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Hearts by the Sea: Book 1

by Melissa Redden

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Alex Scott is moving to Maine for a fresh start after leaving a trail of broken hearts back home. Meeting Jennifer Baker sends Alex’s world into a tailspin. Will Alex and Jennifer be able to overcome their pasts and start a future together?

Trigger warning: Stalking


Monday’s Child: Book 3

by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Only love can heal a broken heart…

After country music star Beth ‘Harmony’ Grey breaks down on-stage she literally crash lands in Alman. The tiny mountain town wasn’t where the grieving widow planned on staying, but she finds the anonymity of small-town life both calming and healing.

Bookshop owner Skye Perry was never looking for a relationship or even company. But Alman’s failing economy means that there’s not a bed to be had in town, so when she’s called on to offer her spare room to a car-crash victim she can hardly say no.

Skye wants to save her ailing town, Beth wants to go back in time to say one last goodbye to the only woman she thinks she can love. But both of them need a little something from someone else. And when emotions start to come into the picture, they’ll need to decide whether they can put the past behind them and truly move on.

There’s nothing Skye won’t do to save her town, and there’s nothing Beth won’t do to hold onto the past. But love has a way of finding you whether you want it to or not. Can a heart heal to love again? Or are the scars of the past just too painful?



by Tey Holden

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Physically and emotionally hurt during her last tour in Afghanistan, Joelle (Jo) McCallister returned home. When neither her military accolades nor the exploits of her new Bohemian lifestyle fill the void in her life, she takes to the road in her RV in search of purpose and meaning to her life. An early blizzard leaves her stranded in the middle of Wyoming, where she meets Kate Nolan.

After her career dreams were crushed, Kate Nolan returned home to find her grandmother (Grams) ill, and her ranch falling apart. Her plans to rebuild go up in flames when a fire destroys the newly built cabins. Matters get worse when the bank manager shows up with default papers to repossess the property, and when bullets fly because outsiders with an interest in the ranch try to take it by force. When all seems lost, Jo asks Kate for the one thing that is most difficult for her to give, her trust. Jo calls her Army buddies to help solve the mysterious circumstances happening at the ranch.

Grams thinks Jo is the person who can restore Kate’s ability to trust again, and Kate the person who can heal Jo’s hurts and bring purpose to her life. Have the forces of nature conjured a plan to bring these women together to heal their wounds, save each other, and the ranch? Was Grams right about Kate and Jo? Or will the appearance of an ex-girlfriend and would be lovers ruin their chance for love?



by Chanel Ivy

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The last thing Samanta Dodd wants is to spend the holidays hiding who she really is from her family and everyone back home, but thanks to an early Christmas present in the form of a layoff from her job, that’s precisely what she gets to do.

Sam despondently moves across the country away from the unfiltered life she had built for herself back into her childhood home, where she has to pretend she’s someone she’s not. Not long after arriving back in her hometown, Sam finds herself quickly and passionately falling into the arms of her long lost best friend, Brooke, whom she’s been in love with since she was thirteen. Sam also swiftly realizes that she may have grown up with blinders on. In reality, what she remembers from her childhood was not precisely the picture-perfect portrait she thought it was as family secrets are revealed in this moving and powerfully romantic lesbian coming out love story.



by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lieutenant Ashton Hyland lives by a simple code of being All In as a firefighter, a friend, and a lover. She’ll risk her life to save anyone, even a tiny kitten.

She has a crew that trusts and adores her. A best friend who loves her above everyone else. But what she doesn’t have is someone who will be All In with her. She wants a wife and a family. But being a firefighter who risks her life for the lives of others makes it hard for lovers to see a future with her.

At forty-years old, time seems to be running out to have the full package – to have a full and happy life.

But when an ex decides to give their relationship another try, hope begins to burn bright. Can Ashton hold onto love and her career, or will everything burn in the fires of fear?



by Carol Wyatt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sam Santoro is back in her hometown after years working as a travel photographer.

Not much has changed, except the woman she’d fallen for all those years ago, her mentor, was no longer married.

Four years on from her divorce, Laura Bailey was still trying to figure her life out.

It turned out that leaving her husband and coming out had been the easy part.

Meeting someone was proving to be much more difficult.

When Sam and Laura bump into each other, sparks fly.

Some things never change, and their attraction to one another is obvious.

Will these two get a second chance at love?





by Ali Vali

Augusta “Tucker” Delacroix is perfectly content running a successful oil field supply company until her brother and business partner, Jim Bob, dies suddenly. Things go from bad to worse when the family’s lawyer introduces her to Monique, a beautiful stranger who turns out to be Jim Bob’s mistress and mother of his son. Monique wants Jim Bob’s son to be a Delacroix, and Tucker steps up—it’s what family does.

Willow Vernon has never approved of her sister’s affair with a wealthy married man, but when tragedy strikes, Willow assumes care of her nephew. When Tucker demands shared custody rights, Willow’s ready to go to battle. Tucker’s the same kind of irresponsible philanderer as Jim Bob, and she’s not falling for the Delacroix charm like Monique did, no matter how tempting Tucker might be.

Family ties bring Tucker and Willow together, but they could also tear them, and any chance they have at love, apart.



by Kris Bryant

Cassie Miller is broke. Her parents cut off all funding when she dropped out of medical school, and graduate school is expensive. A full-time nanny job at the Wellington estate is the answer to her problems, except working for beautiful, successful Brook Wellington wasn’t in the job description.

Brook has always had a head for business. Born into a global shipping empire, she sits at the helm running it with skill and savvy. But success comes at a cost. Her priority is her six-year-old son, but she can’t be in two places at once. Hiring a nanny isn’t the perfect solution, but it would certainly help, and Cassie came highly recommended. If only she wasn’t so damn attractive.

Can Cassie and Brook deny their growing attraction and keep things professional? Or will they sidestep propriety and give in to temptation?





by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

Mickey dreams of becoming a jazz pianist but instead spends her days arranging and transcribing other people’s music. When her idol, world-renowned jazz great Helen Robins, offers her a job, Mickey goes out of her way to prove she’s capable. But there’s more to Helen than meets the eye, and Mickey soon discovers a whole new world of erotic submission.

The agreement: As her mistress, Helen pushes Mickey to her sensual limits, delivering the pleasure only a BDSM lifestyle can provide her. As Helen’s submissive, Mickey serves her in any way she requires. Drawn into a seduction she never knew she needed, Mickey discovers her true identity in the thrill of passion and the test of pain. For Mickey, being in Helen’s hands is everything, but when desire gives way to something deeper, their bond is tested to the breaking point.




TLBC: Book 2

by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Lesbian Billionaires are back. Hotter. Steamier. Sexier than ever.

European billionaire Lila’s well-being, even quite possibly her life, is in danger. While keeping her promise to the club of no lovers for a year, she hides at extravagant locations around the world. Unfortunately, the threats still come and the billionaires decide she needs added protection. Only the woman they pick drives Lila wild with passion.

Jael Nassar, the tall, dark, and handsome soldier from the Middle East is asked to take leave and serve undercover as her bodyguard. When she joins Lila at a lavish and very private resort in the French Alps, Jael takes one look at the woman she must protect only to be struck with an undeniable desire.

With a passion forbidden, how will Lila and Jael coexist while they crave each other? Will they be seduced by the burning chemistry pushing them together?



by MJ Williamz

Hanson loves three things in life: roulette, priceless gems, and her globetrotting lifestyle. She makes a living seducing rich woman in casinos and relieving them of the expensive jewelry most won’t even miss. But her streak ends when she meets beautiful FBI agent Savannah Brown.

Savannah is determined to catch the infamous international jewel thief and suspects Kit after observing her in the vicinity of multiple thefts. She has to get close enough to catch her, and that means posing as her mark. She’ll let Kit seduce her and make the arrest when Kit steals the diamonds in the FBI sting. Savannah just has to stay focused on her assignment and not let sexy, charming Kit become a distraction.

Kit expects the plan to unfold like any other. A little sex. A little theft. No big deal. She doesn’t expect Savannah to steal her heart.


Book 1

by Scott Kujawa

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When May received an advertisement for Crimson Rose, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to visit the adult club found outside her hometown. After thinking about it, May decided she wanted to experience the different events and pleasures found at Crimson Rose. Plus, she needed a place where she’d be able to get relief from the stress of running her accounting business. She didn’t know how her life would change after she visited Crimson Rose but she was eager to learn.

Catherine has been a member of Crimson Rose after she visited it for the first time. Having met May when May visited the club for the first time, Catherine decided she wanted to teach May what it meant to be a member of Crimson Rose. Catherine has enjoyed this role after she agreed to having Mistress Brianna be the one to teach her. Now, it was Catherine’s turn to work with May.

The longer the two spent time together, the more their feelings for each other strengthened. As they followed the roles they agreed upon when both understand what they’re getting into at the lifestyle found at Crimson Rose, May’s and Catherine’s feelings for each other strengthened.





by Julie Tizard

Airline captain Kerri Sullivan has a perfect life. Only one thing is missing—a woman to share it with. She’s had plenty of women on the road to success, but she’s never met “the one.” Flight attendant Janine Case is beautiful beyond measure, but comes across as aloof and untouchable. When Kerri and Janine are crewmembers on a flight to Hawaii, an unexpected kiss leads to smoldering attraction.

After Kerri is forced to make an emergency water landing mid-flight and the two women survive a harrowing rescue mission, all Kerri wants to do is follow her heart into Janine’s arms. But Jeanine is hiding a dark secret from her past, one that makes falling in love impossible. She’s on the run from her abusive ex-husband, and she’ll stop at nothing to protect her daughter, even if the cost is her own happiness.




The Collins Trilogy: Book 3

by Kate Hershberger

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Shortly after the ending of “The Cure”, the Collins pack is quaking with excitement as Ceridwen is expecting her first child. Meanwhile, Darcy and Tamsin are enjoying their lives as newlyweds and adjusting to their new roles at the Collins Academy.

It would seem that all is right within the pack. That is until an ancient prophecy is uncovered along with a long-forgotten breed of werewolf that seems to have been living in plain sight all along.

Change looms on the horizon as the new heir is preparing to make their way into the world. Meanwhile, Darcy has to accept her destiny to ensure there is a future for the Collins pack as well as all of werewolf kind.





by Jackie D. & Jean Copeland

Hazel Abbot spent her whole life unaware she was a witch. When a spell thrusts her great-aunt Sarah Hutchinson forward from the Salem witch trials of 1692 and lands her in Hazel’s bookstore, everything Hazel thought she knew about herself changes. Complicating matters, Raven Dare, a supernatural hunter, informs her that they’ve all been summoned by the Queen Witch, Morgan le Fay.

Morgan compels Hazel, Sarah, and Raven to correct the shift in the realms of good and evil by ridding the world of the evil that followed Sarah into modern day. If they fail, the forces of white magic will be extinguished forever. But completing the perilous mission, convincing Sarah to return to Puritan life, and resisting their growing attraction for each other might prove more difficult than Hazel and Raven ever anticipated.





by Jen Jensen

Jamis Bachman never stays in one place for too long. Retired from the reality TV show Ghastly Incidents, she’s now a social media sensation, chasing ghosts, demons, and inter-dimensional aliens—in an effort to avoid her own.

When a desperate young couple sends Jamis a video of a poltergeist disturbance, she jumps on a plane to Sage Creek, Utah, not knowing her world is about to change forever. Ghost stories she can handle, but a violent poltergeist, a brutal unsolved twenty-five-year-old murder, and meeting the love of her life? She’s in way over her head.

Jamis thought she was the one chasing ghosts, but it seems as though something is chasing her…




Married for a Million: Book 2

by Annie Amos

Available in Kindle Unlimited

I’m a Big Bad Boss… but if I marry my domme, will she bring me to my knees?

Marley Lovecraft hits all her targets. Running her own business? Check. Millionaire by the time she hits thirty? Check. Marrying a stranger to win over a new client? If that’s what it takes, then screw it. Marley will do anything to ensure the success of her dating app. But marrying her mysterious, sexy dominatrix is more extreme than anything she’s done before. Has she got what it takes?

Raven Rose isn’t the sort of woman you mess with. She’ll walk all over you and get you to give her a foot rub afterwards. But when one of her clients, a beautiful, buxom blonde called Marley, makes her an offer – a marriage for a million – for once, the domme is floored.

What happens when a power-hungry CEO and a dominatrix are forced to live together as wives? Who’s in charge now? And what if the answer is neither of them? Someone else is out to conquer them… If Marley and her Mistress manage to come out on top… might love be the equaliser they’ve been looking for?

A suspenseful lesbian marriage of convenience novel. Expect laughter, tears, lust and love.





by Suzie Clarke

Justice might be satisfying, but revenge is far sweeter.

Computer programmer Rachel Portola has a target on her back. She’s developed a top-secret program and her boss, Justin McKinney wants it and the millions it will bring on the open market. Even if it means murder.

When Rachel’s plane crashes and she and her friends are forced to hike through the Alaskan wilderness to survive, she thinks the worst is over. Rachel can finally focus on her attraction to her best friend Claire and the unexpected love they share.

But Justin’s not giving up. Armed with only her instincts and a sharp knife, Rachel’s in for the fight of her life to protect what’s hers. The odds are impossible, the future looks bleak, and with everything that matters on the line, Rachel’s not letting anything get in her way.




Rulebook: Book 1

by Cara Malone
narrated by Teri Clark Linden

Maxine Saddler has never been in love. She knows exactly what it looks like. She’s spent years studying the phenomenon in other people, but her Asperger syndrome makes it far too anxiety-provoking to attempt such a thing in her own life. Instead, she focuses exclusively on academics.

She’s 23 years old, starting grad school, and perfectly content to ignore the world beyond her textbooks. That is, until she meets Ruby Satterwhite, who makes Max want to give love one more shot.

Ruby is the consummate social butterfly – sorority president, extracurricular list a mile long, and stunning to boot. In short, she’s way out of Max’s league, and on top of it all, she kind of hates Max for how she blurts out whatever’s on her mind, no matter how blunt.

But when they’re thrown grudgingly together for a group project in their first class, the heavens open up and the sparks begin to fly. There’s only one problem – Ruby’s still pining for her perfect ex-girlfriend.

It’s time to turn on the charm like never before, but can Max master the rules of love?



by Samantha Hicks
narrated by Renee Elizabeths

Jennifer Wilson spent the last 17 years raising her younger sister Kelsey, after a boating accident killed their parents. It hasn’t always been easy – especially with her sister’s best friend, Riley Blake, always hanging around. Riley hasn’t had an easy life either. Growing up with an alcoholic father, abandoned by her mother when she was 10, Riley has learned to cope with being on her own. Her friendship with Kelsey is the only thing steadfast in her life, and she cherishes it.

When tragedy and secrets emerge, Jennifer and Riley must learn to lean on each other. The growing attraction between them only complicates matters. When events conspire to keep them apart, will they trust the unknown forces that keep pushing them together, or hide from their feelings forever?


Girls of Summer: Book 2

by Kate Christie
narrated by Britney Gil

It’s late 2013, and the world’s best soccer players are gearing up for the 2015 World Cup. In London, Jamie has just completed her third year as a professional footballer at Arsenal Ladies F. C. Only one soccer dream still eludes her: a spot on the US women’s national team.

Emma, a national team regular, has recently moved back to Seattle to play professionally in the NWSL, the latest incarnation of an American women’s pro soccer league. When the list of players invited to the latest national team training camp is released, Emma is uneasy to find Jamie’s name on the roster. As pro soccer players, they have crossed paths before, but they haven’t spent this much time together since high school.

Jamie, meanwhile, would do almost anything to earn the chance to play for her country at the highest level. Even if she had to share a room with Emma at team residency camp. Both women are hoping it doesn’t come to that.

Join Jamie and Emma for the latest installment in the ongoing story of their lives, loves, and would-be world championships in Game Time, book two of the best-selling Girls of Summer series.



by Gerri Hill
narrated by Abby Craden

Poking a sleeping bear with a sharp stick is foolish. Marty Edwards is about to be very foolish.

Investigative reporter Marty Edwards has found her niche: cold cases. She loves poring over old notes, hunting down long-forgotten witnesses, and digging down through the layers of an unsolved murder case. But this time, Marty is digging where someone obviously doesn’t want her. And that someone might also include the Brownsville Police Department. Why else would they assign Detective Kristen Bailey to baby-sit her?

Barely surviving two attempts on her life, Marty abandons Brownsville and the case. Danger follows her as the case turns red-hot. With Detective Bailey along for protection, they race along the Gulf Coast, neither knowing who, if anyone, they can trust. The hardest part is learning to trust each other before it’s too late for their hearts – and their lives.


Unleashed: Book 6

by Erik Schubach
narrated by Claire Buchignani

Finnegan Temperance McLeary-May, dog walker extraordinaire, has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

Finnegan’s penchant for stumbling into misadventures is hard at work, embroiling her in a case involving purloined art, graffiti, and an adorable but goofy one-year-old poodle.

Fin and Jane have to juggle the monumental task of preparing their apartment for a future child, while jumping through the hoops of the adoption process with three viable candidates for their love. All while dealing with a victim and his attacker whose roles are questioned by our intrepid dog walker.

Fin finds herself and her border collie Sir Calvin Cornelius Fluffytoes at odds with her NYPD detective wife, when she befriends the most unlikely of people on her quest for answers.



by Jade Winters
narrated by Kyo Sija

Kathryn is a successful interior designer, whose personal life lacks the excitement she so deeply craves.

Rachel is young, uninhibited, and always on the lookout for fun.

When the two women meet, the attraction is instant and electric. But, unbeknownst to Kathryn, their meeting was not coincidental.

As genuine feelings between the women intensify, will their chance of happiness be destroyed by the truth?












I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

So, I’m starting a theme on I Heart Lesfic for 2020. I’m calling it Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives.

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