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by Clare Lydon

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens if you hate Christmas, but get stranded in Mistletoe?

Fran Bell is a music exec who’s welded to her career. Even when her parents move to a sleepy village called Mistletoe, she still vows to work through Christmas. When she tells the locals, their shock is palpable.

One particular local stands out. Ruby O’Connell, a dazzling singer, and the last person Fran expects to find as her parents’ neighbour. They’ve crossed paths before in London. It wasn’t pretty.

When they’re thrown together to organise a Christmas festival, their relationship starts to thaw. But when old tensions boil up, can Fran and Ruby make the Mistletoe magic stick?

Best-selling author Clare Lydon brings you a festive story to pep up your year, set in a twinkly village with a cast of laugh-out-loud characters. If you love Hallmark Christmas movies but have been longing for one with two female leads, it’s time to get swept up in this Christmas cracker of a romance!



by Hildred Billings & Cynthia Dane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nyla Deng has been slinging drinks in Paradise, Taipei’s foremost nightclub, long enough to know the two main rules. The first is to always give patrons the best customer service in town.

The second?

Don’t. Fraternize.

Simple enough for Nyla, who prefers to date “normal” girls instead of the clueless heiresses and cynical businesswomen who blow off steam in Paradise. Yet when has a drink with Terry Tsao, one of Shanghai’s most wayward heiresses, she quickly loses control and wakes up in Terry’s bed.

With a piece of paper that refuses to let this stay a simple one-night stand.



Unexpected Love Series: Book 2

by Frankie Duncan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Hollywood comes to Scotland, for the filming of a new epic tale of highland romance, the boundaries between reality and fairytale become blurred. It takes a brave heart to keep believing and this romantic comedy challenges you to find out if you too would be brave enough to trust your own heart.

Kat is a force of nature; a free spirited woman who knows how to have fun and never wants to be tied down. Kat, loves life, women, gin and sex although not always in that order.

Jennifer Michaels is an oscar winning American actress, often described as “one of the best actresses of her generation.” At 53, she had led a full career but little is known about her personal life although that has never stopped the rumour factory.

When Jen arrives in Kat’s village she is handed an opportunity, to which she cannot say no. A simple “yes” sets in motion a series of events with an outcome, neither expected.

This slow burn, age gap romance with its festive cheer will leave you in no doubt what you’ll be asking Santa for this Christmas.





Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 32

by Victoria Rush

When Jade bumps into an incognito First Lady during a political convention in town, the two strike up a conversation in her local coffee shop. After the First Lady hears about Jade’s attempt to provide support for her husband’s political campaign, she invites her to Washington to attend a gala event at the White House.

When the two women meet again at the gala, sparks begin to fly between them while they struggle to control their growing feelings for one another. During a break in the event, they excuse themselves from the proceedings and meet in the White House powder room, where they enjoy a brief but intense tryst.

The following day, the First Lady calls Jade at her hotel where they clandestinely meet up once again to have a sexy romp in her hotel room. But it’s not until Liz invites Jade to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom and the President catches them in the throes of passion that things begin to get really interesting…





From the Ashes of Victory: Book 4

by Cameron Darrow

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In a time of new beginnings, the past still holds power over the future.

With the EVE Witchcraft Conservatory on the verge of opening its doors, Millie Brown and the newly-minted Doctor Victoria Ravenwood return home to Longstown changed. After years-long battles both figurative and literal, they are welcomed back just in time to have the futures of 24 would-be witches placed in their hands while the eyes of the world watch.

But the past will not let go so easily, and Millie, Victoria and Katya will have to find the courage to face it or risk shattering EVE from the inside out. To do so, they will need each other more than ever, and in ways they never imagined. Emotions run high as change runs rampant, and only the strength of their love for one another as friends, lovers and sisters will determine whether they lead EVE into a gathering dusk or a bright new dawn.





by Thea Landen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Astrid has yet to find romance on the Zeta-16 space station. All that changes when Tabitha, a former soldier, applies for a job at her company. Since Astrid has been hurt before, she devises a plan: she suggests they enter the simulations used to test applicants and fight their way through, making herself the grand prize. Everything they want is within reach, but will Tabitha hunt her down?





Moon Over America Series: Book 1

by Renn Loraine

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Meg doesn’t believe in ghosts. And yet…

One night in a foggy St. Augustine cemetery, Meghan Thomas is startled by a beautiful woman who seems to have stepped out of Florida’s Spanish past. Stunned, but thinking the woman needs help, Meg follows her – only to discover she has disappeared.

The incident leaves Meg unnerved, but it’s only the beginning of what happens next: faint footsteps in her apartment at night, the sound of small items scraping across surfaces, and furniture that seems to have moved of its own accord.

And then one day – among the graceful palm trees and historic buildings of the oldest city in the U.S. – Meg seems to be the only one who sees the sensual woman in the black mantilla and long red skirt moving through the ancient coquina streets. Meg follows, not knowing the way leads to a mystery – and the woman who will change her life forever.

Thrilling, sexy, and romantic, Moon over St. Augustine is a slow burn f/f romance.



Femme Protectors Series: Book 4

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rachel has just finished shooting her documentary on Havana for her thesis project. She is celebrating on her small ship with her professors, when a drenched beautiful woman climbs through her cabin window identifying herself as a CIA agent, and pleads for Rachel’s help getting a mysterious package to her partner in Florida.





by Elle Spencer

narrated by Lori Prince

By day, Holly Hudson’s a story editor for Wifetime Network. By night, she’s the writer for the network’s very cheesy, very straight holiday romance series -Christmas in Evermore. Holly took the job to accomplish exactly one thing: A gay Christmas movie. She’s been shot down before, but things start to look up when Meredith Drake unexpectedly moves into the network’s holiday division.

On the heels of a brief (but totally hot) fling, Holly and Meredith agree to keep things professional now that they’ll be working together. Especially since the network has a strict policy about workplace relationships. Instead, they vow to channel their passion into a pitch for the network’s first Christmas movie to feature two female leads.

In this contemporary romance, Holly and Meredith work to make the Yuletide gayer while discovering that happy endings aren’t only for the movies.



Sexy Demon Hunter Series: Book 2

by Riley Rose

narrated by Nikki Monroe

Ashlyn, Demon Hunter extraordinaire, is on the trail of Thalia, a sneaky succubus who’s having sex with everyone in town. Ashlyn’s job is to get rid of Thalia. The only problem is Thalia is the most beautiful, sexual creature Ashlyn has ever seen.

Will Ashlyn be able to fight her lust for Thalia or will her desire for the sexy succubus be too much for her? And what exactly can Thalia do with that sexy tail of hers anyway? Find out if Ashlyn will be seduced by the sexiest succubus ever!



A Woman Down Under Series: Book 2

by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Rachel Quinn Haines

Melissa Lawrence swims ashore in Australia. She has no idea what to expect after escaping her captors. Since becoming Mel Lawrence, she finds her interests are expanding beyond just the “woman of means” role she had been raised to accept. After finding someone to teach her about becoming a grazer, she herds a flock of sheep into the Australian Outback.











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