Stockholm Syndrome by Miranda MacLeod

When a spy dials a wrong number, could it be the connection of a lifetime?

Leigh is a secret agent in peril whose life depends on reaching her agency’s emergency hotline. But when she dials the local public radio pledge drive by mistake, a spy-obsessed office temp named Amanda becomes her only hope for rescue.

Amanda thinks it’s an exciting game of make-believe, until dangerous elements from Leigh’s past force her to reveal her true identity and take Amanda with her on the run.

The answers lie in Stockholm, but whether Leigh should be more frightened of the Russian mobsters who want her dead, or Amanda when she realizes she’s been lied to, is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain, if they can figure out a way to work together, the seasoned agent and the savvy civilian just might make the perfect team!

Don’t miss this hilarious and sexy romantic spy caper from best-selling lesbian romance author Miranda MacLeod!