Embarrassing moments: Volume I – The Early Years by K.B. Draper

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful K.B. Draper is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, K.B is giving away 3 ecopies of The U-Haul Diary. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, K.B.

Embarrassing moments: Volume I – The Early Years

When TB asked if I wanted to join in the fun of the Laughter Project, my official and professional response was, “Absolutely, I would love to.” My internal and not so professional response was, “Hold my beer, I’m totally going to own this.” Fun fact: I also say this at shrimp boils, the float up pool bars at all-inclusive resorts, sample day at Costco (pre-apocalypse) and to any and all skeet ball machines. Anywho– what I’m really trying to say is that “embarrassing moments” are kind of my jam. Please see: The U-Haul Diary by K.B. Draper which is 258 pages of less than flattering moments. Now I just need to decide on which moment from the plethora of remaining moments I should share with you here. Now. Today. Who am I kidding, with … let’s go with gaggle of ex-girlfriends, a nasty letter from the Columbia House CD of the month club (Youngsters, it was a thing – use your Google), and the second hill during the company’s volunteer “fun run” offers proof that I have commitment issues. What does that mean for you?

Embarrassing moments: Volume I – The Early Years.

1976: Truckstop bathroom stall in Who-the-Heck-Knows Oklahoma.

Mom: What is taking you so long?

Me: I can’t reach the zipper to get this stupid thing off.

Mom: It’s a skirt. You just lift it.

Me: *Silent beat. Two.* Oh. *Silent beat* Well, I still hate them.

Round of chuckles from the rest of the bathroom occupants.

1985: Birthday party.

Some jerk thought it was a good idea to pull out the Slip ‘N Slide. Spoiler alert: The jerk was me. Also totally me, I don’t tend to think things all the way through to fruition. I didn’t have a bathing suit or a towel. I did however have my monthly visitor. Let’s just say a well-deserved kudos goes to Kotex on that whole super-absorbency thing. My shorts and underwear though, they were just a couple of quitters.

**Fun sidebar: Every time I play this moment back in my head a deep baritone sings “Swing low – Sweet Chariot” in the background. My brain is fun. I call her Shirley.

1986-1987: The blue eye shadow years. No further details required.

1988: High school.

I followed a group of friends over a barbwire fence, while wearing parachute pants, to sneak into a field and drink some suspiciously acquired peach schnapps. Super fun fact about parachute pants, true to their namesake, they can and will drastically slow your descent back to earth. Super-duperity fun fact about peach schnapps, it makes you not give two wingnuts about sitting behind a haybale in the middle of a field with a three inch hole in the crotch of your pants.

1989: High school track meet.

Me and my teenage BFF wanted to show off our – um, we’ll go with affections for our current and respective boyfriends. (Don’t judge my young self, think back to just a few moments ago where I thought blue eye shadow and parachute pants were cool too.) So between events, laying out on a sideline with the sunny day being our inspiration, we decided to pen our boyfriend’s names across our stomachs. In. SPF. 1000. Sunscreen. I’ll give you a minute to let the entirety of that scene “bake in” … … … … You good? Yea. Super cute in a dumb-high school moment to which you will (and do) look back on later and give yourself a good WTF shake of your head. Oh and, yeah, sorry one more thing – it wasn’t until after I wiped off the sunscreen and looked down at my handiwork did I realize that my boyfriend’s name – in shortened form (‘cause there was less billboard space back then) was also my father’s name. Oh how I heart me some kawinkydinks.  I’ll add, because I know you’re wondering, me and the boyfriend lasted a week, his name, or my dad’s if we’re going there, we took the entire summer to part ways.

1992 – 2010:

Bonus Content: Another early story that didn’t make the UHD.

We shall call this “The Telegraph Tale.” Picture if you will (or don’t – might be better if you don’t) me in a mid-naked moment with a new GF applicant. The touch and feels were well underway and the response level on the receiver’s end was nada — zip – zero. We’re talking “Stiff as a board; Light as a feather” seance kind of deal. You’re with me on that reference, right? High school sleepover game where one girl lays perfectly still while other girls do magical lifty up things with two fingers? I know, sounds way more awesome than it was. Course, if it had been more magical I probably wouldn’t have ended up with “RON” branded on my stomach all summer. Oh well, paths not taken and all that. Anyway, back to the story already in progress … I was getting nothing, so I next-leveled it. Pulled out all my moves. Not a peep. Not a moan. Not so much as an uncomfortable ‘my leg is going to sleep’ toe wiggle. Now, you’d think a responsible thing to do would be to gracefully disengage, slide up, show concern, discuss opportunities and maybe even ask for directions … but NOPE, me and my ADD and it’s sidekick Jose’ thought the better solution would be to start typing out rescue messages on her naughty bits a la Morse code. I’ll let you use your imagination on what parts I used for the “– “and the “.”s.  There may also have been sound effects. Yep. So. Boop. Boop. Boop. Da. Da. Da. Boop. Boop. Boop. And long story short, I did eventually get a response to my S.O.S message. Or it could have been an “I hate tapioca pudding” message, who knows, I don’t really know Morse code. Or do I?  Boop.  😉


What do you get if you add twelve ex-girlfriends, four overly involved friends, glow-in-the-dark body paint, a lesbian nemesis, a stripper pole, a casino surveillance tape, a three-legged cat, the restroom at the Astrodome, the restroom at the local lesbian bar, the restroom at the sheriff’s department, Jesus’s gay boyfriend, Bigfoot, and a near-death experience with an appropriately attached life-changing lesson? The U-Haul Diary – aka the story of my dating life.

The U-Haul Diary is a comedic retelling of my unsuccessful, dysfunctional, sometimes unbelievable life of dating a wide and varying array of women who moved in and out of my life (and house). I hope you learn a little and laugh A LOT!

  • 3 winners

The U-Haul Diary Giveaway



In 2008, K.B. Draper discovered a talent for storytelling after drinking a bottle of cheap wine at a Christmas Party. One of her also intoxicated friends said, “You are so freak’n *burp* funny. You should write a book.” The idea stuck and so did a cocktail napkin (in an inappropriate place), but that’s a totally different story. After that, K.B. Draper taught herself to write. Which was challenging, but words started to make sentences, sentences made paragraphs and paragraphs eventually made a story, which came to be her first book, The U-Haul DiaryFinding writing cheaper than therapy, she continued to tell stories in her stylized rambling humor. K.B. Draper is not a classically trained writer, but she fakes it pretty okay and hopefully inspires a few chuckles along the way.


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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New Lesfic Goodies: June 30th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at tbm@iheartlesfic.com.

Happy reading and listening,





by Harper Bliss

Sometimes love shows up where you least expect it.

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you a sultry age-gap story about stepping out of your comfort zone and into the warm embrace of love.




by Mariah R. Embry

“We’re down on our luck and could use anything you could spare.”

Too afraid to look up, Octavia waited until hearing the person say something. “I’m sorry to hear that. Here you are, this is all I have.” The person grabbed Octavia’s dirty, calloused hand and placed a wad of cash into it.

Stunned by the fact that someone would actually touch her, Octavia looked up to be met by the most intense black eyes she’d ever seen.


The Kaleidoscope Album: Book 5

by Bryce Oakley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Billie and Vero are getting married and the gang’s all here, even the only two members left of the Singles Girl’s Club, Isla and Freya.

When the wedding planner mixes up reservations for the wedding, party girl Isla and jaded artist Freya find that they’re either sharing the very last room available or one of them is sleeping out on the beach. There’s just one teeny-tiny problem — the room has one bed. But they’re mature adult friends who can handle a sleepover. Right?

What happens when love is in the air and suddenly, kissing one of your closest friends seems like the world’s best idea?

Get your sandals out for a beachy friends-to-lovers novella with one last sweet ending to The Shrikes’ love stories.



by Jade Winters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can you ever forget the one who broke your heart?

Sophie has a problem on her hands. She admits writing a letter to her ex wasn’t the best idea, but when her friend accidentally posts it, her not-so-good idea is officially a disaster. Hoping to avoid the fallout, she flees to her hometown until the dust settles, but this dust is far from settled.

Amber is living the life of her dreams in New York… until her father’s heart attack. The best thing for both is for her to return to her hometown as he convalesces. All goes well at first. That is until she learns about her ten-year school reunion and discovers Sophie is back in town.

Will their shared history help or hinder their ability to move on, or will they continue without knowing how they truly feel about each other?



by Cara Malone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sometimes luck means landing exactly where you need to be.

Jules Wakefield’s family has rescued rabbits for decades, but with her parents gone and her veterinary practice demanding all her time, Jules desperately needs a successor. She decides to run an essay contest – the winner must love bunnies.

Parker Rose is exactly who Jules is looking for – warm, smart, not afraid to get her hands dirty, and a gorgeous country girl to boot. She’s the answer to Jules’ prayers… and a few unspoken fantasies, too.

Summer days at the rescue turn into autumn nights of passion, but when Jules finds out that Parker’s been keeping a secret, her problems start multiplying again like rabbits.

One little lie has the power to tear everything apart, but what if it leads her home, to a fur-ever kind of love?





by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can businesswoman, Ashley Davidson, resist the charms of her irresistible fake girlfriend, the escort, Vienna?

Ashley starts to fall in love with the woman she has hired to pretend to be her girlfriend. Are Vienna’s feelings real, or is she just doing her job?





by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sawyer Johnson has spent her entire life in the same small town with the same people, and she has always imagined a life beyond the bright lights of the town. Autumn Thompson, her best friend is completely satisfied with their simple lifestyle and can’t imagine anything coming in between them. However, when Sawyer decides to go on a trip out of town in order to meet her celebrity crush, Autumn insists on going with her. Will Sawyer find happiness in a lifestyle framed around fame and fortune, or will Autumn finally convince her that the life that they had together was worth more than she thought?





by Diana Green

Saba is the daughter of an ambitious provincial king. She knows little beyond the constraints of palace life, until one night, a notorious woman outlaw steals her away.

Through her journey, Saba discovers joy and freedom beyond anything she has known. But her fate remains uncertain. The king is in pursuit, aided by a sorcerer who seeks to claim Saba as his own.

Can a princess and an outlaw find love together, or will malign magic destroy all they have gained?




Hellriders in Love: Book 1

Parker Jaysen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Wait. Vick is to be her partner? On this run?
Deep breaths, Allie. You can do anything for 41 days.

Vick and Alice are powerful mages – and estranged lovers.

Their mission: get the cargo intact through flame, acid, and evil magic.

That’s supposed to be the easy part.

For Alice, a scab has been ripped off an old wound. Does she just accept it’s going to be five weeks of torture, or does she dare to bare her heart? She can’t risk being wrong.

Then the mission decides to be not so easy after all.





by Lillyanna Fuchsia

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Do you believe in the supernatural?
I didn’t. At least until I woke up with a strange power.
You might think it’s cool, but that power almost killed me

Though she wanted nothing more than to be normal, Eliza is determined to live with use her recently acquired power. Even though she never asked for, she finds out it’s not all bad when she discovers something unexpected about the most popular and beautiful girl in her school, Bianca.




The New Angels: Book 1

by L. Fergus

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kita’s life is one big struggle growing up a lesbian in the conservative Mojave Desert. She’s barely getting by, fighting to hold on to her dad’s failing junkyard—all she has left of him. It’s hard enough being a girl running a salvage yard, if the town found out her sexuality, she could lose more than the yard, she could lose her life.

When three vehicles from a shipment go missing, Kita tracks them down in an abandoned factory where she’s attacked by the evil Neophormes and rescued by their mortal enemies, the valiant biomechanical Velixen. Normally shy and reserved, Kita is enraptured by the aliens’ warrior leader Velositi.




American Yakuza: Book 4

by Isabella

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Three lives are intertwined yet moving in different directions. Can each survive long enough to get what they want, or are they all on a one-way path toward collective destruction? While the future looks bright for lovers, Luce Potter and Brooke Erickson, they are about to face the biggest fight of their lives to stay together.




Norfolk Coast Investigations Series: Book 1

by Andrea Bramhall
narrated by Henrietta Meire

An unidentified woman is found murdered on the North Norfolk Coastal Path and newly promoted Detective Sergeant Kate Brannon and Kings Lynn’s CID have the task of figuring out whom, how, and why. A job that’s made more difficult when every one of the 40 residents in the village has something to hide and answers her questions with a string of lies.

Georgina Temple has her own secrets to keep, and her own reasons to keep them. But her growing attraction to Kate makes it increasingly difficult to keep them. Kate’s investigation into the woman’s death delves into the heart of the tiny fishing village where nothing and no one is quite what they seem.


Jems & Jamz: Book 2

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
narrated by Kris Szczesny

After Olive’s fallout with Jems and Jamz, she relocates to a small town and begins a new life. Upon taking a job at a cafe and forfeiting her fame, she meets River, the owner of Riverside Cafe and a local musician.

Though the two don’t always see eye to eye, they find common ground in their music, and just as their relationship begins to grow, Olive is offered another chance to live a life of fame and luxury. Olive is left facing a hard decision. Should she follow her dreams of fame and fortune, or should she allow herself to love again? What should she do with her second chance?



by Lois Cloarec Hart
narrated by Anastasia Watley

A triangle with a twist, Coming Home is the story of three good people caught up in an impossible situation.

Rob, a charismatic ex-fighter pilot severely disabled with MS, has been steadfastly cared for by his wife, Jan, for many years. Quite by accident one day, Terry, a young writer/postal carrier, enters their lives and turns it upside down.

Injecting joy and turbulence into their quiet existence, Terry draws Rob and Jan into her lively circle of family and friends until the growing attachment between the two women begins to strain the bonds of love and loyalty, to Rob and each other. Contains mature themes.





Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

M. Ullrich provides chuckles with her Peanut M&Ms Will Always Be a Little Naughty to Me guest post. M is giving away 1 ecopy of What the Heart Remembers Most

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

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The Lawnmower Story by Serena J. Bishop

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Serena J. Bishop is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Serena is giving away 1 ecopy of Dreams. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Serena.

Landscaping Gone Awry: The Lawnmower Story

About ten years ago, a medical ailment struck me: back spasms. This was a first for me. I didn’t know what caused it. All I knew was that after a few days, I noticed the only time my lower back didn’t feel like it was attempting to tighten itself into knots was when I was active. Being still was the enemy. So, until I could see my doctor (scheduled for the next day), I tried to move as much as possible. This included, but was not limited to: general exercise, pacing while I watched TV, and cooking from scratch.

It probably will not shock you to learn that after a 90-minute commute, my pseudo-tramp stamp of a tattoo felt like it had been sucked into my spine and redesigned on my vertebrae. I started to think of the workout I could do to ease the pain. Maybe a brisk treadmill walk? Lifting weights? However, once I parked in front of my townhouse, I noticed the tall grass in the front yard. I abandoned my plans to loosen my muscles via pumping iron and instead decided to mow the lawn. I threw on a pair of old, hot pink-striped running shorts, my black workout tank, and tied my hair back for epic yard maintenance!

Unfortunately, my equipment did not match my attitude.

The lawnmower at my disposal was my girlfriend (now wife), Nicole’s, push mower. I’m talking about the kind where you can see the blades spinning as you whittle the grass down to size. I’m talking about the kind where at some point in its rusted-out existence, the metal handles lost their rubber grips and end caps. I’m talking about the kind that had loose wheels because one-time Nicole threw it for something akin to insubordination.

Did I mention it was a terrible lawnmower?

Donned in my mowing clothes, I commenced the yard work! The first few passes went alright enough. The grass was a little damp from rain the day before, but the lawn was getting cut, and my back was starting to loosen. Victory! But, I forgot the cardinal rule of using this lawnmower with a wet lawn: one had to pull out clumps of grass. As a consequence of not doing this, the blades jammed, and my forward momentum ceased. “Dammit,” I muttered. Next, I kneeled down and started pulling clumps of grass from between the blades with my bare hands.

Satisfied that I had pulled enough grass out from the blades, I began to push again, which worked. Until it didn’t. I abruptly stopped, and the handles went into my gut. After saying yet another muttered curse, I kneeled again to inspect the blades, and here I saw that the grass wasn’t in the blades, but rather weaved itself around the wheel assembly. Luckily, the wheels were mostly held on with rust, so I figured as long as I muscled the frame from the side, I could unstick the wheel. On this particular day, I must have been challenging my inner wrestler, because my effort didn’t result in a gradual release of the wheel and frame, but rather a quick snap. Such a snap that the handle hit me right in the back of the head.

“Son of a bitch!” This was no longer a time for muttered curses.

I held my hand to the back of my head and winced from the sharp pain. I took a quick look around my townhouse community to see if I had publicly embarrassed myself, but there was no one in sight. At least there was that. I kicked the tire to enact my revenge and lowered my hand.

A flash of red caught my attention.

My hand was covered in blood. I staggered on to the sidewalk where a few drops fell and made tiny, crimson splats. I looked around again for help, but there was no one. It was 5 p.m. on a sunny day and no one was outside! Realizing I was on my own, I took off my tank top, exposing my sports bra and very pale abs, and pressed the dry-fit cloth to my head. I knew I needed help, but I also knew I should try to self-assess my injury.

I made my way into the house and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. There I was, shirtless, hair coming out of my ponytail, and blood smeared down my ear, neck, and shoulder. I started to cry. I had never seen myself look so vulnerable. Still determined to examine my wound, I tried to angle my head, fold my ear down, pin my long, light brown hair to the side so I could see, but I couldn’t. I had to make a decision. Do I call 9-1-1 or my medical-professional father?

I didn’t feel light-headed, so I dialed my father. I tried to stay calm, but all I could say was something to the effect of, “I got hit in the head with the lawnmower and I’m bleeding really bad!” I’ll be honest. I don’t remember much after this. But I remember three things with crystal clarity: (1) when I got off the phone, the keypad was covered in blood, (2) I sat down and tried to calm down, and (3) sitting down again made my back seize. And three other things happened, but I don’t remember…I just know they did, because of what happened next. One, I called Nicole and told her what I had done. Two, I moved around to alleviate the back cramping. And three, I put my tank top back on.

Yes, I am a bit modest.

About 10 to 15 minutes later, the doorbell rang. Confused because my father was over an hour away and Nicole worked 45 minutes away, I answered the door. I needed help! And help came in the form of Nicole’s best friend/former roommate/gymnastics enthusiast, Kelly. I’m sure we had a moment of greeting and me trying to explain what happened, but I don’t remember. What I do remember clearly is Kelly inspecting my head and her saying those epic words in her delightful, sing-song voice.

“Um, it’s not that bad. Like maybe a quarter-inch cut.” Kelly moved the hair behind my ear around a bit more. “You’ll be fine.”

Logically I knew that faces and scalps were highly vascular areas, but given the amount of blood I saw, that didn’t make sense. “Is it a deep cut?”

“No. You probably don’t even need stitches.”

I wanted to curl into a ball of shame and disappear. Nicole sent Kelly to check on me, and all I had was a wound that amounted to be a papercut. As Kelly filled me in on what Nicole had told her, like magic, my mother appeared at the door. My father, who was unable to leave work because he had patients of his own, had sent her to check on me. She was worried sick over the tearful report I had given her (apparently, I called my mom too), so she left work in a worried frenzy, and drove see to me.

As my mom, Kelly, and I talked about my flesh wound, how the hell she managed to drive to my house so quickly, and her fears of getting lost (I had recently moved and she didn’t have GPS), Nicole appeared with every type of bandage the pharmacy sold.

“I told them my girlfriend had a lawnmower accident and I needed Band-Aids,” Nicole said in one breath. “How is she?” she asked as though I weren’t in the room.

“Well,” Kelly began, “she’s a hot mess, and we cleaned her up the best we could, but she’s fine.”

As a glue-like wound closure substance was applied to my scalp, I was given a stern lesson. Apparently, dramatic phone calls with crying and the words “blood” and “lawnmower accident” really set the wrong tone. They also agreed that when I saw the doctor for my back, I should get a tetanus shot. That lawnmower was too rusty to be trusted.


“Hi, I’m calling about my appointment,” I told the doctor’s receptionist. “I would like to add a tetanus booster.”

“We’ll have to check your records to see if you’re due.”

“Okay, but you should know I was hit in the head with a rusty lawnmower.” There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. “Hello?”

“You were hit by a lawnmower? Are you sure you only need a tetanus booster?”

“Pretty sure. As far as lawnmower accidents go, it could have been much, much worse.”

If you’d like to read another entertaining story of how I injured myself, please check out my website’s  latest blog where I tell the tale of how I went through my drywall.




Aurora’s life is perfectly mundane. She has a job she hates, an ex that ran her out of her hometown, and the highlight of her week is Monday breakfast with her best friend. That changes when Aurora starts dreaming of a woman who can’t remember her own name. A woman who Aurora falls head over heels for. She knows the romance that develops between them isn’t real, but the dreams make life so much better that she hurries to bed every night…until she discovers that her dream woman isn’t imaginary. Her name is Leela and she is in a coma.

Aurora must risk everything—her job, apartment, friends, and her sanity—to save Leela, a woman she’s only ever met in her mind. But in order to help, Aurora must convince Leela’s neurologist and parents that she and Leela have a bond that transcends the physical plane.

Can Aurora fight through a progressively nightmarish landscape to wake Leela? And if Leela wakes, will she recognize Aurora as the one who saved her? As the one Leela said she loved? Their dream-relationship might not be real, but if there is any possibility of making her dreams come true, Aurora has to try.

Dreams is a sweet lesfic romance about a love that defies the laws of physics.

  • 1 winner

Dreams Giveaway



After writing technical, science-based pieces for two decades, Serena J. Bishop decided to start turning her daydreams into stories. She writes witty, character-driven novels with romance and societal issues blended in to create unique storylines. She self-published her first novel, Beards, about chosen family, in 2017, and has since signed with Eos Publishing. Dreams, a sci-fi/fantasy-romance was released by Eos in September 2019 to strong reviews, and Leveled, a romantic-comedy where the impact of family and anxiety on relationships is explored will be released in Fall 2020. Miracles, the sequel to Dreams, is planned for 2021.


Facebook / Twitter / Website

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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New Lesfic Goodies: June 23rd Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at tbm@iheartlesfic.com.

Happy reading and listening,





by Amanda Radley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Starting a new job is hard. Especially if you’re the boss’s daughter.

Heather Bailey has been in charge of Silver Arches, the prestigious London shopping centre, for several years. Financial turmoil brings a new investor to secure the future and Heather finds herself playing office politics with the notoriously difficult entrepreneur Leo Flynn. Walking a fine line between standing her ground and being willing to accept change, Heather has her work cut out for her.

When Leo demands that his daughter is found a job at Silver Arches; things become even harder.

Scarlett Flynn has never fit in. Not in the army, not in her father’s firm, not even in her own family. So starting work at Silver Arches won’t be any different, will it?



by Kat Jackson

Emery Larsen didn’t mean for this to happen.

Years into her relationship with Lauren, Emery recognizes that things have gone a bit…static. While she doesn’t doubt that she and Lauren still love each other, Emery can tell that something is definitely off. And she can also tell that the problem isn’t coming from her.

Until, that is, Emery’s past saunters into her present, bringing with it reminders of what could have been. The moment Emery lays eyes on Burke Calloway, her memory retreats to their long-ago big chance. Time and women have come and gone since then, but Emery has never forgotten the sparks she felt all those years ago.

Caught between her present and her past, completely uncertain of her future, Emery fumbles to find her own truth amidst the chaos of falling for someone she never thought she would see again…while still loving the woman she thought she’d be with forever.



by Clare Ashton

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jessica Lambert, movie star and ingénue, is in danger of burning out. Returning to London for the premiere of her latest film, she’s recognised everywhere she goes. When she runs away through the streets of London, she’s taken in by the beautiful and more mature Anna. The two hide in the sanctuary of Anna’s roof-top flat, a haven away from the crowds, but why has Anna removed herself from the world?



by E.J. Noyes

Morgan Ashworth isn’t having a good day. The award for Minion of the Year is slipping out of reach, and she has to administer an afterlife package to one of her human employees. An employee she’s attracted to. An employee who’ll soon know Morgan isn’t quite what she seems.

Jane Smith was having a great day. Until her hot boss dropped a bombshell. It’s time for Jane to complete the questionnaire to decide where she’ll spend her afterlife. Oh, and her boss is immortal and also Death’s Head Minion. Yes, Death, as in the Grim Reaper.

Jane decides to bargain—if Morgan needs her to sign the afterlife document, she can use her unlimited resources to help Jane with her bucket list. Seems straightforward. Except for the matter of their mutual attraction, and the fact one of the items on Jane’s list is “Sleep with my boss.”

The more time Morgan and Jane spend together, the more they realize mutual attraction barely scratches the surface. But can Jane heal the broken heart Morgan has nursed for centuries? And will Morgan risk loving, then losing, another mortal woman when she knows it means an eternity of heartbreak?



by Jo Cox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jess has loved Melissa for longer than she can remember and it’s bearable when they’re a hundred miles apart, but what will happen when they’re thrown back together and there’s nowhere to hide?

Jess has tried everything to put her feelings aside, but when Melissa comes home from university and becomes a permanent fixture in her office, kitchen, and sometimes even bed, she’s got no chance of making it work.

Throw in a best friend who’s taken over the spare bedroom with her toddler daughter, and an extended family who’ll meddle in anything going, and life is about to get complicated.



by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Best friends and long-term roommates, Mel and Layla would do anything for each other and they always have the other’s best interests at heart. Most of the time, they love each other for it, but when Layla reminds Mel that it’s been over two years since she’s had her heart broken, the not so subtle nudges to start dating again are a strain on her nerves.

However, while seething from disappointing news at work, a chance encounter with a woman, whose charm all but puts a spell on Mel, awakens nearly forgotten sensations and emotions. The chemistry between Mel and Katie is palpable. It’s electrifying. And those walls Mel built to protect herself begin to crumble as she forsakes her stubbornness for a chance to truly heal and move on.

But when they learn that their lives are more interconnected than they knew, they have to decide if it’s worth the risks to continue dating, or if they have to learn how to see each other as just a weekend of bliss and nothing more.


The Your Way Series: Book 1

by Jamey Moody

Available in Kindle Unlimited

How do you find something you didn’t know you’d lost?

Olivia King has had it. She’s out of shape and tired of being alone. When she takes a tour of a fitness center, she has no idea how much she’ll gain while trying to lose.

Frankie Dean and her two best friends own Your Way, a place where fitness means more than improving your body.

Join Frankie as she leads Olivia to discover her self worth taking them both where they never dreamed.




Once Upon a Fangirl: Book 1

by Caitlin Ryan

What happens when you meet your celebrity crush?

Travel agent, Molly O’Brien doesn’t like taking risks. She is happy with her quiet Las Vegas life. Her mom and best friend have other plans.

When her mother enters her into a competition to win a home design makeover by lesbian house flippers Flick and Kim, Molly’s life is turned upside down.

Flick Prescott’s life is picture perfect. She has a wife and two kids, plus a popular house flipping show. Pity it’s all a big fat lie. Her real name is Flick Franklin and Kim is her best friend not her wife. The worst part, she doesn’t even like being famous.

Sparks fly when Flick and Molly meet. Both are determined to keep their distance. Both are keeping secrets. Does meeting Molly’s hero flip her heart into love or is this relationship destined to flop?





by Natasha West

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When pushy TV news reporter Ashley is paired with slacker camerawoman Gina, it seems like a match made in hell. But that won’t stop Ashley chasing the hottest story of her career, a hostage situation. However, Ashley and Gina are about to find themselves closer to the action than they’ve ever dreamed. And with lives on the line – including their own – they’re going to have to learn how to work as a real team just to stay alive. Though the danger they’re facing together might just bring them closer than simple co-workers…

Content note: This story contains a police element, with mentions of implied threat from the police.





by Renee Dahlia

The war might be over, but the battle for love has just begun.

When Lady Eleanor “Nell” St. George arrives in Wales after serving as a veterinarian in the Great War, she doesn’t come alone. With her is her former captain’s beloved warhorse, which she promised to return to him—and a series of recurring nightmares that torment both her heart and her soul. She wants only to complete her task, then find refuge with her family, but when Nell meets the captain’s eldest daughter, all that changes.

Beatrice Hughes is resigned to life as the dutiful daughter. Her mother grieves for the sons she lost to war; the care of the household and remaining siblings falls to Beatrice, and she manages it with a practical efficiency. But when a beautiful stranger shows up with her father’s horse, practicality is the last thing on her mind.

Please be aware this book contains content that may trigger certain audiences: domestic violence, suicide, war and virus related deaths & injuries, race riots, and discussion of slavery.




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 28

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade decides to host a foreign exchange student during her final semester of high school, she gets more than she bargained for. Recently turned eighteen, Luna is smart, mature beyond her years, and drop-dead gorgeous.

While Luna settles into her studies at her new school, the two women find themselves growing increasingly attracted to one another. When they begin sharing nude hot tub baths together, the sexual chemistry between them threatens to boil over

But it’s not until Jade comes home early one day and catches Luna playing with her sex toys, that things really begin to get interesting. With only a few days left in the study abroad program, the two women fall into each other’s arms and enjoy a whole new level of cultural enrichment…




The Diary of Doctor Du: Book 2

by M.S. Linsenmayer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Demonic Hordes. Angelic Hosts. Elder Gods. The end times have come, Earth is about to become a cosmic war zone, and humanity’s last hope is our maddest mad scientist: Jan Du.





Cleo & Petra: Book 4

by Scott Kujawa

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After finding Wren in Anubis’ realm in the Lower World, Petra agreed to continue working with the God of the Dead. Petra and Wren journey to Egypt to find her tomb in the Middle World. While there, they discover Wren’s body and Petra’s life changes yet again when a magic tattoo bind itself to her. Petra’s relationship with Wren strengthens, although Wren died centuries ago and returned to life when Petra offered her blood.

Petra hopes she’d be reunited with her twin, but first there are adventures she needs to complete with Wren. Together, the two leave Egypt and return to the States. Once there, they learn the next step in the tasks Anubis sends Petra to complete.

This tale is part four of a collection of short stories set in the world of Bastet’s Daughters, taking place before/during the Event.




An Ari Adams Mystery: Book 8

by Ann Roberts

When Ari Adams journeys to Oregon’s wine country with best pal Jane Frank, she envisions sipping pinot noir on a gorgeous deck and staring at the sunsets across the Willamette Valley.

But then they arrive at Sisters Cellars only to find that the sommelier, Dion Demopolous, has been murdered. Dion had been favored to win the Master Sommelier title at the world’s most prestigious wine competition, and now more than a few people are happy to see him gone.

Mina Sommer, Jane’s childhood friend and the owner of Sisters Cellars, asks Ari to investigate. Ari’s romantic assumptions are quickly shattered as she delves into the cutthroat world of winemaking—where suspicion is routine, reputation is coveted, and passion for the drink of goddesses and queens is just another motive for murder.


Femme Protectors Series: Book 1

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nina is confronted with her past, when her first love’s mother hires her to protect her Ex-Kara. Will she be able to save them both from the dangers unfolding? Will Kara find forgiveness in Nina’s heart or is she already damned? Love, mystery, conspiracy, and murder surround them.





by Maggie Cummings
narrated by AJ Ferraro

Welcome back to Bay West, the NYC lesbian condo community bursting with friendships, romance, heartache, and girls – everywhere. Meg and Lexi are back with new friends, new romances, and new problems.

California girl Tracy Allen has just dropped in on old friend Meg McTiernan to nurse a bruised ego and a broken heart. Will the lure of life at this lesbian-only development entice her to make a permanent move? Local resident Jennifer Betsy certainly hopes so. Meanwhile, reluctant singleton Meg may have just found the perfect girl in coworker Sasha Michaels. There’s only one problem: Sasha is straight as an arrow…or is she? And Lexi and Jesse are planning a dream wedding that promises to be the lesbian party of the year, so long as they can get past a trio of disapproving mothers, and exes that pop up at every turn.

A Bay West Social Romance: Where there’s always fun, drama, and more than enough love to go around.



by Q.C. Masters
narrated by Kassie Pines

What do you do when you meet someone who changes everything you know about love and passion?

Paige Harlow is a good girl. She’s always known where she was going in life: top grades, an ivy league school, a medical degree, regular church attendance, and a happy marriage to a man. So falling in love with her gorgeous roommate and best friend Alyssa Torres is no small crisis.

Alyssa is chasing demons of her own, a medical condition that makes her an outcast and a family dysfunctional to the point of disintegration make her a questionable choice for any stable relationship.

But Paige’s heart is no longer her own. She must now battle the prejudices of her family, friends, and church and come to peace with her new sexuality before she can hope to win the affections of the woman of her dreams. But will love be enough?



by Prudence MacLeod
narrated by Becca Gray

Carrie flees from the demons of her present, trying to protect the ones she loves.

Frankie hides from the demons of her past and the memory of loved ones she failed to protect.

A modern-day princess thrown to the wolves, Carrie’s only hope is the rancher who had spent the better part of a decade in self-imposed, near-total isolation.

Frankie’s history of losing those she tries to save haunts her, but this madman threatens her home, her livestock, her sanctuary. She knows she can’t do it alone, but has she still got enough support from her oldest friends?


Simmons Series: Book 3

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
narrated by Christy Sassmen

When a mysterious woman named Emily Haines approaches Gertie and Edna Simmons, claiming that the stray cat that they have been taking care of is hers, the couple decides to give the woman back her feline companion, but afterwards, Edna begins to suspect that Emily isn’t the woman that they originally thought that she was. In an attempt to find out the true identity of the new resident of Sanders, Edna and Gertie go undercover and find out that this woman might not only be a catnapper but a murderer. As the couple attempts to collect enough evidence to turn Emily in, one question remains. Will they be able to get the information that they need without losing their lives?





Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Renee Roman provides chuckles with her Letting Go (And Paying the Price) guest post. Renee is giving away 1 ecopy of Bonded Love

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

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Peanut M&Ms Will Always Be a Little Naughty to Me by M. Ullrich

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful M. Ullrich is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, M is giving away 1 ecopy of What the Heart Remembers Most. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, M.

Peanut M&Ms Will Always Be a Little Naughty to Me

We’ve all had those moments in life. The ones that leave us thinking, “did that really just happen?” Here’s one of mine I’d like to share, and maybe it’ll make you smile.

There’s this girl (isn’t there always?) and at the start of our relationship we had to meet up anyplace we could and make the most of our short moments together. A frequently visited spot was a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. So there we are, just the two of us sitting in my car with only one other car in the area, unfortunately parked right next to us but it was empty.

We were chatting about life and all its crazy things. I was nervous because that’s what this girl did to me, which meant I was definitely rambling about something when she reached over, grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me into a scorcher of a kiss. I mean OH. EM. GEE. I’m sure you can all use your imagination for what happened during the next fifteen minutes or so…

Everything was great. I was on cloud nine, being kissed senseless and giving it back as good as I was getting. Until the gentleman who was parked next to me had to get into his car. He walked past the front of my car, along the side and closer to his driver’s side door, and then he paused. I watched from the corner of my eye.

He stopped dead in his tracks and grinned.

When I turned away from my date (reluctantly) to look at this stranger, he kept smiling and held up his hands in a gesture of apology. He didn’t move.

Then came the thumbs up.

At this point we started laughing because what else can you do? I couldn’t drive away because I’d probably hit the guy during my escape. So we waited for him to get into his car.

Except he didn’t.

Mr. Smiles signaled for me to roll down my window. I considered my options and figured maybe he’d leave us alone if I did so.

(Author note: I know this wasn’t the smartest decision but let’s move on.)

“What are you doing?” my date asked in a panic.

I knew I was crazy but I rolled down the window about two inches and the gentleman was laughing.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” he said with a hint of shyness just visible through his obvious amusement. “But good for you! I’m so happy for you two.” He extended his hands as if physically handing us his well wishes. “I’m jealous! My wife has never kissed me like that!”

Unsure of how to process that information, I cut him off with a thank you, a smile, and told him good night. I rolled up the window as he climbed into his car. Once he drove away we fell into a fit of hysterical laughter.

Who does that?

Who does that happen to?

We repeated these questions until our laughter subsided enough for the kissing to continue. No reason to stop, right? The fog on the windows decreased a bit during the strange exchange, but it built up again very quickly. Ten minutes later that layer of fog did little to block the shine of headlights as a very familiar car approached. Our friend was back.

This time he brought snacks.

“I just thought you may need these for energy,” he said, handing us a small shopping bag through the window. “I’m so happy for you both. Really. And so jealous! Goodnight.”

In that bag was exactly what anyone would need to keep their energy up during a hot and heavy make out session:

Spicy tortilla chips

Peanut M&Ms

Two Rocket Pop popsicles

He drove away and we were left speechless. Because after months of temptation and waiting, this was our very first kiss. A memorable one to say the least. I’ll never pass that rest stop without smiling, and peanut M&Ms will always be a little naughty to me.




by M. Ullrich

Fate will find a way to intervene when it’s least expected.

Jax Levine and Gretchen Mills fell madly in love in college and never looked back. They built a great life together, but careers, a baby, and years of mounting tension later, they are living separate lives and their once grand love is forgotten.

After an accident, Gretchen suffers a brain injury that erases years of her memories. She wakes in the hospital with Jax at her side and everything seems normal…except Jax won’t look her in the eye and their baby boy is now a rambunctious toddler. Every line drawn between Jax and Gretchen starts to blur while Gretchen fights to figure out which of her most haunting recollections are real, and which are fake.

Is it possible for this accident to be the second chance neither Jax nor Gretchen knew they wanted?

  • 1 winner

What the Heart Remembers Most Giveaway



M. Ullrich has released nine novels with Bold Strokes Books. She spends most of her free time writing, but works a full time job to pay those pesky bills. Expressing her creative side keeps her nearly as happy as breakfast foods do, and she can always be found dancing along to any tune playing. M. Ullrich’s latest release, What the Heart Remembers Most, came out this past April.



Facebook / Twitter

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Letting Go (And Paying the Price) by Renee Roman

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Renee Roman is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Renee is giving away 1 ecopy of Bonded Love. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Renee.

Letting Go (And Paying the Price) 

I’ve never been graceful. Whether due to some inherent propensity of crappy balance, or an ear issue, or just plain old klutziness who’s to say. There are times when I think I’ve mastered the “lightness” on my feet, only to find myself on my back, looking at the sky. It’s my “thing,” and I learned at an early age there’s no getting around it. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are things I do quite well on my feet. My biggest accomplishment is dancing. I can hear music’s beat and rhythm. Specifically, I was shocked to find I’m good at line dancing, once I learn the step sequence. (Though that’s another whole discussion entirely.) Believe it or not, a dance floor is the one place I’ve never fallen (yet).

And although I’ve outgrown being embarrassed for things I do or say or happens, there’s a memory from my childhood that has stayed with me through the decades. It’s the one I’m going to share with you.

Picture a chubby young girl about seven years old, stuffed into a uniform I hate and always having to sit in the front of the class because of the first letter of my last name. School always bored me, and I counted the minutes until the bell rang, releasing me from the prison of forced smiles and tolerating my classmates. Yes, even early on I never understood why others couldn’t just do their homework and get it over with.

So, on a sunny spring day when the outside teased us all by being right there, I glanced again and again at the clock and begged the bell to sound. Restless feet and hands spread through the confined space like a virus. By the time the damn thing rang, it’s a wonder someone wasn’t trampled in our haste. Two flights of stairs were all that stood between me and freedom.

I took off with my classmate…a herd of anxious animals…knowing I’d been outside in a flash.

Maybe I should have reconsidered the word “flash.” I made it down the first set unscathed in rather quick fashion, half the class was already out the door, but I wasn’t the last one, so I was happy. Descending the second set, the exit door repeatedly banged open. I was so close. And that’s when I looked up for a split second, thinking I had one more step to go. Unfortunately, my calculation was off.

As I stepped once more, expecting to find solid ground my foot was met by nothing but air, and my momentum carried me forward. In my head I was screaming, “Don’t land on your face, don’t land on your face!” I held onto the railing until I hit the bottom, then stumbled forward, full steam ahead, toward the closed door. To this day I’m not sure how I managed to grab the push bar and hang on as I flew off the top concrete step, and when the door banged against the wall, I nearly ripped my arm from my socket, but I hung on.

Heart pounding and limbs shaking, I marveled I was standing outside. Upright and alive. A few stragglers followed out the door and my friends shouted for me to catch up. Out of breath and checking for anything that might have broken, I nodded. Smiled. When I fell in step with them, they asked what I’d been doing I laughed and shook my head, glad I’d somehow survived.

No one needed to know if not for some strange quirk of fate, I would have been in an ambulance by now.

Needless to say I’ve had at least a dozen near misses since then. All falls of one sort or another. All ending with me on my considerable backside with nothing more than a bruise here or there. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered aside from stairs, ice is not my friend. But I’ve learned to keep laughing in spite of myself. I’ll never be graceful and that’s okay because I’ve also learned it’s okay to be me.

Stay safe and be well,




by Renee Roman

Master carpenter Blaze Carter has upheld her family legacy for honesty and excellence and honed a reputation to match. Her greatest desire is to pass her knowledge on to her children. All she has to do is find her perfect partner who wants the same things—a full life and a family of their own.

Trinity Greene grew up poor and has risen above the stigma of believing she’ll never amount to anything. She’s worked hard and is well on her way to becoming a head nurse in the ED. Her dream is within reach and the last thing she needs is an oh-so-attractive distraction.

When a devastating injury threatens to derail her future, Blaze struggles with the possibility of giving up on her dream. Trinity knows all too well the odds are against Blaze but isn’t willing to let her stop believing. Not when she’s beginning to care for Blaze’s heart as well as her recovery. Together, they must decide if love and a future is a possibility worth fighting for.

  • 1 winner
  • Prize:
    1 E-book

Bonded Love Giveaway




Renee Roman has lived her entire life in upstate New York and can’t see herself living anywhere there isn’t a change of seasons. She works at a local college and writes lesbian romance, intrigue, and erotica in her spare time. Her novels including, Epicurean Delights and Where the Lies Hide, as well as her erotic short, Hard Body, are just the beginning of a long list of stories waiting to be told.


Facebook / Twitter / Website

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New Lesfic Goodies: June 16th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at tbm@iheartlesfic.com.

Happy reading and listening,





by Clare Lydon & TB Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Would you trade fame for love?

Saffron Oliver is the golden girl. Golden hair. Golden skin. Golden movie career.

Only one problem: she hates it.

She flees to her sister’s seaside town – where she meets the confident & charming Kirsty McBride.

Kirsty is everything Saffron wants to be. Perhaps also, everything she wants.

But Saffron can’t have it all. So now, she has to decide: does she crave Kirsty enough to blow up her golden life?



by Grace Parkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cara is intrigued by mysterious and charming stranger, Frankie. Will Frankie’s secrets shatter their relationship before it begins?

A sizzling hot Age Gap Romance from Grace Parkes.



Collection #1

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Welcome to Paradise Valley, where the locals thrive on the rural landscape, the quirky Oregonian living, and the history of the lesbian commune that founded it.

Mixing small town attitudes with lesbian dating? Sounds like another day in Paradise.

Collection one includes months Feb – July



by Karen Klyne

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Gemma Tennant’s life is in a downward spiral, and she doesn’t know where to turn. She longs for something different, something new. When she finds a strange flyer suggesting she could start over, all she has to do is find the courage to go through a sliding door to switch lives with a woman on the other side…Alex Gambol is content but a little lonely. She runs her own business, looks after her ill mother, and goes for long walks with her dog. She’s got no time for love, and that’s okay. But when a strange woman on the beach shoves a bag at her and insists it’s hers, she has no idea how drastically her life is about to change. Gemma knows the risks she’s taken and embraces her new life with enthusiasm and delight. But Alex is bemused, thrown into a life completely alien to her, and she has to learn to live with a wife and kids she never knew she wanted…until now.





by Nancy Wheelton

Callie Anderson’s in over her head, but she’ll be damned if she’ll give up. A young widow with a ten-year-old daughter, Callie’s determined to keep her farm at any cost, even if that means going up against the Krugers from next door who are determined to snatch her land. Callie needs to learn how to take care of her cattle and undo all the problems the Krugers have caused before it’s too late, and there’s no one more qualified to help than veterinarian Dr. Lauren Cornish. If only Lauren understood that Callie’s still the one in charge.

Recently divorced and rejected by her teenage children, Lauren’s emotionally lost and has no patience for a woman who isn’t ready to be a farmer. She’s determined to keep her heart safe this time, no matter how intriguing Callie might be. When a string of perilous accidents threatens their safety and livelihood, neither can resist their heart’s desire. Danger is looming, but falling in love may be the scariest thing of all.



by Kris Bryant

Winning the lottery is the best thing that’s ever happened to Serena Evans. Gone are the days of living paycheck to paycheck. On her own and fully funded, Serena’s excited to open Pet Posh Inn. She can’t imagine a more fulfilling dream than caring for and being surrounded by animals.

Gabrielle Barnes can’t understand why anyone would dump millions of dollars into a pet daycare, but if she wants to prove herself worthy of a partner position at Arnest & Max Architecture, she’s going to have paste on a smile while designing the ridiculous waste of space.

Serena’s kindness and big heart draw Gabrielle in, but her stubbornness drives a wedge between them. As the design builds, so does their attraction.

Was Serena’s luck really about money, or is she about to get lucky in love?



by Erin Dutton

In the midst of tragedy, can these first responders find love and healing? Three stories of courage, bravery, and passion.

In Rescued, firefighter Britt Everett’s job is to protect life and property. On her scenes, once a victim gets out, they don’t go back in. But when Claire Willows’s dog is trapped inside her burning apartment, Claire wants him rescued at any cost.

In Pushed, Nicole Klein thought she’d moved out of her comfort zone by attending a popular music festival, until a man plows his vehicle into the crowd right in front of her. Police officer Traci Sam is there to help Nicole tend to the victims, but how will they deal with the aftermath?

In Healed, after being seriously injured in an act of violence at a music festival, paramedic Jenna Teele returns to work alongside her EMS partner and best friend, Candace Cooper. Will discovering Candace’s feelings run deeper than friendship help them both heal from the tragedy?



by Donna K. Ford

Autumn Landers, a beautiful, successful business owner, thought she had life figured out until one little word, cancer, changed everything. When Caroline Cross answers Autumn’s ad for a live-in caregiver, Autumn is instantly drawn to her. But Caroline has suffered her own losses and isn’t about to risk her heart. Autumn knows the odds are against her. But for the first time in her life she is going to do things her way. The first thing on her bucket list? Falling in love.

Autumn and Caroline question the fairness of life, the cruelty of loss, and what it means to love as they navigate the complicated minefield of relationships, grief, and life-altering illness.



by Renee Roman

Master carpenter Blaze Carter has upheld her family legacy for honesty and excellence and honed a reputation to match. Her greatest desire is to pass her knowledge on to her children. All she has to do is find her perfect partner who wants the same things—a full life and a family of their own.

Trinity Greene grew up poor and has risen above the stigma of believing she’ll never amount to anything. She’s worked hard and is well on her way to becoming a head nurse in the ED. Her dream is within reach and the last thing she needs is an oh-so-attractive distraction.

When a devastating injury threatens to derail her future, Blaze struggles with the possibility of giving up on her dream. Trinity knows all too well the odds are against Blaze but isn’t willing to let her stop believing. Not when she’s beginning to care for Blaze’s heart as well as her recovery. Together, they must decide if love and a future is a possibility worth fighting for.


Sequel to All the Worlds Between Us

by Morgan Lee Miller

Swimmer Quinn Hughes has given up a lot in order to be an Olympian: her social life, her love life, and everything that comes with being a normal twenty-three-year-old. Just days away from competing in the Tokyo Games, Quinn runs into her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart, Kennedy Reed. Five years earlier, they’d made a pact that they would try again if their paths ever crossed, and now she can’t shake the feeling that this is a sign.

But Kennedy has a whole life in New York City, and Quinn’s at the opposite end of the country in San Francisco, struggling to redefine who she’ll be after the Olympics. Feeling lonely and lost from everything she’s given up, Quinn finds comfort in reconnecting with Kennedy, and they both discover that time and distance have only fueled their passion. As Quinn comes to terms with herself and what the future holds, she’s sure of only one thing: she’s not letting the only girl she’s ever loved get away for the second time.



by L.L. Shelton

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lily Ann makes women’s dreams come true while working at G’s Nightly Escorts. Her siblings remain safe and happy in her care after their parents’ death, with that being the one thing above all her needs. But life isn’t that simple, as new daily challenges arise.

Four years have passed since Carly Hutch was stripped of the life she loved to blindness. She hopes new answers lie within a stranger, and an escort seems to be the perfect answer to her problems. But is Carly searching for redemption so hard that what is in front of her stays hidden?





by Cameron Darrow

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A second-class citizen with a shattered heart, Vimika is ready to start her life over. But as a freelance wizard in Atvalia, that’s easier said than done. So when she’s offered a job that could afford her that new life several times over, what choice does she have but to take it? Yes, it involves tracking down something that is either impossible or highly illegal, but money solves everyone else’s problems, why not hers?

Because no deception is more powerful than self-deception.

Now cut off from her magic in the middle of a job she should never have taken, Vimika must confront herself in more ways than one. Trapped alone with a wizard out of time, she’ll have to fight not only the illusions keeping them imprisoned but the ones guarding her heart. Failure might trap them both forever, while success could grant them a freedom neither has ever known.

Or get them killed.

At least she’d never have to wake up with a hangover again.





by Karen F. Williams

Riley Dawson is a psychotherapist with a lycanthropic affliction. She’s a werecoyote, to be precise.

A foundling adopted by wealthy parents, Riley led a privileged life until she fell in love with Fiona Bell, an evangelical preacher’s daughter. Raging hormones, the full moon, and the pull of Fiona Bell on her teenage heartstrings triggered her first transformation. Unfortunately, her parents witnessed the change and sent her off to college with a trust fund and an agreement never to return home.

Twenty years later, Riley shares a lucrative therapy practice with Dr. Margaret Spencer. Margaret, her wife, and her gay brother-in-law are the only ones who know Riley’s secret. Afraid of risking exposure, Riley restricts her love life to online hookups. But when a family is referred for treatment and Fiona Bell comes back into her life, all the rules of the client-therapist relationship are tested and Riley’s world is turned upside down.




The sequel to Uninvited

by Jane C. Esther

After surviving a harrowing explosion in Seneca Lake, Olivia Ando and Aerin McLeary return to Indiana with more questions than answers. While Olivia revels in their newfound love, finally having everything she’s wanted since high school, Aerin begins to build a life for herself outside of her small hometown.

But all is not as it seems.

By chance, Olivia discovers that Aerin has plans for a machine that will open the portal in the lake and channel alien energy to Earth, a revelation that exposes an even greater and unforgivable betrayal. With the world on the precipice of a monumental invasion, Olivia must choose between protecting her heart and trusting that Aerin has lied for a greater good. With life as they know it at stake, will their love survive the inception of a new world?





by Carsen Taite

Urban artist Riley Flynn spends her days wandering the streets of Dallas, sketching the city she loves. Then dead bodies start showing up in the exact locations she was sketching, and the police arrive on her doorstep. With every reason in the world to distrust the law, she’s reluctant to help the striking detective assigned to the case, especially after the cops start treating her like a suspect. As the stakes get deadlier, Riley’s instinct for self-protection wars with civic duty and unexpected attraction.

Detective Claire Hanlon is all about the facts, all about the law, and all about climbing the Dallas PD ladder. Her career advancement hinges on capturing the killer terrorizing the city, and the only thing in her way is the incredibly stubborn, incredibly beautiful person of interest, Riley Flynn, who is also incredibly off limits. Because she might be guilty of murder.





by Robin Alexander
narrated by Lori Prince

Alexis Holt unknowingly meets the woman of her dreams at a party. Unfortunately, Alexis was at the wrong place at the wrong time and walked away from the encounter thinking Stacy Kirkland was an arrogant snob. Alexis knew it wouldn’t be the last time she saw Stacy, and she wasn’t looking forward to their next meeting.

Thanks to the internet, Stacy Kirkland already knows who Alexis is before they meet face to face. She’s one step ahead of Alexis because Stacy already has a crush on her. There are a couple of problems, though – Stacy’s in a relationship that’s in the last stages of its demise, and after meeting Alexis, she’s pretty certain that Alexis despises her.

Grab something cool to drink, find a comfortable place, and let Robin Alexander take you on a hilarious journey to happily ever after.



by L.L. Shelton
narrated by Lois Ridge

Working for G’s Nightly Escorts by night to support her family, Lily Ann Bailey makes women’s dreams come true. Desires, pleasures, secrets. When she is assigned client number 299, Lily Ann has no idea the woman waiting for her needs a friend more than an escort.

Kathleen Harris is grieving the loss of her wife. She has secluded herself from family, friends, and the world for two years. All until a newspaper ad for an escort service makes her question her life.



by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Desarae Holland

Melinda and Em have Thursday night family night. A warm loving relationship, a warm loving body, who wouldn’t want to come home to that? What happens to Melinda and Em on family night?



The Chronicles of Dorsa: Book 2

by Eliza Andrews
narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

A war is brewing in the Empire.

Not the War in the East – that is a war everyone already knows about, the war that some wanted to end so badly that they murdered an Emperor to stop it. No, this is a different war. A war between the Shadowlands and the mortal world, a war between light and darkness. A war the Brotherhood of Culo has warned about for generations. But no one wanted to listen.

And as war brews, an Empress in exile struggles to regain her crown, and the warrior sworn to protect that Empress fights to make it back to her. Yet the warrior faces an enemy which even she, the Empire’s greatest living sword master, may not be able to defeat: The warrior battles time itself.

And time is running out for the soldiers of the House of Dorsa.

The shadows are coming. Can you hear them?


Techromancy Scrolls: Book 4

by Erik Schubach
narrated by Hollie Jackson

Almost 3,000 years after an extinction-level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory in a new world where magic and technology collide.

Laney and Celeste, Templars of Sparo, embark upon a mission of mercy to a far-off land to aid a people thought lost to time before the Altii even found the Lower Ten.

The Westlands are found along with a new enemy that Sparo may not be able to stand against: Avalon.

Can this new threat be the Great Wizards of the Before Times? New alliances will be forged, and hearts will be held and broken as Laney faces her biggest challenge yet.





Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Abby Crofton provides chuckles with her Chivalry Should Have Stayed Dead guest post. Abby is giving away 1 ecopy of Meet Me at Pride.

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

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Chivalry Should Have Stayed Dead by Abby Crofton

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Abby Crofton is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Abby is giving away 1 ecopy of Meet Me at Pride. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Abby.

Chivalry Should Have Stayed Dead

When my girlfriend and I planned a romantic vacation to Montreal many things could have gone wrong. Luckily for us, except for some hotter than normal weather, it was a lovely trip. But whenever I get a little too self-important she likes to bring me back down to earth by reminding me of an incident that happened right at the beginning of that trip.

Dulles International Airport is not the closest airport to our house, but the prices for flights to Montreal were too good to ignore. So we packed ourselves up, battled the highway traffic, parked offsite and made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. As the chief architect of the trip, with my girlfriend busy with graduate school, I felt good that we were on schedule.

Once past security we made our way down to the airport’s internal train system to get to our gate. Our moods were high – this was our first big trip in a couple of years. After reading up on Montreal I had visions of poutine and smoked meat in my head. I was probably not as focused as I should have been. So when we got onto the train we stood with the few other passengers for the short ride. I imagined strolling through the old city streets hand in hand with my lady love, of sharing drinks in a cafe and cuddling together after a long day of exploring.

I was so caught up in my fantasy vacation that when the train reached our stop I swept my arm in a grand arc, loudly insisting to my girlfriend, “After you, m’lady.” I turned expecting to see a smile on her face. Instead there stood a complete stranger looking totally creeped out. The woman edged around me and hot footed it off the train with record speed. I felt my face heat up. Behind her was my girlfriend, laughing so hard she was doubled over. I had to take her arm to get her off the train when she couldn’t stop laughing.

My girlfriend had seen and heard everything. Once we settled at the gate she recreated the mortifying moment, from my sweep to those fateful words. She even recited them in a bad English accent. My failed romantic gesture was a running joke during the week of the trip, but I didn’t mind too much. Whenever my girlfriend brought it up she laughed. Since her laughter was the first thing about her that caught my attention, all those years ago, it was like I was the one getting a treat every time she poked fun at me.

But that doesn’t mean I will say m’lady ever again.




Available in Kindle Unlimited

Molly and Hannah get along great and seem like the perfect match. Except that they’ve never met in person. After months of flirting online, they agree to finally meet at the Washington, D.C. Pride Festival. With Molly nervously excited and Hannah deciding to play it cool, they prepare themselves for a day of fun, and maybe, romance.

However, plans gets turned upside down by interfering friends, rude roommates, unexpected exes and plenty of misunderstandings. There’s even a chance that they might miss the big concert headlined by their favorite singer.

Faced with mounting obstacles and their own insecurities, can Molly and Hannah salvage their day? Or will their budding relationship end before it even got the chance to properly start?

  • 1 winner
  • Prize:
    1 ebook

Meet Me At Pride Giveaway




Abby Crofton has always enjoyed reading books with a ‘happily ever after’ and achieved a long time dream by writing and publishing her first book, “Say Yes to the Cheerleader.” She currently lives on the East Coast of the U.S. and enjoys snuggling with her girlfriend, leisurely hikes, and writing.


Twitter / Website 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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New Lesfic Goodies: June 9th Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at tbm@iheartlesfic.com.

Happy reading and listening,





by Lynn Ames

It’s November 3, 2020, and Emma McMasters has just been elected the 46th president of the United States. She’s facing a divided Congress and nation, allies that no longer trust America, enemies that have been emboldened, and the legacy of destruction left by the last administration. She must rebuild and reestablish trust in government, in the media, and in the electoral system, all the while carrying the mantle of first female president, and along with it, the hopes and dreams of millions of women and little girls who need her to prove that a woman can get the job done.

Palmer Estes has devoted her life and her career to the military, rising to become the highest-ranking female officer in the US Army. An enigmatic, battle-tested hero, she’s the perfect choice to brief the new president on one last, urgent, highly sensitive mission before she retires.

Two strong women, both driven to serve the country they love, neither prepared for the sparks that fly between them.


Hobbs: Book 3

by Elena Graf

Available in Kindle Unlimited

This third novel in the popular Hobbs series tells the inspiring story of how a community of close friends deals with the pandemic. It’s midwinter in Maine, and the biggest problem is a snowstorm. Only Liz Stolz, the senior doctor of Hobbs Family practice, is paying attention to the strange virus in China that’s roiling the financial markets. She tries to alert the town leaders to the potential danger, but police chief, Brenda Harrison, is distracted by Liz’s new physician’s assistant, Cherie Bois. Brenda’s interest repels Cherie. After witnessing police violence, Cherie despises cops. While Liz and Reverend Lucy Bartlett try to help Cherie get past the trauma and give Brenda a chance, the pandemic closes in. The friends are pushed together during the lockdown. Friendships and relationships are strained as they act selflessly and selfishly out of love, faith, and duty. Can they find new strength and forge deeper connections through helping one another and the town survive?



by Erin O’Reilly

At fourteen, Hannah Garvin met ‘the one’, Charlene Gaines and her life was never the same. They were inseparable and spent every moment they could together. One day, Charlie left without a word and again, Hannah’s life took a dramatic change.

Hannah vowed to never fall in love again. When she meets Mick, a new arrival to the small Texas panhandle town near her family’s farm, her heart remembers what being in love was like, and yearns for more.

Will Hannah let the memory of Charlie go so she can start a new life with Mick? Or will her heart betray her and hold on to her love for Charlie?



by Jenn Alexander

Rowan Barnes never planned on living in Texas, and she’s not sure she likes it. She tells herself that her dream job as grill chef at a new up-and-coming restaurant was worth the relocation from her Portland home, but she feels out of place and alone in the Lone Star State.

Kate Landreth, on the other hand, is Texas through-and-through. Rowan meets Kate while picking up beef from a local cattle ranch, and is immediately drawn to the woman whose heart is as big as the state she loves. As the two women become closer, Rowan begins to see Texas through Kate’s eyes, but Kate is hesitant to fall too deeply for someone who makes it clear that Texas will never be her home.

When Rowan finds herself at an unexpected crossroads, she must decide whether she stays in Texas or returns to the safe confines of Portland.

It all comes down to one question: is home is where she grew up, or is home where the heart is?





by Lily Seabrooke

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Annelise was never part of Natasha’s world.

But when desperation leads her to a strange job posting, she finds herself the new assistant to the corporate heiress—who wants nothing to do with her.

But maybe it’s exactly what their two broken, healing hearts need.

Trigger warnings for grief, loss, depression, and references to self-harm.





by S. R. Silcox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can renovating a run-down cottage mend a broken heart?

Georgia Ballantyne is anxious to move on after an exhausting two-year-long battle over her former partner’s estate. Once she completes the renovations on the quaint country cottage, she’ll finally be free to find her way forward.

If she could only stop being distracted by her builder, Zoe.

Will what’s supposed to be a simple business transaction lead to an unexpected outcome for the broken-hearted homeowner, the pedantic builder, and the cottage that brought them together?





by Lara Kinsey

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Romance blooms between a sweet-talking gardener and a spinster headmistress in this steamy lesbian love story.

On the cusp of the 20th century, France is where libertines indulge poetic desires. Dorothea has fled the structure of dreary old England for a place in the sun. She’s opening a school for elegant young ladies, but it’s an experienced lady gardener who has caught her eye. Madame Laurent works with her hands, but it’s her words that cultivate Dorothea’s fallow heart. The Côte d’Azur was meant to be her escape, but could it be forever?

9,800 words ending in Happily Ever After. Great for fans of Olivia Waite or Lily Maxton.




Harrietta Lee: Book 3

by Stephanie Ahn

Harrietta Lee’s demons have come back to haunt her. Two demons, to be exact: one who tried to buy her ex-girlfriend’s soul, and another who invaded her dreams for six months.

To make matters worse, Harry’s falling in love.

Contains violence. Full trigger warning at the front of the book.




Book 1 of Salt

by Idella Breen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mercer is a hunter of wyverns, a race of beings that feast on all that lives and thrives. Lena is an heiress in a time where vampires are dying out. The bond forged between them may be the needed beacon of light in a world that is quickly losing hope for a better tomorrow.




Blue Helix: Book 2

by Kathrin Hutson

They say home is where the heart is. Now that Sleepwater’s on the run, home is just another place to hide.

Wyoming’s Sleepwater chapter is on the run, hunted for their ability to spin a beat. With little time to mourn the members they’ve lost, Bernadette Manney takes the group to the one place she swore she’d never see again: the cabin in Hollywood, South Carolina. It’s remote enough to lay low and catch a break, but not for long.

Their beats are condemned as mutations, radical terrorist tactics, and felonies punishable both by and outside the law. Bernadette thought Sleepwater would be safe here, but returning to her Southern roots unleashes more demons than she left behind. Her past, her love, and even her own flesh and blood won’t let her move on through a venomous society intent on rooting out her people. Now, to bring a mother’s first child safely into an unsafe world, Bernadette must face her own shame from before Sleepwater itself was born. But redemption and forgiveness may be too much to ask, and it may just be too late.




The Unlikely Adventures of Mortensen & Spurlock: Book 2

by Lucy True

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nothing will stop Alice and Nora from being together. Not even a disapproving mother. With their dissimilar Aetheric natures called into question, Alice and Nora undertake a journey halfway around the world for answers. Whether by railway, steamer, or airship, Alice and Nora will not rest until they can allay Lady Spurlock’s concerns about their union. Nor will they realize the unimaginable discovery or danger to which their inquiries will lead until a chance meeting leads to a long overdue reunion…




Books 21-25

by K’Anne Meinel

This boxset includes books 21-25 in the series.





Joanna Mitchell Thrillers: Book 3

by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Joanna is about to solve the last mystery: She finally meets a central figure from her past. The encounter leaves her with many questions, and Mary is reluctant to answer them. Why did she leave? What influence did Joanna’s father have? Most importantly, why do people seem to die around her? There won’t be any closure without those answers, but they’ll come at a price.





by Kris Bryant
narrated by Brittni Pope

Winning the lottery is the best thing that’s ever happened to Serena Evans. Gone are the days of living paycheck to paycheck. On her own and fully funded, Serena’s excited to open Pet Posh Inn. She can’t imagine a more fulfilling dream than caring for and being surrounded by animals.

Gabrielle Barnes can’t understand why anyone would dump millions of dollars into a pet daycare, but if she wants to prove herself worthy of a partner position at Arnest & Max Architecture, she’s going to have paste on a smile while designing the ridiculous waste of space.

Serena’s kindness and big heart draw Gabrielle in, but her stubbornness drives a wedge between them. As the design builds, so does their attraction.

Was Serena’s luck really about money, or is she about to get lucky in love?


A Woman Lost: Book 7

by TB Markinson
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Lizzie is starting to figure out life, right when fate decides to destroy every facet of her world.

After the birth of her son and adopting a daughter, Lizzie learns her latest book deal is toast. But that’s not all. External forces are out to ruin Lizzie’s career and reputation, threatening her ability to support and protect her wife and four children. But who is behind the attacks? And why?

Simultaneously, a mom-bully has set her sights on Lizzie, and a crackpot social media group is spreading malicious rumors about Lizzie.

As Lizzie’s world crumbles around her, she can’t burden her wife, since Sarah is struggling to recover from a caesarean. Lizzie turns to a new friend, but will they be able to stop the destruction before Lizzie loses everything she’s worked so hard to get?


The Hollywood Series: Book 4

by Jae
narrated by Abigail Rakocy

It was supposed to be just a one-night stand.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, 25-year-old Jill Corrigan takes herself off the romantic market. Not wanting to become a burden to a potential partner, she focuses on her career as an actress instead.

On the set of a disaster movie, she meets stunt woman Kristine “Crash” Patterson, whose easy smile instantly makes Jill wish things were different. Meanwhile, Crash is trained to fall, but she didn’t count on falling in love.

Despite their growing feelings for each other, Jill resolves to let Crash into her bed, but not her heart.

As they start to play with fire on and off camera, will they really be able to keep things just physical?


The Compass Series: Book 4

by Lise Gold
narrated by Addison Barnes

Madison Wilson, a marine biologist, has recently graduated and is ready to start her adult life with her first job as a research technician in Santa Cruz. After moving to Capitola, a sweet and colorful beach town in Northern California, she is immediately enchanted by her new house, as well as her beautiful landlady, Ally.

Ally Santos, a widow and single mother, is relieved to be rid of the fuss of holiday tenants, as she’s busy enough with her highly gifted son Theo and her bar, Western Shores. When a young, pink-haired girl moves into her pink house, she’s hoping life will get calmer, but nothing could have prepared her for the curious attraction she feels toward her new neighbor….

Is Ally ready to embrace her feelings for someone who is not only a woman but also 17 years her junior? And is Madison ready to take on the challenge of instant full adulthood with all its trappings, instead of slowly easing into it?



by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Desarae Holland

This is what happens when I wear a bikini for the first time. A short erotic story that tells a tale for those who understand that bikinis are dangerous.



Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 6

by Victoria Rush
narrated by Jupiter Grant

Spying on the neighbors just got a lot more interesting…

When the parents of the shy college girl next door decide to take a vacation, recent divorcée Jade sees a window of opportunity to meet her. One night, before heading to bed, she notices a light in the girl’s bedroom and a crack in her blinds.

Jade grabs a spyglass and sees the girl viewing an erotic video while touching herself. The girl notices movement in the window across the lane and catches Jade watching her. Things escalate quickly as they exchange increasingly provocative displays, until Jade decides to ask the girl over for dinner.

When they finally meet, Jade is shocked to find the shy girl next door isn’t nearly as innocent as she’s let on!





Now that I’m feeling better (fingers crossed it lasts), I’m restarting Project Laughter posts.

Authors, if you’d like to take part in the event, please see this page for more details. Let me know which month you’d like to schedule. I’ll get back to you to figure out an exact date. The rest of the months, starting in July, are mostly open. I’d like to have at least 2 per week, but it’ll depend on how many authors want to take part.

Want to receive a weekly update about new releases delivered to your inbox. Sign up here.

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New Lesfic Goodies: June 2nd Edition

Dear lesfic fan,

Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

Authors, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with your new release details. Here’s the link for how to submit books for the newsletter.

Anyone with lesfic news, give me a shout at tbm@iheartlesfic.com.

Happy reading and listening,





A Collection of Short Stories

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Summer Loving is a collection of short summer stories from a selection of some of the hottest names in f/f fiction right now.

These nine stories will definitely get you in the mood for summer. From Honduras to Lanzarote and from beach houses to camping, there’s something for everyone.

This collection is limited edition and will only be available for sale during the summer of 2020, so grab your copy now!



by Lise Gold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In a last-ditch attempt to secure an investor for an app she’s developed, Rome Foster travels to her namesake city hoping her luck is going to change. Just as she’s about to pitch her life’s work, she meets the charming and captivating Nadine; a high-end escort who shocks Rome by flirting with her. Rome is straight, but Nadine sparks up a fire in her so strong that it seems impossible to extinguish.

Nadine Costa is pleased with the way her life is going. She lives in a fantastic apartment in the city she loves, and her lucrative job provides the funds she needs to support her expensive passion: perfume making. When Rome crosses her path, she knows she’s never smelled anything quite so exquisite in her life.

Rome is a loner and doesn’t let people in, but when an incident occurs and Nadine steps in to save her, she realizes her feelings go deeper than just lust. Neither of them was looking for something more than physical, but when the stars are aligned, it’s hard to escape destiny…



by Eliza Lentzski

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The challenge was supposed to be simple. Spill a drink on an airline passenger and be one square closer to winning the company’s secret bingo card game. Twenty-five different challenges, at various levels of difficulty, had to be accomplished within a month’s time. After nearly eight years of being a flight attendant, Alice Kaminski had spilled drinks on plenty of passengers, mostly on accident and during rough air. She didn’t particularly like the idea of the bingo card, but she had massive student debt; the financial incentives were enough to make her momentarily forget the questionable ethics of it all. The challenge was supposed to be simple—that is, until Alice saw her intended target—the beautiful woman seated in 3B. And after that, nothing was simple ever again.


Sports Series: Book 1

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Everly Holman is between an internship and, hopefully, finding her dream job when she finds an online listing she thinks will be perfect for her. As a relatively new sports psychologist, she’s worried she won’t find the right place for herself. When she applies for a job with the Los Angeles Legends, the professional women’s volleyball team, she finally feels at home.

Wyatt Wicked is the number one volleyball player in the world. She could play in any professional league and had played in many during her career. When the US starts the first professional women’s league, she’s eager to play on her home soil and finally do the thing she loves most in her home country.

Wyatt’s not one to trust psychology in sports. But when she meets Everly Holman, Wyatt not only starts trusting the woman to help improve her game, she also sees Everly as much more than the team doctor. Unfortunately for her, Everly might not be willing to risk her career over their growing feelings. As they both work to establish the fledgling league, they discover that, sometimes, falling in love is worth the possibility of losing everything.



by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For the past few years, Stefani has been running her family’s Oregon winery, Bel Cielo Estate. The only thing missing from her picturesque, countryside life is companionship. But with a great distaste for dating – and the city – Stefani approaches an international service to make her marital dreams come true.

Enter Yulia, the alluring Russian woman with a penchant for heavy flirtation. She occasionally puts her money where her mouth is, too, driving Stefani wild with fantasies that this marriage might be more than convenience.

Yet she can’t shake the feeling that Yulia has an ulterior motive. Or maybe that’s the Valettis’ collective past coming back to bite them.



by Mariah R. Embry

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eileen’s life is everything she thought it would be. She has a fabulous career as a zoologist, lives in the city, has amazing friends, and a family she adores.  Eileen never thought she’d live to see herself so happy. Sure, her living situation is not ideal, and living in the city is expensive, but  Eileen could not be happier with her life.

Alta is one of San Francisco’s top real estate agents. She’s great at her job and finds fulfillment in making a sale. As a faithful Jewish woman, Alta never pictured herself living so far from her family and single at the age of thirty-five, yet this is where Alta is in life. With pressure coming from her mother and biological clock, Alta feels a sense of anxiety about never finding the right man for marriage. It’s just that the thought of being married causes Alta more stress than the idea of never having children.

When Eileen and Alta’s paths keep crossing, they strike up a friendship. Both women have so much in common that they find it hard not to become instant BFFs. Yet, this friendship becomes blurred when Eileen finds herself in need of a new home, and Alta offers up her guest bedroom.

Even though friendship is all the women wanted, they can’t help but feel more for each other. Yet, with imposing family, religious beliefs, and meddling friends, they can’t help but think that loving one another is too hard.

Will love win? Or will Eileen and Alta find that they can never be together freely?


The Somerville Series: Book 6

by Carrie L. Carr

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amanda Cauble-Walters is thrilled as her sister, Jeannie, prepares for the birth of her first child. Amanda’s elation is offset by the compelling desire to have a child of her own, but she fears that her wife, Lex, doesn’t want children.

Lex is so busy trying to hang onto newly acquired land that she doesn’t realize what’s going on with Amanda. When a stranger claiming to be a long-lost relative insinuates herself into the family, Lex sees red.

The tragic loss of someone dear to them dampens the joy of Jeannie’s baby, bringing pain – and hope, to them all.





by Les Mood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

With her divorce to her philandering husband pending, Sherry Hilgren is caught in a snowstorm in central Nebraska where she is forced to share a room with Kim. In a midnight conversation fueled by too much stress, too much wine, and a little sex, they both admit to having been unfaithful in their marriages. The difference between them is that Kim’s lovers were always women. Snowed in the next day, and knowing she’ll never see Kim again, Sherry let’s her inner lesbian run free. Months later she is unexpectedly transferred to Omahawhere she runs into Kim, and their one-night stand turns into a steamy love affair.

Can she trust a woman with a history of being sleeping around? And can Kim trust Sherry, knowing she cheated on her husband? Despite their doubts and temptations, the two women cannot keep from falling in love.




Gold Sky Series: Book 5

by Rebel Carter

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What do you do when you’ve been chasing the wrong dream your entire life?

Mary Sophia James came to Gold Sky, Montana to find a husband at the insistence of her overbearing mother. Striking out in spectacular fashion after setting her eye on Julian Baptiste, her options are dwindling, and time is running out. She needs to find a man to marry before her condition becomes…obvious. Her mother’s prejudice and sharp tongue aren’t helping matters and Mary, to her shame, hasn’t behaved much better. But all her plans are upended when she spots the most beautiful person she’s ever seen across the town square. Alex Pierce is strong, intriguing, looks stunning in a pair of trousers…and a woman.

Gold Sky is accepting of all types of love, and that between women is no different. Still, Alex didn’t expect to be so floored by the sight of the firey haired, yet fragile looking young woman. Mary needs to be married and Alex has a solution. Because in Gold Sky, Montana there are many ways to be married…and not all of them include a man.

Leather and Lace is a 37k word novella set at the same time as the events of book 2, Hearth and Home. It includes passionate and romantic f/f love in a town where diversity, and love, reign supreme.





by Victoria Holmes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bridesmaiding is a tedious business at the best of times, but as Julia discovers, the task is particularly cumbersome when one of the brides is your ex and her fiancée won’t stop sulking about it.

With the wedding threatening to dominate everything for the rest of the year, a bewildering embrace with a devastatingly attractive pop star offers a welcome distraction. Dating Krisha catapults Julia away from the paltry concerns of dress fittings and hen dos, but it also takes her away from her friends, and directly leads to her most disastrous f**k up yet. Much to her surprise, she discovers that embracing the role she’d accepted so reluctantly might just be exactly what she needs.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains scenes depicting the abuse of drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and attempted suicide which some readers may find upsetting.




Girl Who Fell: Book 1

by Raechel Sands

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What will I be? Lady, baby, gypsy, queen?

Russian, American and British women spies clash in this surreal series.

MI6 agent, Felicity, seduces her way into the elite assassin program. However, when she goes rogue on a wet job—aided by her taboo lover, Bio—CIA agent Blanka’s life takes a terrifying turn.

If you like the fun of Killing Eve, the suspense of Dan Brown, or a Sapho-friendly version of Helen of Troy, you’ll love this high-octane polyamory drama.




Jade’s Erotica Adventures: Book 26

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade’s best friend invites her to a private women’s spa, she gets more than they bargained for. Starting with a relaxing couples massage, the two girls are shocked when they’re greeted by two nude masseuses.

But it’s not until they get to the rooftop pool that they realize this spa is much more than a typical rejuvenation center. With beautiful naked women parading in and out of the water, it’s a feast for their eyes.

Becoming increasingly aroused by the sight of everyone’s dripping bodies, Jade heads to the sauna to try to relax. But when she finds a pretty African-American girl lounging in a provocative pose, one thing leads to another, and before long the girls are enjoying a private tryst in the hot steam room.

Join Jade as more and more of the members become entwined in increasingly decadent encounters moving from one area of the spa to the next…




Galaxy Girl: Book 1

by Kate Christie

To most people, Kenzie Shepherd appears to be a slightly nerdy reporter for Emerald City Media, with close friends and a noticeably over-protective big sister. In reality, she’s a super-powered alien refugee who arrived on Earth as a tween and has passed as human ever since. When her editor asks her to interview Ava Westbrook, chief operations officer at Hyperion Tech, Kenzie is understandably nervous about meeting the heir to the most notorious anti-alien family in America. She certainly doesn’t expect Ava to announce that she wants to transform her family’s company into a force for good. But is Ava really as different from her alien-hating brother and father as she seems?

When she agreed to take her mother’s place at Hyperion’s Seattle office, Ava Westbrook was hoping to turn over a new leaf both for the embattled corporation and for her family’s name. But with a hostile board and equally antagonistic CEO thwarting her sustainable energy plans, the path to change looks murky. Add in the highly inconvenient crush she has developed on a local reporter, and Ava is certain she is swimming out of her depth. And what is her mother up to, anyway?

Drum up the Dawn is the first book in a new urban fantasy series that takes place on an Earth where alien refugees live on the fringes of society, Kenzie Shepherd may well be the last daughter of a long-dead planet, and Ava Westbrook wishes everyone could just get along.



by Mia Archer and Andrew Beymer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kirsten had the life she’d always wanted. Until a werewolf stepped out of a packed movie theater and ruined her date night.

She thought she was free of that life. Free of the supernatural. Free from her dad preparing her for a family legacy she didn’t want.

The werewolves that keep attacking her didn’t get the memo, which might explain why she keeps having to kill the furry bastards.

Cara hated horror movies. Her brothers forced her to watch them growing up, and she coped by making up plans for surviving if she ever found herself in a horror situation.

She never thought she’d use those plans until a werewolf stepped into a class project on cryptids and murdered two thirds of her group.

Now she’s on the run, hunted, and her only chance is to track down a mysterious and oh so sexy cheerleader who, according to rumors, totally killed a werewolf at the campus theater.

The cheerleader who’s been forced into the role of reluctant werewolf hunter. The horror buff who’s using every lesson she ever learned from movies that were a lot more real than she ever imagined.

Will they be able to come together and save the world as they embark on the only first date to ever involve pumping werewolves full of hot silver?

Werewolves vs Cheerleaders is a 93,000 mix of horror, comedy, urban fantasy, and lesbian romance from the author of Villains Don’t Date Heroes and A Date With Death!





by Natalie Debrabandere

Available in Kindle Unlimited


US presidential hopeful Abigail Christensen is on a mission that goes far beyond her official political goals; it is planetary in its scope. As a secret global network threatens to silence her for good, she needs to watch her own back, or have someone do it for her.

Army Ranger Crystal J. Thor spent her career running high-risk covert operations in the Middle-East. Now retired, she is done with her service with a capital D… Or so she would like to believe. A combination of restlessness and curiosity for the controversial candidate leads her to becoming Christensen’s personal bodyguard.

A handsome soldier; tough as nails, and fiercely protective…

An alluring politician; passionate, but vulnerable…

A deadly conspiracy to enslave humanity…




by Erik Schubach

The United Races have become stronger in the centuries after losing their greatest beacon of peace and gentleness. Olympus has moved the palace and capitol City Tree of Alfheim into the citadel in case the Jotunn reach the Olympian’s host world.

The daughter of Queen Jania Sure Step, the All Mother of the Ljósálfar and Dökkálfar elves, is at a crucial juncture in her life as she becomes an adult. She must choose from three paths before her, yet she feels none of those are her calling.

Crowned Princess of the Elves, Arin, named for the fallen Hero of Asgard and Olympus, finds a path lost to her people and restarts old traditions so that she may stand as the Iron Wall for her Elvish heritage.

But when both Titan and Frost Giant Star Killer vessels threaten her world, will her resolve be enough? And what are these flashes and visions she has been seeing since she was born?

This final chapter of the Tales From Olympus holds the key to a universal peace, or Alfheim’s fiery end.




Stefanosa Scardino: Book 1

by C.M. Blackwood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Thirty-year-old Stefanosa Scardino is a renowned violinist from New York City. Garnering the attention of the Juilliard School at the age of sixteen, she attended tuition-free, then quickly rose to prominence and attained a position in the New York Philharmonic.

Some would say Stef has led a charmed life – but nothing could be farther from the truth. She started seeing strange shadows and hearing inexplicable voices when she was thirteen. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, she was prescribed a heavy dosage of risperidone, which keeps the hallucinations at bay but also saps her of energy and emotion. Her existence is lonely and empty.

Until the night she meets Blanca Perez. Forty-five-year-old Blanca owns the Majestic Hotel with her husband Diego, and is also an esteemed fashion designer. She feels trapped in her marriage and wishes she could be free. She has been captivated by Stef’s music for years now.

After a chance encounter with the beautiful designer and a night of fiery passion, Stef falls head over heels. For the first time in her life, she can feel genuine happiness. But it seems her good fortune is to be short-lived.

They’ve stayed away for seventeen years – but now, the shadows return. What’s more, Stef starts to notice strange changes in herself: things she can’t explain. Violent anger. Almost-supernatural capabilities.

A man who professes to be an angel informs her that the shadowy entities are truly demons, and that Stef isn’t who she thinks she is. Then, when a demonic being takes the liberty of paying Stef a visit, things get even more complicated.

The demon makes a request of Stef; and she has two days to fulfill it. If she does not comply, Blanca’s life is on the line.

While trying to work out the mystery of her own identity, can Stef find a way to escape the demon’s trap? Or will both she and Blanca pay the ultimate price?

This book contains explicit content.





by Tracey Richardson
narrated by Lori Prince

Dr. Joss McNab needs a wife.

As if juggling surgery and being an instructor isn’t enough, she’s recently taken on a more demanding administrative role at the medical school that was named after her legendary father. To make things worse, she’s now required to attend a growing number of galas, fundraisers, and conventions.

Wouldn’t having a wife – a wife of convenience – help ease the burden that’s threatening to overtake her world?

Sarah Young’s heart belongs to painting. Much as she’d like to dismiss Joss’ ridiculous proposal, the art world isn’t paying well and she’s running short on cash. Playing a trophy wife a few hours a week would cover her bills and still leave plenty of time to devote to her artwork.

The deal is struck. But will the convenient pairing turn into disaster or prove to be a stroke of genius? With feelings deepening and attraction undeniable, can two women who have agreed to settle discover that they could actually have it all?


Samantha Rain Mysteries: Book 1

by Arizona Tape
narrated by Ophelia De Armas

When Detective Samantha Rain gets bitten by a hellhound, she’s forced into the magical world of the Nox, night creatures living in secret between humans. Vampires, Will-O-Wisps, and much more uncommon types hide in a world that runs on oaths, blood, and death.

Unsure of whom she can trust, she has no choice but to rely on Lilith, heir of the Will-O-Wisp clan. Samantha has to earn her protection by solving a missing person’s case that could change the future.

If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll pay with her life.

The Case of the Night Mark is an urban fantasy mystery with a lesbian romance in the background.


Rivers Family Romance: Book 6

by Radclyffe
narrated by Paige McKinney

Between ruling the night shift in the ER at the Rivers and raising her teenage daughter, Blaise Richelieu has all the drama she needs in her life. When a dashing young attending appears on the scene and relentlessly pursues her, Blaise has plenty of reasons to say no – or at least she tells herself she does, despite Grady’s nearly irresistible charm. Even if Blaise had the slightest desire to play Grady’s game, the past she’s kept hidden from everyone is a secret she intends to keep buried. What Blaise doesn’t know is the barriers she constructs make Grady even more determined to find a way through them.



Summer Loving is a collection of short summer stories from a selection of some of the hottest names in f/f fiction.

Available now!


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