Push & Pull by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

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One night in Miami…

Simone Evans is a hot mess. Fresh from a second stint in rehab and on sabbatical from the family business, Simone doesn’t believe that there’s a genuine soul in the world.

Yet at a gathering in Miami, Simone meets the outgoing and charming Petra, a woman she doesn’t think will be worth anything more than a conversation.

The next day, hungover Simone wakes up in Petra’s car. They’re heading north, far from Miami and farther from Simone’s past.

One week on the Eastern Seaboard…

On the run from one crime or another, the pickpocketing grifter known as Petra Kallis has no qualms giving Simone a lift. First it’s to the airport. Then it’s to an Atlantan hotel, where sparks inevitably fly and Petra quickly discovers just what kind of woman Simone is when the clothes come off.

But as they travel northward together, Petra’s own circumstances threaten a good time. Between her crime-boss of an uncle and a debt that desperately must be paid, Petra quickly falls for the would-be mark that has been in her car for a week.

One lifetime of opposites attract…

Simone yearns to be loved and understood. Petra thirsts for stability. What they see in each other is unquestionable potential that feels like it shouldn’t be realized in only a week of knowing one another.

Their short tryst is put to the test when old debts come calling. Will Simone rise to her true potential? Will Petra finally destroy the shackles that bind her to an inescapable life of petty thievery and false identities?

First, they have to survive twelve hundred miles in a car together.