Reading Challenge Book Submission Form

IHS has launched the I Heart SapphFic 2022 Reading Challenge.

We will feature 1 book category each week, along with a recommended reading list for books that qualify.

We have narrowed the list to 50 choices.

To be as fair as possible, an author will only be featured once in a given category, and a book will only be featured once for the year. Authors are allowed to submit as many of their books as they would like. If you have multiple pen names, you may submit 1 book for each penname for a particular category. Please note, submitting a book does not mean it will be featured.

The form will stay open for the majority of 2022, but a category will close 14 days before being featured on IHS.

One of the questions on the form asks if you’re willing to discount your book during the week that category is featured on IHS. Saying yes or no will not weigh into whether or not your book is chosen for the list, so please only answer yes if you’re serious about discounting your book on Amazon for the week of the sale.

Before you start filling out the form, here are some points to remember:

  • Only submit one book per form, meaning if you want to submit 25 books, you have to fill out 25 different forms.
  • If your book isn’t published yet, please supply the date of its release.
  • Each book can be entered for 5 different categories, and you’re able to state which categories you prefer by ranking them from 1st to 5th choice. (We’ll do our best on our end, but there are many variables we have to take into account.) You do not have to select 5 categories per book, but doing so increases the book’s chances of being selected.
  • Please go through all the categories carefully to ensure you’ve selected every possible option to give your book a better chance of being selected.
  • Only authors and/or publishers can submit books.

For example, Heart of Ice could be selected for the following categories:

  1. Age Gap
  2. Ice Queen
  3. Forced Proximity
  4. Loss / Grieving
  5. One Night to Forever

Here you can see the 2022 Reading Challenge schedule and what books have already been selected for each category.

After filling out all required boxes, hover over the dark grey button at the bottom of the form and the submit box will appear. When you click it, the form will disappear and it’ll say your book has been submitted.

Thanks for taking part, and we’ll be in touch.

The IHL Team