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Cover of Her Beautiful LiarHer Beautiful Liar

by Alexa Woods

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can a treasure hunt become a happily ever after fairytale?

Rowen’s job is to find the treasures Vienna has stolen. Vienna is done with relationships. They are not set on romance but what if their hearts have their own agenda?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; Enemies to Lovers; Fake Relationship; Rich Girl / Poor Girl


Cover of The PromiseThe Promise

by Tessa Vidal

Can true love be reignited after twenty years?

So what happens when high school sweethearts are reunited? The Promise is a steamy second-chance lesbian romance with a host of unforgettable characters. This includes a wise aunt, a crazy family, and a love that refuses to die.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Medical Character; Friends to Lovers; Return to Hometown; Second Chance


Cover of Avery AwakenedAvery Awakened

by Chloe Peterson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Living with me may force her to question her sexuality and reconsider love.

My son’s ex-fiancée is homeless after getting dumped days before the wedding. I didn’t expect her to accept my offer of a place to stay or that we’d grow close enough for her to question her sexuality. Can I convince her to love again?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; Friends to Lovers; Slow Burn


Cover of The Perfect BlendThe Perfect Blend

by Avery Warren

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lilliana and Ginny learn that they are better together.

All the successful Lilliana Goodwin needed was love. All barista Ginny Williams is missing out on is love. When this surprising pairing come together, they find it’s not so difficult to blend their different worlds.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Rich Girl / Poor Girl; Hot & Steamy


Cover of The CEOThe CEO

CEO Series: Book 1

by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eva Perez is the CEO of one of the biggest and most successful companies in her industry in the US. She has everything she could ever need or want in life. She is confident she doesn’t need a girlfriend to complete her.

Most women fall at Eva’s feet, so when a young woman turns up for an interview with her, who seems completely unphased by her power, Eva is intrigued. Madison is captivating and exciting to Eva and sparks fly between them right from the start.

Will Madison ever be able to melt Eva’s frosty heart?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Age Gap; Ice Queen


Body Check

by JJ Arias

Available in Kindle Unlimited

To win it all, rivals will have to get dirty and play together

Reality competition show contestant Fabiola Santos already let Cameron Herrera steal her heart and her money once. Forced to play against each other again, Fab finds it hard to focus on her anger and ignore their undeniable attraction.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Sports; Celebrity; Enemies to Lovers; Forced Proximity; Grumpy / Sunshine; Ice Queen/ Second Chance; Slow Burn


She Keeps Me Warm

Friends and Lovers Series: Book 2

by Abigail Taylor

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Intense love and deep intimacy guide Hazel and Rory toward their happy ending as life throws one final surprise their way.

Back together after years apart, Rory and Hazel are enjoying making up for lost time. As life presents one final challenge, they rely on their deep connection and incredible intimacy to help them through.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Second Chance; Hot & Steamy




Cover of Sigrid and ElynSigrid and Elyn

Tales from Norvegr: Book 1

by Edale Lane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Attracted by passion, repelled by war. Can two shieldmaidens navigate battlegrounds of the sword and the heart?

When legendary warrior Sigrid clashes with fierce Elyn in battle, sparks fly from their swords and passions. Can they unite to discover their true foe?

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Historical Romance; Historical Fiction; Enemies to Lovers; Forced Proximity; Rich Girl / Poor Girl




Cover of The Holiday TrapThe Holiday Trap

by Roan Parrish


For fans of Alexandria Bellefleur and Casey McQuiston comes a charming, hilarious, and heartwarming LGBTQIA+ romcom about two separate couples finding love over the holidays from acclaimed author Roan Parrish!

2022 Reading Challenge Category: Holiday




Cover of Value in VisionsValue in Visions

by Ali Williams

When the librarian met the warrior princess…

When Rina’s brother is kidnapped by an ancient goddess, she turns to 2000 year old Aerten, warrior princess and daughter of Boudica, for assistance.

Trigger warnings: explicit sex scenes, PTSD, trauma, violence, death, off-page sexual assault, suicide

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Forced Proximity; Friends to Lovers; Girl Next Door; Grumpy / Sunshine; One Night to Forever


Cover of Banshee and YouBanshee and You

by Cam Alabastor

Available in Kindle Unlimited

“The human was supposed to die at my scream. But for her, I’ll defy death itself . . .”

The last thing Shufen Lu wants is to move to a forgotten little town to live with her mom, but her overbearing step-mother gives her little choice. Her mom is welcoming, but the town is strange and sleepy and boring. That is, until she meets the mysterious and alluring Tiernan Aodh, and Shufen’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Ghosts; Enemies to Lovers; Fake Relationship; Girl Next Door; Return to Hometown




Cover of Catboat RoadCatboat Road

by Kate Rounds

For Ace Ragsdale, the luscious Mrs. Forest may not be completely out of reach.

In this May/December lesbian romp a persistent teen with her eyes on the prize pursues her mother’s best friend, often to comic affect as the mysterious energy of the town windmill whips up a coastal disturbance of love, seduction, and smoldering emotions.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: YA / NA; Age Gap




Cover of The Proposal AudioThe Proposal

by TB Markinson

narrated by Ella Lynch

Is a single day worth changing the course of your entire life?

Marley Royce has just two goals for her seventy-two-hour stay in London: land a career-making business deal and finally meet the woman of her dreams face to face. Fate has something else in mind.

A heartfelt and quirky novella about finding love when you least expect it.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Sweet; Forced Proximity; Girl Next Door; Friends to Lovers


Cover of Garden of Eden AudioDark Justice: Garden of Eden

by Erin Wade

narrated by Melody Alice

Bestselling lesbian author Erin Wade continues the LGBTQ epic about two women who travel the world and beyond to uncover the mysteries hidden in the universe. “Dark Justice: Book 2 – The Garden of Eden” continues the courageous adventures of Courtney and Sage Southerland, as they produce documentaries of the strange and unexplained. The truth is their secret is as dangerous, bizarre and inexplicable as any they document.

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: Pet; Suspense


Cover of Submitting to My Supernatural Neighbors Box Set AudioSubmitting to My Supernatural Neighbors

Box Set 1-3

by Riley Rose

narrated by Nikki Monroe

Elena submits to her sexy witch, vampire, and werewolf neighbors!

Elena Cortez discovers she lives in the best neighborhood ever: filled with supernatural hotties that can’t wait to dominate her sensual curves. Will she submit to mischievous witch Cassia, sultry vampire Juliana, powerful werewolf Kaia or all three? Find out in these fun and erotic supernatural stories!

2022 Reading Challenge Categories: BDSM; POC Character; Hot & Steamy; Vampire




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