New Lesfic Goodies: August 20th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

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by Lise Gold
Available in Kindle Unlimited

During her morning exercise, yoga instructor Cam Saunders finds herself rescuing a young woman who has walked into the sea, seemingly intent on taking her own life. When the woman in question turns out to be a famous actress, Cam promises to keep her secret safe.

Six months later, America’s sweetheart Ella Temperley is working hard to get her life back on track, grieving the loss of her twin sister and fighting a deep depression. Despite her fame, she feels alone in the world and keeps thinking of the woman she owes her life to.

After Ella shows up in Cam’s life again, the two become closer than they ever imagined possible. But what happens when friendship turns into attraction? Living is a slow-burn coming-out romance about loss, love and life.



by Karin Kallmaker

Kesa Sapiro had to grow up fast. With her parents gone and a little sister to protect, Kesa has spent over a decade of her life trying to keep a roof over their heads. She’s learned the hard way that love is a luxury and that the price is way too high. When her sister Josie announces she wants to marry a boy she’s known for less than a month, Kesa immediately forbids it.

Shannon Dealan is floored when her son-by-choice says he wants to get married to a girl he’s just met. Shannon has real reason to scrutinize any strangers who come into Paz’s life. She’s not about to let him do anything stupid—and that includes believing in love at first sight. She knows too well there’s no such thing.

Hoping to soften the objections of their jaded, overbearing elders, Josie and Paz arrange for them to meet and discuss the future like civilized adults…but absolutely nothing goes as planned.



by Allie Keane
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Twenty-seven-year-old Erica is happy with her uncomplicated life: she works in her aunt’s floral shop, she bakes in her free time, and she cherishes her small group of friends. Sure, she’s single, but Erica’s fine with it. As far as she’s concerned, not everybody gets a great love.

Then one day she delivers flowers to her aunt’s newest client, Catherine, a forty-year-old bridal shop owner, and Erica finds herself drawn to her. While the attraction initially catches her off guard—she’s never desired a woman before—she soon realizes that her crush is the real deal.

And Erica isn’t the only one experiencing sparks. Catherine feels them, too. But between their age difference, the need to remain professional, and both of their past experiences with love, both women are hesitant to make a move. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that they need to stop holding back and let their love bloom.



by Virginia Hale

When Kate York accepted a temporary position as the music teacher at her former Catholic boarding school, St. Joan of Arc, she expected to deal with rowdy adolescents, strict nuns, and memories of her intense friendship with her old roommate, Tilly Wattle. The last thing Kate expected, however, was for Tilly to show up as the substitute teacher.

The last time the two had seen each other, Tilly had her heart set on joining the sisterhood of nuns that had raised her as an orphan. Tilly longed for a simple life devoting herself to God while Kate longed for a simple life devoting herself to Tilly. Now, twelve years since she forced herself to say goodbye, Kate realizes that she never really got over her sweet, beautiful friend—or the secret kisses they shared as girls.

In her heart of hearts Kate believes that Tilly can match her passion with equal intensity. When Tilly steadfastly refuses to talk about their past, what choice does Kate have but to try to control her own longings and concentrate on renewing their friendship?

But what if Kate isn’t the only one desperate to hide her true feelings…


San Francisco Series Finale

by Nicole Pyland

This is the San Francisco Series Finale: a collection of 3 short stories about each featured couple in the series. The events take place after each story’s respective Epilogue.

Following up on the success of “What Happened After: the Chicago Series,” here’s a glimpse into the lives of the ladies of the San Francisco Series. Find out what’s been going on with Emma & Keira, Macon & Joanna, and Hillary & Amara after their stories ended.

Epilogues are nice, but they’re a snapshot in time. Maybe it’s a year after the end of the book or even just six months. Maybe there’s a proposal or a wedding. Maybe a character announces she’s pregnant. Maybe a character just got their dream job. This group of short stories will give you a glimpse into the future of the characters.

If you plan to read these, please read all the books in the series first.





by Michelle Arnold
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Abi Okafor moves to New York to start a job as a makeup artist on a TV series, she is assigned to a highly introverted and quirky actress, Greta Lang. Abi and Greta quickly form an unshakable bond, but Abi, though usually bold, is afraid to act on her romantic feelings for Greta. Makeup artists don’t get involved with actresses, do they?Just when they are prepared to admit their feelings for each other, however, tragedy strikes: Greta’s plane crashes, leaving her life in the balance. Now Abi must be there for her in more ways than she ever imagined. She is determined that her love for Greta will pull them both through.But Abi is keeping a horrible secret: Greta is the only survivor of the plane crash. Will Greta be able to handle it when she finally finds out?





by Natasha West
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What could poor troublemaker Lola Morgan and clueless rich kid Abby Granger have in common? Not a lot. Beside both having the misfortune to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. But it’s only 200 hours of community service, right? What could possibly happen between two girls from such different worlds?

Accidentally falling in love, that’s what.

But can bad girl Lola and good girl Abby overcome the odds to be together? Or will their differences pull them apart? A fresh and hilarious romantic comedy from the internationally bestselling author of ‘Just Married?’ and ‘The Matchmaker.’



by Cara Malone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

An eccentric adult shop owner. An agoraphobic game collector. A romantic comedy about finding love and self-acceptance in the strangest places. Opposites attract when Theo offers to help Libby with her shop, but will they be brave enough to play the game of love?






by Judy M. Kerr

US Postal Inspector MC McCall has it all: a loving and supportive life partner, a nice home in St. Paul, and the job of her dreams. When she is assigned to a newsworthy joint task force headed by the FBI, she’s excited to investigate a Ponzi scheme. MC is dedicated, smart, tenacious, and all seems to be going well for her until their critically important whistleblower goes missing, and MC and her work partner are unable to locate him. Two deaths follow and MC’s professional world starts to tilt. When her personal life implodes, things topple altogether. Suddenly MC is drowning in the depths of darkness. Will she be able to keep her head above water in both her personal life and at work? Or will she be destroyed by corruption and dark deeds surrounding her?





by JB Marsden

Carrie and Emma, two pioneers on the prairie of 1820s Illinois, meet and connect with their healing herbs and midwife skills. But their hearts also connect in ways that surprise them each. They battle disease and the hardscrabble life of making the prairie their respective homes, when a local man threatens their lives.

Will their love be enough to tackle all that is thrown them on the prairie?

Trigger warning: An off-scene rape.


The Night Dusty Played

by Kitty McIntosh
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Small-town Scotland in the sixties is not the place for a woman to love another woman – especially one of a different religion.

It’s 1964 and Patty’s life revolves around Saturday nights and the big-name acts that come to play in her small Scottish town. Anything to keep her mind off her day job working in the local mill making fishing nets. She’s yet to find love, however hard she tries to find the local fellas attractive.  Meeting a woman at one of the concerts makes her realise she’s been looking in all the wrong places.

Frankie’s a bit of a tomboy. She works hard by day and follows her local football team at the weekends. Sometimes she finds time for the gigs in nearby Kilbirnie, especially when the chart-topping bands are due to play. Her mother assures her she’ll find ‘the one’ and settle down, but Frankie knows that won’t happen – and why – until one night she meets a woman who takes her breath away.

Will they be able to be together in a society where the rules are supposed to be obeyed, and loving another woman – a Protestant one at that – means breaking them all?



by Bette Hawkins

It’s the spring of 1958 and amateur guitarist/songwriter Alice Johnson feels like a stranger in her small Southern town. Everyone knows her business and is pushing her to settle down and marry like all the other young women in town. Only Alice’s love of music provides an escape from the stifling expectations of family and society.

One night, Alice hears the mesmerizing voice of up-and-coming country singer Dorothy Long and is immediately entranced. Dorothy becomes Alice’s muse, inspiring her to write songs for Dorothy—even though she never imagines that Dorothy will hear them.

But then she finally meets Dorothy and her life turns upside down. Soon Alice finds herself on the road, and not just sharing the stage—but sharing a hotel room—with her idol. Now what is Alice going to do with the unexpected desire that seems to consume her?




Fire & Ice: Book 1

by Idella Breen
narrated by Sophie Daniels

An ice child, her protector, and a century-old prophecy….

In a world where monsters and humans live in relative peace….

Snow Bennett just wanted to get away from her overprotective parents. So, she transferred to the high school in the next town. Monster High, isn’t an ordinary high school. It’s a monster high school, the perfect place for Snow who is human with a little extra. She can control ice. Snow has always wanted to spice up her boring life…then she met Cait Fallon, the spice to her everything nice.

Cait Fallon is a woman with secrets. Secrets, that have ruled her life preventing her from really living.

When Snow transfers to her class, Cait is reminded of a promise she made long ago to protect the girl.

Can Snow break down the walls Cait has spent centuries building? Or will they both fall victim to an age-old prophecy?



by Jourdyn Kelly
narrated by Tessa Stavers

Eve Sumptor is back. This time she is facing her toughest opponent yet. Herself.

After a passionate affair, Eve Sumptor and Lainey Stanton had difficult choices to make. One chose fear, the other gave in to guilt. As the consequences of those decisions begin to come to light, both women must find a new direction.

Will their paths once again come together?

Or have they missed their chance?

You met Eve and Lainey in Something About Eve. You watched them suffer in Flawed Perfection. You’ve followed Eve’s therapy sessions online. Now, see where every decision leads the two women. Were they meant to be together? Or will life keep tearing them apart?

Intended for 18+ audience due to mature content. This audiobook contains scenes that may be a trigger to some people.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

Sara Michaels is the daughter of a prominent senator who has just announced his candidacy for President of the United States – the same senator who has been receiving death threats against his family.

Sara Michaels is also the owner of a self-help clinic and is hell-bent – despite the FBI’s warnings – on leading a group of 10 women on a two-week sojourn through the Rocky Mountains.

In an effort to protect Sara, the FBI recruits homicide detective Jaime Hutchinson to infiltrate the group and secretly provide the protection they are so certain Sara will need. After some clever maneuvering, Jaime finds herself welcomed by the 10 conservative women – who soon begin playing matchmaker with Sara and Jaime.

But then Jaime is reminded of the reason that she has joined this group of women when she’s forced to lead them out of the mountains and away from a sniper’s bullets. Will Sara finally figure out who is behind the death threats? And will Jaime realize the truth – and be able to save Sara before it’s too late?



by E.J. Noyes
narrated by Abby Craden

Half a million dollars will be Celeste Thorne’s reward for spending four years of her life in total isolation. No faces. No voices. No way to leave.

Since Celeste has never really worried about being alone, the generous paycheck she’ll receive for her participation in the solitary psychological experiment seems like easy money.

When she finds an injured hiker in the woods bordering her living compound, her strictly governed world is thrown into disarray. But even as she struggles with the morality of breaking the rules of the experiment, Celeste can’t deny her growing attraction to the kind and enigmatic Olivia Soldano. Still, how much can you really trust a stranger? And how much can you trust yourself when you know all the faces you’ve seen and voices you’ve heard for the past three years have only been your imagination?

But what’s real? Celeste’s reality may lie somewhere between the absolute truth and a carefully constructed deception.




LWW-25: Dishing the Dirt on Collaboration

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New Lesfic Goodies: August 13th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Tomi Dean Lynch
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life was difficult for Max and her father after the sudden loss of her mother and younger brother in a fatal car crash. When her well-meaning Aunt suggested that she be sent to a summer camp program for teenagers dealing with grief, her father believed that having time apart to heal was exactly what they needed and quickly signed her up.

Jessie – a wild teenager with a past was the first person that Max met on the way to camp and, though it would take some time for her to understand why, she was instantly attracted to her signature style and penchant for danger.

Max went to camp to deal with loss but found something there that she would never have expected; passion and love in the arms of another girl.

Desire is the story of two girls who meet and fall for each other but ones tainted past and the others fear of coming out quickly pull them apart.

Was their time together a casual fling or can first love be the kind of love that stands the test of time?


A Year in Paradise: Book 8

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Firefighter Krys Madison is used to the single life. Although a womanizer, she’s been experiencing a dry spell for the past… year.

By choice. Kinda.

She doesn’t realize what’s missing until she discovers a litter of kittens after a barn fire. The only one who can help is rural veterinarian Siobhan O’Connor, a reclusive woman who prefers a life of solitude – and doesn’t need someone like Krys causing trouble in her life.

Too bad Krys is instantly smitten with the redheaded beauty. Too bad Siobhan doesn’t think she’s too bad, either!

But it will take a lot of healing for Siobhan to finally move on from the breakup that still haunts her heart. Someone like Krys? Her heat may start fires Siobhan never asks to have extinguished.



by K. Aten
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Anne is happy with her life. She is happy with her job, her friends, her game, and even her women. She has fun without being tied down, that’s all anyone could ever ask for, right? Everything changes when she meets her new neighbor and they become fast friends. Now Jen is breaking all the rules by asking for what Anne will not give, commitment.

Re-edited with new material added and an updated cover!



by Liz Carlton
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Erin Akers landed a job at a new age shop after moving to the coastal resort town of Santina. She wants to start her own business, but is having trouble getting things started. Kimmy Jenkins is trying to recover after a brush with the law, and to do that, she knows she needs to leave her hometown of Santina. She doesn’t want to end up as just another townie.Can Erin and Kimmy manage to grow together, even if they seem to be heading in opposite directions in life?





by Missouri Vaun

Taylor Finn aspires to be a stunt driver, but driving a limo is what pays the bills. When she finds herself chauffeuring a drunk guy harassing his date, she leaves him stranded and is sure she’s going to get fired. Maybe it’s finally time to pursue her dream.

Iris Fleming’s flight to Atlanta was a scene from a disaster movie, the scariest landing ever. She’d desperately wanted a part on a new sci-fi series, until the director made a pass at her. Now Iris doesn’t want the role and has no intention of getting back on a plane.

Making their escape from Atlanta, Iris and Finn end up at Hideaway Haven, in neighboring cabins. Iris isn’t sure what’s scarier, sexy Taylor Finn or woodland nighttime noises. But maybe they can help each other out. There are schools for stunt drivers in LA, and Iris needs a ride. Wrong turns and roadside hijinks ensue as Iris and Finn set off on a road trip, chasing the sunset and falling for each other along the way.



by Karis Walsh

City girl Alana Brendt accepts a one-year contract as an event coordinator in remote Yakima, Washington, to reboot her career. So what if she padded her résumé a little…doesn’t everyone? Then she discovers she has to lead trail rides and white-water adventures, not just coordinate them. Add a litter of puppies underneath her rickety farmhouse’s porch, and Alana is desperate enough to accept help from the local vet—the gorgeous, sexy, outdoorsy vet who is absolutely not Alana’s type. At all.

Veterinarian Tegan Evans avoids the tourist side of Yakima, venturing there only when an animal needs her. Tourists only break your heart. Still, she can’t resist helping Alana, who, despite being in over her head with rambunctious puppies and a job she is barely qualified to perform, seems determined to make a success of things.

Alana and Tegan both know they don’t belong together. Only problem is, they’re falling in love.




UNLEASHED: 4, 5, & 6 Bundle

by Erik Schubach
Available in Kindle Unlimited

This book bundle features books four, five, and six in the Unleashed series.

Case of the Great Danish, Case of the Yorkshire Pudding, and Case of the Poodle Doodle.






by Sandy Lowe

Three friends are in for a wild night at billionaire heiress Eleanor McGregor’s twenty-fifth birthday party. Love, lust, and doing the right thing, even when it hurts, turn the evening into one that will change their lives forever.

Sarah Donovan just wants to have fun. After a failed relationship and a string of bad first dates leave her moping into her cosmo, a hot and steamy one-night stand with a perfect stranger is just what she needs to feel desirable again.

Avery Anders can’t seem to forget the long-ago accidental kiss with the one woman she couldn’t have, her friend’s little sister. When they meet again, the flame is hotter than ever, and temptation may be too much to resist.

Kaitlyn Forrester was a hopeless romantic until the love of her life walked out on her. Can she learn to forgive when her high school sweetheart returns to town looking to mend her broken heart?



by Genta Sebastian
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What’s in a pen name? More than you think!






A Maji Rios Novel: Book 3

by MB Austin

After losing lives on a mission gone wrong, Maji Rios feels anything but ready for a covert operation to protect volatile Spanish pop star Erlea from the paparazzi and death threats.

Celeste, in-house physician for the hotel hosting Erlea’s show, has had enough of putting on a pretty face for the public to protect celebrities. That mistake cost her a thriving sports medicine practice and her trust in herself. When an unlikely friendship with Erlea turns deeper, she has a choice to make—run or double down on love.

Somewhere on her climb to fame, Erlea’s reputation as the wild child of Europe’s pop scene overtook her love for creating music. Can she reclaim her personal and artistic integrity with the help of the two women working to keep her life from imploding?





by Emily Noon
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A broken-winged angel trying to get home. Her escort a nocturnal huntress with a bloody past. It will be a dangerous journey – monsters are everywhere and the truly dangerous ones hide in plain sight.

Alone since her father’s brutal murder, Aurora has spent years hunting his killers. Battle-weary she’s ready to start over where no one knows who or what she is – she just has one last mission. Everything is going to plan until she discovers the beautiful winged girl caged underground. Her decision to rescue Evie and to help her get home safely, despite avians being infamous for selling out shapeshifters like Aurora to cutters and black-market flesh dealers, will put her on a perilous path.

As the women travel together their attraction grows but Aurora is guarding her lonely heart almost as much as her dangerous secrets and Evie is struggling to accept how important Aurora has become to her.

When their enemies conspire to kill them, they may be each other’s only hope. Aurora is powerful but she’s also emotionally scarred and it will be up to Evie to save her from herself and to fight for them – or innocent people will die along with the guilty ones and Aurora will disappear from Evie’s life forever.





by Jenny Frame

As the new Alpha of the Scottish Wulver pack, Kenrick Wulver has a bright future ahead. All she needs is her destined mate to share it with. Zaria Lupa isn’t looking for love. She’s been on the run from Leroux, Alpha of the American Lupa pack, ever since Leroux killed her sister.

When the Lupa wolves find Zaria, she runs to Wolfgang County for protection, where Kenrick is visiting her friend Dante. Kenrick takes Zaria under her wing, showing her the care and attention she’s never experienced. Zaria refuses to believe she is Kenrick’s destined mate. To her, mating is just an excuse for abuse and control, no matter how kind Kenrick may seem.

When Kenrick convinces Zaria to come to Scotland to visit the Wulver pack, she hopes for a fresh start. But the Lupa wolves aren’t finished with Zaria, and their revenge may destroy any chance at love.



by Sheri Lewis Wohl

All Vi Akiak wanted when she came to Spokane was to earn her medical degree, get a job in the medical examiner’s office, and keep her biggest secret safe. She didn’t plan her attraction to Kate Renard, the beautiful K9 search and rescue handler who lived next door, and she really didn’t plan on chasing a serial killer.

Kate is delighted when Vi moves in next door. She’s attractive, fascinating, and best of all, she likes dogs. When dead bodies start turning up in forested recreational areas around Spokane, Vi and Kate must work together to find the killer before they end up the next targets. In the race for survival, they discover that love may be the biggest risk of all.





by Renee Roman

When Sarah Peters hires a private investigator to find the twin brother she’s just discovered exists, she’s unprepared for the cocky, self-assured Camdyn Stark. Finding missing persons is Cam’s specialty and she knows she can get the job done, even if she’s not too keen to delve into the system she blames for her abusive childhood. There’s no denying her attraction to the quietly beautiful Sarah, but when she uncovers the truth, Cam’s torn between keeping Sarah safe and doing the job she was hired to do.

As Cam gets closer to solving the case and revealing the danger threatening them both, will her own dark secrets and the lies she’s buried jeopardize her future with Sarah?




The Janet Watson Chronicles

by Claire O’Dell

Dr. Janet Watson and covert agent Sara Holmes, introduced in the acclaimed A Study in Hour, continue their dangerous investigation into the new American Civil War with the help of fresh allies, advanced technology, and brilliant deduction in this superb reimagining of Sherlock Holmes.

It’s been two months since Dr. Janet Watson accepted an offer from Georgetown University Hospital. The training for her new high-tech arm is taking longer than expected, however, leaving her in limbo. Meanwhile, her brilliant friend and compatriot, Sara Holmes, has been placed on leave–punishment for going rogue during their previous adventure.

After an extremist faction called the Brotherhood of Redemption launched a failed assassination attempt on the president that caused mass destruction, Holmes, who is now operating in the shadows, takes on the task of investigating the Brotherhood. Holmes is making progress when she abruptly disappears.

When Watson receives a mysterious message from Holmes’s cousin Micha that indicates that Sara Holmes’ disappearance might be connected to the Brotherhood and to Adler Industries, Watson and Micha go on a high-stakes mission to reunite with Holmes once more.

Together, Watson, Holmes and Micha embark on a thrilling, action-packed journey through the deep South to clear Holmes’s name, thwart the Brotherhood’s next move, and most important, bring their nemesis to justice for the atrocities she’s committed in the New Civil War.





by Meredith Katz

Clara Gutierrez is an AI repair technician and a wanderer. Her childhood with her migrant worker family has left her uncomfortable with lingering for too long, so she moves from place to place across retro-futuristic America.

Sal is a fully autonomous robot. Older than the law declaring her kind illegal due to ethical concerns, she is at best out of place in society and at worst vilified. She continues to run the tea shop previously owned by her long-dead master, lost in memories of the past, struggling to fulfill her master’s dream for the shop while slowly breaking down.

They meet by chance, but as they begin to spend time together, they both start to wrestle with the concept of moving on…

A F/F retro-future sci-fi asexual romance. A story about artificial intelligence and real kindness, about love, and the feeling of watching steam rising softly from a teacup on a bright and quiet morning.

Please note this is a re-release. Originally published in 2016.





by Kitty McIntosh

Gillian lives alone by the river and harbours a secret. A secret that she has kept from everyone – even the woman she loves from afar.

This short story is the prequel to a forthcoming novella, set on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.






by A. E. Radley
narrated by P. J. Morgan

A crush on your boss is bad. A crush on her mortal enemy is worse.

Sophie Young is on cloud nine now that she works for her idol Kate Kennedy – owner of the best advertising agency in Europe. When a top client requests that Kate works on a lucrative project with the notoriously fastidious Georgina Masters, Sophie knows that things are about to get tough. What she doesn’t anticipate is Georgina setting her romantic sights on her.

Stuck between two fiery women and desperately trying to keep the peace, Sophie has to attempt to balance the fragile merger, keep her job, and appease both women.

Mergers and Acquisitions is a fun lesbian romance that’s impossible to put down. Find out who Sophie chooses today.



by Michelle Arnold
narrated by Jacq Ainsworth

Grace Walker doesn’t do relationships. She spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, she and her siblings looking after each other when their drug-addicted mother couldn’t. With such a dysfunctional family, Grace just doesn’t think she’s relationship material. She’d rather play the field and otherwise keep to herself. But then she runs into someone from her childhood: Eva Carrington, an orphaned heiress who did a brief stint in a children’s home alongside Grace. The two felt a strong connection as children, and now that they’re adults, it’s even stronger. But Grace sticks to her guns: she doesn’t do relationships, and she’s certain kind, intelligent Eva deserves better than her anyway. But then someone else from the past hurts Eva badly to get revenge on Grace for some perceived slight, and Eva ends up pregnant. When she makes the difficult decision to have the baby, Grace promises to be there for mother and child no matter what. But with this makeshift family on her hands, can Grace keep pretending she doesn’t love Eva?





by TB Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince

TB is giving away US and UK Audible codes. To enter the giveaway, email her at In the subject, please write Confessions Giveaway. In the body of the email, please let TB know if you’re in the US or UK.

The deadline to enter the giveaway is August 31st.



LWW-24: What Stories from Our Real Lives We Have Used in Our Fiction

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New Lesfic Goodies: August 6 Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




The Village Romance series: Book 3

by Harper Bliss
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can The Posh Student Win The Uptight Professor?

Helen Swift is almost fifty and tired of her day job as a professor at Oxford University. She prefers to write cozy mysteries under a well-hidden pen name in her Cotswolds cottage. She’s also far too busy to even consider romance.

Posh girl, Victoria ‘Rory’ Carlisle, is over the moon when she snags Helen as her DPhil supervisor, and not only because of Professor Swift’s academic prowess. Rory takes an instant shine to Helen, who is far from charmed by her advances.

Can Rory make a dent in the wall that Helen has built around herself? And does Helen even have the time for such an inappropriate dalliance?



by Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Georgia Snow likes to play it safe. She never takes chances. She prefers the safety of her snug, banal life. In her entire forty-two years, she has never done one risky thing. When her mother dies, Georgia is devastated. Then she finds out that her mother has left her a bucket list. To honor her mother’s memory, Georgia decides to fulfill her mother’s wish—traveling to Amsterdam, Canada, and Antarctica.

Along comes Eliza Cumming. Eliza is the opposite of Georgia. She is a free spirit and adventure is her middle name. She is also the woman Georgia’s mother had hired as a life coach and traveling companion for Georgia.

Georgia knows better than to fall in love with Eliza. Their relationship would never work. It’s too risky, too hard, too late, too…everything. But what Georgia doesn’t know is that love always finds a way.



by Bailey Peters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

As one of Raleigh’s hottest young entrepreneurs, Eva Perry spends her days planning lavish events and helping affluent brides-to-be plan their dream weddings. She keeps her margins, her reviews, and her designer stilettos high. Unfortunately, her success has come with sacrifice. When it’s time to close her office door for the day and head upstairs to her apartment, the only romance she has energy for is in the books she reads from the local public library.

When she pictures the person she’ll end up with, it’s always the same: a goateed book nerd in flannel and Converse sneakers, carrying around a beaten up copy of her favorite novel in his messenger bag. When Eva meets Taylor on the library’s web chat and gets invited to an off-site book club after they exchange witty banter, she quickly gets caught up in daydreams where she walks into the meeting to find the living embodiment of her dream guy.

Instead, she finds a gorgeous brunette that shares all of the more important qualities Eva hasn’t managed to find in anyone else. In the weeks that follow, Eva finds that it’s not Taylor’s gender, but her past, that proves to be the biggest surprise. Can Eva maintain her reputation among the southern elite while courting someone with a criminal record?



by K. Aten

Ash Hayes was failed by the system at the tender age of sixteen and suffered an addiction. As a result she lives her life weighed down by the guilt of her past. To atone for childhood misdeeds, Ash trained as a paramedic after high school and eventually became a firefighter with the Detroit fire department, along with her childhood best friend Derek. Friend, confidant, brother, he has been her light in an otherwise dark life. When tragedy strikes on the job, injury and forced leave from the department are the least of her concerns. Suffering from even more guilt and depression after the loss of her two closest friends Ash is set adrift in a sea of pain.​

When Mia Thomas buys the house next door, Ash finds friendship in the most unlikely of places. It’s Mia’s nature to help and to heal. Many would say she has a knack for finding the broken ones and leading them into the light. But Ash’s secret still lives deep inside her. Before the firefighter can even think of a future, she has to amend her past. Like the phoenix of legend, Ash has to burn her fears to the ground before she can be reborn.


Oakview Lesbian Romance: Book 7

by Sienna Waters
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Frank Raines knows exactly what she wants from life: a wife, children, and a house with a lawn. And when her boss, Laura Bancroft, leaves her a half-share in not just the art gallery she works at but also a house, Frank thinks that everything’s going to plan. All she needs now is to find a wife.

Hannah Layton hates Oakview at first sight. The only reason she’s taken time out of her busy schedule in New York is to check out the legacy that her Aunt Laura has left her. And when she finds out that she’s going to have to share, she’s far from pleased.

They say opposites attract, but there has to be a limit. Foster child Frank can’t think of anything better than family. Disowned for her sexuality, Hannah can’t think of anything worse than family. But when big city woman and small town girl meet, sparks start to fly. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Cupid that potential partners should have at least one thing in common…

It just can’t work. Ever. But the more Frank and Hannah try to deny their attraction, the worse things get. Everyone wants perfection, but life just doesn’t work that way…

Oakview books can be read independently and in any order, just be prepared to see some familiar faces around town!



by Max Ellendale
Available in Kindle Unlimited

It’s not every day that Willa receives distress calls for sick horses owned by dead people. As one of two veterinarians in the rural area of Washington State, she responds to the summons for two reasons; she’s worried for the unknown animal, and sheer curiosity over the alleged revenant. While on this mission, Willa crosses paths with Dax, a rough around the edges U.S. Marshal tasked with caring for her fallen father’s farm. Dax is a woman of few words, but Willa can see beyond the silence into the rich soul that she aches to learn more about. Tangled with uncertainty, Willa’s desires urge her into Dax’s personal space, and what unfolds between the lavender fields brings both women something unexpected.





by Ali Spooner

An elite businesswoman decides it’s time to stack the deck in favor of the fairer sex, and once she sets her mind to something, it’s as good as done. She offers under-appreciated professional women an opportunity of a lifetime with the proposal to work at an exclusive fitness club.

On the outskirts of Atlanta, lives of these women working at the elite club change. Friendships take shape, romance blooms, and the members get the workout of their lives.




Journey of Exploration: Book 4

by J. A. Armstrong
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Real estate guru, Gina Thompson is no stranger to loss. Six years after the loss of her wife, Gina has adjusted to life on her own. She enjoys the company of her best friends, Drew and Sam, and weekend visits from her lively daughter, Chesley. At forty-six, she’s ready to try something new. Gina is on a mission to turn her hobby into a career. It’s the most significant risk she’s ever taken—until she meets Grace Evans.

A self-proclaimed free-spirit, Grace has sought adventure over commitment. Traversing the globe, experiencing all that life offers, and never staying in one place for too long defines Grace’s life. When Grace invites Gina to visit her studio, a friendship develops that will challenge both women to face their demons and their desires.




The Greengage Series: Book 3

by Emma Sterner-Radley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

All is not well on the cosy but quirky English island of Greengage.

The mysterious rummaging and stealing from an old lady’s bookshelf exposes secrets and suspicious behaviour. Then there’s a cryptic lovers’ quarrel between two pub owners and an eccentric uncle interfering in affairs of the heart.

No wonder Kit Sorel—librarian and now reluctant private detective—is busy.

To make things worse, she’s worried about her relationship with the hardworking businesswoman and lady of the manor, Laura Howard.

Add a stuffed badger, dog walking bets, a Barbie balloon and a conundrum regarding the name Susan and you’ll be left wondering if Kit can handle these tricky situations? Or will the eccentric, comical Greengagers get in her way as usual?

More importantly, will this all be sorted out before this year’s kitten race?




Book 2

by Mildred Gail Digby

Dr. Megan Maier is on her way to happiness and professional success when a hurdle to both appears in the form of Charles Brockman, the son of the hospital’s president who has decided that Megan is the perfect partner for him and proposes to her. Megan turns him down cold, certain nothing could make her even consider his offer. Nothing except for Megan’s secrets. Incriminating documents go missing and Megan has to face the truth that the cost of protecting herself, and the victims of her shattered past, is betrayal of the woman she loves.




Box Set

by Chloe Peterson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eva hates her clan of wolf shifters. After years of doing grunt work and playing the dutiful daughter, an attempted kidnapping by an evil group of wolf shifters finally pushes her to her breaking point. But just when things look bleak, she’s rescued by a gorgeous dragon shifter, who she soon discovers is her childhood friend.

Rowan is determined to help Eva, but things begin to spiral out of control when Eva’s kidnappers return for her with overwhelming reinforcements. Can the two women secure Eva’s freedom in the midst of a whirlwind romance?

If you like thrilling action, rich characters, and passionate love stories, then you’ll love this collection.





by TT Banks

Sassy, Humorous, and Dangerously Sexy!

Detective Alexandra Connolly was looking for Miss Right – she didn’t expect to meet her at one of her crime scenes…

Shootouts, fistfights, car chases, and sexual frustration…

Can Alex keep Kara safe long enough to solve this case without compromising her integrity?

Will they make it through without… Breaking Protocol?






Fair Oaks Series: Book 2

by Jae
narrated by Angela Dawe

Small-town florist Ashley loves creating wedding bouquets. Her own love life is far from blossoming since she’s stuck in the closet. Sasha isn’t faring much better. Her bakery keeps her too busy for romance anyway. When the town’s first lesbian wedding forces them to work together, Sasha is soon tempting more than just Ash’s sweet tooth.



by Nicole Pyland
narrated by Melissa Moran

Peyton Gloss is the world’s most famous and popular singer and songwriter, known for her chart-topping hits as well as her famous girl squad and July 4th events, inviting all of her famous friends to celebrate. This year, she did something even more extravagant than ever and invited her friends to join her for a week-long adult summer camp experience.

Mackenzie Smyth dared to audition for a TV show. Thinking she had no chance of getting the part, she went along with it. Five years later, she’s one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood. She’s also socially awkward and struggles with getting to know new people and spending time with her peers.

Lennox Owen is Hollywood royalty and has been famous since birth. She’s remained in the business because she didn’t know what else, if anything, she could do, and because it was what was expected of her.

When Lennox and Kenzie meet, there’s electricity between them. And the camp is the perfect opportunity for them to explore what might be. But after the magic of their week away from the world dissipates, can they still find that spark and make their relationship work?



by Natasha West
narrated by Emily Beresford & Rachael Beresford

When uptight British bookshop owner Emily Bartlett goes to Las Vegas to get over a humiliating breakup, she’s expecting to make a few mistakes. But when she meets Ruby Knight, a pessimistic American C-list TV actress with designs on a movie career, she makes a whopper. The pair get so incredibly drunk together that they end up getting accidentally married.

In the cold light of day, both women are shocked to find themselves wedded to a virtual stranger. But maybe it’s not such a big mistake? Could Ruby’s marriage to Emily help boost her profile and get her the biggest role of her life, earning Emily a big payday in the process? Only if they can make it seem like they’re really in love. And only if they can navigate the treacherous LA movie scene without tripping themselves up and giving the game away. Or worse, getting carried away with their fake relationship…

But what if they do let themselves feel something? Could they fall in love? Or are they just married?


Book 1

by Rachel Ford
narrated by Barbara Rich

Kay Ellis is playing a dangerous game, and she knows it. She’s made herself Enemy Number One of the Conglomerate. She’s relying on privateers for her safety. It’s a fool’s game. But the worst part is, her fool’s heart is starting to warm to the enigmatic privateer, Captain Magdalene Landon; and that’s a risk for which she hadn’t planned.




LWW-23: How We Come Up with Book Titles and Character Names

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Click on the images for details. 


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New Lesfic Goodies: July 30th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,




The Village Romance Series: Book 2

by Clare Lydon
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can The City Girl Win The Village Sweetheart?

Single since forever, Natalie Hill has all but given up on love. She’s convinced herself and everyone else she wants a quiet life. But if a tall, dark and gorgeous stranger turned up on her doorstep, her plans might change…

Enter Ellie Knap, who’s jump-starting her life in the Cotswolds after bailing on her relationship and her career. Her plan? To open an ice cream shop and melt into the village.

When the two meet it’s far from love at first sight, but then slowly, they become friends. Then one night, on a moonlit bridge, everything changes… But can Ellie pack up her old life in time to embrace the new? And can Natalie hold on tight when her quiet life suddenly gets deafeningly loud?



by Raven J. Spencer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sunny has exposed the secrets of many celebrities and public figures for Profile magazine. Now on the verge of a burnout, writing a piece on billionaire heiress Kate Doyle is the last thing she wants, but her boss leaves her no choice.

Uncovering Kate’s secrets forces Sunny to take a look at her own vulnerabilities. Attraction makes everything more complicated, when Sunny promised herself she’d never go down that road again…


Duckton-by-Dale Romance: Book 2

by Emma Nichols
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Faith Divine pulls up outside the Duckton-by-Dale café on a dazzling red Ducati motorbike she takes Drew Pettigrew’s breath away. Faith is cool, sexy and desirable, and there isn’t one villager who disagrees. Completely smitten, Drew has no choice but to come out. The fact that Drew is a lesbian doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know her. Except, that is, for her mother, Esther.

As Esther plots for Drew to meet the right guy, the villagers have other ideas. Relentless in her pursuit of what she thinks is right for Drew, Esther’s actions threaten to break friendships that have spanned decades, devastate her relationship with Drew, and divide the village.

How difficult can it be to come out to your mother?

Hilarious, light-hearted, fun yet poignant, Blind Faith is the sequel to the bestselling lesbian romance, Summer Fate.

It is recommended that Summer Fate be read before Blind Faith.



by Kat Smith
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mega developer, Jessica Lindstrom has spent half her life trying to forget her childhood and the disappearance of her mother. When her father dies, she is forced to return to her childhood home on Amelia Island, Florida. Jessica is determined to bury her past once and for all beneath the largest project of her career. However, her progress is hindered at every turn by a secret her father took to the grave.

Kate Callahan, owner of the local marina and an environmental advocate is holding onto a secret of her own. Seeing Jessica again after sixteen years brings painful memories to the surface. With her quiet life on the island in jeopardy, Kate gears up for the fight of her life, but soon finds that she alone holds the key to Jessica’s future.


Forged by Fire: Book 1

by Jax Meyer
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Phoenix Murray has had enough of her life. So when her aunt offers her a job as a cook at the South Pole, she jumps at it. Astrophysicist Ashley Bennett can’t wait for her year at the South Pole. Avoiding the complications of dating in a society that doesn’t understand asexuality is a bonus.

When Phoenix and Ash meet, they can’t help but push each other’s buttons. But living at the bottom of the world means there’s nowhere to run, and as they find common ground, their differences aren’t nearly the hindrance they thought.





by Ceillie Simkiss
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Childhood sweethearts Pamela Thornton and Martha Appleby haven’t seen each other in fifty years when they each board the same airplane, only to find they’ve been booked for the same seat.

If they can get past the ghosts of their past and decide what path they want to chart for their futures, this chance meeting could give their long lost relationship its second wind.

Please note: Mention of spousal death in past, grieving, and discussion of epilepsy in secondary character.





by Erik Schubach

Finnegan Temperance McLeary-May, dog walker extraordinaire has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

It seems that Finnegan has taken her knack for getting into misadventures international as she flies to Ireland to work on the adoption process of Luce, an eleven year old orphan who’s quirks and eccentricities remind everyone of a young Fin.

Fin’s wife, Detective Jane McLeary-May, and the police commander of Belfast head out in search of Finnegan and Luce when disturbances that can only be her are reported at the station while Jane is there.

A tale that will tug on your heartstrings ensues as the chase is on to save a Irish Wolfhound winds up being tied to Luce’s tragic past. Fin finds herself and her border collie, Sir Calvin Cornelius Fluffytoes, Luce, and her best friend Bri on the adventure of a lifetime.





by Lark Maren
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Never in my life had I imagined I’d be anything other than a drifter, a cocktail waitress at the scummiest strip club in Atlantic City, living out of my car, living every day just trying to make enough money to see another one. Then Harley Handley came along. She was the undefeated MMA featherweight champion of the world, and for some reason, she wanted more than just a one night stand.

Could our love survive the public spotlight?

Undefeated is a full length high steam lovers to enemies to lovers MMA romance.

Please note: There is some violence.




The Robyn Hood Adventures: Book 1

by Niamh Murphy
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Pride. Ambition. Blood.

With a single shot, a legend is born.

Robyn Fitzwarren, daughter to the Baron of Loxley, only wants to support her mother while her father is off on Crusade.

But when she enters an archery tournament in disguise, she incurs the wrath of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s arrogant nephew, Theo. Now, not only is her own life threatened but the lives of her family as well.

Will she flee from danger?

Or fulfill her destiny, stand up to injustice, and become the fabled outlaw of legend: Robyn Hood?



by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Flood Between Us

When a flood hits Grant’s Landing, Jack is one of the first to respond by bringing her construction company to the town to rebuild houses. The town is suffering from lack of supplies, lack of business, and lack of housing, so members of the town are required to call in further assistance. Jill, a member of Hope’s Integrity, decides to drive supplies to the small town, meeting the bruiting Jack who both challenges and excites her. The two women grow into each other’s worlds despite the great differences that they have, but when conflicts from their pasts come to light, will they be able to stick together, or will the floods of differences that they have sweep them apart?

The Heart of the Rodeo

Blake Young is one of the best bull riders that Melville has seen in years. When she ends up falling off a bull during one of the biggest competitions of her career, she is placed in the hands of an in-home doctor, Dr. Jane Steibold and one of her worst fears, not being able to take care of herself. Blake and Jane clash at first, but as Blake gets used to the restrictions of her new lifestyle, she begins to realize that having Jane in her life might be just what she needed all along.





by Samantha Hicks
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Billy Harris grew up abused by his father. He is determined to stop any other child being hurt like he was. Detective Sargent Cassie Blake works in missing persons. Her job is to find the lost souls who don’t want to be found or have been taken against their will. One day she is assigned a new case – Sophie Winters, an eleven-year-old who has been abducted. Cassie must work with Sophie’s mother to find her. With time running out, will Cassie find Sophie before tragedy strikes?





by Denise Warner
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Carrie’s unconventional upbringing with her wacky, Madonna-loving, criminal mastermind of a mother makes for an anxiety-ridden childhood amidst the MTV era of the 1980’s, but with her best friends; hulky, Latino Bobby, and the shy, artsy Michelle by her side, she just may end up with a good life when her mother leaves her with a pot of gold…if she can steal it.





by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Jenna Knight

Sayyida, variously known as a pirate queen, Queen of the Western Seas, or Queen of Tétouan, was a REAL and HISTORICAL figure, but not much is known of her. Sayyida married young, just 16, at the insistence of her father. Her first husband was 30 years older and a friend of her father’s. Al-Mandri sensed his bride’s intelligence and taught her about his business affairs and diplomacy. Together, the couple rebuilt Tétouan, which had been destroyed by the Reconquista, and when her husband died in 1515, she became the Governor or Queen of Tétouan in her own right. Later, Sayyida was pursued by the King of Fes, Ahmed al-Wattsi, and accepted his marriage proposal, but on her terms: He had to travel to her kingdom to marry her, not the other way around.

Sayyida’s love of the high seas and her appetite for battle and conquest often clash with her duties as wife, mother, and queen. As hardworking as she is, Sayyida feels an emptiness in her life. Will Aya, her new slave, silence this longing? Join us as this fictional version of a real woman takes you into her world and captures your heart….



by Eliza Andrews
narrated by Tashi Sade Thomas

From the outside, Kasey James had the perfect life. She had a rich husband, two perfect kids, and a big house in Eastside with a pool in the backyard. None of her friends understand why she left her husband and went back to a stressful job teaching high school. She knows they’ll understand even less when she tells them she’s started dating a woman from Westside.

If she tells them, that is. After all, Kasey has her kids to think of, not to mention the upcoming school board election. What if her neighbors withdraw their support when they find out she’s seeing a woman?

Drea Robbins has a good life, too. She owns her own home and operates her own business, making enough money doing what she loves that she can support her mom, sister, and niece. She wishes she had a “special someone” in her life, but in the grand scheme of things, being single isn’t that big of a deal.

Kasey James, a white woman living in Eastside, is the absolute last person Drea expects to fall for. Kasey’s recently divorced from a man, she’s got two kids, she lives in the middle of rich suburbia – to say her lifestyle is different from Drea’s would be the understatement of the year. But it’s like Drea’s mom says – we can’t control whom we fall for, and whether Drea likes it or not, she’s falling for Kasey. Hard.

Opposites attract…right?

But when a real estate development controversy puts Drea and Kasey on opposite sides of a battle line, will their new love prove strong enough to survive? Or is it just unrealistic for two women with so many differences to find a common ground they can hold against all the world’s pressures?

Eastside / Westside / Love is a story about race, class, gentrification, and inequality. But more than that, it’s a story about hope, and about finding out that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

High school sweethearts…and nobody knew.

Ashleigh Pence had been the all-American high school girl: cheerleader, prom queen…and in love with another girl. Gina Granbury hasn’t thought about Calloway High in 20 years, but the arrival of the invitation to the class reunion brings back memories of Ashleigh and the betrayal that drove them apart.

With no real choice, Ashleigh has to go the event, hoping that it’s not the one reunion that Gina decides to attend after all these years. Gina had expected to dismiss the possibility as easily as she has during all the years since, but the curiosity is suddenly strong. Her long-broken heart has never mended, but that’s no reason to go back in time…is it?



by Kiki Archer
narrated by Jessica Jeffries

Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive School confident, enthusiastic, and very well-qualified. That was until she met the eyes of the student hidden in the corner of her classroom. Kat’s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside-down and threaten everything she had been working for; how was she to know those mesmerizing green eyes would reappear here?

Great lesbian chick-lit.

A cross between Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller and Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill.

But She Is My Student follows the journey of Miss Katherine Spicer in her first year of teaching at Coldfield Comprehensive School. She is a gorgeous, intelligent young woman hailed as a fantastic teacher whose two best friends have to keep her spirit alive when she is faced with an impossible situation. How was she to know the woman she kissed would turn up in her A-Level history class?

The novel deals with the many issues of sexuality in a gripping, yet funny manner, pulling the listener back into a world of teenage nostalgia and school day memories.


Confessions Series: Book 1

by TB Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince

Cori Tisdale was on top of the world. A basketball star at Harvard and a promising author with a lucrative book deal.

A few years later, Cori’s life is falling apart. Her beautiful girlfriend, Kat Finn, has a shopping addiction. To make ends meet, Cori takes a part-time job at a coffee shop.

Just when Cori thinks her life can’t get any worse, an old crush appears out of the blue. Cori’s friendship with Samantha Clarke pushes Cori further into a dangerous abyss when Sam reveals two secrets to Cori and asks her not to tell a soul, including Kat.

Will this be the end of Cori and Kat’s relationship?




LWW-22: Lesbian TV and Movie Characters Who Have Inspired Our Writing

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They’d love to hear from you!






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New Lesfic Goodies: July 23rd Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Nicolette Dane
Available in Kindle Unlimited

As her birthday approaches, Gretchen Slate is looking to do something big. Gretchen is an avid hiker, a lover of the outdoors, and sets her sights on Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness, an arduous and remote hike far away from civilization. And she can think of no better company than her best friend Naomi Benson.

This hike is known to change people, and Naomi is in need of a change. She’s never left home, never applied herself, and never admitted her true feelings for Gretchen. In fact, Naomi has spent her life running away from her feelings. While Gretchen is eager to get into the woods and climb mountains, Naomi has her own inner mountains to climb.

Out in the wild, it’s easy to open up and be your real self. Can these two friends bring the love they feel in the wilderness with them when they return home?



by Sheryl Wright

What happens when a chance encounter turns out to be anything but?

Kara Wexler has only a few days to decide whether to accept the nomination of Chief Executive Officer and remain under her father’s hand. Should she say enough is enough and resign from the family company completely? Her siblings desperately want her to take the top job and use her innovative ideas to turn the company around. But Kara is tired of fighting with her father at every turn.

Kara’s siblings aren’t willing to let the decision go to chance. Worried that Kara no longer has the fight necessary to lead the company, they concoct a scheme to get Kara back on track. Surely deceiving Kara for the short-term is worth the long-term gain.

Madeleine Jessepp’s career has hit an all-time low. Her dream of becoming an actress isn’t going to happen and she doesn’t even have the money to return home to Minnesota. At first she scoffs at the offer to play the “Love at First Sight Role,” and spend a week as a fantasy date. But after some convincing she agrees to do it. After all, she is an actress.

Thrown together by Kara’s well-intentioned siblings, Madeleine and Kara both get more than they bargained for. What will happen when Kara discovers she’s been deceived by everyone—especially by Madeleine?


San Francisco: Book 3

by Nicole Pyland
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Hillary Robins had watched all of her friends couple off. Everyone in her group had their person now, while she’d turned into something like the eighth wheel. After Caroline had broken her heart, Hillary had always known that she’d be the last of her friends to find someone. Caroline had done a number on her. And, in many ways, she was still recovering.

Amara Simmons both loved and hated being a preacher’s daughter. She loved her father dearly. He was all she had left after her mother’s tragic death. But what her father and his protégé, Mark, taught in church was in direct opposition to what she felt about herself. She’d never had the courage to admit it out loud. She even dated Mark because it was what was right for her father and for their shared faith. Unfortunately for Amara, her secret – along with some family secrets – collide when she finally decides to come out of her shell.

Hillary had been staring at a beautiful, auburn-haired woman every week in her local café for over a year before circumstances finally give her the courage to take a chance and strike up a conversation. Amara had always thought Hillary was beautiful. She’d always wanted to talk to her, but she couldn’t. If she did, that would mean that thing she’d been hiding about herself might reveal itself. If it did, it would change everything.



by Jennifer Hebbard
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Micah Thomas never thought she would live to see her 31st birthday, but a last minute heart transplant gives her a new lease on life. When Micah meets Emily Archer, sparks fly and Micah finally believes in love at first sight. Only one problem, the new heart that beats in Micah’s chest belonged to Emily’s daughter.






by Jea Hawkins

When novelist Sabrina Covell wakes up to a beautiful woman sipping coffee in her kitchen, she wonders what kind of mess her sister left her with this time. Another short-term love affair, another broken heart, courtesy of ruthless anchorwoman Miranda Covell.

Blythe Jansen isn’t any ordinary guest in the family’s Martha’s Vineyard home. She’s an accomplished photographer who’s not afraid to get to the heart of the matter with her subjects. Not only that, but Miranda seems to think Sabrina needs a fake relationship to save her image.

Sabrina is tired of dealing with the fallout of her sister’s romantic conquests, not to mention living in her overbearing shadow. Yet, she can’t deny her attraction to Blythe. Maybe it’s the lonely summer nights or the silence broken only by the crashing of the waves, but Sabrina decides to let Blythe stay for the season.

What starts out as a game quickly turns into something more when Blythe reveals what she wants: Sabrina’s heart. Too bad Sabrina has been burned twice before by her sister’s ex-girlfriends and doesn’t expect this to be any different.

But what could one little summer fling hurt? Especially if it’s not meant to be the real thing…




The Dueling Hearts Saga: Book 1

by Claerie Kavanaugh

Will a return to the stage bring love or heartbreak?

Ten years after a near-fatal accident almost ended her musical theater career, Catie Klarken is still struggling to keep a roof over her daughter’s head. Landing the lead in a musical is the break she needs to get her life back on track. Everything hinges on this production.

But being in the show comes with its own set of problems. The assistant director is none other than her ex-girlfriend, Addie. Catie can’t afford to walk away, but working with her old flame threatens to break down the walls she’s built around her heart. The show must go on, but only Catie can decide if their relationship deserves an encore after the final bow.





by Kate Gavin

Cameron Leoni is about to start her senior year of high school. Between helping her mother take care of her two younger brothers and working at the library to save money for college, there’s just barely enough time for anything but soccer.

Riley Baker is the new girl in town. Though she’s been out to her parents and friends back home, she’s reluctant to share that information with her new classmates.

When Cam meets Riley on the first day of soccer tryouts, Cam is unsure why she feels so drawn to the other girl. They become fast friends and soon Cameron can’t help the butterflies she feels every time the two touch.

Riley wants to be honest and come out to Cam but she doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. She won’t allow herself to dream of the possibility of anything more between them.

Cam and Riley will have to navigate the emotional halls of high school, friends and family as they realize there might be more than just friendship growing between them.




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 15

by Victoria Rush
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade decides to hold a girls-only party at her place, she invites the owner of the local adult store to provide a demonstration of some of her latest sex toys. But Jade has a hidden agenda. She’s had her eye on the sexy neighbor next door and she’s hoping the demonstration will stimulate her interest in exploring a new phase of their relationship.

The party starts off innocently enough, with Cheryl demonstrating some of the simpler toys. As she passes free samples around for the girls to inspect, some of them can’t resist experimenting with them in more intimate ways. Jade notices that her neighbor Alana is becoming more excited by the activity of the group, but so far everyone has remained relatively composed keeping their clothes on.

But when Cheryl begins demonstrating some of the newer, more provocative toys, many of the women lose their inhibitions and begin disrobing. As the group becomes more and more bold about experimenting with the devices, they begin to pair up. It doesn’t take long for everyone to get down and dirty having fun with each other and the fascinating toys…





by K’Anne Meinel

The war is over, and the boys are coming home. It’s time for women everywhere to leave the factories and return to their rightful places…in the kitchen.

Women did their duty and filled many traditionally male jobs while their men were fighting for their country, but now, the men are back and ready to take over. But what if your man didn’t return? And what if you found you enjoyed the freedom your job gave you?

Neither Marion Whiting nor Barbara Jenkins loved their jobs in the mill; however, they did the best job they could for their government, and after being widowed by the war, those jobs had become a necessity.

The two women fell in love and moved in together to save on expenses, but they soon discovered life is very different from when they were married to men. After giving up their individual homes in order to buy a place together, they learn that no bank will give them a loan without a responsible male’s signature. Since Marion and Barbara no longer have men to ‘take care’ of them, they decide they will take care of themselves and each other.

Dreams are meant to be pursued, so Marion and Barbara buy an island using the last of their combined money. They want to create a vacation getaway where they can raise their shared family, but they have no idea what it will take to make their dreams on this island a reality.

Will they have to give up their dreams to save their relationship? Will the freedoms they enjoy be thwarted by outside influences? Come along as two women in post-war Maine embark on their dream. “What could possibly go wrong?” you ask…





by Tagan Shepard

Major Charlene “Charlie” Hawk has been in the thick of battle many times, but she’s never had a deployment quite like this. A prison riot on the Moon. Fifty heavily armed, violent felons with nothing to lose. Two dozen innocent corporate drones with no way of escape. There’s no retreat and failure isn’t an option—not with so many civilian lives in her hands. And especially that one life.

Gail Moore runs Moon Colony with a soft heart, a head for business, and a stomach full of fear. Fear of the cold, dark lunar surface. Fear of blood on her hands. Mostly, though, fear of the way her eyes linger on the soldier who drops into her domain full of unquenchable courage and a body she can’t ignore.

The odds of survival were never good. The odds they could make something of their mutual attraction were even worse. But as the inevitable orbit of their lunar prison carries them away from the life-giving power provided by the sun, their chances evaporate faster than the fading light. If they are to survive, they need to move quickly. Death waits for them across the dark horizon.





by K.L. Noone

Verity Friday has been a good witch all her life: good at anticipating her coven’s needs, good at looking out for her little brother, good at helping others. She’s never been the most powerful or the most gifted at magic, but she knows she’s made a difference.

But now her brother’s moved out and found love, and Verity’s feeling more alone than ever despite her coven family. Meeting her brother’s boyfriend doesn’t help — they’re so obviously happy, and Verity’s happy for them, but she’s starting to think about what she might want for herself … and about the gorgeous lawyer she’s just literally run into outside a bookshop.

Successful lawyer Amelia Burne is having a terrible day. She’d swear someone’s cursed her with bad luck, but magic isn’t, right?

Except the self-proclaimed witch she’s just run into claims it is … and Lia actually is cursed. Lia isn’t sure she believes this unlikely story, but Verity seems serious and wants to help, and maybe it’s worth a try. Because when Verity smiles, the whole world gets brighter … just like magic.


The Bancroft Coven Series: Book 1

by Hilary Foxhill
Available in Kindle Unlimited

She fell in love with a witch. And then she met her.

Emily Quinn led a lonely and mundane life. Until the dreams started. Naked bodies lit only by candlelight, dancing and chanting in a smoke-filled room. Then there was the woman in her bed. Whose kiss felt like nothing she had ever felt in her waking life. In her dreams, she loved this woman, and those dreams led Emily right to her.

Claire was an artist and the High Priestess of a coven of witches. If only there was some way to tell this beautiful stranger that they were meant to be together.

Getting involved with witches couldn’t have come at a worse time. There were a lot of them in the city, and they were being hunted and murdered one at a time.

Would Emily’s dreams save her life and the life of the woman she loved, or would they send her running blindly into danger?





by Lynn Ames
narrated by Emily Beresford

It’s March, 1943. World War II rages across the globe, and 25-year-old Nora Lindstrom is about to take a huge leap of faith. One of the few women in the male-dominated field of physics, she travels to an undisclosed destination to undertake a vital, top-secret project that the government insists could help the Allies win the war.

At 18, Mary Trask is ready to put high school and the boy who wants to marry her in her rear-view mirror. But what alternative could the future hold for the dyslexic daughter of a train conductor? When a cousin in Tennessee provides Mary with a cryptic job opportunity, she jumps at the chance to rewrite her life.

Nora and Mary are drawn together under impossible circumstances. As the fate of the world hangs in the balance, they find solace in their love for each other. But in a place where secrecy is paramount, their relationship is forever changed by the consequences of secrets well kept.

In this new historical fiction novel, award-winning author Lynn Ames returns us to a time where the contribution of women was often overlooked and the casualties of war were not always limited to the battlefield.



by Maggie Cummings
narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Sara Wright knows better than to fall for a cop.

For Sara, an elite police dog trainer for the federal government, attractive women in uniform are an occupational hazard. But she gave her heart to a coworker once before, and the battle scars from that failed relationship are still fresh. She dodges every chance at romance with the officers she trains, focusing her energy on turning out the finest handler-canine teams in the country. But when annoyingly perky, unfairly sexy Isabel Marquez arrives at Homeland Security’s Northeast Regional Training facility brimming with excitement and a surprising desire to succeed, Sara’s good intentions start to falter. She can’t help being drawn to Isabel’s enthusiasm, and, okay, her long dark hair and brilliant smile don’t hurt, either. Keeping their contact limited to friendship is harder than she thought. When it comes to enforcing her own rules of the heart, Sara might need to break a few for a chance at forever.



by Jen Silver
narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

Art director Dani Barker lives life on the edge, and getting into a fight in a lesbian leather bar on a Friday night isn’t an unusual occurrence. Camila Callaghan, finance director for a large company, feels satisfied with her life in most respects. She enjoys her job and thinks it’s necessary to stay in the closet to maintain the position she’s worked hard to achieve.

When Dani and Camila meet, they both sense an attraction, but is it merely curiosity with each other’s contrasting lives? Dani hopes that Camila can be the partner she has longed for since her earliest forays into SM. The boundaries of Camila’s settled world start to blur as she questions her own feelings for Dani and what she represents.

Will their differences make a long-term relationship achievable? A change of perspective for both women is needed if they are to reach this goal.



by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Tessa Stavers

A tragic explosion results in the death of over 200 airplane passengers.

Was the explosion caused by pilot error, or was it a conspiracy?

Pilot Cathalene (Lena) Penn, accused by the airline of being a smuggler, died in the tragedy, and her wife, Jessica is desperate to clear Lena’s good name.

When Jessica travels to Belgium, her wife’s home away from home, she discovers diamonds, a second family, and a mystery…. Sometimes, choosing between what is safe and what is right isn’t easy, and running away is always an option…flight!



by Emma Sterner-Radley
narrated by Wendy Wolfson

Two women. One plot. Six thousand interfering islanders.

Katherine “Kit” Sorel is new to the cozy but quirky island of Greengage. When she tries to use her talents for plotting to help a friend, she soon discovers that on this British island – anything can happen.

Kittens can race, fruit can be sexy, wheelbarrows can be menacing, and straight women might not be so straight after all.

In the end, Kit needs to solve the problems of those around her while finding her home. She’s certainly not looking for love. But is it looking for her?

Escape everyday life, take a trip to a British cozy island by listening to Greengage Plots.

If you like cozy, feel-good rom-coms, you’ll fall in love with Greengage Plots.


A Year in Paradise: Book 4

by Hildred Billings
narrated by Shoshannah Kramer

Hollywood B-list actress Fleur Rosé desperately needs a break from her hectic schedule. When she sees her chance to make a break for it, she drives as far as Paradise Valley, with the media (and her manager) hot on her heels.

Cue Jalen Stonehill, stage right. One of the county’s busiest plumbers happens to be in the right place at the right time when she crosses Fleur’s path. Jalen gets sucked right into her glitzy world of tabloid fodder and social media wannabes. All Jalen wanted was a hot dog for lunch. Instead, she gets a famous girlfriend!

Paradise Valley is about to get its first real whiff of fame when Hollywood shows up at their doorstep, ready to explain Fleur’s presence in their very gay town. It’s a good thing her manager has a story ready. All they need is Jalen’s cooperation.




LWW-21: How’s Your 2019 Going at the Halfway Mark?

Find out how 2019 has been treating Clare and TB.

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!




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Guest Post: Dealing with Denial by Marolyn Krasner

Happy Friday!

Please welcome Marolyn Krasner. Marolyn is giving away one ebook of The Radicals. More details about the giveaway are below.

Dealing with Denial

I’m not going to lie, I’m still in denial that Donald Trump is president. Even that sentence was hard to write because of those last four words.

My fiction is often closely related to things that I am afraid of and denial is one of the ways fear shines through for me. That guy and the people that support him, they scare me. They scare me because the hurt they cause is sinister and unnecessary and real. It’s a past time for them. It’s about winning.

I was 13 when I decided to be a writer. I didn’t decide that I was going to write fiction. I was going to be a newspaper reporter because I wanted to pursue the truth. I had seen the film All the President’s Men, a film about reporters and another bad president. IMBD has this description of the film: The Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the details of the Watergate scandal that leads to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

I pursued journalism obsessively. It got me through teenhood and college and then after about six months as a newspaper reporter, living in my mom’s house, I quit. I was scared about my future because the newsroom was not an environment of creativity or truth telling. It was boy’s club. It was inhumane on some levels. It sucked.

I quit my job and my trajectory toward a life of journalism floated away like a balloon. It was an exciting and uncertain time in my life. It was when I started writing fiction. Another scary and exciting thing happened at that time. I started coming out to myself and the people close to me. Again, I was scared. I had to tell my family. I was scared of rejection. Scared of not having a professional path. Scared of dating women. One of the byproducts of this fear was a lot of creative productivity.

20 years later. I’ve lived a lot of life. I’ve written a lot of stories with no endings. I live in a cul de sac, I have a wife, two kids and it’s November 2016.

I had been working on this male character who was a white supremacist, a gun rights twitter happy mofo. I hated him and I loved writing about him because I was afraid of him. I decided to explore his polar opposite. A middle aged, queer radical feminist. These two characters became father and daughter. They were estranged from each other. They were also estranged from societal norms. These characters had extreme views. If I met either one of them at a party, I would exit the conversation as quickly as possible, but I would spend the rest of the night watching their behavior from a distance because they are intriguing.

My book is called The Radicals and I’m really happy that it helped me get through those first two years of his presidency. When the reality of family separation and the Muslim ban and white supremacist in chief got to be too much, I could sit down and write something funny and I felt better. My book won’t save the world, but it might make someone’s commute less boring.



by Marolyn Krasner

After twenty-five years of extremist feminist activism, D is on probation for assaulting homophobes and she is becoming something she never wanted to be: respectable. D’s mom and girlfriend hope her life as leader of the feminist collective Pussy Power is over, but D feels like a failure. When she finds out her estranged father has jumped on the white power bandwagon and is sharing the personal details of marginalized people on his badly designed website, she reconnects with her toxic Pussy Power cofounder and triggers a chain of events that causes her new life to implode, which is very bad, but is also exactly what she wants.

There is mention of anorexia, rape, but no graphic descriptions.



Win an ebook copy of The Radicals. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of The Radicals. Hint: It’s Marolyn Krasner. One winner will be selected on July 28th.



Marolyn Krasner was born in downtown Los Angeles in 1974. Her queer focused stories are strategically designed to make you laugh, or not.



Facebook / Twitter / Website / Goodreads / Podcast

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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Guest Post: Photobombed by Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and Mrs. Bliss

Today’s guest post is by TB Markinson. Pssst, I’m the run who runs I Heart Lesfic.

You may be wondering why I’m guest posting on my own website. Simply put, it’s to share stories about The Village Romance series. I was fortunate to take part in this trilogy with Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss, and I wanted to give readers glimpses behind the scenes.

Also, I’m giving away one ebook of A Shot at Love. To enter the contest, please leave a comment below. It’s that easy. At the end of the month, one winner will be selected.

Now, here’s the guest post.

Photobombed by Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and Mrs. Bliss

When I’m doing field research (doesn’t that sound fancy?) for a book, I tend to take a lot of photos. Then I’ll spend hours going over them.

During the lesbian road trip to the Cotswolds, I indeed took a ton of pictures, but it wasn’t until I got back to the US that I realized Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and Mrs. Bliss had been photobombing me the majority of the time.

Not only will I always have the trilogy to remember this trip, I have photographic evidence.

Did you read Clare’s bridge declaration? How about the inspiration for one of Harper’s characters?

To find out more about the series that’s the talk of the summer, click here. My novel A Shot at Love, book one, is available now. 

One last photo. Here’s the four of us at The London Book Fair.

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Guest Post: Harper Bliss’s Inspiration for One of her Characters

Today’s guest post is by TB Markinson. Pssst, I’m the run who runs I Heart Lesfic.

You may be wondering why I’m guest posting on my own website. Simply put, it’s to share stories about The Village Romance series. I was fortunate to take part in this trilogy with Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss, and I wanted to give readers glimpses behind the scenes.

Also, I’m giving away one ebook of A Shot at Love. To enter the contest, please leave a comment below. It’s that easy. At the end of the month, one winner will be selected.

Now, here’s the guest post.

Harper Bliss’s Inspiration for One of her Characters

Monday, I shared about Clare Lydon’s bridge declaration for her novel A Taste of Love during the Cotswolds lesbian road trip to research our Village Romance series.

After that, Harper, Clare, Caroline, and I made our way past the old mill in Lower Slaughter.

Next to it was a quaint gift shop.

Being dedicated researchers, we popped inside.

Inside was the usual offerings found in tourist traps (I mean shops): fridge magnets, artwork, handmade soap, fancy chocolates, postcards, and such. Quick question: what’s the obsession with buying tea towels?

Anyhoo, we all zeroed in on a book display of a cozy mystery set in the very village we were exploring. Being the book nerd that I am, I purchased the novel: Slaughter in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope. I also got a fridge magnet, one of my weaknesses.

In the car on the way back to London, Harper asked to look at the cozy mystery. Then she started to wonder if the Oxford professor in her story should write cozies, but she keeps that part of her life a secret.

This proves you never know when an idea will strike.

Side note, on the flight home, I read Slaughter in the Cotswolds.

Harper’s charming romance A Lesson in Love will be released in August. To learn about all the books in the series, click here.

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New Lesfic Goodies: July 16th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases, sales, and announcements.

Also, check out the I Heart Lesfic Christmas in July sale. Click here to see the deals.

Authors: Want to see your new releases in the newsletter? Click here for details. Or if you’re having a sale, please email me and let me know: Include “Sale for IHL Newsletter” in the subject line.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at

Happy reading and listening,





by Rachel Spangler

Simone and Loreto don’t have to like each other. They only need to work together, but the heat and the history around them and between them conspires to demand so much more.

When Simone Price lands in southern Spain, she has one job upon which the future of her entire career rests: She must convince a small, Spanish publishing house to sell their business to her much larger American corporation. The job should be easy, but many others have failed. Refusing to repeat their mistakes, she hires a guide, translator, and purveyor of Andalucían culture for the week leading up to her big meeting. The plan seems simple enough until she meets Loreto Molina, and it quickly becomes apparent that Loreto knows more than her casual demeanor might suggest. The complications only escalate as the two set out on a scorching path through a region that shatters all expectations. As their time together stretches on, both women must confront not only their assumptions about each other, but also their own world views amidst a steamy landscape of temptation, power, purpose and raw attraction. Spain acts as both catalyst and conduit for unearthing desires long buried and threatening carefully planned futures. As the stakes and emotions rise like the hot, unrelenting sun, Simone and Loreto fight to hold onto the ideals they hold dear, but what if the only way for either of them to truly win is to surrender?


A Year in Paradise: Book 7

by Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nobody loves Paradise Valley more than Mayor Karen Rath, a woman who works tirelessly to keep the town’s cogs turning and the people content. This doesn’t leave much time for love and dating, but the single mom of two grown kids has better things to do.

Until a stranger comes to town.

Dahlia Granger of Hibiscus Films is on a mission. Ever since Paradise Valley hit the national news, Dahlia is compelled to create a documentary exploring the history and culture of a town founded by lesbians.

She may have an agenda.

Just a tiny one.

Karen and Dahlia represent two very different sides of this film, but their attraction is undeniable. Can Dahlia peel back Karen’s veneer and reveal her true self? Or will Karen have to kick Dahlia out of her town first?

Assuming the townsfolk don’t get to Dahlia first, anyway…



by Kim Hartfield
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Talia is a terrible person, and it’s clear to everyone she meets. Even as she hunts for her biological mother, someone in the way of her search accuses her of being a con artist. She and Andi butt heads until Andi determines Talia isn’t trying to scam anyone. Their hostility turns to a wary friendship – one underlaid with inexplicable attraction. But Talia’s mission isn’t as selfless as it seems. Can Andi help her with her quest – and maybe find some good in her, too? Or is Talia too set on fooling everyone?



by KA Moll

Can you imagine falling for a girl so hard that through the years, with no hope of being reunited, that love remains as strong as ever?

At 40, Dr. Keegan Wade is the Chief of Trauma Surgery, a rising star at NYC General. She’s immersed 24-7 in work that she once loved. No one waits for her at home and she has nothing to offer. Anxiety has her in a choke hold and she’d give anything to sleep more than two consecutive hours. At the urging of a friend, she takes a long overdue vacation, a cross country trip on a restored steam train, in hopes that time away from the pressures of her job will solve her problems.

At 39, Willow Lord is a recent college graduate, a social worker in desperate need of a job. Divorced nine years, she’s lived in poverty, saving coins to buy cat food. Next month, the first payments on her student loans are due. She has no time for a vacation, but when her friend, a friend who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer insists, she sends out resumes, and boards The Frisco Express—New York City to California.

As young teens, on a steam train, these two women fell in love. And on a steam train, twenty-six years later, they’re given a second chance. But the years have taken them to drastically different places. Can they straddle their worlds and seize it?



by M.N. Tinker
Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when you fall for your roommate? Olive Connor was an aspiring art school student, carefree and careless, while Tina Smith was a law school student, immaculate and precise, every move deliberate. Olive had fallen for Tina hard and fast, marveling at everything that made the other girl the way she was, but couldn’t piece together if Tina felt the same way. The problem is, Tina did feel the exact same way, but what she also felt was massive amounts of anxiety in any situation in which she wasn’t in control. And starting your first relationship with your roommate was definitely a brand new situation.






by Melissa Brayden

Who says you can’t go home again?

Philadelphia real estate broker Devyn Winters is at the peak of her career, closing multimillion-dollar deals and relishing it. She’s pretty much blocked out her formative years in Dreamer’s Bay, where the most exciting thing to happen was the twice a year bake sale. Unfortunately, a distress call hauls her back home and away from the life she’s constructed. Now the question is just how long until she can leave again? And when did boring Elizabeth Draper get so beautiful?

Elizabeth Draper loves people, free time, and a good cup of coffee in the warm sunlight. In the quaint town of Dreamer’s Bay, she’s the only employee of On the Spot, an odd jobs company. She remembers Devyn Winters as shallow in high school, but now everything about Devyn makes her lose focus. Though her brain knows Devyn is only home temporarily, her heart didn’t seem to get the memo.



by Gun Brooke

World famous violinist Gail Owen is devastated after a car accident leaves her unable to play her beloved instrument. She withdraws from her privileged life to an old farmhouse in Rhode Island.

Romi Shepherd is homeless in New York City and barely survives by singing for pennies in the subway. After being wrongfully arrested, she hitchhikes back to Rhode Island and, out of money and options, hides in a secret room in the house she grew up in, unaware that the new owner is about to move in permanently.

When Gail discovers Romi has been living in her house, she is curiously drawn to the young woman. Romi is torn between feeling guilty for lying to Gail and enamored of her, and she fears the truth will set them on a path toward heartbreak.


A Lesbian Vegas Romance Box Set

by Harley Slate
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The complete box set of Harley Slate’s super-steamy contemporary lesbian romances. Because nothing’s hotter than nights in Vegas.




by Dena Blake

After a startling discovery, Chloe Jensen embarks on a new life without her wife, Shay. When Shay realizes she’s leaving, tragedy strikes. A car accident leaves Shay confused and vulnerable, and with no friends or family to care for her, Chloe feels obligated to stay until she recovers.

Shay Buchanan can remember her whole life except for the past year. Everything seems to fit into place, but Chloe is distant, and Shay can’t figure out why. Something is missing.

As Chloe helps Shay recover, they become close again, working together to rebuild her memories. Except Shay doesn’t remember what she did to break their marriage, and Chloe can’t seem to forget.

When their happiness is threatened, will they be able to forgive each other and give love a second chance?





by Lynn Ames

Secrets Well Kept, by multi-award-winning author Lynn Ames, is the prequel to her runaway bestseller, Chain Reactions. World War II rages across the globe. 25-year-old physicist Nora Lindstrom receives a cryptic letter that offers her the job opportunity of a lifetime. 18-year-old Mary Trask just wants to escape the life her mother has mapped out for her. Nora and Mary’s lives intersect at a time when the fate of the world hangs in the balance and in a place where secrecy is paramount. Can their burgeoning love survive the fallout? 




Black Flag: Book 2

by Rachel Ford
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sometimes still waters are the most dangerous.

Murder turns a quiet month of shore leave into a nightmare for Chief Engineer Kay Ellis and Captain Magdalene Landon of the Black Flag. When a member of their crew is implicated in the killing of a young woman, the privateers find themselves pawns in an interplanetary diplomatic struggle that predates any of them.

With little evidence to support their claims of innocence, an alien government eager to make examples of the human visitors, and the eyes of two superpowers watching their every move, every passing day brings them closer to ruin.

If they don’t find the real killer soon, they’ll swing for a crime they didn’t commit. And the Union will be hung out to dry with them.





by Michelle Larkin

Boston beat cop Aspen Wolfe gets the surprise of her life when she learns she’s a shapeshifter. Her abilities awaken as a ruthless regime unleashes its troops to eradicate the shapeshifter population.

Forced to run or be hunted, Aspen meets Dr. Tora Madigan—a beautiful and resourceful shapeshifter who oversees an underground sanctuary. Her attraction to Tora is a welcome distraction, but the fierce lioness plays hard to get. Together they discover that Aspen is a powerful shapeshifter thought to be extinct. Her existence gives shapeshifters everywhere a fighting chance. But there’s one small problem: she doesn’t even know how to shift. With no one else up for the job, Tora agrees to train her.

Aspen soon finds herself leading a group of extraordinary shapeshifters who are willing to risk everything to save their species. When the sanctuary is targeted for annihilation, she must come up with a game plan. Fast.




A Luce Hansen Thriller: Book 3

by Meredith Doench

Special Agent Luce Hansen’s Thanksgiving vacation with her new lover, forensic pathologist Harper Bennett, is cut short when she’s tasked with recapturing Deadeye, a vicious serial predator who has escaped custody. The timing couldn’t be worse, especially when Bennett seems to be struggling with the realities of Hansen’s work and questioning whether she’s willing to risk building a life with a woman who puts work first, even when the job puts her in the line of fire.

Hansen can’t put aside the chase even with her relationship on shaky ground. On the anniversary of Deadeye’s first kill, two brothers are shot while jogging along a quiet country road. Before Deadeye can claim another victim, Hansen and her team must track a killer who has proven to be an expert at hiding in plain sight. The stakes, both professional and personal, get even higher when Hansen is cut off from her team in rural Ohio and must fight for her very survival. As Bennett frantically searches for clues to Hansen’s disappearance, Deadeye’s hunt draws ever closer to home.





by VK Powell

For Frankie Strong, results mean more than sticking to the rules, until she runs heart-first into Evan Spears.

US Marshal Evan Spears commands a federal task force of seasoned agents who track and capture dangerous fugitives around the world. When Evan is forced to take on DEA Agent Frankie Strong, a free spirit with unorthodox methods, she sees nothing but trouble for the team, the mission, and her future.

Frankie just wants to locate the murder suspect and prove her worth, but Evan seems determined to block her. To catch the killer they must learn to work together, but their attraction blurs the lines between professional and personal.



by MJ Williamz

Cullen Matthew is strong, steady, and dependable. She has the perfect life and a perfect woman to share it with. Her dreams come tumbling down when Cullen is blindsided by her girlfriend Sara’s arrest and she learns their whole relationship may have been a lie. Still, she loves Sara and believes she’s innocent. Cullen isn’t going to leave her when she’s down.

Julia Stansworth is the detective assigned to Sara’s case. She knows Sara is not only a cocaine dealer but a murderer as well and is determined get justice for Sara’s victim. Cullen can hardly believe how much Julia has changed. The girl she had a crush on in high school is investigating Sara for murder. Caught between the girlfriend she thought she loved and can no longer trust and the gorgeous detective who will stop at nothing to bring Sara down, Cullen learns that love doesn’t always follow the letter of the law.





Irresistibly Bound: Book 3

by Anna Stone
narrated by Lexy Rebe

Lindsey had big plans for her post-art school life – a successful art career, excitement, adventure, meeting the man of her dreams. She never expected she’d end up joining a sugar baby website to pay off her crippling debt. And she definitely didn’t expect that her first client would be a charming, vivacious woman named Camilla.

The older woman has an unusual proposal for Lindsey – move into her mansion for three months as her girlfriend and submissive, and all of Lindsey’s financial woes will disappear. It’s the perfect solution to Lindsey’s problems, and she can’t say no to three months of pleasure and luxury beyond her wildest dreams. Camilla has made it clear that she’s comfortable with the arrangement. A difficult life has left the solitary woman hesitant to let anyone get too close. And Lindsey isn’t attracted to women, anyway. It’s all just a charade.

Until it isn’t. When Lindsey can no longer deny her feelings toward her Mistress, she runs the risk of losing everything. It was all supposed to be pretend. One big lie.

What happens when the lie becomes the truth?


The Compass Series: Book 3

by Lise Gold
narrated by Addison Barnes

Eastern Nights is part of the Compass Series but can also be listened to as a stand-alone.

Felicia Perez, a carefree, hopeless flirt from Miami, is working a second job as a fitting model in Bangkok while saving up to expand her own clothing line. She loves women and her freedom and never shies away from going after what she wants.

Kate Simmons is a passionate interior designer who is married to her job. Her love for beauty is universal; she can’t imagine tying herself down to anything that might limit her enjoyment of it, and that includes the shackles of a relationship.

When they meet in a hotel bar in Bangkok, they are instantly drawn to each other, but with both being used to having the upper hand, the situation is confusing to say the least. When two hunters cross paths, will one end up being the prey?

Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery in the beautiful surroundings of exotic and mystical Thailand. Is the irresistible attraction between them merely the excitement of finally meeting their match or is the universe trying to steer them in the right direction?



by Marian Snowe
narrated by Nicole Evans Haumesser

Ash Harker is skilled at her job as a professional bodyguard. She’s former military, but she also has a secret romantic streak a mile wide. She’s just always known that true love is for other people – people with fewer scars than she has.

Serena Davenport has clawed her way to the top of the business world, and with a successful company to run, she has no time for love. But when Serena finds herself the target of a stalker and needs someone to keep her safe, the bodyguard who shows up at her door looks startlingly familiar….

One terrible date a few weeks ago was something both Ash and Serena swore to put behind them. But now, unexpectedly, they’re forced back into each other’s lives. The date may have been a disaster, but the scorching hot attraction between them is undeniable.

With a murderous criminal on their trail, they can’t afford any distractions – and what’s more distracting than love?


Ask, Tell Series: Book 2

by E.J. Noyes
narrated by Abby Craden

What do you do when the source of all your problems is the one thing you don’t know how to fix?

With Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell nothing more than an unpleasant memory, US Army surgeon Sabine Fleischer is ready to move on with her life – if she can just figure out how to move past her PTSD. Fresh from her first deployment since surviving a vehicle attack in Afghanistan, Sabine is finding the things she’s tried so hard to push aside aren’t as easy to ignore as she’d hoped.

Sabine’s girlfriend and ex-commanding officer Rebecca Keane is happily settled into her new job running a trauma department in a civilian hospital. Life with Sabine is everything Rebecca ever wanted. But when Sabine’s PTSD reappears worse than before, she’s left struggling with her own guilt.

There’s no doubt that both Sabine and Rebecca want the same thing. But how do you help the most important person in your life when they don’t want to need your help?





LWW-20: Let’s Talk About Editing

In episode 20 of Lesbians Who Write, Clare and TB dig into the world of editing. And, there’s a first in Lesbians Who Write history! TB likes Clare’s ice cream flavor of the week.

Click here to listen.

If you’d like to leave a comment on the episode, head on over to Or email Also, if you have a suggested topic for an episode, please let Clare and TB know! They’d love to hear from you!


Episode 37: Harper Likes a Good Currywurst

This week’s podcast goes out on Caroline’s birthday, which she’s spending doing various lesbian things. We look forward to our upcoming weekend at Cologne Pride where we’ll celebrate the release of the first Harper Bliss book in German.

We, again, spend too much time talking about the Women’s World Cup and the match we went to see (it was hot hot hot), and Harper has some exciting news: she started writing again! 

Click here to listen.

Get in touch with Harper Bliss and Her Mrs with your questions, comments or suggested topics at






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Many authors, like TB Markinson, give away a freebie when you sign up for their newsletter. Click on the image to sign up for TB’s newsletter.


For all the offerings, click this page.

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Guest Post: Clare Lydon Lays Down the Kissing Law!

Today’s guest post is by TB Markinson. Pssst, I’m the run who runs I Heart Lesfic.

You may be wondering why I’m guest posting on my own website. Simply put, it’s to share stories about The Village Romance series. I was fortunate to take part in this trilogy with Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss, and I wanted to give readers glimpses behind the scenes.

Also, I’m giving away one ebook of A Shot at Love. To enter the contest, please leave a comment below. It’s that easy. At the end of the month, one winner will be selected.

Now, here’s the guest post.

Clare Lydon Lays Down the Kissing Law!

To research our Village Romance series, Clare Lydon, Harper Bliss, and I traveled to a few villages in the Cotswolds. The wonderful and patient Mrs. Bliss drove the minivan.

It allowed us to wander through quaint village squares and side streets. We sampled beers and gin and tonics in a handful of charming pubs. I have to admit this was the best kind of research trip I’ve been on.


Each of us had an idea about our novels in the trilogy, but the individual story arcs were still forming since none of us had started writing yet.

In Lower Slaughter (actual village name), as we ambled along a river, taking in the rolling green countryside and cute bridges, Clare announced that her characters would share a kiss on one of the bridges. Then she spun around (it’s possible she added a finger waggle) and declared that neither Harper nor I could have our couples share a kiss on a bridge. She’d called it. If memory serves, she said, “Back off, bitches.”

I have to admit I found her passionate declaration funny.

It also spurred an idea in my mind.

Her characters could kiss on the bridge, but I was going to make one of the bridges in my story paramount to the plot. It’s possible that I can be a little bit (read: a lot) contrarian. For those of you who listen to Lesbians Who Write, the podcast Clare and I cohost, you may have noticed while we’re great friends, we don’t agree on many things. But we encourage each other with a healthy amount of good-natured teasing.

I will admit, Clare’s declaration helped me shape a pivotal aspect of my novel for which I’m truly grateful. Even when she doesn’t realize it, she has my back.

Her bridge scenes in A Taste of Love are phenomenal. One of them had me laughing out loud. Actually, there are many scenes in her book that gave me much-needed chuckles.

A Taste of Love will be released on July 24th. Click here to learn more about all three books.

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