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by Harper Bliss

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can the road to the top take you on a path to love?

After ten years abroad, Alexandra ‘Ali’ Lennox’s father asks her to move back to Los Angeles to head the family company, Lennox Breweries.

The company’s COO, Jill Gold, has dedicated twenty years of her life to Lennox Breweries and is not amused when she’s asked to mentor Ali, who she considers to be nothing more than a privileged trust-fund brat.

Even though they don’t see eye to eye, Ali and Jill will have to learn to trust each other for the sake of the company—and each other.

Can Jill change her mind about Ali’s smug entitlement? And will Ali be able to come to terms with the past hurt that drove her away from L.A. in the first place?



by Margaux Fox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

n 1995, Jo and Carole fell wildly in love and lust and everything in between, running around the countryside as teenagers.

Tragedy struck and circumstances changed drastically leaving Carole in London focussing on her career and Jo in the countryside trying to save her failing farm.

Every year they see each other only on Christmas day and always on Christmas day. Each year they exchange Christmas Cards and letters. Each year they are polite, yet distant.

Twenty five years of pain and loss have passed and Carole and Jo are all grown up. Can they find a way to heal their wounds and the distance between them and rekindle the greatest love either of them have ever known?

What really happened to tear them apart all those years ago?


Tahoe Series: Book 4

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Chris Florence’s circumstances had never been ideal, but they’d gotten worse after a car accident took the lives of her parents and left her with a kid brother to support. She’d always wondered if she was raising Wesley the way they’d want him to be raised while she juggled waiting tables at a pizza place in South Lake Tahoe with parenting a now teenage brother. She had friends, but their lives were so different from her own, Chris had always felt like she was on the outside looking in.

Paxton Williams only planned to visit her sister, Adler, in South Lake. She was supposed to stay for a few days, check in on her big sister, and return to Seattle. Instead, Paxton finds an old rundown hotel, meets Christina Florence, and her life suddenly has a purpose. She could return to Seattle and remain the owner of her real estate business, or she could take a chance and turn a rundown hotel into the best place to stay in Tahoe and take a chance on the woman that doesn’t let her get away with anything.

With the arrival of Paxton, Chris’s life turns upside down. It’s Chris’s decision, though. All those changes, all those feelings could cause Chris pain or could possibly give her the life she’d always dreamed up for herself and her family.



by Bryce Oakley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Zoey McCarren goes by many labels: keyboard player, fashion industry darling — but she is not a lesbian. As the only not-queer woman in the infamously queer band, The Shrikes, she spends an exhausting amount of time resisting that title. In fact, she’s spent so much time being the not-lesbian that it would be a cliche if she ever did find herself attracted to a woman. Luckily, she’s too busy focusing on her career to date at all.

Pia Marino has everything she’s ever wanted. Almost. She’s the host of a popular daytime talk show, she’s a household name, and people respect her. She’s achieved such wild levels of success by her mid-40s that others only dream about. But most people don’t realize that the smiles and comedy conceal that tragedy has underscored her life in the ten years since her wife’s death.

When Pia and Zoey find themselves alone together at midnight at a New Year’s Eve party, neither one expects anything more than a simple kiss to distract themselves from the loneliness they feel. And after, when they find that one kiss wasn’t enough…

But they soon realize that secrets and lies do nothing to dull the ache of hiding their true selves, and who they bring out in one another.



by Charlie Conwell

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The last thing Ann Peeters wants is to have five months of Christmas thrown in her face. However, that’s exactly what happens when her boss gives her a massive challenge. Not only does she have to transform the windows into a fantastic magical spectacle, but she also has to transform an entire floor into a Winter Wonderland. Enter Lina Wouters, a local craftswoman who doesn’t like commercialism or being the centre of an advertising campaign. Can they overcome their differences and create the Winter Wonderland they need? Will the warmth of Lina’s woodwork thaw Ann’s heart and lead to a Christmas to remember?

Watch as the sparks fly between the two women.


A Year in Paradise: Book 12

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In the final installment of A YEAR IN PARADISE, we fly through town and catch up with every couple to grace the page so far. But while Christmas shopping and holiday parties light up the windows, one lonely resident comes to the unfortunate conclusion that Paradise Valley might not be for her.

Skylar Kersten originally moved to town with friend Mikaiya a year ago. Yet what Skylar quickly realized was that one could not simply pack up her bags and leave her worries behind. Paradise Valley is a small, claustrophobic town. It’s hard to make friends. It’s even harder to face one’s chronic singledom when happy couples grace every sidewalk.

While Skylar comes to terms with what she wants from life, the rest of Paradise Valley’s citizens rejoice in their strengthened bonds with one another. As the new decade approaches, one thing’s for sure.

It’s been an eventful year in Paradise Valley.



by Avery Brooks

Once upon a time, Sam and Ashley were other girls.

Three years after the loss of her wife to a brain aneurysm, 34-year-old Samantha Parker focuses her energy on caring for her young son, Jake. She can’t imagine ever falling in love again, so she focuses on putting one foot in front of the other and being the best mom she can be. It’s not a perfect life, but as long as her son is happy and her softball team keeps winning, everything is fine. That is, until Ashley Valence, the girl who bullied Sam throughout high school, moves back to New Orleans and joins the softball team. As tensions rise on the field, unexpected chemistry between the two women begins to grow.

No matter how much Sam wants to hate Ashley for the pain and anguish those teenage taunts caused, Ashley’s eyes hold only warmth now. And, as Sam slowly introduces Ashley into her life with Jake, she begins to let go of the past. But as their relationship progresses, all of the former hurts and resentments resurface for Sam, and she lashes out at Ashley. Sam understands that her anger is a byproduct of the events of the past and that Ashley isn’t the same girl she used to be. But when Sam begins to realize that she’s fallen in love with Ashley, she has to decide if she can truly trust her heart and find happiness with the woman who once hurt her so deeply.





by Leigh Landry

A sunny dog trainer. A grieving New Orleans photographer. The unruly pup that brings them together.

Ashley’s never owned a dog, much less trained one. But she’s not about to let that little detail stop her—especially during the holiday season—from applying for this dog training job. Her new gig is the perfect way to survive the recession while strolling the festive streets of New Orleans with a cute pooch. The biggest challenge? Heeling a growing attraction to her stunning shut-in of a boss.

When her girlfriend died a year ago, Madison found herself overwhelmed by grief and her girlfriend’s rambunctious puppy. Now the dog is an unmanageable, attention-starved reminder of everything Madison has lost. She’s still afraid to face the world, but her vibrant new dog trainer—with the help of a furry sidekick—is determined to bring light, laughter, and Christmas cheer back into Madison’s life.




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 18

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade’s sex therapist friend Hannah invites her to attend one of her private sessions, she’s shocked at what she finds. Instead of merely talking through her clients’ problems, she encourages them to actively explore their bodies while she helps them lose their inhibitions.

During the initial session, Jade hides in a secluded location while a young college coed touches herself behind a private screen. As she listens to Hannah guiding the girl through her process of self-discovery, she becomes increasingly aroused in the privacy of her broom closet.

But when Hannah asks the girl if she’s ready to move on to a partnered session, Jade’s thrilled when Hannah invites her to join the girl in a mutual guided session. Join Jade as she watches the girl slowly lose her inhibitions and eventually pair up with her in an exciting and highly erotic rendezvous.




Book 6

by Erik Schubach

Almost three thousand years after an extinction level event on Earth, mankind seeks to regain its former glory, in a new world where magic and technology collide.

As the aftermath of the war against Avalon settles, and life in the lands of Sparo return to a semblance of order, the matron of the library, Emily, also known lovingly as the Queen of the Scrolls, decides it is time for her to return home.

It was revealed in the war that Emily possessed magic, and had come from lands faraway to observe the people of Sparo and document their culture as the First Seeker of her Sect. Her homeland, New Cali, lay far to the south beyond the Fringe and out into the Uninhabitable Lands.

The diminutive librarian had determined that Sparo had surpassed New Cali in both knowledge and technology, even though they were still a people capable of great violence, and thus it was time that the two people met, to share their cultures and knowledge with each other.

An expedition is arranged, led by the Great Mother of the Mountain Gypsies, Laney of Wexbury. Laney faces her greatest challenge to date while confronting dark buried within her that is fighting to get out.

Old and new enemies abound, and if she survives what is in store for her, Laney will never be the same again.




A Rocky Fitzgerald Paranormal Cozy Mystery: Book 1

by Kris Ripper

In the city of Conquistos, California, things are frequently not what they seem. The police force has a strong gargoyle contingent, one of the high school’s best science teachers is a vampire, and Rocky Fitzgerald’s first great love—and current great frenemy—has rematerialized just when she thinks she’s got her life together. (Not rematerialized-rematerialized. Nichelle isn’t even a little supernatural.) Rocky 1.0 was an insecure queer girl who was afraid of selfies. Rocky 2.0 is an Insta-celeb fat activist with a serious following and a side hustle helping people fulfill their dreams.

Rocky’s life coaching job doesn’t exactly put her in the path of capital-D-Danger, and as an adopted human kid in a gargoyle cop family, no one expects her to save the world. But when her old chem teacher gets hauled in on suspicion of having murdered his husband, Rocky knows something’s not quite right. Finding out Mr. B is a vampire is one thing; investigating the twists and turns of vampire politics while attempting to not draw attention to herself and solve the mystery of who the real murderer is takes things to a whole new level of capital-C-Crazy.

When Nichelle Crawford shows up right in the thick of it—sorry, that’s Detective Nichelle Crawford these days—Rocky can’t decide if it’s a godsend or the universe trolling her. Together with her (borrowed) springer spaniel, she investigates a couple of vampire business moguls, goes up against a pharmaceutical company with a supernatural R&D section, and discovers a sex toy shop that deals in black market vampire meds. Also, she totally saves the day. (That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.)





by Isabella

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sometimes danger isn’t found on a battleground—it’s sitting at your front door.

Nic Caldwell is back Stateside, working the job she was supposed to have before her most recent deployment, and living her best life at home. At least she thought she would be, except her PTSD is always in the background, dragging her back to her tour in Afghanistan. As she struggles to control her demons privately, her public life with Claire is almost picture perfect. However, a picture can’t show everything hiding just under the surface.

Claire Monroe has the love of her life back in one piece—almost. She’s trying to help Nic adjust to her new normal both physically and emotionally while also going back to school and raising their daughter, Grace. With all the difficulties Nic’s re-entry poses along with the new challenges of being an adult student, she wonders how she can guide them back to their old life while building a new one for herself.

Cece Ramirez has decided that the Army has served its purpose and she is ready for a new chapter in her professional and personal life. Retiring from active duty and moving on to a new role as a police officer on a college campus, she realizes that she’s traded camo, discipline, and rifles for book bags, bikes, and rowdy post-adolescents. While she and the students at Cal State Monterey Bay might be the same age, their pasts are vastly different, and the transition from soldier to college cop may not be as smooth as she hopes.

When a chance encounter at a near-base shopette challenges Nic’s authority and leaves her and her family in potential peril, Cece and Claire must pull together to back Nic up in peacetime, and right at home.



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by Madeleine Taylor
narrated by Tessa Stavers

I’m a good girl. I work hard, look like your average girl, do everything in moderation, and I certainly don’t make a habit of going into strangers’ hotel rooms dressed in sexy lingerie and killer heels. That is, until I meet her.

When a mysterious woman buys me a drink at a hotel bar in New York, I never expect her to impact my life the way she does. From the moment she lays eyes on me there’s little point fighting my desires because she seems to know them better than I do…



by Robin Alexander
narrated by Lori Prince

Jodi Chenault has a lot of things going for her; she has a successful business, looks, and intelligence. And she’s a master flirt. She has no problem meeting women or getting dates. She just can’t hold on to any of the women she goes out with. It’s not because she’s unlikeable, she simply can’t handle commitment.

Val Mason is hoping to find the right woman to build a life with. At her best friend’s weeklong pre-wedding party, she meets one who appears to have potential, and she’s hooked. The only problem is, she’s unknowingly hanging her hopes on the Temporary Girl.



by Nicole Stiling
narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Town manager Savannah Castillo has everything under control, just the way she likes it. But when she starts to receive unsolicited gifts and messages from a stranger, her life turns to chaos. Against her better judgment, Savannah accepts Deputy Chief Mackenzie Blake’s help in the investigation and is more than a little annoyed when Mackenzie suggests herself as a part-time, live-in bodyguard.

Savannah isn’t Mackenzie’s favorite person. She’s rude and entitled, and she always has to have the last word. Always. But when she and her daughter, Eliana, need help, protecting them becomes more than just a job. Mackenzie’s mission is to find the person harassing them before they cause real harm. Savannah’s fleeting and incredibly sexy smiles don’t make the task any easier, and there’s no time for distractions.

Not when someone waits in the shadows, watching and preparing to strike.






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