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This year, IHS has been rapidly growing. Our site averages 25k views and 10k unique visitors per month. We have a reach of 144k per month on Twitter and 5k on Facebook. We’ve also just started an Instagram account, which you can find here. That’s all in addition to our more than 3k weekly newsletter subscribers. Many readers have told us IHS is where they find most of their sapphic books. The book links on IHS have been clicked over 500,000 times in over 140 countries.

One of the things we’ve been focusing on in 2022 is raising awareness for sapphic fiction, not solely through the new release newsletter, but by hosting more events.

To hear about future promotional opportunities, sign up for the IHS author newsletter right here. You can also sign up for the I Heart SapphFic Author forum on Facebook.

Here are the upcoming sapphic fiction promotional events we’re working on right now. We need your help to make them a smashing success.

Non-Binary Awareness Week

July 11-17 is Non-Binary Awareness Week. We want to put a page together including recommended reads. Please let us know if you have a book(s) that includes a sapphic non-binary character(s). They can be a main character or part of the supporting cast, but they must be positive representations. When filling out the form, please let us know if the non-binary character(s) is one of the main characters or part of the supporting cast so we can include that detail.

We’ve also included a question if the author identifies as non-binary. No one is required to answer this question to have a book included for reading suggestions.

The deadline for submissions is July 5th.

To submit a book(s), click here to fill out the form.


Ongoing Promotional Opportunities 


Submit a New Release

This is the most popular feature because readers are always looking for more sapphic fiction. Here’s the page for how to submit your new release.

Friday Freebies

Every Friday we publish Friday Feels, which includes a free book. This has become a popular feature with readers and it’s a great way to increase your visibility, especially if you have a new release or want to get people hooked on one of your series. To submit a free book, click here for the form.

2022 IHS Reading Challenge

The reading challenge has been tremendously popular with readers. You can still submit books here to be included in future weeks of the challenge. We remove categories from the form two weeks before it’s featured to give us time to prep the page, but there are still many categories available. It’s another great way to get eyeballs on your books. An even better way is to discount your book during the week it will be featured.

We want to thank all of you for supporting IHS. Given the rise of hate and laws targeting the LGBTQ population, visibility and representation is vital. We couldn’t do this without you.

TB, Miranda, and the rest of the IHS Team