Kindle Vella Directions

TB has attempted to capture how US readers can claim their free tokens and how to download the Kindle Vella series A London Love Story on a laptop. While the screens on a phone may look slightly different, hopefully, it’s not too difficult to navigate since TB claimed the free tokens on her laptop before realizing the phone method was slightly different.

Now that we got TB’s whoopsie out of the way, let’s begin!

Up first is how to get your free tokens for Kindle Vella. This is important for readers who haven’t claimed their tokens yet, and later on, you’ll learn why it helps us, the authors, for you to claim and use them for A London Love Story.

Start by going to the home screen and click on Kindle Books:

Click on the link for Kindle Vella:


You should see this page:

You need to claim your free tokens by clicking on Start reading for FREE:

This screen will appear (Please note, some people are reporting, including TB, that Amazon is giving away 500 free tokens.):

Click on the blue Claim Tokens button:


After claiming your tokens, you’ll see the tokens number in the upper righthand corner (You can see TB got 500 tokens, but we’re not sure if this will always be the case.):


Now to find A London Love Story on Kindle Vella. You can either click on this link or type in A London Love Story by Miranda MacLeod in the Kindle Vella search bar and tap the magnifying glass.

You should see the series page.

Scroll down and hit the follow button to never miss an episode:

Continue scrolling to start reading the first episode for free (remember, Amazon gives you the first 3 episodes of any Kindle Vella series for free):

Now you’re ready to begin!

At the end of the episode, you can hit the thumbs up button, which helps us by upping the rank of the series.

Then click on the next episode button:

And, you should be able to continue reading all the available episodes. After the third episode, you’ll need to unlock episode 4 and so on, but since you got your free tokens, and assuming you only use them for A London Love Story, you’ll be able to read through episode 22 for free.

The cool part for us (TB & Miranda) is we actually get paid real money even though you’re using free tokens. By giving our Vella series a try, you’re helping us out by increasing the series visibility on the Kindle Vella platform which means more readers will be able to find it. And, you’re giving us free money in the process. It’s a win-win!

We drop a new episode every day, Monday through Friday. On average, each episode is roughly 10-12 tokens. If things go swimmingly, we envision this series running through the end of 2022. No matter what, we promise the 4 leading ladies will get their happily ever after.

Happy reading!

Miranda & TB