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Who doesn’t love a free book?

Sometimes, Amazon does funny things and raises a price without alerting the author or publisher. Before purchasing, please ensure the price is zero. This is especially true for marketplaces outside of the US and UK. 

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by Jae

Nothing could possibly be more erotic than watching the woman you love taking off her clothes in front of you, right? That’s what Lauren thinks, until she witnesses her girlfriend, celebrity actress Grace Durand, dressing up for a movie premiere. The reverse striptease gets Lauren’s pulse pounding and her breath catching in her throat, and she suddenly decides that they may be running late to that red carpet call…


Stay Here Tonight

by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Lonely Lydia has little to look forward to during her long days working at the local LGBT resource center. Except greeting multimillionaire heiress Maxine Woodward, who drops by every week.

But Maxine could barely care who Lydia is. Maxine’s a faraway dream, the ultimate fantasy for young lesbian Lydia. When she attends a high-class fundraiser at Maxine’s country manor, the last thing Lydia expects is for her dreams to come true!

Dancing. Flirting. And a one-night stand that leaves more than her heart racing and her body shaking.

But the fantasy comes to a halt when Maxine tells her young lover to leave. Now. Because Maxine Woodward does not let girls spend the night.


Try Me Again

by Clare Lydon

What if lockdown means your ex moving back in?

Dot is still bristling over Caitlin leaving when she turns up at her door, asking to stay.

It’s just until Caitlin can get a flight to New York, to the glittering new life she dumped them for.

But when the job falls through, Caitlin has to confront some home truths.

Now she knows what she really wants, can she convince Dot to try her again?


Branding Her

by Alex B Porter

Grab Branding Her episodes 1-6 (+3 bonus stories). Your steamy lesbian romance series that comes in bite-size episodes, perfect for bedtime, beach time and binge-reading! This modern romance for lesbian, bi or curious women is also available in audio format on Audible audiobooks. The drama all kicks off in the workplace…


The Consorts

by Melissa Addey

The Consorts is the captivating prequel novella to the Forbidden City historical fiction series. If you enjoy slow-burn romance, courtly intrigues and the intricately researched legends of real women, then you’ll be swept away by Melissa Addey’s enchanting novella.



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