the Reconquista, and when her husband died in 1515, she became the Governor or Queen of Tétouan in her own right. Later, Sayyida was pursued by the King of Fes, Ahmed al-Wattsi, and accepted his marriage proposal, but on her terms: He had to travel to her kingdom to marry her, not the other way around.

Sayyida’s love of the high seas and her appetite for battle and conquest often clash with her duties as wife, mother, and queen. As hardworking as she is, Sayyida feels an emptiness in her life. Will Aya, her new slave, silence this longing? Join us as this fictional version of a real woman takes you into her world and captures your heart….



by Eliza Andrews
narrated by Tashi Sade Thomas

From the outside, Kasey James had the perfect life. She had a rich husband, two perfect kids, and a big house in Eastside with a pool in the backyard. None of her friends understand why she left her husband and went back to a stressful job teaching high school. She knows they’ll understand even less when she tells them she’s started dating a woman from Westside.

If she tells them, that is. After all, Kasey has her kids to think of, not to mention the upcoming school board election. What if her neighbors withdraw their support when they find out she’s seeing a woman?

Drea Robbins has a good life, too. She owns her own home and operates her own business, making enough money doing what she loves that she can support her mom, sister, and niece. She wishes she had a “special someone” in her life, but in the grand scheme of things, being single isn’t that big of a deal.

Kasey James, a white woman living in Eastside, is the absolute last person Drea expects to fall for. Kasey’s recently divorced from a man, she’s got two kids, she lives in the middle of rich suburbia – to say her lifestyle is different from Drea’s would be the understatement of the year. But it’s like Drea’s mom says – we can’t control whom we fall for, and whether Drea likes it or not, she’s falling for Kasey. Hard.

Opposites attract…right?

But when a real estate development controversy puts Drea and Kasey on opposite sides of a battle line, will their new love prove strong enough to survive? Or is it just unrealistic for two women with so many differences to find a common ground they can hold against all the world’s pressures?

Eastside / Westside / Love is a story about race, class, gentrification, and inequality. But more than that, it’s a story about hope, and about finding out that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

High school sweethearts…and nobody knew.

Ashleigh Pence had been the all-American high school girl: cheerleader, prom queen…and in love with another girl. Gina Granbury hasn’t thought about Calloway High in 20 years, but the arrival of the invitation to the class reunion brings back memories of Ashleigh and the betrayal that drove them apart.

With no real choice, Ashleigh has to go the event, hoping that it’s not the one reunion that Gina decides to attend after all these years. Gina had expected to dismiss the possibility as easily as she has during all the years since, but the curiosity is suddenly strong. Her long-broken heart has never mended, but that’s no reason to go back in time…is it?



by Kiki Archer
narrated by Jessica Jeffries

Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive School confident, enthusiastic, and very well-qualified. That was until she met the eyes of the student hidden in the corner of her classroom. Kat’s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside-down and threaten everything she had been working for; how was she to know those mesmerizing green eyes would reappear here?

Great lesbian chick-lit.

A cross between Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller and Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill.

But She Is My Student follows the journey of Miss Katherine Spicer in her first year of teaching at Coldfield Comprehensive School. She is a gorgeous, intelligent young woman hailed as a fantastic teacher whose two best friends have to keep her spirit alive when she is faced with an impossible situation. How was she to know the woman she kissed would turn up in her A-Level history class?

The novel deals with the many issues of sexuality in a gripping, yet funny manner, pulling the listener back into a world of teenage nostalgia and school day memories.


Confessions Series: Book 1

by TB Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince

Cori Tisdale was on top of the world. A basketball star at Harvard and a promising author with a lucrative book deal.

A few years later, Cori’s life is falling apart. Her beautiful girlfriend, Kat Finn, has a shopping addiction. To make ends meet, Cori takes a part-time job at a coffee shop.

Just when Cori thinks her life can’t get any worse, an old crush appears out of the blue. Cori’s friendship with Samantha Clarke pushes Cori further into a dangerous abyss when Sam reveals two secrets to Cori and asks her not to tell a soul, including Kat.

Will this be the end of Cori and Kat’s relationship?




LWW-22: Lesbian TV and Movie Characters Who Have Inspired Our Writing

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