How to discount a book on Amazon


Step 1: On your KDP dashboard, click on the “Bookshelf” tab.


Step 2: Find the book title you want to discount. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see: “KINDLE EBOOK ACTIONS.”

Step 3: Scroll over the button with three dots, and the actions will pop up.

Click on “edit eBook pricing.”


Step 4: On the pricing page, scroll down to the royalty and pricing section.

Step 5: Under “royalty plan,” select 35% or 70%. If you are discounting below $2.99, you have to select 35%.

$0.99 will be used for this example, meaning 35% must be checked.

Step 6: You’ll see the price for

Adjust the sale price to $0.99. (Remember this example is for discounting a book to $0.99.)


Step 7: Decide if you want to base all marketplaces on the price.

If you want to base all other marketplaces, click on “Base all marketplaces on this price,” and Amazon will make all the calculations.

I recommend using the option to base the price on as a guide and then rounding up or down to prices readers are used to, such as 2.99 instead of 2.87.


Step 8: If you decide to manually adjust all the other prices, you need to click on “Other Marketplaces (12).”


Step 9: Now you’re on the screen showing all the marketplaces.


Step 10: You need to manually adjust the price for the different marketplaces.

This example shows the UK price.

Change the £2.99 UK price to £0.99.

Continue to change the other prices.

The majority of the marketplaces can be adjusted to the sale price of 0.99, but there are four exceptions.

The lowest price for India is 49.

The lowest price for Japan is 99.

The lowest price for Brazil is $1.99.

The lowest price for Mexico is $11.99.

Step 11: After adjusting the prices, either basing on the price or manually adjusting all the marketplaces, the next step is to scroll down to the yellow “Publish Your Kindle eBook” button.

Click on the button.


Step 12: After you click it, you should see a “Congratulations!” message.


Step 13: On the Bookshelf page, you’ll see the status of the book: “LIVE Updates in review.”

The book is still available for sale, but the discounted price won’t appear on the Amazon store until Amazon approves the price change. This can take up to 72 hours, so plan accordingly.


Step 14: When Amazon does approve the price change, you’ll receive an email.


Step 15: After the sale, you’ll need to change the price back to your desired price point. Remember to change the royalty plan back to 70%.

Repeat the above steps, either basing all the prices on or manually adjusting all the prices.