Sapphic Book Review Submission for IHL Review Roundup

Sapphic book reviewers provide a vital service for readers and authors, and we at IHL appreciate every reviewer. We know the time and dedication it takes to run a website and how hard it is to get visibility. To show our appreciation for reviewers, we’re launching a new Review Roundup feature.

IHL gets roughly 25,000 views a month. We can’t promise that many eyeballs on the Review Roundup, but we have our fingers crossed we can send some peeps your way, which helps readers find their next book crush.

What we’re envisioning is posting the Review Roundup once a month but depending on the number we receive the frequency may change. We’ll share a teaser of your review with a Read More button that links to the review on the reviewer’s website. We just need reviewers to provide enough of a hook to get readers to click.

To start out, we’re allowing any reviews written in 2022. There’s no limit to the number of reviews you can submit, but please note, we may spread them out a bit.

If this is something you’d be interested in, please fill out the form below. Remember, the catchier the hook you provide the more likely it’ll get a click, so don’t simply submit a line or two from the book blurb.

After filling out all required boxes, hover over the dark grey button at the bottom of the form and the submit box will appear. When you click it, the form will disappear, and it’ll say your review has been submitted.

Thanks for taking part, and we’ll be in touch.

The IHL Team