March 12th Newsletter: Free Book

Dear lesfic reader,

Happy Tuesday!

I’m at the London Book Fair with Harper Bliss, Clare Lydon, A. E. Radley, and Emma Sterner-Radley. That means today’s edition of the newsletter doesn’t include any new releases.

Instead, you can download a free copy of my novel The Miracle Girl from Amazon. Last day to snag your free copy is March 15th.

The regular edition of the I Heart Lesfic newsletter will return on March 19th.

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by T.B. Markinson

Newspaper publisher and world traveler JJ Cavendish continually feels pressured to live up to her Miracle Girl nickname. Not many people know she’s living a carefully crafted lie. She may not hide ties to the LGBT community, but she does hide past struggles with addiction.

When the Colorado native is handpicked to take the helm at a dying Denver newspaper, she ends up reconnecting with her long lost love in this contemporary lesbian romance. Only there’s a catch. If JJ fires the most belligerent editor at the paper, she risks losing the love of her life.

Mid-afternoon office romps abound in this romantic comedy while also focusing on what it takes for a newspaper to remain relevant in this age of social media.

Must JJ lose everything in order to gain a life more fully her own?

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS / Amazon DE / Amazon FR / Amazon ES / Amazon IT / Amazon NL / Amazon JP / Amazon BR / Amazon MX / Amazon IN




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New Lesfic Goodies: March 5th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

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by Miranda MacLeod
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when the price of saving your job is betraying the woman you love?

Jordan is an American journalist living in London. Now that her struggling newspaper has been sold to an infamous tabloid king, she has one week to produce a tell-all story of the century or she’s out of a job, and out of the country. Then a runaway princess nearly falls in her lap. It seems like the answer to her prayers, but how can she write an exposé on a woman she’s falling in love with?

Abby was a typical California girl, until a twist of fate turned her into Princess Abigail, the heir to the throne of her father’s small European kingdom. When presented with an opportunity to escape her royal duties for a night out on the town while on an official state visit to London, she seizes the chance. But when she’s rescued by the woman of her dreams, she begins to doubt that she can ever return to royal life again.

As they have the time of their lives exploring London together, both Jordan and Abby suspect they may have found their perfect match, but if the secrets they’re hiding are exposed, how can their relationship survive?



by A.E. Radley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bad childhood memories start to resurface when Hannah Hall’s daughter Rosie begins school. To make matters more complicated, Hannah has been steadfastly ignoring the obvious truth that Rosie is intellectually gifted and wise beyond her years.

In the crumbling old school she meets Rosie’s new teacher Alice Spencer who has moved from the city to teach in the small coastal town of Fairlight.

Alice immediately sees Rosie’s potential and embarks on developing an educational curriculum to suit Rosie’s needs, to Hannah’s dismay.

Teacher and mother clash over what’s best for young Rosie.

Will they be able to compromise? Will Hannah finally open up to someone about her own damaged upbringing?

And will they be able to ignore the sparks that fly whenever they are in the same room?



by Suzie Carr
Available in Kindle Unlimited

From the moment Lexie Tanner meets Taylor Henshaw in the dilapidated space that will one day become her aunt’s pet boutique, she knows she’s got her work cut out for her. Taylor self-identifies as a complicated woman, and there’s nothing Lexie enjoys more than a good fixer upper. But Taylor’s complications run deep, and way into her past. Surrounded by an eccentric and spirited group of family and friends, including a spunky and lovable dog named Cashmere, the two women navigate a series of obstacles that have them questioning their choices. As their journey unfolds, neither women is prepared for what happens when they start to break down the old and discover the new.



by JM Dragon

Old Loves. Unrequited Loves. New passions.

A perfume company in trouble, leaving the town of Grady in peril.

It’s up to the reclusive Gene Desrosiers to save her family’s perfume company and the people she cares for, even if the most important one is not aware of it.

Will an ultimate sacrifice win the day, or will Grady end up a ghost town of unfulfilled lives and love?

This love story will warm your heart.



by Sarah Turtle

Willa Barton has established herself as a successful author and screenwriter, residing in New York City, a stark contrast from her childhood upbringing in the small island community of Laurel Cove, Maine. Twenty years have passed since Willa’s best friend, Brynn, kissed her, which resulted in Willa accidentally causing permanent injury to Brynn. After being shamed out of town for destroying the future of Laurel Cove’s star athlete, Willa kept her distance; that is, until she receives a call that her father has passed away.

Willa’s plan is simple—she is only going back long enough to tie up loose ends for her father’s estate, sell his house, and attend his funeral. What she doesn’t account for are the past grudges that still exist, a love that was never completely lost, and prospects of friendship. Can Willa right past wrongs to fulfill a promise from the grave so her father can be laid to rest?



by Q. Kelly

The producers of “Will You Marry Me?” need a new lead ASAP, and Bree Vaughn fits the bill. Never mind that she applied to be a contestant and may not truly be ready for love.

The moment that Bree sets eyes on Izzy Fontana, she thinks Izzy may be the one. Except…oops! Bree dismisses her as a prospective love match seconds afterward because Izzy is Deaf and communicates through sign language. Bree’s son, Austin, wears cochlear implants, and Bree is afraid he might backslide with a Deaf stepmother. Sayonara, so long, Izzy!

Of course, it wouldn’t be PC to kick Izzy off the first night, so Bree keeps her around along with contestants such as a poly couple, a Muslim Republican, a sixty-two-year-old dildo purveyor and a cowgirl with subpar lassoing skills. Bit by bit, enough of the contestants begin to make their mark on Bree, and the emotions, drama and tears become the real thing.

Will Bree propose, and to whom? Find out in “Reality Lesbian 3”!




Girls of Summer: Book 4

by Kate Christie

The first three books of the Girls of Summer series introduced Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell, two young athletes with bright soccer futures. Now, in The Road to Canada, a staffing change on the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) shortly before the 2015 World Cup has altered the playing field for both women.

For Jamie, a new coach means a renewed shot at making the World Cup roster for the top-ranked squad in the world. For Emma, the shift in priorities means that for the first time in her adult life, she isn’t sure she’ll be on the field—or even on the team—for a major championship.

Who will make the final cut for a chance to stand on top of the winner’s podium in Vancouver? To find out, join Jamie and Emma for the latest installment in the ongoing story of their lives, loves, and would-be world championships in The Road to Canada, book four of the bestselling series.






by Bonnie Wormsley

Katherine Tanner is the captain of the pirate ship The Widow, which prowls the seas by night preying upon innocent ships. With her faithful tiger companion Saida by her side, Katie boards a ship one night with her crew to find something unexpected – a young blonde woman held captive in a filthy cell. She frees the young woman and brings her aboard The Widow.

Katie soon realizes she has a strange attraction to the young woman, whose name is Hannah. When the ship makes port the next day, Katie thinks Hannah will leave. She is secretly relieved when Hannah decides to join her crew and allows the young woman to stay with her in her quarters.

As the mutual attraction between them continues to grow, will Katie and Hannah be able to overcome their pasts and learn to trust and love one another?




Thermopylae: Book 4

by Belinda Harrison
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nine winters have passed in Trachis since Ava’s dramatic birth at the hands of Ares and his Keres. The child has grown with the love of her parents and grandparents with no outward signs – or knowledge of – the lineage she has inherited from her Mumma Skylar.

But the time is coming for Ares to return. The mortals may not feel Ava’s power growing, but he does, and the God of War will do whatever he must to set his Chosen One on the path he intends.

And when he is done, nothing will ever be the same in Trachis again.





by Caren J. Werlinger

Nora McNeill has always dreamed of exploring her Irish roots. When she finally gets the opportunity to spend a summer in the village where her grandparents grew up, the experience promises to live up to her very high expectations. Except for the ghost that is haunting her rented cottage and is soon invading her dreams.

Briana Devlin has arranged her life the way she likes it: a good dog, good mates, and work with horses. There’s no room in her life for a relationship. Especially with an annoyingly clumsy—and attractive—American who is only going to be around for a few months.

The weeks fly by, and Nora’s ghost becomes more demanding, seeking her help in solving the mystery surrounding her death. Briana watches as Nora becomes more wrapped up in the past, seeming to fade away before her eyes.

Past and present are on a collision course, leaving Nora and Briana caught in a ghostly intrigue that could cost them not only their chance of a future together, but their very lives.




The Darkness Trilogy: Book 3

by KC Luck
Available in Kindle Unlimited

If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

Twice now, Taylor, Jackie, Lexi, and Anna have faced the darkness brought on by a catastrophic solar storm. With the help of Sam, Laura, and a group of faithful friends, they have rebuilt their lives in a world without power. But when new threats arise, each must find a way to survive against the odds as well as continue to rely on each other.

If you like a story with romance and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning new book. Don’t miss this exciting conclusion to The Darkness Trilogy.





by Geonn Cannon

To Cassiane Jurick, there is nothing in the world as important as The Mission. As a covert agent for Greek intelligence, she disappears into whatever role she’s given. Her latest mission ends in failure and nearly costs Cassiane her life, but she is rescued and nursed back to health by her handler, Timothea Riddock. Adrift between assignments and still recuperating from her injuries, Cassiane begins a physical relationship with Timothea.

Their relationship is put on hold by the arrival of another agent, Constance Grimaldi, who brings them a new mission: a Soviet chemist has arrived in Berlin with a new strain of anthrax which they believe he plans to sell to one of their enemies. As Cassiane disappears into her latest identity, Timothea finds herself drawn to Constance.

From a ghost station in the shadow of the Berlin Wall to hidden strongholds hidden deep inside dark German forests, the three agents must learn to trust one another because this mission’s failure would mean certain death.





by Hildred Billings
narrated by Kay Mack

Welcome to Paradise Valley, where the locals thrive on the rural landscape, the quirky Oregonian living, and the history of the lesbian commune that founded it.

Mixing small town attitudes with lesbian dating? Sounds like another day in Paradise.

City girl Mikaiya “Mik” Marcott returns to her hometown to help her ailing grandmother. But who does she see first when she’s barely reached the city limits? Ariana Mura, the girl whose heart she broke 10 years ago.

Only Ari isn’t a “girl” anymore. She’s a grown woman who doesn’t take crud from anyone. The lanky Ariana with a flower crown in her long hair is now the big and tough Ari, Paradise Valley’s strongest EMT and all-around “native gal” the other townsfolk are prepared to defend.

Locking eyes with her serves a grim reminder to Mik that coming home isn’t always a small-town parade. It reminds them both of the worst night of their lives.

In a small town like Paradise Valley, these two former lovebirds will never avoid one another. Do they make peace with their tumultuous past? Or do they acknowledge the embers of love that still simmer in their heartbroken shells?

Who will stoke the fires first?





by Arizona Tape

$0.99 $4.99 

What if you had a pill that could change attraction into love?

Female spy, Cara, has no qualms using the love pill to get information from her targets. But this time, it’s different. This time, she actually likes the one she has to go after. Problem? Her target is a woman and Cara doesn’t swing that way. Or does she?

The Love Pill is a lesbian romance filled with self-discovery, acceptance of changing sexuality, and a lot of sweet moments. This book will make you hunger for that human connection and restore your faith in love.



by Freia Ricola

$0.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Some stars last forever.

“The Red Planet produces many things. High-speed, high-luxury starliners. Plastics, alloys, and gases essential to the construction of those starliners. Beautiful, dusty red Martian Roses. My favourite pudding, the strawberry-based Olympus Bun. And many other things. But the one thing Mars has rarely been known for producing is stellar level idols.

What are idols, you ask? According to my best friend Anise, entire books could and have been written on the subject of idols. To me, though, they’re people who make me smile and laugh, and who brighten my day simply by being. An idol’s job is to be a source of inspiration, a guiding light in times of darkness.

Idols can sing, dance, act, even work as producers for other idols, performing minor—and sometimes not-so-minor—miracles behind the scenes so their friends and rivals can be their best, too. And now I’m about to become an idol myself. Little ‘ol me, an eighteen year old girl with no real direction in my life. Frankly, the very idea is terrifying.

And very, very exciting.

My name’s Isla Ainsworth, and this is the story of how I became an idol.”



by Freia Ricola

$0.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Living. Learning. Loving.

“My name’s Anise Kendall, and I’m an idol, actress, and lover of cute girls. Just a short month ago, I was still living on dusty old Mars with my best friend, Isla. Now? We’re both students at the prestigious Dreamstar Academy for Idols on planet Aida, the centre of all forms of entertainment among the stars.

We’ve settled into our new lives here, Isla’s managed to get herself onto some crazy camp for rookie idols that promises to give her a new sense of appreciation for the role lungs play in the human body, and I’m getting ready for an important audition to become a new model for a clothing brand. Exciting stuff!

Between these activities, though, we’re also meeting new friends and rivals. Isla bumped into the academy’s top idol just yesterday, the loner known as Cassiopeia Luna, knocking her on her butt and starting a chain of events that could have ramifications for the whole of the idol world. And we met a lovely couple of girls recently, one a bubbly and fun lass called Millie, the other a gothic model known as Evangeline le Fay.

There’s an almost endless variety to the types of idol out there, and I’ve made it my job to learn about them all. Because becoming an idol is easy. But becoming a successful idol? Ah, that’s the hard part, and the more unique you are, the more likely you’ll be to succeed.

Now I just have to hope Isla and our other new friends figure this out. Fading into obscurity is a fate worse than death for an idol…”



by Freia Ricola

$0.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

New Trials. New Rivals. New Horizons.

“Hey-yo! Is this thing on? It’s your friendly neighbourhood Pop Idol, Millie Bright here. How’s it going? Things are a bit up and down for me and Eva right now, aye. I have plenty of fun idol work on the go, no problems there. Got mesself a nice little gig at an idol bar and café, working for a lovely lady called Amy. Aye, lots of fun, that one is! I’m also mascot girl for Dinky Doughnuts for the next year, and I love me some doughnuts, yep.

Only problem is… Eva’s been a bit weird lately. Sneaking little chats with Anise while I’m not around, that kind of thing. Maybe she’s just worried about her shyness, and wants help? Silly girl, she could always ask me, I’m the world champion at not being shy!

Or maybe there’s something else going on? I dunno.

We also have the big tennis tournament coming up at Dreamstar Academy soon. Promises to be quite the event, I hear. Our own Isla is taking part, the lovely tennis idol that she is, but word is that she’s partnering with someone unexpected! I wonder who it could be…?

Oh, looks like my time’s up. This is Millie Bright, signing off! Hope everyone has a lovely and rainbow-filled day.”




Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference

Register now for the conference. April 26-27 at the Boston Marriott in Burlington, MA. 

Master Class with Damon Suede, Luncheon Speaker Penny Reid, and Keynote by Sonali Dev. 

Workshops in Business, Craft, and Writer’s Life that are applicable across genres. We’re also expecting a great turnout for our Friday book fair with all of our main speakers signing.

Also, I’ll (TB Markinson) be there along with Miranda MacLeod and we’ll be signing books.  

More info and registration are here:


Prices may change without notice, so make sure to check the price listed by the retailer before making the purchase.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

Happy reading!

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Guest Post: Happily Ever After by Laney Webber

Happy Friday!

Bold Strokes Books author Laney Webber is here today. Take it away, Laney!

Happily Ever After  

One of the reasons I read and write romance is that I’m a fan of happily ever after in any format. When I read or write, I know my couple’s story will end with a happily ever after, but I don’t know quite how they will get there. When I’m reading, I enjoy the discovery of the couple’s relationship journey through initial meeting then falling in love. When I’m writing, it’s a thrill to create a couple’s journey to their happily ever after. But I often wonder what happens after I close the book cover or I type “The End.”

I’ve developed a habit in the last few years of asking people I know who have been in a long-term relationship how they met. If you’re ever having a bad day or feeling grumpy, try this. Every single time I ask this question something magical happens. The expression on the person’s face changes as they start thinking back to that first meeting. They smile as they recount the story. Sometimes they blush. Every single story is different and wonderful and every person I’ve asked loved telling their story. As they talk their love story touches me and I feel hopeful and happy too. This is the magic of a love story, a romance.

I like to think that this is what happened after I closed the book or typed “The End.” That couple that met and overcame obstacles and feel in love are just regular people that you talk to each day or see at the grocery store, or the gym, or the library. But they have an untold love story inside of them.



Laney Webber

Jannika Peterson arrived in Grangeton, New Hampshire, with a broken heart and a new job managing the local bookstore. She has a gift for pairing readers with the perfect books, but her matchmaking skills don’t extend to her love life. Love doesn’t stand a chance against her well-protected heart.

Eighteen years ago, Lee Thompson was Jannika’s summer camp counselor, and Lee has never forgotten the beautiful girl with the unusual name. Still healing from her wife’s sudden death, Lee hopes her new job in a new town will help her to begin a new chapter.

When Jannika and Lee reunite, their instant connection feels like a gift, but neither is ready for a second chance at love. Unable to deny their attraction, will they finally get on the same page when it comes to love?



Laney Webber lives in Vermont with her wife, rescue dog Gracie and rescue cat Rudy Valentino. She likes camping, visiting libraries, and driving up the coast of Maine. Her story “Bat Girl” is included in the anthology, Girls Next Door (Bold Strokes Books, 2017) and her debut novel, A Chapter on Love (Bold Strokes Books, 2019) is available wherever books are sold. Laney is currently working on her next love story, The Real Thing, available December 2019.



Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website / Bold Strokes Books /

Amazon Author Page


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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Guest Post by Alex B Porter

Today’s guest is Alex B Porter to discuss her first non-fiction work.

Please welcome Alex.

How understanding the clitoral organ can improve your sex life

This year I wrote my first non-fiction book. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie: I started 2017, then life took over and everything stopped. The book was finished late 2018 and published February 2019. It’s called The Cunnilinguist: How To Give And Receive Great Oral Sex and was inspired by a fan of my fiction series, Branding Her. Starting life as a bit of a giggle, the manuscript grew into short book of cunnilingus tips and then it took on a life of its own. I’m honored to have been joined by gender and sexuality educator Susan Harper PhD on editing and Foreword duties, from whom I learned a lot and who really turned this book into something special.

Research differences between fiction and non-fiction

One of the biggest differences between writing fiction and non-fiction is the planning and research phase; fiction is very much about plot and character, whilst non-fiction is focused on fact and logic. I can’t use my imagination to fill knowledge gaps in non-fiction the way I can with fiction and so, when the book really started becoming something more serious than a list of sex tips, I dug into a lot of research.

I’m not particularly academic in the traditional sense and science was never a strong point, but my biggest personal takeaways from writing this book came from the social sciences – gender and sexuality, alongside psychology and female anatomy. Today I’m going to share with you a few findings and images from the anatomy section; the secret of the clitoral organ and pudendal nerve. These are two anatomical areas I had never read much about until I took a deeper dive into the subject. 

The Clitoral Organ

I’m a thirty-something lesbian in a long-term relationship who has had plenty of fun and diverse relationships in the past, so I’m pretty familiar with female anatomy and pleasure points in their natural form. What I’m not familiar with are the unfleshly versions: Diagrams. And what I’ve never taken time to study are the facts as to why these pleasure points exist and how they can be used, or better understood, to enhance pleasure.

I mean, I’ve always known the clit runs deep and there’s much more to it than that little nub, but until recently I wasn’t fully aware of its extent or shape. That’s hardly a surprise considering it has been either omitted or under-represented in most literature until the late 20th Century. I personally cannot remember the clit ever being mentioned in high school education, never mind it’s extent and purpose.

Figure 1 shows the clitoral organ. At the top-right there is a simple vulva diagram – that should help you familiarize with what you are looking at (And yep, it’s called a vulva, not a vagina. Vulva=external parts, vagina=internal).

The little bit of the clitoris that forms part of the vulva is marked as “Head of Clitoris” and yes, this tiny nub is all you see above the surface. The head of the clitoris contains approximately 8,000 nerves and is around 50 times more sensitive than a penis. As far as we know, the sole purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure.

The clitoral organ travels down the inner labia (lips), around the urethra and the front-most area of the vagina. Essentially this organ is the endpoint of a large nerve called the pudendal nerve. A nerve that we all have, regardless of gender.

The Pudendal Nerve 

The clitoris is connected to a network of nerves and hooks up to the spinal cord, central nervous system and brain via the Pudendal Nerve (Figure 2). The pudendal nerve comes off the lower spine, travels down the rectum and branches into the rectum, perineum and labia, finishing up as the dorsal nerve of the clitoris.

Now you have an idea of where these nerves run and are aware that the clitoris itself is a substantial organ, you can start to see why certain pleasure—and pain—points exist. It also hopefully provides some insight to that elusive G-spot, the ‘OMG, I need to pee’ feeling and why some people enjoy a little anal tinkering.

Seeing as you are unlikely to see your partner from this particular angle, here is another diagram (Figure 3) that is hopefully more familiar.

The pudendal nerve is paired, it comes off the spinal cord as left-right branches. As you can see, there are major branches into the anal and perineal areas, however the main nerve(s) travel down the labia, becomes the dorsal nerve of the clitoris and eventually the pair (almost) reconnect in that super-sensitive area we commonly refer to as “the clit”. 

Sensitivity and bringing it all together

Nerve sensitivity in the genital and pelvic region can differ from person to person and from moment to moment. The distribution of nerves within the region also varies – these images are basic; there are thousands of nerve branches and their depth and position also varies person-to-person. These differences are some of the reasons why we have differing likes and dislikes. It also explains why some of us are more sensitive in areas than others. And remember, what can cause pleasure can also cause pain: Childbirth and genital surgery can cause nerve damage and make certain areas sensitive in a not-so-pleasurable manner, particularly around the perineum area. Be considerate. 

In a nutshell: taking the time to have a basic understanding of female anatomy will help make you not only a more effective lover, but a more considerate one.



by Alex B Porter

The Cunnilinguist is a refreshingly modern guide to oral sex with a sense of humor. Written by a woman with experience at both ends of the tongue, this guide will build your confidence in giving —or receiving— oral sex.

You’ll learn tested tips, tricks and techniques that any giver or receiver can try. The Cunnilinguist: How To Give And Receive Great Oral Sex has insights and tips for readers from beginner to advanced, single to married, and regardless of gender or sexual orientation.



Lesbian fiction author Alex B Porter writes lesbian stories and steamy lesbian romance series. At 32 years old, Alex hails from Shoreditch, London via Belfast but has spent significant time in the United States. She currently resides in East London with her lifetime partner, a talented artist, and their only “child”, Neko the cat. Alex was unhappy in her hectic, big-city career, and recently ditched the corporate world to pursue her dream of writing and curating ‘romantica’ (romantic erotica) for lesbian, bi and women. She feels lesbian sex and sexuality is misrepresented and wishes to empower women to explore their sexuality. When she isn’t spinning her sexy stories to the beat of a large Merlot, Alex enjoys travel, music, the arts, and experimentation.





Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: February 26th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




Book 9

by Giselle Fox
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The truth lies within the foundations…

After a magical night at the beach house, Claire and Camille start making plans for the future. With their holiday in Oregon drawing to an end, the uncertainty of a new school year looms ahead. An impulsive decision from Camille pushes the lovers to deviate off course, and a proposal for Claire to step up leads to a challenge for Camille to step back.

The Lady Billionaire story continues with another heart-stopping installment, and a first-time look into the hearts and minds of the rest of the cast.


A Woman Lost: Book 6

by TB Markinson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Despite Lizzie’s attempts to hide from her family, circumstances pull her even deeper into the complicated Petrie web.

After a disastrous family Christmas, Lizzie’s friends and family seek her counsel, dragging Lizzie back into their orbit. With a brother facing prison time, a family feud, the possibility of raising her niece, and the desire to have another child, Lizzie’s one step from constructing a moat to block out the world.

Will Lizzie crack or dig deep to prevent the collapse of the family?



by Jenn Matthews

A quirky lesbian romance about love never being quite where you expect.

Anna’s life’s in a bit of a rut. As a teacher with two great kids and a boyfriend, she seems to have it all. Except…she’s bored as hell. Perhaps a new hobby’s in order? Something…crafty? Divorced mother and veteran Ollie has been through the wars, emotionally and physically. To relax, she runs a quirky crochet class in her London craft shop. She can’t help but notice the attractive, feisty new student. A shame Anna’s straight as an arrow.

But somewhere between the chain stitches, doubles and trebles, Ollie and Anna form a powerful connection they never expected.



by Jessica Pots
Available in Kindle Unlimited


I placed an ad for an assistant…didn’t think anyone would apply.

But, I only had four requirements—punctual, organized, non-smoker, night owl.

After countless failed attempts I think I’ve finally filled it permanently with the quirky soul who now sits at the desk across from mine.

Problem is, she fits in to my world more than she really should.

Now, I realize I haven’t just found the perfect woman for the job. I think I’ve found the perfect woman for me…


In this great big star-studded metropolis, I now work for a woman whose aim is to stay as invisible as I already am.

I respect her. I admire her. But, I know nothing about her.

And day by day, I seek to find out more.

This job, well, it’s peculiar.

But I love it.

They say never fall in love with the boss, right?




by Joi Miner
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when you mix lesbians, love, and basketball?

All ballers ain’t lesbian, and all lesbians can’t play ball. But Jordin Martinez was the best of both worlds.

Jordin “Hops” Martinez was a lover of women, ball, and family. Not coming from the best life, she knew the only way to get out was basketball, and it was her first love. With her brother, Joose and his best friend Sauce, they worked hard to make sure they got out of Alabama, and the whack lives they’d lived. But the lil’ hustle they had on the side may end up ruining their lives… and their chance at a future. She had so much goin’ on that there was no time for love, until… her.

Jordan “Joose” Martinez has always been the man of the house, looking out for his mama and sister. With his Pops never being an example, he did the best he could and provided. When his dreams of playing ball became a memory, he drove Hops to be their family’s savior. But when she showed a passion for more than basketball, he realized that his attempts to protect her may have caused her more harm than good.

Saul “Sauce” Solomon wanted two things in life: money and hoes. He’d been in love with Hops since he first met her and her Twin brother Joose in the fifth grade, but she never gave him any play. All he wanted was a chance, but when he found out that she was lesbian, all his hopes came crashing down. A man scorned is a dangerous thing. Will he be able to put his feelings to the side and remain loyal to the crew… or will his determination to persuade Hops that her being gay is “just a phase”?

Briana Miles never thought she’d fall in love. And definitely not with a girl. But when she met Hops, all of that changed. Hops was dope, but so was her brother Joose, and she loved the attention she was getting from their homie Sauce, too. When she was brought into their circle, the come-up was instantaneous But with fast money, danger is usually right around the corner. And Bria might have to choose between the woman she’s falling for and herself.

For Hops, coming out may have been the worst decision she made in her life. But denying who she really was, was killing her. Falling hard and fast, like we lesbians tend to do, she found herself in a love with a woman that could cost her everything.





by Marian Snowe
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ash Harker is skilled at her job as a professional bodyguard. She’s former military, but she also has a secret romantic streak a mile wide. She’s just always known that true love is for other people—people with fewer scars than she has.

Serena Davenport has clawed her way to the top of the business world, and with a successful company to run, she has no time for love. But when Serena finds herself the target of a stalker and needs someone to keep her safe, the bodyguard who shows up at her door looks startlingly familiar…

One terrible date a few weeks ago was something both Ash and Serena swore to put behind them. But now, unexpectedly, they’re forced back into each other’s lives. The date may have been a disaster, but the scorching hot attraction between them is undeniable.

With a murderous criminal on their trail, they can’t afford any distractions—and what’s more distracting than love?


WINNER: A Las Vegas Romance

by Harley Slate
Available in Kindle Unlimited

She won’t be fooled by a beautiful woman’s bag of tricks. Not this time.

Forced to put her FBI training on hold, Lana Jones finds herself working eye in the sky for the least glittering casino in Vegas. Running down slot machine scammers is hardly the pot of gold at the end of her rainbow.

Melody Lysander is a cut above the usual crop of shady drifters who wander into Lana’s third-rate clip joint. But the seductive redhead doesn’t seem to comprehend the first law of Vegas: The house always wins.

In a million-dollar game of cat and mouse, who is the cat? And who is the mouse?

A high-steam enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance novel with a twist.. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Complete with the happily ever after you deserve.





by Amy DeMeritt
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jack Hart is a self-proclaimed butch-lesbian with short hair, many ear piercings, and even more tattoos. And she’s very hot. To look at her, you wouldn’t know she is a self-made millionaire creating computer software for the biggest corporations in the world. That is, if you go based off of mainstream opinions on appearance, which Jack has no patience for.

Jack lives by the rules of not judging others and not living her life controlled by the judgments of others. Jack doesn’t live by many rules, in fact she prefers to live by the ideology of doing what she wants, when she wants, with all due respect to those around her, of course.

However, Jack is very firm on a couple of rules, and every woman she brings home to her decked out luxury sex den all know the rules. Jack Hart does not date or do relationships – she only has sexual encounters. And if she or her playmate develop feelings, the arrangement ends.

But after over ten years of living by her own rules, Jack starts to wonder if she’s really getting what she wants from her promiscuous lifestyle anymore.





by Samantha Shannon

A world divided.
A queendom without an heir.
An ancient enemy awakens.

The House of Berethnet has ruled Inys for a thousand years. Still unwed, Queen Sabran the Ninth must conceive a daughter to protect her realm from destruction–but assassins are getting closer to her door.

Ead Duryan is an outsider at court. Though she has risen to the position of lady-in-waiting, she is loyal to a hidden society of mages. Ead keeps a watchful eye on Sabran, secretly protecting her with forbidden magic.

Across the dark sea, Tané has trained all her life to be a dragonrider, but is forced to make a choice that could see her life unravel.

Meanwhile, the divided East and West refuse to parley, and forces of chaos are rising from their sleep.




Burgundy Hart: Book 3

by Lucy True
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Wanted Dead or Alive: Burgundy Jane Hart, the female warlock with an amazing sense of style and inappropriate sense of humor.

At least, that’s what Burgundy would write on her wanted posters if they existed. Too bad she’s been hiding like a fugitive ever since the Finders occupied Rock Grove. Moving from safe house to safe house might keep her alive but it’s definitely no way to live.

Unfortunately, getting her fellow warlocks to work together is like herding cats, even if it involves taking out their nemeses – the Witches Council. But once Burgundy finds out the leaders of the Firebrand Syndicate are on her side, there’s only one thing to do.

It’s time for Burgundy to take a stand once and for all. Otherwise, she might lose the best thing she ever had.

Back off, witches. There’s a new warlock in town when Burgundy comes home to Rock Grove.




Urban Fairytales: Book 10

by Erik Schubach

I taught you to fight and to fly, what more can there be?

Robyn and Amanda fall off the path to Perchta’s garden, where the Avatars were retreating to in order plan against the Elders resetting of the mortal realm. They find themselves in a land where imagination is the most dangerous of weapons… Neverland.

Everything we know about Pan, the Hook, and the Lost Boys gets all turned around. After a daring rescue, our heroines learn that time is up and the Elders have started their march.

With new allies, they need to find a way back home to join their fellow Avatars as they prepare for the most important confrontation in the history of mankind.





by Mia Archer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What’s a witch to do when she falls for the vampire she’s supposed to kill?

Lisa wasn’t your typical college girl. She was a witch on a mission. A witch with no magic sent to find the vampire who killed her best friend and make the undead bitch pay.

The only problem? She’s hunting a vampire whose fanged face haunts her dreams. She can’t get her out of her mind. And when she meets Ivy she falls. Hard.

That was not part of the plan.

Ivy wasn’t your typical college girl. No, she was a vampire running a secret sorority of the undead where that undeath was a life sentence to an endless boring party.

Only Ivy had problems. Like newly turned pledges who refused to follow orders. Like a dead witch killed by one of those pledges. Like the threat of witches descending on her sorority and destroying everything she’s built over long decades in retaliation for one stupid pledge’s mistake.

The last thing she needed complicating things was a mysterious freshman girl coming along and capturing her mind like no human had in decades. A girl who was hiding a dangerous secret that could be the end of everything she’s built…

Fang U is a 70k lesbian vampire romance with a little bit of humor, a little bit of horror, a touch of magic, and a whole lot of fun!





by Charlotte Mills

A thrilling lesbian mystery about trying to right a past wrong…despite the consequences.

Detective Constable Kate Wolfe is sent to a Cheshire backwater after falling foul of a disciplinary hearing in London. But before she even has a chance to settle in, Kate finds herself in a situation there’s no coming back from. She’s reported as a troublemaker to her new boss, Detective Chief Inspector Helen Taylor, a no-nonsense veteran who once had an esteemed, high-profile career.

The pair investigate a spate of arson attacks, a dead body found in a burnt out building, and a missing architect while fighting their growing attraction for each other. The discovery of a dumped vehicle in a quarry lake sparks a series of events that will change their lives forever.





by Kim Pritekel

As the dark days of the Dust Bowl came to an end, the midsection of the United States tried to rebuild and revitalize. In the small, dusty farming town of, Brooke View, Colorado, teenager, Eleanor Landry and her mother were dealing with her father, a self-appointment fire and brimstone preacher to his congregation of two. A plan to survive.

As the dark era of the robber baron comes to an end, giants of industry and innovation emerged with fabulous fortunes manifested in the mansions that dotted the landscape across the country. Lysette Landon, the teen daughter of the wealthiest family in Brooke View, was everything a good, proper girl of privilege should be. Only problem was, she wasn’t dreaming of finding a young man to raise a family with. A plan to be free.

One look, one touch, all plans are off.

Secrets deeper and darker than the grave would bring Eleanor and Lysette together, their families connected by a web of lies and broken promises. A plan to escape.

Be careful because, life has other plans…



by Donna Jay

Palmerston North, New Zealand

It’s summer 1985, the school year is almost over, and Katie is deeply in the closet. The last thing she wants is to become a target for bullies.

When a group of popular girls invite her to hang out, she finally has a chance to be part of the in-crowd. Her excitement quickly turns to fear, and she barely escapes their trap. It’s the last time she’ll ever be so naive.

Haunted by that day, Katie shuts herself away, dreaming of payback. When fantastical thoughts turn to reality, vengeance is bitter sweet.

Convinced she’s not a good person, Katie resigns herself to a life alone. But fate has other plans.

When she crosses paths with an outgoing redhead, she’s forced to re-examine the walls she’s built around her heart.






by Lily Craig
narrated by Emily Beresford & Gabra Zackman

Fake love, real sparks.

When Celeste Lamontagne receives a wedding invitation from her ex, she’s furious. The only thing worse than being cheated on? Seeing your ex and the girl she cheated with get married. Less than a year later. And as part of a two-week long Mediterranean cruise. But they say the best revenge is a life well lived, right? Not for Celeste, it isn’t. It’s arranging an elaborate fake relationship with someone to make your ex jealous.

Lane Bishop is the perfect someone to do just that. Impulsive to the extreme, she loses her job right in front of Celeste. There goes Lane’s best shot at becoming a stylist in New York City. She can have another chance if she agrees to travel with Celeste, pretending to be her girlfriend so that Celeste’s ex sees her happy and thriving. The only catch? Celeste’s an heiress accustomed to getting everything she wants. She’s rigorous about details – some might say spoiled – which clashes with a free spirit like Lane.

The sparks between Celeste and Lane become harder and harder to ignore. Can they convince the wedding guests of their passion without the flames setting them both alight?


The Chosen One: Book 2

by TB Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince

Mock election. Real world danger. Ainsley’s relationship and reputation may not survive the campaign trail.

Still reeling from the targeted attack on her family, Ainsley is determined to keep a low profile during senior year. But a mandatory class project pulls her back into the political fray as the mock Democratic presidential candidate. With the entire campus watching, Ainsley knows it’s only a matter of time before her rival turns the spotlight on her and her secretive girlfriend.

Groomed from birth by her politically connected family, Ainsley knows she can handle the abuse. But shielding her girlfriend’s secrets is a matter of life or death. To protect the ones she loves, Ainsley will need to use every shrewd political move in the book.

The Hidden One is the captivating second book in a series of lesbian romantic suspense novels that shed light on modern American politics. If you like romance that defies the odds, a satirical take on current events, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s compelling tale.



by Julie Cannon
narrated by Kira Omans

Lowe Carter and Faith Williams could not be more different. Lowe comes from money, very old money. Faith scrapes by, living paycheck to paycheck, sending what little she has left to her mother and little sister. Lowe is just starting her obligatory two-week visit with her parents when she collides, literally and figuratively, with the beautiful Faith. What better way to spend two weeks of hell than in the company of a hot, sexy woman? The only problem is that employees like Faith are forbidden to fraternize with residents and their guests. Join Lowe and Faith as they sail on The Escape, the world’s largest private residence on the water.



The Winter Hearts anthology was a rewarding project to be a part of in 2018. It raised a ton of money for charity. And Amanda Radley is organizing it again in 2019! Go here for details.


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Happy reading!

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New Lesfic Goodies: February 19th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

This is the last day of the Valentine’s sale.  Check out the deals on books by Miranda MacLeod, Emma Radley, Amanda Radley, Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and I. Again, here’s the page for the goodies on discount.

Below, you’ll find this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Susan X Meagher

Sometimes you just have to get away.

Even the best job can slowly drain your battery. When Gillian Lindsay realizes it’s time for a recharge, she impetuously decides to visit Scotland.

Knowing nothing about the country, she schedules a tour of Edinburgh Castle for the day she arrives, just to get the lay of the land.

After spending the afternoon with Torie Gunn, her very able tour guide, Gillian proposes hiring her for a week-long trip across the country.

Torie’s astonished. Gillian has done no research, and has no plans, placidly asking Torie to come up with an itinerary. That seems like the ideal way to create an unsatisfied customer. But Gillian certainly seems like a very easygoing person, and earning a week’s pay merely talking sounds like a dream. Torie jumps in, hoping she can satisfy Gillian’s desires.

Over the course of their trip, other, more romantic desires spring to life. Will they be satisfied too?



by Rachel Spangler

After a publicly humiliating divorce, best-selling author Emma Volant runs away to hide in the seaside English village of Amberwick, where she doesn’t know another living soul. She wants nothing more than to surrender to her broken heart in private. However, when the locals discover their newest resident is world famous, they gather at the local pub and hatch a plan to draw Emma out of her self-imposed isolation, hoping her celebrity status will elevate the village’s reputation to something more than a holiday hotspot. It doesn’t take long for them to try to rope their favorite bartender, Brogan, into the act.

Born and raised in Amberwick, Brogan McKay has built a comfortable life by never overreaching. Part-time jobs and short-term flings have always been good enough for her, but when she meets her beautiful and wounded new neighbor, Brogan realizes Emma has the potential to wreck the carefully controlled expectations she uses to protect her heart.

Despite their obvious attraction and growing friendship, both Emma and Brogan are in firm agreement that neither of them is in a position to look for love, but how long can they fight their fears and desires as the events and people around them all conspire to create a full English love story?



by Kim Hartfield
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Samantha found the love of her life – and lost her. Widowed for ten years, she never plans to date again. When her teen daughter babysits a neighborhood boy, Samantha and Joy bond over being single mothers. Their friendship deepens, and their feelings for each other grow. Could the two moms end up starting a new family?



by Blythe Stone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A young college student has a crush on one of the baristas who works at the local cafe Hail Victory. Since she is shy and prone to quietly spying on her attractive coffee acquaintance, Wallace finds that it is impossible to grab the girl’s attention. But then fate steps in and Alexis all but lands in Wallace’s lap during a breakup with her ex.

Things become complicated fast and a close friend becomes the new onlooker.

A new lesbian romance that explores love versus lust. Guaranteed HEA.



by Becky Harmon

Dex Alexander has made an easy transition from flying planes in the Army to being a civilian airline pilot. Life in the military kept her from forming any romantic relationships—at least that’s what she tells herself. Analyzing the real reasons would force her to dwell on feelings and emotions she’d rather not think about.

From the outside, it looks like Lucy Donovan leads an exciting life. Being a US Air Marshal takes her all over the world. But after fifteen years, the job has become a habit more than an adventure. She might finally be ready to settle down.

As the two women battle the challenges in their own lives, their connection to each other becomes evident. Can Dex convince Lucy they have a chance together before Lucy disappears again?



by Jackie Calhoun

Chelsea Danforth Browning left her marriage, her two grown daughters, and her best friend in Indiana to move to Wisconsin for a woman, June Paulson.

When she discovers June has been having an affair with another woman, Chelsea is devastated. Determined to make it on her own, she picks herself up and starts to rebuild her life. She attempts to reconnect with her daughters, edits books for a lesbian press, and finds a part-time job. Along the way, she makes friends and falls in love.

Will she manage to create a meaningful new life without losing those she loved and left? Does she get a second chance at happiness?



by Genevieve Fortin

As an engineering geologist, Anais (Ana) Bloom is thrilled when she arrives in Sainte-Luce-Sur-Mer to study the effects of climate changes and rising sea levels on the shoreline of the Saint-Laurent River. Soon after she settles in at the quaint White Sheep Inn, she develops a friendship with the innkeeper and her canine companion. The innkeeper’s granddaughter, however, is a whole other story. Melodie is attractive, perhaps, but she’s also impulsive, has a bad attitude, and doesn’t share an ounce of her grandmother’s hospitality.

Melodie Beaulieu has never planned to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and become an innkeeper. The only thing she’s wanted all her life is to live by the sea, in her hometown. When Ana Bloom comes to the White Sheep Inn and threatens her entire way of living, she simply won’t have it. She despises the scientist and her big theories and chooses to ignore her good looks and that damn red, unruly hair of hers.

Ana and Melodie would gladly keep staying out of each other’s way, but Mother Nature has other plans. Trapped inside the inn when a strong storm surge hits the beach community, they’re forced to come together to face the terrifying event and its aftermath. Can they rise above their conflicting beliefs and let their attraction take the lead?



by Annette Mori
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Melissa just moved to a conservative part of Washington State. A move designed to set her and her longtime partner up for early retirement. But best laid plans go awry when her partner, Colette decides, out of the blue, their relationship isn’t working for her. This is strike three for Melissa. She’s out, after being dumped a third time and her 45th birthday just around the corner. The only thing left to do is sob all over her beloved kitties. She’s vowed to never get involved, ever again, with another artist. She’s in a new town surrounded by cowboys and republicans. Not a single lesbian in sight even if she were so inclined. Life sucks for her.

Colette is torn up about hurting Melissa. She hasn’t been entirely honest about her reasons for leaving and that tears her up even further. She keeps calling to make sure Melissa is okay. Life is exciting and wonderful for her because she’s met her soulmate and plans on moving to Alaska. But will Karma exact its revenge?

Will these three women be able to make it through the heartache of love lost and new love found? Find out in the tale by award-winning author, Annette Mori. A raw and honest portrayal of love lost and love found again.



by Ellie Green
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Is running away to a small town the answer to a big problem?

Seeking refuge from a scandal, Tilly returns to the small farm where she grew up. She expects to find an empty house. Instead, she finds a naked woman in the bathtub. A beautiful, naked woman.

Tilly can’t decide if she’s angry at Eva or attracted to her, but either way they can’t avoid each other in the small community. A quiet break in the country is turning out to be anything but for Tilly. But it might also be exactly what she needs.

As attraction turns to romance, she learns there is more to Eva than meets the eye. Eva is strong, and strength is what Tilly needs when she has to face the fight that is waiting for her in the city.

Will she be strong enough to overcome what stands between her and a chance at happiness?


Forever Series: Book 5

by Jessa Stone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Darcy has been left for the other woman more times than she would like to think about. After nursing her heart from yet another heartbreak, she finds herself caught up in an unlikely attraction with a mysterious woman who is made even more memorable since she stole Darcy’s wallet.

After years of marching to someone else’s beat, how can you now find your own path in life? By having a Devil may care attitude and feasting on the all the delights of the flesh you were previously denied. What’s a little petty theft if it guarantees you will meet the person you stole from again. What do you call a one night stand that goes beyond one night? Love?….Maybe.





by Lynn Ames

Some of Diana Lindstrom’s fondest memories involve childhood experiments conducted under the watchful supervision of her Great-Aunt Nora, a celebrated physicist long ago shunned by the family for mysterious reasons.

Now in her adult years and a sought-after scientist herself, Diana learns that Nora is dying. She hires private-duty nurse Brooke Sheldon to care for Nora. Over the days and weeks spent in Nora’s company, Diana and Brooke are privy to Nora’s long-held secrets, along with her deep-seated regrets.

Trapped in a failing body, but with a keen mind, Nora Lindstrom watches as the spark of attraction between her great-niece and her caregiver grows into a flame. Determined to help the two younger women find the kind of deep love they so richly deserve, Nora makes a fateful decision that brings the past and the present directly onto a collision course. After all this time, it’s still about chain reactions.


Lakeside Hospital Series: Book 4

by Cara Malone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Hot-shot obstetrician Mercedes Stone is killing it at work, but she has a dirty secret. She’s the daughter of a hoarder. She’s built her life around her research but when her mother’s condition reaches a crisis point, she must drop everything to come home.

Lily Thomas is a pediatrician quickly approaching 40 and all she’s ever wanted is a family. She’s given up on finding Ms. Right, but the day she meets Mercedes – who’s taking a temporary job at Lakeside Hospital – is the same day Lily learns she’s finally pregnant.

They fall for each other hard and fast – it has to be fast because Mercedes is going home in six months to wrap up a vital clinical trial and soon, Lily will have a newborn baby to love.

What’s the harm in a quick fling?

But as Mercedes digs out her mother’s house, she begins to realize there’s more for her at home than just junk. What she and Lily swore was just a fling is beginning to feel a lot more like… family.

Labor of Love is a standalone novel in the bestselling Lakeside Hospital series. The books in this series can be read in any order.



by Rachel Lacey

When a Manhattan businesswoman and a reclusive French artist are stranded together on a deserted island, opposites attract…and sparks fly. But with love shimmering on the horizon, will they survive to claim their happy ending?

Nicole Morella boards a private Mediterranean cruise with one goal: to reclaim herself after her divorce. When she sits next to a beautiful blonde in the ship’s lounge, she’s knocked off balance by the immediate attraction between them, and it’s not just because Nicole hasn’t found her sea legs yet. Fiona stirs things in Nicole that haven’t been stirred in a long time, but a fiery kiss turns dangerous when the ship is hijacked. The women launch a daring escape, leaving them adrift in an empty lifeboat.

Fiona Boone has been adrift most of her life, but never in such a literal sense. She’s a survivor, though, so when they land on a deserted island, Fiona’s ready to do whatever it takes to stay alive until they’re rescued. In the meantime, she can’t get enough of the feisty woman she’s stranded with, despite her usual fiercely independent nature. Although they’re lost, Fiona finds something unexpected in the comfort of Nicole’s touch. But when an injury puts her life in jeopardy, they begin to worry help won’t arrive in time. If she survives their ordeal, Fiona might just face her biggest challenge yet: falling in love.





by Natasha West
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When uptight British bookshop owner Emily Bartlett goes to Las Vegas to get over a humiliating breakup, she’s expecting to make a few mistakes. But when she meets Ruby Knight, a pessimistic American C-list TV actress with designs on a movie career, she makes a whopper. The pair get so incredibly drunk together that they end up getting accidently married.

In the cold light of day, both women are shocked to find themselves wedded to a virtual stranger. But maybe it’s not such a big mistake? Could Ruby’s marriage to Emily help boost her profile and get her the biggest role of her life, earning Emily a big payday in the process? Only if they can make it seem like they’re really in love. And only if they can navigate the treacherous LA movie scene without tripping themselves up and giving the game away. Or worse, getting carried away with their fake relationship…

But what if they do let themselves feel something? Could they fall in love? Or are they Just Married?





by S. T. Gibson

It’s Deathless meets Fingersmith in this coming-of-age fable!

In a Sweden wracked by war and haunted by folk stories so dark they can only be spoken of in whispers, Helvig has been raised by her brigand father to steal whatever treasure catches her eye. When her men ambush a strange girl on the road with hair pale as death and a crow perched on her shoulder, Helvig cannot resist bringing home a truly unique prize: a genuine witch.

Drawn irresistibly into the other woman’s web, Helvig soon learns of Gerda’s reason for walking the icy border roads alone: to find the Queen who lives at the top of the world and kill her. Anyone else would be smart enough not to believe a children’s story, but Helvig is plagued by enchantments of her own, and struggles to guard the sins of her past while growing closer to the other woman.

As Christmastide gives way to the thin-veiled days when ghosts are at their most vengeful, the two women will find themselves on a journey through forest and Samiland to a final confrontation that will either redeem them or destroy them entirely. 





by Erin Wade

When a serial killer targeted members of the university’s athletic staff, Regan was swept into murder, intrigue, and danger where nothing was as it seemed. Still dealing with the horrific murder of the last man she dated, Regan is overwhelmed by the constant attention from one of her female students. Was Brandy courting her or stalking her?




Contact Series: Book 2

by Natalie Debrabandere
Available in Kindle Unlimited

New York – London – Paris – Los Angeles… ALL GONE. Of the eight billion people who lived on Earth in 2020, only two-and-a-half now remain. Commander Sky Y Shar has gone AWOL on her own military to lead the human Resistance, but they are seriously under-resourced and losing fast. She struggles with recurring nightmares and violent flashbacks. Defence Counsellor Bri Arktar used to want her dead, but now she is the only one who can help. Between the powerful counsellor and the tough but vulnerable commander, mutual respect and admiration soon turn to something more. But can Sky stay true to her ultimate goal? Can she lay to rest old wounds? And will she survive long enough to win Earth back?





by Kate Mascarenhas

In 1967, four female scientists worked together to build the world’s first time machine. But just as they are about to debut their creation, one of them suffers a breakdown, putting the whole project—and future of time travel—in jeopardy. To protect their invention, one member is exiled from the team—erasing her contributions from history.

Fifty years later, time travel is a big business. Twenty-something Ruby Rebello knows her beloved grandmother, Granny Bee, was one of the pioneers, though no one will tell her more. But when Bee receives a mysterious newspaper clipping from the future reporting the murder of an unidentified woman, Ruby becomes obsessed: could it be Bee? Who would want her dead? And most importantly of all: can her murder be stopped?

Traversing the decades and told from alternating perspectives, The Psychology of Time Travel introduces a fabulous new voice in fiction and a new must-read for fans of speculative fiction and women’s fiction alike.




Passing Rites: Book 4

by Elena Graf

World War II has finally come to an end and Berlin is in ruins. Nearly everything Margarethe von Stahle has sworn to protect has been lost. After being brutally abused by occupying Russian soldiers, Margarethe must rely on the kindness of her friends to survive. Fortunately, the American Army has brought her former protégé, Dr. Sarah Weber, back to Berlin. Slowly, Margarethe heals and begins to rebuild her life, but as she confronts painful events that occurred during the war, she must learn to forgive and be forgiven.

Acts of Contrition is the fourth novel in the Passing Rites Series, which follows the aristocratic Stahle family through the 20th century. Set in Berlin during the aftermath of World War II, this book shows how survivors struggled with their guilt over the war and the evil perpetrated by the Nazi regime. It tells the inspiring story of how, despite sexual violence, crushing losses and grief, someone can be brought back from the brink by personal determination, friendship and love.






by Anna Stone
narrated by Rebecca Estrella

Emma Cole has left behind her family and an ex-fiance to move to Chicago and start over. When a mix-up lands her a job at a high-profile law firm, Emma is determined to meet this new challenge head-on. What she didn’t count on was working for a woman like Lillian White, and it doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that she might be in over her head in more ways than one.

As beautiful as she is ruthless, Lillian has worked hard to build a reputation for herself that commands respect from everyone she meets. She’s sacrificed everything for her career, and she doesn’t have room in her life for romance. But there’s something about her sweet yet feisty new assistant that Lillian can’t resist, and Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of new desires that she never thought possible. Soon, the two women are embroiled in a scorching-hot forbidden affair that threatens to consume them both.

While both women grapple with their unexpected feelings toward each other, things at the office start to unravel. The future of Lillian’s firm is in turmoil, and something sinister lurks behind the scenes that forces both women to reexamine their lives and decide whether their relationship is worth fighting for.


Cops and Docs Series: Book 2

by KD Williamson
narrated by Abby Craden

Nora Whitmore has been through the ringer both professionally and personally. Now, her life is more than she ever thought it could be, especially with Kelli McCabe in it. The walls have come down, and she is open to new people and experiences.

Kelli McCabe watched all the broken pieces of her life come together. The situation with her family settled down, and she’s right where she wants to be back at work and in Nora’s arms.

For both of them, this quiet time is just the devastating calm before the massive storm hits and brings with it the violence of a vengeful enemy and the reality of drug abuse. The chaos surrounding them exposes old wounds and individual vulnerabilities that seem to multiply when they are together. Is it too much for them to withstand? Or is what they have strong enough to overcome it all?



by Marian Snowe
narrated by Isabella Starr

Who expects to fall in love on reality TV?

Certainly not Charlie Vega, a burnt-out fashionista in desperate need of inspiration. Neither does Francesca Davies, a rock-climbing internet celebrity with a family who thinks a woman’s worth is measured by her husband. The two of them are competing on the hit reality series The Makeover Challenge for very different reasons, but when they get paired up as a team, the road to victory gets a lot more complicated.

With so little in common, it’s surprising that their chemistry is immediate, but it isn’t long before each woman finds herself intensely attracted to the other. With their complicated baggage, neither is exactly ready for love, but they’re certainly not averse to some steamy encounters…that are bound to get them into hot water.

Could they even make a real relationship work on a show that’s actually nothing like reality?


The Wrong Woman Quartet: Book 4

by Jane Retzig
narrated by Anne Browne

Six months have passed since the events of ‘A Betrayal’.

Tracey and Mik’s Big Society Wedding is just ten days away.

Dani is banned from attending… Kate is dreading the hen party… And Jaiden is terrified that Saskia will be whisked away by persistent millionaire suitor Davros Pentacosta.

Meanwhile, Jamila and the National Crime Agency are closing in on Tony and Maria.

And a shock departure, a grisly discovery, and a looming proposal, are about to stir up all the right conditions for a ‘Perfect Storm’.



Have you heard about LWW?

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Guest Post: Why being bullied at school made me want to share the stories that aren’t often heard by Jenn Matthews

Happy Friday!

Before I get to Jenn’s guest post, I want to mention there’s a Valentine’s sale occurring on I Heart Lesfic. Check out this page for the goodies.

Now the guest post by Ylva author Jenn Matthews. I had the chance to meet Jenn in person last summer. She’s very sweet, funny, and charming.

I’m absolutely thrilled she’s published her debut novel Hooked on You, which is available now on Ylva and you can preorder on Amazon.

Please welcome the fantastic Jenn Matthews.  

Why being bullied at school made me want to share the stories that aren’t often heard 

Hi. I’m Jenn. I like being different. I’m not different in the way some people are—I don’t wear strange clothes or have hundreds of piercings. Kudos to these people who have found their style. I wear pretty boring clothes (although I do change my hair a lot, it is currently bright pink!), and do reasonably boring things. I walk my dog, crochet endlessly, and work full time as a healthcare assistant in mental health. I have a cat too, who is determined to trip up my forever clumsy wife, who also works in healthcare. 

I was semi-popular until I was 14 years old, and we moved from Derbyshire (a countryside town in the middle of the UK) to Weston-super-Mare (a seaside town in the south-west), and suddenly I wasn’t funny or cool anymore. I had a different accent, I said different things. I refused to wear the clothes that were, apparently, cool: high heels and short shirts. I liked playing, being silly and making life interesting. 

So, yeah, I got bullied. I had four friends. People called me a freak and ganged up on me before PE. They wouldn’t let me in the gym. I used to stare at people to try to get them to shut up, but, strangely enough, this didn’t work. No one was interested in my story, no one listened. 

College was okay, I became a bit more popular. Being weird was a bit more accepted. But still, I was not in the popular gangs, and I still felt like an outsider. I still felt like people weren’t listening to me. 

University. Suddenly, there were people weirder than me! There were popular students, but they were pretty boring and the attention and respect was mostly directed at the people that were a bit different. I ended up thriving. I took part in groups, headed the cheerleading squad for the alternative rugby team (don’t ask), and was in a production of the Vagina Monologues for charity. I made people laugh in lectures and seminars. I even had a nickname. I was being listened to and my story was being heard. 

Recently, I looked back on my experience and decided, you know what, it’s the interesting stories that are the least frequently told. People on the fringes of society don’t get to talk about their lives, at least not in popular media. Therefore, I want to do it: tell interesting stories about people a little different, or perhaps really different. People with disabilities, people with illnesses, people with learning difficulties. People of different races, backgrounds, religions, classes. Different genders, sexualities, preferences. People that don’t want to tell their stories for fear of abuse or ridicule. People who are afraid. 

I’ve already started. My first book—Hooked On You—is about a woman with a long-term injury from the army. She, and the woman she woos, are in their fifties. The story also contains a character on the Autistic Spectrum. My second book—The Words Shimmer—is about a woman diagnosed with dyslexia later in life. My third book contains a romance that begins on a mental health ward, and depicts a whole range of mental health conditions via use of secondary characters. My plan is to include a woman of colour in book four, and a character with hearing difficulties. 

I want to tell these stories. I know people that are different. They rarely get their stories told. Therefore, I’m going to, and if you want to, feel free to join me for the ride.


A quirky lesbian romance about love never being quite where you expect.

Anna’s life’s in a bit of a rut. As a teacher with two great kids and a boyfriend, she seems to have it all. Except…she’s bored as hell. Perhaps a new hobby’s in order? Something…crafty? Divorced mother and veteran Ollie has been through the wars, emotionally and physically. To relax, she runs a quirky crochet class in her London craft shop. She can’t help but notice the attractive, feisty new student. A shame Anna’s straight as an arrow.

But somewhere between the chain stitches, doubles and trebles, Ollie and Anna form a powerful connection they never expected.





Jenn Matthews lives in England’s South West with her wife, dog, and cat. When not working full-time as a health-care assistant at a mental health rehab unit, she can be found avidly gardening, crocheting, writing, or visiting National Trust properties. 

Inspired by life’s lessons and experiences, Jenn is a passionate advocate of people on the fringe of society. She hopes to explore and represent other “invisible people” with her upcoming novels.



FacebookTwitter / Ylva Page /Amazon Author Page


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: February 12th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I Heart Lesfic has a treat for you. Miranda MacLeod, Emma Radley, Amanda Radley, Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and I have teamed up for a Valentine’s Day sale. Click on this page to find the goodies on discount.

Below, you’ll find this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




San Franciso: Book 1

by Nicole Pyland
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Emma Colton left her life behind when she moved from Chicago to San Francisco. She has a new job at the Health Department, a tiny apartment, and has dealt with being unlucky in love for most of her adult life. She’s hoping a new city and a fresh outlook will help her find the woman she’s been waiting for.

Keira Worthy has had a rough few years. She lost her best friend and business partner almost immediately after starting their dream event planning company. She’s barely hanging on financially and takes a job for the Health Department in hopes of landing more customers if it goes well. When she meets her liaison, Emma, under not the best circumstances – sparks fly. And not the good kind of sparks.

When they bump into one another at a lesbian singles night, they have to decide if they want to take the chance on something that could possibly be forever.



by Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kathleen Patterson’s life came to an abrupt halt five years ago when her wife was killed in a plane crash. Since her wife’s death, she hasn’t left the house and lives the life of a recluse. Her groceries are delivered, she cuts her own hair, and all her shopping is done online. The only person she talks to is her mother.

Janet Miller has had more than her fair share of bad relationships. Unable to put her heart in the line of fire anymore, she moves in with her aging mother and swears off love. Sad and lonely, she eats dinner in front of the TV, and buries herself in her work.

Both women have given up on love. There is nothing that can change their minds.

Until…One day a robot appears on Kathleen’s doorstep. Robbie the robot has been programmed to be a home health aide for the reclusive Kathleen. Janet is the technician who is called to Kathleen’s house each time Robbie blows a circuit. What neither woman knows is that Robbie has a secret mission—to give them both a second chance at love.



by Ellie Spark
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Betrayal comes in many forms.

Tattoo artist, Robyn Anderson, is left reeling when a break-in at her studio sees valuable artwork stolen just days before her much-anticipated gallery exhibition. Her studio’s trashed and her nerves are in tatters.

Following a brutal hold-up, security guard, Casey Nankervis is suffering from PTSD. Relegated to basic duties, she’s also battling intense boredom. However, when assigned to security detail at a tattoo studio, desire replaces her monotony.

Although sparks ignite between the two women, Robyn is left confused and guilt-ridden. Nina, her girlfriend of four months, does not deserve disloyalty. Casey is also conflicted: something doesn’t add up about Nina, but is she just jealous?

Betrayal is taken to a whole new level in this page-turner from Ellie Spark.



by Nicolette Dane
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Captain Elaine Cole is an accomplished and popular commercial airline pilot. She’s spent her entire career bouncing from one airport to the next, and one lover to the next as well. Being a pilot has made it hard for Lanie to settle down and find love, and now that she’s in her forties it’s really starting to wear on her.

When Carrie Haden is assigned as a flight attendant on her route, Lanie feels herself falling for the beautiful younger woman. But Carrie is different than the flight attendants Lanie has been with in the past. There’s something else there—a brighter spark, a deeper affection—and Lanie can’t help but feel that this is her opportunity to finally find the love she seeks.

Building trust and committing to a relationship is difficult for a pilot like Lanie. Could Carrie be the one who finally inspires Lanie to change her ways?



by Lily Craig
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Falling for your best friend is hard.

Georgiana—Georgie to everyone outside her family—figured out long ago that being in love with your straight best friend sucks. Turns out it’s even worse when that friend, Madelyn, tells you she’s not so straight after all. After it becomes clear to Georgie that she needs to get over Madelyn, Georgie moves cities and starts a new job.

To grad student Madelyn, though, the sudden rift between the friends prompts painful introspection. A year later, she realizes her feelings for Georgie are romantic after all. Madelyn plans to use their annual winter cabin getaway to confess her love.

But Canadian winters are unpredictable. When Madelyn and Georgie are snowed into their cabin in the woods, the two are forced into difficult conversations that confront deeply felt emotions about the past, present, and future. Can the friends find common ground after all they’ve been through?

An intimate, snowed-in friends-to-lovers romance, Never Just Friends is a standalone story.



by Emily Engberts

A brand new teacher at the local primary school, a woman taking care of her mum’s book store, two hearts who believe that love and relationships aren’t for them.

Kara moves to her favourite island following the job offer of a lifetime, become a teacher at the only primary school the island has. It’s like a dream come true, live on the island, go on long walks with her dog Tys and teach, all in one neat package.

But when she spots the beautiful woman at the local book store, things might get a bit more complicated.

Taking care of her mum’s store for a few months is exactly what Lin needs. A couple of months away from her old life and to become a face in the crowd at one of the island’s stores. Speaking fluently in three languages may not be her best skill, but keeping track of inventory and doing stock is definitely right up her street.

Her first week at the store has almost come to an uneventful ending, until a stunning woman walks into the store and smiles her way.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and when Kara comes in for crafting supplies to make cards with her class, Lin makes a bold offer. How hard can it be to spend an afternoon making cards with a group of kids when she has no experience with teaching or making cards? There’s no way Kara will find out, right?



by Eliza Andrews
Available in Kindle Unlimited

From the outside, Kasey James had the perfect life. She had a rich husband, two perfect kids, and a big house in Eastside with a pool in the backyard. None of her friends understand why she left her husband and went back to a stressful job teaching high school. She knows they’ll understand even less when she tells them she’s started dating a woman from Westside.

*If* she tells them, that is. After all, Kasey has her kids to think of, not to mention the upcoming school board election. What if her neighbors withdraw their support when they find out she’s seeing a woman?

Drea Robbins has a good life, too. She owns her own home and operates her own business, making enough money doing what she loves that she can support her mom, sister, and niece. She wishes she had a “special someone” in her life, but in the grand scheme of things, being single isn’t that big of a deal.

Kasey James, a white woman living in Eastside, is the absolute last person Drea expects to fall for. Kasey’s recently divorced from a man, she’s got two kids, she lives in the middle of rich suburbia — to say her lifestyle is different from Drea’s would be the understatement of the year. But it’s like Drea’s mom says — we can’t control whom we fall for, and whether Drea likes it or not, she’s falling for Kasey. Hard.

Opposites attract… right?

But when a real estate development controversy puts Drea and Kasey on opposite sides of a battle line, will their new love prove strong enough to survive? Or is it just unrealistic for two women with so many differences to find a common ground they can hold against all the world’s pressures?

Eastside / Westside / Love is a story about race, class, gentrification, and inequality. But more than that, it’s a story about hope, and about finding out that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart.


Smoky Mountain Romance: Book 1

by Roslyn Bane

Terri Greene is a professional photographer who travels the world but calls the small town of Bryson City, NC home. She has made a nice life for herself and kept her painful past deeply buried. She has a reputation for being friendly but aloof. She hammered her heart shut years ago and has long since given up hope for a loving relationship.

Sheila McDevitt, a new arrival to town, has opened a veterinary practice and is determined to succeed in this close-knit community. Viewed as an outsider, she struggles to grow her practice. Unfinished business from her past causes difficulties with her current plans.

When these two women’s lives intersect the changes are unforeseeable. As trust grows and inner demons are tamed, can they see past their own busy professional lives and find success in the part of life that matters most?



by Karen F. Williams

Snow falls hard outside the bar of a Boston hotel. Kay Westscott, a New York novelist and English teacher, is in town attending a writers’ workshop. Math professor Ann Ward is trying and failing to muster enthusiasm for a round of lesbian speed dating. When Kay spots Ann at the bar, she’s instantly attracted, and while it seems a romance writer might easily engage a single professor looking for love, Kay’s humorous flirtations do more to irritate than impress. Ann finds Kay’s pickup lines way out of line, and Kay tries to redeem herself by helping Ann rehearse for speed dating, all the while wishing it was more than just practice.

The chemistry is undeniable, but Kay and Ann part ways, only to realize they have a lesson in love coming—if they can just find each other again.


A Year in Paradise: Book 2

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

In Paradise Valley, Heaven’s Cafe is the epicenter of all social interactions. Too bad Heaven is too busy to actually talk to cute girls. And too bad one of her best customers, Salama, is too shy to approach her.

Salama wants to be more like the loud and confident Heaven. Heaven wants someone who will bring her back down to Earth.

When are they finally going to lock eyes from across the cafe?  





by Julie Cannon

Lowe Carter and Faith Williams could not be more different. Lowe comes from money, very old money. Faith scrapes by, living paycheck to paycheck, sending what little she has left to her mother and little sister. Lowe is just starting her obligatory two-week visit with her parents when she collides, literally and figuratively, with the beautiful Faith. What better way to spend two weeks of hell than in the company of a hot, sexy woman? The only problem is that employees like Faith are forbidden to fraternize with residents and their guests. Join Lowe and Faith as they sail on The Escape, the world’s largest private residence on the water.



by Kris Bryant

Former child music prodigy Lily Croft spends most days in her home office crunching numbers and analyzing data as an actuary. Once she filled concert halls across the world, until the pressure got to be too much and forced her retreat. When her boss hands her a temporary assignment, Lily has to leave the safety of working from home to work with people at an office. She keeps her head down and stays focused, but one night on her way to the train station, she hears music wafting from The Leading Note and the life and feelings she suppressed for over a decade bubble up to the surface.

Lily is inexplicably drawn to Hope D’Marco, Leading Note’s gorgeous and brilliant founder. But falling for Hope and re-exploring her passion for music force Lily to face her past. Will she go back into hiding, or have the courage to confront the consequences of her past and present colliding?



by Maggie Cummings

Sara Wright knows better than to fall for a cop.

For Sara, an elite police dog trainer for the federal government, attractive women in uniform are an occupational hazard. But she gave her heart to a coworker once before and the battle scars from that failed relationship are still fresh. She dodges every chance at romance with the officers she trains, focusing her energy on turning out the finest handler-canine teams in the country. But when annoyingly perky, unfairly sexy Isabel Marquez arrives at Homeland Security’s Northeast Regional Training facility brimming with excitement and a surprising desire to succeed, Sara’s good intentions start to falter. She can’t help being drawn to Isabel’s enthusiasm, and, okay, her long dark hair and brilliant smile don’t hurt either. Keeping their contact limited to friendship is harder than she thought. When it comes to enforcing her own rules of the heart, Sara might need to break a few for a chance at forever.



Laney Webber

Jannika Peterson arrived in Grangeton, New Hampshire, with a broken heart and a new job managing the local bookstore. She has a gift for pairing readers with the perfect books, but her matchmaking skills don’t extend to her love life. Love doesn’t stand a chance against her well-protected heart.

Eighteen years ago, Lee Thompson was Jannika’s summer camp counselor, and Lee has never forgotten the beautiful girl with the unusual name. Still healing from her wife’s sudden death, Lee hopes her new job in a new town will help her to begin a new chapter.

When Jannika and Lee reunite, their instant connection feels like a gift, but neither is ready for a second chance at love. Unable to deny their attraction, will they finally get on the same page when it comes to love?



by TJ Thomas

The last thing world class violinist Ava Wellington wants is some nosy writer publishing her biography. Unfortunately, her manager is insistent this is the best way to capitalize on her fame. Ava is terrified someone might discover the secret she’s kept for nearly twenty years, one that could not only destroy her career, but ruin the lives of those she loves most.

Journalist Bianca Vega has only just recovered from the loss of her wife and isn’t prepared to see Ava again, not after the deep connection she felt almost two years ago. When Bianca is hired to write Ava’s biography, they’re thrust together on a whirlwind music tour and neither can ignore the desire that’s simmered between them since that first chance meeting. Will Ava be able to trust Bianca with her darkest secret or will hiding her past destroy their chance at forever?





by Miss Merikan
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mona. Mafia princess. Rebellious Italian beauty. Runaway bride.
Rain. Motorcycle club president’s daughter. Androgynous biker goddess. 

When Mona runs away from her own wedding, set on making her own path in the world, she might just find out getting tied down isn’t all that bad if it’s with a badass biker chick of her dreams. 


Adult content. Contains violence, distressing scenes, offensive language, and morally ambiguous protagonists.





by Radclyffe

A daring femme proves to her friends that getting down on her knees doesn’t mean she isn’t in control. And her horny lover couldn’t be more happy about the demonstration. An erotic exhibition of just how to do it.

Previously published in Tasting Him, ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cleis Press, 2008); republished in Radical Encounters (Bold Strokes Books, 2009).





by Raven J. Spencer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

New from Raven J. Spencer – Murder, intrigue and sensual romance:

Detective Colby Jackson has the perfect life: A career she is passionate about, and a wife who loves her and understands her better than anyone. Colby’s perception is shattered when Adrianne makes a confession. She has met and fallen in love with another woman, Macy, insisting that she still loves Colby and wants to be with her.

Colby’s reaction is shock. Confusion and curiosity follow. Can you be in love with two people at the same time? How would this work in their busy everyday lives?

The three women will have to learn to navigate a world they didn’t even know existed, and that comes with many surprises.





by Sheri Lewis Wohl

Maria Romanova watched as her family was slaughtered while she was spared…sort of. Today she is Sasha Rudin and very few know her true identity. She has one mission: to find and put an end to the alliance of monsters that turned her into a vampire. A chance encounter with Dee Arkin, a far too curious novelist, leads to complications Sasha could never have imagined. Danger, peril, and most surprising of all, love. Together they fight the forces of darkness that want to rule the world, and pray they succeed before those very forces destroy their chances of a future together.



by Missouri Vaun

Successful mystery author Foster Owen hasn’t finished a manuscript in three years and her writer’s block shows no signs of retreating. When the bills start piling up, an unexpected offer to ghost write a memoir for an heiress on the West Coast seems like too good an opportunity to ignore.

Painfully shy Abigail Spencer has just returned from studying abroad. The sprawling estate she inherited from her parents includes a crumbling mansion rumored to be haunted and a historic lighthouse nestled along the remote northern Pacific coast.

When the executor of the Spencer estate hires Foster to write the history of the family, Foster and Abby are drawn together as they peel back layers of history and uncover a story of lives adrift, secrets long hidden, and ancient ties to witchcraft. Can truths from the past help love blossom in the present?





by C.M. Blackwood
Available in Kindle Unlimited

This is a mystery double-pack containing two full-length novels.


In the year 1933, an alcoholic, cynical 32-year-old named Mary Meade inherits a manor. Her great-uncle just passed away, so his house, and all his money, goes to her. When she arrives at the house, though, she finds much more than she bargained for: including strange servants, a murder mystery, and – oh, did we forget to mention? – GHOSTS.

Despite her cold demeanor, Mary is romantically drawn to a spirit named Jessica Price, who was killed in 1879 by a madman named John Drum. Mary and Jessica fall in love, but of course, the story is much more complicated than that.

Shortly after the death of Mary’s great-uncle, a young woman named Edie Montgomery was found gutted and beheaded on his property. Now her spirit is trapped inside the manor.

John Drum killed Jessica Price. But who killed Edie Montgomery?


Katie Throckmorton is a twenty-eight-year-old alcoholic pill-popping writer from Boston. At the hind-end of a quarter-life crisis, things get even worse when her half-sister falls down a staircase and kills herself. Katie is blamed for her death, and she ends up at Greystone Asylum.

Soon after Katie arrives at Greystone, however, people start getting murdered. By a mysterious figure in a black hood. Strange to say, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The warden is performing shady experiments; the doctors are sleeping with the patients; and the doctors are sleeping with each other. Katie herself is attracted to a female psychiatrist named Cora Halstead, and they begin a torrid affair that seems like it can’t possibly have a happy ending.

What true secrets is this old hospital hiding? How many people will be killed by the black hooded figure? More importantly – who’s hiding under the hood?




Lightning Series: Book 3

by Cass Sellars

For Sydney Hyatt and Parker Duncan, finding each other and falling in love wasn’t easy. All they want now is to build a life together, and things are just starting to head in that direction. But when they host a party for Parker’s work colleagues, they unintentionally invite a dangerous stranger into their home. Obsessive letters of admiration escalate into promises of harm and threats of danger. Who is intent on harming them, and why? Sydney dedicates her every moment to finding answers, neglecting threats now aimed directly at her. When an unexpected twist places Syd at risk, Parker watches helplessly as she puts her life on the line once again. Will Sydney be able to stop the threat before it’s too late?





by Alex B Porter

The Cunnilinguist is a refreshingly modern guide to oral sex with a sense of humor. Written by a woman with experience at both ends of the tongue, this guide will build your confidence in giving —or receiving— oral sex.

You’ll learn tested tips, tricks and techniques that any giver or receiver can try. The Cunnilinguist: How To Give And Receive Great Oral Sex has insights and tips for readers from beginner to advanced, single to married, and regardless of gender or sexual orientation.




Vetted Series: Book 3

by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Amy Deuchler

One family’s saga had only just begun….

In the epic sequel to Cavalcade we find out what happens to the Herriots once they arrive in Oregon and take up their claim. Erin and Molly have arrived in Oregon with their family. Granted 640 acres of land for married couples under the Organic Laws of Oregon, they have to build their home, farm, and eke out a living from the raw land. Wolves, bears, and wildcats are the least of their worries in this new land. Hard work and trust in each other to do their very best are the keys to conquering the wilderness as they pioneer their lives on the high plains of Oregon! Come along as they and their family live a life that few attempted in this wilderness near the Blue Mountains of Oregon.




Surrender Series: Book 1

by Raven J. Spencer

$0.99 $2.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

A lesbian billionaire romance with a suspense twist:

Penny can’t believe what happened to her: One day she’s studying sociology and paying her tuition with her job at a local café, the next she wakes up in a luxurious house which is the property of a rich and enigmatic woman. Carter Forbes is ready to lay the world at her feet, but what will she expect in return? As she uncovers Carter’s reasons to create this unusual situation, Penny can’t deny the attraction between them. Can she reconcile her desire with her beliefs about herself, or is this passionate affair doomed from the start?



Have you heard about LWW?

Clare Lydon and TB Markinson are launching a weekly podcast called Lesbians Who Write. They’ll dish the dirt about writing and lesbian fiction. Stay tuned for more details, or if you’d like to be the first to give it a listen when it goes live, sign up for the Lesbians Who Write newsletter.

Prices may change without notice, so make sure to check the price listed by the retailer before making the purchase.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

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New Lesfic Goodies: February 5 Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Jax Meyer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

In 1998, introverted Cameron Warren is focused on being a model Marine and surviving the social isolation of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Meanwhile, gregarious military kid Sharon Rodriguez knows is confident in her ability to enjoy the casual flings she’s accustomed to, while pursuing the 20 year career she desires. When Sharon convinces Cam to attend a party with her, neither realizes their lives are about to become more complicated than they planned for. How hard will they need to fight for a love that must remain in the shadows? A Marine Awakening, a Dal Segno prequel, is a contemporary new adult lesbian romance with a happy ending that shows that no person or policy can stop two Marines fighting for each other.



by Sienna Waters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eva Williams wants to save the world. So when she returns from sabbatical in Guatemala to find that the Oakview Nature Reserve is under threat she steels herself for a fight to the death to save it.

Grace Seymour is a woman in a man’s world. Anxious to take her father’s place as CEO of Seymour Construction all she needs to do is seal the Oakview Reserve project and she’ll achieve everything she’s ever wanted.

But as tensions on campus begin to rise, Eva and Grace find that their long-held ambitions are paling in comparison to the sparks that are flying between them. Sleeping with the enemy is on neither’s agenda, but some things are just inevitable…

Opposites might attract, but can they really build a relationship? And as time ticks down to the destruction of the nature reserve, who is willing to sacrifice their ambitions for love?

Saving the World is a standalone FF romance novel set in the Oakview universe, with a HEA ending. Oakview books can be read in any order, just be prepared to see some familiar faces around town!



by Melissa Tereze
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Riley Allen wasn’t the woman, or the bar owner, people assumed her to be. Success with her business may have been keeping her busy, but deep down, Riley craved more. In the past, everything she’d ever known had left her, leading Riley to believe she was destined to be alone and fearing she would never be good enough for another woman again.

New Yorker, Nicole Taylor, had moved her life to follow her career. With the promise to herself that work was her number one priority, her only love, she had no plans to change that when it came to looking for or wanting more.

But life changed when she stepped inside her local bar…



by C.D. Cain
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rayne Amber Storm finds her serenity on the waters of her Louisiana bayou. The moss-covered cypress trees are a canopy of protection for the thoughts that are her own. Slowly, a gentle, insistent ripple of difference stirs within her. A ripple that leads her away from her mother’s Southern Baptist values to thoughts that betray the very core of what she believes is right and wrong. When she leaves the bayou for medical school the ripple expands until she is knocked unsteady by a powerful wave in the charismatic Samantha LeJeune. But when tragedy strikes back home, the pull of cross currents traps Rayne in what seems an insurmountable struggle between her heart, which now knows the true meaning of happiness, and doing what she has been taught all her life. Is she strong enough to keep navigating through unfamiliar but thrilling waters or will she give in and paddle down the path of least resistance?

When it Raynes was originally released in General Contemporary Lesbian Fiction for which it received a 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention and was a 2016 Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist for the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. For as proud as CD Cain was of the story, she always felt she left something missing from the original publication.

So, she went back to the keyboard and revised the powerful love story of Rayne and Sam to publish as a Lesbian Romance with Fleur-De-Lis Books.


Olivia & Rowan: Book 2

by Helen West
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Olivia and Rowan attempt to navigate the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Olivia has to worry about her ex potentially threatening what she’s built with Rowan and the small emotional progress she made in New York. Rowan is so busy with her new movie that she barely has time to focus on Olivia and Lea. She battles her desire to jump on a plane to South Africa but knows that she can’t. With a relationship so young, can they truly endure the ten-thousand-mile distance?



by Amanda Kayhart
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Adulting is rough.

No one understands that more than Leah Ives–a fresh college grad who spent the last several years studying, working hard, and counting pennies. So what did all that hustle earn her? A dismal day job, debt up to her eyeballs, and a Bachelor’s degree in fetching coffee.

Leah needs a getaway.

And luckily, she’s taking one.

After years of planning, Leah finally saves enough for her dream cruise in the Bahamas. Her bags are packed, and she’s ready to board that ship and sail off on a trip of a lifetime. Except all that organizing doesn’t prepare Leah for Mallory Miller, her bitter ex-girlfriend who threatens to capsize her entire Caribbean vacation.



by Jen Silver

When Jay Reid was in her twenties, she had it all. A professional tennis career, Charlotte, the love of her life and a new baby. It ended far too soon when Charlotte’s research vessel, RV Caspian, was lost at sea, leaving Jay to raise their child alone. But Charlotte was, in fact, the sole survivor of the RV Caspian. Rescued by a local fisherman, with no memory of her life before, she lives on the Faroe Islands as Katrin Nielsen. Seeing a beached seal one day triggers her memory and slowly her other identity comes back to her. She returns to England to try to reclaim her life with Jay and their child.Twenty-three years is a long time. Is the love they once shared strong enough to be rekindled or have too many years passed eroding all hope of a happy ever after?



by J.B. Marsden

Bobbi Webster wants nothing more than to be the best family practice doctor for her home town in rural Oregon. To accomplish that, she’s enrolled in a two-year fellowship in rural medicine at Valley View Medical Center in Colorado. Sparks fly when Bobbi meets the Reverend Erin O’Rouke, a petite, feisty priest who meddles in the treatment of Bobbi’s patients. To make matters worse, Bobbi wants nothing to do with any religion, much less the woman she dubs, The Elf.

Erin serves as vicar at a small church where a few parishioners have stipulated that she must be celibate, reflecting their “love the sinner, hate the sin” tactic. After she clashes with Erin, Bobbi recognizes how a recent breakup of an abusive relationship has falsely colored her perception of Erin’s world and work. Likewise, when Erin understands how Bobbi’s emotional wounds make her vulnerable, her natural empathy moves her closer to Bobbi.

They find themselves drawn to each other, but how can Bobbi and Erin overcome so many obstacles to find love?


TRICK OR TREAT: Who’s My Sweet

by B. L. Wilson

When wealthy, bossy, arrogant Delisa Winston discovers Nicky Gates, the man she just married as part of a business arrangement, is a woman pretending to be a man, she loses it, starting their marriage with a bang.

Nicholas/Nicolette Gates, a business person with varied tastes in women, mistakenly thinks that since Delisa is a lesbian, she’ll appreciate the revelation that she is gay as well.

Both parties think that they will continue on as before their marriage, dating who they want and enjoying the rewards of their merger. However, Nicky’s disclosure to Delisa has opened a whole new can of worms…and feelings.

Now it’s a question of what to do with the information Nicolette revealed to Delisa. Can the two women keep it a secret until they figure out what to do? Will they manage to stay married and keep their secret? If the secret gets out, what will happen to Nicolette and her company’s merger with Delisa? What will happen to Delisa’s companies and is she culpable? Do the women have a future together?





by Addison M. Conley

More than a romance, this is a story of how two women find love in one tiny tourist town in West Virginia during the fight for equality and same-sex marriage. Good for any time of the year, this heartwarming read is also about family, friends, and forgiveness. But sometimes, forgiving yourself can be the hardest.

Jordan Simón seems to have it all…except a life. On the verge of her fortieth birthday, she doesn’t know which will devour her first—the regret and emptiness of living a lie about her sexuality or a painful secret she has kept for years. As she struggles internally, she meets Emmy Russo, an out and proud lesbian.

Emmy is visiting her Aunt before moving to Washington DC. After losing her wife six years ago, no one has piqued her interest until she meets Jordan. Yet being in a closeted relationship is the last thing she wants.

Love will lead you home if you open your heart and fight. But how will Jordan, and those around her, find the strength to face fears and fight for what is right?

This book is a reedited edition of the previously published book Falling for Love: A Winter Romance.




Book 8

by Blythe Stone & Emma Chamberlain
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The morning after the wedding leaves the girls with a lot of stress and confusion. When they go back home after Big Sur it will finally be time for them to participate in the big court trial that has been hanging over their heads like the sharp angled blade on a guillotine. Lies in the courtroom bring about even more complications for the girls and for Liz and Mr. Bradford is finally allowed to publicly defend himself, which he does not hold back from.

This New Adult Lesbian Romance series takes a struggling young couple from a picturesque empty beach to the sterile walls of a serious courtroom. Romance and sex travel hand-in-hand with deep conversations on an unhealthy co-dependency and the even more troubling issue of an all-out fight for mental stability, and relationship stability, after a strong case of abuse.





by M. N. Tinker
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sam Cross is a young butch, excited for her first night at the gay bar. From her curly auburn hair immaculately coiffed to fall perfectly over her pale face, to her trusty leather jacket and ring of keys, she feels like she’s prepared to take on anything. However, she got more than she bargained for with Kalisha Otieno, a gorgeous femme who seems to draw everyone’s eyes to her, Sam’s included.

However, Kalisha is more than just a dominant Black femme with a love of A-line dresses – she is a vampire. And Sam looks good enough to eat. Of course, Kalisha loves playing with her food, and Sam is no exception – she’s bringing out the handcuffs tonight. But, the butch seems like more than just a one night stand…

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Explicit sex scenes with enthusiastic consent (I want to be clear on that in case any readers are sex repulsed), wax play (enthusiastic consent on that, too)





by K’Anne Meinel

Life has gone to the dogs for Charlie Abella. Years of showing champion Border Collies has left her feeling burned out. Moving on with her life, she heads to college and then takes on the world of business. She is blessed to find a job working in sales for the pet industry where her knowledge and skills will help her move quickly up the corporate ladder and away from the small town of Searsport, Maine where she grew up. When she loses a beloved relative, Charlie returns to Searsport for the funeral, believing now, she can finally cut all ties to her hometown.

Charlie’s only regret about moving away was leaving behind her favorite aunt. Aunt Kitty had been her champion and her anchor when she felt her own family didn’t understand her. Kitty saw herself in her young niece and understood Charlie as no one else could, so it was only natural she would choose to make her favorite niece her heir. Sadly, she knows only too well that Charlie’s family will disapprove no matter how Charlie decides to use the money she inherits.

Reagan has been left on her own to raise two children. Possessing few business skills, she is forced to take on a series of dead-end jobs that barely allow her to make ends meet. Reagan has only her faith and her children to provide solace and support. When Reagan encounters a woman dog walker on the street, she takes some comfort in feeling ‘at least she is better off than a woman with too many dogs to handle.’

Inexplicably, fate constantly causes the two women to bump into each other, and when Reagan feels herself becoming attracted to the woman, she is confused. Unlike Charlie, Reagan is not a lesbian, and she is frightened by her feelings for this woman. Will Reagan eventually act on her attraction, or will she continue to resist it?

The dogs know what is right for this couple. Now, if only the humans would listen!


Children of the Fae: Book 1

by Lola Andrews
Available in Kindle Unlimited



The faeries whisper in Marcela’s ears, and as she grows closer to the crown and further from her abusive mother, she discovers power beyond anything she’d ever dreamed of. And power, Marcela soon learns, will always corrupt. 




The Sangrian Tiger Tales: Book 2

by Stardawn Cabot
Available in Kindle Unlimited

In this second book of the series, Silver and Keridwen’s journey continues as they travel back to Earth on a quest given to them by the gods themselves. Their mission, however, is far from easy if not impossible for not only do they have to locate Keridwen’s nephew and the man that stole him from Sangria, but the original purple diamond as well. With Silver’s consistently and discipline, her relationship with Keridwen continues to develop even as Keridwen struggle with her physical shifts from the grown-up General and back down to the little tiger, or her outer child, challenges them both. Keridwen is still learning how to control her shifts, and although she is becoming more confident in her ability to control her size, she finds that she needs to make a choice, a choice that will not only determine Keridwen’s and Silver’s future, but if they even have one together or not. Will the General’s choice change everything? Or will Silver and Keridwen finally find peace, happiness, and that balance that they both crave?

Publisher’s Note: The General’s Choice is an erotic romance novel that includes a sexual relationship between two women. It also includes spankings, some age play elements, and some mild-violence in the form of a battle scene. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.




The Seven Realms of Ar’rothi: Book 3

by Alison Naomi Holt

Aurelia “Bree” Makena, the Duchess of Danforth, waits on a beach near Port Emnal in front of her three thousand troops. As the waves lap against the hooves of her battle mare, Lioth, Bree watches the enemy ships deploying more warriors against her than she’d ever thought possible. Victory may prove an insurmountable task.

Soon enough, however, she discovers that wrestling victory from defeat in this battle is just the beginning. Because the landing force is only a diversion for the real attack—one that if successful, will defeat her Anacafrian king more surely than an arrow driven through his heart.

You are invited to enter Ar’rothi, a world as vividly realized as Narnia or Middle Earth, a world where animal spirits guide humans towards enlightenment, and in which an orphaned girl and a warrior duchess must join forces against an evil that threatens everything they have learned to love.




Dusk Queen Series: Book 1

by JJ Arias
Available in Kindle Unlimited

An enthralling tale of girl meets vampire queen…

Chasing a bounty from New York to New Orleans, Erin Lewis is on the hunt for an allusive fugitive whose recovery will provide financial breathing room. When she arrives at a French Quarter hotel, Erin finds the captivating hotelier Lucía Guerra instead. The passionate affair that ignites between them catapults Erin into an extravagant world she never imagined. But all is never what it seems.

What will happen when Erin learns that Lucía is not just a wealthy business woman, but a vampire queen on the verge of losing her reign over the society she built over centuries? How long can Lucia keep Erin in the dark about vampires, werewolves, and witches, while she struggles to stop the terrorist group threatening her power.

When Dusk Comes is the first book in the paranormal romance Dusk Queen series. If you like strong female characters, insatiable attraction, and a romance for the ages, then you will love this sensual fantasy thriller.


Blood Resonance: Book 1

by K. Aten

Sarah Colby has always run from commitment. But after more than a year on the road following her musical dreams, even she yearns for a little stability. Her sister Annie is only too happy to welcome her back home. When she meets Annie’s boss, Nobel Keller, she’s immediately drawn to the woman’s youthful good looks and dangerous charisma. The first night together leaves Sarah aching for more, but the second shows her the true price of passion.





by Sarah Markel
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Christina Hess is a 9th grade Chemistry teacher at Dallas High School. Jolene Preston is a patrol officer in the neighboring city of Marilynn, Oregon.

Christina and Jolene’s wedding day is made even more special by the fact that their brothers will be joining them in a double wedding ceremony! Christian, Christina’s older brother and Jolene’s partner on the force, ties the knot with Jolene’s twin brother, Joseph. Seems like a pretty fantastic life, right? Wrong.

Someone is blowing up female police officers.

Jolene and Christian are loaned out to the Dallas Police Department, to help with local patrol. This leads to tension between Jolene and her wife, who is terrified that Jolene will be targeted. As time goes on, and the investigation into the identity of the bomber stalls, Christina’s fears finally begin to ease.

Then it happens. While on duty, Jolene and Christian are seriously injured. Will the bomber claim yet another victim? Or, will the attempt on Jolene’s life provide the crucial clues needed to finally solve the case?





by Chris Zett
narrated by Abby Craden

After nearly a decade as a professional drummer, Diana Petrell leaves her rock-star life behind to continue her residency in emergency medicine. She’s determined not to let anything stop her – not even falling in love with her aloof mentor, Dr. Emily Barnes.

Emily has only ever focused on her career as a senior attending in the emergency department, and she isn’t happy about having to babysit a resident with a 10-year gap in her resume, no matter how intriguing she is.

But every time they work together, it’s not just their patients’ heartbeat that gets a little irregular. Soon, the once-clear lines between work and personal life begin to blur.

When Diana’s unorthodox secret past is revealed, putting her job in jeopardy, Emily has to choose between her career and her relationship.



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
narrated by Victoria Robinson

Nancy is single, pregnant, and has a dead-end job when she meets Tai, a local food-truck owner. Tai is suave and compassionate and can offer her the chance of a lifetime. Will their personalities clash, or will sparks fly?



by Sally Bryan
narrated by Ginny Ellis

When Jessica loses her place on the volleyball team to the beautiful Katelyn, the same girl who recently stole her boyfriend, Jessica decides to retreat into her shell in an effort to maintain her sanity. Only, fate seems to insist on bringing the two fierce rivals closer together.

Things come to a head when, against Jessica’s will, they are forced to share a cabin during the team ski trip to Italy. Just when things are about to blow up, disaster strikes in the form of an avalanche, trapping the girls in an isolated region in the mountains.

In order to survive, they must put aside their grudges and learn to work together to overcome the many obstacles nature has thrown at them. Can Jessica and Katelyn work through their differences and maybe, just maybe fall in love?





by Barbara Winkes

$0.99 $3.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Joanna’s career ends after she kills a murderer and fails to cover her tracks. After serving a prison sentence, she struggles to pick up the pieces. The only person from her old life still keeping in touch is Vanessa, the Internal Affairs Inspector who was the lead investigator in Joanna’s case. Guilt and open questions define their tentative friendship.
When there’s a new development in one of Joanna’s old cases, she can’t stay away, even at the cost of losing everything…including Rue, the woman she’s been falling for…
Enough is enough…



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New Lesfic Goodies: January 29th Edition

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Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

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by Bridget Essex
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Piper once believed she’d found her happily ever after in Estella.

Until Estella left.

Piper and Estella met when they were kids. Estella was rich and spoiled, Piper was poor and curious, and—in each other—the two girls found an unexpected friendship. Year after year went by as they grew up together, growing closer and closer as time passed, until Piper realized that she loved Estella more than anything in the universe.

The day Piper told Estella she loved her was the day Estella walked out the door, never to return again…

Or so Piper thought.

Years have passed, and they’re both grown women living opposite lives on opposite sides of the country. All they have between them are the memories of a young love that was so beautiful and profound that it changed their lives forever…

But a chance encounter pulls the two women together once more.

Does true love exist? Or are some scars too deep to ever heal?



by Virginia Hale

Jobless and approaching forty, Dr. Elizabeth Hordern returns to Jembala Lakes to meet the co-inheritor of Australia’s most infamous murder house, The Blaxland Homestead. With a mountain of debt behind her, Beth is hoping beyond hope that the live-in tour guide, twenty-seven-year-old Dylan, is open to a discussion of selling.

The Blaxland Homestead is Dylan O’Connor’s entire life. She’s a Grade A tour guide and the five-star Yelp reviews are there to prove it (she’ll even take the review titled “Eccentric Docent or Mad Scientist?’’). When Beth arrives to take a tour, not admitting who she is should be Dylan’s first clue that her co-inheritor has ulterior motives. She claims to want a position at the homestead and Dylan can certainly work with that. Besides, it might be nice to have a friend in the valley who doesn’t know every crushing detail of her past.

As their friendship blossoms, Beth’s unspoken desire to sell remains the single wedge keeping them apart. Will asking for what she needs cost Beth a chance at a life with Dylan? Perhaps the richest inheritance of all may be a second chance.


Oaktown Girls: Book 1

by Suzanne Falter
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Who says you can’t find the love of your life while you’re getting your tire fixed?

Even IF your boss is actively trying to close her garage?

Driven is the oldest woman-owned garage in Oakland – and the pride of the lesbian community.

At least, it is until the uber-competitive former race car driver Mindy Rose shows up and opens her own garage, complete with chair massages and a sushi bar.

Mindy’s out to destroy Driven, a fact that galls her good-hearted, and very ethical Irish assistant Kate.

This is just reinforced when Kate has an emergency blow out, and is forced to go into Driven for a repair. Instantly, she finds herself drawn to the tall, tantalizing co-owner Lizzy.

That’s when things get … well … complicated. Especially because Kate is an undocumented worker who seriously needs her job.

Soon Kate finds herself hatching a secret scheme to save Driven, while falling hard for Lizzy. Yet, Lizzy has no idea she’s part of the Mindy’s nasty operation. Or even that Mindy is out to get her.

Can sweet Kate and passionate Lizzy finally find the love they’ve been looking for forever?

Or will Mindy find out and bring them and Driven down – and get Kate deported in the process?

And when is Kate going to tell Lizzy who she actually is?

It’s just the beginning of the wild ride that is the Oaktown Girls series.



by Christine L’Amour
Available in Kindle Unlimited

After the death of a dear friend, Stephanie Esperanza wants nothing more than to live a quiet life in a small town far away from the big city. After a divorce, Erika McCall moves back to the town where she was born, and now spends her time running the family restaurant. She shouldn’t be looking for a new love so soon, but she meets shy Stephanie and sparks fly. But with the disapproval of Erika’s family and Stephanie’s anxiety, Erika fears losing another love. With too much hesitation and not enough conversation, will the relationship survive? Now Erika must decide whether love is worth getting her heart broken again? Stephanie must consider if it’s worth staying in an empty home with her family and friends so far away, even for love?

Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only.



by Luna Lopez
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kara and Yasmeen have been best friends since high school.

Now in their early twenties, they’re as radically different to one another in personality as they always have been.

Both have overcome the loss of their respective mothers, in albeit different circumstances which helped cement the bond between them.

Kara is a working class, out and proud lesbian, while Yasmeen is a spoiled, yet dutiful middle class Muslim on the verge of an arranged marriage.

Finally realising Kara is the one for her, Yasmeen is hell bent on living the life she wants, even if that means going against her fathers wishes.

Kara doesn’t need a declaration of love and is happy to remain hidden in the shadows, but Yasmeen will do whatever it takes to be with the one she loves.





by Kim Hartfield
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Average suburban mom Sarah is suddenly rocketed into the glitzy world of film when her daughter Emma becomes an actress. The strangest part is seeing gorgeous, glamorous Katie Days pretend to be Emma’s mother. Sarah is a normal person and Katie is a celebrity, yet they find common ground in the little girl. Could Emma’s fake mom become her other mother?





by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Blake Young is one of the best bull riders that Melville has seen in years. When she ends up falling off a bull during one of the biggest competitions of her career, she is placed in the hands of an in-home doctor, Dr. Jane Steibold and one of her worst fears, not being able to take care of herself. Blake and Jane clash at first, but as Blake gets used to the restrictions of her new lifestyle, she begins to realize that having Jane in her life might be just what she needed all along.





by Anna Burke

On a cold day deep in the heart of winter, Rowan’s father returns from an ill-fated hunting trip bearing a single, white rose. The rose is followed by the Huntress, a figure out of legend. Tall, cruel, and achingly beautiful, she brings Rowan back with her to a mountain fastness populated solely by the creatures of the hunt. Rowan, who once scorned the villagers for their superstitions, now finds herself at the heart of a curse with roots as deep as the mountains, ruled by an old magic that is as insidious as the touch of the winter rose. Torn between her family loyalties, her guilty relief at escaping her betrothal to the charming but arrogant Avery Lockland, and her complicated feelings for the Huntress, Rowan must find a way to break the curse before it destroys everything she loves. There is only one problem—if she can find a way to lift the curse, she will have to return to the life she left behind. And the only thing more unbearable than endless winter is facing a lifetime of springs without the Huntress.





by Stardawn Cabot
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Silvia Amanda Whelan, or Silver, to her friends and family, is good at her job as a top-sales associate in her family’s gem-broker business but has found little joy in the day-to-day of her world. That changes one hung-over morning, however when she is mysteriously transported to another world entirely. Sangria is like Earth, but very different – because on this world, magic is real. Silver encounters this magic in the form of a young girl named Keridwen, who she quickly learns is more then she appears to be. Although Keridwen is currently cursed to be in the form of a ten-year-old child, she is really a thirty-four-year-old military commander. Through the magic, Silver becomes Keridwen’s guardian; responsible not only for her health and safety but also her actions, many of which land the Little General in a heap of trouble – and often over Silver’s knee. Despite Keridwen’s size, and other shortcomings, Silver is determined to help her. Through their adventures, together, Silver finds herself falling in love with both the Little and the grown-up General and with the help of her new guardian, Keridwen manages to regain some control of her curse and to stay tall for longer and longer periods of time. The question is, however, is will the growth spurts last, and will that be enough to ensure that Silver and Keridwen can find happiness in the strange world of Sangria, or does fate have other plans for them entirely?

Publisher’s Note: The General’s Guardian is an erotic romance novel that includes a sexual relationship between two women. It also includes spankings, some age play elements, and some mild violence. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.




Carpenter/Harding Series: Book 8

by Barbara Winkes
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can you trust your first impressions?

Detective Ellie Harding has everything she wanted: After getting promoted and marrying the love of her life, she is working on a high profile case. None of it could prepare her for a life-changing surprise.

Jordan and Derek are investigating a double homicide that confronts them with the ugly realities of human trafficking. Did the two men fall victim to turf wars or vigilante justice?

The search for closure comes with unexpected revelations…and dangers.





by Lise Gold
narrated by Tessa Stavers

Newly divorced and bought out of her company, Nathalie rents a holiday home in the South of France. After years of hard work and a failed marriage in Chicago, she’s looking for some peace and quiet, a place to clear her mind and figure out her future. Lena loves women, her dog, and landscaping, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. When she meets her new tenant for the summer, it proves hard to stay professional as a caretaker, especially when that tenant turns out to be everything she ever wanted and more. As time passes and boundaries blur, the moment of goodbye becomes inevitable. Nathalie isn’t looking for a new love, especially not in the form of a woman, and Lena has no desire to get her heart crushed again. Is it possible to find home in a place you’ve never been? And is it worth the risk, giving up everything for someone you’ve only just met? They say home is where the heart is….



by Erica Lee
narrated by Elizabeth Wilson

Joey McGolden didn’t believe in anything. She didn’t believe in love, she didn’t believe in other people, and she certainly didn’t believe in God. Most of her life had been spent being rejected by those closest to her all because of her sexuality, so Joey was convinced she could never believe again. That was until a fateful mishap of her college track team led her right to Faith Hopkins.

Faith was everything Joey was not – positive, outgoing, and worst of all, a Christian. As the two grow closer, Joey begins to realize that maybe she could believe again.

But will she ever be able to fully let go of the past so she can accept both God and Faith into her heart or are the demons from her past too much to overcome?



by Carsen Taite
narrated by Paige McKinney

Senator Meredith Mitchell has been groomed from young adulthood for a future run for president, and as scion of a political dynasty, every public and private move she makes is carefully calculated. But Meredith’s focus on the right causes, the right people, and the right timing evaporates when she meets Stevie Palmer, a dashing public defender with a hard knock past.

A firebrand like Stevie is the last person she should be associating with, especially when Meredith’s political future turns into right now, and her party urges her to enter the presidential race. Attorney Stevie Palmer refuses to be limited by the low expectations of others or by taking the politically safe route.

Cautious, media-perfect presidential candidate Meredith Mitchell is the last woman she expected to fall for, but Stevie has never hesitated to pursue her passions. When her client reveals a Mitchell family scandal that could derail Meredith’s career, everything Meredith and Stevie value hangs in the balance, including Meredith’s shot at the presidency and their chance at love.



by Rachel Spangler
narrated by Ann Etter

From a young age, Cobie Galloway made a career of playing the girl-next-door on the silver screen. Only, she’s not a teenager anymore. Ready to challenge herself artistically and earn the part she’s always dreamed of, she’s forced to face the realization that in order to win the roles afforded to edgier actresses, she might first have to audition by playing someone edgier in her day-to-day life.

Pop star Lila Wilder built a multimedia empire by always having her finger on the pulse of what’s hot. However, as she struggles to produce her next smash hit record, she’s finding it hard to keep her name in the public eye, and a string of tumultuous relationships with Hollywood boy toys no longer captivates anyone’s attention.

Both women tentatively agree to a headline-grabbing fauxmance, with two simple rules: Always stick to the script, and never forget that on the stage of public perception, nothing is real. Can two women find love in a world of carefully crafted illusions, or will a successful charade mean the potential for something more gets left on the cutting-room floor?



by Lola Keeley
narrated by Abigail Rakocy

Anna is the newest member of an elite ballet company. Her first class with her mysterious idol Victoria almost ruins her career before it starts. When she shows she might be a potential star, Victoria chooses Anna to launch a new season around.

Now Anna must face down jealousy, sabotage, and injury, not to mention navigate the circus of friends and lovers within the company. The pressure builds as she knows she must pour everything she has into opening night and prove to her rivals and herself that Victoria’s faith in her is not misplaced.

In the process, Anna discovers that she and the daring, beautiful Victoria have a lot more than a talent for ballet in common, and that not every thrilling dance can be found on stage.




by D. G. Barnes
narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

When love comes knocking, a door gets slammed in its face.

Romance author Dana Lawson writes happy-ever-after endings for her characters, but when it comes to her own love story, she has writer’s block. Determined to get a break from life and heal her broken heart, she escapes to Emerald Bay. Her evening out at the local bar where she meets a gorgeous redhead ignites a fire she’s afraid to feed and desperate to fuel. Will she write her love story or tear up the chapters and throw them in the fire?

Set along the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia, the story uses local flavors and rural settings to rev up the love scenes. The novel weaves together the lives of Dana Lawson, Mac Mackenzie, and Ellie, Mac’s niece.

Hearts of Emerald Bay is a fast-paced love story that will keep you listening late into the night. It will appeal to adult listeners who love listening to romance novels with juicy scenes not suitable for younger audiences.

Hearts of Emerald Bay is D. G. Barnes’ first novel. He delves into the love life of two women who desperately need to find each other. If you like spicy stories where the girl fights to get the girl, you’ll love Hearts of Emerald Bay.





by Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner

$0.99 $6.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

This is book three of the True Heart series.

Dr. Susan Everett is living her dream. She has the perfect girlfriend, the perfect job, and lives in a perfect town. She is surrounded by wonderful friends and couldn’t be happier…until Carrie St. Clair, her ex-fiancée, comes back to town. Susan’s picture perfect life takes a wrong turn as Carrie tries to win her back.

Tess Donnelly has never believed in happily ever after – until she meets Susan. Tess opens her heart, her arms, and her home for the woman she loves. Then Carrie St. Clair threatens to destroy everything she loves.

Can Susan and Tess survive the storm that is Carrie? Will Susan have a change of heart? Or will Susan and Tess find out that only true love can keep them together?

Change of Heart is an emotionally-charged novel that explores love, loss, and the power of friendship.




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