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Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

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Series Starters & Short Stories

by Clare Lydon

New to Clare Lydon’s books? Not read her series yet? This boxset is for you! Included are Clare’s best-selling debut novel, London Calling; her hilarious festive romp, All I Want For Christmas; fresh novella, Try Me Again; and an exclusive short story, World’s Greatest.

What can you expect? Oodles of lesbians. Far too much tequila. Laugh-out-loud moments in two of Clare’s best-loved romantic comedies. Over 600 pages of heart-warming romance with all the feels for a bargain price. Get it now!



by Harper Bliss

The date is set. Six months from now, former music icon Isabel ‘Izzy’ Adler will die.

Since she lost her voice ten years ago, Izzy’s been to hell—and hasn’t found her way back. She would rather die than live without the instrument that used to define her.

When journalist Leila Zadeh is brought in to finish her biography, Izzy’s desire to end her life is profoundly challenged. But is the attraction between the two women enough to upend Izzy’s plan?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you a moving story about a woman’s journey from wanting death to choosing life.

Please be aware that this story discusses the topic of suicide which could trigger certain readers.



by HP Munro

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Coming out to your loved ones is stressful, so when Hannah Melville’s family not only accept but celebrate her accidental announcement, it should be a relief. Which it would be, if Hannah was gay.

Ashley West isn’t looking for a relationship. When she’s set up by her mother on a blind date, she’s ready to nip any expectations in the bud. She’s less prepared for her love interest to be straight.

What do you get when you combine a fake relationship with two meddling mothers? A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that will have you glued to the page!



by Mia Archer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amelia lived life one day at a time. Partying all night long and nursing a hangover the next day as a TA was all she wanted out of life.

Then her sister Allison had to go and get engaged, make Amelia Maid of Honor, and throw her together with her worst nightmare: the girl of her dreams.

Stephanie did everything on time and by the book. On the tail end of her residency, she was looking forward to writing her ticket wherever she wanted to go.

Then her best friend Allison had to go and get engaged, make her a bridesmaid, and pair her with a dirty little secret she thought was well in the past.

They have history. They share a naughty secret they’re trying to keep from the world. They have to plan the ultimate bachelorette party, and they have to do it without letting the simmering tension blow up and cause the sort of drama that could transform Allison into a rampaging bridezilla!

No one ever said reuniting with an old fling was easy. Especially when it turns out an old flame is still burning bright after years apart!



by Monica McCallan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Olivia Carver’s life in Lake Cabot, New York is simple. That’s how she likes it, even if she can’t stop the town she loves from being overrun by wealthy tourists each summer.

Valerie Maycomb used to summer in Lake Cabot with her family when she was younger, until school and planning for her future became the driving forces in her existence.

A chance meeting at the lake opens up the possibility of a summer romance, with the explicit understanding that it can’t become something more. Olivia’s not built for falling in love, and Val needs to keep her eye on the prize of a successful career. But neither of them can deny the attraction, and summer quickly takes on a life of its own.


Ember Grove Romances: Book 1

by Lily Seabrooke

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Emily Garrett made a promise: no more forgiving people who hurt her.

But when she moves back to her hometown after graduating college and ends up next door to her best friend’s sister, childhood bully and her first crush, Vanessa Schreier, who is desperate to make amends, she finds that sometimes, the simple answer really is the best one.

Trigger warnings: Childhood bullying, emotional manipulation, references to anti-ADHD ableism.



by Emma Chamberlain & Blythe Stone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Two teenage girls at a private school somehow find themselves falling in love…

Zoe Davis and Ryan Astor are nothing alike on the outside. Blonde and unpolished, Zoe struggles to fit in with the high-caliber rich crowd at Brentwood High. A scholarship honey, her athletics carry her far. Ryan Astor, on the other hand, has all the money and all the brains, but she can’t seem to overcome her emotional struggles after a brutal year of disappointments and a disastrous summer away.

When a random party lands Ryan in Zoe’s lap, Zoe can’t seem to shake her new addiction to the somewhat shy and obviously beautiful girl.

Trigger Warning : subplot with a teacher / student relationship & light mention of suicidal thoughts.



by Terri Cutshall

Available in Kindle Unlimited

As a genetics researcher, Alexandria Bennett is confident when it comes to decision making at work, searching for a breast cancer cure, but when it comes to decisions of the heart, not so much. When Alex meets Madison Thornton, a Pharmacist Consultant, looking to settle down and have a family, all the safe and comfortable rules by which her internal compass is governed will be tested. While Alex navigates her heart and desires, outside forces threaten breakthroughs in her research, creating an entirely different kind of fear in her world. Will Alex be able to protect the women she has dedicated her life to helping and be brave enough to let love in?

For mature audiences.




Heart Series: Book 2

by Luci Dreamer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when someone from Thomas’ past threatens her and her Rachel’s future?

When the Millers begin a new chapter in their lives, not even a year in the harsh environment of the Klondike could prepare them for the types of obstacles they’ll face. Thomas and Rachel will need to rely on their bond like never before to overcome the threat neither saw coming. Will they be strong enough to weather the storm? And can they trust each other to make the right decisions for their family, even if it might end in heartbreak?




Little Green: Book 2

by Kimberly Hart

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Earth has been invaded, and the aliens come in peace. In fact, they want to share their culture. The poet laureate assigned to the planet will take on a human companion, and together they’ll travel the world and write about they see.

Katie is an unremarkable human; she’s barely left her parents’ farm. Although she feels completely unworthy to be chosen for the journey, she vows to do her best – even if it means dealing with an icy yet beautiful alien poet who feels this primitive planet is beneath her.

Can Katie make Grace fall in love with Earth – and melt her heart in the process?




Carpenter/Harding: Book 11

by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

No one saw it coming…

Jordan is ready to go back to work after her maternity leave, but an unexpected incident puts a halt to her plans.

Meanwhile, Ellie is assigned to a task force investigating two suspicious deaths in a women’s correctional facility. Even on the sidelines, this temporary assignment proves to be difficult.

More than ever, they have to rely on the strength of their relationship to meet the challenges ahead…




The Children of the Wild: Book 2

by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Bobbi Wilson

For long ages, the Children of the Wolf have managed to remain hidden, but the modern world has found them. Hunted and captured by a criminal mastermind, only a precious few remain free. Helpless to aid their captured kin, they turn to the Vampire king and the saber tooth tiger who serves him for help. However, this demented man may just be too much even for the mighty vampires to overcome.

After a long hunt and a terrible battle, the vampires prevail, but the number of the werewolves are decimated and they need a new home. Will the vampire abandon them now or will he go further and help them find a home, help them assimilate into the new and modern world? Can they overcome their own instincts enough to do so? Only time will tell.



by Erinne Bates

narrated by Lucy Emerson

When her mom enrolls Calli in an equestrian riding class with a bunch of boys nearly half her age, Calli is miserable…until she realizes there is something different about her instructor, Justine. While young Calli is learning what love is about, Justine goes after her ambitions and promises to return. 20 years after their initial meeting, Calli goes to France to write, knowing that is the last known location she has of Justine, even though she has no idea if she still lives there or how to even find her. Is anyone ever truly free of their first love?



by Fiona Riley

narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Trina Lee would sell her own mother’s house out from under her if it meant securing a sale, no joke. Her reputation as a ruthless deal closer and her record sales year in Boston’s luxury property market should’ve landed her Realtor of the Year, so when the award goes to new girl rival Kendall Yates, Trina is left speechless. And, okay, turned on.

Kendall made more enemies than friends the night of her big win, but she couldn’t care less. She’s the best, and she has the obnoxious glass paperweight to prove it. This is the edge she needs to escape the shadow of her family’s reputation. When her boss accepts a friendly bet that she can close the holy grail of property deals, she’s not about to fold for anyone. Especially not to overly cocky and annoyingly beautiful Trina. Even if it breaks her heart.






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