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London Romance Series: Book 7

by Clare Lydon

It’s never too late. Especially to fall in love…

Gina Gupta has never truly fallen for anyone. For a flat, yes. But a living, breathing woman? Nope. She came out late, and now she’s busy running her property firm. Perhaps she and love are simply incompatible.

When she meets business hotshot and TV star India Contelli, she’s sure that’s not going to change. India is rich, gorgeous and heartbroken. Gina sells her a rooftop dream, then leaves. At least, that was how the script was meant to go.

Instead, the duo end up tangled in each other’s lives, with neither wanting to escape. What’s more, when they set out on a mission to reunite two long-lost lovers, the last thing they expect is for the romantic stardust to work on them, too…

Best-selling author Clare Lydon brings you the next instalment of the London Romance series, and it doesn’t disappoint! If you’re a sucker for dreamy romance, family drama, chocolate biscuits and steamy London rooftops, pick up this sparkling romantic comedy today!



Celebrities Series: Book 4

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jessica Morrison had made some mistakes in her life. Of all of them, one had caused her to lose the woman she had once thought she would spend the rest of her life with, along with the friends Jessica had thought of as family.

Venice Russo had somehow found herself in the company of a lot of beautiful, famous women. Dani Wilder, Peyton Gloss, Lennox Owen, Kenzie Smyth, and Maddox Delaney were now all her friends. That didn’t stop Venice, who preferred to be called Val, from feeling a little out of place.

They nearly met at one fateful New Year’s Eve party but happened to miss each other. A coincidence, or maybe fate, brings them together again. Jessica is carrying her baggage. Val doesn’t feel like she has anything to look forward to in her life. When they find each other, they might also be able to find a path forward together.



by Luci Dreamer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sarah Leeds is haunted by horrible events in her past she can’t move on from. When a visit back to her hometown doesn’t bring the closure she’s yearned for, she wonders if she’ll ever be made whole again. But a chance meeting with a kind woman dealing with her own past makes Sarah want to find a way to reclaim her life.



Greatest Love Scene Hits

by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Remember New Love? Remember how nice it was to chase that happily-ever-after?

Every HEA begins with that first peep of love.

From the creative pen-name duo of Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings comes RULES & ROSES: Greatest Love Scene Hits. From the sickeningly sweet to the hot and spicy comes thirteen previously released scenes and two brand-new stories!

Almost everyone from the expanded lesbian billionaire universe is here, from Leah & Sloan’s strange first encounter in “Games We Play” to when Nadia and Eva FINALLY sealed it with a kiss in “Hard to Get!” New readers can get a quick injection of some of our best love scenes before deciding which complete story to read next, and old readers can enjoy having thirteen of their favorite couples falling in love all over again! No more flipping through separate books when it’s all right here!



The Dancing Wolf: Book 8

by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

It was a proud moment for Kayla when she was asked to intervene in a dispute over an ancient Shoshone artifact. But when the time comes to meet with the art collector, Kayla realizes just how unqualified she is to handle the situation, and how very disappointed so many people will be in her if she fails. Wanting to make her elders proud, she accepts the challenge. But nothing is as she was led to believe.

Through her first major test at diplomacy, Kayla and her wives will gain friendships that will require a substantial amount of trust, and they’ll be inspired to use their talents to share their blessings in very big ways.

They had hoped and planned for a less hectic year to support the start of Madison’s singing career, and to celebrate the growth of their family after Sam gives birth, but it’s going to be another busy year for the Johann family.





by Natasha West

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Olivia is the queen of morning television. However, when sexy new co-host Holly is hired on the show, Olivia knows without a shadow of a doubt that she’s looking at her replacement. But how the hell are you supposed to deal with your arch nemesis when she’s just so annoyingly charming?





Amazon Submission

Sex Raider Series: Book 3

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sexy adventurer Laia Rios has become an official member of the Amazons, an ancient tribe of ridiculously muscular and beautiful women. But the Amazon Queen has just been kidnapped. And Laia has to rescue her.

Her favorite Amazonian sister Astraia joins her on the quest to save the Queen and a side quest to make Laia the most submissive Amazon ever. All Laia and Astraia have to do is defeat a rival group of gorgeous women warriors in a huge sex battle!

Will Laia and Astraia give themselves over to their sexy rivals? Will the Queen give them some special sexy punishment? And how many spankings will Laia’s cute, curvy butt be able to take?

Find out if the Sex Raider can pull off her most dangerous adventure yet in this action/adventure erotica!





Love in the Limelight: Book 1

by Raven J. Spencer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Out and proud lesbian singer/songwriter Emmy Whittaker is not amused when her manager books her on Andrea Stone’s show.  Stone, who has a reputation for hearing differing opinions on controversial issues, doesn’t fit the bill.

For the concessions Andrea has made, she’s been rewarded with a stellar career and wealth. In her opinion, the sacrifices have been worth it. Meeting Emmy shakes her beliefs.

A fateful decision they make leads her to understand that sometimes, the cost of compromise can be too high…

On The Record is the first book in the Love In The Limelight trilogy. Each title features a different couple and can be read as standalone.





The Journey of Sarah Sawyer: Book 3

by S.W. Andersen

Gunslinger Sarah Sawyer has overcome her demons, vengeance-seeking relatives, and a loner streak as wide as the horizon to settle down out west with her partner, Jo.

But peace seems too much to ask for with the influx of new settlers, illness, and brazen thefts stirring tensions.

When a spate of white killings puts Native Americans in the crosshairs as the culprits, Sarah has a whole lot of questions and few answers she’s willing to swallow.

Driven by her desire to protect her town and root out injustice, Sarah reluctantly picks up the badge and seeks to reveal the truth.

Book three in the Sarah Sawyer series is an exciting Western that’s as down to earth as the dust on a tough rancher’s boots.





by Alli Temple

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In a world of arrogant nobles and their punishing laws, Georgina will be hanged if anyone discovers she is a spy. But when the wicked prince proposes marriage, Georgina must accept. Refusing would expose the secrets she has delivered to a hidden resistance and forfeit her life. With her wedding day looming ever closer, salvation comes from an unlikely source.

Pirate Captain Cinder is a terror on the open sea, striking fear into hearts wherever she sails. Now she has a new target. The vulnerable Princess Georgina should be an easy mark in Cinder’s kidnapping plot. But the legend of Captain Cinder is more intertwined with Georgina’s own history than either of them expect.

Treacherous storms. A mysterious pirate king. The prince’s unrelenting pursuit. Georgina and Cinder can only escape by following the uncharted course of their hearts. But just as a future together is within their grasp, Cinder’s past threatens to drag them both to the deep.

Uncharted contains piratical violence.



Sellswords & Spellweavers Series: Book 4

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A reclusive mountain race. A paradise under siege. A problem magic cannot solve.

When the Jotnar’s mountain paradise is attacked by a seemingly all-powerful enemy, the race of giants must break their age-old rule and seek help from outsiders. They turn to the mage’s university to understand the threat.

Apprentice Wizard Idun Wintermoon and blade-for-hire Liss Forlatt travel to the wintery mountain stronghold to aid the giantfolk. But to defeat a foe who turns the magic of his victims against them, they’ll need to tap into strengths they didn’t know they had.

To defeat a magic siphoning wizard, sometimes you need a magic-challenged sellsword.





Town of Unknown: Book 1

by Scott Kujawa

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Welcome to the town of Unknown.

Isabella never expected the horror of finding her rival injured and dying in the forest. She was not one to believe the stories about magic returned and creatures from the tales people told were real. When werewolves harmed Cassidy and threatened David, she hunted them. Working with those she despised, loved, and were acquaintances, Isabella made sure the beasts understood it was better to leave the citizens of the town alone. Along the way, she realized her rage for Cassidy changed, turning into feelings she never expected. Learning to love her rival was a shock.

Cassidy’s life changed when she was attacked and left for dead in the forest near Isabella’s home. Spying on her rival never turned out how it did when a beast tore into her, leaving her in a clearing. Learning she was infected and had transformed into a werewolf, Cassidy found her place with Isabella, once she shared her love with her.

Being best friends with Isabella and Cassidy wasn’t easy. David was the peacekeeper between the two rivals. His need to heal drove him to become a nurse at the clinic in the town of Unknown. This didn’t change after Cassidy attacked him, turning him into a werewolf. He was the pack member who would make sure the two powerful women did not kill each other.





by Breanna Hughes

Cali Evans is a survivor. Her life hasn’t been easy, but her late father raised her to be smart, tough, and dependent only on herself and her wits. On the eve of her 21st birthday she meets Owen Bray – a beautiful and intriguing young doctor who equally frustrates and captivates Cali. That fateful meeting inspires Cali to make a better life for herself.

The next day, hoping to make positive change, Cali hops a bus for the West Coast but never reaches her destination. Instead, she wakes up in an underground bunker with no recollection of how she got there. Upon her arrival, she learns that she’s one of just forty survivors of a fast-spreading environmental toxin and that human life outside of the bunker has ceased to exist.

Tired of the vague explanations and half-answers coming from the people in charge, Cali takes it upon herself to investigate the real reason why she’s there and begins to uncover the sinister truth.

Trigger Warning: Some violence.





by Renee Bess

The short stories in this collection invite you to walk alongside characters in the midst of their journeys. Meet the Black high school student who dares to take a glimpse of her future-self while she sits at the mercy of the straightening comb in the beauty parlor. Observe the newly-degreed journalism major who travels alone to 1920’s Paris in search of truths and secrets. Tread gently beside the woman who struggles to cope with her lover’s departure.





by Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings, & M. Ullrich

narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Police Officer Peyton Clarke and Real Estate Agent Tory Stevens are complete strangers who experience an instant attraction during a moment of shared misery: trying on bridesmaids dresses. But their flirtation comes to an abrupt end when Bradley Richter enters Angelina’s Bridal Boutique determined to end every life in the store. He’s deranged, heartbroken, and sure of his sharpshooting skills, but he has miscalculated. Two survive.

Peyton is determined to capture the guy who killed 11 people, but for Tory, the tragedy is a wake-up call to open herself up to more than professional success. She and Peyton learn that love can be found in the most hopeless of places. They escaped death once, but will they survive when Bradley’s determined to make his kill rate 100 percent?



Children of the Wild: Book 5

by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Bobbi Wilson

Something evil has haunted a ghost town in the mountains of Oregon for a long time, few if any who visit that town return alive. The Hawk and Wolf lead a team into that forest to investigate, and there they find vestiges of an old evil. Even worse, treachery coming from within the team. Can they do the job? Can they even survive the savagery that comes at them? This mission will test them beyond reason.



Supernatural Submission: Book 1

by Riley Rose

narrated by Nikki Monroe

Elena Cortez loves Halloween. So when her new sexy neighbor Cassia invites her to a Halloween party, she’s super-stoked! Only problem: Elena thinks Cassia might be a witch. Like a real witch. Who’s using her magic to make Elena have the most epic orgasms of her life!

Will Elena be able to discover the truth about Cassia? Will she let herself become the ultimate witch slut? And will she let Cassia put her wand wherever she wants?

Find out in this fun, Halloween-themed erotica!



At I Heart Lesfic, we believe the world could use a bit more kindness after one of the hardest and longest of years. Many authors have signed up to help IHL spread kindness in the world.

Jamey Moody kicked off the project with her guest post: Kindness. Also, Jamey is giving away 1 ecopy of Finding Forever.








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