Friday Feels Fun: July 29th Edition

Please note we’re taking time off and there won’t be a Friday Feels on August 5 and August 12. 

We made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate.

Below, you’ll find books, including a freebie, 5 Random Things about author Milena McKay, a song suggestion, and the pet of the week. We truly hope these tidbits help everyone slide into weekend mode.


It’s week 29 of IHL’s Sapphic Reading Challenge. Click here for reading suggestions for forced proximity / stranded together stories. 6 of the books featured on the page are on sale, but today’s the last day to snatch these up at bargain prices.



We asked readers on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram to nominate their all-time favorite Single Parent romance. Find out who made the cut and cast your vote. Voting is open until August 27 and then we’ll announce the top three on August 31.


Now for today’s edition of Friday Feels. If you’d like to contribute to the weekly feature, click here to find out how.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to see a beautiful cat named Tyler. 

Here are the top 3 most clicked books of the week on I Heart SapphFic:


Guarding Evelyn

by Erin Zak

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After an unfortunate incident and a forced leave of absence from the Secret Service, Arden Ryan is moving back to Chicago where she can get over her failures in the comfort of her childhood home. Her parents, who are lovely, if not a tad overbearing, will provide the support she needs. Healing is hard, though, and when she’s prodded by her best friend to get back out there, Arden reluctantly takes a job guarding one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Evelyn Glass.

Evelyn Glass disappeared from the silver screen unexpectedly when she decided to have a family. At least that’s what the public thinks. She’s making a comeback, though. After landing a role as the star on a top-rated television show, she feels invincible once again. As her ego starts to grow, so does her fan base, and attention, unwanted and otherwise, comes from every direction.

Evelyn and Arden butt heads at every pass. Evelyn’s desire to prove herself puts her in harm’s way more than once, until a situation occurs that put her children’s lives at risk. Her change of heart regarding not just Arden’s protection, but the attraction simmering between them, will change her entire life.

Can Arden prove her love means more to Evelyn than fame before it’s too late?


Lives Intertwined

by Dorothy Rice Bennett

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Brittany Forrest, animal lover and vet tech, needs a better place to rent in Sequim, on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Noticing a for-rent sign, she calls the owner of the large house. Brit, guessing she isn’t the only woman needing a better/cheaper place to live, finds three other lesbians to rent with her. Needing one more, Aggie Hollister, the straight older woman who owns the big house, asks to remain as the fifth woman. How will this work out for the five women – a vet tech, a lawn-maintenance worker, a college student with a secret friend, a retired pianist, and a straight woman who has built a life caring for other people, all of different ages – sharing space and lives?


The Heart of the Rodeo

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Blake Young is one of the best bull riders that Melville has seen in years. When she ends up falling off a bull during one of the biggest competitions of her career, she is placed in the hands of an in-home doctor, Dr. Jane Steibold and one of her worst fears, not being able to take care of herself. Blake and Jane clash at first, but as Blake gets used to the restrictions of her new lifestyle, she begins to realize that having Jane in her life might be just what she needed all along.


5 Random Things is our way of helping readers to get to know authors all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about Milena McKay.

1. I adore Cate Blanchett and pine for everything (movie-verse) Carol, but would absolutely refuse to meet her in real life, for fear of embarassing myself. Playing it cool is not an option, not when it comes to this particular celebrity (yes, I’ve met others, including President Biden, and managed to keep my cool-factor intact—Cate Blanchett would be a different story)

2. I can recite pretty much every episode of The West Wing by heart which created in me an overinflated sense of expectations that politics are an instrument of good. I keep getting my heart broken every day. Curses, The West Wing!

3. My coffee order goes from cappuccino to latte back to cappuccino in 6-month cycles.

4. I am a massive cat afficionado, despite having the sweetest puppy in the world. Please, do not disclose my love for cats to Jameson.

5. Blueberries are the superior berry and it is not even close.

Milena’s latest smash hit, A Whisper of Solace, is on sale for $2.99. Don’t pass this offer up! (Please note international prices may vary.)




Spring Trip

by Sage Donnell

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Spring break is coming up and high school teacher Kade could not be more excited to spend the week with her girlfriend, Aiesha. The two haven’t seen much of each other since their Valentine’s trip thanks to their long distance relationship and generally busy lives, but this will give them the opportunity to spend the whole week together.

Will friends, surfing, and a few communication issues get in the way? (Spoiler, no way! This is a typical low angst book by Sage Donnell.)

Deal ends August 2.


Eve, a reader, recommends “Better Place” by Rachel Platten to get into the weekend groove.


Meet Tyler

Tyler, who looks to be a playful cat, belongs to Sandra & Dina. Both are readers.

That’s all for this week.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Miranda, Em, Faith, & TB

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