Guest Post: The Two Souls Within Me by Michelle Marra

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The wonderful Michelle Marra is here! I recently met Michelle on Facebook and even though we haven’t known each other long I can say she’s a sweetheart and I’m thrilled we met.

She’s giving away one signed copy of Without A Pail to a lucky winner. Woot! You can find more details below.

Please welcome Michelle!

The Two Souls Within Me

When reading this title an image of a cartoon angel and devil sitting on opposite shoulders may come to mind…and sometimes it is; however, what I mean when I say ‘two souls’ is that it is the framework of my being.   There’s never a tug and pull in good vs evil or right vs wrong, it’s more of a desire for love and passion over other things.  I am Native American…some other stuff too.  I believe in the spiritual makeup of this world.  What nourishes it and me…for God is in the air I breathe, the water I drink and the soil I walk upon.  Yes, I do believe in God.  And this belief has opened my heart and my soul to find the desire that stirs a passion in me, and in this passion is my love for life…spiritual, writing, music, nature, laughter and of course LOVE.

For as long as I can remember, my head has always conjured up different worlds. When I was a kid I used it as a distraction and created story after story in my head.  This certainly didn’t stop my mouth from moving along with the scene running through my head, so to speak.  I always told myself that creative people talked to themselves, it’s how we work things out.  Or maybe I’m just insane and no one has told me yet…LOL

I am also an IT professional and have one of those jobs that eat my brain on a daily basis, so I never really had time to read. But with my first Kindle I became a lesfic junkie which led me to an advertisement of a contest.  To write a story and if chosen it would be featured in a book comprised of lesfic short stories.  So I thought I would try my hand at writing something captivating, romantic and steamy.  I don’t remember the specifics of the contest, but as I began the story the characters took on a life of their own and that short story I was supposed to write turned into a suspense thriller trilogy called The Hell Hath No Fury Thrillers.  Caution…these are not for the faint of heart and do contain some violence that a crime show enthusiast could conjure up and enjoy.

My current novel Without A Pail started out as a construct two years ago. I wanted to write a romance novel and I had a clever idea about a different take on the old nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.  It is a story about soul mates and finding the kind of love…that all-consuming type of love most yearn to have.  Where souls are joined…love is destined.  It’s laced with drama, happenstance, and longing.  Oh and steamy stuff.  No more spoilers, you will have to read it to find out what happens.

My other passion is music. I am an avid guitar player and have twelve guitars.  My collection is eclectic and I choose them for their style, sound and soul.  One of my most prized guitars is the 1936 Vega which was my grandmother’s when she sang in a country band back in the forties.  But the one I play most, the one I bang on and create my own music is my Takamine I call Dolly.   My music writing style is similar to Melissa Etheridge, Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Snow and Jewell.

I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my wife. We’ve been together for twenty-eight years…she is my biggest fan, my proofreader and my cover designer.

I love to write, to think, to imagine…to create. I once read this statement on a plaque.  “I love to think about the things that could be” and thought it was quintessentially me in a nutshell.  I am a dreamer.


E-Book $7.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: September 14, 2017

Jackie Evans, a prominent New York attorney who was well on her way to making partner, left her career, her home, and family behind to follow a southern girl named Suzanne to South Carolina. Jackie spends the next four years of her life dealing with neglect and infidelity, until the day she heard those dreadful words ‘I don’t love you anymore.’ Now with her dreams shattered and her heart broken, she moves back to Manhattan and in with her fortune teller sister. While she tries to resurrect her law career, she takes up dog walking as a distraction where she meets a fellow dog walker named Casey and embarks on a new but casual relationship. Soon after, she finds an associate position at a family law firm that specializes in divorce law.

Jillian Abbott, the wife of a wealthy aristocrat, is blindsided by divorce papers and is forced to leave her home of twenty years. She moves into a posh Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park and obtains a lawyer to help her fight the battle to regain what is rightfully hers in the divorce settlement. But as Jill tries to rebuild her life, she soon realizes that the lifelong attraction she has for women is much more than curiosity. When her dog walker and friend Casey suggests an impromptu ‘coming out’ dinner party, Jill comes face to face with a woman she had not only met the night before at a client dinner, but had shamelessly come on to. She is taken aback by Jackie’s presence in her apartment realizing she is Casey’s girlfriend; however, despite that fact, Jill cannot deny her intense attraction to Jackie.

But when Suzanne comes back into town, she throws a wrench into Jackie’s world, begging for another chance. As these worlds begin to collide, Jackie struggles with her feelings, old ghosts, and the forces which are leading her heart to a place she is terrified to go…up that hill without a pail.


Michelle Marra was born in a small town in New Jersey and now lives in Pennsylvania with her wife of twenty-five years. Michelle’s creative mind is always at work, whether it is in the form of children’s books, poetry or lesbian fiction; she is always writing. When not writing she is an avid guitar player and song writer.

Michelle spends her days hard at work in the IT field in Philadelphia. She is an advocate for the rights amongst all species as well as truth and justice. With the completion of her Master’s in Criminal Justice, Michelle is looking to assist in the research and education for intimate partner violence as she seeks to join the sector of higher education.

When not working or writing, Michelle enjoys Philadelphia’s night life and dancing the night away with her beautiful wife. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends; and when she finds the time, you will spot Michelle with a guitar in her hand or her nose in her kindle.

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