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by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The only thing harder than saving the world is doing it alone.

Holly Lovelace is a multi-millionaire tech genius and the CEO of her own company. But if she can’t come up with a brilliant innovation and convince her investors that she’s back in tip-top shape by the end of the year, Holly could lose everything she’s worked so hard to build.

Ivy Winters is a social worker on an island that’s a vacation paradise during the summer months but suffers from a lack of economic opportunity and the scourge of addiction the rest of the year. When the promise of a huge grant falls through, Ivy loses hope of helping her community.

When Holly and Ivy meet, sparks fly, but it’s hardly smooth sailing. After their one-night stand ends in disaster, both decide they’d rather spend the cold months ahead sleeping alone. However, it soon becomes undeniable that each woman possesses something the other needs. Working together, they just might get what they want and find the love of a lifetime along the way, but only if their own insecurities and secrets don’t destroy them first.



by KG MacGregor

Scarred by her mother’s betrayal, Brittany Iverson left home half a lifetime ago for the promise of California, with its vibrant, cosmopolitan lesbian community. She wouldn’t go back to Kentucky for a million dollars. But several million? That’s a different kettle of fish. All Britt has to do is help resurrect her father’s failing business so they can sell it to the highest bidder.

Thanks to a college softball scholarship, Ninah Faust escaped her upbringing as well, leaving eastern Kentucky’s impoverished coal country for the quaint small town of Leland. Now a high school history teacher, she enjoys a laid back lifestyle, a close-knit circle of lesbian friends, and the Longdogs, Leland’s minor league baseball team. Ninah knows better than to fall for newcomer Britt, whose plan is to get in, get rich, and get out. Britt knows better too, since the last thing she needs is a girlfriend in Kentucky. But fall they do—so which one will give up her perfect life for the other?

The Lucky Ones marks a return to the idyllic hamlet of Leland, Kentucky, where you’re sure to run into the town’s most prominent lesbian couple—Justine Hall and Carly Griffin, from The House on Sandstone.



by Melissa Tereze

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Paisley Healy was never supposed to fall in love with her boss. Her superior. The woman she looked up to. Working at the best law firm in the city was supposed to be cut and dry. The night she confessed her love to the woman she was falling for should have been magical, so why was she alone three years on, unanswered questions continuously plaguing her mind?

Georgina Weaver’s dream had always centred around her business. Love wasn’t everything to her—she wasn’t sure it could compete with the demands of her job—but her assistant had quickly blown that out of the water. With the words ‘I love you’ spoken with such beauty and honesty, Georgina was prepared to give her entire universe to Paisley.

One night would change everything. One moment would crush their dream.

When Georgina walks back through the doors of Weaver & Associates—interrupting the annual Christmas party and Paisley’s life—both of them must make choices. While Georgina learns of some powerful news, Paisley believes their past is better left buried.


A Year in Paradise: Book 11

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Frankie Delacour has everything she could possibly want in life: a steady business, a supportive family, and townsfolk who don’t give her too much flack.

All right, so she doesn’t have a girlfriend, let alone a wife. She swears she can live without one.

But one of her online friends is talking more and more about finally meeting in real life. In fact, Z, aka Elaine Hadley of the teashop Tea & Thyme has been wanting to meet for years, but Frankie can’t bring herself to consent.

She hasn’t told Elaine a few things. Such as who she actually is.





by Les Mood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Andrea sees her brother-in-law kissing an attractive redhead, she confronts and humiliates the woman, convinced she knew he was married. Emily is glad she was saved from being seduced by the two-timing husband, but she soon tires of the slut-shaming looks she gets from the woman who rescued her. Then the two find themselves in the same yoga class, where Andrea is the seduction target.

Andrea and Emily become friends, then more than friends, sharing caramel lattes – and caramel-flavored kisses. But how will Emily tell her small-town parents she’s falling for a woman? And how will the two survive a family holiday if Andrea’s brother-in-law shows up?





by Angelic Rodgers

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After hitting the big time with her most recent novel, Lucy Anderson’s ready for her next challenge. On the heels of her successful book tour, Lucy’s old high school friend Chelle Morrison calls her with a proposal: Lucy should buy the beautiful historic Crafton House and turn it into a writer’s retreat. Little River, Arkansas is on the cusp of revitalization, and they hope the retreat will bring new life to the struggling town.  Lucy is surprised to find love in Little River with Emily Neville, the kid sister of the football player who escorted Lucy the night she was crowned homecoming queen. But, first, Lucy must convince Emily she isn’t just out to exploit the town before taking off again.



by Lily Dae

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Christmas vacation was not supposed to start this way…

Charlotte and Roxanne were supposed to be flying to Nashville for the holidays – not deciding who actually owns the Alexa! Less than 24 hours before Roxanne was going to meet Charlotte’s family for the first time, she just left, and she took the F-ing mattress! It’s okay. No worries. Charlotte has a plan and a gorgeous Tag-A-Ride driver.




Lesbians in Leather: Book 1

by Mistress Black Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Quinn has been working on the promotion of her dreams for years. As a project manager, she’s pulled extra hours going above and beyond. Just when it seems like she’s almost there, she nearly has a nervous break-down from the stress. She has to figure out a way to blow off steam, or everything she’s worked for will unravel.

Quinn starts to wonder how her beautiful co-worker Estelle deals with the same work stress and simultaneously keeps it all together. The answer surprises Quinn, and she soon finds herself in the lifestyle of bondage and submission.

As one of Mistress Jade’s subs, she realizes that handing the reins of power over to someone else for a change feels amazing! With each session, Quinn’s iron walls start to crumble. She’s handling work better. She’s entertaining ideas of relationships she would never have thought possible. She’s finally allowing herself to have a good balance between her personal and work life.

Then Quinn is faced with the dilemma of choosing between love and life, or her career. It will be the hardest decision she’s ever had to make, and if she doesn’t choose right, it could cost her everything she’s built up for herself, including her beloved Mistress Jade.

***This book contains bondage and submission, and intimate scenes between women who identify as bisexual or lesbian. If you find this content offensive, please do not buy this book.***



by Siobhan Smile

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When the perfect little stumbles into your life, what are you to do?

Lindy Rubin performed every task per her strict routine. She was speeding towards forty and becoming bored with her orderly life. When she began to assess the emptiness of her personal life, she hadn’t expected the surprise destined to arrive. Was it fate that brought her a beautiful girl with teary, azure eyes to her doorstep? If so, who was she to deny her Little Love help in her moment of need?

Author’s Note: This Lesbian Romance contains elements of Age Play and Domestic Discipline (D/s), if those are subjects you find objectionable please don’t read.




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 17

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade takes a holiday flight to Sweden, she’s floored by how beautiful the flight attendants are on the plane. As she watches the sexy stewardesses go about their duties, she curls up in her seat by the window and has a silent climax under her cozy blanket.

On the way off the plane, the lead flight attendant passes her a note, inviting her to go skiing with her and some of the other stewardesses during her stayover. When Jade gets picked up at the ski resort, things quickly escalate as the four girls get increasingly friendly.

When Elsa invites Jade back to her cabin with the other girls at the end of the day, Jade is shocked and exhilarated to see what they have in store. Her exciting trip culminates with her return flight home, as her new friends arrange for a true mile-high experience in the friendly skies.





by Caren J. Werlinger

Henrietta Cochran has spent nearly forty years dealing with the effects of the polio she contracted in 1945. Her braces and crutches restrict her, define her, but they also give her independence. Almost. She hates that she has become increasingly reliant on a series of live-in companions to help her. For some reason, the companions never seem to want to stay very long. So Henrietta retreats further and further into her art, where her physical limitations don’t matter.

Into her life sails Meryn Fleming: out, outspoken, and fiercely political. She’s young, enthusiastically diving into her first job as a history professor at the local college. When she falls, almost literally, into Henrietta’s path, she seems like a godsend.

Little does Henrietta know that this young woman is about to upend her carefully structured existence. Ryn challenges everything, barging right through the walls Henrietta has built to keep others at a distance.

To Ryn, Henrietta is an enigma: prickly and easily insulted at the slightest suggestion that she can’t do things for herself; a brilliant artist capable of producing the most beautiful paintings; and sometimes, when Henrietta doesn’t realize she’s letting her guard down, a tender and sensitive woman.

With Meryn’s youthful optimism pitted against Henrietta’s jaded acceptance of the world as it is, life will never be the same for either of them.





by Geonn Cannon

Trafalgar and Boone have faced danger from all around the globe, but their greatest threat may be lurking very close to home.

A quiet period of rest and recuperation between adventures is interrupted by the arrival of two constables on the front steps of Dorothy Boone’s townhouse. A woman was seen dumping a dead body outside a hospital near Threadneedle Street, and Dorothy matches the description given by witnesses. Dorothy manages to avoid arrest and takes it upon herself to investigate the crime, enlisting other members of the Mnemosyne Society to help. She quickly discovers the Forty Elephants, a gang of all-female thieves, has been revived by a woman named Maud Keaton and makes it her mission to bring them down.

But Maud Keaton is very aware of Lady Boone and Miss Trafalgar. She knows all about Dorothy’s vault of mystical objects and will go to any lengths to gain access to it. Lines are quickly drawn in the sand, with the Elephants on one side and the Mnemosyne Society on the other. Faced with an enemy who is her match in both cunning and intellect, Dorothy quickly discovers that victory may be impossible, or come with a cost she’s unwilling to pay.





by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Twelve days of Christmas. Twelve days of terror and death.

An ancient evil prowls the quiet streets of Wixcombe. An old man is murdered in the town square. Children disappear in the night. Villagers report sightings of Krampus, the Christmas demon.

To protect the women they love and their village, siblings Nan and William Fitzgerald must discover Krampus’ true identity. But they might not like the answers they find…





by JA Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What does it mean to be haunted by a ghost from the past? A ghostly encounter is about to shake the foundations of Mercy Owens’ logical life.

Cable anchor and TV journalist, Mercy Owens is in search of a reprieve from city life. An escape to a family cottage in Island Falls, Maine seems the perfect solution. Upon her arrival, Mercy notes a light emanating from an island in the middle of Pleasant Lake. Eager to reclaim her childhood adventures, she sets out in a kayak to explore. An unexpected storm and a foreboding fog conspire to strand Mercy on the island. She’s grateful to be offered sanctuary by the only resident on the small strip of land, Brenna Stewart. As Mercy gets to know the island’s mysterious resident, everything she thought she understood about love, life, and herself is upended. Mercy is left wondering if she exists in reality or if she is walking in a dream.

Mercy’s time with Brenna is short-lived. She wonders if her life is somehow cursed. Determined to banish the memory of Brenna, Mercy fills her life back in the city with long days and tedious projected. She’s been largely successful. Until Abby Cashman stumbles into Mercy’s studio by accident. Time stops. Abby’s presence in Mercy’s life conjures memories of a haunted past, and Mercy is forced to confront her ghosts.

Life and death—are they real or only illusions? Mercy is about to learn that the most powerful force on earth endures Beyond Time.

Beyond Time is a romantic short-story with a paranormal flair by best-selling author, JA Armstrong.





by Lise MacTague

While investigating the deaths of multiple students at a boot-camp style institution, Malice and Ruri become trapped in the mysterious Kingdom of Flower and Bone–a netherworld filled with both magical and malignant beings. But which is which?
Even ancient forces aren’t immune to petty squabbles. Will the pair make it out alive?

Mary Alice Nolan, code-named “Malice,” is a Hunter: genetically modified and rigorously trained to track and kill supranormals (“supras”) such as werewolves, vampires, and demons. Seeking revenge after her sister is malevolently “turned” into a werewolf, the last thing the hot-tempered Malice expected was to develop deep desires for one of her sworn enemies.

Ruri Samson is a magnificent golden-eyed wolven without a pack. Smart, sensitive and loyal, she considers Malice her mate. Ruri would sacrifice her own life to protect her—and this time she just may have to.

Hunter’s Descent is the sequel to Five Moons Rising.


Solstice Coven: Book 1

by Wendy Hewlett

Detective Constable Raven Bowen’s life seems to be falling apart around her. Her Wiccan mother, Ena Bowen, has recently passed to spirit and even though Raven hasn’t seen or spoken to her in twelve years, she feels the loss.

Then there’s her relationship with her lesbian lover, Riley Gallagher, which ended rather abruptly and Raven only has herself to blame.

When the body of a young woman is discovered with the spring thaw, Raven takes on a new case and isn’t impressed when her sergeant assigns a rookie to investigate it with her.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Raven’s mother starts speaking to her from beyond the grave. She only has one question for her mother … “How the heck do I get you out of my head.”

The answer comes swiftly and shocks Raven to her core.

“Find my killer.”





by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

A popular South American president wants his women and children educated to protect themselves. He also wants to find something new in his country that can be exported around the world. And he wants to stop the drug trade. He turns to the U.S. and Canada for help.

Three women are assigned to help him restructure his country: martial arts instructor Michael Gauchet, environmental expert Alicia Clayton, and drug control specialist Cameron Andrews. They are tasked with advising him on how to implement his plans.

But others in the country are determined to stop him. When disaster strikes, Cam finds herself with the challenge of her life. It is up to CIA Control Dr. Maggie Thomason and Agent Paul Tarelli to find her and bring her home … preferably alive.




Sapphic Sphere Collection: Book 2

by TT Banks

An abused woman’s life begins anew when her husband is murdered, but ghosts from her abuser’s past keep popping up – mob debts, long lost relatives, slimy lawyers, and a sadistic killer still on the loose.

A sexy, lesbian medical examiner breathes new life and hope into Ana’s world, but can she fall in love in the midst of the chaos brought on by her husband’s untimely demise?



by Erin Wade

When four beautiful FBI agents go undercover to catch a serial killer, the action never stops.

Erin Wade brings home everything in this suspenseful novel: forbidden love, cutting edge thrills and more twists than a moonshine run in the back hills of Kentucky. You’ll laugh, gasp and cry as her characters face danger, heartache and thrills.





by KC Luck
narrated by Senn Annis

I have all that money can buy. Power, sexy women, and toys. All kinds of toys. Everything is perfect…or, at least, it is until the exclusive Lesbian Billionaires Club I belong to gives me an ultimatum – stop the revolving door of women or leave the group.

Insisting I settle down is crossing the line, and I want none of it. At least, until she comes into my life. Suddenly, I have someone I crave, a woman I can’t stop thinking about, that I must have for my own. I won’t take no for an answer.

The Lesbian Billionaires Club is a stand-alone romance with a happy ending. It’s the first in the TLBC series and introduces the members of the club. You can listen to it on its own, but you’ll want to listen to the others once you get a taste of the lesbian billionaires.



by Shannon M Harris
narrated by Lindsay Greene

After the death of her husband, Dylan Lake’s ability to trust in others is shattered. Her life is thrust into turmoil between caring for Emma, her seven-year old handicapped child, and working hard to make ends meet. Dylan doesn’t have time to pursue a romantic relationship. Finding that one special person only happens in dreams. When fate keeps throwing Dylan and Kat together, Dylan finds her attraction to Kat something she can’t ignore. Will her trust issues stop her from letting Kat into her and Emma’s life?

Leaving her old job and moving halfway across the country were the scariest things Kat Anderson had ever done. Starting a new life and career takes priority over any foolish notion of a fairy-tale future of romance and love. Kat’s attraction to Dylan is time taken away from building a new business. Can Kat juggle love and duty to find her happy-ever-after?

Welcome back to Garriety, the town with an open heart, and home to some of the quirky and warm characters from Add Romance and Mix. Join Kat and Dylan on their quest for true romance with a little help from Kat’s sister Briley and her family, along with a host of new characters.



by Charley Clarke
narrated by Melissa Moran

A lesbian romance about music, accepting the past, and embracing second chances to write a new future…

When golden girl pop star Bridget Callahan’s broken engagement comes out, she heads back to her hometown for the first time in five years to write songs for her next album. And maybe while she’s there, she’ll finally be able to face the woman she left behind – who she never let go.

Bar owner Alex Marlow has spent the past five years mending her broken heart by pretending she doesn’t have one. But Bridget’s return disrupts her ordered life and brings all those chaotic, buried feelings back to the surface. Can they forgive each other and themselves for mistakes made when they were younger?



by Kiki Archer
narrated by Jessica Jeffries

Instigations is the sequel to Kiki Archer’s best-selling lesbian fiction novel, But She Is My Student.

Illicit affairs with happy endings. Do they really exist?

Miss Katherine Spicer, a well respected history teacher from Coldfield Comprehensive thinks so. Now in a committed relationship with her ex-student Freya, she feels she has it all: A thriving career, a wonderful girlfriend, and a fun-filled apartment shared with her very best friends. Previous insecurities are gently fading away and for the first time ever, she feels truly loved.

But will a chain of events, triggered by the deliberate and intentional actions of Freya’s new university acquaintance, see the downfall of their relationship? Has Kat got the strength to believe when Freya’s desire to stay strong is questioned?

Instigations, follows the ups and downs of all fast moving lesbian love affairs. From moving in, to moving on. A roller-coaster ride, full of emotion. Laugh out loud with the highs and cry in sorrow with the lows.





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