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Monday’s Child: Book 2

by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

You have to drop your guard so that your heart can be stolen…

When prima ballerina Alena Langerova starts receiving death threats, she can’t believe that anyone would want to hurt her. Why would a dancer provoke the wrath of an anonymous letter writer? And when her director hires ex-soldier Sam Weaver to be Alena’s bodyguard, the dancer is furious. Having her privacy invaded and her independence ripped away mean that Alena hates Sam at first sight.

Sam’s reeling from a job gone wrong, an incident that means she’s practically unemployable in the security field. A contract with Alena could be enough to prop up Sam’s failing reputation. The only problem? Alena doesn’t want her there and refuses to follow her instructions, meaning she’s a risk that Sam might not be able to afford to take.

Alena and Sam might be stuck with each other, but that doesn’t mean they have to like each other. Unfortunately, the heart doesn’t always listen to the head. And as danger races closer the two must decide just exactly what chances they’re prepared to take.

Love has to be about compromise, but what if you’ve never had to compromise before? Career-oriented Alena and controlling Sam are the last people in the world willing to change themselves for love. There’s no reason they should be together and every reason they should stay apart, but can Alena and Sam end up in each others’ arms anyway?

Full of Grace is the second in the Monday’s Child series of lesbian romance novels, and features a HEA ending. Monday’s Child books can be read independently and in any order.


The Remember Me Series: Book 2

by A.E. Radley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Former personal assistant Holly Carter is settling into her new life as a mother, a journalist, and partner of magazine editor—and former boss—Victoria Hastings.

The arrival of an anonymous email threatens to split the happy couple up. They have to work together but will they be able to overcome both Holly’s amnesia and Victoria’s reserved demeanour to find the perpetrator?



by Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A classic tale with a modern twist.

Carole Day is a scrooge. She hates Christmas. She hates people. She hates everything except making money. She is the publisher of Chic, one of the world’s leading fashion magazines. She is at the zenith of her career when she realizes that she has everything she ever wanted… except for one thing. The woman who got away.

Carole is visited by the three ghosts of Past, Present, and Future. They show her the error of her ways. Can Carole turn her life around? Can she find the love of her life and rekindle their lost romance?

Find out the answers in Xmas Carole, a lesbian re-telling of the classic Charles Dickens’ story.



by Amelia Andrews

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Millie Yates is starting again. New home. New job. New town. She’s moved in with her politically-active best friend from university who has promised to find Millie a date before Christmas.

When news that the local head of the council, Nightmare Nightingale, has decided that there will be no Christmas tree in the town centre that year, Millie is quick to pick up a placard and join the protests. After all, what is Christmas without a tree?

But Millie soon discovers that Professor Kay Nightingale isn’t quite the nightmare she is painted to be.

What will happen when Millie gets closer to Kay? How will she explain the confusing relationship to her friends? And will there be a Christmas tree in the end?



by Emma Chamberlain & Blythe Stone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A troubled teen is sent to a fancy boarding school halfway through her school year. Many of the other girls at Hanover find themselves either jealous or intrigued by the mystery of the beautiful Laura Collins sent to room with the soccer star of the school, Charli Greenwood, who usually has a room all her own. Old friends and old habits have Laura torn between her old life and new. Being a somewhat anonymous person can’t exactly fly for long when Laura’s roommate starts to go on nervous dates and have attraction for other pretty girls. Jealousy and lust begins to test many friendships in Love Like Crazy.


Her Carnal Games: Book 1

by Chanel Ivy

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The definition of carnal feelings and desires are sexual and physical, without any spiritual element. Their ruling passion is that of carnal love.

I knew her mind coursed with carnal lust, raw and unquenchable as she stared at me with those striking blue eyes of hers. It broke my heart to know I was just her plaything and nothing more. I was falling in love with Emma, but I don’t think she can love me back. Emma just isn’t built that way. I was going to have to be satisfied with being used for her pleasure or not being with her at all. I had a tough decision to make, and after the mind-blowing intimacy we had just shared, I was in no condition to make that judgment.

Emma Cross, a hugely successful CEO, is used to getting what she wants when she wants it with no questions asked and no strings attached. When she meets Mia Blackburn, a thirty-two-year-old divorced mother, she can’t help but be drawn to her gorgeous body. Still, Mia’s demure attitude and reservations about her own sexuality create the most intoxicating game of cat and mouse Emma Cross has ever played with a lover.

Emma gives Mia everything she has ever wanted and more, but will she be able to give Mia the one thing she truly desires – her undying love? Or will her carnal games be as far as Emma Cross is willing to go?



by Kealie Alfred

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Brooke Thoms is a bartender in the VIP room of a popular Brisbane nightclub. When the members of hit band ‘The Spade’ stop by after a show Brooke is quick to let her super fan and best friend Della take the lead on the booking. When Della steps out for her break an unfortunate encounter with gorgeous lead singer Jules Parker, sees Brooke left red faced and Jules covered in alcohol. This leads to a night neither want to forget in a hurry, but will they be able to face the truth once the sun rises.





by Kate Sweeney

Rose Conroy and her children, Neil and Norah, are at a crossroads. After the death of her husband, Rose inherits property and a farm in Malloy Bay, Ireland, from Pete’s family.

A sheep farm. Really? Rose knows nothing about sheep unless you count the petting zoo she took the kids to. Norah is looking forward to playing with the “sheeps,” but she’s five, what does she know? Neil, the twelve-year-old pragmatist, is the level-headed one; he agrees with the move. Rose wonders if she made the right decision to invade the seaside village of Malloy Bay.

Someone must be running after a flock of sheep. When she meets the shepherd in question, Rose steadies herself for a period of adjustment and irritation.

Devyn Thorne, the source of Rose’s irritation, is still saddened by the death of Maeve Conroy. She doesn’t want to deal with a new owner and worries that her quiet life will soon be turned upside down. As expected, when they meet, their personalities clash, and Dev enjoys being the thorn in the new owner’s side.

Set against the coastal beauty of the wild west of Ireland, Malloy Bay and its cast of happy villagers will never be the same after the invasion of the Conroys.





by Kayt C. Peck

The culmination of a tale spanning lifetimes thrusts the current lives of Kidwell, Anna, Maolan, Martin, Aisha, and Greg into an adventure that crosses not only millennia but also magical boundaries between worlds. A handful of humans joins with others—most viewed as only magical fantasy in the human world—to lead the fight to overcome great evil and to end a battle begun before any remembered human history.

This group of mismatched and diverse heroes faces the unimaginable as a family. It is the love, caring, forgiveness, and courage they share that provide hope not just for themselves but for the world around them. The magic Kidwell and her co-prophet, Aisha, stumbled into in the first books in this series, The Kiva and the Mosque and The Pyramid and the Painting, continues to dominate all their lives. They face together not only great evil but their own doubts and weaknesses.

With luck and determination, they may save not only the world but themselves as well.





by Diane Marina

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Miranda is offered a position in her father’s prestigious medical practice, she jumps at the offer and moves with her partner Chelsea into her father’s rental home.

Tenant after tenant has fled the rental home but Miranda and Chelsea scoff at the suggestion of paranormal activity, sure that all of the strange and unsettling occurrences shadowing the house can be explained.

Miranda and Chelsea are determined to help but is the house driven by a force too strong to overcome?


The Plague Tree Coven: Book 1

by Gill McKnight

Coven politics are tricky, and when a magical critter begins syphoning off The Plague Tree Coven’s hard cash, novice witch Astral Projector is chosen to hunt it down.

Her mission takes her to Black and Blacker Finances, a gloomy office where everyone has something to hide, especially Abby Black, the brooding, enigmatic CEO, who weaves a magic all her own that Astral finds all too alluring.

But storm clouds are gathering, and betrayal is in the air. As Astral digs deeper into the strange occurrences at Black and Blacker, she uncovers secrets, lies, and tantalizing clues about her own past. With the help of her coven sisters Dulcie and Keeva, a few surprise allies she collects along the way, and even her ill-tempered familiar, Borage, Astral will have to find a way to save the coven from being engulfed by the dark side. And maybe she’ll find her heart’s desire along the way.





by Jennifer Giacalone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A tangled web ensnares an unlikely group of New Yorkers unaware that they are connected, from cops to criminals to corporate shills, in this thrilling tale…

New York City Detective Lily Sparr is stunned when she is inexplicably moved to the very same precinct that once upon a time handled her own father’s murder. There, she is assigned to the case of a women’s motorcycle club which has been committing acts of violence all over the city. Despite missing her former partner, Miri, and fighting the ghosts of her past, Lily dedicates herself to the case, unaware that her own sister is mixed up in the swirl of violence and chaos.

After secretly reopening the file on her father’s death, Lily slowly unravels  threads of history, discovering that both cases lead to corruption and betrayal at the highest levels.

Featuring an ensemble of characters as diverse as its New York City setting, Loud Pipes Save Lives is a thriller-mystery with a twist of queer representation.


The Morelville Mysteries: Book 12

by Anne Hagan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The politics and the paper-pushing are wearing on Sheriff Mel. Will she chuck it all?

Mel’s burned out. She’s tired of playing local politics. She’s tired of the mounds of paper on her desk that never seem to diminish. She’s tired of budgets, of personnel conflicts, of citizen complaints and all of the other things a sheriff is responsible for. She misses police work. Real police work, but she knows she can’t go back to the street. Not in Muskingum County…maybe not in Ohio.

Dana bought a cabin – a nice little getaway for the two of them in Tennessee. Mel’s mom is worried her daughter will fly the family coop and roost in Tennessee full time; maybe she’ll even take a street cop job there.

Dana and Mel head to Tennessee to see their new home away from home, to take a breather from work and family and to talk about the future. Mel’s future. Their future. Mel has some surprises for Dana, but her thoughts on stepping down as Sheriff and where she’s thinking about going next take a backseat to what happens in the midst of their getaway.

This book is great together with Books 1-11 of The Morelville Mysteries but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.




by Isabella

Legends aren’t built overnight. In fact, they take decades of hard work, long days, and selfless sacrifice—if one is lucky. Huerta Cigars is a result of the combined passion of patriarch Alejandro Huerta, who emigrated from pre-Castro Cuba to Nicaragua, and his sons Roberto and Manuel. Their unwavering dedication to their dream of producing the best cigars made for a success. Upon Roberto’s passing he left the cigar empire to his only daughter, Sofia, who took over the family business.

Sofia Huerta is Don Roberto’s daughter, and she is making a name for herself with her own line of fine, boutique cigars. One late night phone call will change Sofia’s life forever. Rushing to Nicaragua from San Francisco, her only hope is that it isn’t too late to save her father.

Roberto Huerta, Jr. might be a Huerta in name, but his womanizing, drinking, and carefree lifestyle have kept him at arm’s length from his father. RJ think’s his father’s freak accident will leave him as the rightful heir of the family empire. He couldn’t have been more wrong. A turn of events will pit brother against sister as they fight for control of the Huerta empire. Sometimes secrets and lies aren’t the only thing living in the closet, and there is only one Huerta that can continue the family legacy of excellence in this romantic mystery with a twist.

In Cigar Barons, blood isn’t thicker than water—it’s war.





by Jae
narrated by Abigail Rakocy

An actress practically since birth, Grace Durand has finally made it in Hollywood. When a photo of her in a seeming compromising situation with another woman is plastered all over the tabloids, she fears for her career as a lead in romantic movies.

Desperate for a publicist who’ll convince America that she’s straight, Grace hires Lauren Pearce, one of Hollywood’s leading PR agents, not knowing that she’s a lesbian.

Lauren has dealt with PR nightmares for years, so doing damage control for one more rich, spoiled client shouldn’t be a problem – or so she thinks. But the more time she spends with Grace, the more she realizes how different she is from her television persona.

Getting involved with her client is not in her game plan, especially since it would confirm the rumors and ruin Grace’s career, but the attraction between them is growing as they run the gauntlet of the paparazzi together.


Paradise: Book 1

by Jaime Clevenger
narrated by Abby Craden

When a little rest and relaxation turns into something more…

Julia Maguire can’t wait to spend two weeks in Hawaii with her best friends. She’s been dreaming about this trip for years and all she wants is to lay on a sandy beach with an icy cocktail in her hand. But those vacation goals change the moment she meets Reed Baxter.

Reed is a busy doctor with family demands. She’s in Hawaii to let go, not find love, and she’s not interested in any commitment. Adding a little heat to the vacation seems like a good idea as long as there aren’t expectations for anything more.



by Melissa Tereze
narrated by Cat Gould

Businesswoman, Sam Phillips, was quite content focusing on her single life. At 37, she didn’t have the time to explore. She was never supposed to be alone, not in this world. One devastating day would crush everything she had ever known, but deep down, she knew there was more to life than business.

Alexis Foster wasn’t looking for love. With work commitments only growing by the day, a life of “arrangements” as a high-class escort appeared to be the way forward. After all, at 25, Alexis had all the time in the world to settle down.

A simple decision would change their lives, but with a past ever-present for one of them, and a past lurking for the other, one of them must decide if she can give her all.

Is it too good to be true? Or can the heart be given away more than once?



by E.J. Noyes
narrated by Kelsey Navarro

Jana Fleischer loves her life – wonderful family, best sister in the world, awesome soon to be sister-in-law, fabulous job, and a never-ending stream of men to chew through and spit out. So what if everyone says she’s too picky and she’s never had a real relationship?

When a chance meeting with Brooke Donnelly leaves Jana literally and figuratively off-balance, it doesn’t take long for her initial annoyance to turn into the first sparks of friendship. Jana always thought she was happy with her life, but the more time she spends with Brooke, the more she realizes something is missing. And maybe not just in the friendship department.

But how do you make that leap when you’ve never even considered kissing a woman, and have spent your whole life avoiding romantic commitments? Being brave, taking the first step, and admitting she wants to try to make things work with Brooke is only the beginning. Whether it’s the beginning of a disaster – or everything Jana hadn’t realized she wanted – depends on if Brooke can also be brave enough….



by Melissa Brayden
narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Building a bridge between two worlds can be tricky.

Hannah Shephard likes her life, her job, and her perfectly cozy apartment around the corner from her shop. She’s never been one to take big risks and would much rather stay in on a Friday night with a warm cup of decaf and her favorite mystery novel. So, why do her friends insist she needs more?

Plus, Hannah has bigger problems to focus on. She’s in trouble. Well, her bookstore is, and if she doesn’t find a way to bring in some more cash, she’ll be closing the doors of A Likely Story for good.

When world famous romance novelist Parker Bristow accepts her request to come in for a signing, Hannah might finally be able to drum up some much-needed attention and save the shop. What she didn’t anticipate was an unexpected evening and a woman she wouldn’t soon forget. A real romance is off the table. Parker is flashy, sought after, and Hannah is just, well, Hannah. But for Parker, it seems like Hannah might be a safe place to fall.

The question is, what kind of falling are they doing?



by Jenny Frame
narrated by Keira Grace

Davina Trent lives for work. She spends her days at her prestigious family law firm, ending her clients’ marriages in divorce court and negotiating their hefty payoffs. Marriage is destined to fail, and family can’t be trusted. But when Trent’s cousin dies unexpectedly, Trent is the only relative left to care for his two small children. She needs a nanny fast.

All Wendy Darling ever wanted was a family. When her fiancée left her and cleared out her bank account, she didn’t think her heart would ever mend. After years abroad as a nanny, she returns to Britain to finish her degree and finally get her life back on track.

Wendy falls in love with the children, but her heart aches at the distance between Trent and the kids. Wendy’s determined to show Trent how fulfilling family life can be, and soon love begins to blossom. But will Trent have the courage to embrace her desire for Wendy and her unexpected family?






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