New Lesfic Goodies: August 14 Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Natasha West

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Romantic Comedy

After dropping out of her first year of university because of a disastrous romance, Effie Brooks is ready to accept failure and go home. Only home isn’t an option anymore. Her parents have decided to take the hard line, unwilling to let their daughter become a slacker. That means sending the aggrieved teenager to live with her grandmother Helen, who’s just as resentful about the arrangement as Effie. It doesn’t make the for the most harmonious of living situations.

Effie’s at rock bottom. But when Gretchen Vaughn, an enigmatic rebel from Effie’s past, makes a reappearance Effie can’t believe her luck. Could she finally get a shot at the girl of her dreams? And if so… How do you romance a girl like Gretchen when you’re a dropout who lives with her cantankerous grandmother?


by Georgia Beers


Personal trainer Rebecca McCall is furious when her coworker is sidelined and she’s forced to teach the “Be Your Best Bride” class. As if being a size two for your wedding photos is all exercise is good for. Could the whole thing get more vain and sexist? The class is full of preening, giggling Bridezillas, but one woman stands out. The one who confesses she’s only there because her fiancée signed her up. Who does that to someone they care about? And why can’t Rebecca take her eyes off her?

Spencer Thompson is a second-guesser. After making the worst mistake of her life, she’s happy to abdicate responsibility and let other people make her decisions for her. She’s always felt a little bit too soft, a little bit too curvy in all the wrong places. Her fiancée apparently agrees because she signed Spencer up for a class at the gym. Terrified by the online profile of the instructor, the epitome of Zero Body Fat, Spencer is relieved to find someone new, and realistic looking, leading the class. Except the instructor seems to hate her and Spencer has no idea why.

When a perfectly innocent post workout smoothie leads to an earth shattering kiss, Rebecca wonders if she’s been wrong all along, and Spencer is challenged to make another decision that could change her life forever.


by Carsen Taite


Attorneys Landon Holt and Carly Pachett want the exact same thing: the only open partnership spot at their prestigious criminal defense firm. When Landon and Carly are forced to collaborate on the defense of one of the firm’s A-list celebrity clients in a high-profile murder case, there’s no question the assignment is a test to see which one of them will get the promotion. Fierce determination to stand out fuels the already heated rivalry between them, but all those late nights working on legal strategy also fan the flames of attraction. When it comes to the verdict, will they compromise their careers for love?


by VK Powell


Police Officer Grace Booker’s life is good—but not quite everything she’d hoped. When a good deed goes wrong, she’s left with Dirty Harry, a raucous African parrot who really hates her. When Harry becomes louder and more neurotic, Grace takes him to the new local vet, Dr. Dani Wingate.

Recently laid off from her dream job as a zoo veterinarian, Dr. Dani Wingate accepts a temporary position in tiny Pine Cone until she can get back to her life in the city. The only thing she wants more than a lesbian who can do uncomplicated relationships is a one-way ticket out of town.

Dirty Harry brings them together, but their unexpected attraction keeps the sparks flying.


by Nicolette Dane

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Looking to leave her troubled past behind her, Annie Arbuckle takes a restaurant job in the northern resort town of Traverse City, far away from everything and everyone she knows. Annie needs change, a break from the party girl life she had in Detroit, and spending summer in this small town of vacationers seems like the perfect way to get her life back on track.

Then she meets Nora Lowe. Nora is a server at the restaurant, she’s gorgeous, curvy, exciting, with a bit of a wild streak. Things don’t always add up with Nora, she often seems to be hiding something, but Annie has a hard time saying no to someone so beautiful and so fun. And that can get her into trouble.

Now, with new love on the line, will Annie be able to avoid falling back into old habits while maintaining her budding relationship with Nora? Or will the mischief and the secrets that Nora clings to push Annie over the edge? Secrets don’t have to be wicked… and treasure isn’t always what we expect it to be.



A Stick McLaughlin Novel: Book 2
by CF Frizzell

Historical Romance / Intrigue & Thriller

For Stick “Mac” McLaughlin, it’s all about family: the stalwart friends, her former gang of bootlegging hijackers, and, above all, her lover and their daughter. So when New York mobsters begin squeezing the livelihood of new friend Rey, a veteran rumrunner on rural Lake George, Mac lends Rey resources but remains safely distant from enemies of the past.

Grateful for help, Rey opens her backwoods life to Mac’s seasoned, gun-toting crew, but never expects it to include the likes of petite bombshell Millie. The buxom, wily spitfire’s gumption and sass are as vital to the cause as they are aggravating…and beguiling.

But the Mob soon discovers a nemesis within its ranks, and, in the ultimate retaliation, draws Mac from anonymity by threatening everything she holds dear. Now, to finally end this deep-woods nightmare, Mac must cross the line with a vengeance.



A Wolfgang County Novella
by Jenny Frame

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy / Romance

Wolf expert Maddox “Ripp” Rippington knows nothing about her past and has only ever felt at home among her wolves at Willow Creek Wolf Sanctuary. When the Sanctuary is shut down, she’s lost. The only clue to her past is a birth certificate with the name Ansel Wolfgang on it, but she has never been brave enough to track her father down. Until now.

Kindergarten teacher Kyra Wolfgang is more than attracted to the mysterious human who arrives in Wolfgang County, a human as dominant and confident as any wolf she has ever met. For the first time in her life, Kyra knows the passion she has always longed for. But with the Wolfgang Alpha and Second distrustful of Ripp’s sudden appearance and her claim of a connection to the pack, does Kyra and Ripp’s love stand a chance?


by Donna K. Ford

Romance / Intrigue & Thiller

Greyson Cooper is exactly where she wants to be in life when she sets out on a section hike of the Appalachian Trail. When she’s abducted and placed into slavery in a fight club, she isn’t about to be a part of their barbaric plan and does everything she can to upset the ranks, even if it costs her her life.

Olivia Danner has worked hard for everything she has. All that’s left is her dream job and someone to share her life with. But her plans are cut short when a man who wants her as his personal prize kidnaps her.

Together in captivity, Olivia and Greyson become players in a game of deceit and violence. To survive and escape, they will have to figure out whom they can trust. If they can get out alive, the next challenge will be forging a path to lasting love.


New Horizons Series: Book 2
by CJ Birch

Romance / Speculative Fiction

Captain Jordan Kellow knows all too well that change only takes a moment to rip through your life. Since the moment she escaped the Burrs and her father, her life has been a series of life-altering moments. She thought she’d built an inner strength that would see her through every obstacle, until she meets Lt. Ash on the eve of her first mission in command. Her feelings for Ash have her past and future colliding, setting in motion a series of events that strands her crew in an unknown galaxy thousands of light years from home.

Now Jordan must decide which moment will define her future. Is she the captain of the Persephone, in command of her ship and her life? Is she strong enough to forgive her father for past wrongs? And most important of all, is she brave enough to fight for the woman she wants?


by A. Rose Mathieu

Crime & Mystery

Attorney Elizabeth Campbell and Detective Grace Donovan find themselves once again on opposite sides of a case when Elizabeth represents a young man accused of murdering an elderly woman, a case in which Grace is the lead detective. Initially, even Elizabeth doubts his innocence, but as she begins to dig, she finds a much deeper, darker secret that leads to an abandoned antebellum plantation that was a former headquarters for the Knights of the Golden—secret society that was believed to have disappeared after the Civil War.

When Elizabeth and Grace join forces to take down the Knights of the Golden Circle, they must also learn to separate work from love or risk losing each other forever.


Sequel to Cavalcade
by K’Anne Meinel 

Action & Adventure / Historical Romance

One family’s saga had just begun…In the epic sequel to Cavalcade, we learn what happens to the Herriots when they arrive in Oregon and take up their claim. Erin and Molly arrive in Oregon with their family where they have been granted six hundred and forty acres of land under the Organic Laws of Oregon. They must build their home, farm the land, and eke out a living on this piece of raw land. Wolves, bears, and wildcats are the least of their worries in this new land. Hard work and trusting that each will do their very best are the keys to conquering the wilderness as they pioneer their lives on the high plains of Oregon! Come along as the Herriot family lives a life few have attempted in this wilderness near the Blue Mountains of Oregon.


by Mardi Alexander and
Laurie Eichler

Action & Adventure / Romance

Veterinarian Jodi Bowman has lost confidence in her skills after a series of bad outcomes leave her questioning her every move. Her assistant Cole Jameson offers the support she needs to get back on her feet, and as their mutual affection deepens, Jodi wonders if Cole might not be as straight as she appears. Cole lost everything in a workplace romance once before, and she has no interest in allowing history to repeat itself. But can she resist Jodi, and her own heart?

As wildlife carers Charlie and Pip settle into their new relationship, immigration challenges threaten to tear them apart. When all four women confront the wrath of the Australian wilderness, will love be enough to guide them?


Book 2: Unchosen
by Erik Schubach

Romantic Superhero Comedy

Emily Monroe may be a lot of things, but one thing is for sure, she is NOT the Chosen One.

Now that the truth about Emily and the Chosen One has been revealed to them, they are reeling and things will never again be the same for Emily at Big Burger.

The Chosen One rebels, learning the truth about her family and the Mayor strips her of the mantle of the champion of Big City.

While the new hero of the city, Mega Girl, makes dangerous decisions, the Chosen One must learn to be a normal person and get a new job and a normal life.


by Sam Skyborne

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Psychological Drama

The case of Alice is a gripping psychological drama about freedom and self-discovery written by Sam Skyborne, featuring P.I. Toni Mendez.

Alice, a young British woman, accompanies her husband, Dr Magnus McCroy, on a business trip to Camps Bay, South Africa, as the full time carer for his elderly mother. What starts out as an exciting visit to one of the most beautiful locations in the world soon spirals into a life-changing crisis, in which Alice leaves Magnus and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and quest for freedom.

From the start, Alice’s adventures in this unknown and perilous land prove most challenging. Repeatedly faced with unexpected situations and unforeseen hurdles, it is not always clear who is friend and who is foe.

Meanwhile, P.I. Toni Mendez is struggling at her own personal crossroads. So, when presented with an opportunity for some distance from her dilemma, she agrees to take on a new case — to find Alice in Cape Town and bring her home safely and as discreetly as possible, to the United Kingdom, to Dr McCroy and the ominous powers that support him.




Prequel to the Confessions Series
by T.B. Markinson

FREE until August 18th
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cori Tisdale fears she’ll never find a woman who loves her for her and not because she has a famous mother and rich uncle.

In an attempt to protect herself, she fills the void in her life with a “friends with benefits” relationship. That is until Cori meets the beautiful and mysterious Kat Finn.

Cori quickly falls for the artist, and not everyone in her life is happy about it. Will Cori be forced to choose between love and friendship?

Confessions from the Heart is a smart and funny prequel to the best-selling lesbian romance series. If you like quirky characters, witty dialogue, and well-crafted prose, then you’ll love T. B. Markinson’s heartfelt series.




by Miranda MacLeod
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

An American celebrity chef and an Italian chocolate maker cook up a magical recipe for true love.

In a tiny village in the hills of Tuscany is a statue of Cupid with the power to grant the deepest desires of the heart to all who ask. The village is home to single mother Valentina, who runs a struggling chocolate shop. All she’s ever wanted was to fit in, determined to provide a quiet, normal life for herself and her daughter. She works hard to keep it together, asking for nothing…especially not Cupid’s help. Not when that would mean admitting to herself and everyone else that her deepest desire is to find the love of a woman.

American celebrity chef Andie should be having the time of her culinary life while on a PR blitz in Tuscany. Instead, a tabloid scandal that threatens to destroy her career has her hiding in a remote hillside village. With nothing to do but worry and wait, she spends her time avoiding shame and infamy by flirting with a local chocolate maker who’s as irresistible as the sweets she sells. She’s shocked by the discovery that her heart longs for much more than a temporary distraction, but even if she can convince the reluctant Valentina to give her a chance, how can she balance a relationship in Italy with a career in the States?

When it comes to realizing the deepest desires of their hearts, it just might take an act of divine intervention for these two women to find their future together!



A Woman Lost: Book 1
by T.B. Markinson

narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Petrie has it all. She’s rich, beautiful, intelligent, and successful. None of this matters to her mom. Les-bi-an. That’s all her mom sees.

Even though Lizzie insists her mom’s antagonism does not bother her, Lizzie distances herself from her entire family. When her brother, Peter, calls her out of the blue to announce he’s getting married, Lizzie’s entire life changes drastically. Peter’s fiancée wants to bring the lesbian outcast back into the family. Will this desire cause Lizzie to lose everything dear to her?

Sarah, Lizzie’s girlfriend, is ecstatic about this change in Lizzie’s personal life. Sarah, the hopeless romantic, wants it all, including settling down with the fiercely independent Lizzie.

Can Lizzie be tamed? And can she survive her family and all of their secrets?


Pink Bean Series: Book 8

by Harper Bliss
narrated by Angela Dawe

Only love can heal a scarred soul

Jessica Porter is recovering from a medical procedure that has left her scarred, both physically and mentally. Before she goes back to work as a TV executive, she decides to call upon the services of her trusted escort, Laurel.

When a mix-up at the agency brings Liz to her door instead, it doesn’t take long for her to charm Jessica. As Liz’s disarming ways help Jessica slowly open up to the new reality of her body and her life, Jessica finds herself falling for Liz a little more each time.

But can Jessica accept Liz into her life completely, career and all? Or will the pressure of keeping up appearances doom their relationship before it even has a chance to flourish?

Contains mature themes.

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Happy reading!

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Guest Post: An Unexpected Lesson by Sophie Walker

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Sophie Walker who recently published An Unexpected Lesson, her debut novel.


This is such a crazy experience!

I never thought of myself as a writer. I used to keep a diary but that was about it! Then one day, after writing my sad entry about how confused I was about why I didn’t like boys, I turned to the back page of my diary and started writing down a short story. I don’t know what made me do it – A mix of my growing crush on Helena Bonham Carter and staring out the window pretending to be in a music video to old Miley Cyrus songs.

I was still unsure about my sexuality at this point, but the more I wrote, the more the two female characters came together and *SPOILER* they kissed. Everything suddenly made sense. I stopped writing my story and started living it, I came out to my family and started dating girls.

Fast forward 9 years and I was searching the internet for quick ways to make money, so that me and my fiancée could get married and what did I see but ‘write a novel’. Well, I already had a story in mind….

The story is so close to my heart as it was created at one of the best times of my life – when I discovered I was gay and the world suddenly made sense! Although the story is fictional, the emotions of the main character, April, reflect my own, which made it extra fun to write!

April is grown up in so many ways – she has travelled the world and spent her life surrounded by adults, but she is also very naïve. University and being around people her own age is something that she has never experienced before. Travelling has kept her in a little bubble where she feels like she knows who she is but, like many of us, university is a place where you really discover yourself. The second she sees Rachel she knows there is something drawing her to her (love at first sight, if you will). This is a connection that she hasn’t experienced before so it’s hard to understand what it is at first. Given some time, April slowly realises that maybe you don’t have to fall for the boy…

This is the first book I’ve written, but not the last, The Unexpected Series is a TRILOGY! So you have two more books to look forward to. When I’m not writing I also act, I sing, I own my own Photography business and I spend time with my fiancée. We are currently planning our wedding, which is fast approaching and also working on buying a flat, so it’s a busy busy year.

I met my fiancée years before we got together, when we were both working at Tesco (of all places!). She was a bread girl and I was checkouts. We rarely spoke but her nickname, given by me was ‘hot blonde girl’. A few years later, after I’d finished university, I spotted hot blonde girl at the gym…heart pounding I did what anyone does who has a crush on someone – ignore them. Luckily, she was much braver than me and asked me on a date! And the rest, they say, is history.

That is a brief background to me and my writing. I hope people enjoy the book because, as cheesy as it sounds, it really does come from the heart. I don’t claim to be the best writer but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished!


The Unexpected: Book 1
by Sophie Walker


April Fields is an awkward twenty year old, who, up until recently travelled the world with her mum. After the tragic death of her dad, the two fly back to England where they discover they’ve been left his entire estate.

April’s mum decides it’s time for her daughter to have more stability and April is quickly thrown into the world of university – A foreign world filled with studying, alcohol and relationships. Here she meets her Biology tutor, Rachel Carter, and the two form a close friendship. After a drunk kiss between the two women, April struggles to come to terms with her sexuality, having never thought of women in that way. The two embark on a confusing journey to discover their feelings and try to find a way to be together.

The book attempts to deal with discovering your sexuality and coming out to friends and family in an uplifting way.



Twitter: @lgbttrilogy / Instagram: @theunexpectedseries


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: August 7th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.




by Harper and Caroline Bliss

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Sweet Romance

On the fairway of life, love comes when you least expect it.

Diane Thompson is happy enough. Her successful accounting firm allows her plenty of time to play all the golf she wants and enjoy her life in small Sussex village Tynebury. She’s finally over the divorce from her husband, but potential suitors are few and far between for a fifty-something woman in the English countryside.

Tamsin Foxley is determined to keep matters of the heart separated from her new teaching job at the Royal Tynebury Golf Club after a disastrous romantic experience put an end to her previous employment. She has also vowed to no longer fall for women almost half her age.

When the new season starts at the golf club, Diane and Tamsin become fast friends. Their feelings for each other quickly go in an unexpected direction and they both have to reevaluate what it is they want from life.

Can Diane overcome her fear of falling for a woman? And can Tamsin accept her taste in women may have changed?


Boxed set includes Prequel
and Season 1 & 2
by T. B. Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Tegan thought she knew what she wanted in life. Then she left home for college.

500+ pages of smart, sexy lesbian romance.

Tegan’s first experiences in college cause her head to spin, and she leans on a small group of new friends to survive all the changes.

Her roommate becomes her rock.

But growing closer to Gemma forces Tegan to realize something about herself that turns her world upside down and threatens her relationship with her family.

As Tegan navigates her feelings for a woman, it’s not solely her family she wants to keep out of her private life. But the prying eyes of friends and jealous rivals make it difficult to keep her secret safe.

The Girl Love Happens boxed set contains the prequel and first two seasons of the lesbian romance series infused with 1990s’ nostalgia. If you like tumultuous love stories, simmering chemistry, and colorful casts of characters, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s smart, sexy series.



by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For as long as she can remember, God and his teachings have enveloped every part of Megan Davidson’s life, leading her to commit herself to the church as a Catholic sister. But lately, thoughts she’s suppressed for years are consuming her. Her faith is tested when dreams of a woman she’s attracted to begin to haunt her. She’d never felt lonely before. She had God; she had her social work at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and her prayer. But now? The more Megan tries to reject the impure thoughts, the emptier her life feels.

Investment banker Emily Masters has always been confident and comfortable with her life and choices, even if her own family has rejected her because of her sexuality. When a possessive ex-girlfriend’s actions land her in the hospital an instant attraction ignites between Emily and the lovely social worker. But the discovery that Megan is a Catholic sister crushes any hope of a future together.

Megan’s secret longings may be considered sinful, but is it more sinful to deny the truth about herself? If she chooses to explore her feelings, she could lose everything: her job, her church, her reputation. When she and Emily are offered a second chance, will they each take a leap of faith to explore a new love together?



by Beth Burnett


What happens when you meet the right woman at the wrong time? Karma and Jane, each trapped in their own kind of abusive relationship, are about to find out. They wrestle with the demons that keep them imprisoned in their unhappy lives, knowing they must save themselves before they can save each other.



Strong Southern Women:
Volume 3
by Ali Spooner


Cam’s story continues as the Gator Girlz business continues to thrive under her leadership, but will self-doubt jeopardize her relationship when Bugsy reveals the family moonshine business to an unsuspecting Luce? Will a devastating injury to Sandy end her career as a gator hunter or will it open a door to love? Join the St. Angelo family for a third adventure to find out more about life, loving and family in Bayou Country.


by Adan Ramie

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romance / Short Read

Bee Taylor has been living the good life as a movie director/producer complete with shallow actresses who fall all over her, but lately she’s been feeling run down.

When her old best friend calls her to come home to help deal with a family emergency, she uses it as a perfect way to get away from the life she thought she wanted, even though it means she has to face her bigoted family – and the girl she left behind.

Unbeknownst to her, her new life follows behind, and she has to make a choice – the bright lights or the love of the woman she thought she would never have.


Cops in Love: Book 2
by B.L. Wilson

Romance / Suspense

A doctor, Dionne Harris, falls for a seemingly indifferent homicide detective, Ashley Williams. After they sleep together, Dionne discovers the detective works for her brother, who is the police lieutenant. Dionne, who has broken several years of celibacy due to a relationship gone bad to sleep with the detective, wants a relationship with her. Unfortunately, Ashley’s motto is love ‘em and then leave ‘em, especially since she’s on a personal crusade to clear a bottom drawer case – a child kidnapping case that went cold years ago. Their major opposing viewpoints should end the relationship, but they don’t.

Will the two women work out their differences and become a couple? Will Dionne’s family stop interfering with their budding romance and let it happen? Will Ashley’s inability to solve her cold case cause a rift between Dionne and her, causing Ashley to lose all she has worked for? Will Ashley open her heart and let Dionne love her? Find out in Armed But Not Dangerous, to love.



by Monica McCallan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Remy’s grandmother dies, it means leaving her life in San Francisco and returning to a town she swore she’d never revisit, forced to confront a world she’d worked hard to put behind her over the last twelve years.

She’s not expecting that the first girl to ever steal her heart, the pretty, popular Fallon Lewis is still around, and in a town this small, their paths continue to cross much to Remy’s dismay. It’s hard enough seeing her first love, but it’s exponentially more difficult when she can barely stand to look at the woman.

Remy’s trip back has the possibility to open up doors she believed were shut long ago, but she’s never planned on staying, and she definitely never planned on letting Fallon back into her life.

If she thought being a teenager in a small town was hard, she’s about to find out how much harder life is when there’s no one but herself to blame for her problems.


by Jea Hawkins

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Historical and Contemporary Romance

2018 – She doesn’t know if a marriage is worth fighting for.

Peyton Kennedy quantifies everything in terms of numbers and risk. She looks at a problem and solves it, leaving no piece of the puzzle out. When her young, too-whimsical wife inherits a derelict farmhouse from a distant aunt, Peyton can only see the bottom line. Too much work. Too much money. Time. Energy. Definitely not worth saving.

But her wife knows how to get her way and Peyton finds herself roped into renovations. This… this may be the straw that breaks her marriage’s back, and Peyton’s worried about how not worried that makes her.

That is, until a seventy-year-old bundle of letters and a time-worn diary fall on her head.

Before she knows it, Peyton is drawn into the story of her wife’s great aunt, Marty, a woman who dared defy social conventions for the love of another woman.

1939 – She doesn’t know what love is.

Marty Bell thinks life will fall neatly into place. Her mother has expectations: A husband, wealthy enough to give Marty security for the rest of her days. When she meets a beautiful circus worker who shovels dung and pounds stakes for a living, it’s the first time Marty sees that she can stray from the path.

Soon, her life is dictated by not just her mother, but the upheaval of war and the one thing she never expected to find: love.

And Marty will risk anything and everything to hold onto it.

This is the bittersweet tale of a diary, an elephant, and four women who know that few things matter more than finding someone who loves them just the way they are.



by Loryn Stone

Young Adult

If only we could have met sooner…

Orly Kochav likes nerdy things. A huge fan of Japanese animation, cosplay, and playing the bass, she’s convinced she can use her natural charisma and swagger to get anything she wants.

Including beautiful girls.

But when her judgmental mother catches her kissing one of her girl-crushes and asks her a hideous question, Orly shuts down and goes into a state of emotional hiding. She grabs her nearest male friend, Spencer James, declares him her boyfriend, and lives in a quiet bubble.

That is, until her mom suddenly dies.

Now sixteen, Orly is itching to reclaim her prior life. And when her new friend, Serena Karl, informs her that a secret club dedicated to their favorite Japanese Anime, Lovely Starlight Fighter, is at their high school, Orly thinks she’ll be able to slip back into the world of fandom without issue. Until rising tension between the club president, Marcus Powell, and vice president, Danielle Cohen, threatens to tear the club apart. And a rising attraction to Danielle threatens to make Orly question every choice she’s about to make.


by Rae D. Magdon

Paranormal Romance / Short Read

It’s Isabeau’s birthday, and Riley is determined to pick the best present ever. But what can they possibly give their immortal vampire paramour? Thankfully, Elyse, Colin, and Li Min are ready to help. Together, they might just manage to throw Izzy the perfect birthday bash.




Whiteheart Clan: Book 1
by Chloe Peterson

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal Romance

For Rowan, a dragon shifter, a relationship isn’t in the cards. How could it be, when everything she knew to be true turned out to be a lie? But when a nighttime flight that leads to a rescue mission brings a beautiful, curvy woman her way, Rowan will have to reconsider everything.

Eva hates her clan of wolf shifters. After years of doing grunt work and playing the dutiful daughter, an attempted kidnapping by an evil group of wolves finally pushes her to her breaking point. But just when things look bleak, she’s rescued by a powerful dragon, who she soon discovers is her childhood friend. Rowan is just as beautiful as Eva remembers, but what she isn’t prepared for is her reaction to her tall, lithe frame.

Soon, things begin to spiral out of control. Now Eva’s not facing just one enemy, but several of Falhurst’s shifter clans. As the stakes get higher, she finds herself leaning more on Rowan and her friends. But nothing is fair in war, and Rowan and her team will soon pay the price for helping an innocent…

This series features a team of strong women who hold their own, and fight for their place in the world. If you like thrilling action, rich characters, and passionate love stories, then you’ll love this book.


The Blackened Souls Series:
Book 1
by Destiny Hawkins

Available in Kindle Unlimited

She was a Light Elf Warrior, and I, a Dark Elf Princess, but we weren’t so different, were we?

From two opposing kingdoms, our people have been fighting for thousands of years. First, with the will of the gods, but after much bloodshed and loss, they fought for revenge.

I was taught that the Light Elves were heartless killers, but it was hard to believe that someone with such a benevolent spirit could be as heartless as they say.

That’s probably why I ended up falling in love.

I should’ve known better though. I should’ve known the consequences of falling for her kind.

The night I thought that we were finally going to be together, I found myself alone at the bottom the ocean with more power than any elf could bear.

I had the power to destroy kings…and maybe even end a war.


Thermopylae Bound Series:
Book 1
by Belinda Harrison

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Fantasy / Romance

Greece, 510BC

Skylar has spent the past six winters travelling throughout Attica and the Peloponnese assisting those who requested aid, her father her only companion.

Princess Alexis of Trachis has spent the past five winters with the fearsome tribe of Molossians in Epirus, honouring the alliance her betrothal formed.

Two women with nothing in common. But when Skylar saves Alexis’ life, an invisible bond is formed, igniting an undeniable attraction. Alexis’ intended husband may be fierce, but so is Skylar, and both are used to getting what they want.

In the fight for the princess, there can only be one winner. Can Skylar have Alexis or will old alliances win out?




by Barbara Winkes
narrated by T.J. Richards

Romantic suspense with a dystopian twist…

What happened behind these doors?

In the summer of 2003, three young women and a teenage girl take a trip to New York City…Only three of them return.

Paige’s disappearance marks deep incisions in the women’s lives, impacting friendships, relationships and careers. Joy retreats. Paige’s older sister Alice seeks solace in alcohol. Dani vows to leave no stone unturned, feeling guilty and conflicted after seventeen-year-old Paige revealed her crush to her shortly before she vanished.

More than a decade later, Dani uncovers the shocking truth.


by Georgia Beers
narrated by Lori Prince

Personal trainer Rebecca McCall is furious when her coworker is sidelined and she’s forced to teach the “Be Your Best Bride” class. As if being a size two for your wedding photos is all exercise is good for. Could the whole thing get more vain and sexist? The class is full of preening, giggling Bridezillas, but one woman stands out. The one who confesses she’s only there because her fiancée signed her up. Who does that to someone they care about? And why can’t Rebecca take her eyes off her?

Spencer Thompson is a second-guesser. After making the worst mistake of her life, she’s happy to abdicate responsibility and let other people make her decisions for her. She’s always felt a little bit too soft, a little bit too curvy in all the wrong places. Her fiancée apparently agrees because she signed Spencer up for a class at the gym. Terrified by the online profile of the instructor, the epitome of Zero Body Fat, Spencer is relieved to find someone new, and realistic looking, leading the class. Except the instructor seems to hate her and Spencer has no idea why.

When a perfectly innocent post workout smoothie leads to an earth shattering kiss, Rebecca wonders if she’s been wrong all along, and Spencer is challenged to make another decision that could change her life forever.


Chase Banter Trilogy: Book 1
by Saxon Bennett &
Layce Gardner
narrated by Layce Gardner

Oops is an understatement….

Chase Banter thought her life couldn’t get any weirder. Her mother has taken up private investigating, her writers’ group’s helpful suggestions have led to severe writer’s block, and her girlfriend’s family is nuts. Growing up isn’t high on her list of priorities.

What grip Chase has on her life is severely challenged when her girlfriend tells her about the little oops at the gynecologist. Seems the doctor mixed up the rooms, and now Gitana is pregnant. The reality of Gitana’s radiant glow – and growing waistline – finally convinces Chase to accept that she’s about to become a parent. There’s only one thing to do: Chase embarks on a nine-month plan to grow up, once and for all.





I Heart Lesfic is coordinating a sale to run September 10-14.

For details about the sale and how to enter one or more of your books, please visit this page.

The deadline for supplying the details is September 1st.


Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

Happy reading!


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Guest Post: Awakened by Fate by Lynn Lawler

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Lynn Lawler.


Hello Everyone and thank you for joining me today. I want to thank TB Markinson for inviting me to share with you. As you know, my book, Awakened by Fate has been out for a little while now. I couldn’t thank you enough for the support you have given me. In addition to the book, I’ve enjoyed doing my blog. I have read some really great books, so stay tuned for my future reviews.

Today I’m sharing with you a bit about my book. I have found my experience with it to be eye-opening and I too had a spiritual awakening as a result of writing it.

Jackie, my protagonist, is a self-centered woman who thinks she has her life all in order. She has a job that she strives to do, although many times she gets distracted. None-the-less, she still tries. She has ambitions but doesn’t know how to go after them, so she is more or less in a stuck situation career-wise.

She is in a marriage that is pretty much platonic except when she feels the obligation to be a wife. He lets her have as many female lovers as she’d like, but he has to her only male. He is often out of town on business.

Jackie is on a path leading nowhere and she knows it. Fear stops her from pursuing her dreams.

Then an event happens that totally changes her world and turns it upside down. Suddenly suppressed feelings come out of the woodwork and she is forced to deal with them. A lot of new things happen that are bewildering, and she can’t handle certain things. She does what she can to cope.

She meets people along the way, including those who teach her things to help her grow.

In many ways Jackie speaks for many people. Her life changes, and she is forced to look at her issues.

I have Jackie visit places which are crucial to her growth.

There is plenty of romance in the story to go around.

I am now going to share an excerpt.


Lisa tapped her head and said, “Now I remember what I wanted to talk to you about. Tom told me that you love to go to the downtown Art Walk. You know, I’ve never been. Would you be up to going with me sometime?”

“Yeah, there’s one coming up next month. I’d love to go. What time do you get off from work?” Jackie said.

“Five o’clock, but I can always find an excuse to get off early. If you’d like, I could come pick you up.”

Lisa gave her phone to Jackie so she could add her information. The second Jackie touched it, she felt a bolt of energy flow through her. An instant later, she saw a flash of Lisa standing in front of a sculpture grinning. Jackie dropped the phone into her lap.

“Jackie, did I say something to offend you? If I did, I’m really sorry.”

“No. I’m not sure what just happened.”

“Are you feeling nauseous? Why don’t you sit right here, and I’ll get you a cold towel?”

When Lisa returned, she handed the towel to Jackie. Jackie buried her head in it, absorbing the moisture.

Why am I seeing random visions? This is maddening!

After a minute, she put the towel down and said, “Sometimes I just get lightheaded. It’s nothing to worry about.”



I want to thank TB Markinson for inviting me to share today. It has been a pleasure seeing new and familiar faces. I invite you to go read my book, Awakened by Fate and join Jackie as she embarks on her life-changing journey.



Jackie is a woman living life according to her own rules. She’s married, but it’s the unspoken, open kind. She can have as many female lovers as she likes; she just can’t talk about them.

After a bizarre encounter turns her world upside down, things slowly begin to change. She finds herself in desperation as she searches for answers. What she discovers is nothing is delivered in a neatly wrapped box.

Now that everything has been brought out into the open, she finds she can’t run away from her truth anymore. With her new life, comes new responsibilities and a different outcome than what she was expecting.

Jackie isn’t alone in the story. She meets several new people who help her along her journey.



Lynn Lawler is a fiction writer, who writes stories greatly inspired by the LGBTQ community and her own experiences.  Her novel, Awakened By Fate is a story about a woman in denial about her true potential who encounters a reality that opens her up to a new awareness; suddenly things she feared the most became her life.

Lynn has had a lifelong interest in writing and wrote short stories while in school.  In college, she wrote an editorial that was published in The Detroit Free Press.  It focused on the positives of children’s education in the sciences.  She found this to be very inspiring and felt that people needed awareness to create an attraction for students to study these.

During her early adult years, Lynn went on a spiritual journey to Arizona seeking enlightenment.  While there she got to experience some things that were life-changing.  She first managed a vendor booth, selling nutritional supplements at an open market.  Then, as one door closed another one opened.  After this job ended the next day she started working at a produce department in Tempe, AZ.  While working at the coop, she educated people on sprouting as well as the health benefits of juicing. Lynn is vegan and has been vegetarian her whole adult life.

She also has work experience in Architectural design.  She likes the creativity of this field, but her passion lies in writing.

Lynn started writing several years ago after she watched a documentary on the life of the 20th-century writer Willa Cather.  At the same time, she experienced a loss that encouraged her to take this direction.  After writing the initial outline and first draft, the author embraced a new awareness that changed the path of her life.  The trials of Lynn’s life have only served as stepping stones to a brighter outlook and a stronger spirit.


Lynn has always been a fan of books with some of her favorite authors being Mary Higgins Clark and J.K. Rowling.   She also loves reading the works of other LGBTQ authors such as Suzie Carr, KA Moll, and Amy Dunne.  She enjoys material of the unknown, mysterious, and mystical.

She is the owner of Lynn Lawler’s Book Blog, a site where she has interviews and reviews. It can be found at and

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, meditation and watching baseball.  She lives in SoCal with her wife and cats.


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: July 31st Edition

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the I Heart Lesfic newsletter. Thanks so much for taking part,  and here’s to a fab second year.

Here are the latest book and audio releases.




Journey of Exploration: Book 1
by JA Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Erotic Romance / Short Read

Hannah Moran likes rules. She lives by them. Her rules have been her guide for thirty-one years. That is, until she meets Morgan Lane.

When Hannah’s best-friend and business partner asks her to appear on his friend, Morgan’s radio show, Hannah balks. When Morgan approaches Hannah, Hannah finds herself unable to refuse. As time passes, Hannah and Morgan’s friendship begins to thrive, along with it, Hannah’s attraction to her friend. Everything in Hannah’s life becomes uncertain. Are her self-imposed rules and schedules the means to the end she desires, or have they become the roadblock standing in her way? What does Hannah desire? Does she know? As she makes discoveries about Morgan, Hannah begins the arduous process of uncovering herself. It’s a journey she never expected to take. It’s an exploration she desperately craves.

Discovering Morgan is the first erotic-romance in the Journey of Exploration series of short stories by best-selling author JA Armstrong.


Lakeside Hospital: Book 3
by Cara Malone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Krys Stevens is the best trauma doctor at Lakeside Hospital.

She runs the ER like a finely choreographed dance and her dedication to her patients makes up for the ones she cannot save. She’s got a small group of coworkers she calls friends and she’s a superstar at the free clinic where she volunteers. What more could an ambitious young doctor want?

One day, a patient arrives in the ER intubated with a ballpoint pen and changes everything.

Darcy is a combat medic, or she used to be. Her whole identity was wrapped up in the Army until she was injured and sent back to civilian life. After ten years away, there’s not much waiting for her at home, but she’s determined to rebuild her life so she starts going to meet-ups to make new friends.

That’s how she befriends the meet-up coordinator, and how she discovers he’s allergic to shellfish.

One creative intubation later and she’s following him to the ER where she meets the passionate, beautiful and untouchable Krys. She stops only long enough to give Darcy a piece of her mind, but that’s all it takes to know…

Darcy wants Krys to be in the life she’s building.

This is the third book in the Lakeside Hospital series. Each book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel and the series can be read in any order.


by Amanda Rhodes


At twenty-four, Mallory Grant is still struggling with adulthood. She can’t seem to make it in to work on time and deals better with her Tumblr friend on the other side of the world than a face-to-face with a real live human. But when her boss threatens to fire her as a rental agent, Mallory has to buckle down with her new client or end up jobless.

Corinne Ibori is moving to the Chicago area and needs a place to call home. Mallory’s goal is to find just the right location for Corinne’s needs and show her boss she’s turned over a new leaf. Corinne is thirty-five, self-confident, beautiful, flirty, has a French accent, and knows what she wants.

Mallory is finding it hard to believe that what Corrine wants might be her.


An Emily & Colette Novel
by Raven J. Spencer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The sequel to Absolution:

Emily DeMarco has made amends and confronted her demons, or so she thought. Her job with Forbes Inc. has opened up many opportunities. Working with her lover, Carter Forbes’ head of security Colette Grady, Emily is excited to learn more about the firm’s off-the-book missions. New challenges require both Colette and Emily to take a look at their respective past – before they can move on together.


by Lisa Elliot

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kate has moved to London and is embarking on a new life. She has become an independent, high-achieving young lawyer, who still hasn’t figured out who she really is yet. But when she moves into a house-share in north London and meets Lorraine, an enigmatic filmmaker, whose room is next to hers, an intense bond quickly develops as Lorraine reignites Kate’s love of music, clubbing and dancing. A sensual love story about awakening desire and finding the courage to follow your heart.


Case of the Great Danish
by Erik Schubach

Romantic Comedy

Finnegan May has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

Finnegan can’t seem to help herself from getting embroiled in trouble. It just seems to follow her around. On a simple visit to a bakery to get her jerk cop a danish, she lands herself in the middle of dognapping and death.

It is up to Detective Jane McLeary to find Finnegan as she flees through a blizzard in the middle of New York city with a huge Great Dane before her relentless pursuer catches her.


edited by Beth Burnett


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fall in love with a clown, you’ve come to the right place. Written Dreams is an amazing anthology of love found and love lost. It’s about dreams come true and dreams we didn’t even know we had. It takes us from an exquisite Irish beach to a summer vacation, where a young woman learns her grandfather is a man of hidden depths.

This anthology covers the breadth of human emotion in a range of stories crafted by graduates of the GCLS Writing Academy. With eighteen tales from great new talent and well-loved familiar voices, the stories in this volume will make you think, laugh, and cry.

Susan and Carolyn of Brisk Press approached the GCLS last year and asked if they could donate their time and equipment to creating an anthology of past and current writing academy students. The net proceeds are going to the scholarship fund of the GCLS Writing Academy.


by JB Marsden

Historical Romance

In 1884, Charlene Dieter needs a new life, away from unwanted male suitors and from Jo, her best friend who has rebuffed her romantic overtures. Charlene finds her new self in “Charlie,” the man she always thought she should have been. Charlie decides to start a new life in Illinois, motivated by letters from a cousin of Charlie’s deceased dad.

Kitty McIntire, a young woman managing her prairie farm after her father’s death, also fends off a suitor, John Cameron. John, however, presses on, despite a rival for Kitty’s attentions in cousin Charlie, newly arrived in their small town. Charlie does his best to be a farmer, but sustains injuries that lay him up. Kitty attends him while he recuperates, and they begin to fall in love, when circumstances force Charlie to let Kitty in on his secret.

Charlie and Kitty together face the escalating verbal and physical attacks from John, as he tries to get Kitty and her farm for his own purposes.

Will John come between the love that Charlie has found with Kitty? How can they, two women in a time that men rule, bring John to justice?


The Blue Moon Series: Book 2
by Destiny Hawkins

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal Romance

Alveya Tera. A monster, a killer, and an abomination. It was hard for anyone to believe that she was anything more, but one wolf thought differently. That was… until she lost control of the hybrid within her and left the Dark Bloods clan covered in blood.

Months later, Alveya returned to the Tera Mansion no better than before, and to make matters worse, she brought a friend. In less than a week after her arrival, a mysterious group of strangers began hunting the one person that she was trying to keep away from. The one that fate wouldn’t let her resist…

Crystal Blue.

And it was damn hard to play keep away while protecting her.

Even through the rage, the loneliness, and the pain of struggling to recover from years of neglect and abuse, Alveya would continue do anything to keep Crystal safe.

Even if it cost her her life.


by Mia Archer

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Scifi Superhero

Fialux, the greatest heroine Starlight City has ever known, has problems:

Stranded on a strange alien world with no way to get back to earth.

Surrounded by giant irradiated lizards hellbent on making her into a delicious snack.

Stuck with her girlfriend’s villainous crazy ex, complete with volcano lair, who’s hellbent on world domination.

Hunted by an alien civilization under the control of a parastic hive mind that will stop at nothing to enslave her or kill her.

Yeah, Fialux has had better days.

All she ever wanted was to help people. To use her powers for good. And now she’s stuck on a world where they don’t want heroes. A world where every heroic thing she does winds up looking downright villainous to the locals!

Stranded on a strange new world. Surrounded by enemies on all sides. Stuck with her girlfriend’s crazy ex who’s trying to take over that strange new world.

Fialux isn’t a villain, but this planet just might push her over the edge!


The Marek Series: Book 1
by Juliet Kemp


Magic within the city-state of Marek works without the need for bloodletting, unlike elsewhere in Teren, thanks to an agreement three hundred years ago between an angel and the founding fathers. It also ensures that political stability is protected from magical influence. Now, though, most sophisticates no longer even believe in magic or the cityangel.

But magic has suddenly stopped working, discovers Reb, one of the two sorcerers who survived a plague that wiped out virtually all of the rest. Soon she is forced to acknowledge that someone has deposed the cityangel without being able to replace it. Marcia, Heir to House Fereno, and one of the few in high society who is well-aware that magic still exists, stumbles across that same truth. But it is just one part of a much more ambitious plan to seize control of Marek.

Meanwhile, city Council members connive and conspire, unaware that they are being manipulated in a dangerous political game. A game that threatens the peace and security not just of the city, but all the states around the Oval Sea, including the shipboard traders of Salina upon whom Marek relies.

To stop the impending disaster, Reb and Marcia, despite their difference in status, must work together alongside the deposed cityangel and Jonas, a messenger from Salina. But first they must discover who is behind the plot, and each of them must try to decide who they can really trust.




by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Kellie Grey

Can a virgin such as Ashley cope with the feelings that are building inside her for the famous surfer? Can a Midwestern girl with all the morals and hang-ups ingrained in her overcome them to actually enter into a Sapphic romance with this woman? Ashley is a Midwestern girl who is enjoying “the life” in Southern California. She is living her dream. She learns to surf, a lifelong dream that wasn’t possible in Illinois. Now she meets professional surfer Willow Samuels who becomes a good friend to her. How good a friend isn’t really apparent until she realizes there is a mutual attraction. Ashley is conflicted when she realizes she is having feelings for her famous friend Willow. When Willow makes a pass at her she realizes that her friend is gay and attracted to her. How can she overcome a lifetime of ethics and values that just might destroy the happiness that Willow offers her?


by Magnolia Robbins
narrated by Joan Dukore

Emma Harvey is a brilliant and gifted young pianist, accepted into one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country and prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish her dreams of playing professionally. With a renowned jazz musician for a father and a world-famous mentor growing up, she is convinced her path is easy. Until her world is suddenly silenced when she loses her hearing.

Juliet Hamilton is a prodigy violinist. First chair for nearly 15 years in the New York Philharmonic and a professor at the conservatory, she is engulfed in her career, with no time for distractions. Especially not a beautiful young graduate student with a spirited personality that challenges her every step.

When Emma and Juliet’s paths cross in the classroom, their connection is undeniable. When their music comes together, it is unstoppable. The bond they begin to form threatens to challenge more than just their opinions of music. Friendships, ethics, and careers are tested as Emma and Juliet find themselves lost in a concerto of fiery passion and heartbreak.



by Erin Dutton
narrated by Lori Prince

Former U.S. Army pilot Lauren Henley and police training instructor Kim “Monty” Montgomery share a love of country, a sense of duty, and grief for a woman who left them too soon. That the woman they lost was a friend to one and a lover to the other should at least give Kim and Lauren something on which to build a friendship. But from the moment they met, they’ve been at odds.

When Lauren gets a job at the same police department as Kim, they are forced to at least fake professional respect. Eventually, respect and begrudging attraction turns to affection, then something deeper.




The awesome A.E Radley will be coming by to hang out for an hour and answer some questions from Les Reveur Lesbian Fiction Group members.

Times are below:

4th of August:

NY: 4:30pm
UK: 9:30pm
LA: 1:30pm
Mel: 6:30am (5th Of August)

If you can’t make it but would like one of the admins to post your questions please feel free to submit them before August 4th.


Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

Happy reading!


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New Lesfic Goodies: July 24th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases, Lesbian Book Bingo, and news.




by Emma Sterner-Radley

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romantic Comedy

Two women. One plot. Six thousand interfering islanders.

Katherine “Kit” Sorel is new to the cosy but quirky island of Greengage. When she tries to use her talents for plotting to help a friend, she soon discovers that on this British island—anything can happen.

Kittens can race, fruit can be sexy, wheelbarrows can be menacing, and straight women might not be so straight after all.

In the end, Kit needs to solve the problems of those around her while finding her home. She’s certainly not looking for love. But is it looking for her?

Escape everyday life, take a trip to a British cosy island by picking up a copy of Greengage Plots.

If you like cosy, feel-good romcoms, you’ll fall in love with Greengage Plots.


by Emma Nichols

Available in Kindle Unlimited

On the back of an unhappy marriage and bitter divorce, stressed out Ariana Carter-Cruz, returns to the remote Greek island of Sakros, to claim the estate of her late grandmother, Sophia. A straightforward affair – go there, sell the house, get out – and start a new life with her daughter. What she didn’t factor into her plans was that stunning, local taverna owner and harbour master, Nikki Kefalas would still be living on the island.

As past lovers collide and young love blossoms, Ariana’s preconceived plan stands to threaten everything she holds dear and destroy the island’s unspoilt, idyllic way of life. But Sophia had plans of her own before her death. Will she succeed in reconnecting her granddaughter’s heart to what truly matters in life?


Amber Hills: Book 2
by Jade Winters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nikki and Jo are back!

With Christmas fast approaching at Amber Hills, Nikki and Jo are looking forward to a nice peaceful time together. That is until guests Rebecca and Genevieve (characters from the best selling novel ‘143’) arrive, bringing a whole host of drama with them.

Nikki is determined to get to the bottom of their unusual behaviour, but will she find out more than she’s bargained for?
Although Always You has recurring characters, it can also be read as a standalone novel.


The Unexpected: Book 1
by Sophie Walker


April Fields is an awkward twenty year old, who, up until recently travelled the world with her mum. After the tragic death of her dad, the two fly back to England where they discover they’ve been left his entire estate.

April’s mum decides it’s time for her daughter to have more stability and April is quickly thrown into the world of university – A foreign world filled with studying, alcohol and relationships. Here she meets her Biology tutor, Rachel Carter, and the two form a close friendship. After a drunk kiss between the two women, April struggles to come to terms with her sexuality, having never thought of women in that way. The two embark on a confusing journey to discover their feelings and try to find a way to be together.

The book attempts to deal with discovering your sexuality and coming out to friends and family in an uplifting way.


by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Two women escaping their own demons. One stuck in the past, the other a very real present.

Lucy Owens’ life was irrevocably changed in a matter of seconds. Life as she knew it was over in the blink of an eye. Moving away from all that she knew, Lucy now lives a solitary life in her cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Filled with guilt and pain, she keeps herself to herself, and for years she manages to avoid immersing back into society.

Nicole Granger has three small children to worry about. Always looking over her shoulder, they arrive at the lake with very little to call their own. Haunted by years of physical abuse, she longs to belong again, to bring normality to her girls’ lives for the first time.

Both women are pulled towards one another in an attraction that could bring both of them their freedom.


by Helen Blacksmith


Available in Kindle Unlimited

Two girls. Two different worlds. 8 summers of friendship. 1 summer of teenage love. Torn apart by whispers and fear. Reunited 30 years later. Is it too late? Or will what was meant to be find away?



by BJ Phillips


In Book 3 of the Seasons Series, there’s trouble in paradise. Kelly Bradley and Andi Wainwright live together in Florida but haven’t yet said those three little words to each other. Andi’s aunt, Elise Wainwright, and Kelly’s friend, Lauren Prescott, both in their mid-sixties, are now a couple in many ways except one. Elise is afraid they’re too old for more than good night kisses and cuddling.

Romance novelist Shawn Richards and her wife Carrie Alexander are now a solid married couple and want to see their friends as happy as they are. Unlike the endings in Shawn’s novels, though, maybe there can’t be a ‘happy ever after’ for everyone, after all.


Addy and Karen Series: Book 3
by Tey Holden


When against her better judgment Karen agrees to have a baby, it’s Addy who goes through nine months of intense labor. The little one is adorable and turns the womens’ lives upside down. Trouble looms when Karen’s family, as a way to get the family estate, file for the baby’s custody claiming that the women are unfit mothers because they are lesbians.



by Nancy Ann Healy

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When two bicycles collide at the end of a driveway in 1993, three lives are changed forever.

Katelyn (Kat) Summers’ family has just moved to Webster, Massachusetts. It’s the day before her twelfth birthday, and all Katelyn wants to do is go back home to Pennsylvania. That is until a ten-year-old boy named Neil Masters crashes into her bicycle. When Katelyn looks up from her position on the ground, she finds a hand stretched out to greet her. As she’s pulled to her feet, Katelyn meets with the inquisitive gaze of Sarah Masters. Within minutes, Katelyn will never think of any other place as home again.

Best friends from the moment they meet, Katelyn and Sarah are inseparable. Looking in, they have an idyllic life in a quaint New England community. But, life is not always as simple and charming as it seems. It’s messy. As the pair of friends grow, so do their feelings—Sarah’s for Katelyn, and Katelyn’s for Sarah’s brother, Neil.

Sarah has spent her life loving Kat at a distance. Once her best friend, Kat has now become Sarah’s sister-in-law. While Sarah struggles to let go of Kat, Kat yearns to hold onto Sarah’s presence in her life. Through ups and downs, hopes and dreams, celebrations and disappointments, Katelyn and Sarah struggle to maintain the bond they formed in childhood.

There are lessons in everything; in the paths taken, and the paths left behind. An unexpected fork in Kat’s road will challenge their entire family. Time has a way of revealing the truth. If you are willing to listen, and to speak it, life has a way of leading you All the Way Home.


by Victoria Cerises

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal Romance

While a centuries-long war rages on between lycans and vampires, headstrong and bold lycan Veruca is still haunted by the death of the love of her life at the hands of a malicious vampire coven. Now, Veruca must battle with the fact that her once pious and gentle lover, Leda, is now a cruel and unforgiving vampire. Can the love they shared as humans withstand hundreds of years and thousands of deaths? Or will their love be a forgotten memory?


Deceived: Book 5
by Megan Derr


Adeline has been at the mercy of others her entire life: the aunt and uncle who constantly remind her she should be grateful they took her in after her parents died of a tragic illness. Her guardian in the city who constantly reminds her that she should be grateful they’re giving her a coming of age in the city. The suitors who make it clear she should be grateful they’re lowering themselves to even consider her.

The only person who’s ever made her feel wanted was Lisette, the maid she once fell in love with. The maid who fled in the night with stolen goods, including the pearls that were all Adeline had left of her mother.

Then, while at yet another ball where she feels alone, out of place, and trapped between choosing happiness or doing what’s expected of her, Adeline encounters the beautiful Lady Wisteria—whom Adeline knows better as the maid Lisette…


by Claudie Arsenault


Adèle has only one goal: catch the purple-haired thief who broke into her home and stole her exocore, thus proving herself to her new police team. Little does she know, her thief is also the local baker.

Claire owns the Croissant-toi, but while her days are filled with pastries and customers, her nights are dedicated to stealing exocores. These new red gems are heralded as the energy of the future, but she knows the truth: they are made of witches’ souls.

When her twin—a powerful witch and prime exocore material—disappears, Claire redoubles in her efforts to investigate. She keeps running into Adèle, however, and whether or not she can save her sister might depend on their conflicted, unstable, but deepening relationship.

Baker Thief features a bigender protagonist who alternates between male and female throughout the story.


by S.L. Kassidy

Historical Romance

In the world of Prime, the Roshan Empire has spread from the East, conquering all before them. Led by one of the Empire’s deadliest warriors, Queen Ashni, the Roshan are now set to take the West, starting with King Dorian’s city-state. King Dorian needs time to mount a proper defense against the mighty army. How does he get the time? He sends them his daughter, Princess Nakia, as a goodwill hostage. Princess Nakia has to learn to survive among people she has heard are barbarians.



by Graysen Morgen

Action & Adventure / Thriller / Romance

Natalia Moreno is thrilled when she arrives in Fiji for a relaxing vacation. However, she soon discovers the overwater bungalow she’s staying in has been double booked for the entire stay, and the resort is full. Annoyed and frustrated, she has no other choice but to share her hut with a stranger.

Christian Garnier is sent to Fiji for what she refers to as a working vacation, until she finds out she has an ornery roommate for the next two weeks who is dead set on making her job twice as hard.

Soon, all hell breaks loose and the two women are sent around the world on a wild goose chase.


by Sarah Markel

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life is going well for two of the FBI’s most accomplished Agents. Agent Max Prescott is well-respected in her field, with a stellar reputation and six years of service under her belt. Agent Dani Prescott’s reputation is almost on par with her wife’s, although she’s only been with the agency for a few years. Despite their Superior’s concerns about having married couples work the same assignments, Max and Dani have proven themselves as an elite team.

When five teenage girls go missing from a small Oregon community, Max and Dani are called in for an undercover operation like none they’ve executed before. The devoted couple has portrayed themselves as everything from sisters to rivals, but this case is different. This time, they’ll be passing themselves off as mother and daughter.

While Max finds herself teaching, and studying, a High School English class, Dani is chosen to join the students. Parading around with a bunch of seventeen-year-old’s is not how Dani envisioned spending her first wedding anniversary. Within days of their private celebration, a girl she’s befriended becomes the sixth to go missing. Determined to find, and stop, whomever is responsible for the disappearances, Dani delves into the strange world of teenagers.

Will Max and Dani be able to locate the missing girls and return them to safety? Or, will Dani become the seventh victim of a diabolical mastermind, hell-bent on purging the town of the sins of youth?




by Ann McMan
narrated by Christine Williams

English professor and aspiring novelist, Grace Warner spends her days teaching four sections of “Beowulf for Cretins” to bored and disinterested students at one of New England’s “hidden ivy” colleges. Not long after she is dumped by her longtime girlfriend, Grace meets the engaging and mysterious Abbie on a cross-country flight. Sparks fly on and off the plane as the two strangers give in to one night of reckless passion with no strings attached, and no contact information exchanged.

Back home at St. Albans, the college rocks Grace’s world when it announces the appointment of a new president, the first woman in its 165-year history. Cue Abbie—and cue Grace’s collision course with a neurotic dog named Grendel, a fractious rival for tenure, and a woman called Ochre, in what very well might be Grace’s last real shot at happiness.

This full-length novel reimagines and expands on the short story, “Falling From Grace,” which was originally published in the award-winning story collection, Sidecar by Ann McMan.


by Suzie Carr
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

With her divorce finally behind her, Faith Miller is ready to move forward. And then, life tosses her a few unavoidable curveballs. Before long, she finds herself traveling down to her sister’s house on the coast of Rhode Island with her seven-year old daughter. What she hoped might be a reflective time for her turns into a whirlwind adventure, thanks to her sister’s live in in-laws and the gorgeous pet and house-sitting neighbor, Candace. Candace is sexy and fun, and pulls on Faith’s heart. Faith, trying to stay focused and get her life back on track, attempts to ignore her growing feelings for Candace to no avail. What starts out as a casual and steamy interlude evolves into something more serious. Will Faith decide her heart is better closed off from potential heartbreak or will she open it back up again to see what this new love has to offer?






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Guest Post: Calling Home by Jen Silver

Now for today’s guest.

Affinity Rainbow author Jen Silver is here to chat about her latest novel

Please welcome Jen Silver.


Calling Home

The working title for this book was ‘The Lonely Vet’ and the main idea to start with was to concentrate on her journey to finding romance. However, I soon realised that this was likely to be a very short story.

As I started to think about how the character, Galen, was going to turn her life around, I decided she was going to have to do something fairly drastic. So she leaves her vet’s practice in the hands of a locum and takes a job at a writers’ retreat. Her main job will be gardening and being on hand to provide sporting activities as required by the guests. The retreat is on an island in a lake, so there are opportunities for sailing, swimming, and fishing. Galen is also a longbow archer and brings her equipment to the island.

The concept of setting the main part of the story on an island was influenced greatly by my love of the Swallows and Amazons stories I read as a child and still re-read occasionally. Although based on a Lake District-type location, the island in the story is entirely fictional and I placed it somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales.

Galen has managed to reach the age of forty without having a sexual relationship with anyone, male or female. She is, therefore, puzzled by the unusual feelings stirred up when she starts working with the retreat’s general manager, Berry.

In this excerpt, Galen and Berry finally act on their mutual attraction.



Galen collected her archery equipment and set off for the range. Although she wanted to hurry to get there before Berry, she made herself walk slowly. No point in working up a sweat, replacing the one she had just washed off.

She set up both bows in case Berry wanted to have another go. Berry arrived just after she had shot her first three arrows. Perhaps aware of her impending approach, Galen felt her concentration was off and the result had been disappointing. Two arrows in the blue ring, and one slightly better in the red.

Berry was holding a Booths carrier bag in one hand and a picnic rug in the other.

“Might as well dine in comfort,” she said, putting both items down behind Galen’s backpack.

“Um, do you want to shoot first and then eat, or…” Galen felt her nervousness returning.

“Or, what?” Berry stepped in close to her.

There was no mistaking the spark in her eyes. Galen let her instincts take over and bent her head to kiss Berry’s inviting lips. This time the tug of their mutual desire left no room for hesitation. When Berry’s lips parted, Galen knew it was an invitation to explore with her tongue. The sensations coursing through her body were startling in their intensity. Even with no experience to draw on, this felt so right…like coming home. The movement of Berry’s body against hers was intoxicating, and the sudden onrush of warmth between her legs, added another dimension to their connection.

When they had to stop for air, Berry whispered, “Let’s get more comfortable.”

She slipped out of Galen’s embrace and reached for the rug. Galen helped her spread it out on a flat piece of ground. Berry lay down and patted the space next to her. Uncertainty swept through Galen’s mind. Her body wanted whatever was going to happen next, but her brain hadn’t caught up. She slowly lowered herself onto the blanket, lying flat, staring up at the patches of blue sky above the treetops.

Berry raised herself on one elbow and looked at her.

“I’m sorry. I’m a complete novice. I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t have that much experience myself.” Berry was smiling but her eyes were serious. “If I do anything you don’t like, just tell me to stop, and I will.” She leaned forward and kissed her again.

Galen felt her body slowly relax as she enjoyed the contact once more. After a few minutes, Berry tentatively slid a hand under her shirt. Just that light touch sent a jolt of desire through her. When Berry’s hand cupped her breast, Galen moaned.

“This would be easier if we took our clothes off. Are you okay with that?”

Powerless to speak, Galen nodded. She sat up to remove her shirt and bra, then wriggled out of her shorts.

I hope readers will enjoy the romantic elements of the story as well as the mystery that emerges.


by Jen Silver


Sarah Frost enjoys her dream job as director of the Frost Foundation making her home at one of their writers’ retreats, The Lodge on the Lake. The general manager of The Lodge is Berry Fields, an old childhood friend.

Galen Thomas arrives at the island to fill the post of handy person, taking an extended break from her vet’s practice to help her decide how to shape her future life and career.

When the next group of writers arrives for their two-week retreat, along with Sarah’s grandmother, tensions start to surface. Magda Frost doesn’t approve of the appointment of the “vet” and still questions Sarah’s decision to hire Berry.

The island idyll is soon undermined by the revelation of events from forty years earlier, threatening the lives and loves of Sarah, Berry, and Galen. Calling home and what they now call home—all are affected by the disturbing legacy from the past.




After retiring from full time work, Jen thought she would spend her days playing golf, shooting arrows, reading, and enjoying quality time with her wife (not necessarily in that order). Instead, she started writing and had her debut novel, Starting Over, published by Affinity Rainbow Publications in 2014. Jen now has eight published novels to her name, a number of short stories, and not as much time as she thought for other activities. For the characters in Jen’s stories, life definitely begins at forty, and older, as they continue to discover and enjoy their appetites for adventure and romance.



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Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 17th Edition

Here are the latest book releases.


by M. Ullrich


Lauren Daly is fed up with her dead-end job, frustrating roommates, and unhealthy love life. She escapes to The Dollhouse, New Jersey’s hottest lesbian bar, where disappearing in a crowd of gorgeous women is exactly what she needs at the end of the day. But when the owner, Berit Matthews, approaches her for a casual hookup, Lauren pushes her away, knowing better than to put her heart on the line for a playgirl.

Berit loves her bar, her life, and the casual connections she has with the women around her. She can’t help her simmering attraction for Lauren, though, and Lauren’s rejection challenges her to prove she’s capable of friendship, kindness, and even matchmaking. Berit’s efforts draw them closer than either expected, but when The Dollhouse is threatened, they’re forced to fight for their sanctuary and their newfound love.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


A Pine Cone Romance
by D. Jackson Leigh


Veterinarian Trip Beaumont likes being a big fish in a small pond. There’s hardly an animal she can’t heal or a woman she can’t charm within fifty miles of Pine Cone, Georgia―except for the irritating and elusive new cop who keeps leaving parking tickets on her truck.

Officer Jamie Grant has never liked rule breakers, but she’s especially incensed when she discovers Trip owns the truck that is constantly parked illegally. She’s searched carefully for a quiet, eclectic community to settle down with her drug-sniffing―albeit gastric-challenged―canine partner, Petunia. Instead, she finds herself on a collision course with the woman who stole her college girlfriend and broke her heart after an ill-conceived threesome.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by Erin Dutton


Former U.S. Army pilot Lauren Henley and police training instructor Kim “Monty” Montgomery share a love of country, a sense of duty, and grief for a woman who left them too soon. That the woman they lost was a friend to one and a lover to the other should at least give Kim and Lauren something on which to build a friendship. But from the moment they met, they’ve been at odds.

When Lauren gets a job at the same police department as Kim, they are forced to at least fake professional respect. Eventually, respect and begrudging attraction turns to affection, then something deeper.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by Robin Alexander


Jodi Chenault has a lot of things going for her; she has a successful business, looks, and intelligence. And she’s a master flirt. She has no problem meeting women or getting dates. She just can’t hold on to any of the women she goes out with. It’s not because she’s unlikeable, she simply can’t handle commitment.

Val Mason is hoping to find the right woman to build a life with. At her best friend’s weeklong pre-wedding party, she meets one who appears to have potential, and she’s hooked. The only problem is, she’s unknowingly hanging her hopes on the Temporary Girl.

Robin Alexander has mixed up a summertime cocktail. The ingredients are friendship, secrets, family, friends, love, and a double shot of humor.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


Chicago Series: Book 3
by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Summer Taft is a twenty-seven-year-old billionaire, who founded a tech startup with her brother while she was still in college. As that company’s CEO, she feels stuck and underappreciated. She also has to take care of the company while her brother goes off exploring the world, leaving her holding the bag. The company recently opened an office in Chicago, where Summer has met some new friends. As Summer decides to uproot her life and make the move to Chicago, she meets Lena.

Lena Tanner has had no luck in her love life after divorcing her husband of several years before, after finally admitting to herself that she was gay. Lena had been exploring and having fun in the new life she’d made for herself. But now she’s ready to find the one and settle down. After a blind date gone wrong, she ends up at The Lantern where she spots her group of expanding friends and a newcomer.

Lena had never been brave in her personal life. And Summer has difficulty making decisions, small and large. The two women settle into a quick friendship that turns more flirtatious, but is either ready to dive right into something new that could be lasting?

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


An Anthology of Women Who Love Women in Performing Arts

Edited by AM Leibowitz


Everything from actual plays to space operas to period pieces to contemporary romance. These talented storytellers captured womanhood, and women on stage and screen, in all their beautiful, wonderful glory. There are erotic and sensual tales, gender non-conformity, trans women, lesbians and bisexuals, politics, falling in love, parenting, youthful crushes, opera, toe-tapping musical numbers.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by Kelly Wacker

Historical Romance

It’s 1916 and the end of World War I seems nowhere in sight. Dr. Helen Connery, a reserved British doctor at a field hospital in northern France, knows that a woman surgeon is as good as any man. Working tirelessly to save the lives and limbs of soldiers brought to her from brutal battlefields, she finds herself unexpectedly attracted to a vivacious and enigmatic volunteer ambulance driver. Julia March awakens feelings Helen thought she’d buried long ago. When they are offered a four-day stay by the ocean, a private reprieve from the war provides an opportunity for sexual awakening.

Together Helen and Julia discover that goodness, love, and passion can be found in the most unlikely and even dangerous places.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by MJ Williamz

Romance / Erotica

Animal Control Officer Randi Hansen was blindsided when her girlfriend left her for a smooth operator. Determined to keep her heart safe, she never takes home the same woman twice. A recent transplant from San Francisco, Eleanor Bremer’s struggling to make a life for herself in small-town Florida. She’s determined not to risk her teaching position, and fears coming out in a town much more conservative than she is used to.

When Randi rescues Eleanor from a rogue alligator sneaking into her backyard, she’s immediately drawn to the beautiful damsel in distress. But she refuses to live in secret. Eleanor must decide what matters most or lose her chance at love.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by Alexa Black

Erotica / Speculative Fiction

Sue Jones is a spacebus driver from a nowhere colony. Yearning for adventure, she pilots a shuttle into uncharted regions―and crash-lands in a harsh world. Kara is an alien whose people are Outcasts who have been banished to this world and survive in Rings above the storm-swept surface.

When Kara rescues her and brings her to the Rings, Sue soon learns that the Outcasts believe humans belong on the surface. As Sue discovers her protector’s secrets, Kara struggles to keep Sue safe and her own feelings at bay. Can love bridge the gap between worlds and heal the deepest of wounds?

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


Toujours A Vous
Genesis Clan: Book 3
by Ali Vali

Paranormal & Urban Fantasy / Romance

Immortals Kendal and Piper welcome their new child and celebrate the defeat of an old enemy by returning to their home outside New Orleans. The last battle was hard but promises to bring peace to their lives for years to come. Now Piper wants to expand her power as a seer and hear Kendal’s history while they enjoy a normal life.

In the deep jungles of Costa Rica, far from the watchful eyes of Rolla and the Genesis Clan, the priests of the ancient order of Fuego have found the tablets that will allow them to finish the incantations that will awaken their greatest treasures. Some of the Fuego members believe the old stories were pure fiction, but Alejandro Garza’s family are true believers.

Far from the peace they’d hoped for, Kendal and Piper are forced into action to reach Garza and his followers before he awakens the army of dragons that sleep forgotten in the rain forests.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by Rebecca Harwell

Fantasy Romance

Nadya and Shay have built a quiet life together away from the island city-state of Storm’s Quarry and their outlaw vigilante identities, the Iron Phoenix and the Shadow Dragon. When that idyllic life is shattered by the arrival of desperate news from home, Nadya and Shay make the difficult choice to return to Storm’s Quarry.

They find Storm’s Quarry razed, the blood of the Duke drenching its stone, and the fragile peace with the powerful Kingdom of Wintercress destroyed. With their home in need of its masked protectors once more, Nadya and Shay join the resistance, infiltrate enemy lines, and seek the aid of an old foe in a mad plan to save the city that endangers both their lives and their future together. But in the final battle for the fate of Storm’s Quarry, even their powers may not be enough.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


by Yolanda Wallace

Intrigue & Thriller / Romance

Spencer Collins lives life virtually, keeping the real world―and everyone in it―at a distance. When she’s given a chance to spend a week surrounded by sun, sand, and hundreds of women on a lesbian cruise, she has the opportunity to venture outside her comfort zone. If, that is, she can muster the courage.

When Amy Donovan is named cruise director for a trip to the Caribbean, her mission is twofold: keep her scandal-plagued company’s reputation afloat and her hands off the passengers. Both prove problematic when she’s blindsided by her attraction to the sweet and adorably shy Spencer, only to discover a stranger’s quest for revenge threatens to turn their dream trip into a nightmare.

Sailing the high seas might turn the tide of romance their way, if the killer doesn’t get there first.

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


A Maji Rios Novel: Book 2
by MB Austin

Intrigue & Thriller / Romance

Covert operator Maji Rios’s best friend was right: she was an idiot to break up with Professor Rose diStephano, even for the best reasons. When Rose offers her a week of R&R in Sitka, Alaska, she’s ready to let Rose decide if a relationship is worth the danger. But her plans to win Rose back are interrupted when work intrudes, and duty calls Maji to help a SEAL team stop a Russian mobster from harvesting gold from the bottom of Sitka Sound.

Rose knows Maji pushed her away to protect her. And she may forgive her, depending on how their week in Sitka goes. But when Maji is called into action on vacation, Rose realizes their love puts Maji in danger, too. Is that a choice she can live with?

Bold Strokes / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS

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14th Annual Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) Award Winners Announced

14th Annual Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) Award Winners Announced

Winners Include: Dorothy Allison and Elana Dykewomon.

LAS VEGAS, NV – On Saturday, July 7, 2018, the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS), the nation’s only lesbian literary organization whose mission is education and the promotion and recognition of lesbian literature, announced the winners of the 14th Annual Literary Awards on the final evening of their week-long lesbian literary conference. Pam Stewart, Chair of GLAAD’s Board of Directors, emceed the ceremony at Bally’s Hotel Las Vegas, where over 350 attendees and sponsors celebrated lesbian literature across all genres.

Author R.J. Samuel received the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award for An Outsider Inside. Ann Bannon is the author of a series of five lesbian pulp novels known as “The Beebo Brinker Chronicles.” Written from 1957 to 1962, the books were bestsellers when they were first released, and have had remarkable longevity, especially for genre fiction. They have been published in five different editions and in several languages and are often taught in women’s studies and LGBT studies courses. Ann was the winner of the first GCLS Trailblazer Award in 2005.

Ann McMan

Ann McMan for An Outsider Inside received the Tee Corine Award for Outstanding Cover Design, which sets a professional bar for the look of lesbian books. The award provides recognition for artistic work that contributes to the promotion of a quality product, and honors cover designs that create a beautiful representation of the story and put a professional face on the lesbian genre. Tee Corinne was a photographer, author, and editor notable for the portrayal of sexuality in her artwork. This award is named after her to honor a trailblazer for lesbian visibility and give the award prestige with those who recognize how daring she was in her art and quest to make lesbians visible to the world.

Judy Comella was honored with the Directors’ Award. The GCLS Directors’ Award is presented to a single GCLS member in recognition of contributions made to the Golden Crown Literary Society during the past year and/or to the ongoing mission of the organization over a longer period of time. Comella has volunteered with GCLS since 2014, working as the organization’s conference manager. Mary Phillips, executive director of GCLS said of Comella, “She works tirelessly as the Conference Manager, keeping all wheels in motion, and spends endless hours all year long working behind the scenes.”

Elana Dykewomon received the Lee Lynch Classic Award for Riverfinger Women, presented by Lee Lynch. The Award specifically recognizes books that convey meaningful lesbian experiences with influential historical value to the lesbian community, recognizing that individual perceptions of classics will differ. Lee Lynch started writing lesbian fiction and non-fiction in the 1960s when she was a frequent contributor to The Ladder, the only lesbian publication at the time. Since then she has published novels and essays, her stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, and she has written reviews and feature articles for The Lambda Book Report and many other publications. Lee’s syndicated column, “The Amazon Trail,” has been running in papers across the country since 1986. Lee’s book, The Swashbuckler, was the first winner of this award in 2012, and the award is named after her.

Lynch said of Dykewomon, “Elena’s characters travel the world. She encouraged us to live our true stories. She’s practically a myth herself now. Riverfinger Women is utterly lesbian. The books language is wall to wall poetry. This powerhouse of a writer wrote lesbian truths.”

In her acceptance, Dykewomon said, “it’s an honored indeed to be valued by your peers. I have always been a lesbian since I fell in love with my nursery school bus driver. At twenty-one, I decided to write a lesbian novel with a happy ending. It’s not novel, but it was at the time.”

Dorothy Allison received the GCLS Trailblazer Award, presented by author Karin Kallmaker. Kallmaker said of Allison, “She is for me the original firebrand. She didn’t write for approval, she wrote to survive. She is a firebrand, truthteller, and trailblazer.”

Allison describes herself as a feminist and working class storyteller who writes to change the world. She’s a National Book Award Finalist, bestselling author with many awards. The Trailblazer Award is granted for a lifetime achievement and is presented each year to a single author in recognition of the contributions made to the field of lesbian literature. The author must have published a significant body of work over a period of at least 20 years and written lesbian-themed works that have had a positive impact upon the growth and visibility of the field of lesbian literature.

Allison said in her remarks, “I regret that I will not live long enough to bring this country to account. I am what you get when you educate the working class. I am what you get when you model justice but do not deliver it. Let yourself accept being appreciated. It’s very hard for someone like me. I’m a nasty piece of work.”

The GCLS Literary Awards focus solely on lesbian content. Content in all categories must include significant lesbian characters and/or themes and meet one of the following criteria: (1) the main character identifies as a lesbian; (2) the main character is or ends up in a lesbian relationship; or (3) the theme or plot deals with lesbian issues or lesbian life.

“Did you know that the GCLS Literary Awards Program,” said executive director Mary Phillips, “is the only awards program in the nation that recognizes the best in lesbian literature? We are truly a community of like-minded women who come together every year to discuss books about women loving women. I’m deeply grateful to work with a team of dedicated and talented volunteer Board and committee members who are helping to grow GCLS and share our mission with more and more women every year.”

Sponsors for the 14th Annual GCLS Conference included: Lynne Pierce, LesFic Unbound, Bywater Books, Bella Books, Sandy Thornton, Georgia Beers, Melissa Brayden, A.L. Brooks, Bold Strokes Books, Badger Bliss Books, Cheryl Pletcher and Lynn Ames, Sapphire Books, Rosa Moran, and Regal Crest.

14th Annual Golden Crown Literary Society Award Winners

Debut Author Awards: Bend by Nancy J. Hedin, Frame by Frame by C.J. Murphy, Marriage of a Thousand Lies by S.J. Sindu, and The Road to Wings by Julie Tizard

Anthology/Collections (Fiction): Our Happy Hours: LGBT Voices from the Gay Bars By S. Renée Bess and Lee Lynch (Story Collectors)

S. Renee Bess and Lee Lynch

Non-Fiction: Grief Map by Sarah Hahn Campbell

Contemporary Romance Short: Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren, Echo Point by Virginia Hale, and Unexpected by Jenny Frame

Blythe H. Warren

Contemporary Romance Mid-Length: Night Voice by C.F. Frizzell, Right Here, Right Now by Georgia Beers, Sidebar by Carsen Taite, and The Butterfly Whisperer by Lisa Moreau

Georgia Beers

Contemporary Romance Long: Perfect Rhythm by Jae, Vacationland by Susan X. Meagher, and Who’d Have Thought by G. Benson

Erotica:  Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

General Fiction: Goldenrod by Ann McMan

General Fiction: The Price of Cash by Ashley Bartlett

Historical Fiction: The Sniper’s Kiss by Justine Saracen

Mystery/Thriller: Genuine Gold by Ann Aptaker, Lethal Care by Claire McNab with Katherine V. Forrest

Paranormal/Horror: Little Dip – Garoul Series Book V by Gill McKnight

Poetry: The Girls with Stone Faces by Arleen Paré

Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure: A More Perfect Union by Carsen Taite

Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure: Into Thin Air by Jeannie Levig, Lucy’s Chance by Jackie D.

Science Fiction/Fantasy: Erased by Robbi McCoy, Shattered by Lee Winter, Spark by Catherine Friend

Young Adult: Girls Like Me by Nina Packebush

About the Golden Crown Literary Society

The GCLS was founded in February 2004 to bring authors, readers, and publishers together for the betterment of lesbian literature. The first annual conference was held in 2005 and has continued every year.  Since its inception, the GCLS has grown tremendously, added many programs and services, and become a registered 501(c)3 corporation whose mission is education and the promotion and recognition of lesbian literature.


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New Lesfic Goodies: July 10th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Harper Bliss

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romance / Short Read

A Silver Linings Novella


Twenty years ago, Angela Hill and Jackie Smith shared a forbidden night of passion, that left Angela heartbroken after Jackie returned to her husband.

When a workplace injury forces Angela into counselling, her path unexpectedly crosses Jackie’s again. Their circumstances may have changed, but has time healed the wounds of the past? And can Angela and Jackie open themselves up to a second chance at love?

Find out in this hot novella full of emotion from best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss.

Prequel to the Confessions Series
by T.B. Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cori Tisdale fears she’ll never find a woman who loves her for her and not because she has a famous mother and rich uncle.

In an attempt to protect herself, she fills the void in her life with a “friends with benefits” relationship. That is until Cori meets the beautiful and mysterious Kat Finn.

Cori quickly falls for the artist, and not everyone in her life is happy about it. Will Cori be forced to choose between love and friendship?

Confessions from the Heart is a smart and funny prequel to the best-selling lesbian romance series. If you like quirky characters, witty dialogue, and well-crafted prose, then you’ll love T. B. Markinson’s heartfelt series.

by AJ Adaire


What do Casey Harrison and Mica Baxter have in common? Apparently pretty much everything. Having known each other since high school, the two peas in a pod, long-time friends and business partners, are a couple in every way but one. That line hasn’t been crossed, due to Casey’s industrial strength walls and set in stone conviction against becoming romantically involved with a friend.

Hilarity ensues as Mica convinces Casey to enter a contest run by a new start up lesbian dating service called Match Me. The prize at stake is a romantic vacation for two on an isolated island near Key West, and Mica wants to win it big time. Casey, feet dragging all the way, finally succumbs to Mica’s pleading and agrees to participate.

It is said that getting there is half the fun. That adage is certainly true about Casey and Mica’s journey to their paradise island. Will the two self-described ‘unluckiest people in the world’, be able to overcome all the obstacles, real and perceived, that stand in the way of their happy ever after? Join Mica and Casey in this romantic comedy, as they struggle with unexpected complications standing in the way of their happiness.

by Cheyenne Blue


A lesbian romance about breaking all the rules.

Viva Jones was great once. A top ten tennis player with a grand slam trophy to her name, she had the world at her feet. Then an overzealous lineswoman’s bad call knocked her out of the US Open, and a persistent injury crushed her career. While battling to return to the game she loves, a chance meeting with the lineswoman, Gabriela, forces Viva to rethink the past…and the present.

Away from the court, Gabriela is sexy, athletic, and lives for her career as an umpire. She seems to be falling for Viva as hard and fast as Viva is for her. There’s just one problem: players and officials can’t date.

by B.L. Wilson


Dr. Rebecca Davis is an OBGYN on a forced vacation due to a sixty-day suspension from her job at a New York City hospital. Aggravated and upset, not only over the issues at work but a failed and complicated relationship, she takes an impulsive trip to a rural town and gets drunk, waking up the next day in an unfamiliar motel room. Here, she meets the motel’s charming and attractive owner, Colleen MacDonald.

Hope Harris is in mourning over her wife’s death, but she is determined to continue managing her farm, taking care of her kids and their growing pains, and living life every day. A sudden accident changes everything and Hope finds it necessary to rely on others to help her. Veronica Saunders, a physical therapist assigned to her, sparks feelings she has not experienced since Hannah’s death.

Rebecca, as she is assisting the local doctor with his caseload, is faced with troubles from the past that threaten her new love, and Hope, recovering from her injuries, is shocked when revelations about her teenaged sons come to light.

Can these two women find love amidst their increasingly tumultuous lives? Are the lovers they choose the “ones”? Find out in The Doctor Is In, River’s Bank, a small town full of big love.


by Jourdyn Kelly

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can a Dominant allow herself to be dominated? Can a woman who defies authority allow herself to submit? Will love come out on top in the end?

You met Rebecca and Cass in Fifty Shades of Pink. Now get Rebecca’s perspective of their first meeting and see her journey to BECOMING Mistress.

Rebecca Cuinn lost control of her life once before, and she spent many years learning how to take it back. As Mistress and owner of an exclusive BDSM club, Rebecca now had control by the balls. She wasn’t about to lose it again by falling in love. Unfortunately, her heart wasn’t playing by Rebecca’s rules. She always was a sucker for androgynous, sexy women. But did the one that threatened to make her break all her rules have to be so young?

Cass Giles defied authority. So, when she was dragged to a BDSM sex club for a bachelorette party, she refused to let go of her judgments and have fun. No way she would submit to someone who’s sole purpose was to hurt you. Just wasn’t her scene. That is until that “scene” included the mysterious Mistress. Now Cass was willingly breaking the rules just for a taste of Mistress’s punishment. But it wasn’t just Mistress she wanted. She wanted the woman underneath the mask. And she would do everything she could to prove they were meant to be.

*Intended for 18+ audience due to mature content.
*This book contains scenes that may be a trigger to some people.
*This book is merely an interpretation of a small part of the BDSM world. It is not intended to be an instructional “how to” book. Nor does it claim to be EVERYONE’S interpretation of the lifestyle.

by Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Scarlett McKennon’s life in the big city is a big flop.

Her cupcake bakery went under, her roommate at her expensive apartment left her high and dry, and her girlfriend just reacted to “I love you” with “No thanks.” Her sophisticated metropolitan dream has crumbled all around her, and the only thing left to do is pull up stakes and return to the small town where she grew up.

What could be worse than limping home in defeat? The minute she steps off the train, Scarlett finds out: her first love, Joan, is waiting there to drive her into town, looking like the picture of sexy confidence. Joan was once a scared, self-conscious girl; now she’s come into her own as a mechanic and soccer coach, and Scarlett can’t help but wonder what might have been.

Carrying on a secret high-school romance in a conservative town was brutal, and Joan hadn’t been able to take the pressure. She broke Scarlett’s heart in exchange for a “normal” life that was doomed from the beginning. Now that Joan’s divorced, fate keeps putting Scarlett in her path. They may have tried to forget each other, but their chemistry is still undeniable.

Both women start to wonder if they might be right for each other after all… But is the spark they both feel enough, or will their shared past prove too painful to overcome? Find out in this new lesbian romance by wife-and-wife authors Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin!

You, Me, & Eternity
by Sybil Smith

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Follow the heartwarming and inspiring journey of Nora and Leslie as they move through a long, exhilarating life together—one that only true love can bring.

Nora Gallagher and Leslie Werner find each other as young college students and never let go. Nora is a straightforward go-getter with a zest for life as bright as her red hair. Leslie, preparing for her medical residency, is as smart as she is stunning. Their love blossoms throughout the years as they support and push one another to achieve their goals.

While both Nora and Leslie experience success in their careers, they also find fulfillment with each other and the family they begin together. Even through the exhaustion of raising two children, they are still able to find time for one another and remain madly in love.

Nora and Leslie understand that life has many obstacles to throw at them and that the best way through it all is together, hand in hand.

The Flowers: Book 1
by Olivia Lark

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Historical Romance

What is Hazel, a young house-servant, to do when her adored mistress Katherine leaves to marry a man in a distant city? It’s 1870, and she’s been forbidden to go with Katherine as her maid.

She’s not at all sure Katherine loves her the way she loves Katherine, but she has little option but to remain behind in Maylane, the little Midwestern village where the two girls grew up together.

When Katherine returns home, freshly widowed and with two young daughters of her own, Hazel assumes the role of maid again. But is a maid what Katherine wants of her? And can Hazel confine her feelings to a subservient role?

Or can they discover something different and far better than either of them ever dreamed possible, and make it a reality?

by K’Anne Meinel

Action & Adventure / Historical Romance

Molly didn’t know what kind of life to expect when she fell in love with Erin Herriot—her schoolmate, her best friend, and a woman. She had been grateful for Erin’s friendship when the bank swindled her after selling her parents’ farm and she was invited to live on Erin’s parents’ farm.

After making the difficult decision to live life as ‘man and wife,’ Molly gladly accepted the challenges before them. Together, they made the decision to sell Erin’s farm and embark on the journey of a lifetime…on the Oregon Trail.
Erin couldn’t give Molly children; however, she could love her forever. But leaving the area where they had both grown up and where everyone knew the women was the only way they could be together without questions about the true nature of their relationship.

Come along on their adventure as two women cross the country, adopt a family, and begin a life that neither had imagined possible growing up in the mid-1800s.

by Jazzy Mitchell

SciFi / Paranormal Romance

Three women’s lives interweave as they struggle to navigate life and love. And the effects of a meteorite.

Patricia Steitz, a successful romance writer, is flabbergasted when Rudi Singlewood shows up at one of her book signings and initiates a summer romance. She worries that the fantasies she’s harbored regarding the world-renown Broadway actress may prevent her from accepting who Rudi really is. She relates her fears to her best friend, Marcia Struthers, a successful Manhattan litigator.

Knowing that Patricia has dreamed of Rudi for years, Marcia urges her to give the actress a chance by getting to know who she is behind her public persona. While working a high-profile case, Marcia must confront her resurging feelings for lead opposing counsel, Lexie Yamin, and the appearance of an unrequited love. All is not as it seems, however, as Marcia deals with unexpected physical changes and developing mental abilities after an encounter with a meteorite. Marcia’s not the only one dealing with changes induced by an extraterrestrial rock, though.

Kiernan Connelly, who has received intriguing letters over several months, begins to question her lifestyle. Her casual sexual relationship with Rudi and passable acting career no longer fulfill her. As Kiernan makes changes in her life, she finds herself dealing with the strange reality of being able to hear others’ thoughts. Could it be related to her close encounter with a meteorite?

by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romance / Apocalypse

If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

When four women from different walks of life are brought together by fate to witness the end of the world as they know it, each must find a way to survive against the odds as well as learn to rely on each other.

Jackie Scott wields incredible influence as a magazine executive in Seattle. As she plans a smashing party for her fortieth birthday, everything is precisely as she wants it. But when a solar storm lights up the night sky in a dazzling display, it not only ruins the party but destroys power around the planet and Jackie must turn for help from the one woman she has tried so hard not to want … Taylor.

Taylor Barnes is an Army veteran new to Seattle and wants nothing more than to find some peace and quiet working as a rent-a-cop in a corporate high-rise. When she is asked to attend the birthday party of the building’s powerful and sexy CEO, she can hardly say no. Little did she realize every skill she ever learned would be put to the test to save the woman she can’t seem to stop thinking about … Jackie.

Anna Patten is a nurse practitioner who has returned one last time to the town she ran away from to pack up the house where she grew up. Trying to avoid any drama, she cannot get away fast enough, or so she tells herself while her heart wonders about her high school crush. When fate lands them together in Seattle at a birthday party, suddenly Anna must lean on the woman she once left behind … Lexi.

Lexi Scott has built a simple life of writing novels and remodeling her farmhouse, but when she runs into a long-lost friend, her world is turned upside down. It’s not until she attends her sister Jackie’s birthday party that she is forced to not only face the apocalypse but now she must decide if she is willing to risk her heart again to save the only woman she ever loved … Anna.

The end of the world is only the beginning.

If you like a story with romance and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning new book. Explore the world of “Darkness Falls” today!

Note: This is a full-length, stand-alone novel with a science fiction/end-of-the-world theme, but is significantly more focused on strong female characters in a loving lesbian relationship.

by Beth Lyons

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Fantasy / LitRPG

A dental hygienist walks into a bar…..

Dental hygienist Isa Chamberlin thought the biggest challenge in her life was getting over a messy breakup, but when she pops into a new neighborhood bar, she finds herself in a different world, one filled with wizards, spells, and monsters. Join Isa as she explores unfamiliar surroundings, uncovers new skills, and learns to level. Magic and monsters, allies and enemies, romance and danger, all of it just on the other side of a simple door.

“Wear these bracers with pride.” The half-orc slid first one bracer and then the other over Isa’s forearms. “Fight with your heart,” he said as he pulled the laces tight. “And come back with a story to tell. That is what an adventurer does.” …….

This novel is part of the growing fantasy sub-genre called LitRPG. Think of it as a novelized role-playing game. The characters have stats and abilities and gear, just like video game characters, and their successes and failures were largely determined by the roll of the dice – the 20-sided variety. If you like games, fantasy, and funny adventure stories, you’ll feel right at home at Lund’s Tavern.

Underdogs: Book 7
by Geonn Cannon


The wolf has been caged. Ariadne Willow has been framed for murder. Upon her arrival at the police station, she’s given a choice: accept GG&M’s offer in exchange for her freedom, or risk going up against GG&M in court. Ari refuses and is sent to prison to await trial. Dale teams up with Ari’s mom and, along with Milo Duncan’s British pack, begins looking for ways to either prove Ari’s innocence or take down Cecily Parrish once and for all.

Trigger warning: Graphic Violence




by Fiona Riley
Narrated by L.W. Salinas

Olivia Dawson is in a personal and creative rut when her interior design team nets a contract that could change everything. Olivia grabs the chance to reignite her passion, to step outside her comfort zone, and to achieve national exposure if she delivers everything the client expects.

Savannah Quinn fled a broken heart and started fresh in a new city, at a new job, without any of her past in the rearview. Her new position as corporate liaison to Olivia and her team is exactly the distraction she’s looking for. She doesn’t have to settle into her empty apartment if she’s never there, right? And she can’t be betrayed if she never asks for forever.

Long days in strange cities bring Olivia and Savannah closer, but keeping their growing attraction separate from their professional relationship feels impossible. When Savannah has to choose between Olivia and her career, she makes a choice that could change both their lives.


by Clare Lydon
narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis

Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with? Alice Di Santo has it all – everyone says so. Perfect boyfriend, great job, settled home life. But when she meets Rachel Cramer, all that changes. Because Rachel is everything Alice has never considered – and now cannot stop thinking about.

This charming tale of coming out in your 30s sees Alice risk everything to go after what she wants, soon discovering she’s deserving of love – and especially this love, which takes her breath away.

The fourth book in the London Romance Series features favourite characters from the previous three novels, and proves that falling in love is never scripted.




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