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The Compass Series: Book 4

by Lise Gold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Madison Wilson, a marine biologist, has recently graduated and is ready to start her adult life with her first job as a research technician in Santa Cruz. After moving to Capitola, a sweet and colorful beach town in Northern California, she is immediately enchanted by her new house, as well as her beautiful landlady, Ally.

Ally Santos, a widow and single mother, is relieved to be rid of the fuss of holiday tenants, as she’s busy enough with her highly gifted son Theo and her bar, Western Shores. When a young, pink-haired girl moves into her pink house, she’s hoping life will get calmer, but nothing could have prepared her for the curious attraction she feels toward her new neighbor…


Another Love: Book 2

by Melissa Tereze

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A year has passed since Sam Phillips found love again. No longer willing to waste another moment on loneliness, and with life running as smoothly as it could be, neither she nor Luciana were prepared for what was to come. Work and relationships were more than enough to handle—and at times, too much—so why did the universe throw more than necessary at them?

One call will change everything—the potential for their lives to fall apart staring them both in the face.

Chaos and devastation will threaten to ruin everything they’ve built, but Sam and Luciana refuse to be beaten. Now seeing life from a new perspective, Luciana decides to take their future into her own hands…because hell will freeze over before she loses Sam.

Step back into the lives of Sam and Luciana in this heart-warming, heart-breaking, but ultimately perfect ending to their journey.



by Clara Reese

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The new girl is the epitome of cute. Shy. Innocent. Blushes every time she looks at me. I know what she’s thinking. What she wants. And I know exactly how to give it to her. …But I won’t.

As my employee, she’s off-limits. No matter how much I want her, I’m not giving in. Unfortunately, I know all too well where that road goes. In fact, I went there just last week.

My ex-girlfriend was a bit of a drama queen. After our break-up, she went straight to the tabloids. Which sucked…but do you know what sucks more? The fact that she was my top author! Her steamy stories were going to launch my new hot lesbian romance line.
Now she’s with the competition, and my dreams of market domination are fizzling.

Oh hell no. This publishing line is my baby. There’s no way I’m going to lose. All I need is a new author.

Turns out new girl’s writing is just about perfect. In fact, there’s only one problem with her book. Her s*x scenes suck…because she’s never had it. All she needs is a good editor to tutor her…

F*ck. We all know where this is going.


Chambers of the Heart: Book 3

by C.D. Cain

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The weight of her heels carried on her fingertips grew exponentially with each step Samantha LeJeune took walking away from the only woman she ever loved. She wanted to turn back, take Rayne Storm into her arms and run away from everything that would keep them apart. The problem was Rayne wasn’t ready to give her what she needed to make a life with her. If she couldn’t run away with her, she would at least run away from her and all of the memories of Alabama. Without a clue as to her destination, she hit the road with nothing on her mind but healing her broken heart strong enough to never fall in love again.

Gentry Bell didn’t really have a home like others would describe. For her, home was a small town filled with suffocating memories of painful abuse and betrayal by those who were supposed to love her. There were only two woman who kept her from moving as far away as possible. The sudden passing of one of those women and a new job with the National Park Service, were her signs that it was time for her to move on. She’s never feared being on her own or venturing out into the unknown. Actually, it has always been her breath of life. But this time, she isn’t alone. Maybe the silence of the wilderness will have the answer she needs to decide what to do about the baby she is carrying.

An immediate connection develops when these two broken women meet on the road that carries them away from the life they were living. But will it be enough to open their hearts to trust again? And if so, will they be strong enough to hold onto that connection when an unborn child seems to be pointing them to return back to a home where memories of trauma and a first love are still ever so present in each of their hearts?


Somerville Series: Book 3

by Carrie L. Carr

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rancher Lex Walters and realtor Amanda Cauble have settled into life together on the Rocking W Ranch. Unfortunately, someone is determined to break them apart – one way or another. After the ranch is vandalized and Lex is attacked, their future and that of the ranch has never been in more jeopardy.

While they try to find whoever is responsible, Lex and Amanda must also navigate through the stress of hosting their families on their first holiday together.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them together after they find out who’s responsible for their recent troubles?



by Sarah Thompson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kerri Walters had a normal life until she met Summer Donnelly. She had just turned 18 in the small community of Jenkinstown when new neighbours moved in next door, including Summer. The pair become inseparable and it soon becomes clear to Kerri that there is more happening than just a friendship.

Will Kerri hide her feelings from her best friend? What will happen if Summer finds out how Kerri feels?



by Erica Lee

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kari Adelberg is happy. She has her friends, family, and a dog. What else could she need? At least that’s what she keeps telling herself, unwilling to think about what she lost until it ends up next door to her.

Kacey Caldwell was the one that got away. They were college sweethearts and had plans for the future until Kacey ripped those plans apart with no explanation. Now she and her young daughter own the house next door to Kari’s, and Kari is not sure how to act.

Should she keep herself closed off like she has the past ten years or open up her heart at the risk of being hurt all over again? Kari has so many questions that only Kacey has the answers to, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to get them, afraid of the pain and heartbreak that could come along with it. She has to decide the answer to the age-old question: is love worth the risk?

A second chance romance filled with love, angst, and one big HEA.




Bishop’s Run: Book 3

by B.D. Gates

With their Happily-Ever-After firmly in place, Tess and Bishop are settling into married life in Tenley, Virginia. It’s a quiet little town–not quite off the beaten path, but enough that if you wanted trouble, you’d have to go looking for it.

Have you met Bishop?

Pop-up shops selling leather pocketbooks, purses, cases, and bags spark Bishop’s instincts to investigate, believing the goods to be counterfeit, and Tess has her hands full reining her in, reminding Bishop that her present life in the Witness Security program cuts her off from the life she left behind in Baltimore.

With a broken promise, keeping secrets, and another woman pursuing Bishop for sport, more than just the honeymoon could be over for the happy couple.

And erasing a lifetime creates big problems when Bishop’s memory holds the key.

The clock is ticking and the danger is closer than they know.


Jems and Jamz: Book 4

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

Ziggy Johnson has been through one of the worst years of her life, but when she is roomed with Lana Waverly, a pompous woman with no concept of empathy, things take a turn for the worst. Ziggy does her best to cope with her roommate’s undesirable behavior, and in the process, she learns that there is much more to the other woman than she thought.





by Anna Burke

After a fateful hunting accident sends her on the run from the law, Robyn finds herself deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest. All she really wants to do is provide for her family and stay out of trouble, but when the damnable Sheriff of Nottingham levies the largest tax in the history of England, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. Relying on the help of her merry band of misfits and the Sheriff’s intriguing—and off-limits—daughter, Marian, Robyn must find a way to pull off the biggest heist Sherwood has ever seen.

With both heart and freedom at stake, just how much is she willing to risk to ensure the safety of the ones she loves?

Nottingham is a delightful romp rife with bois bearing bows, transmen wielding quarterstaffs, noble ladies loving ladies bawdy bisexual musicians, naughty nonbinary outlaws, and saucy sapphic nuns—in other words, Robyn Hood like you’ve never seen her before.





by Fiona Lehn

A sensual, supernatural quest from the icy streets of Canada to the pastoral hills of Switzerland, Transformation Junkies tells the story of two women unwilling to compromise for love and satisfaction.

Chol enjoys a serene, independent life as a reclusive herdswoman, but when her cattle start disappearing, she must protect her home or lose it all.

Susannah leaves an unhappy marriage and her home country to become an electrician. When she fails, she loses herself in an addiction to transcendence, and a loser vampire makes her an offer that could solve everything—or just might dash her hopes forever.
An ancient god tries to help, but Chol and Susannah are the only ones who can save themselves—and maybe save each other in the process.

A fun romantic and adventurous novel of generations of women fight beyond the glass ceilings and limited gender roles, who will fight to the death if they have to, to win the life and love they desire.




Night Flyer Trilogy: Book 1

by Edale Lane

Three powerful merchants, two independent women in love, one masked vigilante.Florentina, set on revenge for her father’s murder, creates an alter-ego known as the Night Flyer. Madelena, whose husband was also murdered, hires Florentina as a tutor for her children and love blossoms between them. However, Florentina’s vendetta is fraught with danger, and surprising developments threaten both women’s lives. Merchants of Milan is the first book in Edale Lane’s Night Flyer Trilogy, a tale of power, passion, and payback in Renaissance Italy. If you like gadgets and gismos, rich historical background, three-dimensional characters, and fast-paced action with a slow-boil lesbian romance, then you are sure to love this series.





by Rachel Ford
narrated by Lynne Ennis

An ancient evil prowls the streets of Wixcombe. To save their village and the women they love, siblings Nan and William must discover the monster’s identity. But they might not like the answers they find.


The Twisted Trilogy: Book 2

by Arizona Tape
narrated by Portia Kay Winters

There is an undeniable spark between Princess Zafira and Jade, and that complicates matters. There is no place in the palace for their twisted love, not as long as Zafira’s brother lives.

Together, the two princesses plot and conspire to make the world around them just how they want it to be, no matter the costs. Even if that means killing the crown prince.

Play to Kill is a lesfic royalty romance and the second book in the Twisted Trilogy.






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I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

So, I’m starting a theme on I Heart Lesfic for 2020. I’m calling it Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives.

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