Lizzie Series


Box Series: Books 6-8

by TB Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lizzie Petrie doesn’t understand people, least of all herself.

3 books. 500+ pages of smart, sexy lesbian romance.

Lizzie’s life has been turned upside down after a disastrous family Christmas, and she has to put her head down to do what’s right for the Petries. The problem is Lizzie can be adorably clueless.

From a crackpot social media group spreading malicious rumors, a mom bully, an old nemesis, and even COVID-19, will Lizzie be able to navigate through so many trouble spots without losing her mind?

As if that isn’t enough, her family is expanding, and Lizzie stumbles upon a piece of information about herself that throws her for a loop.

Is Lizzie strong enough to come out on top?

This box set includes three novels in the laugh-out-loud A Woman Lost series of contemporary lesbian romances. If you like quirky characters and smart fiction, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s sexy series.

This set includes: A Woman UndoneA Woman Complete, and A Woman Trapped.