New Lesfic Goodies: October 23rd Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Natasha West

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romantic Comedy

No one expects to be widowed at thirty-eight. But that’s exactly what happens to Jessie Downes after her wife dies in a tragic accident. Jessie is left devastated and angry and after she lashes out in grief, she finds herself in court-ordered group therapy. For self-contained Jessie, it’s a fresh nightmare. She’d rather be picking litter on the side of a highway than forced to attend a group where people talk about their problems.

But little by little she finds herself drawn into the workings of the group and its assortment of eccentric members. Specifically, Annie Perkins, a sweet yet closeted woman who is trying to work through her pathological fear of making decisions.

Jessie and Annie are surprised to find a connection. But is it more than friendship? And if it is, does Jessie have the strength to allow someone in after losing the only woman she ever expected to love? Or should she just commit to being alone?

Only Ever You is a romantic comedy heaped with dark humour, from the author of The Plus One and By Any Other Name.


by EL Bossert

Contemporary Romance / Short Read

Planning for Mic and Ruby’s wedding is proceeding smoothly until the only professional photographer in their hometown of Summit refuses to take pictures at the ceremony because he does not believe two women should be married. As their friends and family rally around them with support, Mic and Ruby must decide whether to file a complaint against the photographer with the state Human Rights Commission. Will the law be on their side? Will prejudice be a dark cloud over their wedding? Does love always win? Portrait of a Wedding explores the bravery, determination, and love story behind the headlines.


Romancing the Page
Book 1
by Laura Ambrose

Romance / Short Read

Natalie and El used to be writing critique partners, sharing their work chapter by chapter. But after a huge falling out, three years have passed in bitter silence.

When they both appear at a science fiction convention in London, Natalie, a struggling writer, wants nothing to do with El, the hot debut novelist who sold her book at auction under a male pseudonym. But over the weekend, ignoring each other–and their attraction–proves impossible. Are they willing to let hope fly?


by Chris Zett

Contemporary Medical Romance

When drummer Diana Petrell leaves her rock-star life to return to ER medicine, she won’t let anything stop her—not even falling for aloof mentor, Dr. Emily Barnes.

Emily isn’t happy having to babysit an intriguing resident with a ten-year gap in her résumé.

But every time they work together, it’s not just their patients’ heartbeat that gets a little irregular. Soon, the once-clear lines between work and personal life begin to blur.

What happens to their careers when Diana’s secret comes out?

A lesbian romance that asks how much we’d risk for love.

by Raven J. Spencer

Erotic Romance

The Surrender Trilogy: Lesbian billionaire romance with a suspense twist

Surrender Your Heart:

Penny can’t believe what happened to her: One day she’s studying sociology and paying her tuition with her job at a local café, the next she wakes up in a luxurious house which is the property of a rich and enigmatic woman. Carter Forbes is ready to lay the world at her feet, but what will she expect in return? As she uncovers Carter’s reasons to create this unusual situation, Penny can’t deny the attraction between them. Can she reconcile her desire with her beliefs about herself, or is this passionate affair doomed from the start?

Surrender To Me

Penny is finally ready to say yes all the way, but married life doesn’t start off as expected. While the attraction between her and Carter is deepening, Penny still struggles to adjust to her new life full of luxury and new responsibilities. Carter continues to keep secrets for a cause, and shares only reluctantly with her wife. Can they overcome those differences, and who’s going to surrender this time?

Surrender Forever

Her team confronts Carter with disturbing information. Is Penny stealing from her, betraying her by working with Carter’s enemies? Nick seems to think so, but Carter doesn’t want to believe her wife could turn against her. She makes inquiries of her own, but what if Penny finds out the woman she loves questioned her integrity? They will have to rebuild the trust between them which takes more than the undeniable heat between them—but once you surrender, it’s forever. Their love will lead them.


Jade’s Erotic Adventures
Book 9
by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Erotic Romance

When Jade is working quietly at the library one day, she notices a strange figure in a black and white cloak pass by her desk. She looks up and sees a pretty nun heading into the stacks to select a book. Jade follows her movement and when the nun sits in an upholstered reading chair in the corner of the library, she finds another chair not far away to watch her more closely.

She begins to get more and more aroused watching the stunning nun and starts to touch herself quietly. The nun notices what Jade is doing and begins to rub her legs together under her long gown. Before long, the two women enjoy an intense private climax together from across the aisle…


by Robin Hale

Romance / Superhero

Dr. Molly Fawn’s life is surprisingly normal, considering that she spends her days running support for a man who can fly and lift city buses with one hand. But when Molly interrupts the Silhouette — the city’s most notorious thief — in a middle of a job, everything gets a bit more exciting.

Suddenly, Molly sees the thief everywhere, and those leather clad curves and wicked smiles are all she can think about.

The Silhouette seems determined to lure the mild-mannered Dr. Fawn out of her shell like taking a gem from a vault, but will Molly have the courage to let the beautiful thief have a shot at stealing her heart?


An Ari Adams Mystery
Book 7
by Ann Roberts

Amateur Sleuth Thriller

The greatest hold on the present is the past.

For twenty-five years the memory of her brother’s murder has followed Ari Adams like a shadowy companion. Now Ari has found new evidence, a picture of Richie’s killer and a new hope for justice. But what seemed to be a simple botched robbery proves to be far more sinister.

To uncover the truth Ari must confront her own grief and misery—and face her father, Detective Jack Adams, who also blames himself for Richie’s death.

The seventh installment of Ann Roberts’ award-winning series finds detective Ari Adams on the search of her life, where guilt and resentment can only be extinguished by justice.


The Chronicles of Dorsa
Book 1
by Eliza Andrews

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The fate of an empire lies in the hands of one untested princess.

Princess Natasia is the eldest child of the Emperor Andreth, ruler of the Four Realms. If she were a boy, she’d be the unquestioned heir to the throne. But as a girl, her main duty in life is to marry someone her father can shape into his successor.

Everything changes when an unknown would-be assassin nearly takes Tasia’s life. Someone wants to destabilize the Empire — but who? Was the assassin aligned with the power-hungry Western lords, who have always rebelled against the Emperor? Was he hired by the barbarians in the East, who are fighting against the Empire’s subjugation? Or was he a member of the mysterious Cult of Culo?

Unsure of whom he can trust, the Emperor realizes that his daughter might be his best option for an heir. There hasn’t been a female heir to the throne in living memory, but as palace intrigue becomes increasingly dangerous, the reckless, rebellious, and stubborn princess suddenly has to face the responsibility of learning to lead.

Will she rise to the occasion? Or will the Empire fall at the hands of one of its many enemies?

Epic fantasy with a f/f romance subplot.


by M. Wiklund

Fantasy Romance / Short Read

Princess Galina’s father has set her a difficult task: persuade a peasant named Elena to reveal the secrets behind her magical powers. Difficult, and maybe impossible, given that Elena is stubborn to a fault and has no respect for authority—especially the kind that wears a crown. And the more time passes, the less Galina cares about doing her duty and more about simply Elena herself.


Thermopylae Bound Series
Book 2
by Belinda Harrison

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Fantasy Romance

Having decided to remain in Trachis, and leave behind the nomadic life she has always known, Skylar has begun a new life. She and Alexis have settled into a comfortable rhythm, until Alexis makes a request Skylar is not certain she can honour – she wants a child. Skylar has never been able to deny her princess anything, but neither is she willing to allow the simplest solution to give Alexis what she wants.

But Alexis is not the only one who wants a child for them – there are gods who want to see them overcome the challenges they face, and they’re willing to push the limits of Alexis and Skylar’s love and lust for one another in order to see it done.

With Ares leading the immortals and strengthening the plans he has for Skylar, we learn what she is to him, and why he needs her to face her fears and share ALL of her past with Alexis before he reveals himself to her.

Warning: more sex and less violence in book 2 than in book 1.


by Dax Murray

Poetry / Science Fiction

The relationship between two celestial goddesses is tempestuous at best. Seya is the embodiment of a galactic creation and Tia of cosmic destruction. But when one of Seya’s favorite stars goes missing, she blames Tia. What was once a symbiotic and loving cycle of life and death becomes a game of broken hearts and promises betrayed.





by Heather Blackmore
narrated by Lori Prince

Cassidy “Cazz” Warner, a smart, sporty, reticent newcomer to the senior class at Claiborne High, unwittingly attracts the attention of its most popular girl: Sarah Perkins, a bright, athletic, charismatic beauty. Just as the two begin to understand how extraordinary their friendship is, another cross-country move wrests Cazz away.

Ten years later, Cazz unexpectedly runs into Sarah during a fraud investigation at Sarah’s charitable foundation. The women are inexorably drawn to each other, but Cazz’s investigation into the foundation’s finances limits her ability to be entirely honest with Sarah.

Already wary of Cazz for not keeping in touch after Claiborne, Sarah demands the truth. Will Cazz own up to her feelings for Sarah? Or is she too late? And will Cazz’s investigation bring a killer to justice, or will she sacrifice herself to protect Sarah from a man desperate to conceal his crimes?


by Lise Gold
narrated by C.C. Sinclair

When Cara is made redundant and unable to find another job in journalism, she takes on a seasonal position on a cruise ship with Billie, her best friend’s girlfriend. Billie isn’t her type at all, but as the two grow closer during their time at sea, Cara finds herself torn between loyalty toward her friend Dan and her growing feelings for the beautiful and flirtatious Billie, who might very well be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. What do you do when the only thing you want is the one thing you can’t have?
Keeping a distance is hard when opposites attract. And running away is pointless when desire can cross oceans….


by Aurora Rey
narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Fifth-generation lobster-woman Mat Pero loves her traditional Portuguese family and living in the lesbian hub of Provincetown, even if they feel like two different worlds. Or two different lives. Since she has no plans for them to collide, it’s not a problem.

Graham Connor is a romantic at heart, but she hasn’t had a date in over a year. She vows to let loose and have a little fun, and the charming and confident Mat is more than happy to help.

But casual hookups aren’t supposed to include romantic dinners and meeting the family. Can Mat see beyond the heartbreak that led her to keep her worlds so separate, and will Graham be waiting if she does?

A Cape End romance



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It offers uniquely specific access to the ever-growing collection of lesbian fiction audiobooks.

This site aims to provide a space where listeners can browse available audiobooks that are lesbian in content thus providing easier access, and better visibility for current and newly released audiobooks.

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Weather Witch Book 1
by Emilia Spring

Only 99 cents! 

Burnt-out social worker Natalie Ethridge thinks she’s caught a lucky break–a free cottage from her Great-Aunt. With nothing to lose, Natalie heads for the hills, or, in this case, the mountains. Turns out the cottage comes with a big family secret—Natalie is from a long line of witches. She quickly discovers that living in a new town isn’t easy, especially when lightning strikes whenever she loses her temper!

When an orphaned eleven-year-old stands accused of murder, Natalie’s social worker instincts compel her to solve the case and clear the child, even if it means digging into painful secrets the town considers long buried. Secrets that paint a target on her back.

Between her crazy family, magic lessons, investigating a murder, and the sexy witch detective hell-bent on keeping her in line, Natalie’s not sure which one will be the death of her first–her newfound abilities or the killer.





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Guest Post: Being Emily by Rachel Gold

Today I’m excited to welcome Rachel Gold, author of Being Emily.

Being Emily by Rachel Gold

At its heart, Being Emily is as much a love story as a coming out story. While it centers on Emily coming out as a transgender girl, her relationship with her girlfriend Claire is the bedrock of the novel. In revising and updating the story for this expanded edition, it became clear that I needed to add more scenes between Emily and her girlfriend Claire.

Both are sixteen and in high school in rural Minnesota. Claire is bisexual and Christian and quickly becomes Emily’s biggest ally in her coming out process. But Claire also has a lot to learn and figure out as the person she thought was her boyfriend becomes more visibly her girlfriend. Toward the middle of the novel, Claire begins to enjoy falling in love again with Emily, who she already knows well and is also getting to discover again.

For the new edition I wrote an epilogue set ten years after the original story that updates Emily and Claire’s relationship. And I got to include a photo of Emily on the back cover without the hat and scarf she’s wearing on the front (because she is in Minnesota, after all).


In this excerpt, Emily and Claire are kissing for the first time as two people who are both openly, visibly girls:


Claire flicked on the TV and started flipping though the On Demand movies, though she didn’t care what they watched. Something shallow for background noise that they didn’t have to pay attention to.

Emily came out a few minutes later with a light touch of makeup around her eyes, solid foundation, a hint of blush and a lip shimmer. She’d fluffed her hair as much as she could, but it was still too short. Her pants and sweater were gender neutral enough to work either way and she’d taken off the button-down and tie.

Claire beckoned her to the couch. If she’d thought this through, she realized, she could have cued up “I Kissed a Girl” on the iPod speakers. When Emily sat, Claire leaned forward and gently traced the side of her face. She didn’t know what to say, or to expect, so she kissed her.

It wasn’t radically different from every other kiss they’d shared. They’d been kissing since Emily had come out to her, just not making out at length like they used to. Emily’s lips were warm, soft and familiar. But the presence of lip shimmer made the kiss sticky.

Claire pulled back. “This is silly.”


She hopped up and got tissues and makeup wipes. “The other girl I kissed wasn’t wearing anything on her lips and my lip gloss on your shimmer is yucky.”

Emily wiped off her lips. “You might be trying too hard,” she said.

“All the time,” Claire replied as she wiped off her makeup.

“Movie?” Emily asked.

She’d turned to the screen and picked up the remote, but Claire saw the flash of sadness in the dark of her eyes. If girls together took turns, it was definitely Claire’s turn. She pushed off the couch and got in front of Emily, fingers on her jaw, tipping her face up. She put her lips on Emily’s, kissing with increasing pressure until Emily’s hands went to her waist and pulled her down to the couch.

This time no sticky lip gloss got in the way. For the first few minutes of making out, part of Claire’s mind stood apart from the experience, waiting to see if anything felt new in a bad way. Emily smelled sweeter than Claire was used to and her kisses felt more tentative, but that was easy to understand.

Claire’s favorite parts of the experience hadn’t changed. She still loved strong hands on her back, and it didn’t matter if those were a boy’s or a girl’s. She appreciated being kissed carefully and thoughtfully. And she loved the feeling of melting into another human being that she cared about. She let her whole mind dissolve into that.

So much so that an hour later, she almost didn’t hear the garage door going up. At least Emily had. She lunged off the couch and into the bathroom to get her makeup off. Claire scrambled back into her shirt and clicked on a movie, fast-forwarding it to the middle so her mom would think they’d been watching it.

The downside to that, she hadn’t realized, was that Mom now expected her and “Chris” to watch the second half of the movie together, with Mom at home. Upside: she’d hastily selected Transformers, so at least Mom didn’t try to join them. Emily had already seen it with Mikey, but she settled in next to Claire and took her hand, entwining their fingers.

Nodding at the screen, after Mom had gone into her room to change, Emily whispered, “Is this your first attempt at a trans joke?”

Claire blinked at the image of car turning into a robot. “It is now,” she said. “Maybe you can use this with Mikey when you tell him.”

“He’ll expect me to have super powers.”

“Don’t you?” Claire asked and leaned into Emily.

“If turning from a robot into a person counts, then yes.”


Being Emily: Anniversary Edition

By Rachel Gold

They say that whoever you are it’s okay, you were born that way. Those words don’t comfort Emily, because she was born Christopher and her insides know that her outsides are all wrong.

They say that it gets better, be who you are and it’ll be fine. For Emily, telling her parents who she really is means a therapist who insists Christopher is normal and Emily is sick. Telling her girlfriend means lectures about how God doesn’t make that kind of mistake.

Emily desperately wants high school in her small Minnesota town to get better. She wants to be the woman she knows is inside, but it’s not until a substitute therapist and a girl named Natalie come into her life that she believes she has a chance of actually Being Emily.

A story for anyone who has ever felt that the inside and outside don’t match and no one else will understand…

In this new, expanded version you will find:

  • Updated language
  • Expanded and additional scenes
  • A new note from the author
  • A new introduction
  • Emily & Claire ten years later




Raised on world mythology, fantasy novels, comic books and magic, Rachel Gold is the author of multiple award-winning queer & trans young adult novels. She has an MFA in Writing, spent seven years as a reporter for a regional LGBTQ newspaper and fifteen years in corporate marketing. She’s an all around geek and avid gamer who teaches at the Loft Literary Center an annual class/game for teens called, “I’m Gaming as I Write This.” Even though she’s been out since the age of 15, she still doesn’t know what to wear to queer events.



Facebook / Twitter / Website


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: October 16th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



A Short Story Collection
by Harper Bliss


Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss has collected all the short stories she has penned over the years. You can find all twenty-eight of them in this sizzling hot collection.

You will encounter women of all ages, from all over the world, and practicing a myriad of professions–ranging from police officers to rock band singers and from therapists to personal trainers.

Just one piece of advice: do not read in public!


by Larkin Rose

Erotic Romance

Virginia Ward has one goal in life: to find the funds to save her granddaddy’s service station from closure. She has no time for heroes who, in her experience, lie, cheat, and break hearts. However, her disastrous dating column in the local newspaper proves there are many other pitfalls to finding happiness.

Firefighter Carmen Johnson shuns love and commitment, believing her chosen career will likely bring about her early death. Her family is cursed and she doesn’t want to leave a loved one behind to face life alone.

Gin’s determination to stay far away from the hero, and Carmen’s goal to make the hero hater a notch on her bedpost spurs a heated competition. They find themselves battling their willpower and their bodies, where the electric energy is far more hazardous than any inferno.

Can Gin and Carmen relinquish their long-held beliefs for a happy ending? Or will the family curse finally claim the next one in line?


by MJ Williamz

Erotic Romance

Sister Mary Margaret has been a devout nun for twenty years and has never questioned her devotion to the calling. But when she develops a crush on one of her parishioners, Maryann Foster, the passion between them is irresistible and her vow of celibacy isn’t enough to keep them apart.

But can she love both Maryann and the Church? She prays for an answer, only to question whether God has truly given her a sign or if she is just afraid to leave the only real home she has ever known.

Mary Margaret must reconcile her divided heart or risk losing a love that just might be heaven sent.


A Seven Shores Romance
Book 4
by Melissa Brayden

Contemporary Romance

Sometimes the most imperfect match is the most perfect surprise.

Hadley Cooper believes in happily-ever-afters with her whole heart. Described by her friends as a wide-eyed, eternal optimist, she looks for the bright side in most any situation. However, when her job as the assistant manager of Silhouette, a posh boutique on Rodeo Drive, is on the line, she realizes it’s time to pull her head out of the clouds and find a way to turn business around, and that just might mean partnering with the most stubborn up-and-coming fashion designer she’s ever encountered.

Spencer Adair has a passion for fashion, but hates the fact that it rhymes. She’s serious about her designs, fiercely protective of her work, and is waiting patiently for her big break. What she didn’t plan on, however, was the unsolicited opinions of that overly-friendly blond boutique manager. Or the way her heart beats faster every time she’s around.


A Cape Cod Romance
Book 4
by Aurora Rey

Contemporary Romance

Fifth-generation lobster-woman Mat Pero loves her traditional Portuguese family and living in the lesbian hub of Provincetown, even if they feel like two different worlds. Or two different lives. Since she has no plans for them to collide, it’s not a problem.

Graham Connor is a romantic at heart, but she hasn’t had a date in over a year. She vows to let loose and have a little fun, and the charming and confident Mat is more than happy to help.

But casual hookups aren’t supposed to include romantic dinners and meeting the family. Can Mat see beyond the heartbreak that led her to keep her worlds so separate, and will Graham be waiting if she does?


by Nicole Disney

Contemporary Romance

Jenna Thompson is a recently promoted supervisor for Child Protective Services, but she’s already having a hard time following the rules. She knows that if she dares act on her desire for her new trainee, she won’t keep her job long.

Danielle Corey’s family disowned her when she came out at seventeen, so she’s passionate about helping children who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned by their families. Eager to prove herself as a new social worker, Danielle struggles with her unprofessional attraction for her new boss.

As the case they’re working on becomes more volatile, their opinions start to clash even as coworkers become suspicious of their obvious connection. Tensions rise and, with their careers and hearts in the balance, Jenna and Danielle have to decide if they’re willing to risk everything they’ve worked for to take a chance at forever.


by Mickey Brent

Contemporary Romance

After kissing at the Belgian coast, Hélène and Sylvie find ruts in their road to eternal bliss. In this sequel to Underwater Vibes, Hélène struggles to avoid Sylvie, her sexy Greek swimming coach. Attempting to shun her deepest emotions to save her marriage, inner turmoil makes Hélène react in bizarre, self-destructive ways. An intimate dinner turns sour as Sylvie’s tempting ex lurks nearby. When Sylvie heads to the airport with a mysterious, gorgeous woman, and a psychic reveals unexpected news, Hélène must face up to her feelings or risk losing Sylvie forever.


Around the World
Book 2
by A.E. Radley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rebecca has convinced Arabella to accompany her on a trip to New Orleans. Both women are struggling to figure out their new relationship as Rebecca gives Arabella the space she requests, and Arabella comes to terms with her unexpected feelings for the younger woman.

Meeting Rebecca’s friend, Jenn, gives them the chance to learn more about each other. While Jenn starts to fall for her own older woman from out of town.

The second book in the Around the World Series, following on from the smash hit success The Road Ahead.


by Lucy J. Madison


Piermont, New York. Danika Russo is 55, newly retired from a 30-year career as a mail carrier, and stuck in a rut. After putting her own needs on hold to care for her terminally ill partner and her unloving father, Danika is holed up the childhood home she inherited, a claustrophobic time warp from the 1970s complete with brown Formica and linoleum, and not sure what to do next.

Her best friend Natalie suggests making a list of things she has always wanted to do. Stepping outside her comfort zone, self-deprecating Danika opts for taking an Italian cooking class, not knowing that she will both impress the appreciative chef with her tasting skills and meet a mysterious younger woman there, Finn Gerard, who will capture her heart and teach her the recipe for love. But Finn is withholding a grim secret and, despite her initial passion, appears unable to commit to Danika fully. Will Danika allow herself to let go and fall in love for the first time in her life, even if there are no guarantees? Even if she must learn to let go?

This complex lesbian romance touches on themes of rediscovery and transformation, showing that while love can be the answer, real healing always starts from within.


Book 4
by Erik Schubach


In this final book of the Flotilla series, the group tries to figure out just who it is that has stolen Paya Doshi’s heart as she plans a trip to America.

Meanwhile, a resident of the Flotilla Project, Emery Brown, attempts to put her life together after losing her job because of an affliction beyond her control. She has all but given up on her dream of being an architect, and now works as a toll attendant at the last toll gate in London.

A chance meeting with a stranded motorist on her way home immerses Emery in a whirlwind romance with someone she could only ever have dreamed of.

The Flotilla series is a spinoff of the bestselling London Harmony series.


by Jaime Clevenger


When a little rest and relaxation turns into something more…

Julia Maguire can’t wait to spend two weeks in Hawaii with her best friends. She’s been dreaming about this trip for years and all she wants is to lay on a sandy beach with an icy cocktail in her hand. But those vacation goals change the moment she meets Reed Baxter.

Reed is a busy doctor with family demands. She’s in Hawaii to let go, not find love, and she’s not interested in any commitment. Adding a little heat to the vacation seems like a good idea as long as there aren’t expectations for anything more.


by Sheryl Wright


Can love found on television become true love?

When the producers of the new TV reality show, Queen of Hearts, receive a last minute cancellation by one of the show’s contestants, they know their show is in jeopardy of never airing at all. Desperate for a solution, they set out to convince helicopter pilot Ally Parker to join her cousin Pam on the program. Ally reluctantly agrees, but only after being assured that she’ll be eliminated in the first round.

Erin Bogner isn’t looking for love either. Convinced by her employer to be a secret plant on the show, Erin’s job is to weed out the contestants only looking for money and help Pam find true love. Erin has no interest in anything beyond making her employer happy.

But things seem to change for everyone once the game begins. Ally finds herself meeting a contestant that stirs something deep inside. And Erin discovers it may be difficult to fulfill her mission of helping her employer at any cost.

What happens when the game they’re all playing becomes real? The world is tuning in to find out…


by Rachel Spangler



When a down-and-out tennis professional takes on the mother of a young phenom, can the two of them survive the match, or will “love all” prove that no one wins?


by Jane Fletcher

Fantasy Romance

Catalina de Valasco’s parents have her future fully planned. The most important step for a 17th century Spanish noblewoman being, of course, an advantageous marriage.

Unfortunately, a series of setbacks has left Catalina unwed. On a galleon bound for the Americas and her latest husband-to-be, Catalina again finds her marriage plans frustrated. Pirates capture the ship, and she is held for ransom. The danger intensifies as they sail into seas which, one day, will become known as “The Bermuda Triangle”.

Catalina enters a terrifying world that she could never have imagined or planned for. Yet of all the surprises awaiting her, the most unexpected one is love.


by Bridget Essex

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal Romance

Guarding her heart was never part of the contract…

Annie Bellfield is walking her dog early one morning when, from out of nowhere, a gorgeous stranger approaches her and starts to walk with her. The captivating woman’s name is Nova, and Annie finds her intensely attractive…

Until Nova pushes her into a black van with no windows.

Nova swears it isn’t a kidnapping—that she’s in charge of keeping Annie safe from someone or something she can’t tell Annie about. Nova is frustrating, obtuse and cocky, but as Annie and Nova go on the run from this untold danger, Annie finds herself falling head over heels for her bodyguard.

Mysteries, family secrets, werewolves and passionate romance combine…what could possibly go wrong?


Burgundy Hart
Book 2
Lucy True

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Urban Fantasy

Unregistered warlock? Check. Date with the Witches Council? Check. Inevitable explosions? Check.

Hey, it’s not like Burgundy Jane Hart asked for this, no matter how dull life as Rock Grove’s librarian is. But ever since her father showed up and told her the truth – that she’s actually a warlock – she’s had plenty of time to think about her life choices.

Between movie nights and town meetings, not to mention an unexpected promotion, Burgundy thinks she might get the hang of this warlock thing, after all. Oh, and get the girl. (Which one? Turns out, that’s trickier than she expected.)

Except the Witches Council has other ideas and things take a dark turn even Burgundy couldn’t have foreseen. It’s live free or die when Rock Grove is placed under martial law, and only one person has the sass (or stupidity) to stand against the Finders.

Decision’s made. It’s time for Burgundy to embrace her heritage as a warlock or risk losing everything she holds dear.


by Kris Bryant, Maggie Cummings, M. Ullrich

Romance / Intrigue & Thriller

Police officer Peyton Clarke and real estate agent Tory Stevens are complete strangers who experience an instant attraction during a moment of shared misery: trying on bridesmaids’ dresses. But their flirtation comes to an abrupt end when Bradley Richter enters Angelina’s Bridal Boutique determined to end every life in the store. He’s deranged, heartbroken, and sure of his sharpshooting skills, but he has miscalculated. Two survive.

Peyton is determined to capture the guy who killed eleven people, but for Tory the tragedy is a wake up call to open herself up to more than professional success. She and Peyton learn that love can be found in the most hopeless of places. They escaped death once, but will they survive when Bradley’s determined to make his kill rate one-hundred percent?


Cantor Gold Crime Series
Book 4
by Ann Aptaker

Crime & Mystery / Historical

Havana, 1952, a city throbbing with pleasure and danger, where the Mob peddles glamor to the tourists and there’s plenty of sex for sale. In the swanky hotels and casinos, and the steamy, secretive Red Light district of the Colón, Cantor Gold, dapper art thief and smuggler, searches the streets and brothels for her kidnapped love, Sophie de la Luna y Sol. Cantor races against time while trying to out run the deadly schemes of American mobsters and the gunsights of murderous local gangs.




by Jae
narrated by Angela Dawe


When Claire, an overachieving psychologist with OCD tendencies, hires Lana, an impulsive, out-of-work actress for a fake relationship, she figures the worst she’ll have to endure are the messes Lana leaves around. It’s only for a few months anyway. And it’s not as if she’ll enjoy all those fake kisses and loving looks. Right?


Open Tab
Book 3
by JA Armstrong

narrated by Jill Smith


It’s autumn in Whiskey Springs, Vermont, and more than the leaves have changed color. Life has never been better for Fallon Foster. Her relationship with the town’s newest citizen, Riley Main, is progressing as Fallon had hoped. Fallon finally believes she may get the family she’s dreamed of. Her business is thriving, and her friendship with her former lover, Andi Maguire, is back on track.

Meanwhile, Andi has been spending time with a local nurse named Billie Steele. The pair have become nearly inseparable, sharing dinners, cocktails, laughs, and long walks. After Andi’s short trip to visit her eldest son at college, she realizes that her feelings for the affable nurse have changed. Each will have to overcome fear and insecurity cultivated by past relationships if they hope to build something together.

The colorful cast of characters that gather at Murphy’s Law will have plenty of news to share and stories to tell. Babies on the way, proposals to plan, and confessions to make bring both laughter and tears for the familiar faces of Whiskey Springs.

Just when life seems to find its footing, the unthinkable will turn the town upside down. Even in small town New England, can you ever truly know anyone?

Night Cap is the third installment in the Open Tab series by best-selling author JA Armstrong.


The Vincetti Series
Book 2
by Emma Nichols
narrated by Nicole Blessing


On the back of a recent break up and her mum’s shocking news, Anna wasn’t looking for love, but it found her…

Lauren Vincenti comes from wealth. Her family has owned their famous vineyard in Corsica for generations and they have a personal reputation to protect. Married to Rachel, she lives and works in London as a lawyer. That is, until her father commits suicide and she is required to play her part in the family business.

Anna is an up and coming artist, following in her highly successful mother’s footsteps. Her chance meeting with the seductive Vincenti, and their spontaneous dinner together, changes her life forever. Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Can she ever trust again, and what happens when she does?




Exclusive to I HEART LESFIC readers, Alex B Porter is giving away 2 bundle copies of her steamy lesbian romance Branding Her. Enjoy 6 episodes and 3 bonus stories if you’re one of the lucky winners!

Click here to enter the giveaway.

Submit your entry before midnight on October 18th. Entrants must be able to access the US or UK Audible store and winners will be contacted within 1 week. Good Luck!





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My whole life I have loved women: Guest Post by Lise Weil

Please welcome Lise Weil, author of In Search of Pure Lust.

My whole life I have loved women

I began falling in love with women at age three (my kindergarten teacher, Miss Moffatt) and went on to have regular crushes on friends on teachers and on movie stars throughout my childhood and young adulthood.  After officially coming out in 1976 at the age of twenty-five, I threw myself headlong into a series of passionate relationships. In 1982 I founded the first of two feminist journals I would publish and edit over the next twenty-nine years.  During that time, I also participated in and hosted women’s circles of all kinds. I am still today gathering women for writing or dream groups and publishing a journal devoted to women’s words and artwork—so you could say that in one way or another my whole adult life has been devoted to women.

“My whole life I have loved women” are in fact the first words of my memoir. But as I wrote it, the story turned out to be a whole lot more complicated than that. Because none of those passionate relationships lasted very long. And when, some thirteen years after embarking on them, I took my first real look back, what I saw was a pattern of heady, rapturous beginnings, tortured middles and dramatic, excruciating endings. At around this time it began to occur to me that, although loving women had been the main theme of my life and I had come to believe it was the essence of feminism, when it came to my own life I didn’t have a clue how to do it.  Not, at least, with my lovers.

When I first started writing my memoir, some fifteen years ago, what I wanted to write about was lesbian desire. Lesbian desire had been the single most transformative force in my life and I wanted to try and convey the exhilaration of desiring and being desired by a woman, how it opened up realms of possibility beyond anything I’d imagined—and also, how from the very start it was inseparable from my desire for a different world, a world with women at the center of it.  The longer I wrote about desire, though, the clearer it became that when it came to loving women it had been a troublemaker, to put it mildly. In the communities I was part of desire was our guiding light. Lesbian eros was a precious resource and should never be blocked! When love and desire came together as they did for me over and over again in those years, I inhabited a state of bliss: “Pure Lust” I called it. But desire, as I had to admit in the process of writing my memoir, was not sustainable. It was “a wild card… wayward and unpredictable. It reared its head when I was feeling wary, estranged—abused, even. It flagged when I was fondest and most trusting. It trumped love, over and over again.”

I was living in Montague, Mass, when it came home to me that in my career of loving women something had gone dreadfully wrong. Yet another lover had left me with biting words and looking back all I could see was wreckage; of the five important relationships I had had during those years, nothing it seemed had been salvaged.  At the same time, as editor of a feminist journal, I was embroiled in political battles that seemed to mirror the turmoil of my personal life. I remember biking to a nearby pond with a prayer arrow a friend had given to me and launching that arrow into the water with my prayer “Help me—teach me—to love women.”  

Help did come, but not overnight. Out of sheer desperation I had already begun sitting zazen in Cambridge with a woman roshi. Now I began to step up my practice and, from hours and hours of sitting on that cushion, to learn a different way to relate to desire—at the very least, not to be jerked around by it.  For many years after I would experience myself as a duelling ground between spacious, temperate Zen mind and hotheaded lesbian desire—and Zen mind did not always win out. Over time, though, what I learned from that practice—several years of good therapy helped too—was to lead with the heart. This had a way of bringing desire to heel, and it turned out to be great medicine for my love relationships, which began to actually endure. I also became kinder and less reactive in political contexts. (Feminism had taught me many things but leading with the heart was not one of them!) But none of this is past tense. Though I feel far less clueless today in the matter of loving women, I would also have to say I’m a lifelong learner.     




When Lise Weil came out in 1976, she came out into a land that was all on fire. Lesbian desire was the pulsing center of an entire way of life, a culture, a movement. The air throbbed with possibility. At the center of In Search of Pure Lust is Weil’s immersion in this culture, this movement: the grand experiment of lesbian feminism of the ’70s and ’80s. She and the women around her lived in a state of heightened erotic intensity that was, she believed, the source of their most vital knowledge. Desire was their guiding light. But after fifteen years of torrid but ultimately failed relationships that tended to mirror the tumultuous political currents swirling around her, she had to admit that desire was also a conduit for childhood wounds. It reared its head when she was feeling wary, estranged― abused, even. It flagged when she was fondest and most trusting. And it tended to trump love, over and over again.

In the mid-’80s, when a friend asked Weil to accompany her on a Zen retreat, she was desperate enough to say yes. Her first day of sitting zazen was mostly hell―but smitten with the (female) roshi, she stuck with it, later returning for sesshin after sesshin. A period of difficult self-examination ensued and, over a period of years, she began to learn an altogether different approach to desire. Ultimately, what her search for pure lust uncovered is something that looks a lot like love.



Lise Weil is a Chicago-born writer, editor and translator. Her memoir, In Search of Pure Lust, was just published by She Writes Press. She was founder and editor of the US feminist review Trivia: A Journal of Ideas (in 1982) and of its online offshoot Trivia: Voices of Feminism (in 2003)Her collection of Mary Meigs’ writings on aging, Beyond Recall, was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.  In 2014 she founded the online journal Dark Matter: Women Witnessing as a home for writing and artwork responding to an age of massive species loss and ecological collapse. She has lived in Montreal since 1990 and spends summers in a cabin in the woods north of the city where she hosts annual writing retreats for women centered around dreamwork.  



Facebook / Trivia: Voices of Feminism / She Writes Press / Dark Matter


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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New Lesfic Goodies: October 9th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.




by Jody Klaire


Beautiful, fashionable, rich celebrity Darcy McGregor knows all about perfection. She’s famous for stripping bare, restyling, and rejuvenating women on her UK TV show, Style Surgeon. Millions of fans, from London and Sydney to Cardiff and New York, hang off her iconic #EmbraceDesigner social media posts and there’s no challenge she can’t meet.

That is, until the day she meets brash, imperfect, security guard Kate Bonvilston.

Kate doesn’t care about fashionable clothes, quests for perfection, or impressing anyone, especially after having her heart shattered. She only bothers to strut into Darcy’s changing room after her mother volunteered her for a makeover without asking first.

Sizing up this impossible and annoyingly attractive woman, suddenly Darcy is the one in danger of being laid bare and exposed.

A lesbian romance about facing and embracing your own unique design.



A Cam Thomas Story: Book 3
by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Contemporary Romance

Camryn Thomas and Michelle Hamilton are getting married!

Life couldn’t get any better, could it?

But what happens when Michelle insists it’s London that she wants to honeymoon in and not the private island Cam had planned?

Old faces return, but will it all be good news?


by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When the parents of the shy college girl next door decide to take a vacation, recent divorcée Jade sees a window of opportunity to meet her. One night before heading to bed, she notices a light in the girl’s bedroom and a crack in her blinds.

Jade grabs a spyglass and sees the girl watching an erotic video while touching herself. The girl notices movement in the window across the lane and catches Jade watching her.

Things escalate pretty rapidly as they exchange increasingly provocative displays, until Jade decides to ask the girl over for dinner. When they finally meet, Jade is shocked to find the shy girl next door isn’t nearly as innocent as she’s let on…


The Morelville Mysteries: Book 11
by Anne Hagan


A woman, imprisoned for manslaughter, disappears without a trace during transport between states and it’s all up to Dana to find her.

Sheila Ford traveled to Tennessee planning to commit an act of pre-meditated murder on her husband. Her lone shot at him misses and kills his lover instead. After pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge, she’s locked away in a Tennessee prison for women. Everyone back home in Ohio wrote her off. She wasn’t eligible for a parole hearing for seven years.

When Jennifer Coventry calls begging Sheriff Mel Crane to bring her ailing mother home to Ohio to serve out the rest of her sentence in the county jail, close to home, Mel is reluctant but gives in. The only problem is, she’s so short staffed and can’t send a deputy to do the transport. She deputizes Dana to do the duties.

Dana planned to go to Tennessee anyway, to look at a vacation cabin for herself and Mel. A little detour over to Nashville to connect with Sheila and the ambulance transporting her to Ohio won’t be hard, she thought…until everything that could go wrong does, ending up with Sheila disappearing during a rest stop.

A multi-state manhunt is on to find the escaped convict and return her to prison, but the circumstances of her disappearance go far deeper than anyone could have imagined.

This book is great together with Books 1-10 of The Morelville Mysteries series but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.


Night Terror: Book 6
by Mia Archer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Night Terror, the greatest villain Starlight City has ever seen, might not be the greatest for much longer.

Her girlfriend is back. Only Fialux might not be her girlfriend anymore. Showing up with her powers at the head of an invading alien army has kind of put a cramp on rekindling their relationship.

Yeah, it’s back to the bad old days. Fialux vs. Night Terror, only this time around that age old fight ends with Night Terror getting a one way ticket to SuperMax: the infamous prison for the criminally villainous!

Yeah, not exactly the steamy reunion Night Terror was hoping for.

So now she’s in the clink. The hoosegow. Stuck in the pokey surrounded by lesser villains who couldn’t escape or afford a lawyer good enough to get them out. And there are a lot of people on the inside who wouldn’t mind taking a shot at Night Terror now that she doesn’t have all the wonderful toys that made her the most feared villain in Starlight City not so long ago.

Crazy ex-girlfriends hellbent on conquering a world she’s already called dibs on. Heroes and villains getting thrown into SuperMax as new management takes over the city. They all want a piece of the queen, and they all made one massive mistake.

Night Terror might be down on her luck. She might not have any of her wonderful toys, but she still has the one thing that made her the greatest villain the world has ever seen: her brains.

She’s going to show the world why Night Terror should still be feared, and she doesn’t care how many asses she has to kick to prove it!


by Annette Mori

Urban Fantasy Romance

From award winning author Annette Mori comes the captivating story of Tanya, a young woman whose life is unremarkable without any friends or lovers. Although she has her books and faithful furry companion, Tolstoy, she’s merely existing. Then she meets Elle, the alluring owner of the new bookstore, The Enchanted Page. Elle looks like she stepped out of a Nordic adventure and Tanya is immediately infatuated with the mysterious woman.

Elle has her own issues, playing fast and loose with love, reluctant to settle down. Her fears of a love taken from her in the blink of an eye, strengthens her resolve.

Soon the two women are catapulted into a perilous quest. Join the colorful characters as they try to right the wrongs created by Elle’s fiercest foe. And just maybe, the books won’t be the only thing enchanted if Elle allows the magic of love to enter her heart.


Refraction Series: Book 2
by Angela Koenig

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Adventure / Romance

Haunted by memories of the disastrous Troubles of Northern Ireland, Jeri O’Donnell has joined forces with her old friend, Rafi Gregoric, who is a power broker in the new Russia. Their current venture is arranging a meeting between a Tibetan monk and a distinguished UN official. The monk has evidence of brutal Chinese oppression that may enable the reforms that swept the soviet Union to reach China. Guiding the UN official through Himalayan highlands is exactly the kind of work Jeri needs to exercise her skills and exorcise her conscience.

Just as the mountain trek begins, Jeri encounters Kelly Corcoran, a tourist for the United States. Kelly is adrift in Nepal, emotionally desolated by the recent loss of her brother and his friends to AIDS. Both women recognize that a powerful connection links them, but while Kelly is willing to gamble her heart, Jeri struggles against involving anyone in her perilous and chaotic life.

An uneasy compromise finds Kelly accompanying the small group at least to the Tibetan border. On this perilous expedition, Kelly will need every ounce of her courage and nerve to convince Jeri that the future only makes sense if they are willing to risk it together.

The thrilling sequel to Rebellion in Ulster.


by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Horror / Romance / Short Read

All she longs for is a soulmate to love.

Someone with the same habits, the same hobbies, the same interests.

She wants The One.

And she will do anything to find her.

If you like a quick, little read with a touch of romance, a touch of spooky, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning short story.


by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Dystopian / Action & Adventure

Can she trust her?

Cyphers are assigned a number, a place to live and to work in exchange for giving up rights and freedoms most take for granted. Ami Moore finds herself trapped in what was sold to her as a temporary solution, and her situation gets worse when she is framed and accused of stealing. Ami can’t be sure whether Inspector Katlena Cervantes will be her ally or enemy–but the two women’s fates are tied together from the day they first meet.





by Clare Lydon & Harper Bliss
narrated by Fleur Strange


Can true love be their crowning glory?

Olivia Charlton is a princess who believes in love — not a high priority in a royal family hung up on tradition and duty.

Meanwhile, village sweetheart Rosie Perkins has no time for affairs of the heart — she’s just struggling to keep her cafe and life afloat.

When Olivia heads to Cornwall to escape her royal duties for a few weeks, the two meet and sparks fly. But can a cafe owner and a princess truly end up with their own happily ever after when all the odds are stacked against them?



by Ali Vali
narrated by Paige McKinney

Romantic Adventure

Commander Berkley Levine is content with her life as a Top Gun instructor in Fallon, Nevada, flying F-18s for the Navy. A change of government and a new equality initiative places Captain Aidan Sullivan at the helm of the Navy’s newest carrier, the USS Jefferson. Her first mission could lead to serious international consequences if she fails. Aidan’s orders are to destroy two sites housing the nuclear program of an unfriendly nation, and she can think of only one person she trusts enough to get the job done: her old lover Berkley.

Blue Skies will take you from Fallon, Nevada, to the Sea of Japan and beyond, as Berkley leads an elite group of pilots over enemy territory. As they embark on this adventure, Berkley and Aidan try to rediscover what they gave up for family, duty, and country.






Exclusive to I HEART LESFIC readers, Alex B Porter is giving away 2 bundle copies of her steamy lesbian romance Branding Her. Enjoy 6 episodes and 3 bonus stories if you’re one of the lucky winners!

Click here to enter the giveaway.

Submit your entry before midnight on October 18th. Entrants must be able to access the US or UK Audible store and winners will be contacted within 1 week. Good Luck!



Episode 15: Harper’s Default Mode Is Desperation

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New Lesfic Goodies: October 2nd Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Jea Hawkins

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Wild party girl Annie is willing to try anything once. Except commitment. After a vicious high school heartbreak, she would rather have fun than put her heart on the line. So when a friend-of-a-friend makes her want to do more than kiss and run, Annie hesitates. Not because she’s afraid of losing her heart, but because she’s surprised at the strength of her feelings for Meg.

Meg is confident, fun, and can match Annie shot for shot, while still keeping a cool head. When they’re together, there’s never a dull moment. But Meg wants more than a good time. She wants to break down the wall Annie has built around her heart and offer her lasting love.

Will the party girl take a chance on something real with her heart or is she destined to dance with herself?

This short, sweet and fluffy novella is a follow-up story to Something About You.


by Lise Gold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Senior Purser Mia Donoghue is always on the go, leaving her little time for herself. She doesn’t mind being busy; it provides distraction from painful memories and her daily struggle to stay sober. The single and attractive Captain Ava Alfarsi has no problem meeting women, but her control issues and fear of people finding out she’s far from perfect stand in the way of connecting with others on a deeper level. When the two become aware of each other’s deepest secrets, they find comfort in the knowledge that they’re not alone. The attraction is undeniable as they embark on a healing journey together. Can Ava learn to let go, and can Mia somehow make peace with her past? 


Lesbian Light Reads: Book 13
by Elizabeth Andre

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Melissa attends her ten-year high school reunion, all she wants is to tell her longtime crush how much she’s always loved her. They will then ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Alas, the woman has a wife. She has a child, and she isn’t interested.

In walks T.J., a beautiful woman with long braids and a lovely smile. They barely knew each other in high school, but it may be time for them to get to know each other better. And then there’s Hayley, another old high school friend. She seems to have her sights on Melissa, too.

Melissa may not get the woman she thought she wanted, but, if she can put aside the story she’s already written for herself, she may just get the love she’s always deserved.


by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Admitting one’s sexuality can have devastating consequences. Julia Simmons’ enviable lifestyle will be shattered if her secret is exposed. For Alice King, relationships with family members will be destroyed. Will these two women find the courage to step out from their secret lives and admit their true desires, or will they continue to live undercover?


by Melissa Tereze

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mati Wilson believed that she had it all. A job that made her smile, and a girlfriend who made her world spin.

Leaving the US for a job opportunity in London shattered that illusion, and her relationship, rendering her single and loveless. When life once again changes, will she survive or will she forever wait for the day when things fall apart?

Olivia Miller was once her entire world. Can she resume that role in Mati’s life, and future, or are some things just too painful to forget?

One thing is for sure, nothing is ever quite how it seems…



The Wrong Woman Quartet:
Book 4
by Jane Retzig

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Mystery Romance

Six months have passed since the events of ‘A Betrayal’.

Tracey and Mik’s Big Society Wedding is just ten days away.
Dani is banned from attending… Kate is dreading the hen party… And Jaiden is terrified that Saskia will be whisked away by persistent millionaire suitor Davros Pentacosta.

Meanwhile, Jamila and the National Crime Agency are closing in on Tony and Maria.

And a shock departure, a grisly discovery, and a looming proposal, are about to stir up all the right conditions for a ‘Perfect Storm’.


by Mairsile Leabhair

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Mystery Romance

Kenny, a struggling college student, also is supporting her ailing grandmother. She wins the largest lottery in Arkansas history and rapidly develops a reputation for exuberant spending and wild parties. Life is good, until the downside of suddenly becoming the latest millionaire uncovers a dark family secret. She must choose her friends carefully. They will need to work as a team to find the person or persons who have taken her grandmother.

Chelsey, a new employee, is attracted to the tall woman that sat down to eat lunch with her and her new friend Sophie. But their introduction is suddenly interrupted by the luck of the draw. It would be weeks before she could continue to develop her friendship with Kenny and even then their relationship needs to take a back seat to the search for Kenny’s grandmother.


The San Franciso Mystery Series:
Book 5
by Alexi Venice

Legal Thriller / Crime Drama

A legal thriller/crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne, Dr. Jen Dawson and Detective Tommy Vietti.

In Sativa Strain, Amanda carries with her the quiet confidence of a yogi, the unrelenting burden of a prosecutor, and the demons that torture the corners of her soul.

Newly re-elected as San Francisco’s DA, Amanda faces her biggest internal and external foes yet when she and Detective Tommy Vietti investigate a high-profile murder implicating Kara Montiago, the CEO of a Silicon Valley tech company and candidate for President of the United States.

Sleep evades Amanda as she obsesses over the specter of a respected colleague’s involvement in the toxic murder scheme. Navigating the shoals of SFPD corruption, Tommy and Amanda learn that Kara Montiago is a philandering, Sativa-smoking dominatrix who preys on male subordinates at her company.

Amanda is especially vulnerable during her outpatient drug rehab therapy, fighting urges that tempt her day and night. Battling her desire to control everything around her, Amanda rekindles her relationship with Dr. Jen Dawson, the love of her life, testing the boundaries of Jen’s patience.


Those Strange Women: Book 3
by Anna Ferrara

Suspense / Science Fiction

In 1975, Helen Mendel married a widower and aircraft engineer, moved into his suburb in Los Angeles, 375 miles away from Area 51, and got herself merrily settled into a life of domestic bliss with nothing but her husband’s pleasure on her mind.

Ethel Ashlock, wife of her husband’s colleague, a depressed alcoholic addicted to Valium with unfulfilled dreams of becoming a pilot, hates her on sight. She thinks Helen’s just another boring, brain-washed housewife and doesn’t make any effort to hide how much she detests her.

She doesn’t realise Helen is not as commonplace as she appears; that she has synaesthesia—the ability to see sounds, hear images and taste feelings—and a past she’s not telling anyone, not even her husband, about.

Things change when Helen, having tolerated enough of Ethel’s persistent hostility, lifts her veil of pretence. Ethel soon finds herself blackmailed, frightened, and also… irresistibly intrigued by her new neighbour.

She becomes obsessed with getting Helen to like her and soon discovers they have more in common than she previously thought…




by Emily Sharp
narrated by Lucy Rivers

A Modern Fairy Tale

Louise Vandercourt lives in a modern-day castle, but she does not believe in fairy tales nor the silly ideas of love that are associated with them. However, she does believe in the power of money and knows it can buy her anything, including the beauty who walks by her property every day. No one tells Louise “No”, and no matter what the cost, Louise will have her beauty by her side forever.

Though life seems to be at its worst, Adara Monroe still believes in fairy-tale endings, and the majestic castle not far from her home may be the very place where it could happen. Love, laughter, and happily ever afters, all these things must be so close….

When a series of events forces Adara to reside in the castle, she soon realizes that not all fairy tales are filled with happiness and princesses full of love. In fact, some are cursed with darkness and a very cruel beast.

In order for Adara to have the happily ever after she has always desired, she must find a way to break the curse of the castle and the curse of the one who has taken hold of her as well.

Contains mature themes.


Episodes 1-20
The Complete Series
by Leanna Headley &
Alex B Porter

A 1920s New York Mystery

Lesbian private investigator series set in 1920’s New York – 20 bite-size episodes.

Tired of the routine life of trying on dresses and looking pretty, Ella Quick has taken up a new job at Manhattan private investigations firm, Emerald Inc. As a secretary, Ella expects to spend her days making coffee and filing paperwork, so it’s a pleasant surprise when her boss, Josie Desroches, takes her on assignments that not only open her eyes to the world but also teach her a thing or two about herself. Soon Ella finds herself falling in lust with her boss as she enters a decadent underground world of speakeasies, sex workers and the mafia.

Full Series: 1920’s New York Mystery

Set in historical New York City in the Roaring Twenties during a period of social revolution for women everywhere, bringing about significant change from fashion to suffrage to gender and sexual expression. Sapphic in the Shadows is a racy series that follows Ella’s adventures as she and her feisty boss solve mysteries, get entangled with drugs, prostitutes, and the mafia, and encounter the biggest, most ingenious crime organization that the city has ever known.

Does it complicate things that Ella seems to be having romantic feelings for her boss? Certainly. Will it confuse matters further when Ella discovers her boss is a queer sexual deviant of the LGBT variety? A flirtatious and outlandish lesbian who regularly uses her attributes to get what she wants? Definitely.

Has Ella bit off more than she can chew by taking this job or would she have been better off staying at home, looking pretty, and hoping to snag a rich husband?

Listen on to find out…

Sapphic in the Shadows is the complete series.



An American celebrity chef and an Italian chocolate maker cook up a magical recipe for true love in the sweetest romantic comedy of the year.

Enter to win a free download code!

Would you like to win a free download of Letters to Cupid? Enter here for your chance. Winners will be contacted in one week. Entrants must be able to access the US or UK Audible store.

TB Markinson is giving away a limited number of copies of Confessions from the Heart (Prequel to the Confessions Series) to US and UK Audible listeners.

Email her at to enter the contest. In the subject line, please write Confessions from the Heart Audiobook Giveaway. Be sure to tell her if you’re a US or UK listener.

That’s all you have to do.

The deadline to enter is October 8th.

A digital-loving ice queen and a cute stationery geek fall in love in Jae’s workplace romance Paper Love, which is set in Jae’s hometown.

Jae is giving away a signed paperback copy of Paper Love, plus a Black Forest-themed giveaway package that includes chocolate, wine gums, and other fun goodies.

To enter the drawing, head over to Jae’s blog and leave a comment. Click here for the blog post. 

The deadline is Friday, October 5.

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Guest Post: It’s easier to make stuff up by Judith Katz

Happy Friday!

Please welcome Judith Katz.

It’s easier to make stuff up

A few months ago, I ran into a former student of mine at a reading.  It was the first reading I’d been to in a number of years. I’d been avoiding crowds, even small, friendly ones like this, because my immune system was severely compromised. I had been having chemotherapy on and off for five years—first for one form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, then for another, more dangerous one, and besides feeling crappy up until a few weeks before that reading I was incredibly self conscious about being bald.

“How are you?” the student, now a published novelist herself, asked.  Her concern was genuine. By this point in my recovery I felt no compunction about answering in a big, hearty voice, “I’m well.”

“You know,” she passed me a confidential, sisterly look, “now that it’s over, I think you should write about it.”

About what? I wondered, but did not ask. My cancer? My recovery? How my hairless face in the mirror looked to me just like the one my father wore in the last months of his life? Instead I looked at the woman and told her very honestly, I don’t do that. Haven’t done that about any of my major life events since I came out publicly in the University of Massachusetts Daily Collegian in 1973 in an article entitled “Hard Ass Dyke Tells All”, and followed that with a quick trip home to confront my not very surprised parents.  (“We always thought you’d get married,” my tearful father told me. Until about a year ago, I actually never thought I would. But that’s another story entirely.)

I became a fiction writer because it has always seemed easier to tell the truth—about family dynamics; lesbian life as I understand it; lesbian culture as my community and I have invented it over the decades — if I made stuff up. Ever since the 1970’s when I began to find my writer voice, I wanted to make our lesbian lives mythological. Not science-fiction or fantasy as some of my contemporaries have done/are doing now—but folkloric, in the spirit of Jewish writers before me.  I suppose I could have written a novel about a young Jewish woman who is driven to tears daily during her late adolescence by an anxious and off balance mother, a daughter who feels she does not fit in to her family because she is queer or her community because she is Jewish, who sees herself as unattractive, and is actually what might be called unstable. But by writing about this same woman in exaggerated terms—a character who sets her hair on fire and falls out of the holy ark at her straight sister’s wedding, for example–this adds a kind of mythos to the family tale, and makes both the young woman and even her slightly mad mother, heroic each in her own way.  And then, to have the young woman’s lesbian sister be one of the main story tellers, to place her in a mythical town based on a real one, only in this one most everyone is Jewish and a lesbian….well, that’s my first novel Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound.

I might someday be able to write about my two bouts of lymphoma—the profound kindness and generosity of my lover, Paula, my dear friends, the sweet and committed nurses who administered my chemotherapy. I might write about how foolish I felt feeling outraged about losing my hair. I might write about the profound pleasure I felt this summer when my chemo brain cleared and I was able to read six amazing novels and for the first time in five years feel hopeful that I might complete another one myself.

But for now, it still seems easier to make stuff up.




Judith Katz is the author of two published novels, Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound and The Escape Artist, both originally published by Nancy K. Bereano at Firebrand Books and recently reissued by Bywater Books.



Bywater Books / Amazon Page


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New Lesfic Goodies: September 25th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner

Available in Kindle Unlimited

“Only love can satisfy a hungry heart.”

Claudia Montgomery is the best-selling author of the Nosy Parker mystery series. Her life was everything she had dreamed it would be, but it all came crashing to a halt when her parents died. As a result, she has an acute case of writer’s block. After several months, she goes to a Bed & Breakfast on the coast to relax and regenerate.

Kate is a a successful archeologist. She loved traveling the world and studying matriarchal societies. However, her work and life were upended when her sister was arrested and sent to prison. Kate had to give up her job, go home to raise her sister’s ten-year-old twin girls, and help her aging mother run the family Bed & Breakfast.

They say that love happens when you’re least expecting it. Can Claudia and Kate satisfy their hungry hearts in each others’ arms?


by Tamsen Parker

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Matchmaking? Check. Surfing? Check. Falling in love? As if.

Sunny, striking, and satisfied with her life in paradise, Theodosia Sullivan sees no need for marriage. She does, however, relish serving as matchmaker for everyone who crosses her path. As the manager of her family’s surf shop in Hanalei Bay, that includes locals and tourists alike.

One person she won’t be playing Cupid for is the equally happy bachelorette down the street. Baker Kini ʻŌpūnui has been the owner of Queen’s Sweet Shop since her parents passed away and her younger brother married Theo’s older sister and moved to Oahu. Kini’s ready smile, haupia shortbread, and lilikoi malasadas are staples of Hanalei’s main street.

However, Theo’s matchmaking machinations and social scheming soon become less charming—even hazardous—to everyone involved. And when she fails to heed Kini’s warnings about her meddling, she may be more successful than she ever intended. Theo has to face the prospect of Kini ending up with someone else, just as she realizes she’s loved Kini all along.


by Alison Grey

Contemporary Romance

Sherry lives in a trailer park with her son, trying to make ends meet. Madison’s life couldn’t be more different. Her only goals are partying and bedding women. When her grandmother threatens to disinherit her, Madison has to find a way to prove that she’s cleaned up her act. After a chance encounter with Sherry, Madison comes up with a crazy idea: she wants Sherry to play her fake girlfriend.



by C. Fonseca


When Jessica Harris flies home to Australia to sort out her late brother’s estate, the last thing she wants to face is his altruistic investment—an eatery on the rural Bellarine Peninsula.

The injured British/Indian elite cyclist just wants to settle up, move on, get rehab, and certainly not have to deal with the restaurant’s beautiful owner and artisan foodie, Lillian McAllister, or her sweet, four-year-old daughter.

In order to win, Jessica’s disciplined life is dedicated to controlling her emotions, and she isn’t sure she’d survive letting her walls down now.

A lesbian romance about how nourishment is so much more than the food we eat.



by Anna Stone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Emma Cole has left behind her family and an ex-fiancé to move to Chicago and start over. When a mix-up lands her a job at a high-profile law firm, Emma is determined to meet this new challenge head-on. What she didn’t count on was working for a woman like Lillian White, and it doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that she might be in over her head in more ways than one.

As beautiful as she is ruthless, Lillian has worked hard to build a reputation for herself that commands respect from everyone she meets. She’s sacrificed everything for her career, and she doesn’t have room in her life for romance. But there’s something about her sweet yet feisty new assistant that Lillian can’t resist, and Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of new desires that she never thought possible. Soon, the two women are embroiled in a scorching-hot forbidden affair that threatens to consume them both.

While both women grapple with their unexpected feelings toward each other, things at the office start to unravel. The future of Lillian’s firm is in turmoil, and something sinister lurks behind the scenes that forces both women to reexamine their lives and decide whether their relationship is worth fighting for.


by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Twenty years ago, Ripley Fox’s entire family was killed in a fire. After years in the foster care system and trying to rebuild her life, she’s once again confronted not only with the horror of what happened that night, but also with the truth about who was responsible.


Kenna Crawford is the very definition of a hard-nosed reporter. She always gets her story, never takes no for an answer and never lets go once she’s got something or someone in her sights. When she comes across the story of Ripley Fox, she’s not only intrigued by it but also by Ripley herself.

As the two women attempt to discover if there’s something between them, they’re forced to deal with the realities of what happened to Ripley and how Kenna’s career doesn’t make it easy for Ripley to let go of what she’s tried to forget for the past twenty years.


by Karen Legasy


Josephine Lavigne lives a contented life with Mollie, her golden retriever. Jo’s forestry consulting business is the perfect career for her love of the boreal forest.

Samantha White, a big-city criminal lawyer from Toronto, heads north to her recently inherited cottage to spend a month of respite alone at the cabin. Sam has no experience in northern winters and recklessly puts her life at risk.

Rescued by the moody and attractive forester, Sam is immediately drawn to Jo who sees her as an untrustworthy heartbreaker. After two nights snowed in together at the cottage then relocating to Jo’s house, the women begin to forge a friendship that scares them both.

When a woman with a broken heart meets a woman with a history of breaking hearts, sparks fly. But will there be enough kindling to ignite a fire in this tumultuous winter romance?


by Angelic Rodgers

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Women’s Fiction

Sylvia Townsend, a control freak of a literature professor, has wallowed in misery for two years since finding her girlfriend in bed with an ex. When a colleague seduces her at the faculty Halloween party, followed by her dream job opening up, she thinks all of her planning will finally pay off with the perfect life she’s tried to construct. When reality gets in the way, Sylvia has to learn to let go.


Witch School: Book 1
by Mia Archer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jaska was the greatest witch in a generation, greater even than those fools at the Academy, so it was only natural she would turn to the dark arts and try to take over the world.

There was one problem. A pesky chosen one prophesied to bring her dark reign to an end. Most dark overlords would be furious at having a chosen one rattling around out there destined to defeat them, but not Jaska.

No, she decided to have a little fun with prophecy and predestination.

Sarai was a young woman on the cusp of adulthood living in a small village in the middle of nowhere, because of course the future chosen one was a rural nobody far from anything interesting happening in the world.

Sarai had some choices ahead of her. There was The Choice. The day when the king’s men would come to cart off the village’s young to die gloriously fighting the Dark Lady’s monstrosities in the horrors of the Twisted Lands.

Which was all very scary, of course, but not nearly as terrifying as the thought of leaving without confessing her true feelings to her best friend Tiafa. One held hand, one stolen kiss, would be enough to leave her on top of the world as she was conscripted and sent off to her almost certain death.

Only Sarai had a plan. Sneak out to an abandoned tower on the Choikal walls. Sure it would involve risking the unquiet dead in the Ghost Fields and approaching city walls burned to nothing by the Dark Lady’s magic fires nearly two decades back, but it would totally be worth it for that kiss.

The only problem? A practical joke from an evil sorceress is about to hit Sarai on the night she finally comes of age, and it’s going to come just in time to mess with her chances with Tiafa while also changing the course of her life and the kingdom!

No one ever said being the chosen one was easy. Especially for a girl who has no idea what fate, prophecy, and an evil sorceress with a twisted sense of humor has in store for her!




Prequel to the Confessions Series
by T.B. Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince


Cori Tisdale fears she’ll never find a woman who loves her for her and not because she has a famous mother and rich uncle.

In an attempt to protect herself, she fills the void in her life with a “friends with benefits” relationship. That is until Cori meets the beautiful and mysterious Kat Finn.

Cori quickly falls for the artist, and not everyone in her life is happy about it. Will Cori be forced to choose between love and friendship?

Confessions from the Heart is a smart and funny prequel to the best-selling lesbian romance series. If you like quirky characters, witty dialogue, and well-crafted prose, then you’ll love T. B. Markinson’s heartfelt series.



by HollyAnne Weaver
narrated by Megan Green


Sophie Duncan should have been at the perfect point in her life: graduated from university, young, full of energy, and with the desire to take on the world single-handedly. Yet nothing seemed to be happening. She’d even gone so far as to plan a little pity party for herself at a local pub with a few of her mates but had been stood up by every one of them.

Just at the point her life should be beginning, it seemed instead as if it were crumbling away underneath her.

Then, stumbling, not from intoxication, but in a tear-filled state, she manages to drench Pam Browning, a complete and total stranger wearing a white silk blouse, with her drink, ruining it. Although she promises to replace the blouse, neither woman expects what’s about to unfold in both their lives….



by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Amelia Patricks

Action & Adventure

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially if she gets them herself!

Sam is a unique woman. She goes after what she wants in life, wherever it may take her. This time it takes her to Southeast Asia to pan for diamonds in the islands. It’s dirty, hot, and dangerous. Her trip is worth it, though, as she finds what she came for. Finding a woman who is intrigued by her, the adventure, and more is just a bonus. Felicia goes along on another trip; could it be fatal for both of them to go deep in the jungle to search for these elusive stones?


by Lyssa Chiavari
narrated by Adrian Mayes

Sci-fi Romance

Aliens are among us. And humanity’s only hope just happens to carry pom-poms.

Laura Clark thought she was just your average college freshman – until the day she saw a cheerleader on a skateboard get into a superhuman brawl with a lightning-wielding stranger in a trenchcoat. And the weirdest thing of all? Nobody else saw it happen. Nobody, that is, except the beautiful but standoffish Shailene, one of the mysterious (and possibly super-powered) cheerleaders from Laura’s rival school, Bayview University.

When girls start disappearing all over the city, Laura suddenly realizes that she may have seen more than she should. And if she wants to keep from disappearing herself, she needs to find some answers. But even though Laura can’t shake the feeling that they’re somehow connected, Shailene is more than a little reluctant to share her secrets. With strange, bug-like creatures and a sinister man in a dark coat stalking her every step, Laura will have to uncover the truth fast if she wants to survive.

The fate of the planet just might hang in the balance.




An American celebrity chef and an Italian chocolate maker cook up a magical recipe for true love in the sweetest romantic comedy of the year.

Enter to win a free download code!

Would you like to win a free download of Letters to Cupid? Enter here for your chance. Winners will be contacted in two weeks. Entrants must be able to access the US or UK Audible store.









The Lesbian Book Club with Lise MacTague

Check out episode 45 of Clare Lydon’s podcast. Click here to listen. 

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Guest Post: It’s Been A Journey, or Had I Known Then… by AJ Adaire

Happy Monday!

Today I thrilled to welcome AJ Adaire.

It’s Been A Journey, or Had I Known Then… by AJ Adaire

They say ignorance is bliss. It was certainly true in my case. Back around twenty-five years ago, I sat down to write my first novel thinking that being an author was only about writing stories. When I say back in those days, I can hear the eyeballs of some of the younger readers rolling back in their heads. I’m going to have to risk it though, because timing is everything. The only lesbian themed novels available back then were  what was known as pulp fiction books, many of which had very sad endings and not much going to help the reader feel good about herself.

Then, in the 1970s came Naiad press. I didn’t find them until the early 1980s. Readers complained that the stories were often error laden. I read one book that had been put together incorrectly that required searching for the proper remainder of the chapter somewhere in the book other than where it should be. I didn’t care because they were books that gave me hope that there was a happy ever after back in a time when  my world was filled with fear. I was afraid to let anyone know I was attracted to other women. I feared I would lose people who were friends but didn’t know the ‘real’ me. I worried about the safety of my job if someone were to find out my secret.

A friend gave me a copy of Jane Rule’s Desert of the Heart around 1983. At the time the novel was published, according to Wikipedia, Rule was “a lecturer at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and because the novel dealt with Sapphic romance, her job was threatened.” Still, it was the first well written, well edited, polished story I’d read that depicted two women with the potential for a happy ever after. Around the same time, I read Anna’s Country by Elizabeth Lang, a wonderful story of a woman finding herself, in the loving arms of her neighbor, following her divorce from her abusive husband. I loved this story.

There were many hurdles, but in 1984 I found my own ‘happy ever after’. My partner and I became infatuated with reading every lesfic novel we could get our hands on. I would sneak into the local woman’s bookstore to buy them, while she parked outside, hand on the horn, to keep watch for someone we might know approaching the store. I always had one eye on the bookstore’s door, fearing someone would come in and see the stack of lesbian fiction I was buying. Once home, I still worried someone would find my stash of novels I’d carefully hidden away in my locked cedar chest. Still today, when I smell cedar it makes me think of my treasure trove of beloved stories.

One cold and snowy winter evening, having read all the Naiad books we’d bought, I tossed a particularly mediocre book down and said to her, “I bet I could write a book better than this one.” She agreed I could, and thus began my writing career. I wrote my first book, which I called This Is Fitting and let her read it. She deemed it good, and I contacted Naiad Press to see about submitting it. I explained that I would need to publish it under a pseudonym because I was fearful of losing my job if someone were to see it under my real name. The person on the phone that I spoke to replied, “Oh we understand.” Then, by telling me those authors’ real names, she proceeded to out two other authors they published who used a pseudonym. Needless to say, I scurried off the phone as quickly as humanly possible and set the manuscript on the bookcase. There it remained for the next approximately twenty years until I blew the dust off it and reread it. By then I was far enough removed from it to look at it critically.  I found myself personally a little amazed that I liked it. It received a thorough rewrite. I typed it onto my computer, saved it to a floppy disk and, in quick succession, I wrote three more. By the time my somewhat circuitous and not painless journey to my publisher was over, no computers remained that read floppy disks and the stories had to be retyped again. At last my books found a home, and then the real work began.

Today, we come from a point where, as a reader, I was able to purchase every lesbian fiction book available to me every month to a time where there are a plethora of selections available, way too many to read in a month even for voracious readers. Aren’t we lucky? Now, on Amazon alone, lesbian fiction enjoys a top 100 list. Who could have even imagined?

Like me, many assume that an author’s job is to write. Back when I started my first book, that is what I thought. Once published, I learned that less than half the job is writing the story. The remainder of the task involves editing, proofing, and publicity or promotion. Other than meeting readers, I enjoy the publicity part the least. However, meeting folks who have read my books ranks right up there at the top with the sense of accomplishment of finishing another story. In that respect, my writing has been a blessing and a truly rewarding gift.

Of course, I don’t mean to diminish the creative outlet of starting with a blank page and, somehow, months later typing the end on a finished story. Completing ten books has provided an amazing sense of achievement for me. Still, the true gift of my stories has been the friendships my writing has brought me from across the world as far as Australia and New Zealand, Austria, Trinidad/Tobago, the Netherlands, Ireland, and England, as well as more local neighbors in Canada, and readers across the United States.

This summer alone, I have met readers who have become friends, from New Zealand, Ireland, England, and Pennsylvania. In December, we spent some wonderful times with reader friends from Florida. My life has definitely been enriched by my book connected friendships.

In March, I released my tenth novel, Match Me, a romantic comedy. For those of you who have ever fallen in love with an old friend, this one is for you.


by AJ Adaire


What do Casey Harrison and Mica Baxter have in common? Apparently pretty much everything. Having known each other since high school, the two peas in a pod, long-time friends and business partners, are a couple in every way but one. That line hasn’t been crossed, due to Casey’s industrial strength walls and set in stone conviction against becoming romantically involved with a friend.

Hilarity ensues as Mica convinces Casey to enter a contest run by a new start up lesbian dating service called Match Me. The prize at stake is a romantic vacation for two on an isolated island near Key West, and Mica wants to win it big time. Casey, feet dragging all the way, finally succumbs to Mica’s pleading and agrees to participate.

It is said that getting there is half the fun. That adage is certainly true about Casey and Mica’s journey to their paradise island. Will the two self-described ‘unluckiest people in the world’, be able to overcome all the obstacles, real and perceived, that stand in the way of their happy ever after? Join Mica and Casey in this romantic comedy, as they struggle with unexpected complications standing in the way of their happiness.



If you had told AJ Adaire, when she was struggling to write a one-page story for her high school English composition class that she would one day write ten novels, she would have bet everything that would never happen. In fact, she never would even have considered it a remote possibility.

Now retired, AJ lives on the east coast with her partner of thirty-four years. She has been quoted as saying, “Because we love a challenge, we provide a loving home for two spoiled cats instead of a dog.” In addition to writing, any spare time is devoted to editing, reading, mastering new computer programs, and socializing with friends.

AJ’s published romance novels include the Friends Series: Sunset Island (September 2013), Awaiting My Assignment (November 2013) and Anything Your Heart Desires (March 2014.) The Interim, a novelette that provides additional details about the life of Sunset Island’s Ren Madison, was released in November 2013. 2014 saw the release of One Day Longer Than Forever and It’s Complicated. Shortly thereafter, I Love My Life (March 2015). A Journey To You (August 2015), Don’t Forget (March 2017) were released.  Her latest, Match Me (June 2018), is a romantic comedy. All books are available on Amazon, Bella, and Smashwords.



Website | Facebook  | Desert Palm Press | | Bella Books


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New Lesfic Goodies: September 18th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



Journey of Exploration: Book 2
by JA Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Erotic Romance

Diana Lansing is an art gallery owner who knows a lot about loss. Her adult life has been spent trying to convince herself that living offers more than grief. Dr. Eden Holbrook is a pediatrician who loves art.

One of Diana’s many indulgences is attending her best friend, Jessie’s Saturday Night Soirees. Saturday nights at Jessie’s house may be discreet to the outside world, discretion is optional when the door closes. A chance collision between the enigmatic gallery owner and the sweet pediatrician ignites more than a few sparks. But can the pair find common ground in the stark light of day?

Doubt, insecurity, fear, and hopefulness challenge Diana as she endeavors to get closer to Eden. Along the way, she will discover that one thing is scarier than losing someone you love—never feeling love at all. With a little guidance and a lot of courage, Diana might just expose the meaning of Eden.

Exposing Eden is an erotic romance by best-selling author, J.A. Armstrong that explores sexuality, love, and the power of letting go.


The Hidden One
The Chosen One: Book 2
by T. B. Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mock election. Real world danger. Ainsley’s relationship and reputation may not survive the campaign trail.

Still reeling from the targeted attack on her family, Ainsley is determined to keep a low profile during senior year. But a mandatory class project pulls her back into the political fray as the mock Democratic presidential candidate. With the entire campus watching, Ainsley knows it’s only a matter of time before her rival turns the spotlight on her and her secretive girlfriend.

Groomed from birth by her politically connected family, Ainsley knows she can handle the abuse. But shielding her girlfriend’s secrets is a matter of life or death. To protect the ones she loves, Ainsley will need to use every shrewd political move in the book.

The Hidden One is the captivating second book in a series of lesbian romantic suspense novels that shed light on modern American politics. If you like romance that defies the odds, a satirical take on current events, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s compelling tale.


by Cara Malone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cynthia “Cyn” Robinson has only ever wanted three things: the approval of her stepmother, to save lives as a firefighter, and the attention of her dream girl, Marigold Grimm.

A socialite who most of the town refers to as Grimm Falls royalty, Marigold is so far out of Cyn’s league that even dreaming about her could be considered inappropriate.

And Cyn has all but given up on her stepmother, who refuses to accept a daughter who does not delight in wearing dresses and working in her clothing boutique. Cyn tried to be that girl ever since she and her father moved to Grimm Falls, but sooner or later, she always turns back into a pumpkin.

One thing Cyn does have is her job. She’s a great firefighter, and when an arsonist strikes her beloved town, she’s ready to forget the unfulfilled parts of her life and throw herself into work – until Marigold Grimm’s beloved garden becomes the firebug’s next target.

Cyn puts out the blaze, but there’s more than one type of spark flying as Cyn and Marigold meet. Is her dream girl really within reach, or will it all go up in flames?

Cinders is a contemporary fairy tale based on the original Grimm Brothers’ Cinderella.


by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kara Reynolds runs from her fiancé on her wedding day and heads to a small town in northern California to get her head together, but instead meets struggling café owner, Steph McKenzie. The timing couldn’t be worse for either of them, but the attraction is undeniable. Will ghosts from their pasts destroy any chance of a future together, or will Kara and Steph have the courage to stop running from love, and run toward it together?


W A Cooper

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jessica Barron no longer believes in love.

Her first husband died tragically and she discovers her second husband in flagrante with their children’s nanny. But with the faithless pair gone, her parents holidaying overseas, and her friend Amy in no state to assist, the Leeds divorce advocate can’t juggle the demands of her job with the care of her children, Luke and Gemmy, who she is emotionally estranged from. Jessica needs a new nanny, and fast.

Renée Arden is over relationships. Reeling from a recent break up, the Home Solution Agency owner is temporarily homeless. When Jessica mistakes her for a staff member, the solution is obvious. Renée will step in as nanny.

On their initial meeting Jessica and Renée clash. But desperate times call for desperate measures and the women put aside their differences. Both women, in their own way, need each other.

Renée’s efficient running of the household, enables Jessica to reconnect with her children and their relationship moves from professional to friendship, with the possibility of so much more.

But circumstances and supposed friends conspire against them.

Further heartbreak, hidden truths and secret desires test their fledgling relationship.

Decree Absolute…the end is a new beginning. Or is it?


by Lily Craig

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Fake love, real sparks.

When Celeste Lamontagne receives a wedding invitation from her ex, she’s furious. The only thing worse than being cheated on? Seeing your ex and the girl she cheated with get married. Less than a year later. And as part of a two-week long Mediterranean cruise. But they say the best revenge is a life well lived, right? Not for Celeste, it isn’t. It’s arranging an elaborate fake relationship with someone to make your ex jealous.

Lane Bishop is the perfect someone to do just that. Impulsive to the extreme, she loses her job right in front of Celeste. There goes Lane’s best shot at becoming a stylist in New York City. She can have another chance if she agrees to travel with Celeste, pretending to be her girlfriend so that Celeste’s ex sees her happy and thriving. The only catch? Celeste’s an heiress accustomed to getting everything she wants. She’s rigorous about details—some might say spoiled—which clashes with a free spirit like Lane.

Two weeks travelling in close quarters challenges the faux lovebirds. They’ve got to appear harmoniously in love, even when they’d rather rib each other than whisper sweet nothings. But the sparks between Celeste and Lane become harder and harder to ignore. Can they convince the wedding guests of their passion without the flames setting them both alight?


Vetted Series: Book 4
by K’Anne Meinel

Western / Action & Adventure / Romance

Fiona Herriot and her wife, Allyssa continue nurturing and growing the large animal practice Fiona established on their ranch.

From a near-fatal accident to a dream come true, they have weathered all the trials and tribulations that came their way, supporting each other every step along the way. But when one of their dreams falls through and nearly derails their marriage, will they survive the fallout?

Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and even llamas play a part in this delightful story.

Join Fiona and Allyssa for the continuing saga of two women, a ranch, and the thriving veterinary practice they are building with love on the high plains of Oregon.


by Lily Hammond

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Historical Romance

In 1941 May Lewis is looking for a fresh start. Leaving the city and an old love affair behind, she buys a medical practice in a small country town. Here she hopes to find peace, friendships, and the sort of medical practice she’s always dreamed of, where she knows all her patients by name.

What she discovers is the possibility of a new, deep love with Eadie McClintock, a young woman struggling to raise her baby nephew while hiding her brother from the men determined to send him off to the war. Shunned by the town, however, Eadie refuses to have anything to do with May – for the new doctor’s own good.

Which leaves May with an impossible task. How can she win the trust of the town when they are so set against the one person May wants to be closest to?


by Charlie Conwell

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Science Fiction Wolf Story

There is nothing more dangerous than an Alpha protecting her mate. What would you do to protect yours?

Meghan, is a member of the Redstone Timberwolf Pack. She has been under the control of Calisse, the Alpha of the pack with some of the other females. Her life is mere existence and unhappiness. When her family decides to flee and seek refuge with Adrianna, Alpha of the Errigal Druid Pack, Meghan finds something more than what she bargained for.

Will Calisse just let them leave?

Delve into a world of pack rules, order, jealousy, domination and a battle to the death.


Sequel to Darkness Falls
by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romance / Apocalypse

If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

When a group of women from different walks of life are brought together by fate during the end of the world as they know it, each must find a way to survive against the odds as well as learn to rely on each other.

Laura Kennedy finds herself without a home when part of the city of Astoria, Oregon burns after a solar storm causes a worldwide blackout. Left with few options, she resigns herself to living with her brother’s family and trying to get by while food and resources quickly diminish. As she begins to despair about the fate of the world, a handsome young stranger rides into her life and suddenly she finds herself attracted to a woman in a way she never expected … Sam.

Sam Quinn is a veterinarian student when the power goes out everywhere. Believing everything happens for a reason, she decides to ride Northwest on her horse to explore the rapidly changing landscape in hopes of finding a place where she belongs. Instead, she encounters nothing but fear and unrest, or at least until she has an accident, and wakes up to meet a woman who wants nothing to do with her, but who Sam can’t stop thinking about … Laura.

Taylor Barnes is an Army veteran who is happy to simply work on a farm outside of town, which she shares with her close friends. However, when the city of Astoria struggles to maintain order after the world goes dark, she suddenly she finds herself thrust into a leadership role she never wanted. The only reason she agrees is so she can keep the world safe for the woman she loves … Jackie.

Jackie Scott, once a powerful CEO, had the world at her fingertips but is now adrift in a new reality without any of the modern conveniences she once relied on. Living on her sister’s farm near the small town of Astoria, the only stability she can rely on is the one person who she is slowly learning to trust and, if she is willing to listen to her heart, maybe even love … Taylor.

The end of the world is only the beginning.

If you like a story with romance and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning new book. Explore the world of “Darkness Remains” today!

Note: This is a full-length novel, which can be read as a stand-alone book, however, it is closely tied to the previous story “Darkness Falls.” These books have an end-of-the-world theme but are significantly more focused on strong female characters in loving lesbian relationships.


An Embellished Memoire about Growing Up Gay in The 50s & 60s
by Susan Stocker


Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s was a hip, groovy, and a laid-back kind of a life for most young teenage girls. Except if you were taller than most adults, completely out of it because your mother had total control of your life, and discovered you were different than all your friends, it was more like a complete social wipeout.

Susan was tall, athletic, and popular in elementary school and it never occurred to her life would change drastically when she entered junior high school. But by the first weekend in the new school year it was clear her easy-going life had changed forever.




by A.E. Radley
narrated by Ella Lynch

Two women from very different backgrounds forced to share a long journey home. Will they work together or pull each other apart?

Rebecca is stuck in Portugal. All planes to England are grounded, and it’s only two days until Christmas. Desperate to get home but without money to hire a car, she’s stuck. She sees an opportunity when she meets a snobby businesswoman with a broken leg, a platinum credit card, and a desire to get home.

A tentative agreement is struck in order to reach their destination before the festive deadline. Will they make it, or will they kill each other along the way?

A heartwarming enemies-to-lovers romance with a twist. Discover The Road Ahead and make your own journey home today.





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